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9-11 Empire Radio
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Host Dr. Kevin Barrett
interviews Captain Eric H. May

1st Hour, 3 July 2007

Abstract: How Straussian totalitarian philosophy guides the Zionist cabal that has hijacked American foreign policy.

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Capt. Eric H. May

Dr. Kevin Barrett: [End of intro music "Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon 1:48] OK, give us some truth here. Kevin Barrett right here on 9-11 Empire Radio coming at you on another Tuesday night on We The People Radio Network. Well tonight once again I am going to have a really great guest and some fantastic conversation. I feel privileged to have this guest, a guy I got to know a couple of years ago, and we had a lot of email exchanges, this was before he figured out that 9-11 was an inside job. But he had already gotten pretty skeptical about it. And it turns out that it didn't take him long once he took a look at it to figure it out. My guest tonight is a true American patriot, a guy who has really given it all to his country, and he is up front, out front, in the lead, trying to prevent this crazed neo-con cabal that has taken over the country from perpetrating another atrocity like the one that they perpetrated on September 11th, 2001. Indeed my guest is in the forefront of a very small number of people who are out there keeping an eye on all the various indicators. There is Danny at False Flag News, there is Webster Tarpley. My guest tonight is Captain Eric May who has been using his Army intelligence skills to keep an eye on the perpetrators of 9-11 who may very well be looking out for opportunities for another false flag attack. Captain May, a true patriot, is a former Army intelligence officer. He knows Latin, Greek, and Russian. He retired from the Army in 1990 for a while and wrote op eds for various newspapers including the Houston Post and Chronicle, and he is an on again, off again journalist, and a fine writer, I might add. He went back into the military in 1993. So he has had this fairly long career in Army intelligence and in journalism. So from that perspective he saw what a fraud was perpetrated on this country when the Iraq War kicked off and we were getting completely censored news back from Iraq. You know the take down of the Saddam Hussein statue turned out to be a complete fraud, a media event that had no reality whatsoever. The ordinary Iraqis weren't involved. And then perhaps the one event that he may be remembered for more than anything else, although who knows, there may be a few others, was his blowing up the cover up of the Battle of Baghdad. U.S. forces fought their way out of the airport in Baghdad under heavy fire. It appears that they were trapped there in a kind of ambush and took a lot of casualties, and none of that was reported during that period. The U.S. media was simply reporting on private Jessica. Well, Captain May decided that he had enough and he wanted his fallen comrades to get the kind of attention that they deserved, and the honor that they deserved, so he started speaking out. He started researching cover-ups and he quickly became an expert on 9-11 and other false flag plans that these neo-con fascists may have in store for us. His warnings have been going around the Internet for a few years now, and he may very well have contributed towards preventing the next 9-11, or at least postponing it. And let us hope we can keep on postponing it. Eric, are you on the line yet? [5:14]

Technician: No.

Dr. Barrett: We don't have Eric yet, but we are still trying. Let me tell you a little bit more about my own relationship with Captain Eric May. I first heard of him when he was doing his work on the Battle of Baghdad and rallying a group that is called Ghost Troop. It is a group of current and former military people who woke up and realized that in this era of the 9-11 wars, the neo-con fascist cabal has been just lying to us in a way that goes far beyond the normal distortions that happen in the fog of war. They have been lying to us systematically as a matter of policy. As a matter of the philosophy of their demented guru Leo Straus. And Captain May figured that out and realized that this kind of takeover of the government by these whacked out propagandists is a real slap in the face to real patriots. People who really signed on to defend their country in the military. They didn't do that to defend the private interests of profiteers. They didn't do it to defend the interests of foreign nations like Israel. And Captain May has some very strong feelings about that. They signed on because they are true patriots and they wanted to defend their country, not go around attacking other countries. And they wanted truth. This country is supposed to be all about truth and transparency and liberty, and unlike the dictatorships, where the dictators can control the information, here in this free society we are supposed to be defending the freedom to tell the truth and spread the truth around, but for some reason it seems to have all gone wrong, especially in this post 9-11 era. The post 9-11 wars have been wars of the big lie to an extent that was really unimaginable before. We have always had lies in war time. Truth has always been the first casualty of war, but, there is a difference between a little bit of spin and this complete fantasy land that these neo-cons have whipped up for us. A lot of military people are waking up to this. If you want to find some names, you can go to Captain May is one of the patriots listed at He is one of a part of a pretty large number of former military officers up to the general's rank and including a bunch of colonels. People like Col Bob Bowman, the former head of the star wars program under two U.S. presidents. And a lot of other people of similarly high rank. Military folks speaking out and saying that they are not going along with the program, on this false flag 9-11 event which has transformed history and brought us into this post 9-11 era, and essentially opened up a floodgate to an unending torrent of big lies. So this is just outrageous what has been going on. Captain May certainly deserves credit for his work and I am hoping that we will be able to bring him up pretty soon. But I think we have some callers already. So we will see who they are. I don't have any names here, but let us give our first caller a shot at the airways. So as soon as my page comes back here I will bring up this caller. I am having some technical difficulties here because we had a thunder storm that just knocked out our power and it slowed down my satellite Internet, but let us see if we can bring on the first caller. Hello, you are live. [8:55]

