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The Dynamic Duo
Host Dr. James H. Fetzer
interviews Captain Eric H. May
and Major William B. Fox

2nd Hour, 7 May 2008


Part II

Abstract: This second hour of a two hour interview series covers such topics as the Oklahoma City bombing as an inside job, the compromise of portions of the CIA and FBI by Israel's Mossad, how the failure to subjugate Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army in Iraq may have forestalled a U.S. attack on Iran, the first large-scale labor strike in American history to protest a war, the trend of increasing Federal control and militarization of local police, the existence of detailed scenarios that may support false flag strikes on Houston and Portland, the misuse of U.S. Marines in urban exercises in America, and the "gang codes" probably used by the high level criminals in the Bush Administration.

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Dr. James Fetzer

Dr. James H. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host from the Dynamic Duo with Kevin Barrett where you can catch the boy wonder here on Mondays and Fridays. And I am here the rest of the week. Today my special guests are Major Bill Fox of the Marine Corps Reserve, a former public affairs and intelligence officer, and Captain Eric May, a former Army intelligence officer. And we are discussing the issues related to the ongoing National Level Exercise 2-08 with began May 1st and continues through to tomorrow where Bush Administration officials are simulating weapons of mass destruction attacks in the Pacific Northwest and a natural catastrophe in Washington, D.C. I think that I may have mentioned to the two of you that I was very disturbed when I came back from the freedom rally in Washington to discover that there had been Congressional studies of what would be the effects of a 10 kiloton nuclear explosion in the vicinity of the White House. Talking about the contamination of the Capitol Building and how the cloud would go into Washington D.C. and kill hundreds of thousands. It seemed to me it is the perfect kind of Bush-think. You get rid of the Capitol. A justification for suspending the Constitution. You take out a whole lot of black people who vote Democratic. It is really the way in which these people think.

Maj Fox: By the way, I wanted to pick up on the Oklahoma City bombing, for just a second, where we left off [at the end of the first hour].

Dr. Fetzer: Yes, absolutely.

Maj. William Fox

Maj Fox: OK, well there is overwhelming evidence that it was an inside job. For example you have this Brigidier General Benton K. Partin who is an explosives expert. He claimed the official estimate of 4,800 pounds of ANFO, which is the [mostly] fertilizer component of the bomb that Timothy McVeigh's truck apparently had, by exploding through the air was hardly adequate to sheer off a third of the edifice of the Murrah building. When it got to the concrete reinforced structure it only exerted about 38 pounds per square inch maximum, and he claims the compressive yield strength of the concrete was about 3,500 pounds.

Dr. Fetzer: It is not going to do the job.

Maj Fox: Also, a number of witnesses saw firemen and other first responders hauling explosive materials that had not been exploded from out of the Murrah building. Also, Michael Collins Piper, who I work with, who wrote Final Judgment which provides a convincing case, I believe, that the Mossad was central along with Jewish-controlled organized crime and certain rogue elements of the CIA in the John F. Kennedy assassination—he writes in his book The Judas Goats that if there is anything about the Oklahoma City bombing of April 1995 that is absolutely certain, that is that undercover informants were clearly tuned in with other entities. For example, he traces McVeigh and others to the Anti Defamation League—ADL—the Southern Poverty Law Center, along with intelligence agencies such as the CIA and FBI and the BATF. And clearly the ADL is heavily tied in with Israel's Mossad, which he believes had a direct link. And of course not only were Arabs initially blamed, but then immediately there was a shift to try to discredit the militia movement in America. So there were all kinds of political motivations. But getting back to rogue elements of the CIA, of course you know that the CIA and FBI are huge organizations with many types of individuals from many different backgrounds, and they are heavily compartmentalized. And I think that you have some parts that are very honest and patriotic, and you have others that have been compromised by the Mossad and other foreign interests. In fact, the Madsen Report claims that there is an intense street war now raging between the CIA and FBI on one hand and the Mossad and its assets, Russian/Israeli organized crime, on the other. And he also claims that...

Dr. Fetzer: What are the stakes, Bill? What are they battling over, specifically?

