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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Zeph Report

Host Zeph Daniel
interviews Captain Eric H. May

20 Jan 2006


Abstract: Captain Jeff Cross describes how he alerted Captain May to 9-11 as an inside job. Why Capt May believes the levees were blown in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina to deliberately flood the city. Lastly, Captain May explains why he predicts a terror strike on the 31st of the month of this interview. (The strike did not happen, however a Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team did mysteriously show up near Texas City the day after the date of his prediction, confirming to him that an intended strike was probably aborted).

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Zeph: OK friends, coming live to you, the Zeph Report on Channel Z. [speaking to his technician] Are they listening to the feed? I will bring them on in one second. I will patch them in, but they will just hear music. Folks, this is Zeph Daniel, Channel Z, and we are going to be covering a couple of things. One, we will be covering false flag terror attacks, what the numbers mean with Captain May and added Jeff Cross. Two, later on we will be talking to Dr. Helen Caldicott about the nuclear horrors in the war, DU, and what is going on in the world. You know, there may not be many moves you can make right now. I have got emails coming in that are saying, if you have never prayed before, start praying now. Red alert! Red alert! If you have never prayed before, start praying now. OK, I am going to patch my guest in to the board.... Jeff Cross, as you know, is a frequent guest of Channel Z, he has some very astute Bible teachings, he has taken a different kind of battle field where he resides presently and previously he was Captain Jeff Cross who was the commanding officer over Captain May, and Captain May and Jeff Cross worked together. Many, many emails about Captain May's recent appearance here. He had contacted us and said that he wants to go, because of the unprecedented January situation of 1-19, that is, January 19th, 1-19, backwards 9-11, and then the roll-out of the Bin Laden film. What does that mean, exactly. We are going to get into that right now. So let's hope all is well. I am going to patch both of you in. Captain Jeff Cross, Captain Eric May, Jeff and Eric hello.

Capt May: Yes, good morning Jeff. Good to hear you, Zeph. I would like to clarify one thing in your analysis.

Zeph: Sure, go ahead.

Capt May: Capt Cross, you will hear the two of us refer to him as XO when I talk to him, and CO when he talks to me, he was not my commander, he was my Executive Officer. [2:43]

Zeph: OK

Capt May: He was my direct subordinate, not that he couldn't be promoted up to command of any unit in the world. He is the finest officer I have ever had the privilege and honor of working with. But he served as my assistant. However, in one respect he was my superior, which was it was Jeff Cross who first alerted me to the reality of the 9-11 plot.

Zeph: OK, I had it backwards. OK, now I have it forwards. My apology for that. It was just in the heat of battle, you know, with all the things that we are doing last time, Eric, you know that it kind of jumbled regarding the relationship between you and Jeff. Most of our listeners know Jeff as a Bible teacher and a spiritual commentator.

Capt Cross: Yes, we call it the fog of war, Zeph.

Zeph: (laughter). I am now in the fog of war, yes. I have gotten over the last twenty four hours emails, concerned emails, upset emails, warning emails, code red emails, and I have received some from you also Eric regarding people on both sides of the spectrum, scoffing at you, and on the other hand very interested in what you have to say. Go ahead Eric, Captain May, you kick it off.

Capt May: Yes, if you will, I go by Captain May because I have been on duty since the beginning of the Info War for me, which is when they covered up the Battle of Baghdad under Jessica Lynch. If I can briefly say, Captain Cross contacted me, XO when was it, around February or January of 2004?

Capt Cross: Yes.

Capt May: Shortly after I had put up my web site about the Battle of Baghdad. And he was kind enough to complement the analytic work that I had done there and figured that I was an officer who had stepped over that line to become an opponent of the domestic tyranny of the Bush boys and challenged me to begin to look carefully at the 9-11 matter, which up to that time it was simply outside my scope. I hadn't focused in on that. I was working on the media and military abuses in the covered up body count, particularly by the Battle of Baghdad. After the Madrid bombings of 3-11, and if we are going to go into numeric analysis pretty quickly here let me remind your listeners, on 3-11 2004 there was supposedly an Al-Qaeda attack against Madrid, but it very quickly came out on the Internet that 3-11 was 911 days exactly from 9-11. And given that I had been a military intelligence officer and a military linguist, I was equipped to start doing some hard analysis on the numeric, the encryption aspect of these coincidences to see if anything was there. Again, I wasn't sold one way or the other. But had it not been for Jeff preparing me, by his uncompromising, unquestioning statements that this had been an inside operation, and had I not heard him say that to such an extent, it never would have clicked for me, because the seeds would have been sewn on shallow soil. But as it was, I started doing an in-depth encryption analysis of the coincidence of 911 days from 9-11 to 3-11 and then it started blossoming. Since then, we have never looked back with our embedded code analysis and I think the XO can attest that we have done some shocking prediction, and in fact I have been engaged in cyber combat, if you want to call it spiritual warfare--

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: I think that would be an apt description too. We probably operated 18 months consistently at each other's side, taking one mission after another, always under threat, always exposed to danger, knowing that if things went up, we were probably going to wind up interned or executed. [6:20]

Capt Cross: I have to say that March 30th was really the day --or rather the night of March 30th, was when things really started moving. When that fire started at the BP refinery.

Capt May: Which you remember, we had been predicting. I got hold of the analysis back then and I was predicting March 31st.

Zeph: OK, well we went into this last time. You may have --Jeff agrees with a lot of people, but can confirm, because he was there with you, and we had a conversation after you were on the air with us and he agreed that you very well may have saved many lives through going public right at that time. I think you were on the air with Lenny then. Lenny Bloom?

Capt May: Yes, that was 7-28-2005. There were two times that Ghost Troop saved Texas City and averted World War III.

Zeph: Wow.

Capt May: Texas City, Texas, British Petroleum facility is being set up for a false flag nuclear attack. And they are going to take the 30,000 Christian dead at Texas City, and they are going to use that as a pretext --it is going to be like the U.S.S. Maine at the beginning of the Spanish-American War-- they are going to use that as a pretext to go nuclear in the Middle East. This war is going to go to World War III and mass genocide if the people who have fomented this war have a choice. And Ghost Troop has twice directly intervened and has been correct in its analysis within 24 hours on two Texas City incidents of great consequence. And when we say we saved lives, it was God working through us. We are an instrument of higher powers. You are not the first to tell me that. [7:52]

Zeph: Absolutely. Well let me take it one step further, as now we have gotten to this point. And it is unbelievable because you taught me a little bit about these codes. I was able to see this 1-19 and then backwards it is 9-11, and then they rolled out this whole Bin Laden stuff, which they have not done since --

Capt May: October of 2004, right before the elections they rolled it out to make sure that everybody was paranoid until after the elections.

