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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


The Byte Show
Cracking Satan's Code

Interview, Part III

GeorgeAnn Hughes
interviews Captain Eric H. May
19 January 2006

Abstract: How the viciously biased Zionist media took down candidate Howard Dean with the "Dean Scream." HAARP as a meteorological "Manhattan Project." Pat Robertson and other Christian Zionists probably have inside knowledge that aids their "prediction" abilities.

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GeorgeAnn Hughes: Hello everybody, this is GeorgeAnn Hughes with the Byte Show and we are bringing data for your head. Oh boy, and lots of it. A lot of things to digest here. We are talking with Captain May of Ghost Troop, and this is Part III in the chronicle of "Cracking Satan's Code." And we are going to be talking about wonder weapons, weather weapons, and in Part II we discussed the Bird flu, and how they are trying to take over the world, once again, you know this is an age-old story. A bunch of guys are trying to take over the world, and they are demonically in-dwelt, of that I am convinced. Hi there, Captain May.

Capt May:
Well, it is good to be back for Part III, and it is probably appropriate that we should do three parts because what we are part of, the Info War, you and I and everybody listening, whether we like it or not, is set up to stop a "III." And that is World War III.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: Candidly, I think this whole scenario has been set up, this 9-11 coup de etat that was pulled off against us. Indeed, the election 2000 was a coup de etat. The election of 2004 was a coup de etat. You and I were just talking about how in the summer of 2003 once it was clear to the more moderate people in government that the war was a failure, and that the popularity of the government was plummeting, Howard Dean, a democrat, and I do not have much regard for politicians of any stripe, but Howard Dean said three things that made him an enemy of the state, an enemy of the conspiratorial state. He said we need to get out of Iraq, we need to dismantle Homeland Security, and we need to get realistic and even-handed about Israel and the Arabs. At the time Howard Dean said that it was July of 2003, maybe August. Within two weeks, the Zionist media had taken, remember the "Dean Scream". Dean hooting at a pep rally. I would hate for somebody to get a sound byte of me hooting at a pep rally. Nobody sounds like a genius when they hoot at a pep rally.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: They took that Dean Scream, and it was the death of a thousand repetitions. They repeated that hoot at a pep rally where he was trying to charge up his campaign workers from the time when he was twenty points ahead in the polls in the Democratic primary ahead of John Kerry, and they amplified it so much with so much commentary, with so much ridicule, you know their tactics have not changed since the Gospels. They spit and ridicule. They spit, ridicule, and crucify. [2:49]

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: And they did that to the Dean candidacy. And as a consequence you have John Kerry as the Democratic candidate. John Kerry and George Bush were cult club brothers of the Skull and Bones fraternity, an elite Satanic society, Free Masonic and Cabalist, at Yale University. They were both brothers in that Secret Society. They both had identical policies. They both were pro-Israel, pro-war, pro-Homeland Security, totally invested in the Al Qaeda myth, as George Wallace once said, there truly was not a dime's worth of difference between them. And that is what we had for the so-called elections of 2004. We had King John of the Skull and Bones on the one side, and King George of the Skull and Bones on the other side. It was about as open an election as, I don't know, a Mafioso election of a leader.

Hughes: Yes (laughter).

Capt May: What we have in essence is mafiosi. We have a mafiosi society. We were talking GeorgeAnn about the hurricanes.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: At the time Katrina hit, the day Katrina hit, which I believe was August 29th, I am not sure, I was up at Camp Casey, Crawford. We had Busy under siege. And we badly wanted him to fall from office. To be impeached, removed, to be arrested, whatever. And that is why I was there. Why many people were there. Quite an energetic crowd. As if to save Bush from that bad luck that he was having with his plummeting numbers and the growing anti-Bush movement besieging him and his Camp Casey, Katrina hit New Orleans. And rumors started spreading around the Gulf Coast immediately, because I am within radio distance, you know at night you can pick up the signal out of New Orleans, call-in shows were coming on where people were screaming that the police --that they had blown the levees-- that this was all set up, that there were murders going on, that the police were looting, it looked like perfectly caused domestic chaos.

Hughes. Yes.

Capt May: Aid was not rendered. I cannot tell you, my next door neighbors, an elderly retired couple, who know Ghost Troop. They don't really understand us, but they know I am the Ghost Troop commander. I had people coming to my door saying, "You know, Captain May, you have got to get your Ghost Troops. I have been to Louisiana. They ought to get some of those boys out there with those fast boats. Go take a truck load in there of supplies. There are people starving and dying of thirst. You remember people were dying in the stadium. People were dying in the streets.
Hughes. Yes.

Capt May: And no effective aid was being rendered. And people who were regular people one city over, Houston, to the west a few hundred miles or 300 miles, regular people had ideas about how they could have created a better situation. About how they could have rendered aid. About how they could have brought relief. But the fact of the matter is the police and the homeland authorities were not there to facilitate relief. They were there to withhold it. It was a set up. The levees were blown. The people were killed.

Hughes: Yes. They ordered the people into that Dome, locked the doors, and that was it.

