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The Byte Show
Cracking Satan's Code

Interview, Part I
GeorgeAnn Hughes
interviews Captain Eric H. May
19 January 2006


Abstract: The Ghost Troop mission as the work of God. How Bush rewards incompetence and corruption. Jews can be divided into three groups: 20% hardcore Zionist, 10% "self-hating," and the rest in-between who quietly support the Zionists, much like the majority of people in the Irish Free State who publicly repudiate the IRA, but secretly support them.

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GeorgeAnn Hughes: Hello everybody, this is GeorgeAnn Hughes and this is the Byte Show. Today we are going to talk about some very interesting and somewhat mysterious topics. Our guest today is Captain May, and I am going to ask him to introduce himself and we will go from there. We are going to be talking about all kinds of very serious things. So listen up, everybody. Hello Captain May.

Capt May: GeorgeAnn, it is great to be here, and hello to your audience out there on the Byte Show.

Hughes: Well, we're glad to have you. Can you give us some background on your stuff before we get started?

Capt May: Sure. I am first and foremost a soldier. I joined the Army when I was 17 and I was in the Chemical Corps as a nuclear biological chemical warfare specialist. After coming out of that field I went to college and took my degree in languages, then joined military intelligence as an officer where I spent five years active going to Russian School, this being back in the 80's in the bad old days of the Soviet Union. When I finished active duty, I came out and joined a reserve unit that was involved in doing high level strategic and tactical exercises. At that point I was playing like a Russian division commander all the time. It was my job to run what was called the opposing forces group. My final job in the Army was as a public affairs officer and general staff officer for the 75th Division in Houston. So to overview that, my background has been in nuclear, biological and chemical, and then military intelligence, specializing in war gaming, and finally in public information, and I have a pretty good understanding of psychological operations. Along the way, since I have been both active and reserve, I have had two broad careers as a civilian, one of those being teaching. I taught for the diocese of Galveston-Houston as a Catholic School teacher, and then I taught public school as a target school teacher. I taught Latin, Russian, and Greek. So I have been a school teacher at the high school level, and then I became a ghost writer, having a pretty successful career writing editorials for NBC, doing spot essays for the Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle, and my own name, and then Ghost writing for some high end clients. Colin Powell, Ken Lay -- the famous and the infamous. The famous who should be infamous.

Hughes: (laughter) Yes.

Capt May: So I have had a pretty broad career with the military and the media. And most of what I do now comes from that background. What I do now is I run a cyber intelligence group called Ghost Troop. Ghost Troop being people just like me who are former military, officers and enlisted, along with civilian cyber journalists and researchers. We have come together to function as a counter media, if you will. We work most of us full time. Working on the exact stories that should be covered but are suppressed. Look at them from the position of being --if you watch CNN or NBC, what you will see is that they have reporters who know nothing about the military, military officers who know nothing about media, and they kind of get together and make, if you will, they make a group of analysts and they broadcast. Of course it is all propaganda and they are covering up most of the important stuff. Well, we have all those important people within Ghost Troop. People who are both media specialists, research analysts, and military people and what we try to get out the real story that is not being told. That whole phenomenon of the story not being told, and the story being suppressed that is about to be told, and people being intimidated who are in the mood to tell it, is what we call the Info War. The informational warfare that we are just now beginning to hear about in the national media. So Ghost Troop is an Info War unit. And that is what I do and who I am.

Hughes: OK

Capt May: I have the honor of the being the Ghost Troop commander. Like most people who have commanded any kind of unit, once you are the commander of a unit there is nothing else on earth you would trade it for. Kind of like Captain Kirk in Star Trek.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: It may be a rat trap but it is your ship. And Ghost Troop is no rat trap. It is probably the finest unit in the military today, even though we are all former soldiers. But everyone of us think this is an important thing, which explains why I go by my title, Captain May. Everyone of us has self-activated in obedience to an oath that we all took when we raised our hands to serve our country, whether enlisted or officers --in my case I have been both-- as I said [our oath] was to "Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: So there we are, and there is certainly work for us to do as there is for you.

Hughes: Absolutely. One up front question. How do you feel about God?

Capt May: Most of us in Ghost Troop, we are a Christian unit.

Hughes: OK.

Capt May: Most of us have found our faith deepened by our experience as Ghost Troop. There is something about the omnipresence of evil that reinforces our faith that there must be good counterbalancing it. And some of the successes that we have enjoyed as Ghost Troop have affirmed our belief in God.

Hughes: Well you see I believe very firmly, Captain May, that God is calling out. He is putting his hands on his men to usher in his kingdom. And these guys are not a bunch of couch potatoes. They will aggressively usher in God's kingdom. And part of that ushering in is the information to get that out to the people. Would you agree?

Capt May: Yes, oh, utterly. None of us are particularly Bible quoters to the point that we do chapter and verse, but we often times find ourselves quoting the Gospels. The Gospels are the most effective books in the Bible for the Info War. Because our mission is really Jesus' mission, which is "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Hughes: Yes, free from mind control (laughter).

Capt May: If you go to the crucifixion, the interview with Pilate, where Jesus said, in fact, we sometimes say, "G.T.," "G.T." being short for "Ghost Troop," so we have "G.T. Georgia," "G.T. Jim," or we sometimes say "G.T. Jesus" because Jesus said "For this purpose I have come into the world that I might tell the truth to them to bear witness to it." So any unit, any group of people who are standing by and believe truth is a transcendent value, that truth is something we should pursue, and truth is what our brothers and sisters in the republic in America are entitled to, is on a Christian mission whether he acknowledges it or not. Even if you are an atheist you are doing Christian work, because that is by definition the Christ mission that Jesus said he was doing.