Zeph: OK, we have a caller on the line, but I am going to ask you caller to just be patient and stay there. You can here us, but we cannot hear you until I patch you in. Let us let Capt May, and then with Jeff and I really along for the ride in a sense, let him establish what this is all about. So go ahead Captain May regarding this present circumstance where some people are actually issuing within the "Christian patriot community" and other conspiracy communities if you will are issuing red alerts right now. Now what do you say?

Capt May: I issued a red alert on December 24th, Christmas Eve. Jeff just wrote me today and asked me to send him some stuff on analysis and whatnot. I can certainly do that later and copy you. That will give you links and whatnot. But we have issued an alert since December 24th. We based that on the inability of the Bush boys to push through a continuation of their Enabling Act. Enabling Act being the German Nazi term for the five year German Patriot Act that they got right after having their 9-11, the Reichstag fire.

Zeph: Reichstag, yes.

Capt May: When that happened, when they failed to get that through before Christmas, it became apparent to us that within the next five weeks, that being the next five weeks leading up to the Presidential State of the Union Address on January 31st, followed by a February 2nd voting on the Patriot Act, that they would try to institute terror at some level. Whether simply psychological, which is what we have now, or whether it is going to cross over into actual Federal-sponsored domestic terror to create death.

Zeph: But OK--

Capt May: That was on the 24th. We posted it as an international article out of San Francisco, The Tribe.

Zeph: At any time now, or could do they do it today?

Capt May: XO, what do you think? It think it is a free fire zone now.

Capt Cross: Yes, based on their past activities, though, they always like to make a market profit which is why I place these things around Tuesday or Wednesday of any given week.

Capt May: That is true. They play media cycles. And they also like to have extensive preparation. Right now the XO and I can both agree, he being a Marine officer, and I being an Army officer, that this is really almost a fragmentary order, Jeff. I don't think they have had time to do an elaborate media preparation like they did with, let's say, Texas City in the summer of 2005 when twice a week CNN was airing stories about how Al Qaeda was going to sneak a nuke into a harbor. And they were talking about nuclear 9-11s, and AP and UPI were running stories about Al Qaeda hitting chemical refineries [Editor's note: there was even a story about an Al Qaeda attack on a chemical refinery in Saudi Arabia]. . They like to set it up that thoroughly and this time they pulled it out like a bogy-man's surprise. So I have the greatest hope that this is merely a psychological operation intended to put the Democrats at a disadvantage if they try to hold back King George's domestic tyranny. But I also play it as being a possible fragmentary order on their part in which right now they have given a mobilization. When they gave this 119 alert, or this 119 false terror B.S., what they did was they gave the clearance, the green light, to all these domestic agencies that they have established under Homeland Security, FEMA and the like, to suddenly go red. So it is not just the patriot community that is going red. All of this apparatus of state that they have set up --the vast majority of people in it being honorable Americans who took an oath to the Constitution, but are simply being duped by evil command, all of that has been enacted as well. And associated with this terror alert I have heard some people, both parties, all echelons, media, Congress, and the executive branch, saying that they think there will London or Madrid -type terror acts.

Zeph: This is actually a repeat, because last time there was talk of a truce if --remember that-- before Madrid there was talk of a truce from Bin Laden.

Capt May: After Madrid, actually.

Zeph: After Madrid, OK, fine.

Capt May: After Madrid, and after Texas City, incidentally. When they hit Madrid, that is when the government began to release stories that Al Qaeda was preparing a "Black Wind of Death" attack against the United States, and it was 90% prepared. It was at that point that I started doing crypto-analytic work and came up with a target date 3-31. And I said Houston-Pasadena the ship channel area. It came in 3-30 Texas City.

Zeph: We have a number of people talking about 1-23, 123, which comes up I believe, is that on Monday? Where are we now, the 20th? 1-2-3 Monday, OK. OK so Monday, the 23rd, which, well you taught us, is a "33" day.

Capt May: Well, it doesn't really work that way, so easily. If I had to pick a hot day between now and then, I would say 1-31. They love 11's, and they love the 311 sequence. They used it for Madrid, of course. Then of course there are days in March that are hot. 3-22 is an extremely hot day. [13:43]

Zeph: The Skull and Bones [number], yes.

Capt May: Skull and Bones, yes. In 2004, that is the day they put out when they actually made the connection in the controlled U.S. media saying that Bin Laden's Al Qaeda had gotten ahold of a suitcase nuke. So they put the nuke in the hands of Bin Laden's boys, the propaganda bogey man, on 3-22. So these numeric coincidences are important. But it is also important --this is rather like holding a defensive position. Right now the patriot movement needs to regard itself as being in a defensive, vigilant condition. And in the same way that when you are with a unit in combat, one of the great dangers is that the people who have just gotten there are over eager, and misinterpreting every sign and every sound as an enemy approach. That is what we can't do. Because when you start playing the numbers, you will find that there is going to be a 1-2-8, which adds up to 11. There will be a 1-2-1, which is 11 with a 2 in the middle of it. Sometimes they play that permutation. There are all kinds of numbers, and I grant there are heavier, more pregnant numbers, but you really can't --you know the Bible thing, you really can't know the hour of the day. Until we start getting specific encrypted messages, we can't really focus down to particular numeric targets. The two times we have done so, both times in Texas City, we had specific numbers that all started pointing the same way. [15:12]

Zeph: Well look, the reason you are here is to talk about the numbers, because there are some of us who do not know that much. I do not follow numerology that closely. And cryptology and numerological cryptology that closely. But I do follow the spirits. And what I can tell you about the spirits, not reading tea leaves, what the spirit is saying to me about this time is, "No, I am not issuing a red alert for myself, just spiritually right now at this moment. But we are in that kind of condition of vigilance where any day something could happen." [15:49]

Capt May: Right. I would say we are in a definite hazard. I would say an orange alert. We are in a condition orange.

Zeph: Yes, that is exactly what I feel. It is just under red, but not quite red, although we are going into quite a season. I also want to talk to you Captain May about this, and I talked to Jeff earlier about my concern about this drought going on in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona. I have never seen anything like this right now. There are people telling me, meteorologist people, that basically it is going to recreate the dust bowl conditions in Oklahoma of the 1930's, of 1933 to be specific, and also in Texas. What are your thoughts on that? [16:35]

Capt May: That is something I have written articles about already. We are getting into another area of Ghost Troop analysis. Ghost Troop is an all areas analytic service of military intelligence collective product with public affairs distribution. And specifically what you are getting into is the idea that there can be weather modification technology. What we call a meteorological Manhattan project.