Caller: Yes sir, can you hear me OK?

Dr. Barrett: Yes I can, amazingly enough. How are you doing?

Caller: Well, you have got the Sergeant Major of Ghost Troop.

Dr. Barrett: Hey, welcome Sergeant Major! What is your name? [9:07]

Caller: Lee.

Dr. Barrett: Sergeant Major Lee, oh yes.

Caller: Yes sir.

Dr. Barrett: I believe that I have encountered you somewhere on the Internet.

Caller: I am Captain May's Sergeant Major. His right hand. Let me get into this big thing about Iraq and the next thing about Iran. If we attack Iran, we are going to have a very bad situation. Because there are two new types of bombs that the United States Government made. One is BLU 109 and BLU-111. Now the biggest one that was just tested last March of 2007, is the MOP [Massive Ordnance Penetrator] 30,000 pound bomb. Now a B-52, the way I am reading it online can carry three of these. B1 and B2 can carry two. They are made out of depleted uranium. For power plants, hospitals, and it is going to be the same thing. So right now we are in one heck of a mess. We have a bunch of great soldiers working with us, and civilians. And our purpose is to get the word out about this big cover up. I repeat, cover up of Iraq. [10:49]

Dr. Barrett: Well I think the cover-up is pretty much in place for a whole lot of things, and the Iraq War of course was all based on lies. Everything we have been told about why we went to war there is clearly false. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was not a threat to anybody. So why did we go there? Probably just to destroy that place, to take it down, so the oil would be easy to get ahold of and extract, and so that Israel's biggest enemy in the neighborhood would be destroyed permanently. It seems to me this chaos, this unending warfare is probably exactly what these neo-cons wanted when they went there. This business of trying to build a stable democracy in Iraq, what good would that be if the people of Iraq are not particularly friendly to Israel and they want control of their own oil, so if you have democracy there, what good would that be for us? Or for the neo-cons, I should say.. [11:42]

Caller: That is very true, sir, but let us point out a couple of things. One, we should have never, never gone into Iraq for one reason. China, North Korea is more threat to the United States than Iraq. Iraq I would put at 1 to 20, I would put Iraq at 20. They didn't have no armed forces. Everything was destroyed from Gulf War I.

Dr. Barrett: Well that's right. North Korea is a threat because they have a bomb that could target out troops in South Korea.

Caller: That's right, and also they got some new missiles from Russia, ship to shore, and they have been testing these new short range missiles. So right now, you know, our belief is that we are just wasting money in Iraq from the kids in school in the United States. We are losing great military people. Now we have military people going up for murder, and you have a gentleman that broke the cold silence of secrets that turned a lady in for being a CIA agent [Valerie Plame], now the President is going to give this guy a pardon, it looks like. [13:16]

Dr. Barrett: Yes, if that doesn't make people get up and say what is going on here? And you know, I just got word that we have Capt Eric May on the line. And maybe he can tell us something about whether this is a bad sign, as I think it is, that Bush is going ahead and pardoning Libby. That means the end of politics and who knows what he has on the agenda. So welcome, Captain Eric May, how are you doing? [some comments about needing to push his button off mute].

Capt May: Hello

Dr. Barrett: How are you doing Capt May? How are you?

Capt May: It is a great honor to be on the radio with you at last, Dr. Barrett, how are you doing?

Dr. Barrett: I am doing great, and the honor is all mine. Capt Eric May you were definitely one of my heroes since we have met on the Internet, and I have got to know your work. Man, I have been so impressed with all the contributions you have made to trying to preserve what this country stands for in difficult circumstances over these past few years.

