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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Frank Speaking Radio
Host Frank Whalen
interviews Captain Eric H. May

3rd Hour, 17 July 2006


Abstract: Amazing date code coincidences for terror bombings. Evidence that the Chicago Sears Tower was set up for a terror strike on May 2, 2006.

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Capt. Eric H. May

Frank Whalen: Good morning my friends, good morning and welcome. You are listening to Monday's edition of Frankly Speaking Radio. I am your host, Frank Whalen, glad you are here today. It is Monday July 17, 2006, about 8:01 AM here in the Central Time Zone. And again my friends, if you have missed anything here today, there is a lot of stuff going on. There was a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia that resulted in a tsunami. Those waves are right around six feet from what I heard in initial reports. At least five people dead from the tsunami alone. And then there were two after shocks. 6.1 was one of them, and I am not quite sure about the last one. Also, scheduled to happen today, the Space Shuttle will be making a landing here I think within the hour, possibly, depending on the weather. We will see how that goes. And of course tensions have escalated in the Middle East. Here is what has happened over the weekend. An Israeli warship was targeted by Hezbollah. Some sailors were killed, injured or whatnot. Israel has pointed the finger at Iran, saying it was Iranian missile in nature, and as a result of that Iran is potentially going to be implicated in this. Iran denies the claim. An Egyptian ship was damaged in the attack and the Israelis say it was Hezbollah who hit the Egyptian ship. The Egyptian media is saying it was Israel, so potentially trying to isolate or drag other nations into this. Syria is also according to Stratfor strategic forecasting, they are saying that Israel is striking Syria within its borders. Yesterday I said it would probably happen today, given the fact that most of the big invasion-type news happened during the week when they can affect the markets and the markets are all over the place. If you haven't been paying close attention you need to be. Needless to say folks, there is a lot of stuff going on. We wrapped up our last segment there with quite a bit of news about what is happening here in the market place, but also some interesting things in regards to general --let me get the actual story here because this ties into what we will be talking about today. This is the Army Chief of Staff, General Peter Shoemaker, he said that as far as the war on terror, he said, "I believe we are closer to the beginning than we are to the end." And as far as being asked by Congressional staffers at this Capitol Hill luncheon if we are winning this war in Iraq, he said, "I don't think we are losing." So not a lot of confidence from the Army's Chief of Staff. Also a big story about the Middle East. Two big questions: Should the U.S. try to negotiate a cease fire between Israel and its neighbors. Fifty five percent say stay out of it, 41% said yes, attempt to negotiate a cease fire. When asked if the U.S. military should get involved, 11% said get involved, 5% said they are not sure, 84% of respondents said the U.S. military should stay out of this conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah, subsequently of course Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and so on and so forth. So what does all of this mean? It means in essence folks we are going to need to have some sort of galvanizing event to turn that 84% towards support toward Israel. Because again, Bush saying it, just not enough. The guy does not have the credibility anymore. We saw after September 11th upper 80 percentile, 70 percentile said that they would trade some civil liberties in exchange for security. They would trade some freedoms for security. And as a result of that you can plainly see that when you have a terror attack on U.S. soil, the hearts and the minds of people just kind of shut down to deal with the pain as they mourn the loss. And as a result of that the leaders, the manipulators can swoop in and make things happen. We are going to try to get a look at past events with our guest today, Captain Eric May. We are going to get a look at maybe what is going on in the future. Please stay with us, we will be back with Captain Eric May and more Frankly Speaking radio when we return.

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Whalen: Good morning my friends, and welcome back. You are listening to Monday's edition of Frankly Speaking Radio, heard planet wide right here on the Republic Broadcasting Network. I am your host Frank Whalen, glad you are here. Our special guest today has been on the program before. You know, I have got to say this first. A lot of people are skeptical of predictions. They are skeptical of predictions no matter where they come from. If they come from the Bible, the Bible Code, Interpretation of Prophecy, Aliens, spirits, numerology, whatever, OK I understand, and I think that is fine and dandy. But again, when lives hang in the balance I think it is vital that we hear every vital, conceivable thing out there. So therefore I don't think it is quite necessary to validate the past predictions of Ghost Troop and its leader Capt Eric May although he may want to do so today. What we need to focus on is some current events, things you did not hear about in the news. Some operations that were planned, and never quite were implemented here on U.S. soil and abroad and sort of looking into what is in the near future because I do think a terror attack is about the only thing that could convince Americans to join in fully and wholeheartedly into this battle in the Middle East on the side of Israel. What do you think, our guest today, Captain Eric May? [10:21]

Captain May: Well the first thing is that I don't think we need to be apologetic about our past predictions. Every one has been accurate, and confirmed by the mainstream media.