Zeph: You said the Bush boys set the fires in most likelihood. So if that is true, then wouldn't they be approving of this drought?

Capt May: Oh, yes, yes, yes. Understand, the three category five hurricanes of this year summer that followed very specific trajectories that could be forecast days, even a week in advance, those are meteorological impossibilities. I have been in Dixie on the Gulf Coast my whole life, and hurricanes are the most unpredictable things on earth. Weathermen can't predict whether it is going to rain three days from now, sir, and there is no way they can tell you five days in advance that a hurricane is going to hit New Orleans, or hit the Texas-Louisiana Coast or Houston. Or come around from the Bahamas and hit Mexico and stay three days over, what was it, two days over Cancun? Then hook around the east coast over Florida and hit New York City. They were predicting all these things well in advance. In the same way that the Manhattan Project involved the ability to create a technology which was unfathomable to anybody but the people involved in that project, but we know that resulted in an awesome weapon that unleashed the primordial forces of nature. The splitting of the atom and the atom bomb. In the same way, there is a facility in Alaska called the HAARP project. H-A-A-R-P, which probably, by the way, has anti-Christ occult connotations. They are going to play HAARP. The diabolical HAARP. That HAARP technology is probably what accounts for the very concrete and demonstrable freak temperature raises in the Gulf waters associated with these Category 5 hurricanes. And Ghost Troop, when it began to do this analysis --which is only after Katrina, incidentally, before then it was one of those many things I had heard of, but had not turned my Ghost Troop analysis loose on. After we heard about that, we sunk about 200 collective hours of the Ghost Troop collective intelligence into analyzing this phenomenon of caused weather warfare weaponry. I did not believe it going in, I was skeptical, and they had to prove it to me. By the time they had finished giving me the data, I was convinced. And then we started working things like thermal patterns in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. The overall climatological shift where we had fall this year --this year as you will recall, if you are anywhere near the South, or even the middle of this country, there was a southern heat pattern causing fall to extend until Christmas. And the trees are just now losing their leaves in Houston, and it is mid-January and my wife is telling me to cut the grass.

Zeph: Yes, I have the hoses out. I have to water the trees. The few that we have left, that is. Because I am now preparing for this to become a desert and I guess it is going to become sand. You know I am horrified at what is happening and in my guts I just don't feel that it is natural. I feel that something is wrong. [19:48]

Capt May: There is a devil sign on this, and I will give it to you, since we are talking about numerology. And by the way, I don't believe in numerology any more than I believe horoscopes. But I believe that crazy people believe it, and I think that the people who are doing this to us are crazy.

Zeph: OK

Capt May: I did not grow up speaking Russian, but I learned it because I was in intelligence. This is just a language that I have learned. It is not that I believe in this stuff, except in the sense that I believe that they believe it.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: Bush was falling badly in the polls throughout the fall, and then I heard media people on about the 30th of October, on Sunday, from the New York Times, Tim Russert from NBC, William Safire, at the Times, various people saying "Let's give Bush a break, he has that flu announcement coming up on the first of November. Well Bush, on the first of November at 10:10 AM, now they do not coincidentally do numbers, they are always fixing that. He gave a speech where he said, "Get ready for the flu." That speech was given at 10:10 AM on November 11th. The numeric decode on that is November 11, the day 1, the hour 10, now drop the zero, the minute 10, drop the zero. So you wind up with a 11111.

Zeph: Wow.

Capt May: Now that is not coincidental. Nor is it coincidental, if you do your research, and those who are within the sound of my voice I exhort you to do so, you will find that the fires in Texas, Oklahoma started on 1-11. And then you will find, when you start researching it more, that the Bush boys declared a state of emergency and gave FEMA the authority to distribute funding. And that was on January 11th. 1-11 again. So the fire started on 11-1, meaning November 1st, and the fires after continuing for two months, were made a Federal matter and money was beginning to pay out, all of which took an executive fiat issued on January 11th. 1-11. These are not coincidental, nor are they accidental. [21:45]

Zeph: Any projection on how long this will go? Will we go all the way to dust bowl?

Capt May: Well I think that is the aim. You have to understand, the rumors one hears that the Katrina incident was a contrived incident, I fully believed that the levees were blown. At the time I was getting reports from multi sources, international, local people who are my neighbors going 300 miles from Houston to New Orleans to get involved, that they had been blowing levees. And it was obvious to me receiving the reports that Federal aid was not merely inefficient, [dialing tones in background] but was specifically withheld.

Zeph: [Brief conversation with Jeff Cross to clear up dial tone problem]. Go ahead [Captain May].

Capt May: There was specific withholding of Federal aid. In effect, the government had declared war on the people of New Orleans. And if you talk to the black folks, and I talk to them a whole lot, those are my brothers and I love them, you will find that they very much think that they are the targets of genocide. Well, I think that what is happening in Texas and Oklahoma is going to have the same effect that New Orleans did. Those who have money and insurance, and particularly those who knew it was coming, are going to make out like bandits. And the poor --what I call the crackers and coloreds, regular folks who are living paycheck to paycheck who don't have savings and who don't have insurance maximums, and certainly don't have access to advanced knowledge of this, are going to wind up getting kicked off the soil just like in the Dust Bowl. You know if you read Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath--

Zeph: Yes, yes, that's it.

Capt May: You see to what degree you can reduce people with an agricultural and climatological disaster. The people who wind up cleaning up are the bankers, enforced by the cops. After this happens, you have got a new group of the population that will have to go off and fight wars because they don't have a livelihood otherwise.

Zeph: Well, I am praying against this. You know, if God answered my prayer right now the way it has gone so far, oh my, I wouldn't want to be one of them.

Capt May: Well that is exactly where Ghost Troop is on this. I believe that when this is all over, there must be trials or high tribunals to bring these people to justice. By their own rules they should be judged.

Zeph: So you folks out there that are in farming and ranching, especially ranching around New Mexico and Texas, you know I guess this is in a way supposed to be comforting. I suppose there is not much comfort, but at least you know it is not God doing it to you. It is being allowed --it is part of this war that we are in.

Capt May: Well, the important thing for everybody to consider is that this is anti-Christ stuff. If you go to a couple of basics --in fact I was doing an interview with George Ann Hughes on the Byte Show last night about all this, about the 119 stuff, she quoted you in saying that Satanists love to take that which is upright and forward and simply reverse it.

Zeph: Yep, exactly.

