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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Frankly Speaking Radio

Host Frank Whalen
interviews Captain Eric H. May

4th Hour, 17 July 2006


Abstract: "Numeric harmonics" and terror dates. The NASA launch on 26 July 2005 as a media set up for the aborted British Petroleum Strike a day later. How the Israelis used two fake Katusha rocket incidents to destroy the temples of religious rivals in Haifa.

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Capt. Eric H. May

Frank Whalen: Good morning, my friends and welcome back. You are listening to the 4th and final hour of the fastest four hours in talk radio. We call it Frankly Speaking Radio, and I am your host, Frank Whalen. We have a very exciting program. The last hour has just gone by as quick as can be, and I attribute it solely to the mind-bogglingly complex yet laid out simply for all of us information of one Captain Eric May, the leader of Ghost Troop. Welcome back to the show, sir.

Capt May: Always an honor, always an honor. Thanks for having me on for the second hour.

Whalen: Oh no, thanks for just having so much information and really delivering it so well. And that is what it all really boils down to, you know, is making this information accessible and easily comprehensible to the average person, because that of course expands the information and gets it out there to more people. And this is what we have come up with here is that you have been able to consistently and constantly predict where different events are going to take place, because you have cracked their code. And this is astounding. It is wonderful news. This is a success. And I will be honest with you Captain May, we don't have enough success stories out there.

Capt May: Well, we have a collective success story. And I thank you for the complements for the work we have done in Ghost Troop in cracking the code. I hasten to add that we are what you would call an all-source intelligence outfit. Meaning that the code works for us. But it is never the first thing I start with. What I am going to start with --let me just give you an example-- we predicted a 7-1 attempt against a southeast Texas petrochemical target this year, July 1st. We predicted that in connection with the Shuttle, because last year in July we saw the shuttle tied up in the Texas City hit. Same timing. The code didn't work, frankly. 7-1 was our prediction date, and it wasn't a strong numerological date. But we did see that for an entire month, you will notice the introduction of a new word in the media lexicon, "homegrown." "Homegrown" became a term used in the media immediately after the Canadian Al Qaeda plot. Remember that one which they tried to sneak in on July 4th?

Whalen: That was the other one, yes. The other one we should talk about too, at some point.

Capt May: Oh yes. Well since then there has been a cascading of small end terror plots --so called-- which have been supposedly interrupted by good Homeland Security or FBI work. Which means they are working their little butts off to set up the next thing. And what they have done is gone to this idea that there is going to be a homegrown hit. Man, I have not heard "homegrown" so much since the 60's when people were growing it at home. You know, this has become term de jour, and what it probably means is like what we thought. We found small level attempts, probably not nuclear, against localized targets. And the need for one right now is extreme.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: Extreme. Because if we want to go over towards the Israeli situation, this thing is not going the way they want it. We believe that the 7-1 attempt we predicted, which happened on 7-2, Baytown ExxonMobil, and that is what drove your gasoline prices up last week because oil prices went up five bucks the day after the markets returned after Baytown ExxonMobil went up. We think that the 7-2 Baytown ExxonMobil explosion was supposed to be much more severe and was supposed to be blamed on Al Qaeda or "homegrown" terrorist groups, or maybe folks --and listen to this-- maybe homegrown domestic groups, which is probably why they are warming up the Columbine killing story again. So the fact that it didn't happen kind of left Israel over the barbed wire because they have gone on their great mission, they attacked Gaza one week earlier. In other words, Israel is working hand in glove. Mossad and the Bush league are the same thing for our purposes. And that is just street intelligence product, I am telling you straight out. [4:33]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: That is why the media plays so well with the Bush League, because two thirds of them are Zionist any way. But the attempt to set up Baytown Exxon Mobil on July 2nd was supposed to be one week end to Bush's big push to clean up the Middle East.

Whalen: Hang on Captain May, we have got another break. Folks, we will back in three minutes, stay right there on the edge of your seat, more Frankly Speaking Radio when we return

[4:58 start of the break...8:57]

Good morning, welcome back folks, you are listening to Frankly Speaking Radio. Our phone number 1-800-313-9443. Toll free and worldwide, 1-800-313-9443. Captain Eric May is our guest today from Ghost Troop, welcome back sir.

Capt May: It is not bad waiting. You have the best lead in music in radio.

Whalen: [Laughter]. I appreciate that.