Capt May: Well coming from you that means a great deal to me. And you have backed up what you have said with actions by publishing me with mujca [] and I have appreciated that. [14:25]

Dr. Barrett: Well I appreciate your work. You know you are one of the best writers working the--what shall we say-- the free media or the American samizdat media.

Capt May: That is true, in fact, apropos of the holiday coming up today I guess you could say we are, I don't know, I guess you could say anything from the real independent media, to the resistance media, to maybe it is time for a revolution against King George media.

Dr. Barrett: (laughter). Maybe it is, you know.

Capt May: That is an Independence Day notion for you.

Dr. Barrett:
It sure is.

Capt May:
And Lord knows, his Majesty has used enough Monarchial privileges just in the past few days, that I think we are finally coming to understand what the neo-cons meant when they said "unitary executive."

Dr. Barrett: Well that is right. These guys don't need no stinking badges. They are so executive they are not even part of the Executive Branch. They are up in heaven somewhere on high.

Capt May:
Well, I think you are 180 degrees wrong on where they are at, but let us say they are not on this earth.

Dr. Barrett: Well you may have a point there, Capt May.

Capt May: Move heaven and hell to have their way, that is probably where you got the idea.

Dr. Barrett: (laughter) All right. So hey, do you think this pardon of Libby is as bad a sign as I do? I think it suggests they are just saying, "To heck with politics, politics does not mean anything any more, we rule and we are going to take this country into a place where we won't have to worry about any more elections and things like that."

Capt May: Yes, I think that Libby was at the heart of the neo-cons. Remember, he was part of the Whigs, W-H-I-G, the White House Iraq Group, the thick insiders, three of whom I think were Zionists. I think that was Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle may have been a part of it, Cheney, Condi Rice, and oh one more, it might have been Bush's first --Ari Fleischer, his speech, his PR guy back before Scott McClellan took it. The White House Iraq Group was the cold-hearted core of the Iraq part of the 9-11 cabal. They were part of the conspiracy to lead the country to war. [16:33]

Dr. Barrett: That's right, and I think they knew that 9-11 was going to grease the skids for war with Iraq. We are coming up on our first break here, but we do have Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop right here on the line. We will be conversing for most of the next two hours, so stick around for more. Yes sir.

[16:53 start of music for break....end break 20:46].

Dr. Barrett: OK we are back with 911 Empire Radio. This is your host Kevin Barrett, and tonight I am having a titillating conversation with Captain Eric May, a true American patriot, and what better time to have a great patriot like Captain May on but the eve of the Fourth of July, which would be a real good time to take back our country from our current King George, and speaking of that, Captain Eric May did you know that we have got a little emergency anti-war convention happening in Philadelphia that aims precisely at taking back the country from King George? [21:17]

Capt May: You know you had told me about that and I have since looked it up, and I am really excited for you. I hope you will take and hang the rascal in effigy in the greatest of American traditions, with a crown and a King George placard on him.

Dr. Barrett:
Yes, well--

Capt May: If the media weren't totally being a lap dog instead of being the guard dog it is supposed to be, King George would be the oldest joke in town. Everybody would be saying that at this point.

Dr. Barrett: That is true. If you look back through this administration there is just so much that is just so far over the top. You stop and think about the Clinton Administration, and they were a bunch of slime balls too, but impeaching the guy for sex and lying about sex, and then look at what has gone on during this administration, it is just --I was just re-reading some stuff about the cheating during the debate where Bush was obviously wearing a wire-- he had a big old radio receiver strapped to his back.

Capt May: Like a cigarette pack.

Dr. Barrett: Right. It turns out that his handler, led by James Baker had tried to insist to the TV crews that they couldn't film from behind during that debate, and the TV crews had disobeyed them, and that is why we got to see the wires. But that is just one example of an over the top, outrageous, just dishonesty and corruption breaking out everywhere with this administration, it is just so amazing. I never ceased to be amazed.

Capt May: You know I used to read comic books when I was a kid, and Superman had an enemy called Bizarro. And Bizarro was the exact opposite of Superman. Whereas Superman was totally good, Bizarro was totally bad. A kind of Manichean view, which you know Bush has often talked in Manichean terms.

Dr. Barrett: Oh yes, if you are not with us, you are against us and all that.

Capt May: Unless you have considered the possibility, and I know you do, we have talked about it many times, Bush is this bad because it was his mission to be this bad. He was the guy who was going to be the neo-Nero to stab his country in the back to carry out mass treason and mass murder against this country. I mean, indeed to violate -- to declare war on his own country. And the objective of that war was to reverse the American revolution. You can almost say that 9-11, which sometimes we refer to as the 9-11 conspiracy, or the 9-11 cabal, is really better understood as the 9-11 plan. And the 9-11 plan really translates into the counter American revolution.

