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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Zeph Report

Host Zeph Daniel
interviews Captain Eric H. May

17 Jan 2006


Abstract: Discussion of the role of Captain Jeff Cross in Ghost Troop, to include how he helped lead Captain May from addressing the Battle of Baghdad cover-up to trying to thwart the next "9-11 2B" ["to be"] mission by the Bush cabal. Extensive background on the British Petroleum, Texas City explosion on 28 July 2005, to include dramatic atmospheric effects possibly created by HAARP technology originally intended to accentuate a nuke mission to justify an American attack on Iran. Soon thereafter four star General Brynes got sacked ostensibly over a love affair. Capt May speculates that the real reason may have been his role to help scuttle a nuke mission from the inside. Later in the show we are joined by Lenny Bloom, talk show host of Cloak and Dagger, who discusses his interviews with Captain May at the time he was trying to thwart the July 2005 "911-2B"scenario.

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[Editor's note: This transcript begins at 28: minutes, 49 seconds into the interview. It skips the first 28 minutes that heavily duplicates other interviews]

Captain May:
[28:49] Coding goes on all the while, and you have to get into it. But once you do, you will find a secret language. Now, I didn't start with that premise. I spent a year working strictly on military and media analysis around the Baghdad cover-up and the Iraq War. But then I was contacted --actually the code came to me when the 9-11 event came to me. When I figured that out. You know, everybody has kind of an epiphany about how they discover 9-11, and I discovered it via two means. The first was in a the Marine Captain, Captain Jeff Cross, who had been out-processing from the Marines at that point in September 11, 2001.

Zeph: Well Jeff Cross, by the way, I just want to interrupt, has been a frequent guest and contributor here on our network.

Capt May: Well, exactly. Then you know --he was my Executive Officer for the first two years of Ghost Troop history. And right now he is on extended leave of absence. You know the Info War wears people out just like any kind of war. It is very hazardous, there is a lot of nerves going on. There are death threats, police intimidation and confrontations.

Zeph: Well you have just confirmed Jeff Cross, when we went through his background, and he said, you know, his military credentials, that is Jeff Cross. That is our Jeff. That is the one you hear me interview about other things. We have been talking to Jeff about spiritual things and things he has uncovered in the Bible. He is extremely bright.

Capt May: Thoughtful about Ghost Troop. His Info War has gone on longer than mine. His started on 9-11, whereas mine started on April 5, 2003.

Zeph: Well Jeff, if you are out there, go ahead and call in. 1-877-Zephnet, if you feel so inclined and join the discussion when we open it up. Not quite yet, but wait until Captain May lays this whole thing out for us.

Capt May: Well, we will keep it going. Your Jeff Cross is my Captain Cross, USMC. Ghost Troop executive officer. And I have been extremely honored to be associated with him. I love him like a brother. Now Jeff got to me, and since he probably told you his story, he told it to me because he found my Ghost Troop Battle of Baghdad report on the Internet, which anyone can find under Captain May, Ghost Troop. And he contacted me and he began to talk to me about 9-11. At that point, this being February 2004, I had no conflicts whatsoever about 9-11. I thought about it like I thought of anything else but I did not have an ability to confirm or deny. It was interesting to me, but I had no opinion. But then something happened. Jeff started me out thinking maybe it could be true, because he was so emphatic. It wasn't that the forensic evidence, even the personal evidence of his experience when he was there moved me. What moved me was his tone and his conviction and his experience in all the various ways they tried to shut him down. Because the way the tried to shut him down was the exact way they tried to shut me down. [31:30]

Zeph: Which was?

Capt May: Oh, you have death threats, intimidation. Death threats against my spouse. Ridicule. Insinuations that I was insane.

Zeph: Oh, yes.

Capt May: Disinformation people on the Internet who would spread slander. Calls from officers. Emails from officers threatening me with prison or retaliatory action. Outright promises of assassination if I didn't stop. Intimidation is the cheapest form of Info War. You scare somebody to death. It is impossible -at this point, you become rather --in this form of warfare, like any other, eventually your nerves --it is not that you get good nerves-- it is just that your ability to live in a state of fear of violent death goes. You lose your ability to be as scared as you were. It has nothing to do, I am convinced, with bravery. It is just that you can't keep being scared. You can't. You physically lose the process. [32:24]

Zeph: Well if you do it every day, like we have been doing it every day, and I have been threatened as well. I have been an exposer of Satanism, Satanic --all things Satanic, the players, who they are in elite society. And I was told "You will never get out of here alive." And I said, "You know what, I am sick and tired of you [beep sound in the background] I am sorry, there seems to be some phone interference, I am sick and tired of you torturing children, and your pedophilia, and your veiled human sacrifices, and your money and your wars and all your stuff, and I am going to go public, because too many people are dead, too many people never live to tell, and here is the thing I was told by someone who was in, if you will, the assassination business, OK, someone in that business --

Capt May: Black ops, or whatever.

Zeph: Yes, well, this is not a dishonorable thing, it is a military position, but he said, "So long as you stay out on the air waves, you will be all right. But just don't disappear. In other words, don't get silent."

Capt May: I have heard the same point. And since it concurred with what my duty told me I had to do anyway I just kept pushing.

Zeph: After a while what happens is this: The more you talk, the less --you were talking about the fear subsiding -- your fear does subside. If you keep at it every day, pretty soon you just keep going and you don't think about the consequences, or the supposed consequences. [33:52]

Capt May: Right. Oh no, exactly. You know, that is exactly true. There are people who get picked off. We can talk about them on another show. We know the names of people who have been assassinated. The first time I went underground I went underground eight hours before Dr. David Kelly was assassinated in the U.K. If you remember the bio-weapons scientist who was saying that Blair had faked his WMD evidence to go to war.

Zeph: Oh yes, how could anyone--

Capt May: They called it suicide, the poor man.

Zeph: Yes, the suicides --yes, we have seen lots of suicides that are very--

Capt May: Yes, especially with bio-weapons folks. I was told eight hours previously by military-media contacts that they were going to be doing recriminations and retaliations out of the White House and out of Downing Street. That was about three days after Valerie Plame was outed. We could go there, but let us get back over to the code, because I am on the cusp of the code here. [34:39]

Zeph: OK, here we go, here.

Capt May: Jeff [Cross] prepared my mind, Captain Cross, but what really sold me was the Madrid event, 3-11-2004. Do you recall?

Zeph: Yes. The train wreck.

Capt May: Madrid, the first day, the Spanish government said that it was ETA, their Basque separatist terrorists. And it used the ETA line to try to sway the elections which were pending in a few days over to the nationalists, the right wing parties that were going to keep them in the war, and what not. The American media immediately began to say it was Al Qaeda, so we had a major contradiction. The Spanish were saying the story that best worked for their war on terror, so-called, and the U.S. was saying the story that best works for our war on terror, so-called. So there is the first contradiction. The next thing that came down that just screamed at me is that 9-11-2001 to 3-11-2004 was 911 days exactly. That is called a cryptanalytic clue. The odds of it being 911 days from 9-11 to 3-11 are 1 in 911. Those are long odds. [35:40]

Zeph: One in 911, really?

Capt May: Well sure. 9-11 to 3-11 you could have any number of permutations and days.

Zeph: True. True.

Capt May: So it came out 9-11, 3-11, is 911 days. And then of course now my mind had locked on. I had a high language IQ, the highest in Army when I went to the Defense Language Institute. And I wasn't a code guy, but I knew how the game was played, and I knew languages very well. I knew four of them. So I started playing language games. There is a syntax to any code, any language. And code is just a language. 9-11 to 3-11 is 911 days. 9 is the square of 3, which is the square root of 9. The first body count, once you start playing with numbers you have got to get enough numbers into the story to keep the story going. The first body count given was 199, which is 911 inverted. 9 inverted to 1, 1 inverted to 9. 911 reverses 199. Like a mirror. Then the next body count was 191. That came about a week later. Which is 911 mixed up. Or anagrammed, we call it, 191. And that was extremely interesting. They must have had Dr. Jesus at the morgue, because otherwise you can't explain how 199 dead people went to 191. [36:56]

Zeph: One question. Are the people who are coming up with these numbers, what they are doing is code, right, they are lying about the actual dead--

Capt May: Right. The actual numbers mean nothing. You see, that was easy for me because I knew they covered up massive numbers of dead people at Baghdad and were still covering up GI's.

Zeph: So they were --

Capt May: It was the easiest thing in the world for me to believe that they were manipulating was body count. So when every body count came back, first an inversion of 9-11, 9-11 becomes 199, and then an anagramming of 9-11, 191, I was not a bit surprised they had messed it up and gone --you can't make a body count go down if people are watching carefully, but no one watches carefully. They were sending numeric clues. And once you start learning to play with that, you start playing the numbers game, and then you realize my Lord, 9-11 was the perfect number for them to do a terrorist attack on, because everyone thought it was a 9-11 emergency code.

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: That was an interesting coincidence. The most interesting coincidence of all is whether or not you believe anything that I am going to say on this code or not, the idea that the media hasn't at least done a story about the coincidences -- just say they are coincidences. [38:00].

Zeph: Well they believe in the Da Vinci Code, why not believe in this code?

Capt May: That is the idea. The Da Vinci Code is there to entertain people with coding and keep people from looking at real code. There are all kinds of side psychological games to keep people from observing the code.

Zeph: Mind games.

Capt May: Right now, somebody should be out there doing, you know, Fox TV, the most right wing of all the TV stations should have somebody out there like me, you know, making $200,000 a year, breaking the Al Qaeda code.

Zeph: I don't think--

Capt May: If you want to call it the Al Qaeda code.

Zeph: Well after what you have written on the net they would maybe have you change your name and start fresh, you know what I am saying?

Capt May: Right. So there was a code going in, and we started working code extensively and then came up with a shocking realization in early March. It was on March 11th that the code came to me. It broke. Then I realized the code was real. Once you accept the code as real, you can start looking at it carefully. And I realized they were starting at that very time to give messages about Al Qaeda having a suitcase nuke. And I realized at the same time that we were running out of GI's. They were not reporting the true number of dead. Being a military man and a general staff officer I understood the warfare well enough to understand we can't do this war without a draft. We can't. We already --we are not losing in Iraq. We have lost Iraq. You know, look, we said we had the whole thing. Now you see TV talking about the fight for Iraq. Fight for? Shucks, I thought we took it! [39:25].