Capt May: Will you do me the favor of posting that article so that your listeners can have access to it?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: I say that because I have a very special request to the listeners. My background is validated in multiple places. Anyone who does any research on Ghost Troop Captain May, you are going to find hundreds of hits on your search engine. I am an intelligence professional and the problem we found is that when we try to go to top end intelligence professionals, they are usually being controlled and they shut down any analytical speculation. So take that article, print it out on your printer, and stick it an envelope and send it to your local cop, your local fire department. It has gotten to the point now that regular people can understand what is going on. But if you send it to the top of the heap, if you send it to the intelligence specialists, or the chief of police, I can tell you right now they are being controlled politically and they are not going to do anything. Send it to someone local. Send it to people you know. Send it to your television station. Ask them what the hell is going on. How could this be? Why is there no analysis? What is the explanation? When they realize that we have awakened to what is up, it is over. It is that simple. That is why they work so hard to keep the media under control and why people like Frank of Frankly Speaking are so very important. And finally, it says something that Frank you can probably vouch for very well, which is at any time Ghost Troop comes on a radio show, immediately after we leave the counterattack begins and the host will catch hell.

Whalen: Sure.

Capt May: Because they are trying to make sure that this information does not get out. Candidly, I think that I would be a dead man now, except there is nothing that would so well confirm my analysis as my death. [10:59]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: That is just the way this Info War has gone.

Whalen: It happens to be that by fighting on offense, that has probably turned out to be my best self-defense.

Whalen: There is still a lot of material I want to cover, here, Captain May.

Capt May: Sure.

Whalen: Before we do so, do you want to take some calls?

Capt May: Well I would like to do one thing first. I want to give a couple of numbers to your listeners. If they have not written anything else, they would probably like to know what the danger dates ahead are, and I can give it to them immediately.

Whalen: Oh yes, please.

Capt May: OK, we call these numeric harmonics. You have a 7-11, the next date to worry about is a 7 and 11 times 2, or a 7-22. 7-22 is very dangerous because it is 7- a permutation of 11, 11 times 2 is 22, and because 7 plus 2 plus 2 equals 11. So that is a danger date. It hits a lot of their buttons. The next one, and I think the most dangerous one out there is 8-8, the date August 8th. Now the first thing there is that I have heard people talk about how that is written into the Bible code stuff. Folks look, I don't want to hurt too many feelings here, but I am a trained professional. That Bible code stuff is being hoaxed up by Israeli intelligence to lead you guys to hell in a hand basket. That is all set up bull ca-ca. An Australian professor did the same Bible code manipulation with Melville's Moby Dick, and it worked. You can make anything say anything. And of course the simple people who believe the Bible code said "What, God wrote Moby Dick?" No, God didn't write Moby Dick or the Yellow pages either. You can extract the codes in the Yellow pages. So the date that is being set up, the Bible code people say when I listen to some of these right wing religious broadcasts is 8-8 or August 8th, that is dangerous because it is an 88, a repetition of the 11 motif, but also because there is a hidden 8. Remember how I said Frank how I said last year we had the 7-7 attack, the hidden 7 with the 2005 equaling 7? Well now we have 88 with a secret 8. 2006 equaling the 8. So it is really going to be to occultists 888. Triple numbers are even more powerful than double numbers to them. So red alert on those letter days, write them down in red. 7-22 and 8-8, parentheses 8. Because 2006 for the year equals to an 8 again. I would be happy to go to any caller who might be there, Frank.

Whalen: OK, let's go to Jerome in Arkansas. Welcome to the show, sir.

Caller: Hello, Frank.

Whalen: Yes.

Caller: I have got a date for Captain May. 956. That will be exactly 1,990 days since the 2001 bombings. And Bin Laden on his tape was exactly a 19 minute long tape. So that is a little bit of--I am actually the one who called on the 3-11 bombings.

Whalen: Oh yes, yes, definitely, right on.

Capt May: Let me play with the first number you gave me. Don't get off the line, please. How many days did you say this was? September to --

Caller: 956 which would be 9 plus 5 plus 6 would be 11.

Capt May: Right, right. 5 plus 6 is an 11, a hidden 11, and then 9-11. OK.

Caller: That would be 1,999 days.

Capt May: Folks, go to what is called a between dates calculator. Just go to your search engine and get "days between dates." And you will pull up between dates calculators. And see whether or not you can confirm that. If that is confirmed, then that is an extremely significant numerological date. We made a prediction of a 9-27 attack in Houston, 9-27, 2004, this being the election of 2004 when the FBI was saying that Al Qaeda was trying to disrupt the presidential election. Remember that? We predicted 9-27. 9-27 was exactly 1,111 days from 9-11, and of course 9-29 was 9-(2+7) or 9-9, a 99 variable which of course is 9 times 11. And sure enough that came in as a Newcaney Pipeline explosion due to sabotage, an event the likes of which had not occurred in a decade or more in this area. That was spot on with our day. So what this gentleman just said, that it is 1999 days from 9-11 to 9-5-06, I would put that down. That is very helpful. In fact, I am going to write that down and crunch the numbers on it myself. What is your second point? [15:29]

Caller: Is there any way that I can contact you?

