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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Cloak and Dagger
Host Lenny Bloom
interviews Captain Eric H. May

6 September 2005


Abstract: Captain May was at Camp Casey with anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan in August 2005. There he gained additional confirmation that the Battle of Baghdad casualties were grossly under reported (not to mentioned the "Battle of Baghdad itself, referred to instead as "The Fall of Baghdad" by controlled national media). Furthermore, the failure of Army intelligence to alert its own soldiers about the real nature of the Battle of Baghdad contributed to the command negligence that led to the avoidable death of Cindy Sheehan's son in Baghdad on the first anniversary of Saddam Hussein's last stand.

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Lenny Bloom: Welcome back to Cloak and Dagger. I am your host Lenny Bloom along with my co-host the Great American Judge Buster Sherman Skolnick Joining me is Captain Eric May of Ghost Troop to give us a very important on the ground update. Sherman is on assignment for this briefing. Captain May, welcome back to Cloak and Dagger.

Capt May:
Lt Lenny it is good to be here, and I thank you much for having us on again. It has been about a month and a half since the last time I talked to you. The info war has moved rapidly, Ghost Troop has been engaged in all points on it. From Crawford to the 911 2B scenario to our new operation BONO, Battle of New Orleans, where we are evaluating what happened down here close to us. I am in Houston. New Orleans is the next city over.

LB: Well there certainly is a lot of New Moon planning and all sorts of numerology behind the strategic plans these people make. Why don't you theme us in and bring us up to date.

May: Well, Lenny I would say we need to look at this as part of a macro cycle that started back on 7-7. Now you know Ghost troop, and I refer all your people to Ghost Troop, G-H-O-S-T T-R-O-O-P. Any search engine would bring it up. Ghost Troop was working a scenario called 911-2B. Number 2, letter B. And this was on the idea that they were setting up another event, and that was necessary for the geo-strategic cycle where it took this summer. So I predicted 7-27 Texas City strike way back on 7-1. July 1st, so 7-7 London came in, and we knew then it was an occultic permutation because 7-7 of course is 7 times 11. So you get into all their numerological stuff off the git-go. Then they had the 7-21 fire drill where they got to assassinate somebody in the street, and tell them they love them so much they are going to kill them, they did that on 7-21, another occult permutation. 7 times 3 is 21, and that led us into the 7-27 thing that we said was going to be down here in Houston, because that was the easiest town to fix. We think largely because our work with you on 7-28 that we abort-coded all that mess. But that is why they had a sudden explosion down at British Petroleum, Texas City, 7-28.

LB: Right.

Capt May: Lenny, that took us into this cycle where the big part of August was spent in Crawford. Cindy Sheehan took the strategic initiative away from Bush on the info war. Bush was literally besieged when he was there and on the run when he wasn't. It was a strategic victory in the info war. Ghost Troop was there the last two weeks. I went up to relieve Cindy Sheehan's people and offer help to them on behalf of Ghost Troop. Ghost Troop came in there with me and that was when Cindy went away, because they were saying she was guilty of anti-Semitism for implying that maybe Israeli foreign policy had something to do with Casey's death. So anyway, that brings us into the Battle of New Orleans, which we call Hurricane King George. Hurricane King George being what caused it. Right now we are playing the scenario out as Operation BONO (Battle of New Orleans) and we believe that it is weather-directed technology. We are not sure on the techniques involved, but I had my good cyber scouts do enough research on it that we are going to go with confidence with that scenario. I remind your listeners that Ghost Troop, as you refer to Captain May and published essays, you will get my strategic analysis as a military expert for the Houston Chronicle after I served on the general staff of the U.S. Army 75th Division. So I am an expert in this field and my strategic analysis will show that I was one of those bright officers who followed the war right from the git-go, which was to say it would be a loser and while I am getting shut down and shut out.Well, in any case, we think that the Battle of New Orleans is weather-directed. We think that the five hurricanes last year in brother Jeb's back yard, including the one that went out into the Atlantic and did a loop de loop and came back. We think that was trying out the new technology for a ride and sending it over to brother Jeb who got the money from the government and did not ask any questions about the dozens of people who got wasted. Straight up weather technology development R&D. And we think that this thing came into New Orleans exactly to do a Nero on New Orleans. It was to do on New Orleans with water what Nero did to Rome with fire. It got rid of the poor people. And by the way, to go the anti-Christ motif and the occultness of it, what is the one thing God promised he wouldn't do again way back in Genesis. He swore that he wouldn't do it with water, remember?

