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FBI's Ted Gunderson Zapped
by a Ray Gun? C'mon...

by Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
June 5, 2008

Capt. Eric H. May

Lately several well-intentioned netizens have sent me a link from a Ron Paul site asserting that former FBI agent Ted Gunderson was the target of a May 21 assassination attempt -- and that his son was targeted less than a month earlier:
Just who is the source for the two reports? Follow the links at the Ron Paul posting and find it was ... Gunderson himself! What evidence does he offer? Well, a photo of the sunburned torso of a person. The sunburn isn't a really a "sunburn" at all, Gunderson claims. It's really a burn from a government ray gun. He didn't feel it while it was being used, he claims, but he later figured it out for what it was.
Earlier that same May 21, I had published a widely-read story that mentioned Gunderson as an associate of cyber stalker Tim White, who is connected with the Denver FBI:

Cornering Cointelpro -- Tim White and Stephen Webster

There have been many publications of the article on the Internet, but I selected this one because it specifies that it was posted that on the afternoon of May 21. I apologize for several typos which I ironed out with later publishers.
I have spoken with Gunderson in the past, and have had extensive experience with White and other Gunderson associates. The best I can say is that Gunderson should choose his associates better. The appearance of his self-generated article showing him as a heroic victim on the day that he was mentioned in an article about an unheroic victimizer is most suspicious.

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Writer's note: I am still following up on my investigative story about the dangerous terror drills at the BP, Texas City refinery. For my latest installation, refer to The Police News:

Explosive Exposé -- US/BP Terror Drills


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