Hughes: That is right.

Capt May: So many of us are --and myself, I became baptized July 11th of this year. So you could say that the Info War was my access to God. And maybe you can turn it around and say, "Well, God uses the info war to access you." You know?

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: So the Lord moves in mysterious ways. What we certainly know is that the Devil is loose in Dixie. A lot of us are Southerners but we jump that way. I am from Texas. But he is loose everywhere. And much of what is happening on the dark side of the Info War is that the simple Christians --naive Christians-- are being manipulated badly.

Hughes: Yes, the church-going Christians.

Capt May: At the same time there is an Info War, and a spontaneous movement of the forces of light, there is a deep conceived program of dis- and mis-information intended to seduce Christians into the purposes of darkness, to dupe them.

Highes: Yes.

Capt May: There are many dupes in the Info War, and they could not be duped were it not for the Info War. The Info War is being waged by both sides. I think that the sides of light are much stronger and better, man for man and woman for woman, because let us face it, there is no strength like that of the Truth. All you have to do is make people know the truth and the truth will take care of the rest. Then on the other side, there is no doubt who has the resources and the powers of the earth. The Dark.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: This was all set up in advance. And the thing that should be most inspiring for those who listen to those of us in the Info War, Ghost Troop being one of the most easily recognized units in the Info War, because of its cohesive military operations, what should be inspiring is that we started from nowhere. We have been doing our mission three years. But the other side started back for years, for decades, perhaps for generations, preparing what we are seeing now is the culmination of those dark hearts.

Hughes: Thousands of years ago the enemy started.

Capt May: Well, the Prince of the Earth. The more you read --and that is why I emphasize to people --read the Gospels. Right now the thing that I think is the mark of deception upon fundamentalist Christians --and I grew up as a Southern Baptist-- the mark of evil upon us is that no one is preaching the Gospels anymore. Everyone is going back to the Old Testament. Burn them all and let God sort them out, and this apocalyptic "Let's bring about the new kingdom" stuff. And it is all a thin pretext for genocidal war. So people are being led to that by misinformation that they are getting from the churches themselves. They are being duped. [10:13]

That is right.

Capt May: And their pastors are being duped. But there is nothing in that which was not predicted by Jesus.

Hughes: Amen.

Capt May:
We have never tried to improve on the Gospels. We aspire to be worthy of them.

Hughes: How did your group come together? Were you a group of people, you knew each other beforehand, or how did this all come together?

Capt May: That is a good question, and probably the most central question about Ghost Troop. None of us knew each other. We need to get to an area rather than talking theology and conceptualization, we come to something hard and fast that will show the people out there that Ghost Troop really knows how to pick apart mysteries that have been put over on us. In April of 2003, I was watching CNN as we approached Baghdad. That was the end of the three weeks that was supposed to end the war. And we got to surround Baghdad on the night of April 4th, 2003. And then that night, suddenly all hell broke loose. There was light in the sky. There were confused reports. There were reinforcements rushing to the airport. You may remember that things got a little crazy there.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: The next morning --now understand I have been a general staff officer-- I understand how this system of the media and the military works. The next morning there was no information about a battle in Baghdad. Of course we had gotten to Baghdad the night before and a fight had started at the airport. All we knew was that the President had taken a sudden trip to go see Tony Blair in England, which isn't the kind of thing you would want to do when a battle is starting for a city in a foreign country.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: And the Pentagon had cancelled its 12:30 PM Eastern Time press conference, which isn't the kind of the thing that the Pentagon ought to be doing the first day of a battle for a city. And Baghdad Bob, who had come out and said that three hundred Americans were dead at the airport and they had taken it back, was being called a liar. And Jessica Lynch suddenly appeared on TV.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Now let me ask you Ma'am, if this is from history, why is it that you go two hundred miles across the desert and fight seventeen days to get to a capitol city and then you reach it and then the next morning all those things happen-- and suddenly the media is saying the biggest story in Iraq is a 19 year old kid who got wounded?

Hughes: A diversion.

Capt May: Right. But it sounds so easy now at this distance, because now we are applying the common sense rules of history. You don't reach the capitol city and have them give you the skeleton key to walk in there. That is not how it goes.

Hughes: That is right (laughter).

Capt May: What has happened is that we were counterattacked. The United States Third Infantry Division and the Marines who were with them, the Marine brigade, were counter attacked at Baghdad International Airport. Baghdad Bob's statement of the next day that they had killed three hundred and had taken it back was an utter lie. According to my best sources they had only killed two hundred of us and hadn't quite taken it back. We were holding on by our finger nails.

Hughes: Oh gee.