Capt May: There were open roads out of the city, and they turned people out with guns. They turned people back.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: They withheld aid. They kept aid from reaching it. The police communications, they said they were knocked out and inadequate. I am saying they shut them down. It was slow murder. It was genocide. It was exactly what the black folks were saying. It was just that we are taught that on the one hand media says, "Yeah, we are egalitarian, we believe in equal rights and all this" but on the other hand what they say is, "Don't listen to these black folks. (laughter). Don't listen to them when they talk about what happened in their town. You know, you can't trust black folks."

Hughes: Yeah, right.

Capt May: They play it both ways. It is Satanic. It is cruel. It is heartless.

Hughes: Yes, it is cruel.

Capt May: It was so cruel that even the stock reporters, you may remember Ted Jeffries --there were a couple, and Geraldo Rivera, loyal thought foot soldiers who were screaming that the government was letting people die.

Hughes: Yes. I saw Shepherd and Geraldo Rivera. Shepherd had tears in his eyes.

Capt May: He was saying, "There were 200 people on this bridge. There are vehicles with supplies two hundred yards away, and these people are dying, and those vehicles are going by and not stopping. What is wrong?" They have lost containment. It was so obvious to anybody. It was clear. What they have done since is that they have shut it all down. Since it was so obvious there was so much deviltry being done, I had heard rumors for some while that the government may have done a meteorological Manhattan project. Do you remember the Manhattan Project? That was the project that built the bomb. And we are not talking science fiction. We are not being conspiracy theorists. We are not being nuts when we say there was a secret project that average people did not know about, that average people would have thought crazy to have even talked about, which was absolutely real. The Manhattan Project built two nuclear devices that destroyed two cities and ended the war. That really, really happened.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Well, I put it to Ghost Troop, the question was whether or not there could be a meteorological Manhattan Project. There are people who knew far more than I did that who already said, "Yes, but you know, I am just a dumb redneck from Texas. You have to prove it to me." So I told my folks, I gave them orders: prove it. If you say it is so, I will believe it. But I do not think it is so. I think Bush gets out lucky. Which is, incidentally, about the same way I used to believe about 9-11. That Bush just got lucky, because Bin Laden did exactly what Bush needed. Well now I have got a bit hipper to that. So any way my cycle of figuring things out has got a lot faster over the years. I put my people to it. They put a couple of hundred hours into research. National meteorological data, offshore water temperatures, wind direction, statistical analyses of hurricane season, everything else. And basically they came up with what you know and I know very well now. Everything that happened this summer was just off the books for how freaky it was. Even people who don't have two hundred hours of Ghost Troop analysis in their computer banks, will accept that what happened was freaky. [9:24]

Hughes. Yes

Capt May: Well what we came back with was the idea that these were caused. These were "HAARPicanes" as my friend Lenny Bloom up at Cloak and Dagger calls them. They are caused by the High Altitude Aural Research Project. Part of the strategic defense initiative. A facility set up in Alaska, top secret beyond top secret. And it seems that they have learned how to focus energy to create hot spots or resonations in the earth's surface or the earth's seas. So in essence what we came up with was the view that these hurricanes were directed to targets. They were weapons. You described in the last segment, GeorgeAnn, how it was like they made a straight line, and they went to exactly where the weather people said they were going to go! I have never seen such amazing predictions. I have lived on the Gulf Coast since I was a child. [10:19]

Hughes: Yes, and at the very last minute the hurricane made a turn.

Capt May: Rita --yes, that is true. Katrina turned right into New Orleans. It had been predicted four or five days in advance as going through New Orleans. That is an impossible prediction. That is not a prediction. That is announcement. You understand the difference?

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: They were not predicting Jack. They were announcing the designated target and calling it a prediction. That is why if you can think back to it, and it is hard at this distance, but if you can find video files and stories and whatnot, there was no meteorology going on. There was no meteorological model to explain for how it was that a hurricane started, oh, a hundred miles off brother Jeb's Florida coast and then suddenly became a category 5 and made a straight trajectory due west and then hooked up like a good breaking curve ball and hit New Orleans and wipe it out. There was no model. What we extracted from that was that probably what had happened with this High Altitude Aural Research Project HAARP, by the way which also may be an anti-Christ code, you know, they are playing the HAARP for the people they are going to kill. [11:34]

Hughes: Yes. They are playing the harp of angels.

