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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Cloak and Dagger
Host Lenny Bloom
interviews Captain Eric H. May

18 October 2005

Abstract: This interview focuses on America's Orwellian national media. Judith Miller of the New York Times was given a Pulitzer price for being an ace propagandist for the Bush Administration (just like Soviet journalists were given the Order of Lenin for serving the State), and not for suffering jail time as a consequence of practicing real investigative journalism. A Jewess with an "Anglo" name for camouflage, she undoubtedly has Mossad connections and has probably endangered genuine journalists who have confided in her. One of the most surreal moments Capt May experienced on his "mission of conscience" in Summer 2003 was when New York Times journalist Thom Shanker was so scared of being identified as a dissident in his phone conversation with Captain May that he insisted upon speaking in Russian. Other discussion topics include the use of a neutron bomb during the Battle of Baghdad and the subsequent cover up.

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Lenny Bloom: [2 minutes: 34 seconds into program] Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. I am your co-host Lenny Bloom along with my co-host the great American judge-buster Sherman Skolnick. Sherman is on assignment this evening. He will be back again tomorrow. Right now we are here with Captain Eric May on the phone with us to give us a briefing about two topics. Eric, welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. It is a pleasure having you here.

Capt May: Well it is a great pleasure for me too, Lenny. We always do good Ghost Troop business together when we talk.

LB: Yes, now we are going to hit two main topics. And that is a little bit about the background of Judith Miller, which I wasn't aware about; about her Pulitzer Prize. And how that leads into a present day understanding of where she fits into this whole thing. She is an insider, and obviously as you say she is more involved than we know. And then the second topic will be the involvement, the use of neutron bomb technology during the Battle of Baghdad. So let us start with Judith Miller from the beginning. Go ahead.

Capt May: OK, well the height of chutzpah is that Judith Miller is going to be receiving some kind of prize from the New York Times for valiant defense of the First Amendment. And that will be given to her, or was given to her, today. And that is the best thing --you know Lenny, I studied Russian and used to translate Russian media for the U.S. Army when I was in intelligence, and that is the kind of crap that they used to do, where they take someone as guilty as sin dipped in misery and put a gold star on them and say that somehow they are a hero.

LB: Right.

Capt May: If you look back at it, Judith Miller, and we call her Judas Miller in Ghost Troop

LB: Yes.

Capt May: Judas Miller, she is saying she is defending the First Amendment freedom of speech, but the fact of the matter is she was really pleading the fifth Amendment when she went to jail saying that she wouldn't talk. Because if she told a tenth of what she knows and what they did through her to America, she would be standing trial for treason today. [5:23]

LB: Let us go into it. What did she do? What did she do that was treasonous?

Capt May: Let us take it all back from the start, Lenny. She was one of the journalists that they selected to get those magic Anthrax letters that we thought at the time were made by Al Qaeda, but it turned out at the time were manufactured at Fort Dietrich, Maryland.

LB: Right.

Capt May: That set Judith Miller --Judas Miller-- up for being the victim, and being a sympathetic figure while she was in bed with the White House. You might say she was the queen of the embedded journalists, because from the day she got that letter, Judith Miller started writing, first off, expose stories about Al Qaeda, and then she got a sympathetic Pulitzer Prize from the American Judas journalist society, the Pulitzer people. For basically making a high step propaganda argument.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: Then we find out that all the way on the lead up to the war it turned out that Judith Miller had a security clearance, meaning that she was allowed to know official military secrets but was not allowed to tell her editor where she got them. So she had carte blanche, she had a total open slate-- [7:15]

LB: Is that is a security clearance from the American --what, the Pentagon? What is it?

Capt May: Yes, it is issued through the military. And what it does is it says you can know secrets or top secrets, but remember the old joke, "If you tell anybody, we have got to kill you."

LB: Yes.

Capt May: So she was allowed to know things, but even her editors and publishers could not ask her how she knew them or where she knew them. That is shameful journalism you know for an editor not to have the right to question a journalist, but I think with the New York Times it was pretty much that they didn't want to know where she got it. They wanted to keep her separate from them. But they knew what she was doing. She was using the front page of the New York Times to drum up the war propaganda to lead us into the Middle East.

LB: OK, that is the point. The motive is, get somebody in the New York Times who can start to drum up the war drums.

