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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Cloak and Dagger
Host Lenny Bloom
interviews Captain Eric H. May

2 February 2006


Abstract: In follow up to Captain May's prediction of a nuclear strike on 1-31-2006, at 6:30 AM on that morning a female voice was heard on KIOL FM radio saying "abort!" "abort!" On Feb 2nd a Weapons of Mass Destruction Team is reported in the area by a Galveston Newspaper. Its mission is to assess damage of a nuclear strike shortly after it takes place.

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Lenny Bloom: Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. I am your host Lenny Bloom. Joining me on the line is the illustrious and heavily decorated Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop. Captain it is an honor to have you back here. We have some updates for our Cloakers, and basically it is new news that supports the red alert warnings that you have been giving over the last few months. Why don't you take it away and give us a briefing on it?

Captain May: OK, well Lenny, broad picture: Ghost Troop issued a nationwide red alert five weeks ago, Christmas Eve saying that some time before the Presidential State of the Union address and the Patriot Act reauthorization, synthetic terror, a false attack, a likely nuclear attack --is likely. That story got knocked off the air about a week ago --off the Internet. At about the same time we started making specific predictions that there was a 1-3-1 prospect of an attack against Texas City, TX. Now Lenny, your listeners can scroll down the first page of the Cloak and find your and my historic interviews from July 28, 2005 when we were actually witnesses and participants in the attempt to stop a Texas City attack by the Bush boys. So we have put out a 1-31 warning. Now 1-31 has come and gone. Let's take some of the things that have happened in the meanwhile. Ghost troop has been doing heavy analysis. On 1-31 in the morning I had reports of a station KIOL 103.7 FM putting out Exxon story followed immediately by a 6:30 AM industrial siren sound with a female voice superimposed saying "Abort!" "Abort!" "Abort!" No explanation. No commercial. Nothing. But 6:30, of course 6 plus 3 is 9. And it followed immediately after an Exxon Story with had some encoded numbers in it. 36 billion which means 3 plus 6 is 9, 3 plus 7, 1 billion, 3 plus 7 plus 1 is 11, and 393 billion, that is a 33, the supreme number, with a 9 in the middle of it, a 9-11 mutation.

LB: And the thing I want to say is that the warnings that we have been given Cloakers are to realize and understand that when a date like that passes and they don't see any attack, it doesn't mean that we are not accurate. And this story in the Galveston paper that you can click at the top right beside our interview here, this story shows that there is a lot more going on, because what has happened now is troops have arrived, as it says in the story, Homeland Security officials have arrived in the area wearing shirts embossed with the words "Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team." And of course Capt May I have mentioned to you earlier in the week that we should be aware of 2-2-6, that is February 2nd, something would break, and it has with this story. [3:45]

Capt May: This is certainly the end of the Ghost Troop Red Alert Window although now we are extending that Red Alert. You mentioned the story; I exhort all people, all cyber journalists, all Americans and international listeners interested in the truth to go to that story because that is the mainstream media trying to do an immediate cover up of something that is immediately going down. You talk about the Department of Defense Nuclear Response Team being down there, those people don't say that they came in response to our alert, because the rest of the article is all about Homeland Security and FBI public information officers lying their tails off and saying they don't have a clue about our alert and they think it is just coincidence.

LB: That is fine, but--.

Capt May: Those teams from Department of Defense admit that they are down there on the part of extensive exercises, Lenny, which ties back in with the thing which really gave us the final window of red alerts, which wasn't just numeric --you know Ghost Troop does code analysis-- it was because the United States Northern Army command NORTHCOM had said it was going to have nuclear simulation strike exercises out of Ft. Monroe Virginia. So what we are seeing down in Texas City suddenly showing up yesterday on the sea wall is, you know, men in black with nuclear logos--

LB: Yes--

Capt May: --Don't mind us, we are just measuring.

LB: Yes now this is a big breakthrough, Capt May. Because you have been --when talking a lot since last May you were worried about this attack. Wasn't it May 28 the date of the attacks?

Capt May: Actually July 28th, Lenny --

LB: I mean July 28th?