Dr. Barrett: Well I have to agree with you there, Captain May, and it does seem like some of the same interests that were working with King George's Empire back in 1776 are still around. These international financial cabal people that were behind the British Empire back then, seems like they are direct lineal descendants are still running the Federal Reserve and international banking and supporting this financial power that is centered in London, New York, maybe Israel too, I don't know. Webster Tarpley talks about that and it seems like that is pretty much the same bunch of people who we were fighting back in 1776.

Capt May: Well as, you may have introduced some of my work in your introductory remarks. For short hand, we have always called this, and by this I say we I mean as speech writer in the city of Houston, NBC editorialist, and actually interviewed with the Bush people back before I found out what a skunk he was. This being 1997. I think I interviewed with Terry Hughes and George Bush when he was Governor of Texas. We always called this the British-Yiddish influence. Those are the great two powers underlying everything in the international community. I mean right now, look, you have a war in Iraq which is really part of a global war, which is nothing but neo-con double speak for World War, and who is involved? It is the Anglo-Judeo alliance. You have got Australia involved, you have the U.S. involved, you have the UK involved. Canada is sending troops to Afghanistan. I think New Zealand is out. Ireland is out. But they are picking up the benefit from the war cause. And then northwestern Europe. You know it is almost like --it is as if the English Empire never did die. The English Empire is still very much --just look at your companies. British Petroleum, for instance, is in the middle of all of this. And then of course you have your neo-con influence, which was almost always majority Jewish Zionist, which is why your Defense Department this time around got stuck with Jewish Zionists. Perleman [Richard Perle], Wolfowitz, Feith, I mean that is just a short accounting. I think that is three of the top five guys.

Dr. Barrett: Don't forget all the Christian Zionists too.

Capt May: Well no, no, no, that is your other type. In fact, we don't talk about --we talk in my short hand with Ghost Troop about the neo-cons, which means the traditional Jewish Zionists, and the theocons--

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: Which means the fundamentalist evangelical day after, or rather excuse me, end-of-days Christians. And they both, the thing that is amazing is that the theocons are more Zionist that the Zionists.

Dr. Barrett: It is interesting also if you step back and sort of look at the big picture of planetary history, what you see over the past 500 years is this movement of people from Western Europe, and especially Great Britain, into all of the world's temperate zones. Now they took over North America. They took over the temperate part of South America. They took over Australia and New Zealand. And these areas became so-called neo-Europes. The native flora and fauna was largely replaced by European flora and fauna and of course the white people from Europe also basically exterminated the native people in all these places and replaced them, and it seems to me that there is actually a kind of theological side to this. That is, that there is this tough-something fundamentalist Protestant Christianity that came to these shores in the past, and the bad side of that we see with these theo-cons. That is a kind of Old Testament Christianity that harks back to the whole, "Invade the Philistines and slay all the Philistines. And kill their women and kill their children! And take it over and replace them!" There is a whole genocidal vision there that seems to be playing out over history. Hundreds of years of history. Now we may have reached the end of the line for that, because the rest of the world is not going to accept being replaced and exterminated anymore.

Capt May: Well, yes. The rest of the world is putting up resistance and certainly the geo-strategic alignment of power is turning against the United States and Israel, as those are two of the most loathed countries on earth right now are Israel and the United States, in that order.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, it seems to be a race between the two to see who can be the most loathsome.

Capt May:
Well, that is true, but I think we are talking about in large part the same element. The United States and Israel are twins. They are twin nations. They are parallel nations. You know the great beauty, and I speak of the propaganda theorists. When I speak of the great beauty --let us try to rephrase that, the technically excellent part of the whole global war on terror construct, is that really since 9-11 you had the construct of the Third Reich. Everything we have put in --9-11 was the Reichstag fire, the Germans had an immediate turning to the Empowerment Act, the Enabling Act, which was a five year act to give the Fuhrer power to guard Germany against further attacks by its enemies. Well, we got the Patriot Act about the same time. The Germans had the setting up of concentration camps, with Dachau being the model originally set up for a very slight mileau of Germans to learn the mechanism of adjusting official torture policies, and what we had is Gitmo. The Germans set up a Gestapo, and we set up a HomeSecA. [Homeland Security Agency]. The parallels --even the propaganda, if you turn on right wing radio, you can take soft core Nazism, which is Rush Limbaugh and Shaun Hannity all the way up to Zionazism with people like Mark Levine and Michael Savage. [29:39]

Dr. Barrett: (laughter). Well, you heard it here first, folks, from Captain Eric May, and we will get back to some more of this when we return after the break in just a few minutes. So stay tuned right here on We The People Radio Network.

