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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


The Edge RadioInterview
Daniel Ott
interviews Captain Eric H. May
29 April 2006


Abstract: Captain May describes evidence that Chicago was being set up in early May 2006 for an attack on the Sears Tower to be blamed on Al Qaeda. He also explains what he and Ghost Troop did to thwart the second possible "9-11 inside job."

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Daniel Ott:
As promised, Capt Eric May of the Ghost Troop cyber intelligence unit has some information, and we are going to bring him on the line right now. Capt May, are you there.

Capt May: Daniel, it is great to be here.

Ott: It is good to have you back, Captain, and we talked earlier this week about some amazing events in the Chicago land, and let us get right into it. What is going on?

Capt May: OK, well, to bring you up to date, the last time you had me on was March 4th, about six weeks, seven weeks ago. At the time we were on, you remember we had come off the Texas City mission and we had predicted a Jan 31st attempt to nuke Texas City to start World War III to start an attack on Iran, and the day after we predicted that there would be a nuke on Texas City, mysteriously, the "day after" nuclear forces from the Department of Defense show up there as a Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team. Unexpected, thin pretext, its in mainstream media. In alternative media it made a big stir. Well, we have been working on the Texas City inquest since then. We had a Texas City inquest on the nuclear 9-11. It has since we talked shown up on all the search engines --they don't want us to look at it-- or through my site that you linked. We have confirmed, we had a thought the last time I talked to you that they are going to switch to a secondary city if they couldn't hit Texas City. And I recall telling you I did not know what it was, but everyone should be worried.

Ott: Right.

Capt May: Well, on March 16th, a story was published via Frank Main in the Chicago Sun-Times indicating basically that Al Qaeda-like folks were casing the World Trade Centers and I think the Boeing factory. Do you remember that story?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Well three days later I began to write on the idea that Chicago was going to be the backup, the secondary target behind Texas City. To bring you immediately up to date I published an article on that out of Australia at the end of March called the Sears Tower 666 Scenario, predicting that the Sears Tower will be the target, and the 6th of June will be the date. We since found out in the last week and confirmed via National Guard and Chicago police sources that there are hush-hush exercises simulating a Weapons of Mass Destruction attacks on Chicago May 2nd to May 5th; excuse me, May 2nd to May 4th, that is Tuesday through Thursday of next week. Given the condition of the politics in America, and the geo-strategic situation that we follow, being military experts, we think that right now the prospects of a Bush false flag attack on Chicago are extremely high. We have issued a red alert. That red alert has been picked up by dozens of Internet and international publications and right now it is getting talked up extensively. But of course having a chance to talk to you in Indianapolis, where after all I did my public affairs training with the U.S. Army back at Ft. Ben Harrison, you guys are like my Mid-West Beacon of Truth.

Ott: OK. (Laughter).

Capt May: And I have been wanting to get back on, and how appropriate, the last time we talked the question was, "What is the next target, Captain," and now I am back to tell you, and I am back to tell you in a hurry, it is y'all. [4:10]

Ott: It is interesting just before you came on we were talking with Tex Marrs, and he had a lot to say when I asked him, or proposed the question of the Sears Tower being the next target. And he had a lot to say, so if you missed that Eric, Captain, go to the archives tomorrow and listen.

Capt May: Oh, I certainly shall. I am a great fan of a lot of his work. I have not heard as much as I would like to. But what did he have to say. If you could recap any of it, I would like to hear it. Did he bring up the 666 zip code?

Ott: Yes, we talked about that, and in fact, we talked about the Sears family and some history there, so he was very much on several levels he sees that as an extreme possibility of a target and something on a major scale happening. So I thought it went great with what you are bringing to the table here, regarding that.

Capt May: Sure, I call it cryptanalysis, if you want to use the military term. Decoding. What Tex Marrs is great at is decoding what is going on behind reality. This whole bunch of lunatics who are running this thing, Jewish cabalists, white elite Illuminatists, you know, these gangs behind the scenes that pull strings and pull triggers and tell people to pull triggers, these guys use this elaborate architecture of numerics, symbology and coding. And of course --if you talk about a bunch of lunatics [many people will not believe you]-- because none of the media talk about it. And the reason why they don't talk about it of course is because they are owned and controlled by these elites. So Tex Marrs is great about going into the general context of that. I hope that what we can supplement with, and what I think will be very interesting to your public, our public, the American people, they are my public too --I am an officer on a mission of conscience with my public--

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: --What I think is going to be interesting is we have worked specifically on countering the intention on the part of the Bush administration to execute the second 9-11, the nuclear 9-11, or sometimes we call it 9-11 2B ("to be"). Number 2, letter "B" as if "to be" in the future. And what we have found out, the first time we experienced it, the first time we went on one of these missions, is we didn't go after it, it came after us. Madrid happened on 3-11, 2004. That is 911 days after 9-11. Most of us need to know that. And that tripped a lot of cryptological clues for me. And I started as a decoder now. I had been in military intelligence. I had dealt with languages. Numeric code is just another form of language, so I thought I would take a whack at it, and I started breaking things down going on in the media at that time, and we figured out that they were going to hit a Houston area target at the end of March. And we said 3-31 and British Petroleum blew up 3-30. Killed, I don't know, a dozen people.[Later editing the transcript Capt May corrected this to say the 7-28-2005 explosion. No one was killed during the 3-30-2004 explosion]. That is what happened. And what is significant, and I think you will remember this Daniel, is that on 4-19, April 19th 2004, in your part of the country the Midwesterners were running a mission kind of like the one Ghost Troop ran down in Houston and Texas City in the south, we are a Texas unit. I am a Texan, and that makes our emphasis on headquarters Houston. I understand that --I have read all over the Internet how Chicagoans talked about how Sears Tower was set up for 4-19, 2004. Have you heard that one? [7:30]