Maj Fox: Well, for one thing the Mossad, I am sure, would love to pull off a false flag nuke or some major event here in America to justify an attack on Iran.

Dr. Fetzer: And the CIA is trying to defeat it?

Maj Fox: Well, there are some parts of the CIA that are with the Mossad, and I think there are other parts of the CIA and FBI that are against the Mossad. Some are with, and some are against, and I think the parts—you know [former CIA analyst] Michael Scheuer, who is retired now, has written a lot of articles and books exposing America's folly in the Middle East. He has talked about how there has been a weeding out process of patriotic people in the CIA by pro-neocon or pro-Israeli Mossad elements. And of course the FBI —once in a while the FBI will cooperate with the ADL, and then you have the Larry Franklin case where they arrested an Israeli spy. They were also involved in the Pollard case, and more recently the Kadish case. In fact, according to the Madsen Report he has learned "that Carnaby was targeted by the Mossad in a high stakes game of tit-for-tat since the CIA and FBI went after long-time Israeli agent Ben-Ami Kadish last week in New Jersey, and vowed to identify, expose, and prosecute other high level Israeli moles in positions inside the Bush administration." So for example just like the U.S. military split, as we mentioned in our warning. You had Admiral Fallon who was relieved, he was against an attack on Iran. The U.S. military realizes that we are heavily overstretched as it is in Afghanistan and Iraq. In fact, without a draft [the Bush Administration faces serious trouble maintaining a military presence]. There is an interesting article by Tom Englehardt posted at dated April 21st "Twelve Answers to Questions No One is Asking About in Iraq" where he talks about behind the surge, there was an "extra-30,000 plus American troops who were siphoned into Baghdad and, to a lesser extent, adjoining provinces," and he points out that "all but about 10,000 of those troops will be home by the end of July, and not because the president has any urge for a drawdown, but, as Fred Kaplan of wrote recently, `because of simple math. The extra combat brigades, which were deployed to Iraq with the surge, each have 15-month tours of duty; the 15 months will be up in July...and the U.S. Army and Marines have no combat brigades available to replace them.'" So that is one of many different pressure points for the Bush regime. As you pointed out, is under some pressure to try to drum up reasons to attack Iran. They might feel a strong need to do it before it [the end of July comes up]. We have seen increasingly bellicose talk towards Iran. We had the little min-war that took place with parts of the Iraqi government army, which just fell apart trying to attack Al Sadr's militia to see if they could secure the southern parts of Iraq. Certainly if we went to war with Iran, the U.S forces would need to secure those 500 mile long supply routes that start in Basra and conduct like a shooting gallery all the way to Baghdad. They certainly cannot afford if we go to war with Iran for the Sadr militia [or Mahdi Army] and other Shiites to suddenly be in full blown guerilla warfare against our troops and cut off our supplies to the south. They are very much aware of this. So there was that testing period. That was a failure. They could not put a dent in Sadr's militia in Basra. In fact, the Sadr militia emerged stronger. So essentially then, we are getting up to the very real possibility that it could have been even May 1st where there could have been a strike. In fact, there is one other event that I cued into, that motivated me to send out an alert to all the various locals of the AFL-CIO in Washington state, and that was the Longshore Worker's strike that shut down the West Coast ports on May 1st. That was one of the firsts in recent American history, or for many, many decades, one of the first instances where organized labor as part of an antiwar statement had conducted a shut down. I am sure that the "Powers That Be" in Washington dread that this might escalate to a nationwide strike. A news report said that, "The action scheduled for May 1st could shake the West and reverberate across the country. Longshore Workers will shut down every port on the West Coast for the day shift in protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." They said that "Never before in U.S. history has any union stopped work over a war." So that was actually a key event. And I was concerned that maybe they [the Bush Adminstration] would launch a [false flag counter] strike on that day. So I went out with an alert to all union locals.

Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we will be right back with my special guests Major Bill Fox and Captain Eric May. This is Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo... [entering break at 9:55. Exiting 15:06]. ..We are talking about issues related to false flag operations in the United States. Bill, let me ask you a follow up question about what is going on in Iraq. It seems to me that if they try to clamp down on the Sadr forces that he is just likely to just unleash them and commit extensive damage on American forces all over the place.

