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Obama, AIPAC, and Mossad-CIA: Three birds of a feather who flock together


3/24-3/31 False Flag Alert;

Captain Eric H. May
Major William B. Fox
Dr. James H. Fetzer
LT Patti Woodard
CSM Merlin Neadow

March 24, 2010


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Capt. Eric H. May

TEXAS, 3/24/2010– The Obama administration has scored its second great legislative coup with the 3/22 House passage of its much-desired Health Care Bill, which Obama signed into law yesterday. While the mainstream media will focus on the partisan punches thrown from left and right, intelligence insiders note with interest and anxiety that the critical 3/22 date is also a powerful and sinister signal number to secret societies that control the Western world. To achieve its 3/22 date indicator, the House had to come into a special Sunday session. [William Fox editor's note: Please see update references below regarding the Health Care Bill for important additional background].
The Skull and Bones Order at Yale displays “322” on their coat of arms. This same Skull and Bones produced two Bush presidents and the Kerry contender who anointed Obama at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Obama sent occult messages while signing the bill into law by having an 11-year-old boy help handle the 22 different pens that he used in the process. As the FBI has conceded, terrorists seem to be fascinated with permutations of the number 11, as with 9/11, 3/11, 7/7 and 7/11 – the dates of “terror” attacks against New York, Madrid, London and Mumbai:

"New York, 9/ll; Madrid, 3/11; Mumbai, 7/ll," ABC News, 7/11/2006,

The observant reader might wonder why ABC and the FBI sabotaged their own headline by using 9 with a double “L” and 7 with a double "L" instead of “11” with the New York and Mumbai dates, but used the correct “11” in the Madrid date. Note that the URL is similarly sabotaged, with “9ll” instead of either “911” or “9/11.” This is either an egregious error or a deliberate attempt to keep the American people from understanding terror date codes. It is another link in a long chain of coincidences that has more and more of us believing that the same “terrorists” who carried out terror attacks connected with “magic number” days might just be preparing to carry out another.
Below we examine the last major Obama administration legislative coup – set up on a magic numbered “Friday the 13th" in February, 2009, a date exactly 322 days from the end of the year. We show how close the Stimulus Bill came to signaling a false flag terror attack. If you agree with us after reading the rest of our alarming analysis, then you will also agree with us that the Health Care and Stimulus Bills are disturbingly similar.

Past as Future

Less than a month after the Obama inauguration the 9/11 Truth and Patriot movements were hoping that under a new administration there finally would be free speech about the abuses of King George and his Bush League, beginning with the truth about September 11, 2001.
On February 6, 2009 the newly installed president held a much-publicized meeting with 9/11 widow and “Jersey Girl” Beverly Eckert, along with dozens of USS Cole and 9/11 family members. All had lost a spouse or parent to “terrorism.” They asked many incisive questions, to which Obama provided few decisive answers.
In the next six days, American glasnost became a short-lived reality. Senator Patrick Leahy demanded a “Truth Commission.” As if to accentuate the fact that kerosene won’t melt or demolish steel, the Mandarin Orange Hotel in downtown Beijing burned from top to bottom for 24 hours without falling, let alone collapsing neatly into its own footprint as did the Twin Towers and WTC-7. The gatekeeper Huffington Post, which had previously banned 9/11 “conspiracy theories,” published a two-part op-ed demanding a genuine investigation of the attacks.
At 11:00, p.m. on Feb 12 a highly supicious aviation disaster over New York State killed the same Beverly Eckert who had a week earlier threatened the American elite with the one thing they can never allow: the truth. An hour later Obama’s Congress posted his Stimulus Bill online.
The next day – Friday the 13th – a horrified House of Representatives voted in favor of legislation it did not have time to read. Many believed what Eckert and 48 other passengers had discovered the hard way: Obama could be as murderous as his tyrannical predecessor.
“Huff-Po” and the rest of the limp Leftists immediately resumed their head-in-their-hole posture about the attacks of 2001. The more militant wing of the 9/11 Truth Movement mobilized in outraged alarm that the next false flag – 9/11-2B -- might be close. It might even show that a “Nuclear Obama” could one-up a “King George” in mass murder.
Concurrent and credible chatter from alarmed officials in the Chicago area convinced the writers of this alert that the new president and his Israeli chief of staff “Rahmbo” Emanuel might intend to nuke Sears Tower in the next few days. Accordingly, we hurriedly published a weekend bombshell:

"Chicago False Flag?,"
America First Books, 2-16-2009,

When Obama signed the Stimulus Bill into law the next day, on Feb 17, it was supposed to be the highlight of his first year. The way we read it, though, he was already an abject failure: He had failed to carry out high treason against the Windy City. Just hours later, Yahoo! delivered a powerful kick in the pants to Barack with its obvious attack against his name:

"`Obama bin Laden' Error Hits Yahoo's Homepage,"
, 2/17/2009,

A number of cartoonists and satirists, to include magazine cover illustrators, have echoed Yahoo!