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Well, not only that, but of course what I did is I work media. Your listeners will remember hearing me before. I was public affairs and counter intelligence in the U.S. Army. And in doing some media analysis of it, I found out that if you go to the Internet and look up "Sears Tower Terror" for instance, "Sears Tower Terror," you are going to find articles from the same dates of those Chicagoans who are trying to break it up and the media who are trying to cover up why the thing went through. [Editor's note: see for example, Sears 4/19, By the Numbers] On 4-19, the day you guys got enough word out, when I say break it up, I just mean contaminate the environment by spreading news, folks. [8:06]

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Nine-tenths of this whole war is a war of deceit against you, people like Daniel Ott. How can you break through? You just spread this information. You contaminate the area and they can't go through with the mission. They have to abort it. So they aborted Texas City on 3-30 and they went immediately --they shifted emphasis up to Sears Tower, which of course Larry Silverstein had bought on 3-11. You got that on Tex Marrs?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: OK, so Silverstein has got the towers, and immediately they shift over to Chicago. You guys break it up, and then the media runs stories that say things like, "Al Qaeda was caught in England by British police with plans to bomb the Sears Tower." So they keep this thing heated up, but from my perspective as the officer in charge of the Texas City mission, what I can see, and what I can tell you in the Midwest, is that Sears Tower was a secondary target to Texas City in 2004. It went after us on 3-30, 2004. Ghost Troop predicted 3-31 and they hit on 3-30. So we aborted them out. They blew a factory up there, and that was their signal. That ended their exercise, they focused on that and got on to business. They didn't go through with it. So the immediate thing they do is they make a shot a y'all. That means you are number two. So Dan, if you remember we were saying we were engaged on July 28th in Texas City, which ended with the British Petroleum explosion, and then on 1-31, that is when they sent the nuke team out and simultaneously said they are going to be nuked, Texas City, where I talked to you in March I said that they probably will not hit Texas City, maybe not, and if not, they are going to come to a town near you. Well, now it is apparent they are going back to Chicago.Chicago is the secondary. Bush was responsible for Texas City. Texas City is his oil patch. His space. A suburb of his daddy's city. Remember Daddy Bush came to Houston after he got out of being President. [10:03]

Ott: Right, right, right.

Capt May: So this is Bush's target. And do you know who is sitting on top of this target? Do you know who the guy in charge of district 22 Texas is?

Ott: Don't know

Capt May: Tom Delay, brother.

Ott: Not that guy again. He is everywhere.

Capt May: You have got to understand, Tom Delay is nicknamed "The Hammer."

Ott: Yes?

Capt May: Tom Delay is a petroleum --he is an exterminator by trade. And the petroleum industry is, you know, coddles him all the way through. He was part of the Bush assassin squad. The Bush coterie of criminals. Tom DeLay helped--man, you can't set up a district and not have help. If they are setting up Chicago right now, which is I think very much what they are doing, your people are helping them. You have got media in Chicago right now that are suppressing information. You have got key people in positions making sure stories get edited out. I mean we all know Danny that this goes up to the national level, right? [10:55]

Ott: Right.

Capt May: But it has to come focused on particular areas. You see, this is why they have to have primary and secondary targets. You can't just prepare to nuke any city in the world. You can't just put one in your hip pocket and go show up and nuke somewhere. You have got to spend years preparing the media markets, the police, the political figures, getting things set well enough that people will rationalize it when it happens. You remember how at Oklahoma City after it happened, the story almost fell apart on us. The story fell apart several times before they got a story together.

Ott: Right.

Capt May: They can't have that. They can't just pick one out of their pocket and you know, go stick it in someone's mail box. They have got to spend years preparing it. So I should have clicked earlier that Chicago being the secondary target in April--you see I didn't know about the April 19, 2004 mission because I was working Texas. So when I found out after researching --after the March 16th announcement that Chicago Sun-Times --that Al Qaeda is taking to join it --that is what we are supposed to infer. They don't say it specifically that way, but that is what you are supposed to infer. They are the terror bogey-man. After I started researching it, I realized it was a secondary back in 2004.

Ott: Right.

Capt May: So I was not at all surprised by this rumor, and I wasn't at all surprised when these two-- the public affairs officer for the state of Indiana and the public affairs officer in charge of the state of Illinois, and one of --an officer in the public information office of the Chicago police --all confirmed this, so right now lets go past --think of this as a games scenario. Bush needs to --it is like checkers or chess. You get a piece Bush can't stay afloat as President unless he has got something big. The only thing that can possibly save this guy's presidency is another 9-11. The only person who can save Bush is Bin Laden. Even Republicans say that now.

Ott: Wow. Let me ask you something Captain May. During 9-11 we had Dick Cheney in a bunker somewhere, controlling a supposed war game. Quite coincidentally it turned out to be fact, so are you suggesting that the preparedness event that is happening with the Chicago emergency management is a cover for a real event that is going to happen there? [13:20]

Capt May: Oh sure, in fact let me be emphatic on this. Let us go ahead and go ahead to the modus operandi of the Bush dictatorship. The only way they would do anything is by running an exercise. And by the way, that is international. I'll bet you will find --we know now that on 7-7 in London, the July 7th bombings in the London subway?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Those were exercises going on concurrently. I take it you talked about that with your folks before?

Ott: No I did not. I did not know--

Capt May: There were concurrent exercises going on in London simulating exactly what happened, in fact the U.S. consultants actually went into the U.S. media and said, "God it is so freaky that our scenario happened." You see, when it happened, that is what you are going to do. If you are one of the officers or men running these exercises, if it happens, man, you are not going to think, "My God, we were stabbed in the back by our own government. That is an unnatural thought. You are going to think, oh, an emergency, thank God I am trained. Thank God I am here. They give you a medal and a promotion and tell you not to think about it. And if you do think about it, they threaten you. I mean, you know, that is how they keep it covered up. Everyone is implicated, everybody is, you know, equally covered up. And they go through the exercise format. Let us say there are 500 people doing this exercise in Chicago. I don't think that needs 500 crooks. I think that means there are 5 crooks running 495 people who are ignorant. They are out of the loop. They are not allowed to know. It is above their pay grade. They do not have a need to know. You know, all these terms that are used to shut somebody up and shut somebody down when they are in an administrative structure. These terms have been used. These terms have been elevated to the level of things like "operational security, can't tell you." And "That is classified." And "You don't have a need to know." And all this crappola coming at them by people who are above them. I am saying that the people who are running these exercises know damn well what it is going to do. Now, whether this one is specifically is going to blow this Tuesday through Thursday, I don't know. But they came in Tuesday through Thursday Jan 31st to February 2nd in Texas City and I said "nuke," and they had nuke teams, man. Now look, I am a Captain on a mission of conscience. I cannot order national nuclear forces to appear to confirm my predictions. You see what I am saying? [15:32]

Ott: Oh yes.

