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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


"BP Cloud" from the 2 August 2010 Lone Star Iconoclast


BP 7/28 Nuke Plan vs.
U.S. Officers Coup

-- Sabotage Five Years Ago
Current, Critical --

BP, Texas City False Flag Report
Cloak and Dagger Emergency Broadcast
7/28/2005, 9:00 p.m. (Central)

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

July 29, 2010


* * * * * * * * *

Capt. Eric H. May

On the evening of July 28, 2005, the Southeast Texas sky erupts into a hurricane of fire, dozens of miles high and wide, over the blazing BP refinery in Texas City. Captain May's voice reveals his fear of a BP nuclear attack. His earlier national warnings of a Houston false flag have been validated. The tension builds when a helicopter begins circling his position. At the end of the interview, he calls for a military coup d'etat counterattack.
Ten days later the coup continues:

"Ghost Troop Officer False Flag Coup Notes",

The next day Army TRADOC boss General Kevin Byrnes is relieved of command for botching the BP false flag. The matter is mentioned in a mostly misinformed Alex Jones story:

"Four Star Fired For Organizing Coup Against Neo-Cons?",
Prison Planet, 8/10/05,

For the recording of the broadcast, please listen and copy it from the America First Books archive of Captain May's work:

-- Transcript --

Captain May: I am down here in Houston waiting to see if there will be a big flash. We are in condition red here for sure. This is all combat. We have gone to infowar and geopolitical, geostrategic equations because George Bush, that son of a bitch, wanted to kill his home town. He wanted to burn his home city down. And now they have blown up the factory where they planted the bomb so that they could get the bomb out of Houston. The Federal government has declared war on the city of Houston. The city of my parents, my children -- our friends, my friends. And he wanted to stab his own town in the back. Like a rich brat stabbing his own aunt in the back to get an endowment. First he is a cold-hearted murderer. He should be stopped at all costs. Ghost troop wants to talk in Russian...(Russian talk)...(Spanish talk ...I want to speak in Spanish...We are being made deluded, insane...Bush wants to kill us in our homes...Bush wants to kill us...)

Lenny Bloom: We are on, we are still taping...

Capt. May: This is the biggest thing since the Hindenberg, but the big thing about it is that it is my city down there to the South, y'all. I moved up to the north of Houston, which is north of Texas City where all of this stuff seems to be centered right now, unless we play the scenario out as we predicted in the Ghost Troop 9/11-2B report. The top target, the prime target, trying to level the decrepit, rusted worthless ship channel, in this scenario they made us go with it.

I swear I taste ionization in my mouth. There is flashing going on to the south. Is it a thunder storm? Is it some kind of summer thing? I don't know. What kind of condition are we living in where a man has to look to this south and calculate whether a mushroom cloud is going to engulf what echelon of his existence. His parents, his children, himself. This is madness. It must be stopped.

Lenny: Certainly they are probably using the Space shuttle to coordinate this attack.

Capt. May: Oh, who knows what they are doing? The technology they are bringing in to bear! All I see is this electromagnetic -- like a flashing strobe on a Frankenstein, the old 1930's Frankenstein movies, where you see what looks like the stuff that comes off nuclear explosions. You know . . . what the hell do I know? I was in the chemical corps. I studied it. I taught it. I do not see any mushroom cloud. What a hell of a night in Houston!

Lenny: Wow!

Capt. May: Welcome home George Bush! Welcome home to Texas! He tried to burn it down. He tried to burn it down! The son of a bitch wanted to burn down Houston. He wanted to light up Texas City. He wanted to explode the San Jacinto monument. He wanted to do something that would get a whole country into a mad war against Arab countries for oil and Israeli political interests. Another flash to the south! There it goes! You know, what the hell is next?

Lenny: Wow! This is the only place anybody is going to get any first-hand information. They will not get it on the British controlled, spy-soaked, monopoly press!

Capt May: Now I am hearing rumbling down... Again, what is this thunder? It looks like a lightening pattern.

Lenny: Just so everyone knows...

Capt May: Artillery? Is there a putsch going on it Houston? Glory be to the Republic of Texas! Texas should lead the way! Texas should rise up and save itself! The police officers of Texas should get a handle on a crime scene getting covered up! This is a crime scene being deconstructed! The same way 9-11 was hauled down ... Another flash! ... 9-11 was hauled down the day after the towers collapsed. The towers collapsed in perfect symmetry.

Lenny: I just want to say the time is 22:09 hours Eastern Daylight Time Thursday the 28th of July [2005]. Go ahead!

Capt. May: My wife is in the house. We have set up a communications center. We are in a state of warfare to save our lives! And my wife is trying to call people in the neighborhood who she knows in the city, in different parts, to figure out if we can triangulate to do an estimation. I have her doing artillery coordinates to see if my town... There it goes again! Wow! Bigger! Man, it is like that email I wrote. Let me give you that web site Lenny, if these are my last words...

Lenny: Give us the coordinated web site.

Capt. May: The web site is

Note: The group that published the report pushed Ghost Troop to initiate an armed attack on the Houston media, to broadcast the completely muzzled story. I believed the plan reckless, and removed the provacateurs from the command. The publisher pulled the report, but left an important bit of the coup history. For the original report, see:

"9112B Report to SA Skip Midcap, FBI", Teknosis, 7/22/05,

Lenny: Now when they go to the web site, where on the web site do you want them to go?