LB: Yes.

Capt May: By anti-Christian miracle, they have moved the storm in and drowned the blacks out of New Orleans. And don't think that there are not billions and billions to be made in the oil patch now. I have already had republican friends out here on the bayou of Houston, Texas, telling me that, boy, I sure feel sorry for those darkies, but it is going to be great business.

LB: Yes, exactly. There is a lot of oil there to explore.

Capt May: It is a payoff, man, a straight up payoff. The one group that has been loyal to us has been the oil barons. The media has been hot and cold and is getting real nervous now that things are falling apart. But the oil barons are all Bush. And Bush is all-profiteer right now with the high gasoline, and he is running the oil basically within the front end with the military industrialists. It is straight up. You know we said before it is the British-Yiddish axis with the Yiddish part of it being a kind of rabid Likudnik Zionists.

LB: Exactly.

Capt May: That is the kind of Ghost Troop word for it. And we said the spine of this axis runs from London to New York to Tel Aviv. Except the bottom half of it gets hidden. It is good manners not to notice the bottom half. So no one on TV talks about it. That is who runs the TV, right?

Lenny: Yes, and let us not forget the Popish persons in the Papacy and the city of Rome and Romeland security.

Capt May: Oh Lenny, oh Lenny, I am ten miles down the road from Halliburton headquarters and I feel like the Lone Ranger surrounded by a tribe of Indians. Send in the cavalry, the cavalry is getting tired! By the way for your listeners, Ghost Troop is actually called "cyber cavalry." We are named after 3/7 cavalry which was the first unit hit in the Battle of Baghdad, and one of my trademarks is clarifying to the public that Private Jessica Lynch was not the big thing going on in April of 2003. The big thing going on was that men were dying, to the tune of a thousand men of the Third Infantry Division, and the 3/7 Cavalry with a mobile expeditionary division of the Marines. And that was all pasted over April 5th through 7th with Jessica Lynch.

LB: Right, it was just another --

Capt May: That is how Ghost Troop got started.

LB: Everything on TV was a distraction from reality.

Capt May: Yes, it goes from distraction to deception. It is all a PsyOp. In military terms it would be called a psychological operation, or a PsyOp. And to acquaint your listeners a little bit with my background, which they can find exhaustively at the Ghost Troop introduction, I was a military intelligence guy going into the the Cold War and going through the Cold War, but afterwards became a public affairs guy. So I know a lot about information and information manipulation. In fact my specialty was Russian media. (He speaks some sample Russian). So, that was enough Lenny, go ahead.

LB: Well now, what new moon festivals are coming up, and what numerology will play a role in the next orchestrated tragedy, do you think?