Capt May: They are playing for keeps. So all I can say is that right now Bush's ratings --and let me give you the next --this is important: cascading indicators. Cascading indicators. What we want is indicators. Anytime you see Bin Laden show up, we can always accept that if Bin Laden shows up on TV at night and says, "I am happy because I am going to nuke you" that is probably a strong indication that they are setting us up to be nuked.

Ott: Sure, yes.

Capt May: If it either happens with Bin Laden or Zarquawi and Zawahiri all in a week, that is like all three stooges in one scene. The are really trying to sell us, bonk us over the head with their Al Qaeda idea when they pull out all three of their bogey-men.

Ott: Right.

Capt May: Well, Bin Laden came out Sunday, let's see, Bin Laden came out Sunday, what, gosh I am starting to get them mixed up. Zawahiri came out Tuesday? I think, and Zarquawi came out this morning. And of course after Bin Laden comes out we have Mossad waste somebody in the Egyptian hotel district, and blame it on who? Al Qaeda. So what we have got is four Al Qaeda indicators right there, all of them threats or violence. And that is not me speculating, man, that is the media feed. Cool? [16:44]

Ott: Yes

Capt May: Let's go on. They brought out the movie Flight 93. What was that, Wednesday? Tuesday?

Ott: This week, you bet.

Capt May: So all of a sudden we have got Hollywood --it is a crap movie, I have seen so many reviews that say basically it is propaganda filler. But the deal is, they put this propaganda filler at this point in time because it can give them a certain amount of "OOOMPF!" Larry Silverstein consecrated the Freedom Towers once again. You heard of this once again, the Liberty Tower?

Ott: Yes. The Liberty Tower.

Capt May: Man, that should send shivers down everyone's back, especially because George Bush on February 9th --remember I said we shall not let them blow up Texas City and start World War on January 31st-- February 9th, ten days later, George Bush is in L.A. saying, "Yes, we stopped Al Qaeda from hitting the Liberty Tower in 2002. Remember that statement?"

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: The one thing is that it was the Library Tower. The Library Tower is what they were talking about. And the Library Tower is the second tower blown up in Independence Day. Why did he say Liberty? I can think of a few reasons. First, because George Bush in his mind links the erection of the Liberty Tower with the next attack. The last time they were talking about putting up the Liberty Tower was right before July of 2005 when they tried to hit Texas City. The time before that was July of 2004 back in -- Why is it that they keep restarting the Liberty Tower every year? And the answer is, because it is a beacon, a symbol, a signal, an Illuminatist rallying point. It is a cabalistic device. They are sending signals when they say that. So Larry Silverstein is saying --that is, what, two or three days ago he came out with that? That is an important cult focus for them. Remember, there is nothing more important than the cause-building of America, in one way of looking at it, and that is the way they look at it. So these are cascading indicators. A lot of Al Qaeda stuff, bombing in Egypt --naturally they call it Al Qaeda-- the Liberty Tower coming up, another one is the numeric signals in the last couple of days. Bush went to New Orleans again, remember that? Two days ago?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Well, that was the eleventh time he went, the media made sure to report in the first paragraph. And he went to which ward? The ninth. Hunh!

Ott: (Laughter). Yes.

Capt May: 11-9, first paragraph.

Ott: Well, they could be coincidence.

Capt May: Oddly enough, the same day Chertoff, that devil, is rehearsing mass arrests with Homeland Security. You know they hold one exercise after another to see if they can arrest a thousand, two thousand, three thousand people at a time? This time they went after, coincidentally, nine thousand people. Just --let us see if you can get this: out of nine thousand people, what number do you think comes to the front of how many people among them are violent offenders?

Ott: Six hundred sixty--?

Capt May: Eleven hundred. This is on the same day they sent this out. In other words, these are numeric indicators. Where they are signing --it is like gang signs, man. People say, oh no, this couldn't be. But if you think about it, man, anybody who reads graffiti on buildings, and sees kids in an urban or gang environment is accustomed --you turn on hip hop TV or watch the movies and watch the videos, you see people gang fighting all the time. All I am saying is that they are doing their little signals, man, and their little psychological operation to get us to think it is time for us to be hit.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: So what do we have to do? We have to pull together? Like flight 93. And we have to stand up for what? Liberty, like the Liberty Tower, Larry Silverstein is putting up. Here is a great American, Larry Silverstein. He happened to own the World Trade Center went it went down, and doggone it wouldn't you know he was in on the real estate deal that bought the Sears Tower and it goes down too? They put up the Liberty Tower so that we will know that Larry loves us. You see what I am saying?

Ott: Yes. Captain May, listen--

Capt May: The collective force of indicators, and that is what we call in Ghost Troop cascading indicators --

Ott: Yes, OK--

Capt May: [So for example] you hear one thing break outside your tent when you are doing a bivouac, man, no biggie. A wind comes through the trees, a limb breaks. But you hear one thing after another after another break, man you had better get up out of your bed --somebody is coming.

Ott: (Laughter). Yes.

Capt May: Those are cascading indicators.

Ott: OK listen, do you think the mainstream media can catch on to the fact that Larry Silverstein owns the Sears Tower as well? [21:20]

Capt May: I think that Silverstein owns the mainstream media. You have got to understand, I don't think that what you think --finance --finance is what Silverstein is, right?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Silverstein's roots go back to Israel. He is half in and half out Israel. His geopolitical commitment is getting the U.S. into the Middle East. It took 9-11 to do that. Right?

Ott: Right.