Capt. May: Go to any of it. It is compelling now. We are in the middle of goddamned history, man. They are preparing to Psy-Op the country by black-oping his home town. They are getting ready to wax us. Talk about this in the neighborhood. You know my eccentric theory seems pretty valid when I pony up three editorials in the Houston Chronicle saying that this war would turn into quicksand. Saying we would be brought to the brink of World War. Saying it could roll back and destroy us ourselves. All those things are... There it is! Wow!! Wow! Getting bigger. What kind of Tae Kwon Do block can you give to a friggin' mushroom cloud? More George Bush does not do a fair fight. Don't let him fool you. Again! Ascending. I haven't a clue.

Lenny: So there is a big battle going on there?

Capt. May: I cannot believe they are going to keep the grid all night long. Something irregular is going on. Again. Freaky electronic power being controlled directly into the stratosphere. Like, God, I have got to get my coordinates ready. Let me get my compass out. I am looking north. Directly to the south. That puts it directly through an axis in central Houston, Clear Lake, going clear out to Texas City. It could be a flash in any direction along that to me. Again, from my position, and oh boy. I hear the cop siren going. Well, this may be it folks. Another flash. From where I am, the coordinates are going to be the same. The Ignatius Loyola Church, we will make our Alamo there. I was baptized in the church of the Sacred heart in El Paso. La Iglesia del Corazon Sagrado, by Father Marshall. It sure looks like it was a good idea. And Father Garcia, who is the prior of the pastorage, at the time said it was a good idea. And it looks like I have one prophecy more than I care to have folks [voice breaking at 9.00 minutes into the interview]. I think I called them right all along. From where I am at the St. Ignatius Church, I am looking up Lenny, and from where I am looking, to the south, probably 45 degrees up into the atmosphere. So we are talking about something that as you look from the center of a clock is up there at 9:30. Yes, this is up there, above level on the horizon. It is half way up to vertical, 45 degrees up, folks. That is the best coordinate I can give you. And that is real irregular lightening. It is not lightening. It is pulses from a single source. God knows what they are doing. Are they simulating a big British Petroleum explosion. Are they staging raids with the CIA and they are in there in guerrilla units. You know, what are they doing down there? I have not turned on the TV, and God knows what that is going to tell me anyway.

Lenny: Captain May, there is this BP oil refinery where they had planted an atomic device, is that correct?

Capt May: That is the way we are reading it Lenny, unless the flare is an abort code, and they are doing a massive distraction operation to get away from the scene like 9-11. They think on Hollywood terms. They look British but they act Yiddish. That is it. And right now there is something going on. I would not be surprised if tactical forces are not pretty close to being deployed, because you would have to have them out in an operation of this scale. God knows that stuff has got to be 20 miles off. It is 45 degrees over my shoulder. Every time it goes I flinch.

Lenny: And it is no accident the space shuttle is up there . . .

Capt. May: Did we talk about EMP [Electro-Magnetic Pulse]? They are setting it up in the media. EMP is a localized phenomenon. They have set it up in the media, because they are set to do one of those British-Yiddish miracles, like 9/11 itself, there is going to be darkness. My God that went horizontal across the 45 degree plane! It went from straight in front of me to out my right eye. There is weird stuff going on up there. Weird stuff. And it is big stuff. Either that or it looks like it to me, but I am not hearing it. God! Man! The flash, and I am not getting any bang right now. It is just all flash. Now my God there is so much flash I cannot believe there is no bang yet. God, let's hope bang does not get here. You know what bang comes before. Bang comes before smack! You know when we start hearing bang, that means smack is somewhere next. This is like hurricane Bush bearing down on his home town. There is your tag man. Hurricane Bush blowing beau coup! Code name Beau Coup! Hurricane Bush blowing, codename Beau Coup!

Lenny: Captain May, why don't we take a quick break and get this up on the Internet for everybody, and then we will call you back.

Capt. May: These are Captain's orders that are going down as we talk, brother. Good bye and I hope not farewell. I am out!

Lenny: Bye, bye. In twenty minutes I will call you.

+ + + + + + +

For further reading:

"Military Analysis by Captain Eric H. May",
The Lone Star Iconoclast, 2010,

* * * * * * * * *

Captain May, a former army general staff officer and later NBC editorial writer, is the founder and commander of Ghost Troop Cyber Militia, an all American group of veterans and activists. CNN did a widely read "hit" story against them this year, which helped the unit to recruit more Internet activists:

"Some suspect conspiracy in Holocaust Museum case,"
CNN, 6/16/2009,
[See detailed discussion of this episode in Chapter 34 of the Trilogy]

To join Ghost Troop contact the unit executive officer, 1LT Patti Woodard <>


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Update references:


Additional Reading About Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

The online Mission of Conscience Trilogy by Maj. William B. Fox provides a historical overview and analysis of 9/11, the Madrid 3-11-2004 bombings, the London 7-7-2005 attacks, and other false flag events. It also explains the background and modus operandi of Capt. Eric May and his cyber militia called Ghost Troop that tries to anticipate and interdict repeat false flag attacks. Lastly, it diagnoses the deepest social and political dimensions of America's crises in order to recommend effective action. The summary table of contents, found here, outlines the chapters of each of the following three books:

Book I: Waking Up to the Ultimate Mission. Of particular note, Chapter 12 describes strong evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Chapter 7 "How September 11th Became the False Flag Rosetta Stone" and Chapter 8" 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" explain why false flag attacks tend to coincide with major anti-terror exercises.

Book II: Defending Freedom, One False Flag Threat at a Time. This covers repeated threats against Portland, Oregon as well as Chicago, Texas City, Texas, and other cities.

Book III: Changing the Mask, And the Continuing Cyber Battle Against False Flag "Predator" and "Alien" Larger than Books I and II combined, this takes intelligence analysis to the highest level by examining a wide range of social, political, and economic issues --with the gloves off.

The paleoconservative social and political views expressed by Maj. Bill Fox do not necessarily reflect those of other individuals affiliated with Ghost Troop.


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