Capt May: And when the units that were at the Baghdad Airport had finished a six hour fire fight and had expended all their ammunition, being surrounded by five regiments of Iraqi Republican Guard and Fedayeen fighters, what happened next was that Bush ordered a neutron warhead. A series of neutron warheads exploded over Baghdad Airport. The armored vehicles that we were using to advance into Iraq were the only protection that we had against that. But the Iraqi forces had no protection. So the use of nuclear weapons --neutron warheads-- enhanced radiation warheads was what happened that night in Baghdad that suddenly made everything change. And everything went into a distraction operation. And all we talked about was Jessica Lynch for two days. And then a day after that suddenly we saw a picture that implanted an image on our mind, which was they pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Well, that is the way that you establish an icon. An image which says, "Hey America, Baghdad is falling because Saddam Hussein just fell. And we have toppled the dictator. We are going to prove it. We are going to pull him down right there on TV. He is made of bronze, and he stands thirty feet tall." So Baghdad started with an incident that was historic, which was that the United States forces were over run, or in the process of being over run by Iraqis, went nuclear for the first time since Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and then fought a three day battle in which we lost hundreds of soldiers going across and taking Baghdad, which was defended in prepared fighting positions by Jordanian, Syrian, and Iraqi suicide volunteers. So this was like taking Iwo Jima stuff.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: And what they did was they censored it all out. And the reason they censored it all out was because going into this war, in the same way that we now find out that Bush --in Ghost Troop we call him "Boy George" or "King George," but in the same way we find out that King George has over written every Constitutional provision that govern the way a commander is supposed to act, if he represents America. He had already overwritten the informational rules. The Defense Department's Principles of Information and co-opted the media. They called it embedded, which is a nasty way to talk about the media, but the media put up with it because it was the truth. So the media killed the story under Jessica Lynch, and finished the story with a pull-down of an irrelevant statue. But the truth of it is, hundreds and hundreds of Christian boys died fighting that war for George Bush, and he covered them up and dumped on them. So when I found that out, I immediately began to make inquiries. And being that I had been a media and military person of some connection, I began to get the true story, from my editors at the Houston Chronicle, contacts at NBC, and whatnot. And then I went out to Ft. Stewart, Georgia, which is where the soldiers were from. The Third Infantry Division at least. And you may recall at this great distance now that that summer of 2003 there were wounded soldiers so heavy at Ft. Stewart that they could not fill them into the hospital and had them staying in tents out on the grounds. The reason was that there were so many wounded from the Battle of Baghdad that they couldn't accommodate them all and because it was all covered up --of course under the catchall phrase of top secret, operational security, which is what they do with any mistakes the military ever makes--

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: Especially with George Bush as leader. Since they were covering up the story, they weren't shipped to other hospitals. They weren't given adequate military treatment. They were put out there to fester in tents. And I found out when I got to Ft. Stewart on May 14, 2003 that the orphan's children and widow's wives were being "drugged and thugged." They were being intimidated into shutting their little mouths. So not only had my brother soldiers and sister soldiers died in the hundreds for this war, to be covered up and desecrated, but their widows and orphans were being abused. So at that point I came home to Houston and in July of 2003, on July 4th as a matter of fact, I began to work as a full time operative against the Bush regime because it was apparent to me that any regime that could do all these things could do anything. I had seen enough wickedness to fall back on to my oath of commissioning. And to begin to oppose it actively.

Hughes: OK, I have a question.

Capt May: Sure.

Hughes: Because a lot of this started back with Reagan and Clinton. How do you feel about Clinton?

Capt May: It think Clinton --in military intelligence, Clinton is the kind of guy who would have lost his clearance and thrown out the door. He was so compromised you could make him do anything if you were a foreign agent. Right?

Hughes: Absolutely.

Capt May: Well I think Clinton was compromised and made to do anything at all that the overlords who really run the United States --a cabal of upper class power elites, both Anglo and Zionist -- I think he was made to do exactly what he was supposed to do. I am not sure that Monica Lewinsky, who was a Jewish Zionist from California, wasn't a Mossad agent.

Hughes: OK, you know, here is the thing. He should have been brought up on charges of treason, and was not brought up on those charges, because what I believe, how I perceive this, Captain May, is the fact that number one, he allowed precision-guided weaponry --that technology to go to Red China.

Capt May: Right.

Hughes: You know, he opened our patent office. A free for all for the Red Chinese. Had they brought this guy up on charges of treason, it is like pulling on a loose thread in a sweater. It just starts unraveling. And then you have got tens of thousands of people in this country who have cooperated in treason going back a long way.

Capt May: OK, oh yes. Going back to as long as you and I have been alive.

Hughes: Yes, exactly.

Capt May: That is the way treason sustains itself. People will say often times now that --you see, regular people wait to be told what to think by the media.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: And they are taught in their civics and government classes in school that the media is the free expression of what is real. The truth of the matter to people who have been involved in the world of power and affairs is that media represents the official story that is put over on the public. This whole B.S. about a liberal media, a radical media, an empowered media, you know the media is kind of like the "good cop, bad cop" routine, you know that one? You get arrested, and one cop comes in and he is a mean cop, and he threatens you and cusses at you, and the next cop comes in and says that is a bad cop, get out of here bad cop, this cop gives you a cigarette and a coke and pats you on the back.

Hughes. Yes.

Capt May: Well both of them are cops.

Hughes: Sure.

Capt May: (Laughter) Don't lose sight. Look, I am not advocating breaking the law, I am just saying that if you have got two cops working on you, and one is good and the other is bad, they are both cops. Well the media are the information cops of the government. And that has never been more true than at present. And at present what you say is even more so the case. Since 9-11, for instance, you know that there had been no valid investigation at all, just a cover up commission.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: There have been no penalties or disciplinary procedures brought in on anyone.

Hughes: That is right.

Capt May: The reason being that everybody who was duped into somehow going along with 9-11, which Ghost Troop somewhat later after Baghdad we really figured out what happened at 9-11, everyone who was part of that in any way, and most of them duped into being in the wrong place at the wrong time, once you are duped into being part of the conspiracy, you have got a decision to make. Do you want to try to get out and maybe get whacked, and certainly get ruined, or do you want to go along with the conspiracy? That is why people say "Bush rewards incompetence." He has promoted these people. He gave medals of freedom to the CIA director who was in charge when 9-11 happened. And the reason of course is, well yes, you reward the people who go along with the great reality of the conspiracy but still cover it up well enough so that nobody else knows it went down. That is the essence of a successful conspiracy. [22:01]

Hughes: That is right.