Capt May: All right, what has the media been doing ever since, man? They have been telling us every lie necessary ever since to keep us in the Middle East. In other words, we have a disconnect in our minds when we think that the media has any intent about telling us the truth. My God, we are too old to think that anymore. We think too much. They are dedicated to the propagation of this war via propaganda. There is no difference --I studied Soviet media -- [speaks some sample Russian] the Army paid me good money to learn how to do that. There is no difference between the U.S. media today and the Soviet media under Brezhnev. Under Gorbachev, under Andropov. These are the people I served against during the Cold War. There is no difference. It is the state media. It is just like Josef Goebbels media, the propaganda ministry, it is just that instead of having a Ministry of Propaganda with Goebbels up top, what you have got is a cartel where, oh God, five or six media entities own 95% of the bandwidth. So Silversteins job is to buy stuff so that they can mass murder people to get us into a war. And the media's job, working for the same interests, the Israel lobby and big business, the media's job is to sell us on it. You could say that Larry Silverstein does the sh*t, and the media dresses it up as shinola. That's their job. So when I say that in Chicago right now there are editors sitting on stories keeping people from putting --man, look, I am a smart guy, I think, and I got good training from the Army, but the fact of the matter is that nothing I am saying is really rocket science. There is a plan going on in Chicago. I can say it in thirty minutes on the air for your people and then get on the Internet where people can find me. [23: 36]

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: What has happening to these reporters is that they have given up on even looking at this stuff. They are not --we need to get past thinking that they are in this for truth. They are in this to develop a reputation. Get a lot of chicks. Drive a better car than everybody else. Kiss the right butt. Get their butt kissed. Get a book contract. They are making a career. They just say they care about the truth. They don't. You see what I am saying? [24:05]

Ott: I do.

Capt May: I am sure you have felt this way yourself. It is just I feel this very acutely any time we go on one of these missions. This is my fifth mission. There are five missions that I have done against the 911-2B scenario. Texas City 3-30, 2004, turned into a blown up refinery, a dozen people dead, and you felt lucky. We made a prediction of 9-27 for a blow up during the election of 2004 because they kept saying that they were going to do it. We had a major sabotage in Newcaney Texas that was a petroleum facility. That is the kind of thing they like to do. And that we got off lucky that time. In July of 2005 I thought the sky of south Houston was going to blow up with some kind of weapon, and British Petroleum went up July 28th, 2005. Then the last Texas City mission we ran, January 31st, and now this Chicago mission. And you know how many times we have been wrong? Never. We have never been wrong. We have done --our four previous predictions before Texas City were all correct within 24 hours and 24 miles. Some of them were spot on all the time. And now Texas City they showed up with nuke assets when we were saying nuke scenario and we mean mother of an exercise to the people of Texas City.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: And now we have Chicago right about the time we think you are a secondary target because we have gotten good at reading the tea leaves, man. We know what to look at. We have been doing it for three years. We saw it coming. Everybody can see it coming. You see, after it happens, everyone will say it is obvious. But if it is obvious, do it in advance. But it is obvious. Bush's poll numbers are down 33? Congress is what, 25?

Ott: Yep. Pretty low.

Capt May: So your President has got only one third of the people in this country who want him, and the Congress has got one fourth of the people in the country who want them. All the government right now wants a 9-11 to happen again. Man, people say, "Oh my God, can I get through to this Congresswoman or that Congressman?" Man, that is like picking chocolates out of a box because you want to find the one that is good for you. Fool, don't open up a box of chocolates if you are looking for it to be good for you. Open it up for what it is. It is yummy stuff, but it is not intended to make you look like a body guard. Or to be healthy.

Ott: Let me ask you something--

Capt May: So when we look at Congress, we see what? What is the best that you can say? The coward Congress that sat there and let this happen? By this we mean 9-11? Yes. The assassination of [Senator Paul] Wellstone? Yes. The Iraq war? Well sure. The cover up of Baghdad Airport and all the cover-up of body count since? The enhanced --the what, the depleted uranium that the boys coming back are sucking up? The fact that right now they are using no child left behind as a hidden recruiting program, when they are sicking recruiters on under privileged kids and no one is bucking them in the mouth? That is what the cowardly Congress let happen. And the only thing that let the coward Congress off the hook would be right now is if something else happened that is worse than cowardice, like another terror attack.

Ott: Well OK Captain, we have some questions here for you. Let us go with them. If this event does not take place, this WMD or whatever device they plan to have for Chicago, does not take place on May 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, do you think the second date would be June 6th? [27:29]

Capt May: Yes, absolutely. I say that because the June 6th date was the date we started working with. Let me be clear again, maybe some people listening to me want to listen to it again. June 6 is 6-6-06. And they are so heavy into the occult. And remember these are people who hate Christ personally. George Bush is not what you think he is. I know. My best man [at his wedding, named Chase Untermeyer] was a Bush intimate, and I know all about Bush. Bush is a dip-died Christian. They had to do something to that sack of sh*t to get people think he is any good. So what they did is they wheeled poor old Billy Graham out there, "Good Old" Billy Graham for their purposes, and Bush got saved in the afternoon. Then all of a sudden Karl Rove dressed him up like an angel. But the fact of the matter is that he is a stone-cold Satanist. And the idea is that at their final moment where they think all the numbers bode so well for them will be the Satanic 666 number. So I think that day may be the date where they figure if they don't hit here, if they don't go live with this exercise--remember, this is like a robbery. If they keep a gun in their hands, does that mean there is no intent for a robbery? If we stop them, the way to look at it to be smart is to say, "OK they wanted to, not the guy running the police in Chicago, but the planners of the exercise, the White House, they wanted to hit Chicago and they stopped." I think the next phase for all these forces of evil to rally is 6-6-6. That is exactly dead on. That is, coincidentally, exactly what I wrote in my exercise for my article. If you look up Captain May nuclear inquest, or go to my web site, I mean to be a researcher. Go see "Captain May" or whatnot, or write me personally. You can find all this through my links at Daniel Ott's --at his site. It links to my site.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: So in any case the original article that we wrote on 3-30 that I published in Australia predicted what we called Sears Towers 6- 6-6. We did not just say Chicago for the next 9-11. I went ahead and was doing analytic work on the prospect of Chicago being the secondary, and when I was doing it, my specific prediction, you know at that point not confirmed, was the Sears Tower building on 6-6-6. And there is a very good reason for that, by the way. [30:05]

Ott: All right.