Whalen: Absolutely, absolutely.

Capt May: The last time I was on the news with you Frank was two days after we had predicted a January 31, 2006 nuclear attempt against Texas City. And that was confirmed by the Galveston County Daily News, meaning the paper of record in that area, which reported that mysteriously and without advance notice the United States Department of Defense, Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team element had shown up in black unmarked vehicles with T-shirts saying "WMD Team" and were setting up equipment outside the door of Texas City. Now since that was a secret even to my Houston police department criminal intelligence contact John Karshner, we can surmise that absent the Ghost Troop prediction, there may have well been a different outcome of events down there within setting up a nuclear scenario, and that is mainstream media. So I am very impatient with anybody who says we don't know what we are doing. My background is military intelligence and I know exactly what I am doing. People who are listening to you and me today paid a lot of money to teach me my business. So every time I hear somebody criticize me, it is amateurs talking to professionals as far as we are concerned. And that is what our track record shows. [11:38]

Whalen: No doubt, sir, I was just simply setting the tone by saying that you are not here to prove anything.

Capt May: Well, unless there are calls in which case I will refer people to appropriate references. But we found that there is a substantial effort in the alternative media aimed at keeping people from recognizing that our results have been correct. But let us address the future. Along those lines I agree entirely with your statement which is that the only person right now who can save George Bush is Bin Laden.

Whalen: I have got to say this. Last week I was thinking of you, and I am glad that I contacted you. You had contacted me and said that there are some big things going on and it is time to start talking about it again. And I was very excited about that. But the thing that really was like a two-by-four to the head, sir, was the fact that on CNN they had said that the FBI had started to look into allegations that there might be some numerology involved in these terrorist attacks. I couldn't believe it. It is quite obvious I think that certainly to you and to people who have heard you speaking before about this numerology, but needless to say, the fact that they finally addressed it meant that obviously you are making a difference, because they had to address it and then dismiss it and say we are going to look into this so forget about it for now.

Capt May: Right, right, that is classic media disinformation tactics. What they are going to do is say "Interesting coincidence, we will look into it." And then the American people, who too often let the mainstream media do their thinking for them, the American people will think it somehow is being addressed. Let me be specific on that point, and one of the advantages of being me as the leader of Ghost Troop is that we have a three year history going back to the Battle of Baghdad in April 2003. We have done nothing but full time intelligence. We are 300 people. We represent a world wide collective. We publish more easily in Al Jazeera and Pravda than we publish in the U.S. So the only skeptics I have are local homegrown people. We go back to March 2004 when right after the Madrid bombing, which your listeners will probably remember, the Madrid bombings occurred on 3-11, or March 11, 2004, 3-11 and 9-11 of course are kissing cousins, 3 is the square root of 9, 9 is the square of 3, and there happened to be exactly 911 days between those two dates. Now that is pretty heavy coincidence for something that is not real. Although I was skeptical about it, I did about two days of intense calculations on the matter. My background was in military intelligence. My specialty was in Latin, Greek, Russian, and Spanish, but I can do a little bit of cryptanalysis or code-breaking in a pinch. That was part of my training too. And it was certainly a pinch when the Madrid thing happened. Within two days I was in touch with special agent Robert Stult of the Houston FBI office and was discussing our cryptanalytic product and in fact was involved for one week in talking with the Houston FBI about the things that right now the mainstream media is saying the FBI has finally started to think about. OK, I was specifically giving him intelligence on our cryptanalytic product, which not only analyzed the 9-11 to 3-11 connection, but made a prediction of a 3-31 attack against Houston, Texas, March 31st of that year. They spent a week talking to me, then they spent a week trying to brush me off, then they spent a week threatening me. So there has been no interest on the part of the FBI. The FBI's job is not to pick up the terror alert. The FBI's job is to make sure that no one puts it out so that the terror event can happen. They are part of the black flag or false flag operation, as they were in 9-11. The story I tell about how they tell you first to shut up, then shut down, then shove off, I mean how many times have we heard competent intelligence professionals trying to get in touch with these guys before every major event anywhere and always receiving the same response. So that was the first Ghost Troop prediction that was accurate. We predicted 3-31-2004, well, we said Houston Texas petrochemical, it happened 24 miles away, and 24 hours off our prediction time. British Petroleum, Texas City, and folks, I hope some of you skeptics out there have a piece of paper here. Call me on my FAX and prove me wrong. We predicted Houston, Texas 3-30, it happened Texas City, 3-31. 24 miles to our south, 24 hours off our prediction time. That was the British Petroleum explosion. It brought about the highest spike in gasoline premium futures in history. In other words, people who knew it was coming made billions.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: We have done it six times. We have never been wrong. We predicted Houston, or Houston metro, five of those times, and every time it came in within one day of our prediction. The most recent being July 2nd, 2006. If you want to know why your gas prices are up right now, it is because there was an explosion in Baytown, Texas' Exxon Mobil plant on July 2nd. We had gone nationwide with a prediction that there would be a strike on the southeast Texas Coast around the time of the shuttle launch and we specified July 1 as our best guess. So once again 24 miles and 24 hours. Anyone else who wants to try to do it, I would be interested in seeing your product. [17:00]

