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Lenny Bloom interviews
Captain Eric H. May

19 July 2006


Lenny Bloom:
Welcome to Cloak and Dagger. Once again we are here at and to continue to explore and scrape the bullshit off the truth, as Sherman Skolnick, my former co-host always said. And helping us to scrape the bullshit off the truth, and he is certainly an expert in counter propaganda science and Army Intelligence, a military officer, speaks many languages. He is the commander of Ghost Troop, it is an honor Captain May to have you back here at Cloak and Dagger.

Capt May: Well Lieutenant Lenny [Capt May bestowed the "Lt." honorary title following his role in the 28 July 2005 BP Texas City affair] it is a delight to be here, and if I can say I remember Sherman Skolnick, rest in peace, from having done some of the early interviews alongside him and you at the same time about the Battle of Baghdad cover-up. And I think he is smiling down on the work we did yesterday, because I think between Ghost Troop and Cloak and Dagger --and I have to say some Info War allies out there who helped us greatly including the Dave Glover show at 97.1 FM with Michael their guest host --I think between that little hodgepodge of assets that we quickly threw together as we so often have done, we just averted a world war and saved a thousand lives easy in the Orient Queen.

LB: Yes, absolutely. It is exciting times, and the power of the media, and speaking the truth and exposing things is certainly great when the X-rays to your advantage, and you can X-ray them.

Capt May: Well we saw it Lenny in advance, going into the weekend. You and I were talking ourselves as we so often do about how it was very likely that Israel had overstepped itself on this military reach --as if their propaganda campaign waged through the U.S. Zionist media which has the goal to turn whatever Arab nightmare they cook up into the American dream so that people think that it is a good thing-- that propaganda campaign was going to fail and they needed to have some kind of false flag pretext to bring it from the current 8% of the U.S. population that is willing to go to war for Israel up to 80%, the way it was after 9-11. And by Monday, I think Lenny after we talked you put a scroll up on the top of the Cloak saying, giving an alert to the Orient Queen, the ship contracted to go pick up U.S. citizens and evacuate them out of Beirut. By Tuesday, I mean yesterday, you and I had done an interview published internationally in your archive --and by the way the archive is a wonderful resource, everyone listening should join he archive for pennies a day -- the archives had that article where we did a specific alert to the Orient Queen and I believe Lenny that resulted in the Cloak being knocked down in what --six hours.

LB: Yes, exactly. It did not take them long. They just throw a switch.

Capt May: Well along the way there is a godsend. I got called up by the Dave Glover Show which goes coast to coast FM. They have a once a week conspiracy hour, and I got that call, which candidly I forgot all about, and 16:00 or 4:00 PM central standard time yesterday we started broadcasting and towards the end of the show Michael the host, the guest host for Dave Glover, asked me "What are your immediate future predictions?, Captain May?" And I told him that our best analysis was between Ghost Troop and our Info War allies, Cloak and Dagger being one of those, was that a false flag, a la the U.S.S. Liberty was imminent. Extremely likely. And that the Orient Queen was in grave danger. Lenny, within two hours of that national broadcast--which of course merely followed up on the excellent Cloak and Dagger work we have been doing for two days earlier--within two hours of that national broadcast suddenly there was a ship out the Florida coast --registered to Florida, brother Jeb's state-- coming out of New York, the 9-11 state-- which suddenly did a radical shake, shift in direction. So radical that it created, as it was described, a tsunami in the swimming pool. And when it got to port in Florida people were being hauled off in stretchers from broken bones. So that is what we call a radical shift in direction -- [5:31]

LB: A number of mock exercises all around. Different mock exercises. Some went live, and some didn't.

Capt May: Right. As we have seen, they all have some kind of concordance or parallel event. We call it an analog code. Something that gives them the opportunity to signal in the parallel event any alteration in the plan to the main event.

LB: Right.