Zeph: There is no, look, we knew this was a losing proposition from the beginning, but then there is a bigger picture here, isn't there?

Capt May: Well, the bigger picture is that this war was never the big issue. The bigger picture is the global move.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: World oil resources and a persistant Israeli political problem with Arabs. You know those are the twin towers of the war. Oil and Israel. Imperialism and genocide. Those are the twin towers. So let's go ahead, what Ghost Troop did, since you brought up the BP Texas City event, Jeff Cross the next time you talk to him, rode along with Ghost Troop from this time onward, because he made a convert of me, and I made him my executive officer.

Zeph: You know Jeff never told me about any of this stuff. So Jeff, like I said, if you are out there listening to this live, feel free to chime in once we get a little further down the road. But Jeff, I am going to be calling you in for an interview on this pretty soon, because-- [40:23]

Capt May: Jeff and I have stories on numerically significant days where Jeff and I were out reconning together to see where our fall-back position was going to be if they did the 9-11 event, because we could see that we would be picked up and taken care of.

Zeph: I see.

Capt May: We predicted about the 12th of March, the day after Madrid, there were enough numeric clues out there that we began to predict that they were going to do a terror strike against the Houston petro port facility. And the reason we did that was because the NSA had been leaking information that was published in the local media in Houston to the effect that Al Qaeda was planning a strike against the Houston port facility and they started doing that in 2002. Now that made perfect sense to me, and I even wrote a piece for the Houston Chronicle about it. The target analysis of Houston saying Houston was the most likely target in the nation. Because the Bush family was there. Because oil targets are the easiest to blow up. Because NASA was there. I did not realize that I was playing right into the setup scenario. The reason the media was running that story that NSA had overheard Bin Laden talking about blowing up Pasadena --in fact there is a Pasadena in my state-- was because we were supposed to be getting our minds ready. They tell you what they are going to do before they do it. That way when you do it, you are not surprised and you think it makes sense. [41:39]

Zeph: It is like in the movies they always have foreshadowing. If you see a gun before the gun is used, then you accept it. But if suddenly a character has a gun and you don't know where they got it, then it shatters the illusion.

Capt May: Exactly, exactly. So we started working on that scenario. Long story short, on the 24th of March, I had media connections extensively in the Houston area, being the NBC affiliate editorial writer and the Houston Chronicle writer. I called up every media connection that I had, and every local police agency that I could, already having been shut down by the FBI because they were getting scared of the analysis. Not because they thought it was bogus, but because they didn't want to deal with it. They were probably dedicated to shutting anyone down who got in the way, the same with 9-11. But I called the local media affiliates, and the local clear channel gal at KTRH radio, Tera Howard, was sufficiently impressed with the data I was picking up, that she made a call, a national call to the FBI headquarters that night, on the 24th of March. You may have heard that there was a Gulf Coast terror alert issued on the 25th of March 2004. And they were saying Al Qaeda was saying that it would hit unspecified petro targets along the Gulf Coast. [42:53]

Zeph: Right. I remember that..

Capt May: That was our scenario, but the FBI called the press conference the next day to put out the alert, and they changed and sanitized our scenario to say it was Al Qaeda talking about doing something during the elections on the Gulf Coast, where we had been quite specific saying it was going to be Bush terrorism, state terrorism, false flag terror, inflicted in the Houston petro port facility area nearby on the 31st of March. We had actually come up with 3-31 as our most likely mathematical permutation. So the alert that came out five days in advance of the first Texas City blow up of 3-30, was our alert. I have the notes on that and have to send them to you. Jeff knows all about it. He was in on it. [43:34]

Zeph: Jeff, you are holding out on us Jeff! (laughter).

Capt May: And the day--I was in touch Houston Police Department's criminal intelligence division and I had sold them on it. There is a very bright man, Sergeant John Karshner, who was working with me. And various elements of the Houston area, the police organizations who knew me and were familiar with my work had mobilized so that there were small mobilizations of various substations throughout Houston. Basically we had called what Ghost Troop later called the first great Ghost Troop police posse, where there were people who were in effect taking their strategic intelligence feed from Ghost Troop. We did everything that Homeland Security and the FBI do so that they can set these things up. They control the media feeds, they put out the public information, and they control the cops, right?

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: And they shut down anyone who gets in their way. Well we had just started our own homeland security-FBI operation under the rubric of Ghost Troop. And Jeff was part of it. That refinery explosion we predicted --we predicted a false flag nuke on the 31st. It occurred as, what we think was a sabotage done as an abort code on the 30th. We predicted Houston port petro chemical, it happened 24 hours later than our prediction on the 31st --or 24 hours earlier -- and it happened 24 miles away. So Ghost Troop was correct within 24 and 24. The next day world gasoline premiums reached the highest price in history. So we were part of something that had been a macro flux in the market, and we called the first BP strike right on target. Spot on. Incidentally, I know why it happened 3-30 now, but not 3-31. 3-30 was 930 days away from 9-11, 9 plus 3 is the number of--

Zeph: Twelve.

Capt May: The number of completion, 12. And 33, you take out the zeroes in the code, 33 is the date code for March 30th. It is the Illuminatist supreme number, 33. If you think about it their way --now look, I don't believe this stuff. I don't play with Ouija boards. You know I don't read my fortune. I don't do palm stuff. I don't read my horoscope. I am the only guy in Houston who reads the most boring things in the paper without reading the horoscope. I don't believe in a bit of it, but --

Zeph: But a lot of this is--

Capt May: Listen, I just believe they believe in every bit of it.

Zeph: A lot of --

Capt May: You don't go by what you believe. Go by what they believe.

Zeph: Right, right.

Capt May: They work the code. So I learned the code.

Zeph: But a lot of people report supernatural things with numbers like they will wake up every morning at 3:33 for like four days. I have heard that before. Every time you look at the clock it is 9:11. Things like that. Perhaps that is just your mind --the mind playing with you, you know. They are playing with your mind and programming it through the media and then you are suddenly noticing it [46:22]

Capt May: I think we have resonances with these patterns. Have you ever heard the old line where the guy says or the woman says "Why, I always knew he was cheating, I just wouldn't tell myself. I just wouldn't admit it to myself."

Zeph: Oh, yes, oh yes.

Capt May: It is the cumulative weight of suggestion. The hints are there. Most of us deep down, Bin Laden must have really been a smart guy to have done it on 9-11, the day of emergency. Or contra-wise, he must have been a really dumb guy because he couldn't have done it on a better day to make America really get tough than on our emergency day. But what they realize down deep, at the subliminal level, is that something is set up.

Zeph: It is scripted, yes.

Capt May: If you get enough of these numeric clues, they start to form little echoes in your mind.

Zeph: OK, well you know my suggestion now is let us have another, I am trying to stick, is another break good for you right now?

Capt May: Yes, but if I can, let me give you five more minutes first. Are you there?

Zeph: OK.

Capt May: Because what I want to do is tie four numbers together. There are three BP explosions. Ghost Troop predicted two of them. That wasn't the biggest prediction we did. It was just the first, which was the 3-30 explosion, British Petroleum, Texas City, Texas, came out 3-31. We quickly determined there was a little bit of an occult reason why they wanted to hit Texas City, by the way. The three major operations in learning how to false flag attack American cities to cause a world empowerment scenario or national empowerment scenario were Oklahoma City, Oklahoma --you see the parallel?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: New York City, New York. Parallel. And then Texas City -- what state? Texas.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: They love it. And every parallel by the way is an "11." Parallel lines. Parallelism. So the three false flag attacks, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York City, New York, and Texas City, Texas, are three "11's". Add them up, [you get] 33. That is the kind of occult stuff they are doing behind the scenes. Now what we did is the next year there was a 3-23 attack. That was 3-23-2005, BP Texas City, Texas. British Petroleum, March 23rd. And I asked my consultants. I talk to the little gangsters that I used to know [as a high school teacher], you know, Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, they understand codes. You don't have to be a genius, you just have to work code. And I said "Why 3-23?" And they looked at me like, "You don't get it, Captain?" And I said, "No, no, I don't get it." And they said, "The first one is 3-3, right?" And I said, yes, 3-30 is 3-3, sure. And they said, "The second one is 3-2-3, the second 33, man. [48:45]

Zeph: Ah, I get it now. Two 3's.

Capt May: You see, you have to look at it a little cock-eyed.

Zeph: Wow, that is interesting.

Capt May: Well, what we did on the first of July of this [past] year was I put out three predictions, actually one of them June 25th, two of them July 1st. After a while you get good at the code, and get good at reading the politics of geo-political signs surrounding the code. And we predicted that this summer, you may have heard there was going to be a false flag attack to let us nuke Iran and maybe start a draft. You probably heard that rumor.

Zeph: Yes, it was going around the net quite fervently.

Capt May: Right. Well, Ghost Troop picked up on that general stuff and I knew that Texas City, Texas would probably still be their hit, or the Houston area, because remember that Bush runs this joint. This is the oil capital. New York is the Zionist finance and media capitol. Houston is the southern capitol of the Bush family and big oil. So we still predicted Houston, and I was looking at the resonances of the different numeric clues that were popping up all over, and I predicted 7-27 for the event. This was one week before London. London happened on 7-7. Now at that point on the next day the FBI started looking for me again. And they were trying to buffalo me into shutting up. I put my lawyer between me and them and I went ahead and I made my will and decided I would come back swinging in the Info War because it was pretty clear to me that with 7-7 going down --now lets think about the earlier BP event of 2004. 3-30 becomes 33, and then a year later becomes 3-23. London was 7-7, the next echo: 7-27. The dates I had already guessed one week before the London false terror attack had lined up perfectly. It was like everything had a line based on my prediction before London. So London was just so much more confirmation. When we came back to Houston, we went on a massive coast-to-coast mission. We were opposed and threatened in Houston by the FBI. I had Ghost Troops out in Charleston, South Carolina who were running an exercise simulating a 10 Kiloton nuke of a U.S. target with NORTHCOM and Homeland Security. That was the exercise they were going to take live to do it, by the way. They were getting threatened out there by the military and the Secret Service. Clear Channel Communications was terrified and hiding from us. Half the media in Texas and all the media on both coasts were just as interested as they could be in whether or not we had figured out the date. I deal with top end media because I have written top end media. I don't have a hard time pretending to be a journalist, I was. There was no one I was talking to who was telling me that I was crazy and they didn't want to hear it. The word was out in the national media that the Bush boys were going to pop someone this summer, take it nuclear, take out the draft, and lock down the homeland state. So everyone was extremely interested in my figures and my numbers.