Capt May: Remember these guys are doing what is called Info War, folks. They are fighting a war for your mind. If you trust them, they will kill you. It is that simple. I do not have a lot of time now because I am running a cyber combat mission for the next few days, but I have to be direct. In proportion to the degree that you trust these Satanists, they are going to kill you. That is why they wanted to kill Texas City, Tom Delay's district, with all these red neck brothers down here. Because we trusted them like fools. So right now if they come back and try to rally, the 666 state is going to be real active. Now I will tell you about how they have used it before, so that your people will know. They like to play with this. The media coded it once. I saw this. In fact I saw it several times, but there was one real big instance. 2005, about January 1st. They started the body count, I remember telling you from way back that was our first issue we covered. The body count. There were a lot more dead boys than the count.

Ott: Right.

Capt May: But what they did is the announced body count was 1334 on Jan 1st. We knew they were going to do it in 2005. What they did is they made it such that when they got to 2000 [dead], for them that is a milestone. Bodies don't mean anything to them. Death does not mean anything. It is just numbers that they control. They made it so that when the number got to 2000, that was a crucial point for them. Well coincidental with 1334 when they started on January 1st, with this made up number, to 2,000 is 666. So not only are these bastards cold enough to cover up Christian boys out there dying in the desert, but they are cold enough to code the body count, man. They are running number counts of 666 in the middle of the body count. How cold can you get? [31:58]

Ott: That is sick.That is sick, man.

Capt May: Man, that's it, don't you understand? It is the idea that the very chutzpah, the sickness of it being so profound, is two things. It is what keeps us, as people who try to be decent folks, deluded. And it is what gets their rocks off. These people don't enjoy life as you and I enjoy life. They enjoy life as vampires enjoy life. These are sadistic, sick people. Bush is a sadist, man. There is a chick down here, Carla Faye Tucker. Kick ass murderer. She was a piece of work, man. Crack ho, you know, bad business. Well, she was the first woman who got executed in 120 years down here. And I am not saying yes, I am not saying no. Bush was Governor. But what struck me about it, wasn't that she was a sadist or anything else, but that the story got out, and was since confirmed by Paul Bagalo of CNN, that Bush, while the whole state was saying, "You know, is the Governor going to save her? He is a Christian and she is a Christian," and all this, because she had a jail house conversion, of course, Bush was with his buddies laughing --laughing-- and taunting her, "Please don't kill me, hahah ha hahaha." In other words, whereas as you or I might not have wanted to talk about it, or I think that night was in my drinking days, I went out and had a few, you know, didn't want to think about it, in his case he not only wanted to think about it, he wanted to enjoy it. He wanted to enjoy that moment.

Ott: Well he should have just thrown the switch.

Capt May: He is a cheerleader. That is the whole gig. That is what he was brought in for. The only thing two things he ever did well is be a cheerleader and own a baseball team. So that is why when Bush says, "Bring it on!" Remember that "Bring it On!" summer of 2003?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Well, because to him that is like cheerleading. "Hit them again, hit them again, harder! harder!!!" "Bring it on!!!" He is a cheerleader, man. The best moment for Bush in the whole presidency is when he got to play pom pom girl. Standing out on top of the pile of rubble in New York City. That was a great moment. Why? Because he was totally in his element. He was standing on top of the bones of the people he had killed.

Ott: Yes. Well when he was on the battle ship, with what "Mission Accomplished!" or something like that in the background. He flew in on a jet? [34:19]

Capt May: Oh yes, yes, he came in right. They tried to pump the story for he had flown it for a while. I mean that was built right in --if you want to know how deep this goes, they preprogrammed that. They do psychological manipulation. That was all preprogrammed in the movie Independence Day. You know where they set up that scene where you have the fighter pilot president who leads us in a genocidal war against aliens that we just have to kill?

Ott: Yes, right.

Capt May: OK, man, that is called brainwashing, and that is Hollywood run by the Israel lobby five years ahead of 9/11 teaching us how to react after 9-11, when they are already deciding that we need to get behind a warrior-Messiah President who just happens to be a fighter pilot.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: And May Day 2003 they bring Bush out there to the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln looking just like that guy out of Independence Day, when you think about it.

Ott: What a coincidence.

Capt May: And do you know what is even more coincidental? Guess what those sneaky bastards marketed that movie as? They give a three letter code: "ID4." As in "identification for something else"?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: If you want to understand how deep and sick the Illuminati are, and how thoroughly they are tied in with the media, just take a look at some of the Hollywood stuff like Independence Day, and you will see Independence Day is basically a 9-11 World War movie. They even talk about embedding and coding,. They talk about how it is necessary to nuke a U.S. city. They have a fighter pilot president from Texas. Oh man, I mean I could go on all day long. In other words, they preprogram. So right now what we are talking about is reading news cycles. When I say you have cascading indicators. [35:54].

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: Last week the news cycle got really heavy. And the news cycle can influence us a certain amount psychologically. But really the most insidious damage that is done to our psyches is done by Hollywood --and I am not going to get into the moral thing--our psyches being destroyed by the Brokeback Mountain thing-- I am not going to argue that, that is not my thing. But I will say that we getting to the point that they start to embed and encode World War scenarios on top of the movie in popular movies, man, how do you think they are teaching us to look at the Muslims? Just like the thugs in Independence Day. I mean, that is their game. This whole thing, and you can talk about this as so many heinous forms of war--it has been violating all the Nuremberg principles. This is criminal war. It is not criminal war by the Army, it is not criminal war by Captain Jones, Major Smith, Private Snuffy. It is criminal war by criminal government. [36:53]

Ott: Woah!