Capt May: So we are living in an era of government via conspiracy. Let me move on. BOBCUP, what we called the Battle of Baghdad cover-up, is what pulled the original Ghost Troop together. And that cover-up of the American dead goes on to this day.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: So when you hear the media talking, whether you are talking about the so-called left wing media or the so-called right wing media, the good cop, the bad cop, what you are hearing is, you know, Bush is or is not to blame for 2,000 dead G.I.'s. And everyone says that. The truth is this summer from my military and media and international sources, I have pretty much confirmed that the real number was 10,000. They are counting every fifth soldier. Every fifth Marine. We are getting one fifth of the number. Because they have already established an event for this media apparatus. These polls and whatnot, these focus groups. They knew going into this war how many casualties the American public wanted to believe had happened before they get out of the war. So, they just cooked the books. And that creates no problem. Nobody has any doubt that Ken Lay --and of course I knew Ken Lay, he is a Houston guy and I did a little bit of writing for him as a high end speech writer-- Ken Lay cooked the books. Nobody is shocked at that. But people somehow are shocked when you say, "Well, the president is cooking the books." Or, "The Department of the Army Public Affairs Office is cooking the books." [23:32]

Hughes: The Pentagon.

Capt May: The idea that the presidency, the White House, or the Department of Defense, or the public affairs people are cooking the books, under counting the dead by four out of five not counted, is no more difficult for a person who has seen the world to believe than Ken Lay was counting one out of every five bucks that he stuck in his pocket for taxes. People cook books all the time.

Hughes: Sure.

Capt May: And the idea that the media is going along with the cooking books on the death count is no more difficult for a person who has seen the world than the idea that all the lawyers and accountants who went along with Enron cooking the books on the finances. When Ken Lay decided that he was going to teach government and cheat us and cook the books on money, everybody went along, until eventually it looked like he was going to fall, and then he started bailing out and pretending that he had a conscience. But the professions are always the people who go along for the ride. So right now you have a conspiracy of silence on this one small issue we are talking about. The introduction issue to Ghost Troop, which was the body count cover up. It started at Baghdad, that is when we caught it, because now that I have explained what I saw to you, you can see that was a pretty conspicuous cover up once you thought about it.

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: There is actually a book out, Thunder Run: Battle of Baghdad, written by David Zuchinno, and L.A. Times reporter who was there. The only thing is, you cannot find that book in the United States even though it is about the United States battle to take Baghdad, which of course was never reported. You cannot buy that book in the United States by that title. That title has been censored out of the United States. You can only buy the book by that title in the U.K. That is how conspicuous the censorship has become. A story that never was reported as news has become a history book, and the history book title can't be published in the country whose forces were affected by it. Now that is Orwell.

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: Incidentally, we have already discussed this. When you and I finish talking I am going to send you a one paragraph introduction to who I am and I will attach to that an article that Ghost Troop will publish tonight that will contain an overview of the things I have said here in about a thousand words. An editorial-linked article. And it will give hyperlinks to our major articles.

Hughes: Good.

Capt May: Ghost Troop is more of a publishing than a broadcasting entity. We have roughly three to five million hits internationally on our intelligence and information work. So we are a widely used, widely quoted source. We have been printed every where from Russian Zirkola Mira to Al Jazeera to --I don't know if Der Spiegel has used it, but I wouldn't be surprised. And I started out with the Wall Street Journal and NBC, so we are probably one of the more widely commented and observed analytic groups anywhere in the world. Now do you want to move on from where we went from Baghdad --I spent one year on that with Ghost Troop--

Highes: OK.

Capt May: And Ghost Troop didn't just all fall together at once. There were people who eventually began to pick up my ideas and slowly people began to catch on and concur and then we went from catching on to concurring to cooperating. And then eventually it emerged that I was the guy who had done the most research and had taken the most chances, so I was the Captain and the commander. Everyone within Ghost Troop works within that understanding. We spent a year trying to work through the U.S. media from April of 2003 all the way to December 31, 2003, nine months, trying to get the mainstream above ground media to simply do the job that they swore they were going to do. Be ethical reporters and report the truth to the people so that the people would be sovereign within the American republic, the United States of America. But that is what every journalist going through college knows he is supposed to do. And it is what every journalist in America will swear he is doing right now. It is just an utter lie and a fraud. They don't do any of it. But we didn't get that right away. We spent nine months trying to get the top media people. And I was in contact with the top media people. The top military reporter from the New York Times, Thom Shanker. He is up there with Judith Miller. He and I were in contact regularly. Top people at NBC, top people at Atlanta Journal Constitution, you name the source, and I will tell you who we were in touch with. And we published that as a four volume collection of my correspondence. It is a report to Congress right now, if Congress ever gets to the point that it wants to investigate what happened with its military media propagandizing.

Hughes: Well, good luck with a bunch of compromised elected officials.

Capt May: No, I think it is going to be a research tool for the Internet and for the info war community. I don't think Congress is going to touch it until, and if, King George falls through the throne. If he takes the fall, people will be lining up to swear that they were brave patriots. But Ma'am, they are nothing but scoundrels and cowards. I worked with them for a year trying to get them to do their job.