Zeph: OK, Captain May, right there we are going to take a two minute break, folks. When we get back, we are going to talk about nuclear hi-jinks. We are going to ask Captain May why this didn't happen, and all I can say is we are on the edge of our seats, there is a lot to digest, you are going to want to listen to this again, and hang tight for two minutes. Zeph Daniel, your host on the Zeph Report Channel Z [music start at 52:00 ...end of break 54:01] All right folks, I don't know about you, but my mind is just screaming along trying to catch up with Captain May who has been at this longer, and of course this revelation of our friend, Jeff Cross, who is --we have been hearing from him teaching on spiritual issues and his Bible studies, which are fascinating and that is what he does --is threshing for, is also Captain Jeff Cross in this story. We are about to be joined, let me just before we go to Captain May, let me go to see if Frankie the Angel, Frank the webmaster of, partner in crime, and fellow talk show host, Frank Kime are you there?

Frank: Great show, bother

Zeph: OK, let's get Captain May back. And Frankie, you ride a little shot gun with us. Hello there, Captain May, we are back.

Capt May: Back on line.

Zeph: OK, I have got my partner here, Frank Kime. He is my fellow talk show host. And he is now joining us on the line and he has heard your interviews with GeorgeAnn Hughes, and he has a question for you, before we get that next line.

Capt May: OK, in just a second I am going to have a request for him, which is I can quickly give him the master reference from our summer mission log which will pull all this up in our raw feed along with the international interview that I did with Cloak and Dagger the night it all went down, which is what I will get to next.

Zeph: Wow. Frankie?

Frankie: Sure, let us get the information on how to listen to the Cloak and Dagger interview. [55:38]

Capt May: Yes, well what you ought to do is just go to Google Search engine. I reference everything off that, it is easiest. I have got a bibliography on the way that I can have to you by the end of the week. But right now just go to Google, Ghost Troop Captain May, and I think that the third thing yo will pull up is a site called Ghost Troop Captain May, all run together.

Frankie: Well, that is great.

Capt May: If you pull that up, at the top they are going to have the Cloak and Dagger interviews referenced. And then beneath it are three chapters of what is called "mission 911 2B." We coded this mission as 911, number 2, letter B because we said this is the 911 event they have promised is going to be. They keep telling us it is not a matter of if, but of when.

Zeph: When, yes.

Capt May: So we call it mission 911 2B. And anyone out there in listener land who wants to know everything in the world about this, just go to "Ghost Troop 911 2B," into the search engine, Google is the best I find, and you will pull up more than you can shake a stick at. You will find the international multi-published three prediction emails that I did that there would be a 7-27 event, and you will find the Cloak and Dagger interviews. And most importantly, you will find Ghost Troop Captain May web site that has all the stuff together in the raw feed the way it happened, along with, by the way, our Battle of New Orleans which is what we call mission BONO. That was Katrina, and the Rita information, which is where we cracked into the idea that there was weather warfare going on. So that is the rich summer document. Ghost Troop Captain May which can be found by going through a Google Search engine and by putting "Ghost Troop" and "Captain May" in there. Or "Ghost Troop 911 2B." Frankie, go ahead.

Frankie: Well sure, have you watched the actual numbers on the stock market close? Because last week--

Capt May: Yes, because there was a market close of 11109 a week ago?

Frankie: Right.

Capt May: That was a code.

Frankie: I believe it was 11.9, that was Monday. And then the following day it was still 11011. You know in regard to your theories about dropping the zero, it is fascinating. And I agree with you, I am not necessarily wrapped up in numerology, myself, but --.

Capt May: Nor am I. I think they are. Understand the difference? I am not doing this because I believe it. I am doing it because I believe they believe it.

Frankie: Exactly, because they are the ones out there running the numbers, and they are the ones controlling the game. But who is they? Who are these people?

Capt May: You are talking about two groups. What we say is this: the Illuminatist anti-Christians. The ones who pretend to be the WASP power elite, but they are really Illuminatist anti-Christ. And the Jewish cabalists, Zionist Cabalists. [58:21]

Frankie: Do you think that the wheels are coming off of this right now? Because --

Zeph: We are going to get into that now. I mean we are just about to launch Capt May into prediction land.

Capt May: I am going to, and that is exactly what we will go through, Frankie, I promise you, but you bring up such an awfully good point. Since you are the web master, you have got to, before you get off this thing, look up the Ghost Troop Captain May site and you will have that on hand if anyone wants it. Maybe you can put up a link to it, where anybody can go to Ghost Troop 911 2B or Ghost Troop Captain May on Google. But since you brought up the stock market closing numbers, you are right, 11 -knock out the zeroes -- 11011 and then .9, and then the next day it was the same numbers. Just yesterday, I think it was MSNBC or CNN, was saying, "This is the highest it has been since the highest number ever." And the highest number ever was 11[0]22.7 1122 is great because you get two master numbers, the 11 and the 22, both of which are Illuminatist, Cabalist master numbers, and of course 1122 put together gives you the super dooper number of 33, and they love that one. So the stock market numbers are manipulated in some instances it seems to me. Body counts are manipulated. Dates are the easiest thing of all, because you simply take number dates for the month --and here I will give you the most basic one, if you don't mind, because Frankie brings up such a good point.

Zeph: Go ahead.

Capt May: A little tour de force here. Let us see if we can do it with other things. Amman Jordan bombing. You probably don't remember the date, but I do. You know why? It is easy to take 911 and put it backwards and get 11-9, and that is the day that they did Amman Jordan. Death count: 57. That is easy for me to remember, because 5 and 7 are odd increasing integers, 5 goes to 7 which by the way implies 9 and 11. And 5 and 7 put together equals 12. Another master number usually indicating the Zionist cabalists. The top two guys --now let us go geo-political intelligence in there along with the number hints, all right? You know and I know, but the public doesn't know, that the two top heads of Palestinian intelligence got wiped out in that bomb. Well, that is a heck of a bad thing for Al Qaeda to do if Al Qaeda really wants to make [good things for] Arabs happen, but it is a heck of a smart thing for the Mossad to do. So the Amman Jordan bombing of 11-9 are really just a Jordanian 9-11, and it is such a nice numeric hint that 9-11 reverses in the mirror to 11-9. Body count manipulated, political intelligence confirmed. If you don't follow that, you are not doing good intel.

Zeph: It is mind-boggling.

Capt May: I have been a G-2, a division intelligence officer for division, and if I have missed that kind of obvious hint that we are dealing with the German Enigma Code, or Japanese encryption, they would Court martial me. These are so obvious. You see what I am saying?

Zeph: Yes. But it is still, for people who are not number savvy, are not on to it yet, they are just starting to get it, it kind of makes sense. But what is fascinating is you have credentials here. You predicted a couple of things. You made other predictions. Now Captain May, I want to turn to the fires --

Capt May: We need to get to the 7-27 prediction and what happened to that.

Zeph: OK, OK, let us pick it up where you left off just before the break then.

Capt May: Which is that we are getting threatened by the FBI in Houston, I have got a lawyer trying to keep me away from the FBI. The Houston police department CID is saying "Oh God, you are probably right, we hope you are wrong," but they are not moving because they are politically ham strung. I have Ghost Troop doing raids against the Charleston area, banging on Clear Channel's doors. The S.S., which is what we call the Secret Service, is coming after my Ghost Troops. Jeff Cross is in on this as it is going down. And of people you know, this is a major movement. The Crawford Peace House Kay Lucas is a Ghost Troop. We are making waves worldwide and nationwide. We have got Internet publishers who are throwing up instantaneous articles. We are doing international predictions of a 7-27 false flag nuclear attack on Houston, Texas to start World War III. At the same time word is going around that Cheney has holed himself up with StratCom and told them to prepare a tactical nuclear strike against Iran, remember that rumor? [1:02:31]

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: That is the same time, brother. So all of this is going down, and then the master clue is comes in. They start on Sunday, I think the 24th, yep, they start announcing the NASA count down to the Shuttle. The shuttle was going back up for the first time in thirty months. [Static noise in the background]

Zeph: Ut-oh. Captain May, you there? Testing...

Capt May: I am here. You got me?

Zeph: Yes. Apparently somebody is having some fun with this phone line.

Capt May: Well, let's keep going. The shuttle was going back in the air for the first time in thirty months. You remember the last time it got blown up over Texas, and that in itself might have been a caused event. But in any case the shuttle was getting ready to lift off, for the first time in thirty months. The media was making a big to do of it.

Zeph: [static noise in background] What is that?

Capt May: Can you hold on for one?

Zeph: Sure. Apparently we are having some technical difficulties.

Capt May: [voice in background: "I will call you back"]. Are you there?

Zeph: Yes, I am here, but you have a little bit of static on this line.

Capt May: OK, we are better now.

Zeph: We are better now, that is right.

Capt May: That was Lenny Bloom, the host of Cloak and Dagger who was also part of this. I will get to him next.

Zeph: OK, sounds like we had better talk to him too eventually.

Capt May: Yes, what we should get Jeff and Lenny on this together and we will get the most amazing interview you can have.

Zeph: I know, I am just baffled that we would talk to Jeff about everything else but this stuff.

Capt May: This is the story of the century. This is the Hindenburg. Let me get to it.

Zeph: OK, let's all take a deep breath, everyone. Capt May is launching into this thing. I would suggest you download this and keep it in your collection. OK. Go ahead sir.