Capt May: Absolutely. Look, just to make sure that no one thinks that I am mincing my words, if you go and reference my site, which of course Daniel has linked up finally, you get down there to mission 9-11 2B in July 2005, and my radio interviews in Texas, you will see that there is a moment there where I gave an international call in July 28, 2005 for a coup de etat and I ordered the arrest of Bush, Rumsfelt and Cheney. And that is because the skyline of Houston was exploding. They had blown up the Texas City British Petroleum factory again. And it was so crystal clear that they were attempting to start World War III. You know, as long as we beat around the bush about things like, "Do you think we can get the reporters to cover it?" No! Or, well "Do you think the President sees it the right way?" Yes. He wants to kill you. Of course he sees the right way. There is one way out for him. That is over us. Period. Man, this thing-- Chicago is going to have a big Truth Out conference during the second through fourth. Alex Jones is going to be there. I think Tex Marrs might be there. Morgan Reynolds, Paul Craig Roberts. All these guys are kind of converging, and guess what building by the way it has already been set up in?

Ott: Not Sears tower?

Capt May: Yep. June 2nd-4th.

Ott: Woah!

Capt May: So the point is Chicago right now is the natural focus for the 911 Truth Out movement. This data year. So you see these urban cities, this is the place where our impulse, our culture comes from, so they have to inflict these traumatic wounds on those cultural firsts and the shock of it will spread out. So Chicago is the perfect midwestern target.

Ott: Yes, well Capt May--

Capt May: And if it happens, if we don't stop it, and by that I don't mean us and Ghost Troop, I mean you in the Midwest. I mean we will lead the way, man, that is our job and our honor, but it is your land. Now I held my turf three different times. Texas City stands because we stopped it.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: We stopped it. Some brave people in Texas City. That is what they have got to do in Chicago. It is coming, and if it does happen, they will say "Bin Laden said he will hit the Midwest, don't you remember?" and people will say, "Yes, come to think of it."

Ott: Captain May, let me refer just quickly back to the analogies there, the Independence Day movie and its symbology. What was the symbolism of that homo guy hiding underneath the table all the time going "David, David." What was that all about?

Capt May: He was talking to somebody on the phone. I don't know who David was. I didn't want to get into that. But since you are interested for just a moment let me compensate by telling a couple of things you didn't know.

Ott: All right.

Capt May: First thing, Independence Day starts out with is the first act of violence as the three attacks on D.C. iconographic target, not dependent on, but the White House, therefore getting us ready for the Pentagon, and the next thing destroyed were twin towers. New York City Empire State building and the Library Tower of Los Angeles. The tower scenes, don't you remember?

Ott: Yes, that is true.

Capt May: That is where they fixed it in your minds that a tower could vaporize. Don't you understand? On September 11th they did the first day of Independence Day on us. They marked it World War III by running it as "ID4." And the bastards are cold-hearted enough that while they are thinking of the scenario to take our rights away and make us slaves, they are calling it what? --Independence Day. You see what I mean about how they are just the kind of people who would love to blow up a few hundred, a few thousand, a few tens of thousand people on 6-6-06?

Ott: What are you saying ID4 is?

Capt May: Independence Day is a marketing --an attempt to do a research study, an embedding of a concept in the American people's mind that there is going to be a cataclysmic war, kind of like World War II, where we are going to exterminate enemies and fix the world. They have set it up --this is 1996 when they have got Boy George into the Governorship down in Texas. That is when they do a movie about a fighter pilot president in an epic war. In other words, they were already seeing how the idea worked before they decided whether to stick George in the job.

Ott: Yes, well Captain--

Capt May: There is no democracy. There is a sham of democracy sitting on top of a collaboration of media and political elites. They decided that they wanted George to do the job. The job is World War III. The plan was Independence Day. On day one you get an iconographic target hit like the White House or the Pentagon, along with two towers, and the American psyche is shattered. And then they see themselves as being in a war of existence. That is what Independence Day was. And that is why they got George on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln. The President in the fighter pilot suit. Everything Independence Day does parallels back to what has happened. These are the energies that the media tries to resonate with. People say, "That is not possible." That is what people say when they watch Leni Reifenstahl. Ever hear of Leni Reifenstahl?

Ott: Oh yes.

Capt May: The German filmmaker, the Triumph of the Will and Olympia, the greatest propagandist of all time. These people should kiss her butt for doing all their work. The Germans invented this stuff. All this Israel lobby stuff they are selling is copycat. That is the greatest irony. The greatest irony is that the media is selling us Third Reich stuff. So they set up like Hitler as God. Triumph of the Will. Hitler flies out in the air plane. Hitler did it. He flies down through the clouds to the waiting masses in the Nuremberg rally. And he has the great air lights going up. The anti-aircraft lights going up like a cathedral of ice. Albert Speer was in on it. Leni Reifenstahl. These were the Karl Roves, the David Gergens, and the Wolf Blitzers and the Charles Krauthammers of their day. [43:00]

Ott: Well Captain May, let me ask you something more about the Chicago event. Is it just the building that is taken down, or is there going to be a WMD let off from that city?

Capt May: Let me give you the scenario as I got it. The specific scenario. So any of you military and or police people who are listening in, this is the status of the report as I got it, from talking to public affairs and public information. Sunday I got reports that there was going to be a three phase exercise. This is an Internet report, I did not confirm it at that point. A three day exercise. Day 1 would be a bio attack. Day two would be a dirty bomb, meaning a jacketed nuke or whatever. And after that there would be a building collapse. I called up and talked to the people running the exercise, and by the way they are running it for Homeland Security. This is a national exercise. National command. That is a dangerous thing. If it were going to happen, it would be a national command exercise. What they said was that this exercise had been planned for about six months. It goes back to the beginning of the year. This meant that it could have been planned as a secondary to Texas City which they intended to hit at the end of January. It all goes back to the beginning of the year planning phase. And they would not get real specific, but they confirmed that it was a WMD. They did not confirm building collapse. So I did not know --now let me be clear here, to anybody who is working this exercise or listening to me, any interested officer of the law, or military officer, or enlisted, these are my brothers and sisters. I am talking to them about my country here. If it is the case that the whole damn thing involving the Sears Tower, then that is that much more reason to get in touch with my work. Because I have no inside knowledge that is the case. In other words the exercise --first off it was not supposed to be an exercise. It was hush, hush, we were not going to be told about it. So how did we figure out in advance that they were going to be doing this kind of thing? Why are they doing exactly the kind of thing that is consistent with my scenario? Are they working for me? Am I the President? [45:04]

Ott: Possibly!

