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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Cloak & Dagger

Lenny Bloom interviews
Captain Eric H. May

18 July 2006


Lenny Bloom:
[1:03] Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. We are on the phone with Ghost Troop commander Captain Eric May, our Cloak and Dagger military expert analyst. He is a former Army Intelligence and Public Affairs Officer. Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger.

Capt May: Well Lenny, they say any port in the storm, but that is not the case. The home port for Ghost Troop has always been the Cloak, and in these perilous times that we are facing it is good to be back on the line with you to talk to the Cloak's family and all of our Info War allies out there who are listening.

LB: Fortunately we have you to watch events, and there is a lot going on today. It is just past 12:00 noon on July 18th. We are doing this emergency briefing. Why don't you theme us in and update us on what is happening.

Capt May: OK, well Lenny you know we have been talking a whole lot about the war in general in the Middle East. Carefully not called a war by the U.S. media, which by the way has taken exactly the same role vis a vis the Israeli brutal assault north into Lebanon that it took towards the U.S. assault northward into Iraq three years ago. So we are getting nothing but a warmed up soap opera plot where you get the exact same propaganda approach. Anything that happens to Israeli citizens down south below the line is war atrocities, you know, destruction of all humanity, the most horrible thing since Guernica --which it is, war is that way-- but anything done north of the border is collateral damage inflicted on Lebanese people because the Israelis are doing self-defense. Right now the kill rate is about 15:1 dead Lebanese up north to dead Israelis down south. But all of that is a side issue right now. The important alert that I had for you and your listeners, Lenny, and I am grateful to you for getting up is that right now we in Ghost Troop has been doing extensive analysis of the situation, particularly in light of the G-8 summit in Russia where it looks as if the second tier superpowers, China and Russia, have both kind of headed off the idea of expanding this into a general Middle Eastern war. So we think right now that the Israelis have been stymied in their grand strategic plan to engage the United States into a major Middle Eastern war. And we think right now they need to kick start that scenario if they are going to do it. So we are here to warn about the kick-starting option. Which is always the same thing where the Israelis are concerned is a false flag scenario. I am going to recall your listeners to the 1967 war that they had starting up over there in the Middle East where they tried to strafe and destroy our ship the U.S.S. Liberty and send it to the bottom of the Mediterranean and take no prisoners, allow no survivors, and then blame it on the Egyptians so that we would be put into a Middle Eastern war on their side --a general Middle Eastern war. Well right now there is no reason on earth to think they are not trying to do the same thing again, and that brings us to the fact that as we speak, the U.S. State Department has contracted the services of at least one cruise liner, which is the Orient Queen, which is now coming towards, is steaming toward Beirut, Lebanon. Now the U.S. media is not mentioning a word about the fact that right now the only thing people in Beirut are worried about is Israeli ordnance falling in day long around the clock. What is being stressed is that this ship might just wind up being the target of an attack by Hezbollah, which of course would be a complete insanity and a very unlikely thing. However, the broad public, not understanding that this is insanity and very unlikely will probably buy it if all of a sudden that ship gets plummeted to the bottom of the Mediterranean sea just the same way that the same Israeli forces and Mossad tried to sink the U.S.S. Liberty some four decades ago. Lenny? [4:38]

LB: Right, Right.

Capt May: We are quite alarmed that --you know we have been working with this for a while -- we are quite alarmed because the sinking of a ship is such an easy and standard way of pulling a country into a war.

LB: Right.

Capt May: Let us go ahead and talk the last hundred years. A little bit over a hundred. It was done with the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor, which gave us the opportunity to go to war with Spain and take over their empire. It was later admitted that the U.S.S. Maine was blown up from within. It is my suspicion, and I think yours, we have talked about it, that was a false flag operation.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: Then you had the Lusitania, sunk under dubious circumstances in the Irish Sea back back at the beginning of World War I which drew us towards the war. Don't know as much about that, but clearly a ship sinking can lead us that way. Then we have the, what, let us go ahead and skip ahead, we go to U.S.S. Liberty which Johnson sent off to the coast of Israel, and Israel tried to scuttle. That was '67, and then the Gulf of Tonkin incident in which the U.S. Navy created an entire incident to justify war powers act, or war powers being granted to LBJ to pull us into Vietnam the same way Bush has pulled us into Iraq and Afghanistan. So this device of using a ship to pull a country into a war, man that is the most basic little bit of geopolitical judo that I know. So it is a very great danger and once again as with all things it could truly affect the United States people or the people of the world --it is not being talked about by the media. You are not going to find anybody discuss the idea that maybe Israel just might do something like stab us in the back, like they did before and like they will do again. So forewarned is forearmed, Lenny, and I just wanted to put out this special bulletin to advise all people who are in Lebanon, all American citizens, and all people watching the world media picture to realize there is no objective information coming out right now. You have got Arab propaganda coming out of one side, and damn sure have Zionist propaganda coming out of the other side. Now we call Zionist propaganda mainstream media because they don't call themselves Zionists. I wonder why. But right now we need to be highly aware of the prospect of a false flag attack. So Lenny, to finish with that point, right now Israel has got itself painted into a box. You at the Cloak and Dagger, and Ghost Troop work together to shut down what we think was a false flag attempt to blow up Baytown's Exxon Mobil on July 2nd of this year, something we had been predicting for a while and we predicted correctly once again, because Baytown Exxon Mobil blew up, driving gas prices, oil prices $5 higher the day after the July 4th weekend. We think that was already an attempt at a false flag in connection with this ongoing Israeli escalation of tension in the Middle East through invasion of their neighbors. So right now it is not speculation to say that they are already in a cycle which in their mind warrants false flag operations. They don't care about anybody but themselves and that is the way of all nations. I am not faulting Israel for that, I am faulting us for bending over and getting ready for it because our people are telling us to trust them. Don't trust them, think for yourself, and people be aware of what is up there. Think and consider American interests. And ask yourself why it is that everybody you hear on TV from any political party or any network never has any evil to say about Israel. You would think this is a don't ask, don't tell world. And it is.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: And it is. It is an Orwellian world where anything Israel will do will be accepted. So right now we have the whole world turning against Israel. Israel is getting rockets in its back yard from Hezbollah. They put themselves in a situation where they are not just going to walk over everybody, and now their only option is to bring the United States in fully, full engagement. Lenny, minus that, with the 9-11 story breaking down here in the U.S., with Info War groups like Cloak and Dagger and Ghost Troop and Webster Tarpley and other people breaking down the 9-11 hoax, preventing the next 9-11 through exposing what these exercises they are planning actually are, if these guys don't get something cooked up quick to have some kind of incident, Bush is not going to make the kind of dictatorial power he needs to keep America in line for Israel. So it is all coming down to the great summer of terror that you and I have been talking about for what, the last month and a half, Lenny.

LB: That is for sure.Let's keep this tight. We have got this warning out. We are going to put it up. This emergency update and briefing from you, Captain May, our Cloak and Dagger military expert analyst. Thanks very much for that report. We will look forward to hearing from you again later today or tomorrow.

Capt May: Roger and out. [9:24] .

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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