Capt May: The main event was, now listen to the name, folks: Orient Queen. And the signal event, was the Crown Princess.

LB: (laughter)

Capt May: It is not far from a princess to a queen. And the reason they had that radical shift in direction with no good explanation given yet and Lord knows lets see what kind of hodge podge reasons they come up with, but the reason to us clearly was that they had suddenly called off that plan to start World War III by scuttling the Orient Queen. Now Lenny, I can't tell you how cold-hearted this plot was. You know there has been a national outcry in the U.S. about how long it has taken to get any kind of evacuation and relief to the U.S. citizens who were in Lebanon. There are about 25,000 of them. I think about 5,000 have made application to leave. And now it becomes clear to us why it was they were waiting so long. They were waiting until that G-8 summit which was calling bad attention to Bush was out of the way so that they could do a two day total PR offensive --look folks, what you call news, I call propaganda and propaganda was my expertise when I was an active duty officer (speaks some Russian) Lenny, and that proves that I know what propaganda is because I used to read it out of the Soviet camp in the cold war in Russian --they went on a two day propaganda attack, the U.S. media, to make sure that anything bled south, anything bloody south of the Lebanese border, meaning Israeli citizens, was put all over the page and all over the news. And everything that bled up north was just collateral damage. In fact they started using the phrase collateral damage Monday. We were waiting for that, if you will remember, Lenny. So after two days of a major propaganda effort to say that this whole thing was really just poor Israel being attacked --when Israel has a 15:1 KIA rate at this point-- and it was Israel being attacked, and don't you know. They started dragging Syria and Iran back into it. All across the news, all across the papers. Lenny, they gave it up. They ramped everything they could, into getting the American people ready to hate Syria and Iran and start a shooting war. And that is why they delayed that doggone ship so that they could make sure that ship did not reach port and did not get false flag sunk until after they had done the maximum preparation of U.S. public opinion to instinctually, brutally, animalistically attack Muslims. It is cold-blooded stuff, Lenny. [8:18]

LB: Yes.

Capt May: You want another cold-blooded part of it?

LB: Yes.

Capt May: I saw excerpts from an ongoing live interview this morning from the people boarding the ship. Well now for the first time we find out what we always knew, but never saw, which is these are Lebanese Americans. They have sympathy for the country that is getting turned into a World War III battle ground with these massive carpet bombings. I don't care what the Israelis say, they are bragging about how they have knocked two billion dollars out of Lebanese infrastructure. They are going after food production, water facilities, transportation, ports, they are doing everything they conceivably can to make Beirut the new Guernica, and then putting icing on the cake with the U.S. media as if we don't realize that what the cake is, is a bunch of crap. So these Lebanese Americans were universally decrying what has been done to Lebanon. So, now let us think about it. These Lebanese American citizens were going to be scuttled, and not only was that going to give us a causus belli a la the U.S.S. Liberty or the Lusitania or the U.S.S. Maine, but it was going to get rid of 1,000 Arab-American propaganda problems. These people were there. There was going to be nothing on earth that has more authority back in the states, than these thousands of returning American citizens of Lebanese descent who were going to say exactly what was happening there. And one of these people is much more influential that an hour of TV news. So Lenny, it just could not have been more cold-blooded. [9:52]

LB: Absolutely. And of course this is the modus operandi going back to the Northwoods document. Admiral [actually General Lyman] Lemnitzer signed it, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying it is OK to kill Americans in towers in Miami and blame it on the Cubans to get a war with Cuba.

Capt May: Sure, that was, what, 67?

LB: I mean this document has been public now, so everybody can read this document and see that they legalized the right --the U.S. Government got legalized the right to attack its own citizens in order to provoke war.

Capt May: Exactly. We have reached, and Lenny, you are the one who often brings it up and recalls me to it -- the Orwellian scenario. Folks if you ever get tired of just listening to me and Lenny, if you want to see somebody smarter than us, read Orwell. 1984.

