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Capt. May in an early phase of his ALS. See the June 3, 2007 article "Framing a Photo of Lou Gehrig's Disease" by Capt. May, Lone Star Iconoclast.


Cops and Docs Collaborate to Send Iconoclast Editor to
VA Bedlam

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

January 28, 2011


Capt. Eric H. May

HOUSTON, 1/27/2011 -- I've never blindly believed either cops, with whom I spent my college years dispatching; or docs, with whom I have spent my five years as a patient with Lou Gehrig's disease. Though I have dear friends in both groups, I know that most of them are as corrupt and careless as the rest of us.
Back when I was a martial arts instructor, both my wife and I were amazed when a Spring, Texas constable advised me on how to get away with pummeling a difficult neighbor, and seemed greatly disappointed when I replied that I only fought with other black belts. As for the VA doctors, I saw them cover up an assault (on me) by one of the head nurses, shortly after I received surgery to prepare me for a ventilator. It could easily have been fatal, and would have gone unreported had it not been reported by an intern who, outraged, made a report and refused to let it go. I believe that the crime against me, coupled with the fuss it raised, may yet be fatal: on two different occasions since then my ventilator has been sabotaged by someone expert in the equipment. The VA staff have done their best to suppress both incidents.
The emails below are all related to a health emergency I endured Wednesday. I am chagrined to publish them, but have no other way to square away the do-nothing Spring constables who were busy trying to suppress the Internet interest in my fate; and the VA quacks who offered a diagnosis of my condition without either seeing or speaking to me. Regrettably, the cops and docs gave me a major rumor control problem, which has required me to write this article.

Captain May wrote:

I need an EMT. Please w/b for details. CO

Mrs. May wrote:

Hello everyone, I am Captain May's wife. I've been taking care of him for five years. You are all received a request for assistance from Captain May. He's fine and does not need an EMT. I've already had numerous phone calls and a constable banging at the door. If you have any questions, you may call me.

SFC Buswell (R) wrote:

CPT May, I just got this email, do you need me to call one for you?

Captain May replied:

Yes, SFC Buswell, but there is a change. Instead of the EMT, please call Harris County Precinct IV. The medical situation turned into spousal abuse. Mrs. May has cracked up, has begun to steal my benefits money to spend it on a funeral package for me, and has invited her Army deserter, jailbird nephew into the house because "he'll do anything I tell him to do", she says.
When I told her yesterday that he had to go, she became enraged and said that she would tell the VA I was irrational and would have me institutionalized. She then left the room, after telling me that if my breathing failed "then its your problem" (i.e., you can die). For added measure she turned off my microphone.
She did pretty much the same thing last night, though I got her to give me my computer. I was having considerable trouble breathing and was under threat from her not to call. Instead I sent out an SOS to you and a few other veterans. A constable arrived at five a.m., and she met him at the door to talk him, and persuaded him to not talk to me. Afterward she came and menaced me. She unplugged the computer and the microphone, and has been trying all morning to get the VA to take me away.

1LT Patti Woodard wrote:

Dear GT's and Colleagues -- According to the doctors Captain May seems to be having a medication interaction and has become irrational. When I was there I called in several dozen medications to the VA for him. I have side affects on half a dozen and couldn't figure out why he didn't on that many.
Captain May reached the peak of paranoia and being irrational this morning (it has slowly been coming on) and will be going to the VA for a complete evaluation. Meanwhile the doctors have said to quit some meds already. I'm going to wish with all my might that this can be dealt with by changing or dropping some medications because I certainly hope with all my heart that this isn't part of ALS.
Please know that Captain May is in good hands and always has been. I know his family very well and have been in contact with several of them for years and have met them all. I sincerely hope the doctors can find the medication problem soon. Please keep him in your thoughts. Thank you! Patti.


Captain May pictured with Chase Untermeyer in his home in November 2007. For more on May's relationship with Untermeyer, see Chapter One "Gestation Inside the Matrix" of the Mission of Conscience series.