Capt May: Yes, this is historic stuff, and it should be downloaded, because there is no telling when they are going to crash it. NSA was crashing our record of this for a long while. Lenny got crashed off the air incessantly until he wound up getting his server back up. Anyway, the count down clock to NASA started at one day, yes, one day, 19 hours in advance, they started. They had a count down clock they put on all the national media mid-day Sunday of 1:19:00. Now you don't have to be a student of the code to realize again that 119 is 911 reversed.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: And NASA is a presidential call. He gets to say when those things take off. It is an executive agency outfit. So they had a national code going in the open air with everybody in the world looking to NASA to do the lift. And every national media reporter, all these people that we know who have been coopted and coerced by national intelligence by corrupt organizations were down here in Houston, Texas, Clear Lake, ready to film the shuttle. And the shuttle was lifting off on the 26th. Again, I did not even have that in mind when I predicted the 27 for the attack, which I did twice on July first and once in late June. So everything was lining up more, because remember the biggest thing if you are going to do one of these magic tricks of a false flag attack --

Zeph: Right

Capt May: --and they are magic tricks-- if anybody had just seen the the towers come down without commentary, they would have said, "Why did they do a demo job on the towers?" But since everybody was screaming about how it was Al Qaeda, and they were finding passports and this, that, and the other, everybody bought the magic trick. Well, the national media was one city over from Texas city about forty miles east so that they could be ready when the poor Christians got killed in Texas City to come take some photos and make the stories sell, don't you see?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: They were there a day early, and the count down clock for the shuttle event, which was nothing but a code --a cover event for them to bring and pre-position national media, and probably bring down and pre-position national intelligence forces, you know to protect the shuttle, don't you know, all of that the countdown clock started at occult number 1:19:00. One day, nineteen hours, which is 911 in reverse. By the time the shuttle went up, you will remember that they were already saying the shuttle is having insulation problems, tiles are falling off, it might burn up on re-entry. You remember that?

Zeph: Yes, very clearly.

Capt May: All of that is what you call an analog code, which means they are talking about one thing, but they are referencing to another. So the shuttle losing insulation, and being damaged in heat, we took at the time --we were actually convinced-- it turned out to be correct, that what that meant was that we were getting so much exposure on the story that we were ruining the plan. Because remember these plans can't work if people start putting up 20 and 30 and 40 copies of international articles.

Zeph: So that is why we didn't have a nuke attack.

Capt May: Well, we did and we didn't. Because the next night of the 27th it didn't happen. By then we thought we had cracked it open. The next day being the 28th. One day after my prediction again, BP Texas City blew up again about 5:30-6:00 PM. By the way, I challenge Frankie to try to find references to it because you will find references to it here and there. I think San Antonio still has one up. But everything else on the Internet got purged. So you will find all kinds of links to it but they will all be inactive. They have all been knocked down. Now why in heavens name would they knock down a new BP explosion when they had already had two of them in the previous 15 months? 3-30-2004 and 3-23-2005. 7-28, one day after our 7-27 prediction, what we think is that they probably hung fire because they did not know what to do. The next day they did a 6:00 PM explosion, no casualties, but a bang out there. And I am picking it up on Clear Channel Live Feed on 740 AM KTRH. They do exactly what you think they would do if you had it out there. They closed down all the streets around there on an emergency basis and started evacuating equipment out of there, which to us meant what you think. At this point Lenny comes into it because I called Lenny up so sure of what was happening that we did a live interview, and I did an emergency Ghost Troop broadcast and called for a coup de etat and arrest of the Bush boys. I tried to order national or rather local police or military officials --

Zeph: (laughter) yes.

Capt May: --To make the immediate arrest as they were going down the highway, because the stuff was on trucks, moving down the road. I mean it was going down like it was next door because the intelligence was no longer abstract numerological stuff, but right on time they had an abort bombing so that they could get out of there. They closed down the road when they started taking off. Lenny and I did three interviews that night. The last of them being about 8:30 PM-9:00PM when it was just starting to get dark in Houston. [1:09:03]

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: That night the most amazing thing I ever saw happened, and it was widely witnessed throughout the Houston area. Anyone who witnessed this will have seen it through the entire southeast region of the Gulf Coast. Suddenly at about 9:00 PM, after dark over Texas City, or thereabouts, began to be a Vesuvius-like explosion that from my vantage point, 45 miles north of Texas City in the northernmost aspect of the Houston metro area, was forty five degrees up in the sky, and ninety degrees wide.

Zeph: Ut-oh.

Capt May: Now I told you I was in the chemical corp, nuclear-biological-chemical warfare. An old reconnaissance trick is that anything that is 45 degrees up in the air, like you are doing a little Sieg Heil salute, that high?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: It means by definition it is as high up as it is far away from you. If you can point to the wall you can see it. If you can point to a spot on the wall, let us say you are seven feet away from it, when you point forty five degrees you will be pointing seven feet up.

Frankie: That is also the maximum launch angle if you are shooting a grenade, right.

Capt May: No, that is more a mortar type thing. Yes, but let us not go down that track. What I mean to say, is that what happened over Texas City was a 45 mile high display of energy. It could not have been a blast because had it been a blast, according to calculations that we do from nuclear-biological-chemical warfare manuals, which is FM 21-40 in the Army, that would have been megatons of yield. But it created the impression of an immense blast. And at the time, these are historic interviews, Lenny has put them up and you will be getting them from him presently. I was reporting this in real time. We witnessed this around. The media in Houston was shutting it down. There was no word coming out on radio, TV, the weather channel was only showing electrical disturbance. And indeed that is what we think it is now. At that point I did not believe in things like HAARP or the possibility of space-borne weapons, platforms on the shuttle. But now I realize that what we saw --and this lasted thirty, forty five minutes-- and it looked like a nuclear explosion. My HPCID [Houston Police Criminal Intelligence Division] contact, John Karshner, Sergeant, even told me later "It looked like a nuke." It was supposed to. The same way that with 9-11 they had the terror attack and then they had the set up demolition and they sold the magic trick to the public? [1:11:25]

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: They were going to do a 10K nuke down at BP Texas City. Now let's think about it, BP linked together the two great things. London had just been hit, which meant Britain. And Texas City meant Bush. So it was going to be the Al Qaeda strike on Britain-Bush. It was going to be the perfect way to tie us and the UK together and take this level, this war to World War III.

Zeph: That is what it seems they are trying to do. They want World War III and they want martial law. They didn't get it though.

Capt May: They needed a nuclear event, and that is why they have been setting up. Do you remember that CNN was running --all the stations were running all these [stories about an] Al Qaeda nuke in a transport ship that was going to blow up a U.S. port? They were doing that show --they were running it once every two weeks on CNN, and I do not know how often on the others. I usually watch CNN because it is easy to pick.

Zeph: But they are going to need something to get the American people on board with the next step in Iran.

Capt May: Well you see, no, no, no, they set it all up because they had put all their chips there. They had their prepositioned media down in Clear Lake, ostensibly for the shuttle. They had the shuttle going up to get the whole nation turned towards the Houston area. They had a London false flag attack which had everyone thinking it was Al Qaeda was after the Brits. It almost had to follow that they were going to hit British Petroleum, Texas City, in Texas. Brit and Texas. UK, NASA, Bush, the Texas Presidency --

Zeph: Blair and Bush.

Capt May: The perfect set up. That night that explosive series lasted for about 45 minutes and you will hear from my Cloak and Dagger interviews which I am sure people are going to be melting them down now, they should. "Captain May, Ghost Troop, Cloak and Dagger." Or "Captain May Cloak and Dagger." That, when I did those interviews I could taste ionization in my mouth. It was electrostatic. It was some kind of electronic effect. And there were bipolar electrical charges going up on both sides of the explosive display. That display was there because a real 10 kiloton nuke in Texas City would be like a pimple on the horizon. Ten kilotons is not a whole lot, I mean, from fifty miles away.

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: What they wanted to do was have enough destructive force to kill them 25-30,000 Texas City folks, but enough display that nobody from Austin south ever forgot it. I call that the pyrotechnics package. [1:13:55]

Zeph: But they did not do that this time.

Capt May: No, no, no, we made them abort code. They blew Texas City with a conventional C-4 type thing.

Zeph: OK

Capt May: They closed down the roads. They evacuated the real stuff out, but then they still popped the cork on the pyro show, probably to cause a great disorientation and shut down anything anyone was thinking about doing at that point to get in their way.

Zeph: OK, so that backfired. By that time Cheney was hiding down in some bunker.

Capt May: Right, in the port of Charleston --and it was Ft Monroe running the exercise-- had a sudden atmospheric freak electrical storm that caused them to do emergency evacuation and shut down. So Texas City and Ft. Monroe, which was running the ten kiloton exercise, so-called, both shut down the same night. And you can research like heck, and have a hard time finding that, but it is all there. Do you remember General Brynes who was replaced a week later?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: If you look up Alex Jones info, you will find there was a rumor that there was an officer's coup and that Brynes had been part of it to get out of this thing because he knew that it was going to go live. We don't know if Bryrnes found out if it would go live and joined our coup, or Brynes was the one who knew it would go live but we derailed him. You will find in that Alex Jones article that there is an unnamed former Army intelligence officer who led the coup who knew that the 9-11 scam was a scam, and was not going to put up with it.

Zeph: OK, so there was talk last summer about a coup.

Capt May: That was my coup.

Zeph: But they were talking about hundreds of people being killed and all that. You know, I mean, these are the rumor mills.

Capt May: Right, Sorcha Falls embellished it.

Zeph: So that is what she was talking about, right?

Capt May: In code, yes. And whether she had it right, or whether she was writing around the lines, I am telling you straight up what happened was on 7-28 --by the way, when I say Ghost Troop 911 2B?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: When you pull that up you will get to Lenny Bloom. He archived that and made it a file. So right now anybody can access it. And on the Ghost Troop Captain May site, that I told Frankie to go to?

Zeph: Frankie has it.

Capt May: We also have a link there. There are many linkings of that thing everywhere. The best site, probably all in all, is to go through the Captain May site which has the 911 2B missions on it and also has the Cloak and Dagger interview access. Yes, I called for an officer's coup that night. And please understand, I was lucky to survive that night.