Capt May: OK, we take BONO, Battle of New Orleans, as being opportunistic and bringing the garrison down to the South, now 40,000 people, and mainstream America is just thrilled that martial law is the right thing, and two of the mainstream stations, ABC and CNN are running headlines that state "State of Emergency" which is not what a democratic --a republic wants to have flashed up on its placards for the public to see, because of course it is programming for a major state of emergency event. So we play this through as a prefatory scenario. Our great dread is that the next cycle coming up was on 9-9, this Friday. To clarify, we think this whole summer activity, this frenetic period, tied in the Space Shuttle and NASA and the Discovery, and NASA was coding through the Discovery by saying that the end of the launch window would be 9-9. September 9th. So what we are playing out is that is the end of the natural cycle for pulling a coup off on America. The perfect time is the end of the first term when your numbers are low, and they did it last time and we think they are getting ready to do it again. And what you do is you do it within the window when Congress is out of session. And when the government is naturally at its most fragile and tenuous state anyway. Then you strong arm in there. So right now there is a garrison of 40,000 soldiers there, and God knows what is moving up and what they are going to do with it. We think it is a real convenient time for Al Qaeda, which we call Al CIA-duh, to do something down here and maybe pop off one of those fireworks that they keep telling us it is not a matter of if but when.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: We think that right now the period of 9-9 through 9-11 this weekend, Friday through Sunday, is the most hazardous numerological period the country has gone through since 7-27 event which we think we forestalled largely through your help, Lenny. We think we saved Texas City, Texas. In any case, we think that right now is a real crises period, but if the republic can survive this summer, so that this goes back into legislative session, we have no delusions about the quality of our legislative government in America right now. It is a sham and a shambles. But at least there are enough conflicting interests, enough cowards trying to cover their butts, that maybe they will tear each other apart and get to the bottom of it one way or another. That is the best hope right now for the stability of the north American continent. And we think right now the South, the Gulf Coast, is being mobilized and controlled by the military as the Southern Command. So, our guess would be still that we are on to the Houston, Texas port petro facility. Center of Houston. We have played that out two times with Lenny in the last two years. We have come in two times within one day and twenty four miles because British Petroleum in Texas City, Texas blew on both of our predictions. A freak occurrence unless you play our scenario.

LB: So is it that--

Capt May: So we are going to stay with Houston, because we think it is the entity that is most compromised by Bush money, wealth and influence.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: And we are going to stick with petro port because it is heavily seasoned with Illuminatists --Bush boys we call them. The media is heavily controlled by what we call the Nozi party, which Nozi is an anagram for Zion. N-O-Z-I. They are the ones who talked us into this world war. The Nozis. So anyway the Nozi party controls the media out here. We think it is a great set up. We think it was meant to be a cover on Texas City on 7-27. We think that we abort-coded that and we think that probably the best way out of this for the war cabal is to go ahead and go back and finish up what they didn't finish. Same place. So there is our dreadful prediction. And again, these are things where we had to be wrong. We like it when we are wrong, we really do.

LB: Yes, listen, I know. Look, oil is the backbone and blood of their strength. Oil is necessary...

Capt May: A word on that Lenny, since oil is the prize. The oil market started collapsing the day after you and I did that interview. I think the whole oil market was structured to anticipate the moves by the war cabal to false flag attack Texas City, Texas into World War III. It is a false flag nuke, Texas City, Texas and bring on World War III. They were running the exercise out of Ft. Monroe, and they had done a simulation out of Charleston, S.C. When they broke up Houston, they had some freaky atmospheric stuff to break up the Charleston thing, so everyone went and skedaddled. We think that event, the failure of that event to trigger the event that the world market was anticipating, especially the oil market, what you got the next day, the 29th, the highest increase in premium gas prices, futures, since the last time Ghost Troop anticipated the British Petroleum explosion which was on 3-30-2004. 33, by the way, being the high Illuminatist number, right? 3-30. The same day that Hinckley tried to shoot Bush. [Editor's note: actually the attempt was on President Ronald Reagan. Capt May claim's that as a very strange coincidence Hinckley's parents met with George Bush just prior to the shooting]. I mean, they can't get it out of their system, man.

LB: Now let me ask you, so are we witnessing behind the scenes, behind the scenery, of the global theater here. We are witnessing a number of battles going on for control of the planet, for control of the world, for power.