Capt May: I mean, I didn't put them there. And, specifically, they are exactly where we on the Internet research community have been saying we thought the greatest danger was, the Sears Tower. Well, if that is the case, man, how close does this thing have to get to looking like a set-up before people start clicking?

Ott: Well I tell you what, if these things do come to pass, like you say, Captain May, a lot of people will listen to you even more acutely to hear what else you have to say. But let me just propose this. What if no event happens in May and does not happen in June, I guess by your percentage of what you have said earlier, is that you are at 100%, but do you ever count on that not happening, and what would cause it not to happen? [45:50]

Capt May: Let us talk about two things. First, and most importantly, I have never gone on one of these things because I gave a damn about what anyone thought about my reputation. And any man who has been in any kind of war will tell you that. The idea that I would care to a millionth degree what somebody is saying of me personally with American lives on the line, I just dismiss it without even thinking about it. I have been right because I went for the missions that really were there. Man, I don't go looking for these things. They happen and I can't stay away from them. I have never done a mission where I didn't want it to be the last. I have never done one where I didn't feel a rush and a thrill of being so close to knowing that I was going to get whacked, but it always was debilitating, because these things run on for months at a time. If we go through with this, it goes to June. So that is just how I feel about these things. I say that because it is not a reputation thing. And that is the reason by the way why we have always been right. Man, if all of a sudden something cooled off and turned out to be sour we would not invest time in it. Forget reputation. I would not invest resources into it.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: It is OK if I miss. We have already been right. We have already published a month ago that they were going to be setting the place up. Well, someone could say, "You don't know that they are setting up." Well no, I sure don't. But in my conspiratorial-minded community, when all of a sudden the military starts rehearsing exactly the kinds of things they would have had to rehearse to fulfill a false flag terror scenario --we take that as confirmation. So the scenario has already been confirmed. Far from being seen as wrong, we have been proved right much earlier than usual. [47:35]

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: We said Chicago was a secondary target and in light of what I have revealed to you on the air tonight, and what is out there at present on the Internet, Ghost Troop receives credit for confirming the exercise. The exercise confirms the Ghost Troop scenario. So if it doesn't happen, fantastic! fantastic! fantastic! Fantastic in every particular. That is all we are after. At that point am I going to walk in and say "You don't know what you were going to talk about?" It is just ridiculous. I don't even think about that. But let us talk about one thing where I contradict you on one point. If I am right and it happens, if people want to listen to me, they are going to have to listen to the rest of me on the Internet, because if it goes down, I am going down, brother. Ghost Troop under my command has stopped these sons of bitches four times. [48:27]

Ott: Interesting.

Capt May: If the city goes down, they are not going to leave us on the chess board. They are not going to leave me on the chess board. Now please understand, in light of all the activities we have been involved in, we have never been contacted by the FBI or any security agency. We contacted them, and they threatened us repeatedly. The Secret Service threatened us in July of 2005. The FBI CI crowd threatened us in July of 2005, March 2004. What do those dates have in common? They are the times when we were trying to stop false flag nuclear attacks that were capped off by explosions in British Petroleum. They consisted of our prediction dates. In other words, when we were doing good work, that is when the Feds were trying to top us. So if it goes down, they are going to forget about the little gentleman's agreement they have got not to kill people and they are going to cap me first. I am the canary in the cage, Daniel. You understand? [49:22]

Ott: Yes I do. Let me ask you --

Capt May: We are not going to be talking on radio for me to do this again next phase. They are going to have what they call the Night of the Long Knives. You ever heard of that?

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: That is the purge. You have always got to have a blood purge. You have got to get rid of loyal officers. I am a loyal officer. I am an American officer, man, I took an oath. To be clear about that, when I try to explain that to people, I am not playing for bragging rights.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: This is serious business. Can you let me make another thing.

Ott: All right.

Capt May: The people of Chicago who I hope hear me think, "He is a red neck. He has a twine. He has opinions. But that is a man who means what he says." I will die for your city. And any American officer who knew what I knew would die for your city. We are defending your city. I have officers from all services in Ghost Troop. I have enlisted from all services of Ghost Troop. I have police. I have active duty military in my unit. There is an under current of loyal soldiers who are defending you. And that is your Army, that is your Navy, Air Force and Marines. Those are your soldiers. Those are your cops. That is what we do and what we need to do for you. But don't think we are sufficient by any means. We need the populace. We have never had one of these missions where we did it single-handed. What we did is we were always the cutting edge. We are the spear head. We are the Info War spearhead unit. There has never been a unit like Ghost Troop. Ghost Troop has taken the technology of cyberdom and turned it into a weapon of war. Hell, even Rumsfeld sits out there talking about how "We are losing the informational war. This is a propaganda war." And the fact of the matter is that we are kicking his ass. We are the Internet. We have got so good at spreading information, hooking up, communicating, passing, that right now we are shutting this down. We are the American resistance. And we are always growing, we are growing because people figure out what is going on, and more and more now people are writing me and saying "I never realized there was a Ghost Troop." What it means is they have become cynical, disenchanted, and then they started going far enough to figure out what was up, and at a certain point they figured out enough to become hip to our work. And once people get hip to our work, man, that's impact. When people wake up, they don't go back to sleep. And you know, I am sure it is the same way with your listeners, except that my people happen to work in a military unit under my command under a mission of conscience. And we go directly to engagements where we think the American people are in danger. We focus mission power. [51:57]

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: What does it sound like? It sounds like an Army unit, right?.

Ott: Yes it does.

Capt May: Well, they spent a lot of money training these elites.