[Start of break 29:52...33:34 end of break, with tune "Ballad of William Rodriguez" and lyrics "It was a beautiful September morning..."]

Dr. Barrett: It was a beautiful September morning, and William Rodriguez saved a whole bunch of people and the song kind of goes on like that. And if you haven't heard that song, you can Google it up by checking out the songster, that is Vic Sadot. It is good stuff, and he has a couple of other excellent 9-11 related songs, including "Cheney is in the Bunker." All right, well to get back to conversation with tonight's guest Captain Eric May. One of our great patriots and I am honored to have him on tonight. One of the most astute analysts, who opened me up to some ways of looking at this cabal behind 9-11 that I never would have imagined possible before looking into what Captain May was pointing me at. So hey, Captain, getting back to this topic of what is coming up in the near future, how the indications are lining up, you are kind of a specialist at putting together this information on what these crazy neo-cons are going to do next. How do you see the current layout, the possibility of a 9-11 to be? [34:41]

Capt May: Thank you. Well, "9-11 to be" is a term we are very proud of, because it means the next 9-11, or the second 9-11. But since they used the code for the original, we put in 9-11 - number "two" the letter "B." Meaning the second part or part B. But also meaning in the future. The 9-11 2 B. And we have been preeminently focused. I think I heard you say earlier that it wouldn't take long once I got the whiff of what 9-11 really was, to become an altogether believer.

Dr. Barrett: Well you jumped in --you just plunged in and never looked back.

Capt May: Well that was because of the Madrid attack. Since we are talking about a cabal, you know the word cabal itself is related to the word "Kabbalah." And it means inherently a conspiracy that uses things like false symbols and hints. And it was not until the Madrid attack--

Dr. Barrett: There is more to it than that, Captain May. You know the Kabbalah is a Jewish mystical system and it is associated with various kinds of darker magic in some quarters. But it is also a perfectly legitimate mystical system, too. So we have to be clear about that, especially this evening.

Capt May: I am talking about the formation of the English word "cabal" comes from and is related to that, and I am merely talking about the fact that the Kabbalah is a book of mysticism and the occult.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: Occult meaning merely "hidden." Hidden knowledge. So I became attuned to the 9-11 conspiracy at the same time that I really became alarmed about the 9-11 2 B eventuality. Once you have the one, the other follows. If you posit that the 9-11 original event was an inside government job, then at this point, given the level of failure of every aspect of the 9-11 plan, the only thing that can possibly save the 9-11 cabal is "9-11 2 B." [36:39]

Dr. Barrett: Webster Tarpley talks about a flight forward into Iran and a new 9-11.

Capt May: Sure. I think the two of them are linked. You can't have one without the other. So when we talk about the future, what we are really talking about is the linkage of two things. Two co-equal dangers. One is an expansion of the war to World War III. Which is, after all, when they told us global war, folks, what do you think they were saying in their little Straussian circles?

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: They were telling the dummies that it was World War, but that they weren't going to tell us quite that. Or the same way that they said "unitary executive." But "unitary executive" is nothing but Latin for the Greek monarchos for monarchy.

Dr. Barrett: Right. Well the problem with having World War III against the Muslims is that there aren't any Muslim countries that have much of a military. You know, Iran can defend itself, maybe, but it is not like the U.S.S.R. as an enemy with a big military was.

Capt May:
Well when I say World War III. Right now we have a regional war in the Middle East with Afghanistan and Iraq. When I was still writing military analysis for the Houston Chronicle back in the beginning of all this I predicted that it would turn into an un-winnable quicksand war. That was the phrase. The phrase that came through that got me fired for writing military analysis for Chronicle.

Dr. Barrett:Well that should be the phrase that should be etched in metal or something that they should give you.