Capt May: Well you can look at my main site. In fact, I am very easy to find. Folks, if you are familiar with the prodigy network? Prodigy services? I am I can promise that if something is interesting enough, I will send it right over to Ghost Troop. Right now I am busily engaged because I am doing the war analysis, and I cannot promise a personal response, but I can promise that I will personally process it.

Caller: I am going to say that this will be in the Continental United States.

Capt May: Well, it is time for a continental strike. In fact without that the Bush people are going to be in trouble because you have to have something hit home in order to blame it and get the home crowd involved in a World War. Folks, when we talk about --and I am sorry if I can ask, what was the second part of it? The first part was the 9-5, the second part was what?

Caller: The Bin Laden tape

Capt May: Oh yes, the Bin Laden nineteen minute thing. Frank, you brought up the point that the Denver cops had just released transcripts from the Columbine killers. Diaries, notes and everything. You remember that?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: OK, right now I am going to play a minor numerological rift. Folks, this is an advanced point. If you go 7-7, London bombing, 2005, to 7-11, Mumbai bombing, or I call them the Bombay bombing 2006, there are 369 days, so you have 3, and then 3 times 2 is 6, and then 3 times 3 is 9. An ascending scale of multiples, right? If you go back and look up Frank the Columbine transcripts that were released you are going to find out there were 936 pages, which means 369 anagrammed. [17:29]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: You see, it was not until that came out, by the way, that I started thinking for the first time the whole Columbine thing might have been a set-up. Because in effect what they are doing, remember folks, they have gone to the idea that there is going to be a home-grown attack. There are two groups of people they have as enemies right now. First, Muslims, because Muslims have the oil and are against Israel. So they want us to blame them to get us to attack Muslims for oil and Israel. But then the other category of people they have who are probably the most genuine danger of all, are people like me and Frank and this gentleman on the phone, people who are Internet researchers, analysts, and broadcasters, and it may well be that what they are going to try to set up is the idea that there has been another kind of Columbine or Oklahoma City attack carried out by people who were Internet terrorists. So I say that to bring out the Columbine transcripts having 936 pages as a way of reminding people that there are all kinds of numeric clues, and you need to keep an eye out for them. If I can say one more thing, Frank. [18:30].

Whalen: Please.

Capt May: There is a movie that will really tell you everything you need to know about doing the code work that I do, it is just that you have to be counter intuitive. There was a movie --and I will be very impressed if anyone can guess it --there was a movie that won an Academy Award for the best picture of 2001 which specifically said that anybody who tried to look at the front page of a newspaper and extract code from it, has a specific kind of insanity: A Beautiful Mind.

Whalen: Yep.

Capt May: They said here is the smartest guy in the world, John Nash, professor from Princeton, who worked for I think the Rand Group. And boy he was brilliant. He had everything going for him. He had the hot babe, he had the nice family, he had the good job, he had the admiration of his peers, but then he started thinking that he could read the media and pick up signs that there was a plot to bring in a nuclear bomb in and detonate it in the United States. Now what have I been talking about for a year here? A plot to set up a nuke in the United States.

Whalen: Yes sir.

Capt May: If you just happen to be the mainstream media that was trying to cover for the Bush League while they did that, what would be the best movie in the world to bring that out?

Whalen: Something that disparaged the concept.

Capt May: Right. You know that that movie actually was coded too, beyond the fact that the whole plot is nothing but one big code.

Whalen: Hang on a second Captain May, we have got to take a break. Jerome, thanks for the call, and folks we will take some more calls, we will be right back with Captain Eric May in about three minutes.

[19:52 start of commercial break...23:26 coming out of the break].

Capt May: Welcome back my friends. It is Monday, kicking your week off right with some food for thought served up by Captain Eric May, leader of Ghost Troop, welcome back to the show, sir.

Capt May: Right. Thanks for having me.

Whalen: It is an honor and a privilege. I appreciate it. When we left off, we were talking about codes embedded into A Beautiful Mind, yes.

Capt May: A Beautiful Mind, yes. Let me finish this one thing on that. When I said, "A Beautiful Mind" I basically took the idea, as if to create a shock in the public mind-set, that if somebody who has a real high IQ --and I don't have a real high IQ, but I know a few languages and I ain't dumb, even though I am a redneck from Texas, that is, don't judge me by the other redneck from Texas, that is Bush-- [24:03]

Whalen: [Laugher] Right.