Maj Fox: I have read other articles that claim that he has been one of the biggest winners along with Iran so far. Actually he had a fairly small political stake at the beginning, and it has simply just grown over time. The number of adherants that he has that are very loyal [are many]. Another interesting aspect of the occupation is that the Bush Administration is always trying to play to appearances rather than substance. So in an effort to try to reduce the number of American casualties, they have actually been paying off Sunni as well as Shiite militias not to fight U.S. troops. The irony is that these people are taking American money and buying even more arms. Just as soon as something happens, like an attack on Iran, then the deal is off. Then they will be better armed and better trained than ever to go at the throats of American troops.

Dr. Fetzer: You know, it is fascinating to me how the Bush administration seems to understand nothing but money and greed as though it could purchase loyalty or devotion. It is shocking to me the shallowness of this whole gang.

Maj Fox: Well look at how they created one of the largest mercenary armies in history not only in Iraq, but also with the growth of Blackwater, even with their own "privatized" air force that is being developed by Blackwater, and the use of Blackwater troops to help confiscate weapons along with National Guard at [New Orleans during] Katrina. I mean just a total violation of every principle involved with posse comitatus and the separation of the military from civilian law enforcement. That brings in issues involving increasing militarization of police and preparation of America towards a potential martial law clamp down, which gets back to one of the major reasons why we are being so aggressive with these alerts. I mean I got aggressive when I sent out on Monday an alert to the Sheriff of King County where Seattle is located, pointing out that it was the fifth day of the National Level Exercise 2-08—we are not completely out of the woods—at that time I was also concerned that this was when we were entering a new moon phase where there is minimal lunar reflectivity. It would be a perfect time to launch stealth bomber attacks [on Iran]. But basically I just pointed out that we have always got to keep our guard up, and we are hoping that by getting the word out to as many people as possible, we can deter a false flag operation. The more we can make every body from county sheriffs to local policemen savvy about the broader aspects of what is going on, and how people at the top may not necessarily be on our side, that might also help educate them about the violation of posse comitatus and negative aspects of the militarization of police and the potentially negative aspects of [Federalization of police]. Normally it is a good thing, I suppose, when you have an emergency and local responders can call upon Federal resources to bring more resources to bear to alleviate suffering and damage, but the negative side is that "he who pays the piper calls the tune." The more local first responders and police are dependent upon the Feds, the more the Feds can control their behavior, and the less likely it is that local people will be whistle blowers if they uncover top level Federal corruption. So we have issues of decentralization and preservation of local liberty compared to Federal centralization and potential for tyranny. And I think actually that a real part of this exercise as far as I am concerned is an opportunity not only to educate people about these extremely serious issues, but also we simply cannot afford to have a nuke go off or a chemical attack in a U.S. city and have a martial law clamp down and get involved in a war with Iran that would bleed this country dry—or whatever is left of it. But on top of all of that, we need to find a way for people to mobilize politically on a grass roots level and help to educate everybody from local police to local citizens about how we have to start organizing to take back America and not just look to Big Brother in Washington, D.C. Sometimes Big Brother may not necessarily be on our side.

Dr. Fetzer: Well I am willing to bet that Captain May has a few words to add about this.

Capt Eric May

Capt May: Yes I do Jim. I am getting communications difficulties. OK, Jim, it is worth reminding the listeners that if they want to catch up with what we are talking about, they should read "Mayday Alert!—Texas Update." Which goes into the Carnaby matter, the matter of the setup in Southeast Texas, the petrochemical assets, it brings up the Seattle Times article that we talked about earlier.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes.

Capt May: It is probably the best way to catch up to our front line. Now you were mentioning that you became aware of a study about the effect of a 10 KT nuke on Washington [D.C.].

Dr. Fetzer: Yes.

Capt May: It was called "The Day After Study." It was done under Harvard and Stanford universities. Under the aegis of those two. The head of the commission was William Cohen, former Secretary of Defense.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes.