Capt May: Sure. And now she has come out I think on Sunday did a piece for the New York Times about who knew what and when in which she kind of sort of said that she kind of sort of got information from all over White House and the upper levels of the Pentagon, but the truth of the matter is that Judith Miller was in this from the gitgo. She was from the start an operative. A quisling journalist who was working to establish a war criteria. And then we go into the war itself when she was put over in Iraq and the word I get from people I know in public affairs is that she acted like Catherine the Great. She thought she was just the Czarina and she had carte blanche. And she told people like me, little captains and colonels and even generals that if they did not jump when she said jump, she would turn them into the Pentagon and the White House and whatnot. She was a thug. Part of the intellectual Thuggery that sold this war.

LB: Right.

Capt May: When people talk about how Cheney, Rove, and Libby, boy they play hard ball and they really know how to get their way, Judith Miller was right in there in bed with them. And she was their number one girl. So let us go to what happened in July, now that we know even June 2003, Joe Wilson, the ambassador, had been trying to publish a piece, which he wound up publishing in the New York Times, that said that the whole argument about weapons of mass destruction, specifically uranium, therefore nukes, was bogus. Contrived. And he investigated it way before Bush ever started selling that point and told him it was contrived. The first person they went to was Judith Miller because they knew she was a go-to girl. And they tried to get her to slam dunk Joe Wilson. Now she has come out with little half-truths in the New York Times, but the fact of the matter is, and this is where I start, she is saying that she went to jail to protect her sources, therefore to protect the first Amendment. The fact of the matter is that she went to jail to protect her own butt because she needed the fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. She just covered it up hypocritically and said that she was doing a great job. But there has never been a more shameful case of Judas journalism than Judith Miller, because she sold her country out to paint a picture that simply was not true. And the New York Times, giving her an award, it just beggars description to use words that describe how low down that is.

LB: Exactly.

Capt May: Now one of the reasons Judith Miller did not go along with the Valerie Plame outing, in my opinion, is something that simply won't be covered, any more than the Anthrax letters, the bogus 9-11 event, the Ft. Dietrich anthrax, none of that can be discussed because it is out of the picture. In the same way they are not going to discuss what Judith Miller was really busy with in July, and that was she was setting David Kelly up to be assassinated. You know and I know Lenny, because we have talked about it, but the last person on earth David Kelly who "committed suicide" --in reality was suicided by MI6 --David Kelly, the last person on earth he was in touch with was Judith Miller.

LB: Ah!

Capt May: And I have got a feeling that he made the same mistake that I made at the beginning of the info war, and you probably know a lot of people who have made [the same mistake]. We bought the line that somehow the way to be safe and talk was to get in touch with the journalists. And the more distinguished and prestigious the journalist, the safer you were. That is the myth. But the truth of it is David Kelly was in touch with Judith Miller throughout this thing, and guess who I think turned him over to Blair? [14:02]

LB: Yes?

Capt May: It was Miller.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: So that takes care of what she was doing in July. Since then, she has been wiggling and waggling and going one way and the other and the Times has been trying to distance itself from her by one means after another. But the fact of the matter is that when push comes to shove, they are going to cover her tail, because they can't rat her out anymore than she can rat the White House out. Everybody's implicated. If Judith Miller says "They knew what I was doing and they let me," they just wanted me to have a security clearance so that I could say that they couldn't check my work, that would be the utter truth. So everybody right now is covering their own rear end. That is the way this whole war cabal was set up from the gitgo, Lenny. And there she is right in the middle of it. So I have --

LB: You think she is a foreign government agent as well?

Capt May: Let us put it this way, she is Jewish, but her name doesn't show it, and she is married to the number one publishing magnate in the United States. Yes, she is info war--

LB: Who is she married to?

Capt May: I don't know his name. That is a research question. But I got that from my book publisher Carol Adler at Dandelion Books.

LB: She is probably an Israeli Mossad agent.