Capt May: An anti-Christ sign. But HAARP is no more complicated when you think about it than the idea, let us say you and I went to a desert island where there were aborigines who had never seen people from the civilized world. And I took a magnifying glass out of my pocket and I held it and focused the sun on to a leaf and I caused the leaf to break into flames. Well, the natives would worship me as a god, because I created fire with my hand.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: I mean, they would not understand the technology, therefore it would be magic. Well, HAARP is nothing more than focusing a hot spot into the surface of the sea. Because as you focus heat into a particular point in the sea, you create a low pressure system which inevitably results in a circulation of wind. The science, the physics of it are no more complicated than flushing a toilet bowl. You don't create a miracle because you pull the bottom out of a toilet bowel and it makes a twister. A swirly is not a miracle. It is just what water does if you pull the bottom plug out, right? Well, that is what a HAARP does. And then as you direct the force of the heat beam, you direct the place that the hurricane will circulate around and follow. In effect you are taking that magnified point of light from the magnifying glass, and you are making a trail to exactly where you want to go. That explains how it is that you have that magic trajectory of Katrina hitting New Orleans. And then Rita, by then Ghost Troop was in full swing, and I ought to give you the reference. We were doing an ongoing log in. Ghost Troop is read not so much by regular folks, but one heck of a lot by top end analysts and intelligence people around the world. There are people who are amazed at the work we do because we get away with doing it.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: That is one reason why I don't know ---except that we have predicted so often that we would be assassinated that they probably don't want to do it because it would prove we are right on everything we have written. Ghost Troop--I began to give orders when they announced Rita. Now this was three weeks after Katrina. Remember Katrina hit the last weekend Cindy Sheehan was up in Crawford causing Bush all kinds of problems. Katrina hits, and fortunately gets Bush off the hook for Cindy Sheehan. It distracts the news. Three weeks later they start saying "New Hurricane storming, just popped off the coast of Florida, and possibly powerful category five and it's going to hit Houston." They said this six days before the thing was projected to hit Houston. That, Ma'am, is another impossible forecast. It is not a forecast, it is an announcement.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: And the meteorologist gave no explanations of this model. They simply predicted that it would be a category five and it would hit Houston six and five days in advance. Brother Jeb was making announcements like that. And of course he is in it up to his ears. As it began to come across the Gulf of Mexico, Ghost Troop, which at that time had about a hundred cyber activists working together. We began to send out --I cannot begin to count the number of messages we sent, and the number of email connections, cyber publishers and cyber radio stations, police agencies, and mainstream media outlets. I can't tell you how many people we alerted. But the reason we did it was I said we have stopped things in the past, among them the attempt to sabotage British Petroleum, Texas City on March 30, 2004. We can stop this hurricane. We can make a miracle, Ya'll. We can, if we can get information out, that this thing is an impossible hurricane that is being targeted at Houston, Texas, we can make them turn it off from Houston, Texas. Two days before that thing was supposed to hit Houston, Texas, the Houston meteorologists were giving, you know, hourly updates and they were beginning to say things like, "We can't explain what is happening." And they would kind of wink in the camera and just say, "But we can tell you this. There are many forces affecting this hurricane." And we knew doggone good and well they were talking about us. Because I am in Houston, this is our home base. [15:53]

Hughes: Do you remember Bush making a speech where he called Katrina a horrible weapon?

Capt May: Yes, he said, "It is as if someone took the most horrible weapon ever invented--"

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: What he was doing was he was laughing at the people he had killed. Remember he laughed at Carla Faye Tucker when he put her to death? And he stuck firecrackers up frog's butts and down frog's throats and blew them apart and laughed when he was a boy?

Hughes: Oh my.

Capt May: A man who can do those things is not reformed. He simply needs to do them in greater measure. Sadism and satanism are his addictions. And remember he flew over the area?

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: That is a God symbol. He flew over the area and made the statement that, "It is as if somebody has released the most terrible weapon ever envisioned."

Hughes: I want to ask a question--

Capt May: --He was stroking his ego and he was emboldening his associates by saying that. Go ahead.

Hughes: OK, the media concentrated intensely on New Orleans. Very little was done concerning Mississippi. Why, why? Mississippi was just devastated.

Capt May: Mississippi wasn't --at that time remember --are you talking about when Katrina hit?


Capt May: Because the big story was New Orleans. Because New Orleans destruction had the bigger economic payoff for the people who were in on it.

Hughes: Oh boy.

Capt May: You have got to remember, OK, let's us take the World Trade Center. Larry Silverstein, a Zionist Jew connected with both the Bush boys and the Sharon Zionists bought the World Trade Center contract two months before it came down.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: He doubled the insurance one month before it came down. Bush family associates security firm took over the security of the World Trade centers one month before it came down. And the weekend before it came down they closed the centers to do "renovations and remodeling." OK, it is pretty clear, isn't it? Silverstein was in on it, bought it, doubled the insurance. Bush security firms took the contract and placed the explosives the weekend before it happened. I mean, it is not hard to figure out, it is just that you have to figure it out without any help from the media, and in fact you have got to turn off the media.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: If we had seen 9-11 happen --if you had come over to my house or I had come over to yours and had coffee, with the family, and we had turned off the volume, and if you had just seen --and I had just clicked on there and said "Look at this!" you would say, "My Lord, why are they doing a demolition of the World Trade Centers!" If it hadn't been for the volume, if it hadn't been for the voices, if it hadn't been for the total information product they had already prepared, it would have been obvious to any nitwit that it was a controlled demolition because it worked just like one.

Hughes. Exactly.

Capt May:
In fact, there is a fellow now, a professor out of BYU who is the latest of many people to do physics on it, explaining how it was impossible --utterly impossible--for it to have been anything but --.

Hughes: Anyone who has seen a building imploded knows what that looks like, you know. But I want to get back to our hurricane subject.