Major William B. Fox wrote:

Dear Captain May: You have heroically fought the good fight against extreme forms of incapacitation on the physical level, and the forces of psychopathic evil and complete tyranny on the broader political level. There is no surprise that you have probably experienced drug interactions. Given the fact that you have not been able to get physical exercise for so long and have been put on so many medications, the real surprise is that the problems have not happened much sooner.
Given how long you have been a complete quadriplegic, you have held up amazingly well, particularly under conditions of considerable mental and emotional stress where you have had to engage in diplomacy on all sides of the fence to retain intelligence contacts within the police and military and other sources who could possibly alert you to possible future false flag attacks. I believe that your endurance reflects tremendous moral and spiritual strength. In fact, you have already far outlived the average life expectancy of the average victims of ALS.
Conversely, it is quite possible that something else is taking place behind the scenes that we don't know about and your alleged bout of "paranoia" and "irrationality" are in fact justified. As an example, you once told me while I was sitting at your bedside last year that you declined a visit to your house from Chase Untermeyer, who was born in a Jewish household and once served as the Ghost Troop Chaplain (as well as a high level operative in the George H. W. Bush administration and U.S. Ambassador to Qatar) because you were concerned that he might act out instructions by Mossad to finish you off if he could catch you all alone in your bedroom.
The general tone of our conversation was very calm and rational immediately before, during, and after you made this statement to me. I think that you had a perfectly valid concern. In any event, I am one for giving you the benefit of the doubt. You can tell a tree by its fruits, and on balance you have been mobilizing the right kinds of activism and citizen awareness in America. I think that you probably turned the tables once you smelled high level Mossad/CIA evil and probably got neurotoxined for your loyalty to the right principles and desire to engage in genuinely patriotic push-back.
Another salute to a great fellow warrior and "renegade" for the right side, namely the cause of opposing tyranny and maintaining your allegiance to your oath to protect and defend the Constitution against domestic as well as foreign enemies. Please also give my best wishes to your wife, who has had to shoulder a horrendous burden in caring for you on a day to day basis.

Epilogue: Crazy Christmas

Mrs. May wrote:

I was proud to tell everyone that my husband picked the emerald and wanted the stone set into something I would wear. Setting the stone in the ring was supposed to be a pleasant surprise for you and affirmation that I liked and appreciated last year's gift. But as with all things that bring me any type of joy, you shit on it. Now, I'm embarrassed and ashamed to wear the ring, it will only remind me of your cruelty and hatefulness.
I will pay for the ring, the setting and the insurance on it. I don't want any gifts from you ever again. You taint everything with ugliness, from before we got married to present day. You think I'm a punching bag and I can be disrespected daily with cruel and vulgar comments, to treating me like your personal servant to do everything at your command otherwise I'm a bitch and I'm abusing you. At one time I thought you were my joy. Now, I realize you don't want me to have any joy in any form.


Capt. May and Dr. Fredrick Toben at Capt. May's home in Spring, Texas in October 2007. Capt. May's social and political views have evolved over time, as noted in Chapter One, which describes his early leftist-libertarian leanings and marriages to three very different kinds of women. He has also supported the free speech rights of historical free thinker Dr. Toben, viewed by many as a traditional right wing conservative, as reflected in Chapter 34 of the Mission of Conscience series.


Captain May replied:

Please forgive me for my failure to understand you correctly. As I sat and stewed about it last night, I was irked that I had just asked you about what you wanted for Christmas a couple of days ago. I had thought of having the emerald set as one of your two gifts (one for Christmas, the other for your 50th birthday). I had it in mind to spend somewhere between five and ten on them. The $3337 is fine by me -- and I insist on buying you the pearls.
Remember what I said at first, without my later rumination. I think the ring setting is perfect, and I am proud to see you wear it. I reckon everything afterward on both sides to be temper and nothing more. I can understand that you wanted to surprise me with the emerald in the setting. I ask you to consider my side of it, too. I remember the joy of buying you lavish Christmas gifts for the last two years, with you helping. We enjoyed a laugh and were in love. I was looking forward to doing it again this year. Pleasing you is my joy, and it always has been.

After New Year's Day Mrs. May wrote:

I wish I could take some medication. Note when the family leaves. We are now in our 51st month after diagnosis, and 67st since first symptoms. This is what I asked you to read:

+ + + + + + +

Captain Eric H. May, a disabled veteran, is a former U.S. Army military intelligence officer and Desert Storm volunteer. A former NBC editorial writer, his essays have been published worldwide, from The Wall Street Journal to Military Intelligence Magazine. For an assessment of his mission of conscience please read:

Captain Eric H. May Deserves Congressional Medal of Honor

*The Houston VA has ordered Captain May into the hospital for an unspecified length of time. Please call if this unconstitutional muzzling of an internet journalist is of concern to you:

Harris County Constable Precinct 4:


Update References:

Captain May [] To: [Distribution list]
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 8:26 AM
Subject: Come and see your captive Captain

Brother Allah has a wonderful idea:

Captain Eric H. May
CO, Ghost Troop

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The paleoconservative social and political views expressed by Major William B. Fox do not necessarily reflect those of other individuals affiliated with Ghost Troop.


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