Whalen: Well, again, you are right on point with all of this stuff. I mean we have seen all of these things develop within that time. Now the other thing too, looking at the numerology of it, I mean 3-11, 9-11, 7-11, you know I think it was the week of the 7th. It was the one year anniversary of the bombings in London. All of a sudden that story comes out, about the anniversary --

Capt May: The bogus Al Qaeda tape--

Whalen: Sure, sure. Then the bogus Al Qaeda tape comes out and says there is more to come. Then we saw that New York City had narrowly averted a plot to blow up subway trains there, and then we saw the writings of the Columbine shooters, Klebold and Harris come out, that stated two points of interest. One, that there is more to come, which echoes the Al Qaeda tape. And also in their writings they say they were going to flee the country and hijack an airplane and go to a non-extradition country, but if they couldn't do that, they would fly planes into New York City. So making that connection I think with all those different stories, and I said look, there is so much going on. It seems like something big is going to happen and then lo and behold it was just last week when we saw the bombings in India. [18:16]

Capt May: Right, the 7-11. In fact, there are cute little -- one has to understand, when they do the numerological thing, a lot of this is Illuminatist in origin. And that is nothing new or secret. In 1832 there was actually a political party called the anti-Mason party which was set up because the infiltration of government in the United States by Masons was so well known, that there was a populist backlash that resulted in about 90% of the masons getting out of the organization because their cover was blown. In the same way that if you go to an inner city neighborhood, you are going to see gang graffiti, and to nice educated college people like us, we think, gosh, this is just a scar on the face of the urban landscape. But to people who are gang members, that is their Tolstoy. That is their Bible. That is their history book. The graffiti that they write on the wall that we think is just scribbling has more meaning than Greek, if you know how to read it. So in the same way that we automatically accept that poor black kids or poor brown kids or poor white kids have their own graffiti, for some reason we have a hard time, because we are not acquainted with the idea by the media, the controlled media, that rich white boys have a code too. [laughter]. And it is a code of Illuminatism. That they use it to sign events. [19:37]

Whalen: If I can jump in here, quickly, sir. We are going to take a short break. When we come back, I want to expand more upon this, because I do think there is that sort of arrogant like "This is what we are doing, let's see if anyone notices" type of thing going on. Folks our guest today is Capt Eric May. We are very privileged to have him here. Stay tuned, you are not going to want to miss one second of this.

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Whalen: Good morning folks, welcome back to the big show. We call it Frankly Speaking Radio. Our special guest today Captain Eric May. And welcome back, Sir, and again thank you so much. We are very, very honored to have you with us today. You know, a lot of people will come down on numerology or something like that and put it in the realm of fortune-telling and whatnot. But I think the key thing to remember here, and as I said in the beginning, I don't think we have to defend this anymore. I don't even think that it is an issue. And I don't want it to be an issue in this interview. I would rather it focus on the information, but the thing people need to understand here is that it is not that you believe this stuff, it is the fact that you have decoded what they believe in. Because they believe in it, these are the shapers of our society and our agendas and our direction of history, we need to understand what they are doing. [24:14]

Capt May: Well, exactly. Here, let me take a ten second snippet, are you ready? (Speaks Russian). Now Putin would understand that perfectly well, and you didn't get a word of that, right?

Whalen: Right.