Zeph: Capt May, you called for an officer's coup, so what you did is you said you have got to arrest Bush, they are down here trying to--

Capt May: Arrest the Bush boys. Arrest them right now. And I said initiate operation beau coup. Initiate operation beau coup. Initiate operation beau coup. I did it three times. Now beau coup is French for big time.

Zeph: Many, much

Capt May: But it was also a Ghost Troop joke, because man I was running a bluff. I didn't have anybody to do a coup. I just had Ghost Troop cyber assets. But the idea was it was a BOO! or "B-O-O!" We initiated what we called the great Ghost Troop Boo Coup where we scared them out of doing it. They didn't know.

Zeph: You saved the country! Where is my applause button? (laughter).

Capt May: (laughter). Listen to the Cloak and Dagger interviews and hear it for yourself and then you play the applause button, because I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't been there.

Zeph: Here you go [plays background applause sounds]. I am just having a little fun with this, because it is just so mind-boggling. I mean, come on.

Capt May: It all fits --no, no, no, you have never had a rational explanation about how all those summer rumors fit together before now.

Zeph: OK

Capt May: You know that there were rumors that Cheney was preparing a StratCom hit. That Stratcom hit was premised upon any terrorist attack that hit the U.S. that would cause an immediate response against Iran at a nuclear level regardless of whether they did it or not. You already knew that rumor, right?

Zeph: Yes, and it looks like now, well, let us just --so they didn't get it then, they are more desperate now. They are pushing the Iran thing without a lot of backup. In other words, without a lot of catalyst that would spur it along. But they are going anyway.

Capt May: They had to compromise. We wounded them horribly. Remember, they had stacked it all. It is like this: I teach Tae Kwon Do. I am a low index --second Dan. [degree black belt]. I am not Bruce Lee, but I know how to fight. If you come after me with a gun with one bullet in it, brother, the bullet had better work. But if you miss, you are in trouble. They put it all on one bullet. They knew that they could control one media, political, and police area. That was Houston, because Bush owns this town, and the oil boys own this town.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: They put all their chips on being able to call in the Texas City, Texas British Petroleum facility that they had been setting up for a year and a half now. That was the earlier analysis that I told you about. And they missed. And now you know why it is that Bush almost fell out of power when he went back to Crawford. Cindy Sheehan did not suddenly emerge like a messiah. Cindy Sheehan was the story the media went to because they were tearing Bush down for blowing it. No one went after Bush because they were tired of Bush. Everybody went after Bush because Bush blew the assassination against Texas City. He was going to mass-murder his own town. And don't you know they didn't care less. They were down here with their TV cameras and microphones. They were not getting the NASA story, man, they were waiting to get the Texas City story.

Zeph: Let me add one more thing to this. At about that time Daddy Bush was being seen with Bill Clinton as almost like the first son, whereas Junior was kind of shuffled off in the family appearances.

Capt May: Right, and Bush started putting out the word that he was reading a book up in Crawford The Great Influenza Outbreak of 1919. That was his backup gun.

Zeph:Ah yes.

Capt May: He was making his next threat. If you pop me, if you come after me, I will loose the flu on you. Bio warfare on call, man.

Zeph: 1919.

Frankie: Well, you know I blame the American public for going along with the media business folks. You know, the majority of Americans have no idea about this fear that you have, or any of the other things you talk about.

Capt May: Of course not, of course not.

Frankie: They saw the statue of Saddam come down and they think that there was a mass of Iraqis surrounding that. And that there were--

Capt May: They were probably three or four dozen Iraqis --and they weren't Iraqis --they were Jordanians paid by the--.

Frankie: Right, when you look at the truth behind all of this -- I respect what you say-- but honestly I think that if we really lose democracy, which personally I consider it pretty much gone, I mean with the advancement of all of the laws, and it is pretty much a done deal in my book. It is exactly how patient the people bringing it down will be. I don't know. Could there be a miracle? Certainly. But I think we've had it. [1:20:41].

Capt May: I think God was with us that night.

Frankie: I agree, I agree.

Capt May: And Jeff thought so too. I don't know why he has kept mum, except I was commanding the operation and he was number two, and a fine XO, a brave man. You will listen to the Cloak and Dagger interviews of that night and you will hear me say in utter candor to Lenny Bloom, he said, "Are we going to talk some more?" and I said, "If am still alive in an hour. If I am still alive tomorrow." Because I still don't know why they didn't kill me that night.

Frankie: I think that all of us have feelings in that respect. You know Jeff was predicting an attack on an oil refinery at that time. You know Jeff and I were chatting on 7-7-7. And that would be 2005 when the [London] tubes were going off, and we were making fun of riding the tubes, because I was following up on a story where the--

Zeph: [mock British-accented female voice] I have ridden the tube, dahling (laughter)

Frankie: Yes, yes, you know, so I think that we all have a feeling that something is coming, but we--

Capt May: Let us go back to the summer and stay there a second. Because we are starting to get a collection of people here talking who, by the way, if someone wants to give Lenny Bloom a call, I will give you his number. while we are along with this Frank if you want to peel off, he is waiting for me to call him back, do you want to see if you can get him into this?

Zeph: Trish will call him up. But we need to have a break and get back on a hard line. I don't want that number going out over the air. So, OK, we are live. Friends, you are listening to a riveting story here. A riveting history --your history, your news.

Capt May: "911 2B."

Zeph: "911 2 B" coming up when we return with Captain May. Back in two minutes. Everybody take a little break, we are going to go ahead and mute these lines. And folks, I just don't think that it gets --you know you are just going to have to be motivated to get off your you-know-what after this. It is not--

Capt May: This is journalism, folks. This is why the Internet exists. We are doing what the Internet allows us to do.

Zeph: It is a revolution. And it is being broadcast over the Internet, not televised.

Frankie: Well, it is a pleasure. All three on the dial up line. It is certainly a --

Capt May: Are we clear?

Zeph: Frankie, we cannot be clear for a second. I just have to cue in my music, since I am the engineer here. Stay there Frank. OK, are going to go to a break. OK folks, we will be right back. Stay right there. [Music starting the break at 1:23:06 ... Zeph back from the break at 1:25:54] Streaming live, 877-Zephnet, for toll free. That is 1-505-473-1627 if you are international. That number 877-Zephnet is good for USA and Canada. Right now I am going to bring back my guest, I have Frankie riding shot gun, I have Captain Eric May. Here we go. Folks, Captain May, are you there?

Capt May: Just a second, Zeph ...I have got Lenny on the other phone. Hang on.

Frankie: Yes, well this whole thing is fascinating. I remember back at the time of the Houston--

Capt May: Listen, you remember the three digit prefix I gave you for his number before?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: ...the next seven digits are 932-8053. Lenny Bloom is standing by right now. He is on the air and we will crack this thing open.

Zeph: OK, well Frankie is going to have to get off this line for now...Here is another thing, Lenny if you are listening to this, you can dial in at 877-zephnet....I just freed that line, Frankie, God bless you, and maybe we will bring you back in a little bit. We don't have a whole bank of phone lines here...

Capt May: Zeph, can you ad lib for one minute. I will call him back and give that to him immediately.

Zeph: Folks, we're going to another break..

Capt May: It will be worth it. If it looks like chaos, it is really revolution...

Zeph: [More talk about connectivity problems and bringing Lenny Bloom on the line]. Captain Jeff Cross of Ghost Troop has been mentioned here. That is another dimension of Jeff. You know him as a threshing floor talk show host at You also know something else about him today. I don't know if that was supposed to be confidential. Jeff, I don't know --I talked to you yesterday, you did not tell me anything about not mentioning you, so there is. It looks like Captain May and company may have been instrumental in possibly staving off this nuke thing. Remember Sorcha Faals reporting at the time. And you recall that Sorcha Faals was saying there was a coup de etat in progress, and officers in Texas outside Crawford, and there were hundreds of people dead, according to Sorcha Faal, but perhaps she was just putting a number there. Perhaps she is doing code. I have always said that Sorcha Faal needs to be deciphered. Let me bring Captain May back. [1:29:20]

Captain May: Yes, I called Lenny, he is calling in now.

Zeph: OK, so we will be patching Lenny in. We have Trish here working some engineering.

Capt May: The last thing that will make this all come together like dynamite is if someone will simply go to a Google search engine and all you have to do is plug in "Captain May." And on page two you will see CAPT, all caps, that is like the seventh or eighth article on page two. That is the Cloak and Dagger interviews that are historic and archived right now.

Zeph: OK, what will probably happen is that Frankie will end up blogging those.

Capt May: They are exciting, because what I am saying right now only sounds like what somebody is saying a story. Those are historic and archived from the dates.

Zeph: OK, I have just patched him in. I will let you introduce him, and I will go ahead and open the line. Go ahead and introduce him, Captain May.

Capt May: Are we on the air?

Zeph: We are on the air. He is on the board right now.

Capt May: OK, let me just tell your listeners, Zeph, and this is great, this is ad hoc, pull it out journalism, and we have got it going. Lenny Bloom is the host and founder of Cloak and Dagger Radio out of Canada. He and I have done several interviews previously about things like the Battle of Baghdad cover-up, and as I began to grow in my analytic capacities with Ghost Troop, Lenny became more and more interested in our product. Lenny was so confident in what we were doing and the rumors that he was getting, much like the rumors that Zeph and Frankie were getting down in the U.S.A--

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: --that when I called him up and said "Texas City is blown again," Lenny said, "It is archived, it is history, let's go."

Zeph: OK, Lenny --

Capt May: --Over the next three hours Lenny and I did three interviews covering everything that I have described. He has done a file that right now your people of course are looking up in audio files. So it is archived and historic. I battlefield-promoted Lenny on my authority as an Army officer to Lieutenant on the spot. It was an actual battlefield promotion because that night Lenny Bloom risked his life. And I can say fairly that after this was over, Lenny went underground for a week, and nobody heard from Lenny, because it was really, really real, folks.

Zeph: Without further ado, Lenny, are you there. Lenny Bloom, come on in.

Lenny: I am here. It is great to be on with Captain May.