Capt May: They take the cross or crucifix. They don't do away with it. They turn it upside down.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: If they have a black mass, they don't take the Lord's prayer out, they turn it backwards.

Zeph: True.

Capt May: Well in the same way the 9-11 thing, they delight--believe me they are giggling with insane laughter at the idea they are playing a joke over the public by playing 9-11 back as 11-9. And the great game they have got going on now is all the Christian dupes, who right now are interpreting these diabolical manipulations of advanced weaponry, like biological warfare in the form of the bird flu that they keep promising us --which remember they announced on 11111, and then the fires in Oklahoma, or the climatological shifts that came out of the Gulf, which right now by the way spent the first few weeks of January coming out of the Pacific. You remember they were having freak high temperatures. These things are directed by Satanic cults who are running the government through Zionist powers in finance and media and then anti-Christian pre-masonic cultists like Bush himself, and his father, and John Kerry, and Clinton, and all these people. And the thing they love the most about it is they attribute all of this to God. Therefore, continuing the duping of Christians of good heart, but limited insight to think that these are end times signs. [26:05]

Zeph: Don't forget about the transgenics and the perversion of the human genome, the plant genome. All that is going on, so even if there were rain going on right now in these areas, even if this was not being destroyed, the GM [Genetically Modified] crops are coming in. And even if Monsanto seed blows on to your field at all, no matter how it gets in there, then those crops belong to Monsanto. So they have got you one way or the other.

Capt May: And the psychological enabling is the most cruel and evil part of this.

Zeph: It is cruel.

Capt May: I remember once I knew a girl in high school who was really --I thought she was really messed up, because she would come in with a bruise on her cheek or a black eye, and she would say, "Oh, my boyfriend did it. I know he loves me because he hits me."

Zeph: Ah, man.

Capt May: But what they have done is they have made it such that when they beat the American public, when they genocide New Orleans, when they destroy the homes, livelihoods, and crops of the people in the Mid-west--

Zeph: It is unbelievable what they have done.

Capt May: If they do an earthquake on the West Coast --because I do believe the earthquake phenomenon are caused by the same kinds of advanced weaponry technology that are causing the hurricanes-- when they do all these things, what they are going to do when they work on the credulous Christians who are listening to false prophets in churches, is they are going to say "This is God's end time sign." Now go kill more Muslims for Israel. [27:32]

Zeph: More sacrifice. As Bush likes to say.

Capt May: Right. It is the equivalent of the woman saying, "I know this man loves me because he beats me." It is insane, unless you realize that it is not at all uncommon for people to be that deluded in life. Enforced delusion. Psychological warfare, forced by the media.

Zeph: On a spiritual level it has really ramped up. You are listening to Captain May and Jeff Cross and me, Zeph Daniel on Zephnet, Channel Z, the Zeph Report, live streaming. If you want to call in, 1-877-Zephnet. That is 1-877-937-4638. I am looking in the distance at that. It is 1-877-Zephnet for USA and Canada. If any of you are international out there, 1-505-473-1627. And so we will continue this talk. Actually what this is, Captain May, I would say we are having this broadcast just like GeorgeAnn because we can get up quickly. We have to bring this news to the people. It is really a bulletin. [28:47]

Capt May: Call it a debrief. Call this a patriotic militia briefing. From a professionally trained --look, the American people paid millions of dollars to teach me to do what I am doing, and they are getting their money's worth finally. I was taught nuclear biological chemical warfare as a young man when I was in the Chemical Corps, came out a sergeant, then I was taught military intelligence, and then finally I was taught public affairs. And there is none of any of that which is not coming into every bit of the work that I am doing. And I am doing it as Capt Cross did, and does, because we swore an oath to this Constitution, and to this country. You know, when Bush says, "I have to defend the American people," well he is omitting an important step. He has to defend the Constitution.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: And there is no reverence for the Constitution in the man. It is a hustle. But Jeff and I, my XO and I, very much are men of our word who are standing up to the oath I took. If I might say, the feeling we have now, and XO you have to tell me if it is that way for you, do you remember when you and I got together, --I will not get too specific about it-- but on the 6th of June, 2004 when the government was starting to make noise about how there was going to be an Al Qaeda hit? We were three months past the Texas City interruption we did to stop the hit on Texas City--

Capt Cross: Yes I do. Yes I do.

Capt May: We were doing tactical considerations, and I will leave it at that, Zeph. But that was the day they buried Ronald Reagan. Now if you want to watch what kind of cult crazy we have got here, now watch--

Capt Cross: 6-11.

Capt May: 6-11, right. Now watch. 9-11, and in fact Jeff you will remember this. We figured out when you flip the 9 over becomes 6-11. And then it was 2004, but the point was 9-11 was 2001. Then 6-11 was 1002 days after 9-11. We counted it up. So watch, 9-11-2001, flip the 9 and you get 6-11, and take the 2001 and turn it backwards and you get 1002 days. So 9-11-2001 flips over with a couple of flips to 6-11, 1002 [days later]. [31:00].

Zeph: That is amazing how that works out.

Capt May: And that is when Bush gave his famous --when Ronald Reagan was elected people saw a Western star rising.

Capt Cross: Zeph, do you know about the UK's new hotline for reporting suspicious terrorist activity?

Zeph: No, tell us about it.

Capt Cross: You dial 999.

Capt May: It flips over to 666. Here, I will give you another one.

Zeph: But these people are so despicable. Listen, and --you people that serve this beast, you know what they are up to, and you kind of look the other way, hoping you can just slide by. Let me tell you something. You will be held accountable. You are basically being held accountable for drought, ruining people's lives --these people laugh. Let me tell you what Satanists do. They laugh when the planes go into the buildings. They laugh when people are being thrown out of their homes. They are sick, OK. They are backwards. So what would be --what we would cry about -- they would laugh about. What we would laugh about, they would cry about.

Capt May: Along that line that reminds me of the dancing Mossad agents in New York City. I think XO you are the one who told me about that for the first time, because it didn't come out in the mainstream media of course.

Capt Cross: Right, right.

Capt May: In fact, you were working then on the idea that they were infiltrating via moving van services.

Capt Cross: Well yes, that is what was so ominous about that time in March is that was when the Israelis and moving van incident phenomena was having its peak and it was--.

Capt May: March 2004, Texas City time?

Capt Cross: It was right before, yes, it was covered on the Jeff Rense Show and many other sources.

Capt May: Logistics. They were setting it up.

Capt Cross: There were US bases reporting suspicious activity. Israelis in moving vans. Driving their vans on to bases without clearance. Going through guard posts, etc. etc.

