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BP Horizon,
Sieg Heil!

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
Originally published by Veterans Today

April 21, 2011


Capt. Eric H. May

HOUSTON, 4/21/2011 — It’s obvious that some virulent variant of the Nazi Party is responsible for the BP Horizon disaster. It is obsessed with the obscure and occult, as well as with Hitler and the Holocaust. It is unmistakable and unmentionable, as well as maniacal and murderous. The mainstream media avoids the topic of its treason, at least since Rush Limbaugh leveled the charge of terrorism at it last year.
The only MSM report on the occult/terror connection that comes to my mind is five years old and flawed, an ABC/FBI effort from July 11, 2006. It was posted on the day of the first Mumbai attack, and assured an anxious nation that our crime-busters were going to get to the bottom of a bizarre fact about our new millennium: Its major terror attacks all occurred on dates with the number 11.
Notwithstanding the importance of this information, they did an abysmal job in publishing New York, 9/ll; Madrid, 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll (sic), making a Bush League mistake that would have merited an “F” in a high school journalism class. They misspelled the title: the 9/ll and 7/ll aren’t correct, although the 3/11 is. I’ll put it in capital letters to emphasize the error: NEW YORK 9/LL; MADRID, 3/11; MUMBAI, 7/LL.
How could anyone follow up or do research? To make matters worse, they repeated the error in the URL: What the “L” were they thinking? The faux pas in the FBI/ABC pas de deux should have earned them condemnation, especially when, within hours of Mumbai, Chicago had a mass transit terror of its own. Events distracted the public, though: within hours of the Chicago scare Israel was invading Lebanon, and the few who had caught the slip-up quickly forgot it.
Despite its deficiencies, a quote from the story sets forth the basic principles upon which I have based my counter-terror cryptanalysis:

The 11th has now been chosen as an attack date in New York, Madrid and Mumbai. ‘There’s a lot of symbolism involved when terrorists choose their targets and the dates of their attacks,’ said Jack Cloonan, a former FBI agent on the bin Laden squad who now works as an ABC News consultant. ‘Who knows?’ said Cloonan. Last year’s attacks in London was on 7/7.”

I’m no crime-buster, but my background in military intelligence and languages enabled me to pick up what the flummoxed feds had put down and look at it as a code-breaker. After all, when I studied Russian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, my language IQ (156 out of 160) was the highest in the Army. There was an FBI agent in the class, my buddy Joe, and I tutored him.
Here are some highlights from my discovery of the Horizon:


Horizon Holocaust (HH)

Hitler Hints:

  • HH had a body count of 11.
  • HH occurred on 110th day of 2010 (11).
  • HH occurred on 121st anniversary of Hitler’s birth (11 x 11).
  • HH occurred on 11th anniversary of Columbine.
  • Columbine occurred on 110th anniversary of Hitler’s birth (11).

Time Terms:

  • New York City’s Holocaust Museum was dedicated on 9/11/97 — four years to the day before the 9/11 attacks.
  • Berlin’s Holocaust Museum was dedicated on 9/9/01 (991) — two days before the 9/11 attacks (99 = 9 x 11; and 991 is a variant of 911)
  • There is a span of 33 years, 33 days between the 8/8/68 (888) beginning of construction on the World Trade Center and the 9/11/01 (9111) attacks.
  • There is a span of 33 years and 33 days between the 5/3/73 (533) completion of Sears Tower and the Satanic date of 6/6/06 (666); and the Sears Tower zip code is 60606 (666).

Anniversary Attacks:

  • The 9/11/01 attacks occurred on the 60th anniversary of the beginning of construction on the Pentagon.
  • The 4/19/04 attempted attack against Sears Tower occurred on the 9th anniversary of Oklahoma City, and the 11th anniversary of Waco.
  • The 4/22/4 assassination of Pat Tillman occurred on the 11th anniversary of the dedication of the National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.
  • The 5/3/06 false flag attempt against Sears Tower occurred on the 33rd anniversary of its completion.