Zeph: OK, well we are all here and we are just getting our minds blown by Captain May, and we are live on the air. So folks, you can't call in, Lenny has got that line. We just left off where Captain May is saying that you risked your life. Basically what you have done is you were instrumental in possibly staving off the horror of horrors on American soil.

Lenny: Yes, we really made history that night. It was very exciting. I do not think that I really fully appreciated what we were doing until it was over. It was very exciting, though. [1:32:10]

Zeph: This is an incredible story. And journalists out there if you are listening --well, for you FBI people who are listening too-- this story is out and getting bigger and wider. And, you know, think about what side you are going to serve in the coming battles in America.

Capt May: Remember your oath to the Constitution, gentlemen and ladies.

Zeph: Yes, just figure out, look, it is really simple. You can serve the side of evil, right? And lying and cover-ups, and getting rid of people, or you can serve the side of good and God and country. Right? Like a child understands that.

Capt May: To review where we were with all this when Lenny came in, Zeph, I called him at about 1800 hours, 6:00 PM, from Houston on the night of the 28th after we had been predicting for a month, before London, that the 27th would be the night. And I said, "Lenny, Texas City went up again." And we talked --Lenny was so excited-- remember Lenny, we talked for five minutes before I said, "Lenny, are we on tape?" and he said, "No!" And I was waiting for the Bush boys to come and shoot me. I did not know what kind of assets they had. But I knew they knew about me, because the FBI had been trying to shut Ghost Troop down. The Secret Service had been threatening us. You know the media was running scared. Everybody knew it was coming. Nobody was doing nothing. And I said, for heaven's sake Lenny let's get on tape.

Zeph: OK, that is Lenny Bloom of Cross and Dagger Radio, correct Lenny?

Lenny: Cloak and Dagger dot "de." ( That is right.

Zeph: Internet radio. That is what we are. Internet radio at, the Zeph Report on Channel Z. And this is going out live around the world. And it will be in the podcast universe as a podcast right after this broadcast. If you want to get involved, you just heard Lenny's web site. You have got to Google Captain May [1:33:55].

Capt May: Just Google Capt May alone. From page 2 you will get an article, C-A-P-T- all caps, that is the list of the Lenny Bloom file, it is a condensation of all three interviews that we did on 7-28 made into two interview segments.

Zeph: And we also know that we can go to the, there are three interviews there that Captain May has done, and I predict after this broadcast he will be invited on many different Internet and radio talk shows. For people and producers who are listening to this, as they have, this is how it works. What is really happening is we are being gathered, all of us who are in this thing, we are being gathered into a group and we are getting stronger and louder at the same time they are about to do some awful things, and I just about to turn you loose, Captain May, on 9-11 2B ("to be"). I am almost shaking here. I do not know what you are going to say.

Capt May: You should have been there the 28th (laughter). We did not know whether to cry or die. We thought we would end up doing both before the night was over. If you remember, I did not think I would make it through the night, man.

Lenny: It was pretty dicey.

Capt May: And we never had an article -- you are going to find shreds --the cyber world when you start going to Ghost Troop 9-11 2B-- you are going to find more articles put up and slapped down in a shorter period of time than ever happened to us before. Lenny's server melted down time and time again. He was getting hit by the NSA, we thought, then getting overloaded by demand. You make the prediction that people are going to want to talk to us, I am going to make a prediction that a lot of people's servers are going to melt down pretty soon.

Zeph: Well they are going to talk to you anyway, and that is just what happens. It is like a grass roots movement. It is going to grow.

Capt May: Oh yes, they are trying to put out grass fires at this point. They are playing with fire in Texas and Oklahoma.

Zeph: Exactly.

Capt May: They have got a grassfire going, and you can't stomp one out. The minute you pick your foot up, it starts again, and where you weren't stomping is on fire. So this thing, it was all over -- we were knocked down more articles, more articles were knocked down -- all the links about the 7-28 British Petroleum fire were knocked down. Listeners in the Houston area who have access to archived copies of the Houston Chronicle. You know, don't believe what I said about the inverted code, rather the embedded code, get 7-29 Houston Chronicle, and you will find at the top of the Houston Chronicle they run a five part photo which shows the space shuttle over the earth's atmosphere, pointing west on photo one, then pointing forty five degrees on two, straight up on three, forty five degrees right on four, and then right on five. They show the Shuttle doing a 180 degree roll in five panels. And that was a full out abort code. Reverse full. They were signing, just like street gangs do signs.

Zeph: So the shuttle was--

Capt May: They were signing the front page of the Houston Chronicle, and signed off on the Houston Chronicle, that what you are going to hear in these extreme interviews that Lenny and I did when it looked like Houston was getting nuked, I did not know who was going to be dead. It looked like a nuke. Everyone --my police contacts said so. The Houston Chronicle the next day wanted to say, "Oh, that was a flash from this non-fatal boiler plate explosion down at Texas City."

Zeph: OK.

Capt May: Which was a complete absurdity. The Chronicle, in other words --the whole Houston media is implicated. In effect, Lenny, that night, you know I have listened to those tapes many times, and I think many people will now. I remember when I came --when we were doing--remember I was talking Russian and Spanish trying to get the word out before we got stomped like bugs by this nuke that it looked like they had on us.

Lenny: Yes.

Capt May: And I said they are not saying anything --the TV is not saying anything-- I have my family here, my wife here and they said of course not, there is not going to be any word, and I realize now that all the media out here was run by big time Zionist connections. And they were stomping the news. The news was not broadcast. The thing that I look forward to the most, and I exhort people who are in the area to call, because anyone who saw what I saw that night, and his was 9:00 PM, people were out getting a pack of cigs, going out to the store, coming back from a movie, playing late, playing baseball, anybody who saw that, any police officer who was on duty, any fire department, any journalist, heard people calling in utter terror. Because it looked like Vesuvius had blown up.

Zeph: OK, I have got the page here for Ghost Troop Captain May, Cloak and Dagger interviews. And you have got briefing in real time, Houston flashes, saved Houston, briefing in New Orleans, Cindy Sheehan, Ghost Troop, et cetera, 32 minutes, so all those links are --all those audios are there -- and let me just tell you how Frankie just sent this to me, and in spirit, well I will just have to put this on our page so that you can click it on. In fact what I will do is put it in the guest section. I have a guest section for links. I will also make a link out of it so that if you need to hear Captain May's interviews with us I am sure we will do more, because we can't fit this all in within our time. But what we will do is in his section there. Eric if you can send me a picture of you if you want, you know.

Capt May: Sure.

Zeph: We have a pretty great guest section that has all the recordings we do. All the podcasts, it has got your bio, it has got links. Anything you want can go there. And then they can go to the guest section.

Capt May: I will send you plenty. I will have my media liaison get with you. Also, I want to say over the air that people, look for "Captain May." We have a real easy name, but we have published a lot and we get read a lot, so all you have got to do is go to Google and put in Captain May with "teknosis," that is "t-e-k-n-o-s-i-s." That was a report put up by some cyber angel about four days before the 9-11 2B prediction day. It was one of those, I said there were many international reports of our prediction going out in advance, which is the worse thing you can do to them, if they are trying to have a false flag secret operation. We sent, that has got documentation that when we went on the attack against the Bush boys to shut this thing down, the first thing that I did was write an email directly to the commander of NORTHCOM telling him that we were following his scenario, and that we were predicting that they would be conducting a false flag nuclear strike, and that in my circles we called Al Qaeda "Al CIA-duh," and the joke was catching on. So maybe they ought to back away.

Zeph: You mean "Al CIA duh? (laughter).

Capt May: Right.

Zeph: OK, but what I want to do is segue here...

Capt May: The Ghost Troop Report is important because what you will find when you go to Ghost Troop and all that is you will find the "9-11 2B mission," that is our raw feed. Those are the emails that are actually going back and forth. Folks, none of this is written after the fact. You are going to find it is not even edited. There are 100 Americans across this country with Info War allies like Lenny who I battlefield-promoted for risking his life to save Texas City, and we were doing an international operation fighting a cyber world war to stop this thing from going live and turning into a real world war. When you hear that four star general Brynes got kicked out of command for having a sweet heart on the side a week later, man, if every four star general who had a sweet heart on the side got kicked out of command, you wouldn't have any war. Brynes got kicked out because he was in charge of that operation that we shut down. If he decided not to do it, we wonder. [1:41:17]

Zeph: OK, let's quickly segue to the --OK, we have established the present, we have established the near past, historically, and answered the people wondering about Sorcha Faal's claims. Now that seems to be in perspective. What's next?

Capt May: Well, Lenny, I defer to you. Do you want to go first or do you want me to go with it?

Lenny: He is asking what is the next step? What is going to happen next? Go ahead, I mean we have got a --

Zeph: I know, but I just want to get both of you gentlemen, your take on it.

Capt May: Let us quickly review what happened, because this is me and Lenny straight up. Anyone who joins the Cloak and Dagger archives, by the way, will have access to more of my interviews than they can shake a stick at over every category that we go into. What happened next was that Bush almost fell out of power because he went holed back up in Crawford and then the media turned to Cindy Sheehan as an anti-war figure --by the way-- I went up and joined with Cindy Sheehan. Ghost Troop was at Camp Casey, Crawford, and you know anyone who is trying to tear down King George, I am on their side. So we went up to that --we are in on that. Then what happened was that Cindy Sheehan went up to Camp Casey and the crowd got high momentum, all of a sudden there was a HAARPicane on New Orleans. There was a series of three category-caused HAARPicanes. Now Lenny is the one who taught me all about that. I did not believe any of it until Ghost Troop started doing independent weather research. To give you a couple of things that will tie that in, just yesterday Mayor Nagen out of New Orleans was saying, I think ironically, he knows full well what happened, these were caused HAARPicanes aimed at New Orleans, intended to create a 9-11 effect there, he said that it was God being angry at America. What he means, saying it on the side, is that these were caused events done by the Bush boys. And you will notice that Al Gore, former Vice President who gave an important speech yesterday-- [1:43:06]

Zeph: Yes, he is back.

Capt May: He has given the strongest speech to date against King George's tyranny. He made a special point of saying that Bush had shut down the ability of NASA's top weather science specialists to talk to the media. Did you hear that one?