Capt May: Right. They are getting engaged with White Knight units like Ghost Troop. They are getting engaged by White Knight heroines like Cindy Sheehan. Hey, man, the S.S. [Secret Service] told her they were going to run her down the first night. You know, they phrased their way around it with a, "Miss, make sure you don't get run over!" Ha ha!-type thing. It was pretty clear. You know Bush rednecks shot bullets up in the air out there. The boys came out and ran over crosses with pickup trucks. And by the way there is a photo of me if they look for me, Captain May, on Google. There is a photo of me out there doing my daily push ups. I was a guard of Camp Casey. I was Captain of the guard.

LB: Really.

Capt May: I am doing my pushups on my knuckles on the concrete. It is kind of a cool -- I am a black belt, so that is how I do my pushups.

LB: Wow, OK.

Capt May: I think that right now we are coming up on this 9-9, Lenny. It is pregnant with implications. Because remember they run 3-3, meaning 3-30 the Hinckley assassination attempt and the BP 2004 thing. They run 7-7 London. They tried to run 7-27, which just means the second 7-7 thing in Texas, Texas. They ran a 3-23 BP, which is the second 33. Get it, 3-2-3.

LB: Yes, exactly.

Capt May: That was a British Petroleum thing too. They have a fetish for numbers, and now we are coming upon 9-9, and later on 3-3 and 7-7, man they have got to be auto-stimulated for 9-9. That is just the way they work.

LB: Yes, yes, exactly.

Capt May: 9-9 is just 9 times 11. You know the more they can feel like they are the smart guys and no one has the wit to figure it out. They are typical gangs, Lenny. I used to teach inner city gangs in Houston, you know, my life has been up and down and all around.

LB: Right

Capt May: And I taught inner city gangs and I learned how they think, and this is exactly how they think.

LB: Yes, yes. Thugs, they are just thugs.

Capt May: Right.

LB: Narcotics thugs.

Capt May: That is right

LB: Just think Dick Tracy flat headed mumbo --

Capt May: That is all the Nazis were. That is all the communists under Stalin. In other words, thugs routinely come into control of countries. You know the Founding Fathers, the idea that the Founding Fathers would be looking at the Republic being threatened by an idiot named George who got the job by inheritance from his father. I mean King George come back to crap on America. And that is why Bush gave him New Orleans, man. That was to appeal to the British end of the masonic thing. They could show that they were so thick into it that they would zap their own country with new technology. Right there in New Orleans where Andy Jackson ran out the Brits. Right? What a diabolical thing to conceive of, but how can we not think of this much. They try to do the most hideous, macabre things they can to make people afraid of them. They are a dark force, man. They are a real dark force. So what you are saying is that the info war is heating up, and the info war is the war, ya'll. The war is the info war. The reason why I was not doing above ground military analysis was that I was done with that in the summer of 2003. Any officer of those who had the experience to see the world was lost. It had gone from blitz to Vietnam in three months. The war now is in the info war. Getting the word out now about what is really up around the media whores. The camp followers of King George. [16:23]

LB: Exactly

Capt May: Impeach him, man.

LB: Exactly. That is it. The info war in the information age and the Age of Information overload, icons, and information images. How we fight battles.

Capt May: Right, exactly. And that is why these devils declared the kulture kampf. Lenny, here is the chutzpah of the whole thing, the Nozi Party which we call the Zionist influence, who better to understand the Nazi techniques? And who better could use them and not ever get accused of them because everyone is scared to death to say it? They are using exactly the Nazi techniques, all the way to the point of building concentration camps like Gitmo that simulate Dachau, man. Abu Ghraib simulates your step towards Auschwitz. Your out of country concentration camp. They knew this crap going in, man. The greatest chutzpah was for them to say they were proclaiming a kulture kampf when that meant the very process of cultural manipulation that led to their ultimate doom in mid-century Germany. That was a crazy idea from the start. But there it is. It has been done. The media mobilized like it was marching in goose-step behind Herr Bush, and they did, man. Man, that is what we call the Nozis. They had their noses right between his cheeks the whole time. And they were nudging him forward too. Because they wanted a war. They wanted a war so that the aristocrats could hug up to the oil barons across the pond, and so that the Israeli contingent could have basically a mercenary army in there just like King George's Hessians fighting a territorial beast they did not have any part of. [18:01]