Capt May: Well everything they say is quicksand war. Every time you hear them refer to it that is exactly what it is. It is beyond quagmire. But the only answer for Bush people now is to push this further into a broader attack against Syria and Iran, which you notice has been part of the heavy linkage throughout the global war, but more particularly because of Israel's attack on Lebanon last year. Immediately the Israeli media, which as far as I am concerned, entails also the New York mainstream media, immediately began to pump up the idea that Hezbollah was nothing but a proxy for Syria and Iran. Now this summer we had a) Ha'aretz, the Israeli mainstream newspaper has actually been saying that exercises are scheduled for July which may be used as a pretext to begin a war against Syria. That is out in the mainstream in Israel. You would never know it in the U.S. But the U.S. media never tells the truth about Israel. [39:02]

Dr. Barrett: Well you know you can find out a lot more honest reporting about Israel from Ha'aretz than you can from the New York Times, that is for sure.

Capt May: You will never find the word "Zionism" used in any American media, but it is in the Israeli media all the time.

Dr. Barrett: Well Ha'aretz is actually a pretty good paper. I recommend that people read it and take it seriously.

Capt May: No, that is what I am saying. The great irony, and I think a very strong indication of whether the tail wags the dog or not in the United States is the fact that you can talk about international Zionism everywhere in the world, including Israel, except in the United States. [39:36]

Dr. Barrett: Well in the United States it seems to me the possibility of opposition to Zionism is completely censored and off the table. You are not even allowed to raise the possibility of being against Zionism.

Capt May: That is right. You can't admit there is such a thing. It is an Orwellian memory hole.

Dr. Barrett: Right.

Capt May: You can't say it. And in the same way, like I say, my two favorite propagandists to listen to every day are two Jewish guys, Michael Savage, code named Savage, and Mark Levin. Both of whom can scream about Islamofascism until they are blue in the face and earn the immediate nuking of the Middle East. But if I said a word about how they are representatives of Zionazism, oh my God.

Dr. Barrett: I have actually been on the air with them.

Capt May: The most impossible of all impossibilities, is that the Zionists could actually be Nazis. When in reality the two movements -- you remember I was teaching Tae Kwon Do for a good while. And Tae Kwon Do looked a lot like karate. And there was a reason for that. Japan occupied Korea from 1905 to 1945. So the Koreans who were occupied by the Japanese, who saw the Japanese Army coming and beating the hell out of everybody, they learned to fight exactly like the Japanese. They just called it Tae Kwon Do instead of Karate. But it is all the same moves. Same technique. Well it is no great surprise, and I think it hasn't been examined enough at a psycho-historical level, that the policies of the State of Israel and the techniques of the state of Israel, and those which are being imported incidentally into the post 9-11 reality of the United States, are the policies and techniques of the Nazi movement. [41:20]

Dr. Barrett: It does seem that there is a link there. With Abu Ghraib, for example, the kind of dark perversity of what was going on there is reminiscent of some of the darker sides of what the Nazis were up to in their concentration camps and to some extent in their personal lives. It does seem there is some kind of twisted virus that seems to go from Nazi Germany to some of the Zionists. It seems to have sort of infected our own country in the 9-11 era.

Capt May: Israel has always been off and on a country that sanctioned torture. I mean it is at the level of the Supreme Court. That is the case that comes back and forth. So the point is that this war from the start was intended to, as Dick Cheney said in a September 15, 2001 interview on Meet the Press, he said that we are going to have to turn to the Dark Side a little bit. This war was always intended to unlock sadism. [42:15]

Dr. Barrett: Michael Ledeen has made that point too, you know. He is a big admirer of fascism. He studied in Italy and became a huge fan of fascist Italy. And he actually, supposedly was involved in Operation Gladio, which as you may know involved bombing and killing hundreds of innocent civilians in false flag attacks during the Cold War. And Ledeen has written a biography of Machiavelli saying that Machiavelli's contribution was to show us that to achieve great things, you have to embrace evil.

Capt May: Right. That is very much-- Machiavelli is one of the core writers for the Straussians. I studied the Straussians back in my political theory days back in undergrad school. And they very much idolized Machiavelli, Hobbes. Hobbes and Machiavelli are two strong writers that they idolized, and public deception and whatnot, and cruelty is necessary, and the end justifies the means --all that stuff is wrapped up in their ideology. As is, by the way, stuff like homoeroticism and sadism. [43:27].

Dr. Barrett: Right. I often made the point that Abu Ghraib seems like a bad parody of Pasolini's sicko movie Salo. All right, well we will be back, and hang in there. Callers, Liz has been hanging out for a long time. So we will get to you after the break, when we come back. This is Kevin Barrett, on 9-11 & Empire Radio with Captain Eric May. Stay tuned.