LB: 1984. By George Orwell. Big Brother.

Capt May: That says it all. You know Winston's girl friend in that book, the love interest is not a big deep thinker, but she is the first one who tells him, "I think these attacks that are being waged against London all the time have nothing to do with our enemies. I think that they are done by our government to keep the war going."

LB: And I will give you an updated 1984. Bushspeak is truth pollution.

Capt May: No doubt about it. No doubt about it. The propaganda war is going south, and the U.S. media --you know, it is so outrageous Lenny, I see them doing the same kind of anti-coverage, non-coverage and misleading with this Israeli incursion into Lebanon that they did, you know, to polish up and make pretty the U.S. incursion into Iraq. You know the American public wonders why it is that people like me, low end officers, in my case sitting after a full military career in Houston Texas doing a little bit of analysis for the Houston Chronicle, were able to publish pieces saying that this thing would turn into an utter quicksand war and we would be swallowed up in it and maybe wind up in a world war. People wonder how it is that three years ago I had so much insight and the answer is real simple. I don't trust TV, y'all. As often as not, whatever they say I believe the opposite. That is a good place to start your wisdom. So the people in TV-land, the media, which is heavily controlled by U.S. Jewish interests --let us be honest, they call it the Israel lobby, but we know what that means--the Israel lobby dominates U.S. media, and for two, three years they have been telling you first, we had one [a "mission accomplished," as reported by an "honest" yet "embedded" media] in Iraq, second, we were winning in Iraq, and third, now we are still going to win in Iraq. Does anyone notice that those arguments are all contradictory to each other when you put them in time sequence? You can't go from "Mission Accomplished, We Won" on Mayday 2003 when boy George Bush dressed up like a pilot and appeared on a ship--the deck of an aircraft carrier--you can't go from there to the current story we have which is we are trying to take Baghdad out. How did we get from "winning the war" to "we can't hold Baghdad" and nobody ever bothered to tell us that these people didn't have it together. They lie and distort. They have done it consistently to get us into the war, to keep us in the war, and now they are trying like hell to expand the war to a world war. And they are telling us it is a world war and that we have to stand with Israel. So yesterday Hillary Clinton was with 5,000 Jewish New York residents doing a big, you know "We need to stand with Israel to the max." People are quoting the butt-kissing Bill Clinton 2002 remark to the effect that, "If Israel is attacked, I will get a rifle and I will get in a foxhole and die for Israel," and I am thinking, "Bill Clinton, my God, the draft-dodger par excel lance is saying he would be willing to die in a war for Israel." Well hell, let him go. And let him send his daughter, and let him send his wife. For God's sake, send the whole Congress. Everybody who wants world war for Israel, man, it is easy to get to Israel in wartime if you want to fight for them. Go! But don't kill American citizens to drag us in, which is exactly what they mean to do. So right now this war coverage, so-called for Israel, has been the exact same cycle of lies, misrepresentation and delusion pumped into the American public. The only thing is, this time around we are not going to have a three year cycle to figure it out. We probably are going to have a three week cycle to figure it out. You know I deal in cyberdom as do you, Lenny, and I can tell you right now that there is a vicious cyber war going on right now where the dumber half is trying to say "God Bless the USA" and back Israel, as if this red neck B.S. were still going to work, and the more intelligent half is saying no world war for Israel. And that war in cyberdom is going the way it is going badly for the Bush League, so the Bush League and the Mossad fell back on the old standard motto of the Mossad, Lenny, you remember it? [14:49]

LB: By deception thou shalt do war.