Capt May: That is the one that brought me back into the Info War. I had left the Info War. Ghost troop had correctly predicted three attempts on Texas City. There is a 3-30-2004 attempt which is extensively documented. Anyone who wants to go to Google or any search engine to look up "Ghost Troop Captain May" will find it. Or anybody who wants to go to Google to look up the Ghost Troop bibliography will find things specifically related to the Texas City attack scenario. We called it right on 3-30-2004, and then likewise we also called it right in a month in advance with our prediction about 7-27-2005. That was our prediction date. Texas City had an immense explosion on 7-28-2005. And Lenny again I call everybody to the Cloak and Dagger front page, scroll down until you find the Ghost Troop Skull and Bones, because we had in the entire world the only live transmission of the incredible things that happened on the night of July 28, 2005 is between me and Lenny Bloom.

LB: Right, and I think the important thing for people to really realize is that when you click on the link for the Galveston Paper, we will have it highlighted for you can see the main point. The main point here s that up until now, nobody down there, public body or newspaper has said anything about it. This is now the first time really that they have reported on your -- they call you a former U.S.Army intelligence officer -- they don't give your name. And the reason is because they are worried. They don't want people to get hooked up to you because they will find out the truth and the story talks about these crews that are U.S. Government Defense Department crews showing up with these Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support T-shirts.

Capt May: It reminds me of the Mossad boys outside the van jumping up and down taking pictures of the World Trade Center collapse. These guys are the buzzards who are on hand to watch what happens, man, or they are part of setting it up. [7:31]

LB: Absolutely.

Capt May: That story, which is by T.J. Aulds, by the way, writer down there. You will find that the government agency--the FBI and Homeland [Security]--both say, ah, this is just a silly coincidence, conspiracy theory, but you will also find that that there is no effort whatsoever, we have confirmed from sources down in Texas City that there has been no attempt to contact the journalist who wrote the story quoted, which is Greg Syzmanski. Syzmanski put a return call and the guy dodged him, and there has been no effort whatsoever to contact me. For heaven sake, the guy does not give my name, even though that is the biggest part of the story that has been going around. He doesn't take the trouble to call up the dozen different military commands I have given that I worked for on General Staff as intelligence officer at the highest levels and, you know, they are doing everything they can not to investigate. Which of course is the entire modus operandi of the presstitutes. [8:24]

LB: Absolutely.

Capt May: If you want more inside date, I know this interview is going to be a short briefing, and an urgent one, but ladies and gentlemen, the life of an American city lies in the balance. Texas City, Texas is about to follow New York City, NY and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma --

LB: And this will be--

Capt May: --As part of a diabolical triad. A trifecta of parallel city and state names.

LB: And this is the trigger probably to start the war in Iran.

Capt May: Right. And to slap down the homeland state to immortalize the Patriot Act. To lock down a Big Brother intrusive condition. Everything that is out there right now, folks, don't look at if folks like a fight between Democrats and Republicans and different branches of government. It is like -- Lenny, you know that I teach Tae Kwon Do. Man, we do play fights all the time. We call them sparring. And they look real good until you know that the people who are doing it know what they are doing are not going to hurt each other. We are just making a show.

LB: Well, we are coming up with--

Capt May: There is a show right now that somehow people are going to unplug this Bush dictatorship. But they are not. The Democrats, the Republicans, the House, the Senate, no one --no one-- at the highest levels wants to unplug this 9-11 treason. Because if they do, there is never going to be an end to this question, and there is never going to be an end to the implicated parties. The only thing that can win this is public affairs. Public awareness, and Lenny that is what you are serving right now. Let me throw in a couple more details real quick Lenny about the British Petroleum end of this attack. [9:56]

LB: Go ahead.