Capt May: The hurricane subject, all right, New Orleans was the focus target. Remember Fox Network had just run a show at the beginning of the summer "Oil Storms."

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: Fox had actually prepared --now think about it, remember Independence Day was code named ID4 and marketed as ID4 [which could also be interpreted as "Identification for"]? I am telling you now it was an "ID for" 9-11.


Capt May: Well, Fox News, Fox Network, the same people who made Independence Day, had already prepared Oil Storm which was all about a super hurricane hitting New Orleans and creating a state of emergency and requiring the imposition of Federal emergency powers and dictatorship and driving up the oil prices beyond all reality. Right?

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: How much of that happened, man? All of it?

Hughes: Hmmm.

Capt May: You see what I am saying? And I will tell you the movie that gives it all away, since we are playing movies again. One more time, one more. You want to know what the movie was in 2004 that set all this up so that the public would accept it? The Day After Tomorrow. Another Fox Network movie which in advance talked about how there would be 15 degree drops in the North Atlantic current which would bring on a new Ice Age in the North. OK? Be a Satanist and turn things backwards. The amount of temperature variation in the Gulf waters this summer was ten to fifteen degrees above normal. [20:36]

Hughes: But they are not even addressing the fact that there is an enormous amount of under water volcanic activity that is going on. They don't want to talk about that.

Capt May:
Well we'll come back to that, especially after the earthquake part of things. But my point is that in 2004 Hollywood, which is run by Zionists who are hand in glove with all of this Satanic empowerment --

Hughes: Well add in there that the Zionists have a lot of help from the gentiles.

Capt May: From who?

Hughes: From the gentiles--

Capt May:
Oh yes, of course. Of course. But they [the Zionists] run the propaganda end of the operation. I have worked in media and that is pretty apparent to people who have worked in media. They put out a movie in 2004 called The Day After Tomorrow. I hope you saw it.

Hughes: No.

Capt May: It was a movie all about how catastrophic weather would be caused by a sudden shift in temperature. That got people used to the idea that catastrophic weather was on the way because of sudden shifts in temperature. In the movie they drown a city, New York. OK in reality one year later, they had catastrophic weather and temperature changes in the waters just like in The Day After Tomorrow, they had super storms, just like The Day After Tomorrow, and you have the drowning of the city. Except instead of New York City, it is New Orleans. I mean, in other words, they do the blue print to get the public ready to accept it. No woman on earth who has daughters would let her girl go to a porn movie before going to the prom. Because you know that any boy who will take your daughter to the porn movie before the prom only has one thing on his mind.

Hughes: Oh sure.

Capt May: He is trying to get her ready for something, and we won't talk about that on this radio. Well, when they do a movie like The Day After Tomorrow, all about how there are going to be ten to fifteen degree water temperature changes creating super storms wiping out cities, they are getting us ready for what they are going to do. You don't got show your date porn because you want to take her out for ice cream. Reality is supposed to simulate the movie.


Capt May:
Well, the Day After Tomorrow was porn for the weather weapons. They were setting it up. So this year when you take Katrina, we have taken Rita, Rita was a category 5 that was coming towards Houston, Ghost Troop got so involved in that, that Rita veered off. I think they called it off. I have seen them call off Texas City. The good thing about operating against this war cabal that works with this Satan Code is that this code is very elaborate. And it is not build to give signals to brave, powerful, principled people. It is built as a way for cowards to be able to do the devil's work and pretend like they are not doing it.

Hughes: Very well said, yes (laughter).

Capt May: So they have to set these things up a very long time in advance. They are not boldly coming in and doing anything. They set it up for years because they are cowards and weaklings and deficiencies. And if you get into their information cycle, and you just start tearing into the middle of it, you knock it out. You can knock down their code. And they do not know what to do. Because this code was built on the idea that no one would ever know what they are doing. They are sneaks. They are like Eddie Haskell in Leave it to Beaver. They are sneaks. So Rita diverted. And the last one was Wilma. Wilma hit Mexico, stayed there long enough to level Cancun, we discussed that the last hour, how there were probably billions made in rebuilding all those poor people's houses with, naturally, rich resorts.

Hughes: And putting those people in debt.

Capt May:
It came across, wiped out part of Cuba, then hit Florida, and then did impossible things in Florida. Then went up the east coast and caused a storm in the Northeast which they were predicting as well a week in advance. These weather weapons were all used to destroy pre-set targets, to drive out the poor, uninsured, impoverished common people --or to kill them off, indeed to genocide them in the case of the black folks in New Orleans-- [24:43]

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: --And to show everybody else, everybody who was in the loop, how powerful they were. This is cruelty. This is great cruelty. It is Satanic.

Hughes: Absolutely.