Capt May: I am the smart red neck from Texas --the idea was that anybody who came up to watch the movie, anybody so far who came up to you with a napkin [and pen to take notes] at a restaurant and said, "Hey watch this, watch what they do, this is the front page of The Houston Chronicle," if anyone started breaking down how there were 9-11 variations, 3-11 variations, repetitions of numbers, three sequences of 222's, 111's, things like that, immediately anyone who saw the movie would say, "My God, you have a ...beautiful mind." Well that movie was commissioned, it was done as a Stephen Spielberg Dreamworks Production, and it was done before 9-11. So the idea for the movie was done before the 9-11 attack. But the movie was released on a most significant date. December 21, 2001. Now you might want to break the code down yourself, Mr. Whalen. December 21st, digit code?

Whalen: It would be 3 and 3.

Capt May:
No, it would be --you got it. That would be 12-21-21. 1-2 for 12 for December, 21 for the 21st, and the year 2001, but zeroes don't exist, so 12-21-21. Now folks, the odds to having that kind of recurrence of digits, you know 12, and then 12 reversed twice, are once again very long indeed. And it also happens to be, again I don't believe in astrology but they do, it also happens to be the Winter Solstice or the day of greatest darkness in the northern hemisphere. So if you were trying to send out a coded movie to make sure to dumb everyone down so that they wouldn't dare to try to do the kind of work that we are doing, what is the best day for a blacking out of the mind? Well, the winter solstice. [25:46]

Whalen: Wow.

Capt May: So they released a number code movie that carries on the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, and that movie was intended to make sure that nobody figured this out. And then what award did they give it? The Academy Award. Now of course I am not the first person to say the Academy Awards are run by political interests. The same people who gave Judith Miller, the New York Times reporter who lied us into the war a Pulitzer Prize that year for doing a good job of propaganda, all right, they gave a Beautiful Mind best picture Oscar for being a beautiful piece of propaganda. And that is why afterwards a few of your listeners will remember, Ma Bush, Barbara Bush, was getting a lot of racket out in media land because she kept saying on TV "I'm not going to bother my beautiful mind about it." Or, "I hope people don't look at 9-11 and get a beautiful mind about it." [26:36]

Whalen: That is right.

Capt May: She was in on it. She knew what was up. It is a PR campaign, a propaganda effort.

Wow. That is amazing.

Capt May: By the way, I just looked up the gentleman who said that 9-5-2006 would be 1,999 days. I went to, and you can find this in your search engine, a days between dates calendar. And that is actually erroneous. There are 1,819 days between 9-11, 2001 and 9-5, or September 5th, this year. So, just to check.

Whalen: OK, well we will certainly keep our eyes open regardless. You know, when we are talking about a lot of these things, we have got to watch for other things too. We mentioned again the Friday before the 7-11 bombings was the anniversary of the 7-7 bombings. Again, the mention of the New York City subway story and other things as well.

Capt May: A lot of subway stuff, by the way.

Whalen: Sure, sure, sure. Well we also of course had an incident in the Chicago subway.

Capt May: On 7-11.

Whalen: That is right. And we talked about that on the program.

Capt May: Now you know of course that comes back to the way we said Chicago is a live target area.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: These are what are called multiple indicators. Remember, the FBI has been setting up the Sears Tower collapse a month after we stopped it from happening, I might add. And now you are getting the ideas that the tunnels are jeopardized. [27:58]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: There is also a tunnel piece of ceiling in Boston that killed some people. It seems to us like there might be a concerted effort to get people thinking about tunnels. There was also a subway cyanide plot revealed three weeks earlier from New York.

Whalen: Also true. You know the thing about the Chicago subway thing that caught my interest, of course, was the fact that we had a, you know the Associated Press story, the big mainstream story about it, basically said, "Hey, it was a fire, there was some smoke, everybody got out, it was great." But if you went to the Chicago media, there was a story that had eyewitness accounts. There was a gal who said, "There was an explosion and fire and smoke, we couldn't see, but we got out and everything was fine." Anyway they had their emergency management official out there giving their statement. He said, "Hey, we did a drill like this just a few weeks ago and everything worked out just exactly as we expected." Now the preponderance of drills in conjunction with actual legitimate terrorist attacks. They were doing a drill on 7-7 in London. [28:58]

Capt May: Right. In fact, the same thing was said, "Worked just like the drill."

Whalen: Absolutely, absolutely.

Capt May: That is how they set it up, Frank. Let me explain that to explain the modus operandi of the terror attack so that your listeners out there will be able to help themselves, and help us. Give us any good intel that you get. What they do is they take groups of officers, enlisted, police, you know, first responders, and we have this big pool of money called Homeland Security. And what they do is set up these disaster scenarios.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May:
But all these disaster scenarios can do is what is called "Go live." In other words, what you are rehearsing can actually happen.

Whalen: Capt May, let me interrupt you here briefly for a short commercial break here folks. We will be back in about three minutes, stay with us.