Hughes: There were some indictments that were delivered by a citizen organization to the White House.

Capt May: Last week.

Hughes: Yes. Do you have any update on that. Do you know anything?

Capt May: I think there is some kind of petition supporting it, that I signed. I routinely sign these Internet petitions. And I exhort those of you who listen to the Byte Show to do the same. People who try to get their name out there, but my feeling is that if you are going to be opposition, better to be formal about it. To make records of your opposition and to have all kinds of people aware of your opposition.

Hughes: Well, people are afraid that "Oh, my name will get on a list." Well, I got news. Everyone's name is already on a list.

Capt May: If you are in the opposition, your name is already on a list. You might as well give that list to people who agree with you. Right? So at least you have a list of people who support you or work with you. I heard about that, there were indictments for treason on the basis of 911 and the cover-up I believe. I think it was a fine thing, and I think it was the kind of thing that can receive some international comment and I think those things can have a long term effect. So I endorse them utterly. That brings us, by the way, to the next step in Ghost Troop's evolution. We were originally, look in 2002 I volunteered to reactivate my commission and go to this war. Because in 2002, one year after 9-11, I believed in Bin Laden and Al Qaeda the way when I was eight years old I believed in Santa Claus and Rudolf. I mean in every other respect I was a very cynical intelligence officer [he speaks some sample Russian and Spanish; quiero hablar espanol tambien]. I knew languages. I had been places. I knew that anyone anywhere else in the world was a skunk. I just trusted my country. And it is a very beautiful and natural thing for an officer to trust and believe in his country. And I did.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: Even when all this stuff happened with BOBCUP, the Battle of Baghdad cover up, I continued to believe naively in the inherent goodness of the American ruling elite. I just thought that they were scared to stand up to Bush. It wasn't until, oh, March that --yes, late February, early March 2004, after I had been --you know until you just figure 9-11 out for yourself, it just sounds like people are crazy to say "Oh, No, no, no, the government did it." And I remembered, you know, as smart as I thought I was, telling people "Oh yes, well I don't know about that, sounds like a conspiracy theory." Just everything that regular folks say when you talk about it. It was not until two things happened that Ghost Troop moved into its next phase which was to join the 9-11 Truth-out movement. And those two things were first that I was contacted by a Marine Captain, Capt Jeff Cross who had been out-processing from the Marines, going to one of these officers, commanders to executives courses, where they train you from being a Captain to being a mid-level exec or a junior exec. He was doing one of these five blocks away from the World Trade Center the day it happened. And Capt Cross contacted me in February 2004, and he was very agitated. The things he said that related to forensics and physics and all the many argument of the people who understand the 9-11 event are able to bring out, all the facts, all the scientific data, that really did not mean so much to me as the fact that he sounded exactly like I sounded. [32:20].

Hughes: Oh my.

Capt May: Like a man who loves his country. Who had been trained to be a leader and a warrior. Who felt that he was in danger. Who could tell me the things that had happened to him by way of retaliation and intimidation. Who had gone to all the authorities and responsible people and been shut down or shut up. And all of that paralleled what had happened to me so much with the Battle of Baghdad cover-up that that made it credible. And then I was set up, you could say, for an epiphany. My epiphany happened the day Madrid happened. Remember the Madrid bombing?

Hughes: Oh yes.

Captain May: There was one thing that came out immediately on Madrid in the Internet community that did not get picked up by the media. And that was that between 9-11 and 3-11, Madrid being on a 3-11, there were exactly 911 days. And given that I had been an intelligence officer. And I was not a code-breaker, although I had been familiar with it. We had all been trained on the basics. I was really more of a linguist and a strategic specialist. But I knew enough about how codes worked to realize "That is one heck of a coincidence." 9-11-2001 to 3-11-2004 was 911 days. 9 and 3 are the square and square root of each other. Boy, it seems like someone is playing games.

Hughes: 911 is also believed to be the actual birth date of Jesus Christ.

Capt May: You see, that point wouldn't surprise me, because this cabal we are working against is an anti-Christ cabal.

Hughes: Oh sure.

Capt May: They are wolves in sheep's clothing. That is the whole essence of this. Take a dictator and set him up as a heroic president. You take a false flag attack, false flag meaning you pretend to be someone you are not, the government sabotages or mass murders its own people and them blames it on the people they want to go to war with. These are old devices. But it was not until that numeric coincidence came in, after my long discussion with this Marine Captain, who had been a witness at 9-11, that you could say it all broke through for me at once. From that moment, I had gone in the previous, you know, six months from the first time I started hearing this rumor that 9-11 was a Federal operation, I had gone from believing it none at all to believing in it maybe 25% to believing in it maybe 33%. I might have been a third of the way to believing it. I was not really listening seriously yet until the 3-11 attack in Madrid. And then other things started adding up. Not just 911 days, but the fact that the media wasn't covering it. Well, someone was playing numbers with gangs. Why wouldn't the media tell us if it were Al Qaeda? Wouldn't they want the best and brightest people in America thinking about it, thinking if they could figure out a code, I mean, if Al Qaeda were doing it? And then there was the fact that the Spanish government claimed it was ETA, the Basque separatists, on the eve of their national election. So it was pretty obvious to me that they were trying to spin the election to the nationalists, to the strong government party. But then two days later after the election the Spanish government changed its story and said, no, no, no, the Americans were right. The Americans who are three thousand miles away. And the Americans, the U.S. intelligence services, were saying Al Qaeda. So all of a sudden the stories were changing all over. It looks like the Spanish were using a story to their advantage until it didn't have any relevance to their election. And then they changed it to our story. Then I found out that 9-11-2001 was 11 years to the day after 9-11-1990 which was the day George Herbert Walker Bush announced the New World Order. [36:09]

Hughes: Yes. A thousand points of light.