Capt May: That was Russian. It doesn't mean it wasn't real because one in ten thousand people in your listening audience actually understood it. Quiero hablar contigo Espanol tambien. Now that was Spanish, and maybe you got a little bit of that, and maybe 10 % of your audience just got it. Does that mean the other 90% are right when they say it is meaningless? (Latin phrase ending with "Lengua mortua"). Now that is Latin. I'll bet you one in a million people just understood that. So the point is that there is a language, the idea of language is that every one is somewhat different, and anyone who hears a language which they don't understand thinks it is gobbly gook. It is a matter of numerology, like astrology, those things. I am like you, I don't believe a bit of it y'all. I just believe that they believe it. In fact, I know they believe it.

Whalen: It is their coding device. I am not a member of the Crips or the Bloods, but I used to teach them. And they taught me enough that I can tell certain things. You may have seen a famous movie called 187. Well, 187 is a California penal code reference for manslaughter. If you wake up and see a 187 written on your car, that means you are a terror target. Real terror, as in gang target. And that is not hallucinatory. If you go to a gang task force, they will deal with that immediately. So what we are dealing with here is really a gang code. Nothing more, nothing less. The only difficult thing is the idea that it could have actually gone to the point that it involves the senior leadership echelon of the United States. Let us take the Kennedy thing. It is not coincidental, I don't think, that the assassination of a U.S. President occurred on 11-22. That is November 22, 1963. That is 11-22. Which together equals 33, the supreme Illuminatist number. So we won't bother to argue the technique of it unless people want to discuss the technique. I am happy to offer my knowledge and any insight that I can give to others. Let us go to the specific matter of the 7-11 bombing. Now the whole idea of a code is that people who are in the know can use it to, as it were, talk around the kids. So for instance if a husband or wife with a three year old kid, if the husband turns to the wife as they are driving home from the party and says, "Let's get little Angel to bed so that we can have S-E-X," OK, there is a code. If you want to say there is a code and a conspiracy, yes there is, Mommy and Daddy want to do something and you are not allowed to know what it is or be there. [Whalen laughs]. It does not mean that it is conspiracy theory to say that people do that all the time. Or that you or I or any number of people who are friends might insult a newcomer by saying things around his back, so to speak that he did not understand. It is done all the time. Let us take the Bombay bombing. Mumbai, rather. The first thing is that they love to put little jokes in to show that they get it. It is kind of like a frat prank. [27:26]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: One week prior to the Mumbai bombing Senator Joseph Byden out of Delaware was actually excoriated in the press because he said that all the Indians in his state worked at 7-11's. Just coincidentally, when is it that the New World Order decides to off a bunch of Indians?

Whalen: That is an excellent point.

Capt May: On 7-11.

Whalen: And Byden is CFR, if I am not mistaken. Hillary Clinton also made a joke about Ghandi working at a 7-11 I believe as well. So again you are absolutely right on point there. [27:58]

Capt May: Right, and I am not saying that they were giving orders to authorize it --

Whalen: Oh, no, no, no.

Capt May: But I am saying that a kind of collective consciousness of what is coming down that got in one way or the other, and you know, it was on the top of their thoughts, so it came out as an out of line joke. In the same way, what is the previous name of Mumbai? Do you know?

Whalen: I do actually, Bombay.

Capt May: Roger. So you have the 7-11 bombing on Bomb-bay. (laughter). In other words, man, there are all kinds of little hidden meanings in this that add up to a great feeling of empowerment for people who are sadistic and psychotic enough to do this stuff, which means the current leaders of the New World Order. The neo-cons. So there are all kinds of hints in the Mumbai bombing. Now let's take for instance Madrid, 3-11, which is 911 days after 9-11. They coded the body count on that, go look it up. The first body count given was 199, which is 911 numeric values reversed. 9 becomes 1, 1 becomes 9. 911 becomes 199. Then they re-coded it to an analog of 911. 191. Excuse me, an anagram. 191, which is 911 mixed up. They love this kind of stuff. I am going to give you one more 911 date, which is 9-11, 1990, when we were getting ready to attack Iraq, or rather Iraq in Kuwait for Desert Storm, the first Gulf War, was the date, again, September 11, 1990 is the day that George Herbert Walker Bush, Daddy Bush, made the famous speech that I am sure your people quote, that there would be a New World Order. [29:40]

Whalen: Wow.

Capt May: Eleven years later to the day, 9-11, 2001 --

Whalen: Hang on Captain May, we will be right back folks--

[29:48 beginning of break, end at 34:09].