[Start of break at 29:47...33:56 end]

Whalen: Good morning, welcome back folks. We have about twenty five minutes or so left with our special guest today, Capt Eric May from Ghost Troop, welcome back sir.

Capt May: Thank you.

Whalen: Thank you very much. I am really, really enjoying this.

Capt May: I was just speaking about the modus operandi about how an exercise can be turned into an event.

Whalen: Please.

Capt May: Let us go there real quickly. Folks, if right now people say, "Oh my God, if they want to do it they will get a suitcase nuke and come popping off in the K-Mart in my home town." And the answer emphatically is, "No, they are not." Because if they do this wrong one time, they are going to have a revolution. If the people realize that the murders being perpetrated against us were government-committed, there would be a revolution. And by the way, there should be, that is the Declaration of Independence. Forget it, if they are carrying out a mass homicide on us, don't write your Congressman. I mean that is the way people are going to feel. So they have to have a controlled set up area. And the way they set it up is that they don't bring --for example we just talked about Chicago, how they were setting up exercises May 2nd through 4th. OK, they got Daley out of the way, put him in Israel where he would be nice and safe, because Israel is in on it. Remember, Israel needs a Middle East War more than we do. We don't need it. We need to get the heck out of it. Daley was in Israel. They had the May Day march in Chicago to get all the media there. So the media was pre-positioned. Now you just described Frank how the local media of Chicago in this latest frame thing gave good intelligence to the people, and the national media had it covered up. The national media is always more easily controlled by the national authorities. [35:27]

Whalen: Sure.

Capt May: So they are always there. You will notice that when I said our last prediction of an explosion in the southeast Texas area was because of a NASA launch on the first of July, scheduled for the first of July. And how the year before there had been a national launch on July 26th, which turned into the Texas City explosion of British Petroleum on July 28th, that is because any time you have a NASA launch you get to bring a zillion reporters from national networks down to Clear Lake, Texas 25 miles south of Houston. They always want to preposition the people they need to spin it correctly, otherwise folks, it could spin out of control. You have got to look at it from their side.

Good point.

Capt May: What they do is they have an exercise so that La-de-da-de and everybody, just regular people who are doing their jobs, quite honorable soldiers and police, come out thinking, "Oh, we are going to rehearse a massive fire that burns down downtown." Well, wouldn't you know, the day they are doing it, suddenly a massive fire burns down downtown. And you say, "Wow, they were in on it!" But that is not the way they look on it. The mass psychology kicks in, and everybody says "Thank God we were ready to handle just the emergency that happened." Or if there are still problems a little bit later, a special agent comes to you and says "OK, don't tell anybody this or we will have to kill you, but we were afraid someone was going to burn down downtown, and that is why we had the exercises. Thank God you were there. And that is why there are never investigations and never reprimands as we found with 9-11. If you just go along and shut your mouth, you will get the medal, the promotion, and the pay raise. If you start talking, your career will be ruined and your life might be over. That is the way they put it out. So anytime there is an exercise simulating something that is going to happen, you should be very afraid. For instance right now I know from military contacts that there they are simulating a building knock-down in Detroit. They have been working that scenario. If I were in Detroit now I would be very concerned about the possibility of such a thing happening because they are rehearsing it. You have to rehearse any attack, and these false flag --what are called false flag terror events, these things where the government is doing it to us, are nothing but government treasonous attacks against American citizens. So they have to be rehearsed better than any kind of attack. [37:40]

Whalen: Yes, that is true.

Capt May: The first thing in any military operation is you rehearse the scenario before you do it, even if you are talking about a raid on an enemy bunker to go kill ten people and gather documents. You always do the most extensive preparation and rehearsal you can. That is basic squad leader, infantry stuff.

Whalen: Do you know which building in Detroit they might be looking at?

Capt May: I do not, all I got specifically was that NORTHCOM and Homeland Security were simulating that event.

Whalen: That is interesting.

Capt May:
By the way, if I had to put out an interesting question, it would be why is there no master roster where someone can turn to find out what kind of events they are rehearsing?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: They have made that secret. If you are like me, you have to find out because you get word here or word there.

Whalen: You have to work for it. Sure, that makes sense. You know, looking at these things it is also intriguing because of the tunnel scenario. There was a story that Al Qaeda was going to flood out the New York Tunnel and therefore flood out Wall Street or something, which I thought was really intriguing. And then there was the big dig incident which I think was intriguing. Obviously there is tunnels in Detroit too. Particularly the one that goes to Canada.