[Start of break 43:52.... to end of music, with rapper lyrics that include "Osama Bin Laden, FBI most wanted"...47:28]

Dr. Barrett: No he's not. He is not the FBI's most wanted. At least not for 9-11. That is right. The FBI tells us that Osama Bin Laden is wanted for the African embassy bombing but he is "Not wanted" for 9-11 because "there is no hard evidence" connecting him to those attacks. That is pretty interesting, isn't it? If you want to hear more about that, well, you can email me at and I can point you at some interesting information, recent radio interviews and articles about that topic. But right now I am talking with Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop, a true American patriot who has been working overtime to prevent the next 9-11, which he calls "9-11 2B." One of the many neat expressions that Captain May has come up with. We do have a caller who has been waiting for a long time. It is Liz from Delaware. So we had better bring her on. Liz, are you there? Hello Liz? [48:31]

Liz: I remember back when Ghost Troop first started, we were trying to get you on the air up here. And the difficulty we had with these radio stations that would not let you talk about the Battle of Baghdad. Do you recall that?

Capt May: Right. Is this Liz Allen?

Liz: That is right. And also what is very delightful is the fact that Vic Sadot, the guy that wrote some of those tunes you played is a very dear friend of mine, so I am just delighted with this whole show!

Dr. Barrett: Well I am glad you like it. Well you know we play a little bit of Vic's William Rodriguez ballad every week here, so tune in every Tuesday night and you can hear it.

Liz: You ought to hear his Mad Cowboy Disease tune too.

Dr. Barrett: That is a great song too, yes.

Liz: Yes, any way, everything Eric May says is --you can take it to the bank, folks. And I think what we all have to come to the conclusion is that the two party system has to be regarded as one snake with two heads. We have got to stop playing to the party, and we have got to take this country back. Tomorrow in Philadelphia maybe that will be the start of a spirit of July 4th, 1776. And I hope that people will listen to what Eric is saying. He stopped that thing from going off down there in Houston. The man is right on. He is well-respected across this country in terms of soldiers and citizens working for good government and know what is going on. You know we are not all dumb and stupid, and we are not the American sheeple that they make us out to be. But the problem is that getting our word out and getting --you know the censorship that goes on in this country is unbelievable. Whether it is a local talk show or a national radio, or whatever, we are having trouble getting the true message out because we are being blocked at every turn, especially on this 9-11 stuff.

Dr. Barrett: That is why we have to celebrate outlets like We The People Radio Network. And you might want to send information about this show and other shows on this network to your friends so that we can grow the audience. People start hearing the truth, they get tired of lies. We are available. Nobody is being prevented from tuning in and listening to this show, and others like it. So we need to keep growing the alternative media by people talking about it and recommending it to their friends.

Liz: And I will send it to all my forums on the Internet and maybe we can build it and start a movement. I don't want to take up any more time.

Capt May: No, Liz--

Liz: Eric, you are a true patriot, and we all need to follow you. And I am with you wherever you go, I am there. So I hope we can get a lot of people who are wising up to the treachery and the treason that is going on here against our Constitution.

Capt May: Liz, can you hang on for a second?

Liz: Sure.

Capt May: Dr. Barrett, are you still there?

Dr. Barrett: I sure am, that's my job.

Capt May: Since we are about to talk about false flags, it is nice for the commander of a unit to be able to give a commendation. Liz was with Ghost Troop from the time we started up Jan 1, 2004, at which time we were strictly interested in the Battle of Baghdad cover up. A cover up which by the way has been revealed in the last few months. But she was intrinsic in July of 2005. You may remember the summer, when all the national media was saying that Al Qaeda was going to detonate a nuke in some U.S. port?

Dr. Barrett: That is right.

Capt May: We narrowed that down in a one week campaign. It was the first 9-11 2 B campaign, because we found out that they were running nuclear command exercises out of, what was it Liz, Ft. Monroe?

Liz: Yes.

Capt May: Out of Ft. Monroe, and contemporaneously with it they were setting up a false flag attack on Texas City which is a suburb of Houston. The British Petroleum Refinery. We predicted a 7-27 explosion in the Houston metro area. British Petroleum went up on 7-28 and caused the biggest flux in oil prices in history. Almost every time we have predicted an event we have always been right within one day. And those events are always followed by a massive fluctuation in price. In other words, the people who are in on the attempt are making money or they wouldn't be in on it. But during that attempt in July 2005, Liz actually sit down with --was it you and Cindy? [53:01]

Liz: Yes, actually --

Capt May: Sat down with the Secret Service?