Capt May:
This brings us to where we need to go in the final analysis. And this will probably be a good place to focus on what is happening right now. People can roll the window down tonight and follow where we are going to go next. Across America, Ghost Troop is a nationwide and worldwide operation now. I am getting emails from people in Ohio who are outside in their shorts and sandals. I have to cut my front yard and I am not going to do it on principle because I am 46 and I have never cut my front yard in January. The leaves have not totally fallen off the trees in Dixie yet. Now it tends to be a warmish place, but warmish to us means it doesn't freeze that often in the South in the winter, but it does not mean that it feels like spring. It has felt like March or April all winter long. Probably in your state too.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Ma'am, this is all carved --they have taken the HAARP energy that they were using, and now all that energy has gone from the Gulf, where all summer long we had temperatures fifteen and ten degrees above normal in all off-coast measuring points--

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: You can look up any state like Florida. And you can look up in the fishing reports what the average water temperatures are. Water temperatures were ten to fifteen degrees above normal. That is freak. That is impossible. You can have water temperature fluctuate a degree or two, fifteen degrees means something has changed in the nature of nature. Now you are having the same phenomenon off the West Coast of California. You have Seattle where they are having record rains. I think it rains 30 days straight, with rain today. California is having record high temperatures.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: They are telling us to believe something that is just impossible on the face of it. You are going to notice this winter that when the wind comes from the north that it gets warm. That is impossible. You can go back to the cave men and in the most basic languages ever invented, no one ever thought to say "It is winter and the wind comes from the north, therefore it is warm." It is like saying "You are older than your Mom." It is impossible. It is nonsense. It is nonsense unless there is super heating activity going on again. What I am seeing off the coast of California, which of course is not getting reported, and I think of California as the whole West Coast, it is activity that reminds me a whole lot of what happened in the Gulf this summer where there are impossible fluctuations in temperature. And in the same way that all summer the south was ten to fifteen degrees above normal, and in fact going all the way up to the Canadian border you did not have a hard freeze until December. I mean, impossible things. They are happening again, only this time it is coming from California. Now you can take the idea that something is happening that we have never heard of beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, how did it shift to the Pacific? And the answer is it shifted because the weather weapons that are causing it have shifted. And that brings us to the next and last thing I was going to talk about which is the Armageddon weapons where they are trying to create these God-like events. The same way as if they dropped a nuke on a U.S. city in 1945 instead of doing it on Japan, they could have said God came and destroyed it. Because no one knew what a nuke was. [28:27]

Hughes: Right.

Capt May:
Right now we have meteorological nukes, weapons of mass destruction. That is why it is good you brought up that George Bush, went to Katrina, was mocking the American people by saying. "It looks like the most terrible weapon of all time wiped it out."

He is mocking God, for God's sake.

Capt May: Right, it is Satanic. It is anti-Christ.


Capt May: And Bush is an anti-Christ. He is an anti-Christ. That is his delight. The Skull and Bones Order is built on that kind of thing. OK, I am going to take us to three things that I think are going to connect together when we talk about where we are going next. The same resonations from the HAARP project, or from other weapons that I don't know yet, they call them scalar weapons. Weapons focusing energy from outside the earth through the atmosphere to create resonances or heat patterns. Those have been present, and have been demonstrable during the super storms of this summer, which were impossible. And they have been present at the earthquakes of the last year. This being another area where again, I did not believe a bit of this --you know someone doesn't say to me "Yes, they have invented teleportation" and I just believe in it. You have got to show me a lot before I am going to even put my reputation on the line and say that kind of stuff. I remember last year when people on the Internet were saying that the Jakarta Tsunami was a caused event. And I did not believe it. [29:59]

Hughes: Well you know a few days or hours or days before that happened there was a big quake down in the Antarctic. 8 point something on one of those same fault lines.

Capt May:
That is what I think is up. I think that they are messing with the mantle and the crust of the earth. It is the same way that someone would say you are crazy to say one bomb could create, you know, a thousand trainloads of explosive force. And somebody would have said that was insane before the invention of the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb. But now we know that it is very true. Well, it has been fifty or sixty years since those weapons were developed. Do we really dare to assume that this thing much more powerful than they has not been developed? Because the Jakarta Tsunami, I found out from different reports coming from India that there was phenomenal heat and Marine life kill off days before the Tsunami hit. Before the earthquake. In the area where the earthquake occurred. And the sea life had still not recovered on the ocean bed, which is, they say again, a freak occurrence. It makes no sense. There are all these anomalies. What it seems to add up to though, is that the same kind of energy wave that created hurricanes when applied to the ocean surface, would apply to the subsurface, to the earth's crust can create shifts in the earth's crust. Ergo earthquakes, ergo tsunamis. And once again we discover that there have been all these movies. You saw Armageddon --there are all these movies that have come out about super waves that have hit places. Thousand foot waves that hit the West Coast or New York City or whatnot. Well the tsunami we think now was a caused event. I can tell you where the first earthquake as a caused event was. Iran, 2003. You know we hit Iran. We are looking to go to war right now. Iran got hit by a super quake that killed about 50-60,000 people in 2003. Pakistan, which we bribed them as well as you can bribe a country to be on our side --their people are against us, but their president Mushareff is for us because he gets paid well to be for us-- they had a quake. The same thing. That was what, three months ago. In fact, remember in the fall and the early winter they said the public is totally burned out on capacity.

Hughes: Yes, I remember.

