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A slide from the hypothetical Operation Blackjack scenario
for terror attacks and martial law

Operation Blackjack
— Terror Code 6/22/09 —

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

June 22, 2009

Editor's note by Maj. William B. Fox
The slide illustrations in this article are purely hypo-
thetical, and were taken from the presentation at this


Capt. Eric H. May

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
— Hamlet, Act I, Scene V

Consider this essay an introduction to terror code, followed by a focus on today. For a more expansive cryptanalysis (code-breaking) article, I recommend Ghost Troop: USA 666 WMD (3/11/09 -- 9/9/09),, which contains terror coding for the most likely false flag target in America: Sears Tower, Chicago.
The 110-story Sears Tower is unique since the destruction of New York's Twin Towers, both of which had 110 stories. Sears Tower has the devilish ZIP code of 60606. Take away the zeros (since they aren't really there), and you have 666. Hidden meaning is the essence of the terror coding that we can find in such things as dates and body counts.
Take, for example, the nightclub bombing of Bali, Indonesia. It occurred on October 12, 2002, resulting in the deaths 202 people. The attack didn't help the Muslim cause at all. In fact, it worked to the advantage of the Anglo-Judeo elite of Australia by providing them with a convenient reason to fight alongside imperial allies the US and the UK in a Middle Eastern war for oil and Israel. In the wake of Bali, they soon had their own Aussie version of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. Indonesia obligingly executed three "Islamofascist" patsies on November 9, 2008.
Notice that the first date above, when decoded, is 11222; 202 is really 22; and the second date begins with the decoded 119 (or 911 backwards).


The Bali bombings occurred the very day after the U.S. Congress had passed the Iraq War Resolution, authorizing war at the whim of George W. Bush. Australia didn't waste time in joining the team once America had committed itself. The Iraq War Resolution date was October 11, 2002, or 11122. All these numbers were unnoticed by the general public, but to the enlightened few they were signals in a vast collusion called the Global War on Terror. The Establishment spoke of how conflict had been forced upon us, but that was just war propaganda.
Before "W" ever began his presidency, he had already confided to Houston journalist Mickey Herskovitz that he intended to start a war with Iraq. There are no coincidences, only the illusion of coincidences.


There were exactly 999 days between the Iraq War Resolution and the London 7/7 bombings of 2005, which resulted in 52 deaths. Notice that the numbers in 2005 (25) are a reversal of the body count of 52. What's more, 25 (2+5) and 52 (5+2) both "equal" 7, making another 7/7 to go along with the date code 7/7. It wouldn't be stretching it to speak of the London 7/7/7/7 bombings.
This decoding may well seem like the outpouring of "a beautiful mind." Remember the movie? The 2001 Academy award-winning A Beautiful Mind was Hollywood propaganda, created for the war effort even before the war provocation. Ron Howard, working under Steven Spielberg, finished it months before 9/11, then released it after 9/11, on December 21, 2001, or 122121. The movie's objective was to teach us not to notice codes embedded in the media. Remember the phrase embedded media? That was a little joke on America, an insider's joke for the enlightened. It was all the more humorous because the talking heads in the TV told us outright that they would be embedding media.
9/11, of course, had already been programmed into us as the national emergency code. From that day (and date code) on we accepted that we were in a national state of emergency. If you're one of the ones who swallowed it hook, line and sinker, then you're like me. It wasn't until the "European 9/11" of the Madrid bombings on March 11, 2004 that I figured out that we'd been had. That's when a look at the calendar showed me that there were 911 days between 9/11 and 3/11. It's when a look at the newspaper showed me that Spanish officials were claiming 199 deaths from the attacks, and I realized that 199 was an inversion of 911. When they later said that the body count was 191, it struck me that 191 was an anagram of 911.



I discovered interesting intervals between terror events.

· On October 12, 2000 (1122) Al Qaeda (Al CIA-duh) attacked the USS Cole.
· On 9/11 after an interval of 333 days, the Twin Towers (a towering 11) fell.
· On March 20, 2003, after an interval of 555 days, we attacked Iraq.

Thus the date code for the start of the Iraq war is 3223, which contains the "322" code number (backwards and forwards) of the Skull and Bones, of which Bush 41, Bush 43 and John Kerry are members. You may know that John Kerry got most of his money from Teresa Heinz, the widow of Sen. H. John Heinz III. You probably didn't know, though, that Sen. Heinz was a member of Skull and Bones, or that his demise from an airplane crash occurred on April 4, 1991 -- 4/4/1991 (note the mirroring of 19 and 91 in 1991).
Considering that there are only some 600 members of Skull and Bones alive, these coincidences are astronomically unlikely. They aren't coincidences, though; they are the signals of a grand conspiracy. Black gangs like the Crips and the Bloods use signals, as do Hispanic gangs like M-13 and the Latin Kings. Why wouldn't Anglo-Judeo gangs do the same thing?



Today's date code is 6/22/2009 -- 62229. Notice that 62229 has a 222 in the middle of the 69. Just as 999 can flip to make 666, either digit of 69 can flip to make 66 or 99. 62229 is a perfect number, then, like the Iraq war date code 3223. It can be read backwards or forwards. 62229 contains a hidden 666: add the digits of 222 for the missing 6, then flip the 9 over.
Today is also the third anniversary of the FBI's arrest of seven young black men known as the "Liberty City" terrorists. These patsies-to-be were supposed to have sworn an oath to Osama bin Laden, and were supposed to have been hell-bent to blow up the Sears Tower. The arrest date code of 62226 (6/22/2006), like today's 62229, is a perfect number and a variant of 666.
The numbers don't lie, and in this case they accuse the FBI of refining a false flag attack on ZIP code 60606. We certainly live in interesting times. Over the last six months, an anonymous writer has posted a credible scenario in the UK's Telegraph for the establishment of an American military dictatorship. Code-named Operation Blackjack, it would be brought about by false flag terror -- beginning on 6/22/2009, today:

Operation Blackjack Slide Show

The writer inserts some clever coding in Operation Blackjack. The sum of the digits for today's date code, 62229, equals 21, a blackjack. I suppose we're all gambling that our unlucky number doesn't come up today.




* * * * * * * * *

Captain May is a former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, who specialized in Opposing Forces (OPFOR) war games. He is also a former NBC editorial writer who has published in The Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.


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