Capt May: Right, that is a very good observation. Thank you, I had not thought of that. But one --you see, we are connecting dots, folks. We haven't brought in a numeric connection, but we might extrapolate since 7-2-2 and 8-8 are hot dates, but what if --let us just play "what if" -- when you watch your TV, it is not rocket science to say everybody has noticed there has been a lot of Al Qaeda plots alleged. They are using "homegrown terrorism" every third sentence in the news, and suddenly they have been showing how tunnels are dangerous. Boston had a tunnel incident, Chicago had a 7-11 tunnel incident where everybody said they were afraid it was an Al Qaeda hit. New York has had a cyanide plot. New York has had a flood 'em out and drown them plot. You see, they are setting up the idea. This is called implantation. If you want to call it propaganda or mind control, that is fine. So that is what is up. We think they are setting up the next scenario. And Frank, the fact that you bring up the Detroit tunnel, you know that is an interesting thing for you to keep a point on. By all means communicate with us. [39:58]

Whalen: Absolutely, sir.

Capt May: Folks, don't count on Ghost Troop to keep saving you. I don't want to sound arrogant about it, but we have done well for one very basic reason. We were in Houston. I am a trained intelligence officer. I am in the Houston market. I have written for the major media in the Houston market. NBC, I was a major editorial writer. The Houston Chronicle, I was a military analyst. I have been in this thing, and we have been protecting our back yard, and we have managed to protect Chicago because we had a hunch. But we are not catching it all. We are missing more than we are catching. And we know that they have to have an event. Do you want me to tell you the last false flag, Frank?

Whalen: Please.

Capt May: Haifa, Thursday the 13th. You remember they said two missiles, two Katushas had hit Haifa on Thursday, and that was what caused Israel to start bombing Lebanon's Beirut Airport? Well, we played the coincidence thing. Up to that point, Hezbollah had not used any longer range rockets. They had only been using the shorter range Katushas which have a range of about ten miles. Haifa was 25 miles, over twice the range of the Katushas that had been used up to that point --one irregularity. The next thing was that there was only two rockets fired and both of them hit. Well the Katushas are notoriously inaccurate. The are like shooting bottle rockets, basically. And the third thing is what do you think the odds are that of the two rockets that hit, shot, that just happened to hit outside their range --both of them hit non-Jewish targets in a Jewish city. One of them hit the Carmelite Order, and the Roman Catholic Carmelite Order is largely persecuted in Israel. And the other hit the Ba'hai Faith Temple, which is the most odious building in Haifa because -- [41:38]

Whalen: It is Iranian-based. It is an Iranian-based religion.

Capt May: So you have two rockets that can't get there, that got there, that can't hit targets, that hit targets, and the two targets hit happen to be targets that would offend religious groups other than Jews and bring them into anger against the Muslim terrorists, to whom of course all of this is imputed.

Whalen: You know how interesting is it that, Captain May, because we were talking about this earlier. We said that when they were able to show destruction in Israel, that is when that made the 24 hour news networks in the United States. That is when they started covering it. Otherwise it was a sound byte. "Oh, by the way, Israel is bombing some Palestinians, but in other news, you know --

Capt May: Right.

Whalen: So now finally there is reason for outrage. There is reason for coverage on the TV. Go ahead--

Capt May: To watch the news, you would think it was women and children in Israel getting killed and Arab terrorists in Lebanon getting killed, but the latest figures I have got are 360 dead Lebanese and 24 dead Israelis. Or in other words 15:1 kill rate. So look, folks, I am not going to get wrapped around the axle on this, but if you don't understand that the entire Israeli population right now is reported by U.S. media to be solidly behind this effort, well if the Jews in Israel are that strongly behind this effort, am I really being anti-Semitic when I say that given Jews run the U.S. media --and folks, I was a professional in the media, don't argue the point with me unless you are too --given that they run the U.S. media, do you really think they are not going to put in the slant that favors their side? They sold this Haifa hit. Go look up the Thursday Haifa hit, try to find the irregularities I have brought out, and you will find out that nothing else has been written about it. There is only one reason nothing else has been written about it. Because it won't bear inspection. You remember Frank I told you that I got into the Info War in the first place because in April of 2003 the U.S. media covered up the entire Battle of Baghdad using the Jessica Lynch story. [43:38]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: There was really a massive bloody battle with the Third Infantry Division engaged against the Republican Guard and the Fedayeen Sadam forces beginning at the Baghdad Airport. You remember Baghdad Bob said there had been a big fight?


Capt May: Well, guess what, there had been a big fight, and we held on by our finger nails is the word I got. And that whole thing got covered up by a three day scam called Jessica Lynch. Now let us just think about it. Why on earth do you watch a three week war and then the night before when it gets to the gateway of Baghdad, in other words it is like the goal-line play to see who is going to win-- why on earth do they show the cheerleader for three days? And that is Jessica Lynch. Why do you get three days of cheerleader when you are watching the Super Bowl to see the final play? [44:18]

Whalen: That is a good point.

