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Summer False Flag Forecast, 2010:
Top Targets, Times

"Rush Is Right about a BP Horizon Terror Attack,"
The Lone Star Iconoclast, 5/3/2010,

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast


"National disaster exercises, called too costly and scripted, may be scaled back,"
By Spencer S. Hsu, The Washington Post, April 2, 2010


"Kristol: ‘Better’ For US to Attack Iran Than if Israel Did,"
By David Edwards and Gavin Dahl, World News Daily, April 05, 2010


"2 found with video of Sears Tower,"
by Michelle Mowad, The Mercury, October 17, 2001

"7 Arrested In Alleged Sears Tower Plot,"
By Amy S Clark, CBS, 6/22/2006,

"General, Wife Among Metro Casualties,"
District of Columbia National Guard news release, 6/22/2009,

"CAPTION THIS: "Taking the plunge" from the Willis Tower's skydeck,"
KSDK, 9/9/2009,

"Couple found dead in park,"
Jessica Willey, KTRH, 9/10/2009,

"Fire Rips Through Texas City Church,", KPRC, 9/11/2009,

"Panic on the Potomac,"
By Jim Iovino, NBC, 9/11/2009,

"Culture of corruption: Blago’s dead fundraiser and Team Obama,"
Michelle Malkin,, 9/14/2009,

"BP Texas City Plant Restoring Operations At Units Hit By Power Trip,"
Naureen S. Malik, Dow Jones News, 4/21/2010,


"Activist Warns Texas City Will Go Up In Flames Over Killings,"
Nakia Cooper,, INFOWARS, 5/13/2010,

"Window washers stranded outside 44th floor freed,"
By Moises Mendoza, Houston Chronicle, 6/19/2010,

"Primary Results South Carolina Runoff,"
The New York Times, 6/23/2010,


"Government Preparing to Stage Domestic Teror Attack"
Paul Joseph Watson, Prison, April 19, 2010

"Helen Thomas quits,"
JTA, 6/7/2010,

"USNORTHCOM Gears Up For Potential Attack On U.S. Soil,"
Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas, The Intel Hub, 6/9/2010,

"Unlikely BP would sell Texas City refinery,"
By T.J. Aulds, Galveston County Daily News, 6/17/2010,

"'Holocaust denier' found dead in car park,", 6/18/2010,

"Napolitano: Internet Monitoring Needed to Fight Homegrown Terrorism,"
AP, FOX News, 6/18/2010,

"Storm Blows Out Windows At 110-Story Chicago Tower,"
Serena Daiap, 6/18/2010,

"American-born al Qaeda spokesman appears in new video,"
By the CNN Wire Staff, CNN, 6/20/2010,

"At least 19 injured in Red Line subway fire,"
By Liam Ford, Serena Daniels, Joel Hood, WGN-TV, 6/20/2010,

"Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House,"
By Alex Spillius, Telegraph, 6/20/2010,

"Supreme Court upholds terrorism support law,"
James Vicini, Reuters, 6/21/2010,

"Times Square Car Bomber Details Chilling Plot,"
Boston Globe, 6/22/2010,

"Reports: IAF Landed at Saudi Base, US Troops near Iran Border,"
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Arutz Sheva, 6/23/2010,

"Imam to file suit against state police,"
By Vernon Clement Jones, Chicago Sun-Times, 6/23/2010,,Imam-chicago-islam-discrimination-062310.article

"BP Oil Disaster: Containment Cap Reattached;
Two Involved in Clean-Up Die, One a Suicide
ABC, 6/23/2010,

"Israel to spy on Iran with new satellite,"
MRS/CS/MRS, Press TV, 6/23/2010,

"Two BP spill response personnel killed,"
Press TV, 6/23/2010,

"Iran on war alert over "US and Israeli concentrations" in Azerbaijan,"
DEBKAfile, 6/23/2010,

"The Willis Tower,"
Chicago Architecture, 2010,







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Captain May, a former army general staff officer and later NBC editorial writer, is the founder and commander of Ghost Troop Cyber Militia, an all American group of veterans and activists. CNN did a widely read "hit" story against them this year, which helped the unit to recruit more Internet activists:

"Some suspect conspiracy in Holocaust Museum case,"
CNN, 6/16/2009,
[See detailed discussion of this episode in Chapter 34 of the Trilogy]

To join Ghost Troop contact the unit executive officer, 1LT Patti Woodard <>


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Additional Reading About Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

The online Mission of Conscience Trilogy by Maj. William B. Fox provides a historical overview and analysis of 9/11, the Madrid 3-11-2004 bombings, the London 7-7-2005 attacks, and other false flag events. It also explains the background and modus operandi of Capt. Eric May and his cyber militia called Ghost Troop that tries to anticipate and interdict repeat false flag attacks. Lastly, it diagnoses the deepest social and political dimensions of America's crises in order to recommend effective action. The summary table of contents, found here, outlines the chapters of each of the following three books:

Book I: Waking Up to the Ultimate Mission. Of particular note, Chapter 12 describes strong evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Chapter 7 "How September 11th Became the False Flag Rosetta Stone" and Chapter 8" 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" explain why false flag attacks tend to coincide with major anti-terror exercises.

Book II: Defending Freedom, One False Flag Threat at a Time. This covers repeated threats against Portland, Oregon as well as Chicago, Texas City, Texas, and other cities.

Book III: Changing the Mask, And the Continuing Cyber Battle Against False Flag "Predator" and "Alien" Larger than Books I and II combined, this takes intelligence analysis to the highest level by examining a wide range of social, political, and economic issues --with the gloves off.

The social and political views expressed by Maj. Bill Fox do not necessarily reflect those of other individuals affiliated with Ghost Troop, in fact, they are probably more paleoconservative in nature than the views of most other individuals, as touched upon in Chapter 39.

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