Whalen: Welcome back folks, glad to have you with us here today, this fine Monday morning. You are listening of course to Frankly Speaking Radio. We are very excited to have the leader of Ghost Troop with us, his name is Captain Eric May. Welcome back, sir.

Capt May: Great to be here.

Whalen: Thank you again for your time. You know you left off with your --we were talking about September 11th and different sort of, I guess you could say, numerological significance of different events that tied into that.

Capt May: Right. Astronomical coincidences, let us call them.

Yes, well, I don't believe in coincidences myself, my friend.

Capt May: That is exactly what I think. When they become astronomical I believe in them even less.

Whalen: You know I have to ask you about this too, getting back to the bombings in India. They are trying to tie that with Al Qaeda, of course, like they always do. But interesting, I had not put this together, another thing in addition to things that you just talked about that would surprise me. You mentioned now there were eight bombs, but initially they said seven bombs and eleven minutes.

Capt May: Roger. You got another internal coincidence, exactly. By the way, in India you know what they said?

Whalen: Hmm, what?

Capt May: Seven bombs in seven minutes. That was printed all across India. That means that there are two distinct codes going out for two distinct Illuminatist groups. Probably British on one side, and the U.S. on the other. We get the 7-11, India papers put out 7-7. Once again, extremely interesting coincidence. Let us take 7-11, in fact since 7-11 of course was set up in the public's mind by the 7-7 anniversary of the London bombing. The London bombings were actually a hidden 7-7-7 because they were 7-7 and then 2-0-0-5 or 2005. Well, numerologists and cultists don't use the zeros. They are not there. So what you have is 7-7- 2+5, or, 7-7-7. Now another joke, 7-7-2005, meaning 7-7-2+5, and then do you remember the body count? I do, it is easy. 52. So you get 7-7-2-5/5-2. In other words, now you have a 7-7-7-7 sequence. Believe me, it is always hidden in there. Now let us take another coincidence. George Tenet, you remember him? [36:20]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: CIA director? That is not his real name. They usually use pseudonyms. George Tenet is Latin for "George controls or holds." Tenet is like "tenet tango." It means "To hold or possess." So you could say George Tenet means a place holder for George. George Tenet was appointed to his position in 1997 and left it in 2004, a seven year period. Now that is a little bit strange. That could just be a coincidence. But the fact that he was appointed and resigned from his position exactly on 7-11 of those two years seems more than coincidental to me. So you have a 7 year cycle with George Tenet accepting and resigning the position of CIA director on 7-11. One more? The London bombing and the Mumbai bombing. Mumbai is 7-11, sir, what is 7 times 11?

Whalen: 77.

Capt May: Roger. What is the date for London?

Whalen: 77.

Capt May: You see.

Whalen: Wow.

Capt May: Remember I said that the first Ghost Troop mission we got in on was when we predicted the day after Madrid that there would be an attack against Houston, and it turned out to be 3-30 2004, March 30th. Well, what is 3 times 11? 33. These things are always hidden. Now lets take another heavy one. DC New York attack 9-11.

Whalen: Right.

Capt May: Amman Jordan, hotel bombing, about six months ago which just happened to kill the head of Palestinian security.

Whalen: Oh yes.

Capt May: That was 11-9. 9-11 reversed becomes 11-9. Now all these of course are going to be blamed on Muslim terrorists because Muslims are the great --there is an attempt in the media and on the parts of pro-Israel interests both in Israel and worldwide to make it such that their blood enemies, the Arabs and the Muslims more broadly, are slandered. All this stuff is being put off on Muslims because it is the best way to get regular folks in America to think that Muslims and Arabs in particular are the new wild, wild, west Indians. That they just need to be killed off and seduced. That is the entire purpose of all this propaganda is to blame it on the Muslims. So let us take the Mumbai bombings of 7-11. Israel knew that it was going to up the ante in the Middle East. We will get on to that situation. And before they picked up the intensity of their attack by going into Lebanon, suddenly there is an attack in India which is quickly blamed on Pakistan. Which now means that if Pakistan decides to get into this war because public opinion drives them towards public confrontation towards Israel, and remember, Pakistan has the only nuclear arsenal in the Islamic World. The Islam bomb. If that begins, my suspicion very quickly is that India will decide that the 7-11 bombings were an act of war and provocation by Pakistan and there will be another Middle Eastern War. [39:08]

Whalen: Right.

