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Supporting the Troops…

Supporting the Troops…

Even When the Cameras are Off

I fully support our dedicated troops fighting for our way of life.

In Congress, I’ll fight for what they need to

win this terrible war for American freedom.

Until then, I’m showing I respect their sacrifice by

eating MREs every day, just like they do!

Eating Lunch with Troops Every Day

Elect a leader who understanding

27 yrs in Military and Counter-Terrorism

Vote for Brian Klock, 22nd Congressional District

Tired of “All Talk & No Action”? So’s Brian Klock!

Politicians say they support our troops.. while the cameras are one. Then they eat fancy lunches and withhold critical funding needed for victory in the war. Not Brian Klock—he understands the importance of supporting our troops by remembering their sacrifice every single day as they suffer far from the very way of life they’re protecting for us, including good old American cooking.

To show the troops he appreciates all they’re giving up for us, Brian is eating MREs for lunch every day until the primary on March 5th. It’s a little gesture that –for now—means “I’m with you buddy”. It’s also a promise for later, that Brian will fight for what the troops need to win this terrible war against American freedom.

Only Candidate with the Right Experience

You can’t beat Brian’s 27 years experience in the Military and counter-terrorism! He knows from personal experience how to pursue and fight America’s enemies. He knows what the troops need to win and come home to us.

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