Capt May: You know that is something else that people have to consider. Every time these loonies say our special friend Israel, to them what they understand is our Satanic ally in doing the Devil's work. This job is going to be pulled off, if it is pulled off, with extensive Mossad collaboration.

Zeph: Well they are all on the same click. You have to understand, whether it is the Mossad, CIA, NSA, all the alphabet soup, MI6, MI5, all around the world it is called Satanica collectively. They all are working for the same goal. And even if they don't know what the goal is, it is like they are on the ship. They are on the tank. It is moving that way down the road. They can't stop it. So they are on this gravy train, and the gravy train is going to go to its logical conclusion, which is the destruction of the globe and the bringing about of a rising of Atlantis or whatever cockamamie myth they have about this new high technological society. They are going to create with mainly slaves and a few elites playing tennis and walking around flirting with girls and stuff. I don't know, you know to me--

Capt Cross: A thousand points of light.

Zeph: A thousand points of light which means a thousand times more ignorant than a Godly person would be. I just missed another call. Caller, would you call in again. And please, I am sorry about it --

Capt May: We have the gift of gab, but we don't mind shutting up if the American public is on the line, that is our commander.

Zeph: They want to ask you some questions. I know that I have gotten some emails. Caller, call again if you are listening on the stream, and this time I will keep my eye on the ball there, there is a call light that lights up to indicate there, and I have a little box which tells me who is on...

Capt Cross: Can I just interject one thing?

Zeph: Go ahead.

Capt Cross: Yes, I just want to mention the Iranian oil bourse, March 23rd of this year coming up, I look at that and maybe the CO does too, as the delimiting factor, the constraint point by which they have to get their false flag terror attack out of the way. Well before that--[35:05]

Zeph: Definitely.

Capt Cross: They have to attack before the oil bourse opens up.

Zeph: The bourse is when, Jeff?

Capt Cross: March 23rd. When they trash the dollar.

Capt May: By the way, the last Texas City attack before the 7-27, well 7-28 matter that we interdicted in the summer was 3-23-2005. 15 people were killed. I got back to some of my occult experts and I work extensively with my little gangsters [from teaching gang members as a high school teacher]. Cryps, Bloods, I work with all sources.

Capt Cross: Hey Eric, what about the--

Zeph: We have a caller on the line--

Capt May: Let's go--.

Zeph: I will break right in with it. Hello caller, you calling from San Diego?

Caller: Yes. [35:45 -the dialog continues to 36:29. The caller made a mistake. He saw the web site and was just calling in to listen. ].

Capt Cross: You need a bigger red button on your web site, with Dr. Strangelove pointing at it.

Zeph: Don't give Frankie [the studio technician] any ideas, he might create some giant --the last time he created a giant button I think it took out half the page.

Capt Cross: Can I pull something out of the memory hole real quick here?

Zeph: Go ahead Jeff.

Capt Cross: Captain May, why don't you relay your communique to the Houston FBI back in March followed by the press release that came out in the local media there saying that the warning that the FBI had received came from terror sources and not yours.

Captain May. "Foreign unspecified intelligence sources warning of an election period Al Qaeda strike on a Gulf Coast petrochemical complex." That was a sanitization of our specific alert. Let me explain, we started working with the FBI because I didn't realize the FBI was working against America at that point. Or at least the Houston branch of the FBI. When we started breaking the code, I got in touch with the FBI and I am fortunate to have my notes right here. Oh Jeff, I can tell you that when you called me for the first time, you called me on February 22nd of 2004.

Zeph: (laughter) Is that a secret code too?

Capt May: 222, well, you know maybe God sometimes works--

Zeph: You see, there is a supernatural element, I am telling you. But I think we have another caller on the line, caller? Do you have a question or a comment for Captain May or Captain Jeff Cross? Paul, come on in. [37:47]

Caller: I just wanted to say that I have been watching all this stuff and listening to all this stuff, and the posting on the Lamb cafe about the prophecies that came out. We are talking about this January 23rd, 2006.

Zeph: Please speak up a little.

Caller: OK, is that better?

Capt May: The January 23rd thing, if I am using Captain May's system right, you get a 1 and a 2 as a 12, add the 3 and the 2 you get a 5, and drop the zeroes and get a 6, and now you have got 12 and 11.

Capt May: You are doing the right thing by starting to play with numbers. This is like playing scrabble. They way you are doing it is not the way I would do it. But it is the right idea. When I look back at my early notes trying to crack the code, I see a lot of things that later experience showed me didn't work. But you have to start playing those numbers. I have an article out. I may have to do a repetition of my updates to Jeff as a retired Ghost Troop officer, that gives the basic rules of what I found to be good code analysis. What works for us, and what I use, and I will bring that on. Again, I think we are in a zone of great hazard and there well may be low-level tactical teams willing to do slight acts of terrorism, killing a few people here, a few people there. And I think those teams are already warmed up and ready. You know where they are Zeph? Texas and Oklahoma. These fires are not happening without arsonists, sir.

Zeph: They don't come to New Mexico and I wonder why that is.

Capt May: Well, knock on wood.

Zeph: (laughter) I shouldn't have said that!

Capt May: Remember, they have declared a Federal Emergency Area in the Texas-Oklahoma vicinity.

Zeph: Right. Yes.

Capt May: And clearly fires of these sorts, unless they started spontaneously, and no one on earth who knows anything about the region would believe that, these fires have been set by tactical teams. And the Bin Laden threat, which of course we call the "Al CIA-duh" threat, specifically mentions the heartland. The interior of the country. So it may well be that what we have got now is a culmination of prior preparation against the nation's interior. and not to worry your caller, but I have been getting some intel that specifically alerts Dallas. [40:15]

Zeph: Yeah, OK, so folks in Dallas, watch out. Go ahead Paul.

Caller: We have heard that from that prophecy that those people had.

Capt Cross: Which one is that so we are clear?

Caller: Some event that went on in Arizona recently.

Zeph: All right, I will explain that, but what is the source of the prophecy? Who gave it?

Caller: It is Ueli Surbeck or something like that.

Zeph: Right, I got a copy of that today --Captain May, you did not send that out? Everything is kind of a blur now.

Capt May: No I did not.

Zeph: I have got it somewhere.

Caller: It is in the Lamb Cafe.

Zeph: Well I have had so many news flashes today that actually, you know what, I probably have 150 emails today on this subject.

Caller: That goes way back to like Aug 2005 when this guy prophesied, listing cities like Dallas, Cincinnati, Washington, D.C.--. [41:14]...

Zeph: I have got several prophecies that point to 123 as an ominous date from several different sources, so that is why they are very concerned, and that was posted on That is David Eell's site.