Capt May: That is what it was. False flag, false friend. The classic stab in the back. And you know what, folks can say, "It is so hard for you to talk that way. How can you talk that way?" And the answer is because I can use my eyes and my ears. I can't help it if it is true. It is not my fault. It is not my problem. It is their fault and their problem that they keep doing the same stuff. This is the U.S.S. Liberty all over again. And I can tell you my military contacts were the first ones to pick up on this. This morning I have been getting calls from all over America from people who said, "We got it right. You have got it right Captain May. Thank God for Ghost Troop. Thank God for the Cloak." Just a few people, Lenny, just a few pivotal people who have the power of this Internet communications revolution at their finger tips and know how to use it to get out real information to the American people who are owed real information by the Constitution. By the Declaration. We are owed the truth. And we have this bunch of psychopathic animals in power right now who think that we are to be set up like a bunch of sacrificial lambs. Well you know they even put a bit of a devil sign in there to make sure that none of their own would get killed. You know what that was Lenny? [16:15]

LB: What was that?

Capt May: In order to arrange passage on this ship which was going to be killed, what they did was they put out an emergency number to reach the State Department. And the State Department number was 888 --now that in itself is an occultist triple number repetition-- but then what follows it was even better. 888-407-4747. Folks, if you have a pen, write it down. 407-4747 is Illuminatist code for 4-7, 4-7, 4-7, a triple repetition. You throw the first zero out, because zeroes don't count to Occultists. So it is 4-7, 4-7, 4-7. And each 4-7 adds up to 11, so you get 11, 11, 11 hidden in the 4-7, 4-7, 4-7. Then you add the three 1's together to take it to the next level, and you wind up with the classic Illuminatist number, 3-3, 33. (Background noise). These guys are using the media the way the Crips and the Bloods use the bathroom wall or the bus station. They splash their vile graffiti into our consciousness, into our TV sets so that those of them who are in on the act will know how to coordinate and plan. So you can bet that anybody who was in any way connected to this treason, this conspiracy against the U.S. public, anybody who was involved in it knew damn well not to get on board those ships and not to call in trying to arrange transport. It was a set up all the way. It is disgusting. I am outraged. Well, there are all kinds of things going on, there were two explosions. Petroleum ship transports. One exploded off the East Coast this morning, and I have unconfirmed reports of one off the West Coast. Lenny, I think those were going to be full-scale attacks and would have been had we not gotten the word out as effectively as we did. And those would have been blamed right along with the Orient Queen on Hezbollah attacks. I am not sure that this Crown Princess sailing down there around Florida was not going to be attacked too. It may have been just a signal ship, a parallel. But it may have also been a target. So what was going to happen is they were going to do the U.S.S. Liberty world wide so that they could hustle the schmucks. And that means me and you and our kids into a world war for Israel. That is the whole thing about this. This whole war has been about oil and Israel. And now that we have lost the possibility to get the oil, we will just do it for Israel. That is what it all says to me, Lenny. What about you? [18:53]

LB: It sure seems it to me. I totally agree, it is all Israel.

Capt May: Well this morning I saw the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon trying to put on a smile. I bet you he does not feel like smiling. If he is smiling he could have killed a thousand Americans and done his job. He is out there smiling as if he is trying to give some kind of interview to the camera that looks like anything but disappointment. And this guy's name is [Jeffrey] Feltman. Now I am telling you folks, I hate to start sounding this way, but any time you hear or see names you had better ask whether the people are Jewish, because this seems to be very much a blood ethnic feud which is spilling into America, and until we realize that you need to know what kind of religious preference the people who are talking to you have, until you realize that, you are not going to know whether or not they have a subtle motive. An ulterior motive. We have been anesthetized, paralyzed, from asking this very simple question, which is "Are you Jewish, and do you have dual loyalties?" Hell, half of them have dual citizenship, Lenny, and we know. We hear consistently in the U.S. media that Israel is united behind us. All Israeli Jews are united behind us. Well, call me a bad man or call me a good intelligence officer, but I want to know if U.S. Jews are united behind us or not. Especially the ones who are at the top of media, meaning just about everybody is at the top of media, and at the top of the State Department. I found out that the gal who came on shortly afterwards, Kristen Silverberg, assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, she is the one setting this whole thing up. Now, again call me a bad guy, but Kristen Silverberg? Man, if I were an Arab American getting on to that ship and I found out that all these people who had arranged the transport just happened to be Jewish, you don't think I would worry about it? [20:43]

LB: Yes, I would.