Capt May: They were playing catastrophes like promoters play fights, rock concerts, or movies. They were trying to see how much we would keep coming back for. And by the way, remember Clinton and Daddy Bush were going around like [Dean] Martin and [Jerry] Lewis to all these places to be friends, show humanitarian support, be ambassadors of good will. Right? [32:56]

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Well that is the devilish duo. Bush's Daddy is a Skull and Bones member, I suppose you know that.

Oh yes, absolutely.

Capt May: Clinton is a Yalie and a Mason. In other words there is this cult. This cabal of these diabolical leaders who go to these places as if they were there to do Christian mercy missions, but they are really doing Satanic loading.

And asking everybody to send money, and I'll tell you something, that money went into a lot of people's pockets. It basically did not go to help anybody. They gave one woman over there in Indonesia, some place in Indonesia whose home and family were killed, they gave her eleven cents.

Capt May: Exactly. Remember, there has to be money to go around to pay people off when you do this stuff.

Hughes: Oh, no fooling.

Capt May: I mean, people can be coerced, bribed, or implicated to become part of any conspiracy. That is how conspiracies work. So the money --all these things are part and parcel once we understand what is really going on. When it begins to fit together. The reason I bring all this up GeorgeAnn is that right now I think that the unusual warm temperatures that are coming off the Pacific, that are coming over the Rockies --now you know the geography of our country, these wet warm winds come off the Pacific, they climb up the Rockies and lose all their humidity, they get to the other side, and they mingle with the northern winds, and they affect the Great Plains. Well this year there is so much thermal energy coming off the Pacific that even though the Northern winds intermingle with this Western warmth, it is still not enough to cool it down. So we are actually getting cooler temperatures when the winds come out of the north than when the wind comes out of the South [Editor's Note: actually Captain May meant to say the opposite --the anomaly is that the temperatures of winds are warmer from the north than from the south], because the north, via the Western Pacific breezes, the wind currents off the Pacific, has become mega thermal. So we have got mega thermalism again, where if you look across America, for heaven's sake watch the weather channel, you will find that there are temperatures ten, fifteen or twenty degrees above normal all across the Continental United States. That is impossible. That is impossible. That is impossible. I say it three times because it is just not possible. [35:19]

Hughes: You need to do some research too, because back in the year 2000 or maybe 1999, Russia launched into space, there was one news article about it and then nothing else was mentioned. But they launched a gigantic mirror into space.

Capt May:
Russia is the only other country on earth that has the capacity to do this. As a matter of fact, in the 1970's the United Nations adopted a treaty that banned the use of weather weapons in war. You don't have a UN treaty to ban something that doesn't exist or can't exist.

Hughes: Exactly.

Capt May: So Russia has the capacity. I have friends from Moscow. And in Moscow you know how we have retractable roofs over our domes here for our sporting events. In Red Square, they have weather manipulation technology that can dry the clouds out so that they don't have rain on their parade. In other words, the technology is there, and it is not even a secret in Russia.

Hughes: Well, do you remember in Malaysia several years ago ...

Capt May: Where they said they put out fires with rain they could cause.

Hughes: Yes, and I think it was another incident, the pollution was so horrible that the press carried the story. They hired Russia to come in and create a hurricane type event to clear out the smog.

Capt May: Exactly. Yes, that is the one we are thinking about, then. It was caused by fire. It was so polluted, Russia, I did not know they had actually done it, they made a bid to do it for a certain amount of money.

Oh, they did it, and it flattened a lot of villages.

Captain May: Well sure, so there you have it. That is good. That is a very good connection. That had not come in my mind. But what we can see is what has already been done. We are not even suggesting anything that is paranormal here. We are not suggesting anything that hasn't been done, only the things that have been done and not reported on. Well, so we can take the next inferential step that it is possible that Iran was one. It is possible that Jakarta was one. And it is possible that Pakistan was one. And I will say this, the President of Syria, I forget his name, I am no fan of any President, our own, let alone any others, he said when Israel and the U.S. were putting pressure on him recently, he said look, there are some people who say you knocked down your own towers on 9-11, you caused the Jakarta tsunami, and you caused the Pakistan quake. Now that story didn't get reported after the first time it got reported. That is the way the media works. They decide what they are going to filter out and they filter it out more and more. They pasteurize the product. [38:03]

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Clearly, world leaders believe that is what is going on. I mean across the world there are people who are of that opinion. There is nothing we are saying here that is not known by the people who do know what is going on.


Capt May:
So my theory is that another great act of terror would be the elimination of San Francisco or Los Angeles or anything in that area by a tsunami or another earthquake event. And we put out a West Coast alert last week, Saturday, which we gave quite wide circulation. And it is now appearing here, there as an article. As always, Ghost Troop hopes that it will be wrong because we hope that our predictions and our warnings will be enough to stop things from happening. If there are robbers outside your house right now, but I put out a public broadcast that there are robbers outside your house right now, a robber would have to be pretty bold to come through that window when they know that you know they are coming and they don't know what you have got ready for them.

Hughes. Yes.