Capt May: Yes, in fact the word I am getting, what is going around the Internet, and you know I keep my sources the way you keep your sources, and by the way you are one of my sources, what is going around the Internet is that she is straight up Operation Mockingbird material. All the way. And she has lived it out. Now I have got to tell you that I probably would not be on this issue so much if I didn't have a personal beef with the Times right now. The Times received information from me on July 15th 2003 that the U.S. Department of Defense under White House orders was covering up the Battle of Baghdad, the thing that happened while they were broadcasting Jessica Lynch. And the Times, I think, turned me over to the Bush boys. Because I talked to Thom Shanker, the Chief Pentagon correspondent for the New York Times, peer and coequal with Judith Miller. And he took my information after I sent him about a five page email laying out all that had been done and my background, and he sent back to me the next day a curt, cryptic little note saying that "I turned this over to my editor." And about now I have come to realize that when you talk to a reporter in the United States, what they do is turn you over to the editor, and that is as good as turning you over to the CIA. Because the government has got its hands inside all the media pies. That is why they call them embedded. And nobody lives up to it better than Judith Miller.

LB: Right. So she is basically probably a government agent, Mossad or Israeli agent working in the New York Times and she helped out in --let us talk about what it was that she really --she was a point person for them to continue to ring the drums of war. To keep the drums of war. [19:19]

Capt May: Yes, she did the leg work between the flat assertion that there were evil Moslem terrorists who had knocked down the towers to the realization of an invasion of Iraq. So Judith Miller was working one half for Israeli interests, because the war as we say is a Yiddish-British axis. Half the interests are Israeli geo-political interests, killing the Moslems off to control the Middle East. And the other half was U.S. corporate interests and of course those corporate interests are represented fully in the modern mega media which as you know fewer and fewer people are owning more and more of. So she was a pinup girl for the war cabal. She was somebody whom they put journalistic integrity on by giving her a Pulitzer for writing propaganda pieces about Al Qaeda, who then they believed and gave to the front page of the Chronicle. And I like I say, she was a total thug to the military. Her view was that the military would jump and get in line and no one is going to make arguments or I will go straight back to the White House. So it is not at all surprising that she was involved in what we call the July Jumble of 2003 where Joe Wilson published an Op Ed, and by the way I published an OpEd in the Houston Chronicle two days later, July 8th, both attacking the Bush war plan. Joe Wilson wound up with his life exposed the 14th of July, and I wound up in the underground the 17th of July, eight hours before Dr. David Kelly wound up killed. So that is the kind of journalistic climate that these people are now throwing a heroic journalist First Amendment defender award on Judith Miller for, and it is just outrageous. Now the most outrageous thing for me may be that I asked a flat out question to Thom Shanker, my media contact during July. I asked him whether or not they had been given security clearances, meaning whether or not they had been allowed to have access to secret material in exchange for a promise to control their reporting and make it conform to the government line. And he flat out told me no. And that is the only time I have caught him in a flat out lie. Usually journalists are good enough liars to lie their way around it without doing it directly.

LB: And just for our audience, he is a --what is his connection to the media?

Capt May: He is the chief Pentagon correspondent for the New York Times.


Capt May: So he is part of the same apparatus of propaganda that was intended to sell this war. Now he got scared as the Dickens when David Kelly got killed. Valerie Plame was outed. When all hell broke loose in July of 2003 after Joe Wilson and I published our OpEds, and David Kelly was busted by the Ministry of Defense, all of this being the first week of July. Thom Shanker, the next time I called him, late July, the 29th I believe, he was so scared Lenny of what was going down --because this was right after the assassinations of the third week of July-- that the minute that he got my call, my language was none too genteel, at first he made little excuses about journalistic integrity, "We have standards this time, I can't talk about it," and then he said, "Captain May!" and then I said, "Damn right it is Captain May!" and I used some more choice words. And immediately Thom Shanker went into Russian. And we talked about the U.S. Constitution, the war cabal, and his being scared to death for fifteen minutes in Russian. And I thought of all the surreal moments of a surreal mission of conscience that I have been on, the idea that a top reporter for the New York Times, dealing with the Pentagon beat, would be talking to an American officer on a mission of conscience, and that they would have to talk Russian to be able to talk with any security about what was going on in the United States of America, I mean, that is beyond Orwell, isn't it? [25:22]

LB: Yes, absolutely.

