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False Friends:
MSM Covers up
Israeli War Planning

Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

December 30, 2009


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Capt. Eric H. May

TEXAS, 12/30/2009 -- It's becoming more and more difficult to keep a straight face at any mention of the U.S. free press. The mainstream media, often called the corporate media by semi-truthful left wing publications, is nothing more or less than propaganda. It is overwhelmingly owned and run by Jews to turn the American dream of uninterrupted security into the Arab nightmare of endless war.
There was a time, when I was writing NBC-TV editorials, when I might have viewed it differently, but since 9/11 the ugly truth has been apparent to anyone with a brains enough to think and guts enough to write it down. Anyone unwilling to receive this crucial insight from this Christian critic can read it in plain English from an LA Times Jewish journalist, Joel Stein, who last year published the formidably frank column, "How Jewish Is Hollywood?" In its conclusion, he states:

"I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them."
-- "How Jewish Is Hollywood?," LA Times, 12/19/2008,,0,4676183.column

The ongoing MSM blackout of the UK's Chilcott Inquiry about the Bush/Blair war crimes leading us to Iraq is a month long travesty that teaches us the same lesson. The fact that Jewish neocons played just as large a role in creating the chaos is absolutely forbidden knowledge here in the Land of the Free, but it was openly discussed in Israel:

"The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, pushing President Bush to change the course of history."
-- "White man's burden," Ha'aretz, 4/5/2003,

It should come as no surprise, then, that we are once again kept in the dark by the MSM, and the wool has been pulled down over our eyes for good measure:

"The idea is to facilitate direct dialogue with the country's leaders, mutual updates on major diplomatic issues, and a discussion of action plans to deal with the challenges awaiting in the international arena in the coming year, including the Iranian threat."
-- "Israel summons envoys from all over the world,"
Press TV
, 12/26/2009,

Shakespeare once observed that the world was a comedy for thinkers, so I try to keep my sense of humor about it all: This week there is an all-important Israeli war council that I only found out about through Iranian Press TV because the U.S. MSM was distracting the nation with terrorism and the target du jour for the never-ending Global War on Terror: Yemen.
Let's be honest: how many of us, other than geography teachers, ever spent five minutes worrying about Yemen or it's terrorists, actual or imaginary? Israel is the real terror nation that I worry about. They have enough power to bind our nation to any mischief they plan; they may be planning mischief (perhaps nuclear) at present; and they can count on our Israel-first presstitutes to aid and abet them every step of the way.


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Captain May, a disabled Army veteran, was a Military Intelligence and Public Affairs officer. His essays on political and military affairs have appeared worldwide, from Military Intelligence Magazine to the Wall Street Journal. He is the subject of a much-read recent article: "Captain Courageous Witnessed: Dr. Kelly Assassinated!" by W. Leon Smith, Publisher, The Lone Star Iconoclast.

For further reading:

First-ever Heads of Missions Conference at the MFA, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 12/24/2009

The online Mission of Conscience series by Maj. William B. Fox provides a historical overview and analysis of 9/11, the Madrid 3-11-2004 bombings, the London 7-7-2005 attacks, and other false flag events. It also explains the background and modus operandi of Capt. Eric May and his cyber militia called Ghost Troop that tries to anticipate and interdict repeat false flag attacks.

Book I: Waking Up to the Ultimate Mission. Of particular note, Chapter 12 describes strong evidence that Osama Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. Chapter 7 "How September 11th Became the False Flag Rosetta Stone" and Chapter 8" 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators" explain why false flag attacks tend to coincide with major anti-terror exercises.

Book II: Defending Freedom, One False Flag Threat at a Time. This covers repeated threats against Portland, Oregon as well as Chicago, Texas City, Texas, and other cities.


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