Capt May: You can put off a burglary in a heartbeat, well that is what we try to do. And that is what we are trying to do right now. The reason why I am developing these scenarios is that these are Armageddon weapons. These are hand of God weapons. These are Satanic devices that have been kept from public knowledge by the complicity of the controlled media, and they are being employed on the public now with hootenanny fools like Pat Robertson, false prophets, saying that all this stuff just proves that Bush is God's chosen one. That we need to go have the war of Armageddon and it is evil people who are affected. By the way, you remember the Evansville Twisters back in November? The two twisters that came through and wiped out the trailer park in Evansville, Illinois?

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May:
You remember two weeks later Pat Robertson was saying that some town on the East Coast that had just voted down Creationism, you know, decided to keep evolution, that God might have sent the twister to show that town?

Hughes: Yes, I remember that.

Capt May: Pat Robertson had become very adept at threatening weather modification events against people he doesn't like. That is because that is Pat Robertson's payoff. In order to be a safe false prophet you have to be in on the miracle tricks. If Pat Robertson makes a threat that God is going to zap your country, your town, it is time to be worried, because Pat Robertson is in on the gag. He is a false prophet. You understand?

Hughes: Oh, absolutely.

Capt May: He threatened destruction right after the government proved it could do tornado destruction. And he threatened Florida with hurricanes. He rationalized New Orleans as being struck by God for its evil. Well everybody knows, especially the Fundamentalists, that the most evil city in America, where are all the gay boys? --San Francisco. In other words, if something were to happen to the West Coast, the blue state, the anti-Bush state, the left coast, the gay zone, people like Pat Robertson and his deluded dupes, the people who listen to him, would all be howling together it is was just more proof that God is with Bush and that God is against everyone who didn't like Bush and that it was the end times and we need to get ready for God, which means to go kill Arabs. So all of this is a big --we started out when we talked this evening GeorgeAnn about PsyOps--. [41:26]

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: Psychological Operations are the misuse of information to confuse, delude, and dishearten the enemy. What we call news, and what we call culture, is really manipulated psychological operations working against the America public. These are the last few moments that we have on this session, and I thank you very much for being such a good interviewer and giving me the chance to put out so much necessary information to the public through you. I think we need to come up with the ultimate scenario that right now has Ghost Troop totally engaged. It should have everyone engaged--

Hughes: OK.

Capt May: Which is that we are not losing the war in the Middle East. We have lost the war in the Middle East.

Hughes: Right. Good point.

Capt May: And I don't say that with--I am not one to gloat about the loss of my brothers and sisters in arms and my comrades. You know I love soldiers. I was a soldier and still am.

Hughes: It makes me sick that these young people are sent to slaughter.

Capt May:
Remember we started off by my saying that they are only telling us about one in five who are slaughtered. The same people who are mass murdering us in America are desecrating the graves of our honored dead. They are shallow-burying them in the media and they are shallow-burying them in the dirt in Iraq, because they don't want to tell the public what is going on. They are threatening the families who make too much noise. I get letters, emails regularly from families who are getting bullied and threatened. I know who is being assassinated. All these evil things are going on. But to get beyond that, things are falling apart so badly that Bush needs to throw a "Hail Mary" pass. I think --remember, he is a gambling addict as well as a sadist. He is an addict in every form. His vice is consuming and running, that is why they chose him to be the figurehead of this. They are going to put all the weapons, all the potential, all the power on the table and they are going to go for it.

Hughes: Oh boy.

Capt May: They are going to try to do a 911-2B, a false flag nuclear attack against a U.S. city, maybe. They may well do an earthquake or a tsunami on the West Coast. They may well do a biological attack against the United States or the Middle East or other parts of the world that we don't know about. All the bad things that we have talked about, are the very things that would most help to strengthen the Bush base of the deluded Christian Zionists who are listening to false prophets like Pat Robertson. And they are the very things that would make the rest of the public fear terror. The terror of unknown natural events as the public thinks these things are, even though they aren't. Or the terror inflicted by Middle Eastern bogeymen called Al Qaeda, which we call Al CIA-duh, correctly. [44:18]

Hughes: (laughter) Yes.

Capt May: All these things help Bush. The worse things get, the better they are for King George, because people want a king when they are in crisis. So now is the time to not pull back. And not think of ourselves. It is time for us to think of our country, our children, our grandchildren, our God. God himself. It is time for us to harness the best and boldest characteristics that are in us as Americans. And if there is anything I hate beyond all other things, it is the idea that my country has been deluded into giving such a piss-poor representation of itself across the world. Where we are the greatest country on the earth. And we haven't been acting like it.

Hughes. A lot of countries are jealous of us. Yes, we do need some more clean up. We do need some clean up in the corruption business.

Capt May: Well, and we need to stop being a Nazi --a new fascist country taking over the world.


Capt May: Right now we have gone into a kill cycle. We are like a good pet dog that has been drugged and cattle-prodded into becoming a snarling attack dog. That is what they are doing. They are using weapons like weather weapons and Al Qaeda like drugs and cattle prods to drive us insane. The America I know and love would not be loathed and hated across the world the way it is right now. [45:50]

Hughes: I want to ask a question.

Capt May: Please.

Hughes: What do you know about Russian troops in this country, ready to-- you know foreign troops being stationed in this country, do you know anything about that?