Capt May: Bill Fox and I became aware of that. That was published right before the Portland [-related] Noble Resolve exercise in July 2007. And we found not only did it have an estimate of damage in D.C., but had an estimate of damage in Portland as well. So Portland, at the time that they did the Noble Resolve exercise, Portland was already mapped out in detail to the point that they had a detailed downwind prediction drawn from the—what was it Major?—the railroad bridge.

Maj Fox: Right.

Capt May: In uptown from Portland. Now the reason I bring this up, is these things are not altogether covert. There are studies going on that sort of map all this stuff out. Now it is worth remembering, that the next exercise in Portland, TOPOFF, we found that at the time TOPOFF was going on in Portland in October, specifically October 18th, [music for break in background] I'll come back here, Jim.

Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we'll be right back... [break starts at 22:36...back from the break at 28:30] ...we are discussing issues related to false flag attacks on the United States and elsewhere. I think that Captain May you had some comments where we left off.

Capt May: Again, everyone can catch up with us. I would look at that "Mayday Alert!—Texas Update." Bill Fox put out a real good version of that. What we were saying was that, as Jim you commented, there were detailed nuclear fallout predictions drawn up and passed around as a white paper between Harvard and Stanford and whatnot going back to the summer of last year. We found out, Maj Fox and I, there were detailed plans for Portland in the same white paper. Portland was targeted by two exercises: Noble Resolve and TOPOFF. By the time TOPOFF came around, we found out that at TOPOFF, Houston metro was having terror strikes for petrochemical drills. That was going on contemporaneous with TOPOFF. So a lot of these things, there are cycles where it looks like the Bush Administration may go off. This was of course, in the fall, shortly after the loose nuke incident from Minot Air Force Base to Barksdale. Right about the time Webster Tarpley offered the Kennebunkport Warning. This puts it in historic perspective. Now this month, Major Fox will remember, before we even knew about National Level Exercise 2-08 we received word from inside contacts with Civil Air Patrol that the Southwest region Civil Air Patrol was conducting April 10-13th exercises simulating a 10 K nuke in southeast Texas. Right now we are talking about how this Carnaby stuff brings the nuke scenario back to mind. I do not know what the people who are putting out word about the Carnaby connected to a nuke angle—I do not know that they are even aware of what we are saying, but Major Fox and I received notification in early April that there were Civil Air Patrol exercises supporting a Texas nuke scenario. 10 Kiloton again. They seemed to be fixed on ten kilotons. Probably the best yield with the best effect without excessive destruction. So to put it in final perspective, this scenario keeps emerging and everything we get keeps reflecting it. One last thing, our Civil Air Patrol contact just today, Major, I do not know if you got this—but just today, we got a publication that names the exercise we are dealing with. [In regard to the ongoing] NLE 2-08; the Civil Air Patrol componant of that is Ardent Sentry zero eight. That is "Ardent Sentry 08." They are participating in this exercise with terror simulations in Northwest United States and with hurricane simulation in D.C. So there is this insidious pattern where anything can happen while there are major terror drills going on. And we need to be vigilent on all fronts. Remember, this exercise Jim, this national level exercise 2-08 will culminate with the practice implementation of NSPD-51. Martial law. So we are all dressed up with nowhere to go. We could pick somewhere to go in a hurry. Basically you know what Major Fox and I have come to think, Jim, is that every one of these major exercises represent a plausible false flag opportunity. And further, every one of them is written up with the possibility inherent to it of taking it live. Any one of these could go live at any time. And if you think about it, from the Bush Administration's perspective, it would be stupid not to do it that way. Go ahead, ya'll—

