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False Flags and Insidious Israel

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

July 18, 2009

Capt. Eric H. May

Yesterday's article on Iran war prospects, by Justin Raimondo, is insightful — as far as it goes. His observation that we are traveling the road to war with Iran is dead on. His cadence of accusation against the Israel lobby is laudable:

Obama’s War Signals: Iran in the Crosshairs

The article's weakness is its failure to consider the possibility (probability, I would say) of a US/Israel false flag attack in the tradition of the bombing of the King David Hotel, the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty and, of course, 9/11.
National Level Exercise (NLE) '09 will take place July 27-31, and will involve US, UK, Canadian and Aussie forces. It has recently been revealed that Israeli forces were involved in the last NLE ('07) which focused on Portland, Oregon. On the last day, October 18, NLE '07 looked like it was going live, with Michael Chertoff showing up in downtown Portland, which was soon blocked out as officials announced a bomb threat. I would surmise that something like a dirty nuke was an exercise option, and that Chertoff & Co. opted not to go through with it.
It would be naïve not to expect Israeli forces, overseers, and perhaps commanders, to be involved in NLE '09, prepared for the contingency of a false flag casus belli. I just published my best conjectures of the top three US targets to spark a war with Iran. I urge all to consider it a necessary addendum to Justin Raimondo's analysis.


Chicago, New York, Houston — 2009 9/11-2B Targets


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Captain May, a disabled veteran, spent five years conducting Opposing Forces (OPFOR) exercises. His army qualifications include military intelligence; public affairs; and nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. He has been an NBC editorialist, and his essays have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. His articles and interviews are at:



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