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Ron Paul's Texas City in Danger

by Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
June 16, 2008

Capt. Eric H. May

HOUSTON, June 16 The Police News in Galveston County is quite interested in the secretive SWAT-style terror drills recently held at BP, Texas City. The law enforcement daily, edited by retired police officer Breck Porter, has published two articles about them:

US/BP Terror Drills
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Area police conduct SWAT drills inside BP

The articles reference other suspicious BP, Texas City events that led W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Iconoclast, to write a March 3 editorial calling for an investigation. Sources from the Southeast Texas city, afraid that they are being set up, also want an investigation. Thursday, the Beaumont Enterprise reported other dubious drills in Southeast Texas:

Hush-hush exercises in downtown Beaumont...

The Texas City Police Department provided a mix of accurate and inaccurate information about the BP terror drills. After promising clarifications to The Iconoclast, they have not returned calls. Texas City's Homeland Security Director, Bruce Clawson, has also been incommunicado as BP has been. More ominously, The US Department Of Energy, often involved in nuclear terror scenarios, was also a participant in the terror drills and it's not returning calls, either.
In a January 2007 Congressional speech, Representative Ron Paul warned that the Bush administration might use illegal means to start a war with Iran: While Dr. Paul, whose 14th district surrounds the BP refinery, specifically mentioned a Gulf of Tonkin-style incident, he could have just as easily mentioned a Texas City fake terror incident.


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