Satanic Sacrifices:

  • The Waco Holocaust of Branch Davidians occurred on 4/19/93, 3 days before the dedication of National Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.
  • Rachel Corrie was bulldozed by Israel in Occupied Palestine on 4/16/03, 3 days before the initiation of the Iraq war.
  • Pat Tillman was shot in the head three times at close range in Afghanistan, 3 days after the 4/19/04 false flag attempt against Sears Tower.
  • Christina Green, 9/11/01 – 1/8/11, was assassinated at the age of 9 years, 119 days (9119).


Heil Hitler!

In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

The BP Horizon Holocaust wasn’t an accident, although there is an incessant media effort to convince us that it was. It was homicide against the platform workers, ecocide against the Gulf of Mexico, and econocide against Gulf Coast working people. When all is said and done, it will be recognized as genocide against millions of Americans, already ill, who will die decades before their time. They are (and will be) unreported by a media busily turning the nation’s attention to dolphins and sea turtles. 2 + 2 = 5, they say and we believe, as they convince us that mourning for dead aquatic animals is proof positive that our humanity is still alive.
In three decades of military intelligence work and writing, I’ve become a devout believer in the dictum of Thomas Hobbes, from his political masterpiece, Leviathan:

“Words are wise men’s counters, they do but reckon with them, but they are the money of fools.”

The television talkers whom we have invited into our homes are simply the latest variant of the shadowy simulacra broadcast onto the wall of Plato’s cave, which he described in Republic over two millennia ago. Tune them out, then turn them out. These are the first steps, though diffident and dissident, out of the darkness and into the light.

Recommended References:

  1. Rush Is Right about a BP Horizon Terror Attack
  2. New York, 9/ll; Madrid, 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll (sic)
  3. Chicago Subway Derailment Sends at Least 120 to Hospitals
  4. World War Three Analysis By Captain Eric H. May
  5. Basic Cryptanalysis (FM 34-40-2)
  6. Ghost Troop: USA 666 WMD (3/11/09 – 9/9/09)
  7. Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation
  8. Jewish Virtual Liberty: Hitler on the Big Lie
  9. “America Uber Alles” — Our Nazi Nation


This analytic essay was published on the 111th day of the 11th year of our millennium, a year and a day (11) after the Horizon Holocaust. — EHM


+ + +


Dedicated to Mirjana Tomasevic, whose odyssey carried her from Croatia through Congress to Carmel-by-the-Sea. She was my DLI Russian teacher, 1986 – 88, and told me what I would one day write.

Tvoi T. Gronik, geroi nashevo vremini, teper pochti umer. Ya chasto dumayu o tebye, i kak napisala menye: “Yesli ti dumayesh, shto u nas yest sovmestnoyo budushe, to ya gotova na fsyo.” Prosti menya, moya lybimaya udinitza, potomushto ya bil gotov tolko na boynu, a ni mir. Proschai.



+ + +

Captain Eric H. May, a disabled veteran, is a former U.S. Army military intelligence officer and Desert Storm volunteer. A former NBC editorial writer, his essays have been published worldwide, from The Wall Street Journal to Military Intelligence Magazine. He served on the general staff of Houston’s 75th Division, and graduatee in Classical Studies from the University of Houston Honors College.

Additional Reading About Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

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Book I: Waking Up to the Ultimate Mission. Of particular note, Chapter 12 describes strong evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Chapter 7 "How September 11th Became the False Flag Rosetta Stone" and Chapter 8" 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" explain why false flag attacks tend to coincide with major anti-terror exercises.

Book II: Defending Freedom, One False Flag Threat at a Time. This covers repeated threats against Portland, Oregon as well as Chicago, Texas City, Texas, and other cities. Chapter 14: Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, and Info War Martyrs provides some background on W. Leon Smith, Publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast.

Book III: Changing the Mask, And the Continuing Cyber Battle Against False Flag "Predator" and "Alien" Larger than Books I and II combined, this takes intelligence analysis to the highest level by examining a wide range of social, political, and economic issues --with the gloves off.

The paleoconservative social and political views expressed by Major William B. Fox do not necessarily reflect those of other individuals affiliated with Ghost Troop.


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