Capt May: These people --these are fellow American citizens. These are our brothers and sisters, y'all. When we bring them in and give them citizenship, and they put in decades and raise their families here, they are as much citizens as these refugees from eastern Europe. I don't rate a Jew higher than an Arab. But apparently that makes me distinct from the vast majority of the U.S. Government and the entirety of the U.S. media. I guess their saying would be that some Semites are more equal than others --there is an Animal Farm Orwell quote for you, Lenny. [21:16]

LB: Yes, exactly.

Capt May: Some Semites are more equal than others. If you are going to be a good American you have to learn not to be anti-Semitic. And not being anti-Semitic means you only hate Arab Semites. That is good, and you love Jewish Semites. That is good. Hate Arabs, love Jews. Both are Semites, but if you don't hate Arabs or you don't love Jews, you are anti-Semitic. Man, there is some twisted logic for you, Lenny.

LB: Well, and of course we are into these race wars at this time and this is the tribal race wars --are abounding and growing.

Capt May: Right, it goes back millennia. It goes back forever. But the only people who are taught to understand that are the dumb ass Christian fundamentalists who are told to understand that so that they will realize what they have to do is help genocide the Arabs. Man, if you look at what is happening in Lebanon, y'all, you are going to have a hard time convincing anybody --except somebody who has been watching too much Fox News-- that this is anything but genocidal war. This is an attempt to destroy the infrastructure that supports civilized existence. I mean these Israeli guys, they had a couple of soldiers captured, and what they have done is they have gone in and destroyed two billion dollars worth of Lebanese infrastructure in a country that --Lenny, I'll bet the whole country is not worth $20 billion dollars. They have knocked out the essential services necessary to preserve life. International health organizations are predicting that there will be massive refugeeism, and widespread epidemics. Things like cholera any time now, because both on the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon it is becoming impossible to maintain hygienic existence. We are not talking about whether or not they can have shish kabob and smoke hukas, man, we are talking about whether or not they can find water to drink that is not the same water they crap in. This is what our country is backing right now. And this bunch of Bush League Satanists tried to set it up so that we just do the same thing times a hundred, because they were going to kill a thousand of us in order to kill ten million of them, if that is what it took. You hear these people on TV, Lenny, who say, "My God, Captain May, you are really going off." Well first, you are right, I am pissed. [23:33]

LB: Right.

Capt May: I defend American lives, and I defend the Constitution, and that is what every officer and enlisted man worth his salt was taught to do. That is what we swore to do. So yes, I am pissed. But if you want to hear worse, just turn on Michael Savage. He gets broadcast to 20 million people every day, where he is saying these Arabs, these camel jocks, these seventh century barbarians, these sheep herders and sheep screwers, they just need to be bombed. We need to send in strategic Air Force. We don't need to occupy, we just need to destroy them. Man, right now -- and then you get someone like Charles Krauthammer, another Jewish propagandist, just like Michael Savage, and his thing is to say the same stuff that a more refined and intellectual level and make it seem like some kind of cynical, wry joke. Bill Kristol, another of these Jewish propagandists at the top of our media chain, one of the members of the Project for a New American Century where they set up the whole 9-11 idea to get us into this crap, he just published an article saying basically the U.S. has to go to war for Israel. They are our only friend. And this shit just sounds more and more like it is. Shrill propaganda and hyperbole for people who are running out of time and ran out of ideas a long time ago. They only got one. Kill anybody you need to get the people you want to kill the people you hate. [24:48]

LB: Very, very good analysis, once again, Captain May.

