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OBL Death Means
"Nuclear Hellstorm"
Vows KSM!

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
Originally published by Veterans Today

May 1, 2011

Capt. Eric H. May

MAYDAY, 5/1/11, 11:11 PMU.S. claims of a successful military operation that killed Osama bin Laden (OBL) come on the heels of a story out of Guantanamo Bay, according to which Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) said that Al-Qaeda is prepared to launch a “nuclear hellstorm” against the United States and United Kingdom in the event that OBL was killed or captured.
Veterans Today carried my Saturday intelligence analysis of this exact scenario, A Princess Bride’s A-Bomb Peril. In light of today’s developments, the article is certain to be distributed and discussed worldwide by intelligence, police and military officers and officials.
Israeli and US/UK agents conducted a heated debate in the article’s comments section, arguing whether Sears Tower was the top terror target and which Middle East nation and religious extremists should be “profiled” by authorities and alert citizens.
More analysis to follow later today. If any of the source article links crash, search for the titles:

1. Obama: Al-Qaida head bin Laden dead
2. Wikileaks: Al-Qaeda plotted chemical and nuclear attack on the West
3. A Princess Bride’s A-Bomb Peril
4. Nuke Coded 329211 a Real Threat


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Captain Eric H. May, a disabled veteran, is a former U.S. Army military intelligence officer and Desert Storm volunteer. A former NBC editorial writer, his essays have been published worldwide, from The Wall Street Journal to Military Intelligence Magazine. He served on the general staff of Houston’s 75th Division, and graduatee in Classical Studies from the University of Houston Honors College.


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Additional Note
by William B. Fox
Publisher, America First Books
(Also posted in comments section at Veterans Today)

Dear CPT May:

In Chapter 12 "The Bush Cabal Resurgence, Bin Laden-Hussein Fakery, and Making the Next Terror Prediction" of my Mission of Conscience series, I discuss not only the cover-up of Bin Laden's likely death in Dec 2001, but also the likely killing of Sadam Hussein by an air strike during America's invasion of Iraq on Monday night, 7 April 2003. Please see Dr. James Fetzer's 2 Aug 2007 article "The `Mission Accomplished’ Fiasco: Saddam was Dead, but Killing Him was Illegal, Scholars Maintain.
In this chapter I also provide numerous other references that expose other massive deceptions, such as the following:

2010-09-28 Osama bin Laden to be replaced with US-born Yemeni, by Pyotr Shmelev,

2010-09-10 9/11 ANALYSIS: Where was Osama bin Laden on September 11, 2001 by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

2010-05-25 Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video by Steve Watson,

2010-01-30 Osama speaking. Or is he? An RT interview with Wayne Madsen. "An audio tape has been released allegedly from Al Qaeda’s leader Osama bin Laden. It’s the second in just a week."

2009-12-10 Years Of Deceit: US Openly Accepts Bin Laden Long Dead by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, World News Daily Information Clearing House.

2009-05-20 Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive? by David Ray Griffin. This book by leading 9/11 Truth scholar provides strong evidence that Bin Laden died in December 2001.

The brazen fabrications and insults to our intelligence by mainstream sources epitomized in the two articles "US kills Osama bin Laden decade after 9/11 attacks" and "Wikileaks: Al-Qaeda Plotted Chemical and Nuclear Attack on the West" cited in the article above reminds me of an experience I had in June 1992 when I performed a two week period of reserve active duty in the Central Command Public Affairs Office, then at McDill AFB in Tampa, Florida.
An Air Force Public Affairs Officer who had saved media clips of Persian Gulf War I told me that many of his colleagues had dubbed the conflict "The Nintendo War" because so much of the destruction of Iraqi forces during both the Operation Desert Shield and subsequent Desert Storm air war phases involved remote-controlled high tech weapons. Scenes of guided missiles taking out Sadam Hussein's tanks and other military targets seemed to resemble a video game.
The two mainstream media articles you cited inspire me to coin a propaganda war counterpart to the Persian Gulf War I air war, namely "The Nintendo Info War." It seems like certain mainstream media propagandists believe that they can create virtual realities for the American public out of complete fantasy any time they wish with the same ease that they might operate a Nintendo joy stick or point-drag-and-click with a computer mouse.

Best regards,
Bill Fox
America First Books


Additional Reading About Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

The online Mission of Conscience Trilogy by Maj. William B. Fox provides a historical overview and analysis of 9/11, the Madrid 3-11-2004 bombings, the London 7-7-2005 attacks, and other false flag events. It also explains the background and modus operandi of Capt. Eric May and his cyber militia called Ghost Troop that tries to anticipate and interdict repeat false flag attacks. Lastly, it diagnoses the deepest social and political dimensions of America's crises in order to recommend effective action. The summary table of contents, found here, outlines the chapters of each of the following three books:

Book I: Waking Up to the Ultimate Mission. Of particular note, Chapter 12 describes strong evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Chapter 7 "How September 11th Became the False Flag Rosetta Stone" and Chapter 8" 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" explain why false flag attacks tend to coincide with major anti-terror exercises.

Book II: Defending Freedom, One False Flag Threat at a Time. This covers repeated threats against Portland, Oregon as well as Chicago, Texas City, Texas, and other cities. Chapter 14: Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, and Info War Martyrs provides some background on W. Leon Smith, Publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast.

Book III: Changing the Mask, And the Continuing Cyber Battle Against False Flag "Predator" and "Alien" Larger than Books I and II combined, this takes intelligence analysis to the highest level by examining a wide range of social, political, and economic issues --with the gloves off.

The paleoconservative social and political views expressed by Major William B. Fox do not necessarily reflect those of other individuals affiliated with Ghost Troop.


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