Capt May: Along those lines Zeph, what I do is I find a different kind of analysis brought together can to give you the most accurate reading. It is like checking and cross checking a target by doing different azimuths from different observers. Jeff and other military people will understand that. But the more lines of reasoning you have pointing in the same direction, the more likely it is to be accurate. The national political advantage for the Bush boys would be to have something happen before that 1-31 Presidential state of the Union address. Which by the way I am not sure it is 1-31 by accident either. That is a 3-11 motif. But anything that would happen before that would take Bush directly off the hot seat, because today the Conyers Committee Democratic Party is starting to have a FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] hearing, and Bush is basically being savaged for having taken dictatorial power by one witness after another. Nobody is defending him. [42:41]

Zeph: OK, this prophecy comes from Ueli and Charlotte Surbeck. And what it says about it has Cincinnati, Montreal, Atlanta, Dallas. OK, so this is a vision. I saw myself away from the city and I saw someone go into the ground, and after a while I heard an explosion in the center of the city, and a large group of buildings many city blocks blew up from the bottom up. That was the vision.

Caller: Well, what gets me about that is that I only live about a mile and a half from downtown.

Capt Cross: Can I say something to the caller, Zeph?

Zeph: Go ahead Jeff.

Capt Cross: And what was your name, sir?

Zeph: Paul from Dallas.

Capt Cross: Hey Paul, I don't know if you have any friends up in Denton, but if this is going to play out the way we are postulating that it will, there is bound to be some activity up at the FEMA Center up in Denton.

Zeph: Yes, FEMA will be running around up there. You will see trucks going in and out, if you want to go up there and check them out you can probably see--.

Capt Cross: They are nicely positioned to withstand a nuke attack on Dallas and still service that area.

Zeph: I am sorry we have to talk about this. Anything else, Paul?

Caller: I just wanted to bring this out and talk to Jeff for a second, and Capt May.

Zeph: All right, well we sure appreciate it Paul, and we will keep you in prayer. Bye bye, now.

Capt May: Zeph, I want to finish off a point that I had explained why some of that becomes more emphatic, because the political situation is such that the only thing that is going to take Bush off the hot seat for all his domestic tyranny is going to be if he can somehow get the people to say, "You see, we have had another attack, if we had just let him become more of a monarch over us, it never would have happened."

Zeph: I hate that.

Capt May: So the odds of something happening --that is the thing that makes the window of vulnerability between now and the presidential State of the Union address on January 31st, on 1-31, it makes this a particularly ticklish time.

Zeph: So that he could have that pretext in place ahead of the speech.

Capt May: Well sure, because everyone will be watching the speech. That way he can go on and say, "You see, I told you."

Zeph: And of course what Jeff is saying is that with this bourse coming on in Euros, there goes the dollar down the tubes. Gold is unprecedented, at Jeff, didn't you just tell me, it was at $358 today and change?

Capt Cross. No, no. The sell price was at $560.

Zeph: I am sorry, not 3--, I meant 558.

Capt Cross: It is a roller-coaster right now. Now it is down to $550. It is really fluctuating wildly right now.

Zeph: Well that is even more scary. Because volatility is something markets do not like. It is symptomatic of something that we are not seeing. Gold is usually an indicator of gold spikes and goes through the roof crazily during times of war. During times of instability in society.

Capt Cross: To move ten points in the morning, even before noon is very strange.

Zeph: Yes, the activity we have seen lately I have never seen in gold before, except that one time I guess it was in 1979.

Capt Cross: 1978, 1979, yes.

Zeph: 1980 When it spiked to 800 and change, on that one day, and then it has been pulling back ever since then. So it never got beyond that.

Capt May: The XO had asked me to give a little bit about how it turns out that in March 30th 2004 was 3-30. It is the only day in the year that gives you a numeric code of 33. And of course that is the supreme Illuminatist number, 33. It is also the day, by the way, when the Bush people set Ronnie Reagan up and almost killed him. That was 3-30-1981. So you are right, they do play these numbers, and it is good to anticipate these days in advance. Jeff, you had asked me how this came about. I got in touch with the FBI, Secret Service Agent Joiner and then FBI agent Gillette on the 12th of March. I cracked the code by staying up all night and working with the permutations. Enough to be confident to make the predictions. Agent Gillette and I talked for 40 minutes and then when I got back in touch with him, a few days later, he told me "We will talk about the terror threat, but we won't talk about Baghdad," because he already knew that the Baghdad part of it was true, that was out everywhere, and then I finally --the last time I talked to these folks was about the 23rd --yeah the 23rd, and that is when the FBI started threatening me saying --well, first they tried to get me to call NSA because they said, you know, your code analysis--[47:32]

Capt Cross: "Unidentified threats, from unidentified people" correct?

Capt May: Well I identified myself as a military intelligence officer and the whole nine yards.

Capt Cross: Who threatened you?

Zeph: We have another caller on the line. I am saying caller, be patient...OK, so you have been having threats.

Capt May: No, no, this was back in March. The first thing they tried to do after they heard me out was you could tell they were extremely anxious. That tells me that the lower level agents I was talking to were dupes. Not participants at that point. After about a week of talking to them, they told me, in fact two weeks, they told me, "We want you to go to NSA, this is great intel, I mean, you have done code analysis." And I said, "Well, that is phenomenal." This is agent [Robert] Stult in the Houston FBI office. "Sure, give me a point of contact." And then it was, "Oh, well, look in the phone book." And I am thinking, "I am giving you vital intel, on the basis of crypto analysis predicting a strike against the Houston area--" [48:27]

Zeph: Yawn!

Capt May: "--And you are telling me to look into a phone book?" The only answer he gave to my reply was to threaten me with criminal prosecution, which is what turned me to calling KPRH AM 740, Clear Channel affiliate in Houston, Texas, a station I had dealt with extensively as a media writer for NBC as a ghost-writer and alerting Tara Howard, the news director, of my numeric analysis. She called up FBI national and asked what the heck is going on. And that is when FBI national the next day, the 24th of March, put out a Gulf Coast Alert, which the XO Jeff Cross has accurately described as morphed away from my specific prediction of 3-31-2004, Houston petrochemical complex, had been turned into unspecified foreign intelligence --not Ghost Troop-- saying that there would be a strike around the time of the election. Which by the way was a threat they later made to start a play against the public during the elections to keep the paranoia out-- [49:27]

Zeph: And I made a prediction that something would happen along those lines just based on spiritual vision. We have a caller on the line, caller, come in with your question for Jeff Cross or for Captain May or a comment.