Capt May: Well, it is sad, sad times, Lenny. And Lord knows, if we both get through this, and given the work I have been doing I have more and more doubts whether I will, but if we do get through this, folks come meet me when it is over and hear the most charming person you ever met, because I have no hostility against any U.S. citizens. I am sworn to protect American lives, as are all decent officers. And I wish there were more standing up right now. Maybe enough of them can stand up at the right time and stop this crap. But for right now it is impossible to avoid these harsh formulations of harsh truth. Like the idea that right now the Israel lobby is controlling the media, is controlling the Congress, which is just trying to see how far up Israel's butt it can stick its head right now, it is controlling Bush who loves it of course, because it gives Bush an excuse to kill people, and that is what turns him on --

LB: (Laughter)

Capt May: It is controlling everything. This whole thing is an Israel lobby matrix intended to use Christians to kill Muslims for Jews. I am sorry that sounds real nasty, but that is the nasty reality of things, folks, and if we do not understand it, we are the only people in the world who don't. Why do you think we are so hated? Those are the ugly words that form the reason for the world's hatred of us. And before we start getting all high and mighty and thumping our chests and act like John Wayne, maybe we ought to think about the fact that everything the world thought would be a disaster for us three years ago has turned into a disaster for us. Maybe they are just ahead of the curve and we are getting bad information, y'all. That is straight up from a redneck down in Texas.

LB: Well thanks very much, Captain May, for your update, and we look forward to more of it. I am sure that as things start to move faster and faster it seems the news each day is getting faster and faster.

Capt May: You can almost tell, Lenny, because you and I have been on the radio doing interviews about every other day for the last week. And the number of things that have happened --and folks, you are hearing about half of what Lenny and I talk about--there was stuff that sounds crazy even on the Cloak except that it is true. And we will get to it some other time. The world is in a historic crisis right now. The great powers --Israel, the U.S., the U.K--this whole little Orwellian construct is trying to push us into World War III before they fall from power and are discovered for the whole 9-11 mass treason that they perpetuated on their citizens. 9-11 here. 7-7 in England. 7-11 in India. Man, how is that for heartless crap. What do they do? Bomb the Indians and do it on 7-11. Ha ha ha. Because Indians work at 7-11. I mean you have got to understand, folks, these people are out to take control of the world, and now that the problem of taking control of the world seems to be very aggravated, they will settle for just destroying half of it. Bomb it into the stone age. That is why Israel went into this thing a week ago saying, "We are going to knock them back twenty years." What do you think they meant when they said that? They were going to reduce literacy? They were going to reduce population, y'all. That is what we are involved with right now, and that is what is going to go on until more of the American public discovers more and more of the kind of bullshit that we are scraping off the truth here at Cloak and Dagger. Well Lenny, I have got to tell you, it has been great working with you, and we have founded a network, and certainly there is a Ghost Troop network. Cloak and Dagger is part of it. The biggest part of it. There is a network of courageous, independent journalists who are working together. I have to tip my hat to Leon Smith, the publisher and editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast who has been publishing our material. Lenny Bloom who has been in the last five successful Ghost Troop missions to avert false flag attacks. The Cloak has been the central player every time. We are doing the work of millions, Lenny. And maybe one day millions will understand it. Until then, the important thing is that we do the work of millions to save millions. So Lenny, it has been a great honor. We will continue to march forward. If they get me, you all get even for me. That is the only request that I have for my services. This is Ghost Troop Captain May, speaking from the belly of the Bush beast in Houston, Texas. [29:22]

LB: Listen, it is great having you here. It is a terrific life line for us at the Cloak, and it is certainly a job that I can't take credit for. There are people around the world who are supporting Cloak and Dagger and I want to thank them all. They are much loved and we are all in your prayers. So read it yourself instead of asking the government why, because that will cause the propaganda to die. Keep up the counter-propaganda science exploration homework Captain May. We will see you again real soon.

Capt May: Amen to all that, Lenny.

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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