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-—7/21/09 NORAD
9/11-2B Drill

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

July 20, 2009

Capt. Eric H. May

The last-minute government press release of NORAD's Falcon Virgo terror exercise, scheduled to begin Tuesday at 1 AM in the skies above Chicago, has Windy City residents on edge.
They are called conspiracy theorists by some, but retort convincingly that it's hard to find a reassuring reason for why the Air Force can't inform US citizens that they are about to be in the middle of military exercises. Such exercises were running on the morning of 9/11, they add, and during the 7/7 London bombings of 2005. In both cases, the exercises were suspiciously simulating the very terror scenarios that were taking place in real life at the same time.
Sears Tower has long been considered a top terror target, both by those who believe in Al Qaeda and by those who believe that the terrorist group might more aptly be called Al CIAda. Sears Tower was just renamed Willis Tower last week. Was the name change a signal for "the next 9/11" — or 9/11-2B as Internet intelligence writers are calling it?
The Iconoclast will wait and watch anxiously. In a recent article, I presented my top three terror targets:

Chicago, New York, Houston — 2009 Top 9/11-2B Targets

If Chicago gets through July 21 without incident, there is still a bumpy road ahead. National Level Exercise, 2009 (NLE '09) is slated for July 27-31, all of next week. In it, foreign troops from several countries will join U.S. military forces and federal agencies in responding to several impromptu catastrophic events.
Would the founding fathers, revolutionaries all, have counseled confidence in the motives of such a secretive government? Our post-9/11, pre-9/11-2B rulers have taken to withholding the most fundamental information from its concerned, cornered citizens — all in the name of security.

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NORAD exercise planned for Chicago


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Captain May, a disabled veteran, spent five years conducting Opposing Forces (OPFOR) exercises. His army qualifications include military intelligence; public affairs; and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. He has been an NBC editorialist, and his essays have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. His articles and interviews are at:



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