Caller: Yes, my name is Artha, and Captain May, I was wondering if there was any significance in how the 23rd of January is 1-23. You know how 9-11 was 911, and that is the number we call for an emergency? You know how we call 123? Is there a significance to that?

Capt May: The significance could be that there is a sequential use of numerics there, 123. They do play that kind of game. But I have not specifically seen a sequence that involves sequential integers like that. A 1-2-3 or a 2-3-4. But having said that, so many people are commenting on this that I am not going to try to suppress it. Let me give you a parallel instance if I may?

Caller: OK?

Capt May: OK, I will give you two of them. The first one is 9-11 itself. You may remember, in fact I hope people will remember at this juncture, because they are not going to see the pictures in the media again, that the weekend after 9-11, George and his daddy George were out in a golf cart driving around playing golf. In fact, I remember Rush Limbaugh of all people saying that this is a terrible idea. Makes it look like he doesn't care. Like he is celebrating. And when they were out playing golf, they had hats on and the first time gave their dynastic cult numbers, 41 and 43. Does anybody remember those? 41 and 43, if you add the digits of 4 and 1 you get 5, and if you add the digits of 4 and 3 you get 7. What are the next two odd integers after 5-7. Finish the sequence Jeff?

Capt Cross: I am sorry, I am checking out a story here, go ahead--

Capt May: 5-7 is followed by 9-11.

Zeph: Ah!

Capt May: They put cute little things that you have to know how to look into it to pick it up. 5-7-9-11. Now if you say, "That is coincidence, Captain May." OK. The Amman Jordan bombings were on 11-9 [2005]. November the 9th, which is the last they played this little 11-9 shenanigans on us. The Amman Jordan bombing resulted in the replacement of the Jordanian cabinet by the monarch, and the installation of their most pro-Israel official, the former Ambassador to Israel, as Prime Minister. And of course that was blamed on Al Qaeda, it always is. But the Jordanian bombings resulted in the deaths of some of the top officials in the Palestinian intelligence service. That particular bit of information not being brought out. So looking at it as anything except a dupe of the American media, an extension of this whole war cabal and 9-11 plot, it is pretty obvious that the people who benefited from the Amman, Jordan bombings were the Israelis. They got rid of the Palestinians. They got rid of a government in Jordan that was not favorable to Israel, they reinstalled a new government which was highly favorable to Israel, and then the body count. We always have to play the body count game, because body counts are manipulated. The body count was 57. Again, Jordan 119. Here we have it again, 5, 7, 9, 11. They play that kind of game. So when you bring up the idea of the sequentiality of 1-2-3, I cannot dismiss that, but neither can I confirm it on the basis of my experience. My experience has led me to look for odd integers or even integers skipping a step. I will give you one more a little more complex. I can very easily tell you the day or number of people claiming to be dead at the World Trade Center, because it is an occult number: 2749. Now that one is more subtle. 2 steps over 7 to 4, a two step increase of an even integer, and 2749, the second number steps over the 4 to 9, and becomes a 2 step integer increase on the odd numbers. So 2749, 2 goes to 4, 7 goes to 9. And if you take the two implied bookends, what comes before 2? 1. And what comes after 9? 10. Knock out the zeros because they do not count, and you have an 11 implied. And if you add up all four numbers 2, 7, 4, 9, you get 22. These are the kinds of hint that are placed in at all points. [53:54]

Zeph: Well, it is rocket science, I guess. Arsa, did you see the prophecies from Uli and Charlotte Surback?

Arsa: Yes. On your Lamb Cafe.

Zeph: So you saw that there. Have you heard that anywhere else about 123?

Arsa: No.

Zeph: Ok, so--

Capt Cross: Gentlemen, I am going to have to jump off here in a few minutes, I just wanted to--.

Zeph: Thank you Arsa, thank you for the call. God bless.

Capt Cross: I just wanted to share that ABC is reporting now that there may be another Al Qaeda tape about to be released from Ayman al-Zawahiri. So CO, you may have more grist for the mill coming up pretty soon here soon.

Capt May: They use one puppet on the one hand, and another puppet on the other hand.

Capt Cross: Right. Folks, I have got to hop off.

Zeph: OK, there goes Jeff Cross. God bless Jeff, and we will talk to you real soon.

Capt Cross: Yes, we will talk later, take care.

Zeph: OK, there he goes, and we are still on the line here with Captain May. I had Jeff ride along just to really --to verify Captain May, because a lot of listeners--

Capt May: All the Texas City business, yes, he was in on it.

Zeph: Well a lot of the people out there, they have heard Jeff Cross on our show, time and time again regarding his work with Bible prophecy. And the thing about it is that I really had him on to vouch for you because people hadn't heard you before. So now you see that just goes to your credibility, and I talked to Jeff before the show and he vouched for your credibility and believes you are very earnest in your pursuit, and a good egg and all that. So folks, I just want you to know that that is Jeff Cross you have heard talking about the Bible and spiritual things, and that is Captain Jeff Cross, ex-Marine Captain who was also an ex-Captain--[55:46]

Capt May: Ghost Troop executive officer.

Zeph: An ex-Ghost Troop executive officer.

Capt May: My number two.

Zeph: And Jeff is one of the most --he is a straight shooter, folks. I have a lot of confidence in Jeff, he is an amazing person. So you know Captain May you are a really valuable asset here. It is great you are getting out on the air waves. And I know you have really perked a lot of things up lately. You have given people this idea that they can see --there is some rhyme to the reason, there is something they can discern.

Capt May: Oh yes.

Zeph: They don't have to feel so alone and just so many people now just feel--

Capt May: Isolated, I am afraid.

Zeph: In the patriot community they feel absolutely shell-shocked. Like they lost.

Capt May: We have gone through that. Jeff and I both went through that. When I say that Jeff got in touch with me in February 2004, and within a month he made a convert of me into believing in 9-11 and the way it went down, the plot, after that Texas City business, which, the most important thing Jeff did was to confirm that Ghost Troop did what I say it did, with all the documents.

Zeph: That was the purpose of having him on to just show that you and he do know each other and that what --

Capt May: And what we say is true. These are actual events. These are historic events, not reported by the main stream media.

Zeph: He verifies that you may very well have saved lives. That you people were on the air at that time. You were exposing this thing.

Capt May: Oh yes. He is being modest. We averted World War, sir. It was the power of God working through us, sir. It was not us, but Him.

Zeph: Let's not be modest, OK.

Capt May: (laughter) Well there is a saying, No novus dominae, Not to us Lord but to your name give the glory.