Lenny: Yes, I think Al Gore's speech was wonderful. I think it is important to remember that Al Gore is really today the duly elected President of the United States, not inaugurated. He is the legal president.

Capt May: He is talking like it, and I have to say, and you know I don't want to get into what is wrong with the guy, because right now I tend to be benign to people who are helping me to stop World War III and restore the republic.

Zeph: Amen.

Capt May: But Al Gore said things yesterday that made me think, "My God, there is a man left." Because he said things yesterday that put it out there. And when he said --he said many things-- but when he said the Bush people are not letting the NASA's top [beep sound in recording] talk, the reason is that in the wake of this 9-11 2B deceit that Ghost Troop put on King George, God Save America and we are proud to do it if we die for it, we are proud of it, we will die proud, because we beat them. We stopped them. We put World War III off however long. In the wake of that Bush went up to Crawford, and almost got taken out of office. Cindy Sheehan was on it, all I could say is I was reading a book on the 1919 flu, that was a threat, then all of a sudden he had three hurricanes coming down. All the data from that summer, they have to shut down the NASA weather experts because the data will not support the possibility of the weather phenomenon we saw this summer. Those were caused hurricanes. And again when you go to Ghost Troop Captain May main page, all of our raw data feeds --you will learn about it as we learn about it, if you go to the web site and pick up the interviews, you know, this is not the time to worry about who has got the better show or the bigger show or who is making more money. This is history. Cloak and Dagger, you will hear how it was that Lenny and I were talking, and he was educating me as I was bringing my Ghost Troop data to him and we picked apart what was happening. And we were getting to the point that we could predict these hurricanes. We were getting to the point that we turned Rita. Rita was coming right at Houston. We started doing another one of these international campaigns, and all of a sudden Rita was deflected off 15 degrees the last day and hit the Texas-Louisiana border on the Sabine River. There are many people who think that the reason that happened was public exposure is the sling and rock to bring down this Goliath of chutzpah. Public exposure. What we are doing right now. They cannot abide the truth. You turn on the lights, even a little bit of light will show you who the bad guys in a dark room are. We just need a little bit of enlightenment to figure out this out. [1:45:50]

Zeph: Right now that is not a problem. We know who the bad guys are. We know what the history of the occultist is. We know what the Illuminati is. We know what the age-old Satanic conspiracy is all about. We know what they really want, which is to bring in this one world order, this novos ordos seclorum, and to dominate the globe, and have the remaining people left after the holocaust and plagues and everything will be the slaves, and there will be a few elites running around, and that is really ultimately, they will be empowered with life-extending technologies, and they will be able to fly around in tin cans and go back in time and have a little fun-- you know, it is disgusting.

Capt May: When you say "we know," what you mean there is we who have studied this and paid a lot of attention to it --often times to the exclusion of other things, often times in the face of threats or disadvantage -- [what we] know. The broad masses don't know --the public.

Zeph: Often times, you know, the invitation to the Thanksgiving dinner goes, you know, and then suddenly parents, kids, siblings, distance themselves. Then of course there are those weird IRS audits that come. And all that happens because you are telling the truth and you are not going to be paid a lot of money like the media whore press, who, all they have to do is see no evil, hear no evil, do what they told, and they can make a couple of hundred [thousand] a year easily just for, you know, squawking on a tape recorder once in a while.

Capt May: They are the propaganda -- the "presstitutes."

Zeph: The presstitutes, exactly.

Capt May: They said they are becoming embedded. That was a multi-level pun. What it meant was we are going to be sexually humiliated because sexual humiliation is a big part of the Skull and Bones mind control game.

Zeph: It is a big part of everything that is going on today, it seems.

Capt May: Right, it also meant we are going to embed media in the military. But finally it meant we are going to embed code in the media. But we want to get on to the Armageddon scenario. [1:47:45]

Zeph: Yes, let's go.

Capt May: What is the worst case scenario out there? The first one is that the West Coast thermal patterns that were going on for the last five or six weeks?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: Those thermal patterns were a replication of what had happened to the Gulf Coast throughout the super hurricanes along the coast in the fall of 2005. Now down in Houston we did not have leaves falling off the trees until after New Years. And we have to go cut the grass now in January. This is abnormal, sir. This is Cuba weather. This is Nicaragua weather.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: All summer long we started doing thermal patterns in the ocean current, which you can get by looking up the Florida fish and game, you know, fish and wildlife, and whatnot. For all these states. Ten and fifteen degrees off norm. Right now you are having the same replication on the West Coast, and we suspect, and have been saying, I remember last week or the weekend before last, we put out a West Coast tsunami-earthquake alert. Because it is our feeling in Ghost Troop that certainly Jakarta was a caused event, something I did not believe until rather late. We believe that the Pakistani quake was a caused event. And at this juncture I am inclined to believe that the Iranian earthquake of 2003 was a caused event. Right now the West Coast empowerment scenario entails a tsunami earthquake. Right now they are clearly setting up a bird flu. The bird flu is announced by Bush as a pending national crisis on 11-1 at 10:10 AM. I don't know what the odds are, but they are long indeed against the sequence of numbers for a Presidential announcement of a pending flu to be 11111. 11-1, 11. 11-1, ten ten. That is when he made the announcement. These are Illuminatist clues. It was the same day, incidentally, that the Oklahoma, Texas fires started on 11-1.

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: The story you got from me where I break down the Fox/AP press release on the national emergency being declared on the fires. Your listeners have got to get that story and figure, what are the odds that the fires that start on 11-1, and then a national state of emergency, or local state of emergency, and FEMA empowerment would occur on 1-11. 11-1, 1-11. On the same paragraph, 11111...

Zeph: So they are promising the bird flu and they have announced it and they are also promising more terror attacks. Would you mind either one of you jumping in on that?

Capt May: Lenny?

Lenny: You have got to remember that the only way they can sort of protect themselves now is to trigger another 9-11. This is history repeating itself. In 1933 Hitler burned down the Reichstag to protect his illegal election. The 2000 election was totally illegal. The true winner was Al Gore. That is why we say Al Gore is the duly elected president of the United States. Right now as the Internet starts to grow, and word starts to spread about the real truth about these dictators and tyrants, the future is such that it looks rather, rather grim. We have got to find a way to get the word out, so that we spread the light so that if another terror attack hits the United States, everyone knows it is done, it is an inside job. [1:51:15]

Zeph: Um. Good.

Capt May: That is the only way to deter it. The knowledge on their part that right now we are playing by the Constitution, but the primary document of America is the Declaration. They are going to drive the resistance to them from the Constitution to the Declaration. That is coming. And until they are ready to do that, they are not going to try this. And if we are aware, they will never try it. Because America is a very difficult country to attack from within when they know it is coming. They have relied too much on the inherent good nature and trustingness of the American people --who believe. We have the most noble ideas. And, you know, when you say you are mad at the people, Zeph, and I am too, I mean I am, but--

Zeph: I am mad, only, well, I am frustrated, that is about it.

Capt May: I know exactly what you mean. But I look at it as being like the American people are like an innocent virgin bride who just can't believe that the reason the husband comes home late two out of three nights and smells like perfume, and he said he helped an old lady across the street, and you know, he has hair on his shirt and says that it was because the girl at work was crying, and then has a button missing or an earring in his pocket --

Zeph: (laughing) Yes, well and--

Capt May: ...And the guy has one line after another because you don't want to believe the worst case scenario.

Zeph: If it quacks like a duck, you know, it probably is. Look, this is all because the Satanists have ruined the world, and you know the thing is if you gave them everything they wanted and they pulled off all these terror attacks and did everything, they would eventually, it would go to destroying every last person and they would lose too. Everyone loses in their game.

Capt May: Yesterday was a great rallying call by Gore, and I think that Nagan's speech where he played a game with Bush --have you noticed Pat Robertson has been saying "Oh, act of God, act of God!"

Zeph: Right.

Capt May: Robertson is a false prophet, man. He is in on this all the way. He knows what is coming down, and the reason he is building up prestige by predicting these things is because he is part of the false flag part of the controlled weather operation. [1:53:14].

Zeph: I know. I have got a picture of him on the cover of Time magazine doing the lion's paw. It is a certain hand signal. Like you say, certain gangs have hand signals. Well, that is a certain Illuminati Free Masonry hand signal. The lion's hand paw. And he has that over his heart, meaning, I may be a preacher, but look what is over my heart.

Capt May: The answer right now is what we are doing. We are providing fresh, live, revolutionary information that is like listening to the War of the Worlds on the radio. You don't know if it is real or its fake, but it is great. And that is what can compel the people to begin to plug into the Internet computers. The computer and the Internet radio and Internet publication as the source of information. So you notice yesterday that President Gore --thank you for telling me Lenny, I was beginning to use that --President Gore yesterday specifically said that these telecommunications companies need to cease and desist from aiding and abetting illegal searches and data manipulations. That measures need to be taken to protect the Internet. He specifically said that TV is basically playing with itself.

Zeph: (laughter).

Capt May: They are doing nothing but putting out bad information on top of bad information, and seeing how deep they can back up their lies with more bad information. So a state of war has been declared against the presstitutes who have been nothing more or less than a propaganda agency for a global empowerment scenario. A 9-11 coup. A 9-11 cabal. You know, when we say cabal, and that word is being thrown about by people like Col Wilkerson, a former chief of staff for Colin Powell, man, this guy isn't being literary. This guy is not inventing poetic phrases. This guy is hip to what is really up. And when they say a "cabal," a cabal by definition is a secret amalgamation of criminal conspirators who use coded messages to carry their meaning. That is a cabal, and it comes from Cabalism. And this numeric code that we dealt with when we first started Zeph was exactly the kind of thing we have always had. Remember the ABC conspiracy under Jefferson's presidency?

Zeph: Yes.

Capt May: Same thing. Ciphered messages. All I am saying is that they are putting ciphered messages into the open media. So right now the presstitutes will say anything because the big ultimatum is that Israel wants to nuke Iran, or better yet to get America to do it for them. Because two years ago, in a 2004 AIPAC summer convention, they were saying --one Zionist journalist, Zionist political leaders, Zionist ex-ambassadors after another-- would say "This is an existential confrontation between Israel and Iran." They want to do something like the [false flag attack on the] U.S.S. Liberty.