LB: And of course remember Israel is controlled by Jerusalem and the King of Jerusalem is King Juan Carlos, the King of Spain! And the crown heads of Europe rule. And the cherub Peter along with the throne of Spain, the King of Jerusalem are mobilizing the troops and the military of the planet for a big, big battle at Armageddon. [Editor's note: The view that the King of Spain rules Jerusalem and Israel etc. is not necessarily shared by Capt May or the editor of America First Books!]

Capt May: Well, man we will be there. We will be there. That is Ghost Troop 3/7 cyber cavalry and we will be there at Armageddon. Because all the White Knights are going to show up. That is what is going to take to unplug it. And now that we know what is going on, it is just time to shut it down, ya'll. You know, the only way I keep my recruitment going up is that I keep winning my info war battles. And our recruitment continues to go up, and we make good friends like Lenny and Sherman and it is because we know how to fight and win in the info war. And you need to do it by direct engagement. Calling these guys up, staying within the Constitution, but attacking their infrastructure and their firewalls by confronting them. So when ask them when in the hell are they going to tell the truth about Baghdad Airport? Baghdad Bob said there were 300 dead and they had taken it back April 5th, well that was a lie. The sources I got at Camp Casey, they said that there were only 200 dead. Why the hell did the American public not hear that story? You want to hear the worst one of the whole bunch, Lenny?

LB: Yes, yes.

Capt May: Casey Sheehan died April 4th, 2004, you dig?

LB: Yes, yes.

Capt May: Beginning of April. The Battle of Baghdad, for which I mobilized for in the info war when they covered over what it took to take Baghdad for King George with Jessica Lynch so that he could have a nice parade at the first of May, and no one would know that a thousand guys got waxed, all right, that was April 5th, 2003. That was one day less than one year before the day that Casey got killed in Sadr City. All right. The fact that the intelligence officer at the basic level of troop operations didn't know that there had been a Battle in Baghdad, that all of that was classified, that no one was talking about, that everyone was trying to screw up everyone's head so that no one would know what had happened, the Iraqis knew what had happened, so they were loaded for bear when Casey got on the truck with nineteen or twenty other Marines on an overloaded deuce and a half, no armor, can't come to port arms because they are so crowded. They didn't know that they were going into hostile territory when the hostiles had a reason to celebrate. Because one year before the Iraqi insurgency had bloodied the U.S. cavalry enough so that Boy George pulled the plug on the U.S. Constitution. And the media went with him. So from that day forward they had won the war. They had made the country betray its own foundation --its Constitution. So the Iraqis had something to celebrate and they are looking to put on us and our boys did not know it was coming, because the truth was blacked out by the media. You dig what I am saying? [20:56]

LB: I am following.

Capt May: That bit of intelligence from those boys on the ground, April 4, 2004 when Casey got it?

LB: Yes.

Capt May: The inability of the Army and the chain of command to say something, because they mussed up the PR picture and made it so those boys did not have a clue that they were coming up with a year anniversary of an insurgency victory of sorts. Where obviously the insurgents would want to do it again.

LB: Yes.

Capt May: That is how wars go, right?

LB: Exactly.

Capt May: There was a Tet '68, but there was a Tet '69 too. It just was not as good as the original one. Well, there was a Battle of Baghdad April 2003, and doggone if the insurgency did not blow up all around the center of Baghdad and the Shiite, the Sunni territories in Iraq during that same period. But nobody gave the boys the intelligence they needed. In other words we are winding up because --

LB: Another 9-11. The military stand down and hide the information.