Capt May: So in effect what has happened, the 7-11 bombing, which to the American people are sold as a bunch of crazy rag-heads who decided to kill a bunch of Indians, that is the way it is sold, I don't care what kind of terms they use. It is that crude and that racist the way they do it. It has been sold to the American public as just a case of the Indians raiding the settlement. But the fact of the matter is that it was a very carefully planned operation which has just closed off the box of the Middle East. So that now the Middle East is closed off with Pakistan, and if Pakistan does not keep their part of the bargain, there is a war brewing between them and India. Probably on call from what we call the British-Yiddish axis. American WASP and Zionist interests with UK/Israeli interests as well. In other words, man, it is World War politics carried off by false flag operations coded by Illuminatist numerology. You know how people say that the thing about 9-11 is that it really is an IQ test whether or not you can get it?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: OK. For everyone who gets 9-11 out there, consider yourself to be in the top quarter if you understand what I am talking about. It is just that. In the same way that it takes a certain percentage of the public to get 9-11 right off, only a certain percentage of the people who can get 9-11 can understand that there are future 9-11's being planned. There have been many 9-11's already executed. Many of these events are linked by gang graffiti. Except that we call it the embedded code for numerological identification. Mr. Whalen, I just sent to your email address a link to an article that we published world wide this morning via Indy media which is specifically about everything we have done with the code, and it gives links. So if your producer has a chance to check that, I don't know whether or not you can link that to your audience. But that will be the background of our work. Our six successful interdiction-prediction missions. And it gives all the links for anybody to look up the particulars. In fact, one last thing if I can just throw in a little plug here. [41:10]

Whalen: Please.

Capt May: I did an interview on the 14th about this on Cloak and Dagger. Lenny has been with us a long time and he speaks well of you. If people want to go to Cloak and Dagger home page later and scroll down, that July 14th interview close to the top, that contains the article that has been published worldwide as well as the numeric concordance, where I do the entire DC-New York cycle of about six variations of 9-11. The Madrid cycle of 3-11 variations, the London cycle of 7-7 variations, and remember 7-7 is just a hidden 7-11, as well as the Australia bombing. You know the Australian bombing, the first one was Bali. That was 10-12, October 12, 2002. Numerologically what do you have? You have a 112, or backwards 211, probably because it is south of the equator. We figure they went to even numbers there. It is a 211 hidden. 10-12 is the date. And the year? 2002. So what do you get? 11222. They never get tired of it. [42:21]

That is amazing. You know, there is so much going on here, and I am looking over your material as we are talking and it is really just astounding. You know obviously I think that obviously it is going to take something on the magnitude of a terrorist attack to drag us into a war with Iran because of a lot of reasons. Number one, first of all Iran is a little bit more of a military power than Iraq is, or Afghanistan certainly. Secondly of course Iran, if they have nuclear weapons program, which I think is a sham, but the idea that they do would be one of the rationales for going in there. Their nuclear facilities and research laboratories are scattered. They are not all in one place, and they learned that of course after Israel had bombed Iraq's nuclear reactors in 1981. Iran said, "Hey, when we do it, we are going to scatter them. We are also going to put them in civilian populations therefore a bunch of civilians would have to die in order for them to knock out these programs." So there is a little bit of reticence there. Also because of the casualties as well as a great number of other things. But you know I think the American people don't buy the weapons of mass destruction. They don't buy the, "Oh, you are a danger to our security, our civil liberty, and our Constitution." [43:42]

Capt May: Well we bought it once. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Whalen: And the President would just say, "You just can't fool me." Because he just can't remember little adages like that. But what I am getting at here is that we would have to have a new reason to kick off the next wave of the war against terror. So I think we have to have a terrorist attack. And it is very interesting Captain May, because after I talked to you last week I called up my web master. He told me, actually this was the beginning of June, he said "Hey, I am going to be traveling abroad, I hope nothing happens on 6-6-06." And I said, "Where are you going," and he said, "I am going to Chicago." And I said, "I am sure nothing will happen, it is not a big deal, nothing will happen about it." Then I talked to you, and we can get into that here if you like.

Capt May: Sure. We ran a Chicago --now remember the same caveat I always give-- I don't believe this stuff, and neither does Frank, we just believe that they believe it.

Whalen: Right.