Capt May: I told you that we got specific reports from the 31st of January, station KIOL 103.7 FM saying "Abort! Abort! Abort!" with an industrial siren behind it at 6:30 AM. I also got a report that same day from British Petroleum inside the factory where I have contacts, and what I received was word that high management did not show up Monday and Tuesday. That managers have come back as of Wednesday, but one of them in particular said, "Oh, I have a bad back, I may have to leave suddenly." There were drills being prepared, emergency preparedness drills for the first time they were going to bring out their new emergency preparedness thing. Those drills were postponed. They were supposed to go on early this week. Now the people who were part of the teams have been told "Well, a little later, probably between the second and the eighth." And suddenly yesterday, the first of February, OSHA [Occupational Health & Safety Administration] showed up, or people wearing uniforms who said they were OSHA who may well be Special Forces or mercenaries. You know, Blackwater Security for all I know. But they say they are OSHA. They show up at British Petroleum and they said there were outstanding plant violations that were supposed to be fixed by January 31st that haven't been fixed, so they had to stay there and do an in depth survey and analysis for the next few months. They have blocked off and cordoned off parts of BP, British Petroleum. So you have all kinds of Federal Agencies all in swing here, folks. And you have got a mainstream media story where Ghost Troop and its Info War allies like Cloak and Dagger Lenny have started such an underground Internet story, that they are having to throw up really piss-poor propaganda to try to knock our story down, and all their propaganda is doing is propping up our story altogether. [11:39]

LB: And the reason why it has got legs and it is running is because we scrape the b.s. off the truth and because it is based in truth. We are going to have to leave it there. Let's make it short for our listeners, it is another great congratulations to you, Captain May, and I just want to let you know February 6th is coming up. That is 2-6. 2-6!

Capt May: We are watching it Lenny. The Red Alert zone goes on. We started at 1-31 to 2-2, clearly, we were well advised to have made that warning, everything that has happened since then has fallen into place. Police and military participation, media collusion with the cover-up, but the ugly facts won't stay hidden. Folks, the last thing I want to say since Lenny has given me a moment is you who are a part of the Internet exploration movement, the 9-11 Truth Movement, Internet Journalists, Internet cyber show hosts, all of you people who have the ability to use information and that means about every body listening to my voice, now is the time to start looking into the Ghost Troop bibliography. Go through your search engine and Google is the best. Go through the Ghost Troop bibliography and look at the exhaustive work that we have done on Texas City in the three times that we have become part of trying to break up a plan to hit that place --and start making noise. If you are local to Houston or Texas, start making noise verbally and physically. Go to places. Stand up in meetings. If you are abroad, start writing articles. Start using phones. These people don't want to be tied to this story. All these chicken craps down here are trying to remove themselves from the line of responsibility and authority so they can let it happen and say they don't know how it happened. Right Lenny? [13:19].

LB: Absolutely. You are absolutely right.

Capt May: Don't give them that option. Go right after them. Write letters. Make calls. Send in emails. Send emails with multiple headings. Crash these people. Ghost Troop has been charging straight at them for two years in regard to the Texas City matter. And we will keep charging. But we need reinforcements, folks.

LB: Yep.

Capt May: We are only cyber cavalry and we are not a heavy force. The heavies are YOU. You are the ones with the great weight.

LB: And people are very heavy. Remember, the narrow casters become broad catchers, and the broadcasters become the narrow catchers. You have billion, billion horsepower entities. Machinery at the click of a button. The email system is an extremely powerful system. If the owners of the system had understood its power, they never would have given it to the public. The Pandora's Box is open and the genie is out. You have got a billion horsepower entity network available to you. A network that is --the wealthiest person in the planet can't afford for themself is available to you folks for next to nothing. Use it.

Capt May: As Henry the V said, "Once more under the breech." America, world, it is time to fight for your Internet. Do this for your sake, for your children's sake, and for God's sake. This is Ghost Troop Captain May signing out from the belly of the beast in Ghost Troop headquarters in Houston, Texas.

LB: Once again, this is and we are scraping the b.s. off the truth, exposing the state secrets the ruling elite hope you don't learn. Read it yourself instead of asking the government why because that will cause the propaganda to die. See you soon for another briefing later today, Captain May. [15:04]



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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. Readers can receive regular updates on Noble Resolve through the Portland Nuclear Inquest:


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