Capt May: Right. Information is getting hidden and people are getting killed. And of course that is the whole story of the war, man. If people go to my published essay, that is Capt May published essays, you will find them, you will see that my first one on there, the 1992 piece, right after Desert Storm, where I said that if we want into Iraq we would get wasted. It turned into Vietnam. We wind up propping up a new cut throat and pulling out of Baghdad and glad to be out. And happy and lucky. So, what has happened was so anticipatable. So avoidable. And what enrages me, is that when I wrote that piece in 1992, I got moved into the General's staff for writing that piece because everybody was so proud of me for talking sense, because it happened to be what George Herbert Walker Bush was saying when he gave his reason why he would not go on and take Baghdad in 1991. Well, the same people who praised that piece and me for writing it, eleven years later, all turned around and backed this war. You know, somehow they unlearned everything they used to know and relearned everything they used to know was dumb. It is amazing. It was a first of history. I guess I was out of the picture. Maybe I would have turned around too, but I was out of the picture and I stuck to what I knew in 1992. [23:10]

LB: Yes. Well listen, we are running skinny on time, but we are going to start having you back more regularly.

Capt May: It is a great pleasure. You are our flag ship station for us Lenny, you have been with me back all the way to the days when all we talked about was the Battle of Baghdad coverup, and you have seen us work in the numerological research analysis and prediction, better prediction than analysis, probably. You are all better at analysis and a lot of other things. And now you have seen us fight the battle of 9-11 2B ("to be") where we have claimed that the British Petroleum Texas City explosion of 7-28 was in fact a false flag aborted by Ghost Troop. We invite you to go to Ghost Troop on your favorite solar to look it up. And of course I encourage you to look many things up. Ghost Troop has been all over the info war. Not because we wanted to go, but because events called us.

LB: Beautiful.

Capt May: Always that way.

LB: Well you guys are doing a magnificent job of updating consciousness.

Capt May: We are at the top. But ya'll catch up with us. You beat down the walls of Jericho on your side and we'll charging through cavalry. That is what we do.

LB: Sounds great, and we will look forward to having you back real soon and hopefully as things develop on a current event by current event by orchestrated tragedy by orchestrated tragedy we will start to have you on. Because you guys are certainly connecting the dots. And you are batting a thousand as usual. So Captain May...

Capt May: 9-9 through 9-11. Red Alert, international. Those are red letter days. Those are straight out of the Apocalypse, you all. Keep an eye out for us.

LB: This is September 6th, Tuesday, and it is 7:30 central time, Tuesday, September 6th. We'll have you back in a few days to discuss about how the planets are lining up. Remember that line from the movie Patton. He said precisely --Patton was standing beside his tank, with his map on the fender of the tank, spread out, and he is going, I have got precisely the right instrument at precisely the right time, but all I need is a few miserable barrels of gasoline and the planets will not be lining up like this for another thousand years. So let us follow the lining up of the planets and hopefully we will be able to pull the plug on the fascist element that took control of the United States certainly by November 22, 1963. [25:42]

Capt May: Well I tell you what Lenny, you are like the supply line that keeps the armored column of Ghost Troop cyber warfare going. It is media like you who give us time. Who let us get our message out. You have taken us from 1.5 million hits when we started operation 9-11 2 B to three million now. So you all are the logistics, man, and you got involved. I am telling your people, you have got combat promoted up to Lieutenant for your courage under fire when we were doing the 7-28 interviews.

LB: Well thanks very much.

Capt May: I hope you will be proud of this forever.

LB: Yes, we are really proud. I am very proud to be a Lieutenant in your information Army, and keep an eye on this cosmic jokester that is speeding the planet up imperceptibly. And so my closing remarks is always read it yourself instead of asking the government why because that will cause the propaganda to die. Captain Eric May, it is a real honor having you on here, giving to us and sharing with us your treasury of wisdom and knowledge and experience and we will look forward to having you back real soon in a few days.

Capt May: It is a pleasure Lt. Lenny as always.

LB: Good night.

Capt May: Good night.

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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