Zeph: Yes, it is going to be basically the wrapping up into World War III. If that happens, Russia and China et cetera are going to oppose it, and that will then cause enough friction to --with a little bit of help fanning the fire-- they will get their World War III, won't they?

Capt May: For all I know, they want it. For all I know they want to have a kill-off on both sides.

Zeph: Exactly.

Capt May:
Remember, if they are willing to tsunami the West Coast, which is something we have been issuing alerts to the West Coast, if they are willing to do the flu --and of that there is no doubt in my mind, that is bio warfare-- if they are willing to blow up Texas City to nuke Iran, which they were willing to do in the summer --Lenny and I can swear to that on a stack of Bibles, we both thought we were going to get whacked for that-- if they are willing to do all of that, I have no particular reason to somehow think they are people too angelic to start a World War III with a limited kill off on all sides. [1:56:50].

Zeph: Yes, that is what they have got to do in order to once again bring in this global situation that they have been working for hundreds of years on, if not thousands.

Capt May: The advantage that we have on the side of the Info War, the forces of light, you know, call them what you want --you know when Ghost Troop is humming along, Jeff will tell you, he is a very religious man, you know, he is extremely pious--

Zeph: He is like me, yes, he is, and I am kind of with him on that.

Capt May: We are really humming along if things are happening and it is like we are doing better work that we are capable of individually or even collectively. Ghost Troop will start calling itself the "Holy Horde."

Zeph: (laughter). OK.

Capt May: And it is kind of a psyche out thing, where we are a horde. We swarm. It is very hard to manipulate --it is hard to give orders to Ghost Troop like an infantry unit in the field where you can see everybody.

Zeph: Let me throw out a couple of numbers here. Coming up we have got 3-11, we have 4-11, we have 6-6-06 in June.

Capt May: 3-22 scares me very badly.

Zeph: OK, March 22nd.

Capt May: That is the Skull and Bones occult number.

Zeph: That is right, the 322, that is it. That is the Skull and Bones.

Capt May: And they do all kinds of writing. You are right to have people anticipating that. By the way, the 3-22, when I said the Houston Chronicle --at the top of Ghost Troop Captain May the first thing you will come to is my Ghost Troop introduction --which by the way has a picture of me you can put up if you want, it is a good one-- that has my published essays. My war essays. There are five of them that I published in the Houston Chronicle. They asked me to write a target analysis of Houston after the NSA leaked the story in 2002-2003 that Al Qaeda was considering hitting a Pasadena petrochemical facility. They ran that op-ed which talked about basically the whole Texas --I anticipated the Texas City operation because I did a rational military intelligence officer's target analysis on what would happen if they did it and if it was likely. I did not realize it was being set up. I was a dupe. I was a very talented dupe. They ran that piece on February 23, 2003, the Houston Chronicle did . Do you know what is unusual about that?

Zeph: What's that?

Capt May: Number code 2-23-2003. That is 22323. 223 is the Skull and Bones cult bones 322 reversed. So in other words, man, when they asked me to write it, and the Houston Chronicle ran it on 2-23-2003, they were sending a message. That is how they do it.

Zeph: I understand.

Capt May: You don't know that you are being duped. You don't know that you are being manipulated.

Zeph: OK, last thing. What about the fires in this drought that is in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona. I have never seen weather like this. It is T-shirt weather every day at 7,000 feet up where I am at in New Mexico. What is going on?

Capt May: That is a megathermal result of the energy that is being poured into the Pacific plates. Lenny, do you think it is HAARP?

Lenny: Certainly.

Capt May: OK, HAARP energy being plugged into the Pacific Plate. If you go to the Ghost Troop Captain May summer log, mission log, you will find that our Operation BONO, Battle of New Orleans about Katrina, then Operation Rita, where we did Rita as it was coming straight at me, by the way, as the Ghost Troop commander, I am in Houston. That has all the information about how there were hyper thermals all throughout the trajectories of these storms. [2:00:03]

Zeph: Are we going to have a winter ever?

Capt May: Well that is the thing. They put so much heat into the Pacific plate that the winds that were coming off California for the first time in history, we had a completely --you can go back to the caves and never have this statement before which I was getting from weathermen, and the weather people are just being told what to say now, there is no meteorology going on, they are just reading script. They were saying the wind will be coming in from the north, hot weather on the way in January. Now think about it. Since the cave man, no one has ever said in January "Winter Northern coming this way, get ready for warm weather." But the reason is that this mega-thermal energy off the California coast, the Pacific plates, was creating a warm current giving record rain and heat to California, Washington, and Oregon. Coming over the Rockies dry, then mingling with the prevalent northerns, and then coming down driving twenty degrees, fifteen degrees above normal temperatures across the entire Continental interior. The whole continent --they are putting so much energy off the coast of the Continent that the whole continent has been in a mega-thermal cycle where there has been no winter. And that is why yesterday when Gore said, and he specifically pointed out that Bush had specific executive instructions to the best global warming experts at NASA not to talk to the media and not to keep a log of anyone they talk to --the reason is, man, that is the holy of holies. Once you get the world's best experts on record saying "This is impossible, there is no natural phenomenon to account for this," then the cat is out of the bag.

Zeph: Are we going to have any precipitation ever again?

May: At some point, right now, incidentally, my contacts, my Ghost Troops on the West Coast, and we have them all across the nation and the world, have said that abruptly in the last couple of days the off-coast California warming cycle has stopped.

Zeph: OK.

May: Again, remember Ghost Troop operates like you operate Zeph. We are a counter media. In fact, we are a strategic counter media. We are into prediction and analysis. We believe that when we get a certain momentum, a velocity, a total force of analysis prediction going, it totally mucks up their scenario and they have to back off.

Zeph: I agree with that.

May: It is not carved in stone.

Zeph: Yes, I agree with that, and we don't have a lot of people, Captain May and Lenny, we just -- Lenny is one of us here in terms of Internet broadcast-- there is not a lot of us, are there? But there is enough, right?

Capt May: There is an old saying in Greek [speaks some Greek]. "Not many, but roses all."

Zeph: Yes, there is enough.

Capt May: To sound the alarm.

Zeph: Getting this broadcast out today, this is pretty mind-blowing. It is a lot for them to assimilate. I want to invite both of you back any time that you feel that you should come back on this broadcast. Let's see what happens. I will be putting this up, pinging it into the ipodosphere, which is the ipod people. They sold 65 million ipods last year, and we are being downloaded all over the world and we are being rebroadcast on FM, AM, and short-wave stations around the world as well for our podcasting, as well as going out live on this stream. Then we have another show I would like to invite you on when we have an opening, which is...

Capt May: I would sure like to get Jeff Cross on there to see if he wants to do another thing --

Zeph: [Capt] Jeff [Cross] is a brother, he is a good friend. I have learned a lot from Jeff, and I would really like to have you and Jeff on. And just continue it, and any way I can help, let me know. Stay right there guys--

Capt May: Real quick, Zeph-- anything that is on the GeorgeAnn, the Byte Show interview that I did on Saturday, that may have been the best briefing I have ever done because we had three hours to work straight through in three one hour segments. That pretty much gives the entire Ghost Troop intellectual product with analysis and predictions. Not so much history as this one, but much more analysis and prediction and inquest into our product. And then the Lenny Bloom interviews with me at Cloak and Dagger, both on the open page and archived, are bar none, if you want to understand weather analysis, and how it is --I am a pretty good intel officer, I am not Einstein, but I know my field-- if you want to see how the whole analysis and prediction of weather patterns can just blossom into military science and get all the answers --remember, we have all the answers that the TV doesn't put out because they are purposely and consciously avoiding them-- so the Lenny Bloom interviews that Cloak and Dagger archived, and open source, and the GeorgeAnn Hughes interviews on the Byte Show--

Zeph: And the Zeph Report interview today, we are over two hours with this one, and I want to invite you back for prediction and analysis --and I will have--stay on the line right now, Trish will set that up with you. Because we have to do a follow up. I feel that we only scratched the surface. We have got to get you back.

Capt May: Maybe we will want to do a Q & A next time. I apologize to your listeners. I only hope that you made it up to them by giving them fireworks they never dreamed of.

Zeph: We are going to put you into a situation where the callers can really interact. Here we will be patching into another network pretty soon, and you will be able to --I think they can handle several calls at a time. What I do here is I patch people into our 800 number, but you know it is just little old me here with my bully pulpit. OK?

Capt May: To cyber broadcasters everywhere, this is Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop exhorting you to join the Holy Horde push to bring down the tyranny of the Bush Satanists and their Zionist empowerers and to pick up, rebroadcast, duplicate, archive, cache and save all Ghost Troop analysis. We didn't choose to do this mission, this mission chose us. But we have done it to the best of our ability and upon my honor as an officer, and there is nothing I have said today that is not the utter truth. [2:06:06]

Zeph: Thank God. And Lenny, your information please?

Lenny: or That is c-l-o-a-k-a-n-d-d-a-g-g-e-r. I always sign off, "Read it yourself, instead of asking the government why, because that will cause the propaganda to die." Thank you very much.

Zeph: Amen. OK Lenny, we are going to let you go right now. It is Lenny Bloom, folks, go look him up and get involved. God Bless you Lenny. Thank you so much.

Lenny: Thank you, God bless.

Zeph: OK, there he goes. OK, Captain May, Eric May folks. Captain May, stay right there. Folks, I am going to go ahead and wrap this show up. And you have been listening to Zeph Daniel on Channel Z. This is the Zeph report, and it syndicated on Saturdays, and that will be changing, the details to come later. And we have this daily podcast and live broadcast over the Internet. Our number as always is 877-Zephnet. That is 877-Zephnet. And on the weekend show it is 800-313-9443. You can go to the RBN Live web site, that is, and get involved with those people if you need any products. Please go to the trading post, if you need to shop and support that network effort because that helps to get us out on many different stations and around the world. Well, we love you, we are praying for you, and may this be an inspiration for every one of you. And I will see you on the FLIP SIDE! [2:07:51].

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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