Capt May: Now by the way, you have been kind enough to put my name up there on your list of guests on the Cloak and Dagger home page. And anybody who clicks that name will find my Ghost Troop introduction which has as part of it the letters of July 2003 that show just who I was in touch with in real time, so that I got all this information and wound up diving into the underground on the advice of military intelligence contacts of mine that they were going to be whacking folks, and I was one. So that is how real it got in July, which brings up a great irony now. You hear people who are apologists for King George Bush saying, "Oh my God, why are they just bringing this out after two years? Why are they being so slow about it?" And the answer is, because the Bush boys scared everybody to death, literally, by taking heads in July of 2003. It is only because Bush is falling from power and falling in the polls that people are even willing to start treading near to the real essence of what happened in July of 2003. And as you said the last time we talked it seems like every two hours this story gets bigger. And the story I am getting today, you may have heard it, is that now the Fitzgerald hearings, a grand jury, has a cooperative witness who was within the Cheney branch of the White House. You heard that one?

LB: Yes, sir. Yes.

Capt May: They have got them a "Deep Throat." So it is going to be amazing to see. I think a part of the reason they did not want to open this can of worms is that once they do, the worms go all the way back to 9-11, don't they, Lenny.

LB: Yes, they certainly do.

Capt May: And the biggest worm of them all is Judith Miller, New York Times, and those rascals gave her a medal today for defending the First Amendment. It is just--

LB: They go --I am sorry, go ahead.

Capt May: Chutzpah does not begin to define it. But it is the best word I can use.

LB: Yes, yes. And of course they go right back from 9-11 to November 22nd, 1963. 11-22. There is a number for you.

Capt May: Oh yes, I was playing with that one today. 11-22 the JFK assassination. You add 11 and 22 and you come up with --Bingo!--33. [28:53].

LB: And I think Dallas is on the 33 degree parallel, isn't it?

Capt May: It is. It is. Lenny, nothing in here is by accident, and the more I look, the sicker it gets. Just yesterday I was getting some stuff on the Oklahoma City bombing. You know what time Oklahoma City happened?

LB: No.

Capt May: 9:03, and they have got it on the statue that they erected. "9" as in "9-11" and "3" as in "3-11." Occult numbers for the Free Masons and the cabalists. And then how many victims? 161. You take "6," "6" is called rotational, so you turn it upside down, and it becomes 9, and now you have got 9, 1, and 1. It is their thing, man. They lead their signs. [30:02].

LB: Absolutely.