Capt May: Well, you see what I am saying. The media is a warped medium.

Whalen: I have to ask you about this before we get back into these phone calls here, because there are a lot of people who I think want to talk. But significant crime incidents have taken place as of late. New Orleans was the first one. We saw a couple of deaths. Really I did not think anything significant. There was one stabbing over a beer. And the other one was five kids in a car. Teenagers who were shot as part of the drug deal. So really six people, but two incidents in a city like New Orleans is really not that outside the norm. However, because in our minds it is still synonymous when you think of National Guard troops on U.S. soil you think of New Orleans. So they called in the National Guard back in New Orleans to actually increase the police force from what I understand to about the level it was before Katrina, even though the actual population of non-law enforcement is half what it was before. But it is an excuse to get troops on the ground. In Phoenix they are dealing with potentially some serial killers, some rapists and a shooter--

Capt May: So they say.

Whalen: So they say. So they are trying to deal with that. And wrapped up state of emergency of crime in the Washington, D.C. area

Capt May: D.C. --you got that. Good.

Whalen: --Georgetown in particular. Yes, so your comments on those incidents? [45:34]

Capt May: Well I will go real quickly to New Orleans. Folks, I don't have time to get into it. We do HAARP analysis as well. Weather control. And I have picked up being in Houston, the next city over, where most of the refugees from New Orleans went. I picked up enough conversation with enough people from New Orleans to believe very much that the levies were blown, and the folks from New Orleans were drowned out. I think that New Orleans is in a near state of rebellion because of that knowledge. Incidentally, immediately after the August Katrina event, there was a high incidence of so-called suicides among the top people in New Orleans in politics and the police forces. You may remember Mayor Nagin said, "If I die, it is the CIA." So we think that those were targeted assassinations passed off as suicides. Phoenix has been remarkable the way they have suddenly created a serial murderer, very much like the D.C. sniper who just happened to be killing people in D.C. right before we voted to get into that war. So maybe if you were voting to keep us out of that war you could wind killed by a sniper, randomly of course. And now let us come to D.C. thing, that is the best one of all. I saw the national media stories when that broke. It broke around July 11th. I think that was a signal to the people in Georgetown, meaning the people in diplomacy and media circles that if you get out of line, we will kill you. I am straight up about that. Because the story I saw on CNN, which is a past CIA, CNN ran a story in which they said, "People say there is a crime spree and there is a state of emergency in D.C., consider the case of journalist David Rosenbaum. David Rosenbaum was a New York Times D.C. reporter who was writing a story about how judge Roberts, then nominee to the Supreme Court, was actually kind of a Bush family apparatus person who had written pro-domestic spying opinions under Reagan, for Reagan. And don't you know that man published a story to that effect which caused the White House considerable political embarrassment because that is when the NSA story was going on. And he wound up dead two weeks after that was published with a fatal mugging. Fatal mugging was a favorite assassination technique of the old Soviet Union. That kind of took me back to my old Cold War days. I think the D.C. emergency elevation is related to political terror against DC by the Bush League, as by the way you may remember the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert who took on the Bush people for breaking into William Jefferson's office? Folks, they made that look like they are busting a black guy who is running drugs. Forget all that. The fact of the matter is that the executive branch basically established a precedent that it can kick in doors on Congress, and that is not going to help Congress to get more control and execute its oversight functions. Well you may know that Dennis Hastert checked into a hospital three days ago with a strange lesion on his leg. In other words, these people will assassinate and use terror. [48:20].

Whalen: Wow.

Capt May: This is going on all the time. You see everything I am telling you, Frank, is what I-- the people who are listening to me now, and there may still be some out there scratching their heads saying, "Man, I am glad that I am listening to this. This is the biggest lot of B.S. I have heard in a long time." Folks, I learned how to "B.S." like this because I used to do this professionally in evaluating the Soviet Union. And everything that I am talking about now to Frank or with Frank or with callers is exactly the kind of intelligence product that was considered obligatory for me to produce when I was looking at an enemy country. Right now if most of us believe that the 9-11 event was a contrivance, that being the case, what kind of country do you think we live in right now? The government is waging war against the people. And the kind of analysis that I do now is the kind of analysis that I was taught to do to defend the American people. Even against domestic enemies. That is part of our oath of commissioning. Everyone who serves you took an oath to defend you not only against foreign but domestic enemies. [49:19]

Whalen: Capt May, I have to ask you this. You mentioned that the times we are seeing now are reminiscent of some events in the past. Cuban missile crisis, perhaps post-Oklahoma City, where you saw focusing on the domestic side of things --where do you think we are at, and what do we need to keep our eyes peeled for?