Capt May: We can disagree about the methodology and techniques, but I don't think anyone at this point after 9-11, 3-11, 7-7, and 7-11, I don't think anybody is going to say there is not an interesting coincidence right there. And I think most people could say there could be an embedded code. We played the 666. We specifically in all our predictions in the Houston area, have gone not just on numerology, folks. Remember, Ghost Troop is headquartered in Houston. I am a Houston boy. I have spent decades with military intelligence. But I am now out of the military self-mobilized on a mission of conscience and I happen to be in Houston. We saw them set up Houston through the media cycle, but every time they did they also set up the idea that Al Qaeda had a nuclear bomb. For instance you remember last summer they spent the whole summer telling us how Al Qaeda was going to hit a port with a nuke? [45:32]

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: We had a 7-27 interdiction in Texas City, again we said 7-27. It occurred 7-28, July 28th, British Petroleum, Texas City, once again blew up and once again oil prices skyrocketed. Once again anyone who knew it was coming made money coming and going, just like 9-11. It is all an MO [Modus Operandi]. Well, every time that happens it is an association with Islamic terror, nuclear terror in particular, and it carries the implicit idea that it is another kind of nuclear Pearl Harbor which would carry us to war against Iran, probably on a nuclear basis. For instance you remember last summer that StratCom, supposedly had orders from Cheney, to retaliate against any terror incident involving a nuke in the U.S. with an immediate nuclear strike on Iran. That wasn't my rumor. That was everybody else's rumor and it came from people who said they were inside. You know I have no confirmation on that, but it seems consistent.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: We called this whole thing the 911-2B. Number 2, letter B. And in fact, if anyone wants to look up in any search engine, if you just click in "Ghost Troop." Any word that I am using that you find of interest, click it into a search engine and see how much material we have published. It will amaze you. But this is all called the 911-2B attack. Meaning the attack they keep telling us is not a matter of if it is to be, but when it is going to be. So we just call it the 911-2B attack as our little joke at them. The Sears Tower 666 mission that we first predicted on March 30th, we play their numbers back on them. On 3-30, this year, I published an article out of Australia predicting that we had shut off the Houston target zone so effectively, that they would have to go to a secondary. Now I am not playing monopoly here. I am a trained professional, so I appreciate it if trained professionals would concur with my analysis here that anytime a target fails, there is a secondary target. So we said, just coincidentally, the Sears Tower had been purchased by Larry Silverstein, the Zionist financier who had bought up the World Trade Center two months before it went down. Doubled the insurance one month before it went down. Then made money coming and going when it went down. He bought the Sears Tower on 3-11-2004, the same day as Madrid. Now that is an interesting coincidence.

Whalen: Yes, it is.

Capt May: Furthermore, they changed the zip code. Don't talk to me about codes. Talk to me about their zip codes. You know what the zip code for Sears Tower is?

Whalen: No.

Capt May: It is a one-place zip code. 60606. Or 666. Or just to play it a little more, look up Larry Silverstein's number as a manager of that building and you will find the last three digits are 666.

Whalen: Wow.

Capt May: So we played the Sears Tower 666 scenario out and we turned out to be wrong, because they tried to blow it up May 2nd through 4th when they were holding secret weapons of mass destruction attack knock-down building scenario in Chicago with 2,500 Illinois National Guard, Chicago Police under the direction of Homeland Security. You remember May Day when they had the million man Mexican march in Chicago?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: Well, Chicago happened to be the city in the entire nation all of us were looking at on May 1st. Which gave them the chance to put all their friendly media in Chicago and then the secret exercises were supposed to start on May 2nd. In other words, they pre-positioned their media forces so that they could get their story right the day before they were setting it up to blow it down. Do you know where Mayor Daley was while they were simulating these exercises involving the destruction of his downtown area with the demolition of this building? [49:10]

Whalen: No.

Capt May: He happened to be in Israel for the first time in his career with Israeli defense forces. Now that is coincidental.

Whalen: That is interesting.

Capt May: All of this would have come down had it not been for the fact that we got tipped off to it a week in advance and I being a former public affairs officer with the Army called up Illinois and Indiana national guard public affairs officers, and Chicago police public information officers and basically tricked them into confirming the exercises for me. We published an international article on April 26th and then for the first time, April 27th, Governor Blagojevich of Illinois sent a press release saying, "Oh yes, not to scare you, please don't think anything is wrong, but we are going to have exercises simulating a WMD attack and a knock-down of a building. It is our opinion that had we not gotten that alert out, Chicago would have been the next 9-11. It is a secondary target to Houston, and before anyone says, "God, that is crazy," yes, it is so crazy that the FBI set up the same scenario out of Florida what, three weeks ago? With the Miami Seven? [50:10]

Whalen: That's right.