Capt May: In this respect they are just street gangs. I learned nine tenths of what I know about cryptanalysis from the south side Crips in Houston and the Bloods. It wasn't in military intelligence school. Every little gang banger I ever taught English to in an inner city school explained to me how code and encryption were central tenants in any street gang mentality. And the Bush boys are nothing but a street gang. As the Nazis were nothing but a street gang. As the Bolshevists were nothing but a street gang. When you get to world wars and grand cabals, basically you wind up with homicidal street gangs keeping them together. So I think that is enough pouncing on the New York Times. I hope that more people who can publish, which I can't anymore, because I have published too much truth in the Houston Chronicle, which of course your readers can find at my site. I hope that more people pile on. And I hope that the cowards, and the worms, and the invertebrae who call themselves journalists while letting this kind of treason happen will at least be ashamed enough --or maybe scared enough that they are going to be implicated for being part of it-- that they will do what people always do when they are scared and implicated. They will turn on the people who are more guilty than them. I have always had a saying about the embedded media, and I call all the media embedded because of the way that they have prostituted themselves in this war, which is the last one out of bed is going to be the one that gets dealt with the most harshly. And you can see the girls jumping out of George Bush's bed as we speak. And it warms my heart. Now that brings us back to my personal story that brought me into it, the thing I personally saw, which was April 5th, 2003, Baghdad Airport, when it turns out that Baghdad Bob was right. They really had whacked the 3/7 cavalry at the airport, and they really had seized control or at least gained initiative at the Baghdad Airport. Lenny, I worked on that story, the Battle of Baghdad Coverup, we call it BOBCUP for the military acronym, I worked on that as a mission of conscience under constant death threat for now thirty months. But it was not until last month when I was up at Camp Casey, Crawford, where I went to join Cindy Sheehan, that I got together with some military vets who were actually there and I found out the biggest secret of them all about the war in Iraq, which is the following: By the way, my references here are going to be The Secret History of the Iraq War which your readers can buy at any book store, and David Zuchinno's Thunder Run, which is a book about the Battle of Baghdad that has come out in the UK. Thunder Run, the Battle of Baghdad, it is called. What I found out is that on the night of the fourth and fifth, going into the morning of the fifth, the 3/7 Cavalry was attacked at the Baghdad Airport, and were attacked in such numbers by Iraqi forces, we are getting five to seven battalions of Republican Guard and Fedayeen volunteers. They wound up in a six hour fire fight, and after that six hour fire fight was over, the best I can gather is that they were probably running low on ammunition and everything else and they were getting over run. And you may have heard that the ultimate scary thing an officer in the field has to do is to call in artillery on his own position because he is getting overrun. At least you have some chance of winning if you call in artillery on your own position because you can jump into your fox holes. Well, the 3/7 did not have foxholes because they were on the hard tarmac of the Baghdad Airport, but what they did is they jumped inside their tracks, their Bradley fighting vehicles, and somewhere, someone gave the order to open up with neutron war heads, and there were a series of neutron explosions over the Baghdad Airport. So given that they were sitting underneath three, maybe six inches of armor, the boys of the 3/7 might have walked out of that. Now they may all have cancer now. I have not followed up their particular stories. But they got out of the Airport. What was left of them. But I picked it up from Iraqis who were there, again at Camp Casey, Crawford, let me take that back, I picked it up from a Jordanian journalist, so the reports that I received that nuclear weapons and neutron warheads and enhanced radiation devices were used at the Baghdad Airport explain a number of things. First off let me tell you I got those reports from a Marine named Jeff, last name I am not going to give, an Army artillery man who is six clicks south named Cody, and a Jordanian journalist whose name I can't recall. But I was sitting there talking at Camp Casey, Crawford with these three people, and the amazing thing was that until these three people met me, none of these three people could put together the story. Especially the U.S. GI's. And it made me wonder how many people have died in this war because the boys did not know why they were going. They did not even know what was going on when they were there. You see, you can't run a military with people being constantly dumbed down so that they won't give away secrets that they are not supposed to give away. Lack of information means death. [38:18]

LB: Let me ask you this, Captain. Could you just explain what sort of means of delivery would have been used by such a, I assume, it is obviously a tactical neutron bomb, not a strategic --it was not that big --where would it have been launched from, and would they have had it there at their disposal?

Capt May: Let us go with first things first. The clearance had to be national authority. Because even though its effect is tactical, using a nuke is a strategic decision. It is the ultimate strategic decision. So the release authority must have been national, and I suspect the White House. It just smacks of the kind of moves that they would make. The weapons, I do not know specifically what the doctrine is now, but those weapons could have been airborne, they could have been missile-carried, they might have been artillery. Again, I am not an expert in that, but I know the Russian service used to have artillery.

LB: It was small enough it did not take out the entire city, obviously.