Capt May: So you start getting all these things, and then you start --suddenly the word Illuminatism and cabalism starts meaning more than just little phrases you found out in obscure books and weird sites.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: And you realize, my God, this is for real! And then you start getting more clues. Let me just stick on the Madrid thing again. The Madrid body count, now watch: body counts are manipulated figures. If you run the morgue, you pick the count, OK. If you get told to send a 16 count out, you do. Numbers are not hard to manipulate. Numbers are one of the secret areas that codes are carried. A basic area.

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: The European 9-11, it came 911 days after 9-11. Or the square root of 9-11, 3-11 had a first, initial body count of 199. The significant thing about 9-11 and 199 is that they are numeric inversions of each other. 9 becomes 1 and 1 becomes 9, and 911 becomes 199. So in the European 911, you have 911 inverted bodies. And then a week later, they revised the body count to 191, which is 911 anagrammed. Or mixed up. The only thing is unless Dr. Jesus was there, you can't bring eight dead people back to life. How do you go from 199 dead to 191 dead, and the answer was obvious. It never had anything to do with how many people were dead. The important thing was not the body count. The important thing was the code. They didn't care if they screwed it up. You can catch the errors in the coding process. You can always catch the errors at first. As time goes on, they learn to paste them over. So all these numeric clues were coming in, and Ghost Troop did a very radical thing. We issued a prediction. A prediction within a week of what I call cracking the embedded code. What we figured is that --let me explain how it works first. Codes are used by gangs. An Army is nothing but a gang.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: The Crips and the Bloods are nothing but a gang. And I am not even saying a gang is good or bad. Maybe you and I can say, "C'mon gang," and we are friends. I am just saying groups of people who have secret purposes who do not want other people to know what is going on use codes.

Hughes: Sure they do.

Capt May: All right. What happened was that we began to realize that the central thing that people who use the codes do is they secretly transmit information and they gain a sense of superiority because they are telling you exactly what they are going to do. You and I, meaning the uninformed public. They are just saying it in a way that we don't get it. And that makes them the adults and us the children.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Just like two grownup parents can talk about a number of things around the backs of kids. I mean the most basic thing they will do is say, "It is time for them to go to B-E-D." You know, before kids can break that code that is a great code to use. So the people who were using the code felt empowered and superior any time they could use the code. And the biggest coding that came to our mind was that the media declared that it would be embedded at the beginning of the war. Embedding is what you do with codes. In every World War of the Twentieth Century media has been embedded with signals and codes. [39:40]

Hughes: Oh sure. Absolutely.

Capt May: So what the media did when it said it was embedded, was that on the one hand it talked about being embedded with the U.S. troops, and on the other hand it was giving a little nasty joke that, "We are in bed with the White House." You know in bed and having fun, cooperating in a shameful act. And the last thing it was saying was "We are going to embed code and you schmucks aren't going to get it. We are going to tell you in advance what we are going to do." And that made them feel empowered. So we began to call what we were doing cracking the embedded code. And we came up with a radical prediction. The war was beginning to --it was clear that the war was not going to be won in any fashion like the way the Bush boys said it would be won. It was going to turn into a long war. No one was talking about the need for a draft. But as a military officer I realized that the Army was running out of gas and bodies and we needed a draft. And Bush had always wanted to take this war nuclear. That is within the "Project for a New American Century" document, "Restructuring America's Defenses." [40:42]

Why in God's name would they want to use nuclear [bombs] when they have access to other weapons, you know?

Capt May: Well, remember this war started with "Shock and Awe." "Shock and Awe" was the propaganda phrase we used to describe how we were going to scare the Moslems into peeing their pants and giving up, remember?

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: There is nothing more shocking and awful than nukes. And I am not saying anything about what they want to do that they didn't say in a document they issued in 2000: The Project for a New American Century, which you know was made up of the neo-cons. And the neo-cons are nothing but a cute phrase used to describe the Jewish hardliners who are part of daddy Bush's, George Herbert Walker Bush's cabinet in the Iraq war. The ones who want to go all the way through and fight everybody.

Hughes: And I want to point out something right here. Those particular people, that you just mentioned, during Hitler's regime, were very instrumental in killing Jews throughout Europe. And they are without mercy. They will do it again.

Capt May: Yes, this particular group when we talk about the Jews, we need to understand that there are three basic categories that I think of. One is what I call the self-hating Jews. And that means the Jews who really are going to say everything that I am about to say, but the other Jews say that they hate themselves. That they are lying about the Jews. They represent about 10% of the Jews. Then there is probably, oh, 60-70% of the Jews who are kind of the way towards Zionists that the Irish people are towards the IRA. They are not in on it, but they are not going to mess with it, and in their heart of hearts they are kind of for it. And then there is the hard edge, the 25% that is Zionist. And those are the criminal conspiracy.


Capt May: And they are cabalistic. They use the Jewish technique of the Cabala. Something that they learned when they were in the Babylonian Exile, by the way, from the Babylonians which involved encrypting, encoding, numerology. It is a mystic and occult science or art. Very much parallel to Illuminatism, Free Masonry, and whatnot.

Hughes: Exactly.