Capt May: Seven black guys twenty years old who are somehow going to knock down the biggest building in America? Man, how would we go about doing it? I mean, really? I am former military. How on earth are seven guys going to figure out a way --seven guys who are out of work living in a shack in what, a bunker in Miami? How are they going to figure out a way to bring this down? And then we find out the FBI brought them cameras for surveillance? The FBI lead them to make a statement of support for Bin Laden? In other words, man, they were patsies being set up so the Chicago Sears Tower scenario is still on, as far as I am concerned. [50:45]

Whalen: Wow. Let me ask you to hang on here, sir. We will have a short break, folks. We'll be back to wrap up this first quick hour, but luckily we have Captain May for this next hour as well. Please stay with us, we will take some calls as well. We'll come back.

[Start 50:58 of commercial...54:44 end]

Whalen: Good morning and welcome back folks, our third hour, and we are spending it and the next hour as well with Captain Eric May. Captain May, welcome back sir.

Capt May: It is a great pleasure to be here with you, Frank.

Whalen: It is a great honor to have you here, my friend. This is the important thing we are talking about. If even one life gets saved, or one piece of infrastructure gets preserved, I mean what an amazing benefit you are to all of us. And I appreciate that so much.

Capt May: Well, I would like to say in passing --it is not in passing, it is the most important thing of all --the American military is still loyal. The American military has simply been deluded. Now some of the top echelons of command clearly either colluded in the 9-11 operation and the attempts to enact another 9-11, or at least have been participants by a sin of omission, by being quiet. By playing death, dumb, and blind. But the majority of the military is simply kept in ignorance. I got did not have a clue into any of this stuff when I got into what we call the Info War. But once I started clueing into it, I flew my colors openly. I said I was on a mission of conscience. I signed myself with my military rank, my former branch, commander of Ghost Troop. I have been flying those colors in the face of the Bush people for three years now. Now at some point, they may whack me. That is how they do things. They bushwhack people. But the American people can count that if knowledge of what is really going on gets widely enough distributed, that it can't go on. We have been instrumental in stopping things, and I don't say we alone. It is certainly not me alone. I work with 300 Ghost Troop, and by the way if you are interested in us go to Ghost Troop Group, we are a Yahoo group and you can join up. I work with 300 Ghost Troops, and we work with a whole host of what we call Info War allies. And Mr. Whalen you are certainly one of them. You know the fact that we have been able to attract the interest and hold the attention of various people in the alternative media is the secret of our success. Every time we have gone on a mission we have managed to use a different combination of alternative media amplification of our message. Which is kind of an outgrowth of my background in public affairs. I am a mutant. My background is half military intelligence and half public affairs. And my unit, Ghost Troop, which I formed as part of my mission of conscience, reflects that. We use the MI background because we assimilate, and analyze, and ultimately predict events, and then we use the public affairs background because we take what we have gotten and get it out to the people. Now the people who want to disparage our product, and I think they are a great danger, and I think they are being manipulated, are people who say, "Oh my God, they are crying wolf." Well, they are right. We have cried wolf six times, and every time there was a wolf. There have been two events that got aborted altogether. The January 31st attempt to hit Texas City with a nuke, confirmed with the Galveston County Daily News, at least to the point that a weapons of mass destruction nuclear team was there setting up shop, that sounds suspicious-- [57:46]


Capt May: --And then the attempt to hit Chicago 5-2, May 2nd through 4th, confirmed by the appearance of Daley in Israel, quite suspicious. The appearance of a secret exercise simulating that eventuality and the ownership of the World Trade Center by Larry Silverstein --excuse me, I mean the ownership of the Sears Tower by Larry Silverstein who owns the World Trade Center. So that one nothing happened.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: Every other event we predicted has been an explosive event within twenty four hours of our prediction. Two times specifically on the date of our prediction. Every time within one day's walk of our prediction. And every time that has happened, gasoline or oil futures have gone up to world record levels, which meant that whoever was in on the hit that we anticipated because we are right here and we know how to watch it, made money coming and going. That is how it keeps going.

Whalen: Captain May, let me jump in here as we pause for a quick station identification for our affiliates. Folks, we will be back with our fourth and final hour here, in just a minute. We will take some calls too, and of course our guest Captain Eric May will be joining us as well. Please stay with us. [58:47].

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