Capt May: Right. The stories we got afterwards, and these stories started coming to me --what I am telling you now is not the first time that I have heard this -- within a few months of the Battle of Baghdad which was April 5, 2003, the summer of 2003, about the time the July Jumble happened, with Valerie Plame, me, Thom Shanker, Judith Miller, about that time I was already getting reports from Arab media that I was scanning to the effect that U.S. trucks were carrying out dirt from the air port. I mean lots of dirt. Like they were doing major rebuilding projects. And that was the first time I thought, "My God, that sounds like a decontamination process." Because the soil was irradiated. Later on that year, in making my mission of conscience, again, not being sure of any of this, I was in touch with a soldier up at one of the Army posts via email who had been there, and this soldier was very scared to stay in touch. It was a chat conversation in a chat room, which I have ceased to do since, but at the time I was doing. And this soldier just made the point when I said that things were going on at Baghdad Airport in real time, this being November of 2003, the soldier replied that Baghdad Airport is not going to be doing business for a long time. Again, I thought, "Man, what kind of damage?" And that made me start thinking. And I have gotten one contact after another from the Middle East, I will give you one, David Cobb, a friend of mine when I was in my college days at the University of Houston Honors College, David Cobb was one of my little friends. I was an Intelligence Officer getting ready to go back into the Army. He was the Green Party candidate for President in 2004. And we had in Houston a get-together in November 2004 just after the summer election and he said that he heard the same thing. So release authority must have been national. That, again, that is my intelligence estimate. I would have said it one time, I cannot tell you anything with journalistic certitude, but God knows I would not hold myself to that low standard with a dog catcher. But the military intelligence assessment was probably national release authority, delivery means unknown, it could have been any level including artillery if we followed Soviet doctrine, which used to give Corps and Division commanders release authority for nuclear weapons in time of war, but the effect was you had crispy critters with the Iraqi resistance, and you very likely have very sick, perhaps dying boys on the American side. And now that explains why this was George Bush's great faux paus. He had used the weapon that was unusable in the context of the kind of war that we were fighting. It was totally usable in the context of the kind of war that he really had in mind, which was World War III, one step at a time. So there is a great Orwellian unspeakable truth, and God knows how many of them are there. You know Lenny, I listen to media now talking in the open media. The chutzpah, they talk in the open media. And last night I heard --I think it was Chris Matthews hardball, it might not have been. It was one of the evening talk shows. The interviewer said to the journalistic guest, "Well do we have evidence that Cheney was directly connected to the Plame matter, and directly gave information to Libby to get her." And the reply by journalists, in front of what, five, ten, twenty million people who were watching this show, was well, "We don't know it publicly." And I am thinking "My God, you guys are sitting there sitting on top of grave truth, vital to the preservation of any semblance of a republic, and you have the chutzpah to say on national TV you don't know something publicly." And what that means is you know, but don't think we are ready to hear it. Or you cut a deal where we are not entitled to hear it. And that little bit of a shock just permeates the whole of what I call the info war, which I entered the night that Baghdad happened. When I realized it happened, and realized the media was not going to tell it. Not just that day, because maybe you do not want to tell what happened in a battle during the battle. I understand that. I am a public affairs officer. But a week later? A month later? A year later? For God's sake. The public does not know we went nuclear. The public does not even know that there was a battle. All they get is the Baghdad vouchshmeer where the Bush boys and their media whores in the media did nothing but ridicule and set Baghdad Bob up to be stupid. The same way they did with Howard Dean, when Howard Dean said we need to get out of the Middle East and get even-handed on Israel. He was 20 points ahead on the polls when he said that. And a month later he couldn't have gotten a job sacking groceries. So that is just in the texture and timber of the entire info war. At this point I am just wondering how these guys in the media are going to hook it so that they make it look like anything but the truth. Which is not just that they didn't know, because they did, and not just that they were scared, because really they were on the inside while everyone else was getting waxed, but that they are flat out collaborators. They are traitors. They are traitors to their country, and they are war criminals. They did exactly the kind of stuff that would have gotten Josef Goebbels dangling at the end of a rope if he hadn't killed himself first. It is an outrage. [49:01]

LB: Yep, absolutely. Absolutely. Well, it is so fortunate of us that we have you to bring us your treasury of knowledge and wisdom on to the show.

Capt May: Well, I have got to say that it is a great irony for me that I started a mission of conscience using every principle that the Army taught to me in order to try to be a valorous, right-thinking, forward officer. Everything I learned from the time that I was a private told me to do exactly what I did.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: And I cannot tell you what unspeakable irony it has to me right now in the middle of this, when it is all coming unwound to be thinking "Shucks, I am one of the heroes of the info war who stood up to these dogs. Let me make sure I get on with Lenny and get an interview out telling what happened at Baghdad because where things are now, they may decide to rub me out of the equation. Because these guys would just as soon kill a loyal, valorous officer serving his country on a mission of conscience --in fact, they would much rather do that-- than bring truth out. There is no desire for truth in the American media. There is a funny thing when I studied Russian and when I did Soviet media analysis. You know, they had two newspapers, Pravda and Isvestia. Those were the big --the Washington Post and New York Times of Russia. [51:14]

LB: Right.

Capt May: They had a saying, "Pravda nyet Isvestia, Isvestia nyet Pravda." Well, "pravda" meant truth, and "isvestia" meant news, so what they said was in truth there is no news, and in news there is no truth. And it was a great cold war joke. And I remember I laughed about it until there were tears in my eyes when I was a young soldier. And now I could just laugh about it until I broke down and cried, because it is true about us. I never thought it would come this way.

LB: Yes, yes, absolutely.