Capt May:
I don't know anything about it, although I have heard it consistently as a rumor. So again, I do not discount rumors utterly, but that one to me seems unlikely for one simple reason. There is nothing that would so quickly unify Americans against a government as the imposition of foreign troops into America. There are certain things that get developed as ideas that I simply have not seen born out. I think we have much, much, much more to fear like Homeland Security, FEMA and our own domestic forces than of any external enemy.

Maybe I did not express it right. A lot of the people that are working for Homeland Security...

Capt May: Oh, the contractors--

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: That is a possibility that they could be flipped in. Because I know that they are putting like green card illegals who are now being contracted out to act as mercenaries in Iraq.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: On that I have no particular information on it, but none of it would shock me. I know that right now our domestic police forces are being sent to Israel for special training, which means they are just trying to teach our guys to be as vicious as the Israeli soldiers and police.

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: So I think at some point there is going to be a domestic takeover --well, there has already been a domestic takeover --but if it were to go to the point that outright manifest control that they are going to have to bring in fresh muscle. But I think the immediate hazards are those that we have talked about tonight. The super weapons, the weather weapons, the earthquake weapons, which have become tsunami weapons, the plague, or false nuclear attack or Al Qaeda attacks, those are all things that I consider more immediate, because those are all things that could be on call. In fact, in the case of the West Coast weather and seismic anomaly, there have been an extreme series of weather, of earthquake events occurring since the first of January. [48:14]

Hughes: Yes, yes.

Capt May: As if they just turned it on to show everyone they are building it up.

Hughes: And we have also had the New Madrid fault that is kind of active now too.

Capt May: So all these things, remember, to the people who are in on this joke, and I say a joke because these people are sadists and Satanists.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: To them, this means they are not out of the running yet. They can still kill. As long as they can still kill they are still feel empowered, and as long as they feel empowered the conspiracy continues. The only thing that can stop it is what we are doing. What we are doing is more effective --when people say, "Why don't you take up a gun, why don't you go into the streets," and my answer is we are still fighting the war of the Constitution. We have not fallen back to the Declaration. If we fell back to the Declaration right now, there are so few of us that they would stop us in day and we would all be in concentration camps. But if we just get the word out, then everything falls back. They can't just --the lie cannot abide the truth. You know, the truth is more powerful than the lie. [49:20]

Hughes: That is right.

Capt May: It is easy to quote from Ephesians: "For we wrestle not with earthly principalities, but with the spirit of evil. "

Hughes: Yes, and "Principalities and powers of dark places."

Capt May: Right. Exactly. This is a dark, diabolical conspiracy. And it came out of the nasty, ugly side of the human soul and it can be forced back to that. Because the greatest power of God is the power of light and truth. Remember at the beginning of John, "In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God, and the word was of God." Word means logos in Greek, logic. Truth. Clarity. When we can bring logic, truth, and clarity to the Info War, then the Info War is over and we have won. We have got the easier mission. You know, we can't be discouraged. I have been doing this for three years, and I have been under death threat more times than I can name. I have police reports, I have been threatened. My wife has been threatened. I have been told by military officials --Col Neil Dennington, Marne Chapel, Fort Stewart Georgia, May 14, 2003 that I would be assassinated for this mission. I am still talking. And if I get cut down, then I will still talk. Because I have already said my peace. You know, we have to be at peace with that. There is power in that. There is greater power in that than anything that they have going for them. I think that is a good place to end it. [50:55]

Hughes: And I would add that when you walk with Christ, he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. There great power in the name of Jesus and there is a reason that we are told to use that name. And the Satanists hate that name. They hate it so bad they are trying to legislate it out of existence. So what does that tell you? There is power in that name and they don't want it. They don't want it on anyone's lips, and they don't want it on the air waves, and I just scream "Jesus is good, Satan is bad," and that is the way our paradigm is set up. Good against evil. And it is a big shake out. Who do you walk with, do you walk with the Satanists or do you walk with Jesus Christ and God his father? Very important.

Capt May: Well, Amen to all of that. I will tell you that on the days that we feel that we are doing the best, it is not every day, and it is not even often, but on days when we have done something that we knew we were being moved by God to do, where we successfully interdicted something that we knew was coming down, like the Texas City British Petroleum set up, and I will send you links to that--

Hughes: OK

Capt May: --There are times that spontaneously the people in Ghost Troop will sign their name, you know, "G.T Nick" or "Captain May" or "Captain Cross"-- my Executive Officer is Captain Cross, it is kind of a sign to it-- and we will sign ourselves not as members of Ghost Troop, but as Holy Ghost Troop. [52:37]

Hughes: Amen.

Capt May: Amen to all that.

Well, I want to thank you very much for coming.

Capt May: Well it has been a great honor, and I thank you so much for doing these three hours cracking the Satan code to stop World War III.

Well, I think we have more to do, so, you know, stay in touch.

Capt May: We will continue to do that. There is much to do, but there are many doing it.

Hughes: Amen. God bless everybody. And may all this information bless the listener. Listen up, because, very important that you know. This is GeorgeAnn Hughes, with Captain May, Part III signing off. [53:18]

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