May: Well, just in general, we have to be particularly -while Israel is engaged right now they have already executed one false flag attack. That was the Haifa hit on Thursday. We have to be aware that false flag attacks are basically at will at this point. There is a pattern of suppression against political dissent which you just pointed out by saying how Phoenix, D.C., and New Orleans were getting these domestic emergency stories. There is an alteration of the story line from the national agencies that are carrying out the terror attacks against us where they say that now we need to be worried about Al Qaeda 2.0. You may have heard that. The smaller, destructured, home grown Al Qaeda. So the greatest danger we have is that there will be a false flag terror attack. Now having said that folks, we are in a position now that at one time we really wondered if we managed to stay alive and do our job long enough to see the tide turn. At this point the tide has turned so greatly, that all we have to do is play defense. [50:47]

Whalen: Capt May, let me jump in here quickly. We will be right back, folks stay with us.

[50:55 start of the break... 54:30 return from break]

Whalen: Good morning, welcome back folks. The tail end of our Monday edition of Frankly Speaking Radio. I want to apologize in advance to all the callers we were not able to get here, but hey, that is OK, we are all learning stuff. Captain May, welcome back. Sorry for the interruption, please continue.

Capt May: Let me go ahead and finish up. You asked for the concerns, and what we should be looking for. Our analysis is that the Bush League --our pet term for them, and it is also a very good description of their level of operations -- the Bush League needs to have an event before the election at all costs. And it is not just the Bush people. Look, the top Democrats are in this tooth and toe nail. They are implicated. Remember, Paul Wellstone tried to stand up to him and wound up dead. Senator Paul Wellstone. So right now, it is not just the Bush League, but what we would call the Establishment. Both parties, all parts of government, judiciary, legislative, and executive, really are dependent on the status quo. A status quo that allows them to deny the fact that 9-11 was a government terror operation to carry us into World War III and set up a fascism. That truth is breaking out so fast that we don't even sound like crazies when we say it anymore. Those of you who believed it for a while, think about how people used to react to the idea that the government had done it. And now, shucks, you can hear people talking about that at a lunch counter while you are getting a cup of coffee and a sandwich. So they need something before the election. Everybody does, even the Democrats. Because if an election goes down and you get a bunch of new radical Democrats coming in, even the Democratic party leadership won't be able to shut off investigation and possible impeachment. And once that starts, you are going to have a Constitutional crisis. In other words, the American people will again be in possession of the truth of what is going on. So when we look at it, what we do is we say, "Be extremely vigilant between now and the elections, but particularly in the summer months." And, now that Israel --which is one half of this whole terror situation, folks, this whole thing could not be carried on without the pro-Israel U.S. media doing everything it could to carry it out and cover it up. Meaning the 9-11 scam. While Israel is engaged in a shooting war right now, the possibility of a U.S.S. Liberty event --that was the 1967 Israeli attack on a U.S. Navy ship which they tried to blame on Egypt to bring us into their war in the Middle East-- the possibility of a U.S.S. Liberty or of 9-11 or anything like that is extremely high. And in fact, an interesting piece was published yesterday by Webster Tarpley, a colleague of mine, who said that --he was very concerned that the U.S. citizens in Lebanon might be shot down by Israelis while U.S. helicopters tried to take them out to ships to get them out of Lebanon. And of course the whole thing would be blamed on Hezbollah, therefore the Arabs. So we are in an extreme state of vigilance just trying to stay on top of things. But remember this, they have to do it to keep the scam going. This whole pack of lies is running out of gas. You know late night comedians are starting to make King George jokes, for heaven's sake, and that is long past due. The guy is looking --the other day he went to a press conference with Vladimir Putin, and Bush dared to say, "Well we don't know about Russian democracy," and Putin laughed and said, "Well we certainly don't want democracy like what they have in Iraq." And the international media applauded it. In other words, the Bush League war plan based on 9-11 is falling apart, the Bush League political connections are starting to run for cover. Israel has started a war over in the Middle East because they are going to take one more try at pulling us into this thing, and remember, we started by saying that they just attempted to blow up Baytown Exxon-Mobil on July 2nd to give us a false --by setting something up to blame it on the Muslims. So all we have to do now is play defense and defend our territory. And the best way to do that is to take the article that I have just posted with Frank, read it yourself, forward it around, hard copy it and put it in the mail to people who ought to be telling us about this stuff. Keep your eyes open. Keep your ears open, and I am going to be just like the government. If you hear or see any thing suspicious, don't keep it to yourself. Send it out over the Internet. [58:46]

Whalen: Thank you so much Captain May. God bless you and your efforts. Please keep in touch. Folks, see you tomorrow. [58:52]

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