Zeph: Amen. Let us give the glory, but at the same time folks, this may well be the hero. He may not get any medals here on earth, but certainly he will later on. You know who he is. He is Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop, the information is on our web site at Zephnet. We have him already. We have links to everything. We have his bio and links to all the pages that Captain May you are associated with. Is there anything else? I know we are right up on the hour, we are going to go ahead and let this be an hour news bulletin. Any time we need to go forward with one of these I invite you to come back and just call me. [58:14]

Capt May: Please keep Ghost Troop in mind when this next announcement comes out. The Al CIA-duh continuation.

Zeph: It is coming out today.

Capt May: First off if I may say, had it not been for Captain Cross being named Captain Cross, I do not know if I would have taken it for what I should have taken it for and did, which was Captain Cross was an angel sent to Ghost Troop by God. God picks his messengers. Captain Cross, when you say I am a brave man, I thank you for that complement, but I want to say that Ghost Troop is officered by exactly the kind of Christian warriors who are necessary at this juncture in history. They are martyrs. They are willing to be slain to tell the truth. And that is the Christian mission. And that is what the prophecies say is necessary to stand for God's will in this world. Men who are willing to be --in Greek macuros [spelling?] means witness. Martyrs are nothing more than witnesses. And we have been here with Zeph today to give witness to the truth of what we have observed. I will bring in one other cult thing so that you will know why they hit Texas City, and how wicked they are. At the heart of Texas City, you notice I called Jeff XO?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: That means Executive Officer, but he also signs his name --he is a Christian, and the X is a Christ symbol. It is an Anthony's Cross.

Zeph: And his last name is Cross.

Capt May: Right, and the "X" for "XO" is a cross for the cross officer, because "X" is a symbol for St. Anthony's Cross. Well, the reason they hit Texas City is because deep in the heart of Texas is an "X." There is a St. Anthony's Cross in the heart of Texas City. These are people who hate Christ. The idea that they would send the world into a World War cycle, and that moreover they would dupe the Christians into doing it, by destroying the Christian City of Texas City with a cross right there in the middle of it, remember that was their third hit, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York City, New York, Texas City, Texas, this is their sick parallelism. And the "X" in the middle of Texas City represents Christ. These are Christ haters. These are Christ killers. These are people who want to destroy Christ. They are the anti-thesis. You people, you American people who are listening to me, all you need to do is talk. Spread the word. Make calls to your first responders. These are good men. These are honorable men. They have made an oath to the Constitution as we did. There are many people who are uninformed and unaware and therefore unprepared. It is in our hands, through God, to take the steps to prepare ourselves for what is coming. Because only by preparing for what is coming can we make it not come. Preparedness is the answer.

Zeph: They want to block the whole thing. They want to block the return of Christ. If they could get rid of every real lamb. Those people who are sealed and redeemed. If they could get rid of all of those, they figure it is game over. There is no need for Christ to return. They are playing a losing battle because the Lord hides his own scattered across the globe. You will never find them all.

Capt May: No, you are right. You are utterly right.

Zeph: You will never find them all. God is the ultimate warrior, friends. And way better than the Satanists. OK? Wouldn't you agree with that, Capt May, that God is a better warrior than Satan?

Capt May: Utterly, utterly. His is the power and the glory. The devil is second string, got fired for bad character. These guys are losers. These are not brave men. They are not even powerful. For God's sake, I have been on the phone for an hour now and for three years I have been doing this mission. If they cut us down, they do nothing but martyr us, and if that is what it takes, that is what it takes. That is why Captain Cross is a brave man, and I aspire to be like him. And all of my Ghost Troops are the same. And there are many, many such as us out there. Our strength through God is much greater than normal people.

Zeph: When I first met Jeff, it makes sense. What is your phone number? "Well I will have to let you know." Where do you live? "Well I will you an address in a couple of days."

Capt May: Sure.

Zeph: And that is normal if you are in this kind of battle, friends.

Capt May: We have come in and out of some very wicked things, and some very hairy times, and both of us thought we were standing at death's door many times. That night that Texas City happened, I did not think I would survive that night. Especially when helicopters were circling my position as I was doing international radio broadcasts.

Zeph: Wow. Well this actually is international internet radio broadcast right now currently, and it will be picked up and rebroadcast in markets around the world such as Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, down in that part of the world, also in Finland, in Russia, in Iraq, oddly enough, and also GeorgeAnn Hughes' programs are being rebroadcast in Iraq as well, which is--

Capt May: Well, it is time for that. There is nothing that spreads the fire like the spirit, and the spirit is with us.

Zeph: OK, well look, I invite you back. An open invitation Captain May, any time you feel you need -- yesterday I could not put you on the air right then. I would have if --because I had something that was in the way, usually that is not the case. So if you have something that you have got to go forward with, call me, if I am not on the air right then I will just plug you right in, we will go live right at that moment. [1:03:31]

Capt May: Well, I am honored and most grateful to you Zeph. You and Trish. My complements go out to the XO, and it was good to have him back in the saddle again of Ghost Troop, if only for one short mission right now, and he is doing God's work where he is, and that helps everybody.

Zeph: He is a blessing, definitely. I have learned a lot from him. I would urge anyone to go to the site. I am not sure if that is the name of it, but he is a host of the threshing floor at the Christian Media Network. And that is Jane Floyd's Network. And he teaches. He had a wonderful teaching on the Messiah and Shiloh and the Tabernacle. I cannot believe he did that in half an hour. It was like something like manna from heaven. And I have told him such, not to give him a big head or anything, Jeff. But you are definitely a blessing Jeff, to a lot of us, and so are you, Captain May, and look, we will see you real soon, OK?

Capt May: Remember Ghost Troop has been small in numbers, never over a hundred people, but it has been tremendous in effect, and that is inspiration for everyone out there who is doing the good work. We can all make a difference.

Zeph: Well, it is a good thing you came along right now. OK, see you later.

Capt May: Good bye.

Zeph: Bye, bye. All right friends, you heard it. That was Captain May of Ghost Troop. And he is a tremendous --Gosh, what a warrior. (laughter). I hate to put it in those terms, but if you had a few of those, you could win any war. Kind of like he is almost very much like David. He knows he has God on his side, and he goes with that. So this is Zeph Daniel. The Zeph Report. Heard live around the world, now. Also heard in the podosphere, the Zeph Report. I am also known as Minister Z, because I am going to say the truth, and the truth will set you free. And the truth is Christ. And the only thing I know is that without Jesus is I would not know "why" the proliferation of nuclear arms. Why creating dust bowls? Why hurting people? Why laugh at hurting them? Why torturing children? Why...I now know why...see you later.

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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