Liz: Right. Cindy went on the radio and was talking about it.

Capt May: About how they were trying to do Texas City--

Liz: The Secret Service was at her door.

Capt May: The Secret Service was actually attacking Ghost Troop on the East Coast, because we had GT, that means Ghost Troop Cindy and GT Liz, who is on the phone now, were both doing call-ins to the local AM radio guy, saying there was an attempt to --he was trying to laugh them off, say, "Give me something specific, and they said, `Yes, here is something specific, the Feds are trying to blow up Texas City right now, they are setting it off, and they are running a nuclear exercise out of Ft. Monroe." Well not only did the Feds come after them, but the Feds came after the radio show. I talked to the people who were producing the radio show, and the Secret Service had come in and shut them down. And when I finally got the radio host on the phone and I said, "This is Captain May, I heard you want to talk to me. "He said, "No way, Captain." The fear! He said. "Oh my God, Captain, there is no way on earth I want to talk to you." [54:03]

Dr. Barrett: They are like admitting that you are on to something when they do that. It is amazing that they are dumb enough to do it.

Liz: It was a Clear Channel station.

Capt May: Right. And we have been at the point, you remember Dr. Barrett yourself, last year we were, I suppose, foremost in putting out a nationwide or worldwide alert about mass destruction exercises being carried out by Homeland Security under Chertoff in Chicago from May 2nd through 4th, 2006. And Mayor Daley just real conveniently just has to be taking the first trip of his life to Israel where he is hanging out with Israeli security people.

Dr. Barrett: Right, right, and we are coming up with that on June 6, 2006. 666 line up. We were concerned about the Sears Tower.

Capt May: So the people who have been closer to the movement, the people who understand that 9-11 --I think that there are different layers we go through. There is first the level of the sheeple, who accept the mainstream media story and consider anything the media does not say to be conspiracy theory. After all, that is what the mainstream media teaches us. They are the credulous many. And inside that group there is what I would call the LIHOP faction of the 9-11 Truth Movement, which believes Bush LIHOPed, Let It Happen On Purpose. I know you are familiar with these terms. Then inside of that is a harder surface called the MIHOP group. Made It Happen on Purpose. That is those of us like you Dr. Barrett, like Liz Allen, like myself, like many that we deal with, who know that not only did it happen with Bush's knowledge, but Bush was the executor. He was part of the command structure that carried it out. It was high treason. The most interior, the most hard core group of all, involves those people who not only understand what happened on 9-11, but understand that the reason the media keeps telling us the next 9-11, 9-11 "to be" [or "2B"], is not a matter of if, but when, is because it has already been decided upon by the powers that be. And people like us who have been at the forefront of getting this information out, especially when it looked like they were setting up Al Qaeda preparing Homeland Security exercises to simulate nuclear attacks and whatnot, those of us who have been in on that innermost circle, who have fought that battle to make sure another false flag attack does not occur, may well have been successful on numerous occasions to keep it from occurring. [56:37]

Dr. Barrett: There is no way we can know for sure, but it was interesting, wasn't it, that after we were concerned about the Sears Tower last year, because for a number of reasons Larry Silverstein apparently purchased it on the same day of the Madrid bombing --

Capt May: Right. 3-11-2004.

Dr. Barrett: What you point out is exactly 911 days after 9-11. And when I first started hearing about this numerology stuff, I was very skeptical --

Capt May: I remember.

Dr. Barrett: Yes, after looking into it, I realized that, well, you know people who accept these things as pure coincidences, we call them coincidence theorists, when we are talking about things like the Air Force just happens to stand down for two hours on 9-11 for no particular reason. Oh, just a coincidence.

Liz: Cheney in the bunker.

Dr. Barrett: Right, right. But it is interesting when you point out some of these apparent numerical coincidences, and once you get to enough of them with a high enough degree of improbability, then you have to realize that there is a very strong possibility that your paradigm is correct. When I reach that point where I am willing to grant you that it may very well may be.

Capt May: The odds against our form of reading what we call the embedded code, the way that events are coded, for instance terror date codes, the odds against those things being random at this point I would use the word astronomical. When we get back we will talk about the code a little bit.

Dr. Barrett: We sure will. This is Kevin Barrett on We The People Radio Network talking to Captain Eric May. Stay with us. [58:08 start of music...end of first hour interview].

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