Maj Fox: Right, actually on the theme of conditioning the public to accept an NSPD-51 martial law clamp down, there have been some other worrisome events. For example, on February 8th there was a five bus convoy that transported 200 members of a Marine unit from Grand Rapids, Michigan for over four hours to Toledo, Ohio for three days of patrol exercises in the central downtown area. Now that kind of blew my mind, because when I was on active duty in the Marine Corps you never ever, ever went out in the civilian community dressed in camouflage [combat] utilities. You always wore civilian attire, or maybe if you were going to an event in your dress Blues that would be OK, or in a certain dress uniform—and certainly not carrying M16 rifles with blank adapters. So Mayor Finkbeiner of the city was so outraged by this that when the Marines showed up he told them after they showed up around 3:20 to pack up and leave by 6:00 PM that day. Also it turned out there have been other such exercises using Marines. There was one in Birmingham, Alabama some others in other cities. There was one in Chicago, in Jacksonville, Florida, and some other cities. Also, there was an operation called "Sudden Impact" where law enforcement agencies in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas took place in what was described by local media called an "anti-crime, anti-terrorism" initiative involving officers from more than fifty Federal, state, and local agencies. And Steve Watson on "" referred to it as—the title of his article was "Three States Subjected to `Martial Law Sweeps.'" The subtitle was: "Local, state police and sheriff's offices join feds for `terror' sweeps that result in hundreds of citations for traffic violations." So here we get back to the increasing militarization and increasing Federalization of local police theme, which is unsettling. Then another interesting item came up, on March 13th at talked about how on February 14th "Canada and the U.S. signed an agreement that allows for the deployment of U.S. troops inside Canada."

[Additional Note by Major Fox: The Marine Corps has plenty of "combat villages" that are better suited for such training that any downtown areas of American cities. Such sites on military reservations are actually much better, because Marines can freely use smoke and stun grenades and rapelling gear and more easily draw upon combat support specialists such as combat engineers, mortar and artillery observers, tankers, tactical forward air controllers, and "opposing forces" actors without scaring people or worrying about civilian property damage issues. Furthermore, if there is ever a compelling reason to visit a civilian area, the Marines can always dress in civilian attire without weapons and have a "walk through" without alarming civilians (often called a "Terrain Appreciation Exercise" or "Tactical Exercise Without Troops"). He can see no good reason to conduct combat exercises in civilian areas unless certain high level criminals within the Bush Administration are deliberately trying to condition the American public to accept an eventual martial law lockdown].

Dr. Fetzer [a former Marine Captain himself]: It is bizarre. It is absolutely bizarre. If there is not some malevolent motive involved here, this is quite bizarre.

Capt May: You know the thing that always gets to us is that just listening to this conversation, every bit of it folks, don't take us at our word. Check it out. You got the Internet right there. Look up any of it. It all checks out. People say we are crying wolf. But if anyone can listen to this program—and Jim I hope you will post it soon—if this does not sound like a wolf, I don't know what does.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes, and anyone can listen to it live for 24 hours after the show, on demand. Just go to for the Dynamic Duo and you can listen to it live. Jim Fetzer your host, we will be right back. [start of break 36:53...end of break 41:55] special guests today are Major Bill Fox, a former Marine Corps intelligence and public affairs officer, and Captain Eric May, a former Army intelligence officer, and we are discussing aspects of false flag operations in the United States and abroad. Captain May, I think I left off with you:

Captain May: While we are in this last segment, first off, the Bush people, the neocons, have this kind of sixth sense superiority. They love to pull off kinda like jokes under our noses. It makes them feel superior. We have been talking about the possibility that Carnaby's assassination was related to a conspiracy to nuke the Houston area. The area that we are talking about, Texas City, Texas, belongs to the Congressman that the "Powers That Be," the New World Order, would most like to chastise: Ron Paul.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes indeed, that is right.

Capt May: So you know, in your area, Jim—

Dr. Fetzer: And out in Portland, [you have] Pete DeFazio, who had the nerve to ask for the classified appendices about how the government was going to be run after "continuity of government" was invoked.

Capt May: Sure, unless anyone thinks that we were just inventing this. The only guy who ever said in Congress that 9-11 was a new Reichstag Fire was Keith Ellison of Minneapolis. A Congressman. And within three weeks of his saying that, his bridge on Interstate 95 was it? [actually I-35] collapsed into the Mississippi River.

Dr. Fetzer: Pretty weird event, I have got to say.