Capt May: Sad days, and the nation has a task to redeem its honor. We have besmirched the Constitution. We have shamed our forebears. And we have desecrated the graves of our honored dead.

LB: Yes, well that is right, and the nation is full of corruption at high levels, and the question is how do you sanitize and get rid of that. Maybe you need an American Mao Tse Tung. I think Mao shook up all the corruption out of China, the Chinese bureaucracy. You need an American Mao Tse Tung. I don't know where you are going to get one.

Capt May: There is such a great system, there is such a great concept in a Constitutional Republic. Ours being the first and the greatest of them. And to think that they used money and fear and racial hatred. I mean hatred against the Moslems. They use these ugliest factors of Americanism to execute this coup. And to execute the Constitution in the process. And to execute anybody who hollered to them about executing the coup and the Constitution. It is just the execution of this war cabal is something that they have inflicted on a country and led us to the brink of ruin. And now it would serve them right if they got executed. And if I had my vote, this thing would go to Gitmo, and it would be a military tribunal against the terrorists--but the terrorists are not the people we have been told. The terrorists are the people who have been telling us they were terrorists who were Moslems.

LB: Yes, exactly.

Capt May: If there were justice in the Universe, there would be a Nuremberg tribunal at Gitmo, where the people who erected this entire apparatus would stand judgment under it. And the brave boys and girls who fought this war for nothing except an imperial cabal would be able to be the judge, jury, and executioners of justice. That is severe, Lenny, but these are severe times. And I never have thought such times could come to my country and my life. [55:32].

LB: Well, my suggestion is that when it comes to figuring out a means how to punish these people, that they are animals, and there is a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in Washington, D.C., and if you kill them, guillotine them, or hang them, then they are lost. They have disappeared. I think that the best thing to do is you don't want them to disappear out of the minds of future generations if in the past they maybe kept them by the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. I suggest they take Bush and all his gang and put them in a cell where the dogs are, with all the dogs, and all they have in their cell is a wash room, and a desk, and a bed. And there is a TV camera on there twenty four hours a day, and people can pay around the world a looney [a Canadian dollar] for a month and they get the right to watch that camera, and can watch this mad man and this animal and how in America the proper way to treat animals is to put them in cages and keep them separate from human beings and give them food and just leave them there to act as animals in a cage.

Capt May: Well Lenny, you are a reasonable man, and I will submit to your reason in this case. That would suit me just fine.

LB: That way everybody could been seen. This is a traitor, this is an animal, here he is, go look at him. That is what we will never ever become again, and that way Americans would never forget what they went through.

Capt May: You know I remember a time when I thought this info war would end up with me gone and nothing coming of my work. And I have got to tell you, I discovered something that soldiers in every kind of war, info war, submarine war, air war, ground war, I have always discovered.

LB: What is that.

Capt May. Which is that you feel a lot better when you know you are taking some of them down with you. And the idea that every time I come on Cloak and Dagger, every time I publish another Internet article, and if anyone wants to look up Ghost Troop and Captain May, they can find dozens of powerful Internet articles. The idea that I have managed to have my say and make the bastards know that I came to my war and did my duty puts me at ease. Whatever comes, I know that I did my duty. And whatever comes, those bastards know that they stabbed their country in the back. Which probably does not bother them. But it will bother them when they know that their country has found them out, sir. [59:23]

LB: Yes.

Capt May: That is justice.

LB: Yes, and of course most of them all are all agents of Her Majesty the Queen and you know they look at America as a colony and I think that Americans, hopefully once they get rid of these agents of the British Crown, they will maybe think twice and maybe think about indicting the Queen of England and bringing the British crown down, but we will leave that for another day. That is something we can talk about another time. You have got to know and identify your enemy. You want to not just get the puppets. You want to get the puppeteers as well.

Capt May: Well Lenny, you are right. You are right. And it is one step at a time. It is one battle at a time. It is one death at a time. It is one sacrifice at a time. If it is my time, then it is my time. Let us remember one thing, and I want it to be the close of my interview because it says it all. To hell with them. Ghost Troop just went nuclear on the White House, didn't we?

LB: That is right. Absolutely.

Capt May: We said things they did not want said. And screw them. They should not have betrayed their country. [1:01:39]

LB: That is for sure.

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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