Capt May: We are talking about all these codes and numbers, and everything we are talking about comes straight out of these two gangs. The Cabalistic Zionists, and the Illuminatist power elite, which calls itself Christian, but is really anti-Christian. So the Zionist Jews who are part of George Herbert Walker Bush's cabinet, and who wanted to go into a big war in the Middle East in 1991 and 1992, were the ones who gathered around Bush, gathered up all the media, finance, political influence of worldwide Zionism and brought George W. Bush to the Presidency. In 2000, they had published a document. This being one year before 9-11. In September 2000 they had published a document called The Project for a New American Century: Restructuring America's Defenses. By the way, "Restructuring America's Defenses" was also a code. "Restructuring America's Defenses" or "R.A.D." It was intended to be a RADical restructuring of America's defenses. Just a little joke they put on the front page of it. In that book they said the correct move in the world today was to take over the Middle East to get the oil and take care of Israel's territorial enemies and that it would be a great thing to do but in order to do it we would have to have a new Pearl Harbor. That is where you have heard the phrase "A New Pearl Harbor." [44:30]

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: The new Pearl Harbor was called for by the people who brought Bush to power one year before 9-11 and six months before Bush took the oath of office. When Bush came to office, the war plan was already agreed upon, and it was A Project for a New American Century: Restructuring America's Defenses. It was only about an eighty page long document. That document calls for everything within the power of modern weaponry and science to be brought to bear to fight this Third World War, which was predicated upon having what is called in Latin a causus belli, a reason for war. A new Pearl Harbor. They executed the new Pearl Harbor on 9-11 and everything they promised to do in a Project for a New American Century: Restructuring America's Defenses document, they are going to do. The same way that people after World War II said, "My God, how could we have been so stupid, Hitler said everything he was going to do in Mein Kampf." Well, the neo-cons, the people who brought in the Bush boys, said everything they were going to do in a Project for a New American Century. It is just that the media hasn't covered it. In that document they say, "We're going to go nuclear." They say, "We're going to have cyber warfare." They say --now this is how chilling and cold-hearted these rascals are-- "That we should fully explore the options of biological warfare, especially since biological warfare can target genotypes."

Hughes: Oh yes, they have got that down pat now.

Capt May: They are going to exterminate the Arabs.

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: Look, everything they say was done to them in World War II is what they are going to do. That is the oldest hustle of all hustles. You know, if you tell somebody, "You are a murderer" and somebody tried to kill you, that is the best way to get them to drop their guard so that you can stab them in the back, isn't it?

Hughes: Oh gee. Oh my gosh.

Capt May: Right? So there is what I call the big picture of what is up. But to go back to Ghost Troop's work with the embedded code, we began to start coding ourselves. You know this is like any form of warfare. What you do is you learn how to do what they do and you do it back with them to muck with them. To show them that you have figured out what they are doing and are not scared of them. You have got to, even if you are scared of them. [46:37]

Hughes: You publicize it as best you can to get it out there so that, you know, you have exposed their secrets.

Capt May: So what we did is we came back with a code for what they were trying to do. We called it 9-11 2 B. Number "2." Letter "B." [For "to be"]. Because we figured out the reason they keep saying the next 911 was not a matter of if but when, because they are programming us to accept "9-11 to be," as in the future "to be." The 9-11 2 B event that they are going to inflict on the American public. That is what we figured out within a week of breaking the embedded code. Once you break the code, or once you break down the barrier against thinking there is a code, you are prepared to analyze the deep meaning of the Info War. Because the Info War is carried in code. The major events. That is why Madrid was 911 days away from New York City. That is why 9-11 and 3-11 are related. That is why 9-11-1990 comes 11 years before 9-11-2001. By the way, 9-11-1990, the day they announced the New World Order, watch the number game I told you. 9-11 reverts to 1-99. [Take] 9-11/1990, knock out the zeros because zeros don't count, and you have a numeric joke carried on the New World Order announcement. 9-11, 1-99. This is the way these guys think. Now please understand, I no more believe numerology than I believe Chinese Buddhism. But I believe the Chinese Buddhist believe it. [48:17]

Hughes: Oh yes.

Capt May: I don't believe astrology, but I believe people who study astrology believe it. We are numerologists because they use it. In the same way that the Japanese used a code, the Germans used a code. We just use these tools, these occult things to figure out their code. It is not that we believe that this code has any value, it is just we believe that they believe it.

Hughes: That is a good point. That is what they believe. And therefore it is is important to understand what that is about.

Capt May: Well I realize that at this distance I had a pretty easy time once I broke through, once I began to figure out that there was a code. As I said, it was the Madrid event that made me figure that out. It allowed me to start thinking about it. I was a natural linguist. I had a real high Army language IQ and I studied multiple languages. The code is just a language. Any code is just a language.

Hughes. Yes. That is right.

Capt May: It has rules the same way Russian, Greek, Latin, and Spanish have rules. Or Korean or Mandarin or anything. Or sign language. It is a sign language carried in numbers and symbols. By the way, and now you start making sense of things. Why did they knock down the World Trade Center? The Trade Centers are an "11." That was coded. Do you know how many stories are in each of the World Trade Centers?

Hughes. No.

Capt May: 110. Knock out the zero, what number do you have?

Hughes: 11. Oh my gosh.