Capt May: An extremely interesting coincidence. Let us put it that way. There is a lot of payback here. Ron Paul's district happens to be the target of this New World Order set, which of course reinforces the point that they will get even with anyone who does not stay with the script. And Lord knows Ron Paul doesn't. Another thing, getting to that kind of gangland coding that they use, we have been talking about Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is in Oklahoma. And 9-11 in New York City, New York. What is the obvious next? Texas City, Texas. Until you get alerted to it, and I didn't figure it out myself, other people brought it to my attention after my work in this area. It becomes apparent, they are doing word play. I mean it is kind of a psychotic thing you would expect.

Maj Fox: Right. You have got southeast of Portland, Oregon you have Oregon City, Oregon which could be affected by fallout from a Radioactive Dispersal Device (RDD) which was part of the scenario for TOPOFF. The winds blow from northwest to southeast, so maybe that is their weird way they can mix in Oregon City, Oregon with Texas City, Texas and New York, New York.

Dr. Fetzer: There is not a Washington City, Washington in the state.

Maj Fox: No, but you have Pentagon City, Pentagon.

Dr. Fetzer: No, but I am thinking in the state of Washington. Seattle. I do not know of a Washington City, there might be.

Maj Fox: I am not aware of one. Actually I would have to revisit that. I did a study of those types of word plays around the country. But there are other ways they can try to fit their pattern. For example with dates. Captain May has done research into dates that are divisible by 11 and are multiples of 3's, 9's, things like that.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes, yes.

Capt May: You know, if I had to pick a next city, I would say Indiana City, Indiana.

Dr. Fetzer: Indianapolis.

Capt May: In Greek, that would be Indiana polis ["Indiana City"] or Indianapolis. You have to think they are like any other gang. You know very well there are gangs like Crips, Bloods, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Latin Kings, and we know those gangs use things like number codes, word codes, we know that. But for some reason, we assume that Anglo-Judeo elites don't belong to gangs. And that is absurd. The reason we think that way, is because an Anglo-Judeo elite runs the media. The media talks about the Latin Kings or the Nortenos or the Aryan Brotherhood, the Crips or the Bloods. The media doesn't talk about the Freemasons, or the Skull and Bones. Those are gangs too. What we are talking about is gang code.

Maj Fox: Actually, by the way, this might be a stretch, but in Seattle, just to the east, you have Lake Washington. So it could be Lake Washington, Washington. How is that?

Dr. Fetzer: Lake Washington,Washington, yes, yes. A variation on the theme.

Maj Fox: Right.

Dr. Fetzer: Well I think they are really intent on Texas City, if I had to say. They want to come back to it. They want to do it. They have so much to benefit from doing that. And I think Portland is most likely the fall-back.

Capt May: As is, by the way, the top three targets we have identified. And I think the Major and I agree on these, are Houston area, Chicago area, and then the Northwest. Portland probably. But we have got Portland, Chicago, and Houston. Every one of those areas has total corruption of the political structure, which means Obama by the way, because he is from Chicago. And look for the corrupt FBI. We found in Houston, the FBI mission was condonal. "There can be no false flags." The FBI is there to make sure no one interferes with the false flag project. You know the first people you go to try to stop it is the FBI.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes.

Capt May: We found that here. You know, gentlemen, I have to express my admiration for Captain James H. Fetzer, of the U.S. Marines, former officer, and Major William B. Fox, former officer, U.S. Marine Corps, because I think that what we have done. together with our coauthor, Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, retired Army intelligence, I really think we have set the pattern. We have figured out how to do these alerts so that they will be received by the majority of the public. I think the Mayday alert, the pattern, military experts agree that false flag events can be piggy-backed on top of major exercises and alert the target areas. And as we see in this exercise, Seattle Times has published an article that essentially covers the points that we were concerned about. That is more than a coincidence.

Dr. Fetzer: Let me take the ocassion here just to say that I know that Major Fox joins me in this. We are both in awe and admiration of your contributions here. You have been absolutely brilliant and diligent and dedicated and patriotic in pursuing these issues. And you have done an admirable job, my friend. Admirable.

Capt May: I am humbled gentlemen. Thank you very much.

Maj Fox: I second that.

Dr. Fetzer: I want to thank you for coming on the show. Our guests today have been Major William Fox and Captain Eric May. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo, thank you all for listening. [51:15].

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