Worse came the next morning with a bizarre NY Post editorial cartoon of Feb 18 linking the Stimulus Bill to a dead chimp, whom some wits began to refer to as “Obonzo”:

We challenge any media critics to give a more plausible explanation of this none-too-subtle racist threat by a Ruppert Murdoch paper against a powerful new savior president in his early honeymoon phase with the media. Factor in the Osama/Obama glitch and it is clear that the mainstream media, mouthpiece for the establishment, was linking terror with Stimulus and Al Qaeda with the Obama administration.

Prophetic Professionals

We highly recommend three current essays by three experts well-versed in realpolitik that will inform the patriot who wishes to be free of the mainstream media paradigm, which is nothing more or less than establishment propaganda:

ONE: "Expect a False Flag to Precede the Invasion of Iran,"
The Truth Seeker (UK), 3/18/2010,

Paul Craig Roberts, the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during Reagan’s first term, offers compelling insider insights about what Israel must do before attacking Iran: namely, attack America! Given that Israel-first AIPAC has been conducting its annual U.S. arm-twisting to push us into another proxy war for them, their next attack will like come sooner rather than later.

TWO: "Zionism and Jewish Nationalism," Khaleej Times Online, 3/13/2010,

Alan Sabrosky (PhD, University of 
Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College. His Jewish heritage has given him the authority to accuse a substantial part of U.S. Jewry of a “dual-loyalty” that is nothing more than a euphemism for Israel-first espionage and outright treason. Such, he contends, was the case on 9/11, carried out by Mossad and their innumerable U.S. Jewish sayanim. He believes that more and more senior U.S. military officers have become aware that 9/11 was a Mossad attack on America, similar to the Israeli Air Force and Navy attacks against the USS Liberty in 1967.

THREE: "Baghdad's Neutron Bomb and America's Nuclear Obama," The Lone Star Iconoclast, 3/8/2010,

Captain Eric H. May, the Lone Star Iconoclast intelligence editor, has developed an international readership for his false flag analysis. This, his latest interview, is an amazing adventure down the deadly rabbit hole of PSYOPs and assassination.

About the Co-Authors

Captain May, a former Army intelligence officer, is the commander of Ghost Troop cyber militia. LT Woodard is the unit executive officer, while CSM Neadow is the unit’s senior enlisted member. Major Fox, a former Marine Corps officer, is the publisher of America First Books and author of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy about Ghost Troop's counter terror operations. Dr. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. To learn more about their efforts against 9/11-2B (the next 9/11), please refer to:

Captain Eric H. May Archive, America First Books,


-- No copyright. Republish at will --

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Update references:

Miscellaneous Articles:
Once one looks under the hood regarding the Health Care Bill, there is so much that reeks that is hardly a stretch of the imagination to view it as another scam promulgated by Kabbalistic types. See my discussion of America's real rulers in Chapter 5 of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy.

2010-03-26 Obamacare “Same Doctor, Same Plan” Promise Is A Bald Faced Lie by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison
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2010-03-22 "Americans will be forced to pay insurance companies for overpriced coverage in the middle of a Depression" by James Buchanan. Some interesting insight on what really got passed on 3-22.

Additional Reading About Ghost Troop Cyber Militia

The online Mission of Conscience Trilogy by Maj. William B. Fox provides a historical overview and analysis of 9/11, the Madrid 3-11-2004 bombings, the London 7-7-2005 attacks, and other false flag events. It also explains the background and modus operandi of Capt. Eric May and his cyber militia called Ghost Troop that tries to anticipate and interdict repeat false flag attacks. Lastly, it diagnoses the deepest social and political dimensions of America's crises in order to recommend effective action. The summary table of contents, found here, outlines the chapters of each of the following three books:

Book I: Waking Up to the Ultimate Mission. Of particular note, Chapter 12 describes strong evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Chapter 7 "How September 11th Became the False Flag Rosetta Stone" and Chapter 8" 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" explain why false flag attacks tend to coincide with major anti-terror exercises.

Book II: Defending Freedom, One False Flag Threat at a Time. This covers repeated threats against Portland, Oregon as well as Chicago, Texas City, Texas, and other cities.

Book III: Changing the Mask, And the Continuing Cyber Battle Against False Flag "Predator" and "Alien" Larger than Books I and II combined, this takes intelligence analysis to the highest level by examining a wide range of social, political, and economic issues --with the gloves off.


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