Ott: OK. Captain May based on your analysis of what you see as coming in Chicago, what should the rest of the country do? What should patriotic Americans do after that event?

Capt May: OK, now first things first. I don't see it coming at Chicago. I see it threatening Chicago. OK? That is like saying to me as a man fighting to save a U.S. city, "What do you think we should do after the Russian tanks take over?" My first answer is essentially as an American serviceman is to say that they are not going to take over. So first off, we are not going to lose Chicago. OK, so that is my first step. Now, having said that, the second thing. If there is a nuclear 9-11, the Constitution is over and everybody falls back to the Declaration. These people need to understand, they are not going to take American rights away from Americans. They are not going to gang rape lady liberty on our watch. And that is what they have been doing. The media pretended not to see, and Congress pretended not to hear. And Bush did it to Lady Liberty. And they are going to do it to us. And if these bastards go to the point that they do a false flag 9-11 we have so much spread around on this now that we know it. It is spread all throughout. It is spread out through the police community, the military community, the populist community. The cognitive dissonance on this is so great already that Bush is teetering on the edge of falling. And let God speed the day. If they do what they think they can get away with doing, they are going to have a revolution. Now you asked me a straight question. Is that a straight enough answer?

Ott: Very straight indeed.

Capt May: Well, the Declaration is what it is to be an American, friend. Go back and read when American leaders used to have a pair of you-know-what's down their trousers, what they used to write to a son of a bitch named King George, and wonder, my God, why is that I have to take so much off King George? And the answer is the coward's Congress. They have fallen down. They have compromised. They have prostituted themselves. They are selling their country out to become a dictatorship, and they are standing back and pretending not to notice while "King" gets ready to inflict cruel murder on his people to cause them to go like animals over to the Middle East to inflict genocide on the Muslims. [54:17]

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: That is what is up now. That is reality as it is happening. So if they go to the point that they do what they do, then I said I don't intend to --I have not been thinking about my extraction plan from this mission. We win, or I go down with it. That is what you need to have. You need to have Davy Crocketts and Col Travises and Jim Bowies. You need to have people you know who are the first to stand up for you. And you need to follow their memory even if you are not going to have a chance to follow them. And that is me. That is what I have tried to be, because that is what I was trained to be. No one taught me to worry about surviving a mission. I was only taught to worry about accomplishing a mission. The mission has been to bring relief and safety to American cities that Bush has tried to blow up, Texas City most particularly. The secondary mission has been to be a good leader and inspiring commander to my troops. And hopefully the people who have done that in the Info War will be the people who will become the guiding lights on whatever is to come next. Whether that means a peaceful resolution or whether these people are going to drive us into the Declaration.

Ott: Yes.

Capt May: But it is our foundational document. And in case King George doesn't understand that, that is straight from Captain May out of Houston. We are built on the Declaration. And what it says is that things go to the point that we are being murdered by a King, then we need to have a revolution. Info War is a revolution. This is by the way what I called for in July 2005. It is on paper, for God's sake. Where is the FBI? Where is the military command? Where is the Congressional inquiry? Where is our HPD cops? Oh I forget, those are my friends! In other words, right now there is a war going on in cyberdom against these guys, and we are in a state of revolution. He was so crazy --remember back in 2002 when Bush would say, "These conspiracy theorists on the Internet are not helping things." Remember he really had a burr under his saddle over the conspiracy theorists on the Internet?

Ott: Yes, sure.

Capt May: That is because he fears the power of the Internet. The research community. When you read the Internet, that is the only free expression left in America.

Ott: You have about one minute left there, Captain May. Anything you would like to say in the final minute?

Capt May: Well folks, there are times I hope that you will go to my site. Because my work at the site represents everything that I have done since I came back into the mission of the Info War back in 2005 to try to head off what they were doing in Texas in July. I got baptized by a couple of priests, father Martial and Father Garcia out of the Sacred Heart Church in El Paso. If you want a copy of that baptism certificate, ask Daniel, he has got --I'll send him one. It was given under emergency provision. The priest that I was working with at the time knew very well that the Bush people were assassins. Anybody who tried to stand up them needs to be worried about that kind of thing, or at least needs to be baptized so that they would not worry about it unduly. That is the kind of people we are up against. And my work, since I have come back up against these people, is all contained in the site that Daniel has. Listen to my interviews link there and you will hear me say a lot more calm and a little bit more rational --not rational-- but a little bit more mellow in my analysis. At the moment, though, I am trying to be emphatic to give emphasis to the crisis of the moment. Everything you ever learned about the revolution you need to start looking at again. These are the times that try men's souls. We are tried according what to we are able to accomplish for our country. Daniel, the last thing I will say is always the same thing I say, which is there never is anything I learned in the military that I have not used in the course of this mission of conscience. And I am very grateful to the service, to the Army, to the Cavalry. Those are my loyalties. Second only to my country, which I serve every day. You know, I am doing my mission fighting my war, my way. And if anybody out there who is official doesn't like what I am saying, for God's sake, somebody give you a warrant to arrest me and put me in front of some kind of hearing. Why is it that nobody wants to have any kind of official inquiry into the kinds of copious notes, the immense contacts, the inside information I have about Houston, Texas. And the answer is because none of this can bear examination. We are at a great moment in history, folks, when this country is either going to be free or slave. It is either going to be a republic again or it is going to fall into being an empire. A Zionist controlled imperial system. And these are the times we live in. [59:00]

Ott: OK, Captain May, can we have you on again some time for another update?

Capt May: Oh, definitely, in fact with the Chicago thing, I am assuming that right now we are going to continue to be working through the 2-4 May period, and thereafter we will certainly do a recap. Again, right now things have come uncomfortably close but we think that we have been given very strong amplification of the original Internet report we got. We have confirmed it. We have broadcast it worldwide, we expect that the best because we expect the best people to come forward and help lead us out of danger at this point.[59:32]

Ott:Very good. Very good. We will talk to you again Captain May.

Capt May: It has been a pleasure, Mr. Ott.

Ott: You bet.

Capt May: Good night, ya'll from Ghost Troop.

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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