Capt May: 11. This is deep. When I said it goes back at least a decade or more to the 1990 New World Order speech of George Herbert Walker Bush, I am not sure it does not go back to 1966 which is the year the Zionists put forth the money to build the towers. In other words, I have no idea how deep it goes. It is just that at this point, I am willing to examine the prospects that it goes back decades. And when you say centuries, I am not going to put an "X" over on that idea. I don't fathom that idea. I have not gone that far. But I no longer am riding the brakes on my analysis. I go where the analysis takes me. But let us go to where I was when Ghost Troop broke the code. We cracked the code on March 11, 2004, well, a couple of days after. We began to realize that they were setting up a 911 2 B event, and we even figured out where it was going to be. And there are a number of ways that we did that. It was obvious to us that the war in order to continue --now we were military experts-- it needed a draft and it needed nuclear release authority. In other words, we had to have a reason to get totally mean and totally mobilize the country. That was the goal after all from the start. You can't fight a world war with a volunteer army. You have got to have a draft. And you have got to have something that makes people have a draft. So we need to have another Pearl Harbor. 911 2 B. [51:10]

Hughes: Oh my.

Capt May: Well, we figured it out this way. D.C. allowed itself to be hit on 911 to co-opt the Congress and the government. Zionism's capitol city is New York. And they allowed themselves to be hit. The most likely city after that was Houston. Because the Bush family, immediately after the end of the Presidency, George Herbert Walker Bush had immediately in-grafted itself into Houston. And George W. Bush was made the governor of Texas, and Houston is the heart of the petrol business. And let's face it, this war is all about two things, oil and Israel. So we figured that the next hit was going to be an oil hit. And by the way, since then you have heard more and more that Al Qaeda is targeting refineries.

Hughes: Right.

Capt May: You heard that a million different ways.

Hughes: Sure.

Capt May: Well, we call Al Qaeda now "Al CIA-duh". And everyone has pretty much figured out who Al Qaeda is, so when the media says Al Qaeda is looking at oil refineries, what they mean is the CIA is looking at oil refineries to set up another Al Qaeda event. Another "9-11 to be" event.

What does the word "Al Qaeda" mean?

Capt May: In Arabic it means "the base."

Hughes: The data base?

Capt May:
Yes, I have heard that, but I think that might be a bad translation. Now here I will go and play linguist even though I am not an Arabic speaker. I have friends who do speak Middle Eastern languages. And I think it can also mean "the basis" as in "the foundation." I think the media likes to say "Al Qaeda the base" means "the database of these Arab terrorists." But I think "Al Qaeda the base" may mean the "Al Qaeda the basis of the false war." You know, what you build a house on is a base. [52:53]

Hughes: Yes.

Capt May: So I think it might be that. You know it is a play on words. It would be illogical at this point for us in Ghost Troop to think it was anything but a play on words. Because everything is coded. All the important stuff is coded in this war. That is how they carry their meanings. And I will link these things up to the articles that I give you. We predicted a 3-31 strike against Houston, Texas. I have been working that analysis since February 23rd of 2003 when I wrote it up for the Houston Chronicle. So I had already been working on the analysis for one year. Even going back to when I thought Al Qaeda was really Al Qaeda. Because it was obvious to me, remember I had been [a] chemical, nuclear, and biological warfare expert, it was obvious to me that the most lucrative, easiest hit target in America would be a refinery district. You know a little bit of bang makes a big bang.

Hughes: Sure.

Capt May: And by the time all the poison goes up in the atmosphere, you get a toxic cloud that even goes even better than the bang for killing folks. You can kill hundreds of thousands of people. So I published a piece in the Houston Chronicle --I will link it up for you-- in which I had already predicted that Houston would be the target area. At the time I did not realize that it would be a perfect target area as well because the Bush family runs this city. Now look, if Teddy Kennedy were the President running this thing, I would say the most likely target would be Boston. OK, you set up --OK, my wife works in insurance. The most likely place for an arsonist to burn down is his own house.

Hughes: Oh my, yes (laugher).

Capt May: If you are going to set up a city --well look, if you are a Zionist and you are going to set up a city to start World War III, set up New York City, and they did. If you are the government, the executive branch, and you are going to set up a city, set up D.C. where you run it. And if you are an oil cabal, and you are trying to set up World War III, set up an oil town. So I made that a prediction for Houston, and we started doing numeric analysis, and predicted March 31st, 2004 would be the hit. Texas City, British Petroleum refinery blew up on March 30th, one day before our predicted day. 25 miles away from our predicted location. I put the center of Houston because it had the highest casualty count. So we were correct within 25 miles and 24 hours on a prediction that was just as crazy as me saying the next snow fall in Europe will be in --and picking a city and a date and being right. It was one in a million, unless we really had cracked the code. And the British Petroleum, Texas City refinery has blown up three times in fifteen months. [55:46]

Hughes: Interesting.

Capt May:
And those three times we have predicted the day of the explosion within one day, two of the three times. You can't do that with luck. That is like taking a dart from center field and throwing a bull's eye, you know, at the home plate. You don't do that by luck. That is like William Tell splitting the apple, [with] the arrow, twice in a row. We really have cracked their code to the extent that when they set it up in a way that we find obvious, we are able to read into it. So that is 911 "to be." But it works for other things. Would you like to hear some more recent revelations that we came up with and shift into another topic? [56:31]

Hughes: Yes, let's --I want you to hold on -- we are going to close out this hour and we are going to go on to part two.

Capt May: That sounds great to me. I am having a fine time talking with you, and I am glad to stay around to talk more.

Very good, excellent. OK everybody, this is the end of this particular segment with Captain May. And get ready for Part II, because it is coming. This is GeorgeAnn Hughes with Captain May, signing off on Part 1.

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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