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The Dynamic Duo
Host Dr. James H. Fetzer
interviews Captain Eric H. May
and Major William B. Fox

1st Hour, 7 May 2008


Part I

Abstract: This first hour of a two hour interview session follows up on the joint 26 April 2008 "MAYDAY ALERT! —Terror Drills Could Go Live!" published by Dr. James Fetzer, Major William Fox, Captain Eric May, and SFC Donald Buswell. Maj Fox discusses an aborted plot by Israel to start a Middle Eastern war via car bomb assassination of a Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on April 25th. On April 30th CIA operative Roland V. Carnaby was shot dead in Houston. Certain intelligence sources claim he penetrated a Mossad ring in Houston and tried to thwart a suitcase nuke brought into the country days earlier. Capt May discusses a likely prior nuke attempt on the British Petroleum site in Texas City, Texas, and high level corruption in the Houston area. Fox and May also address a pattern of strange coincidences involving Operation TOPOFF in Portland, Oregon in October 2007 later echoed by strange incidents coinciding with the 1-8 May 2008 National Level Exercise 2-08. The latter exercise featured a hypothetical WMD toxic gas attack on Seattle, Washington.

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Dr. James Fetzer

Dr. James H. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host from the Dynamic Duo with Kevin Barrett where you can catch the boy wonder here on Mondays and Fridays. My special guests today are Major Bill Fox, is a former public affairs and intelligence officer in the Marine Corps Reserve and Captain Eric May, a former intelligence officer in the Army. We are discussing a follow up to a Mayday Alert of which I was a co-author along with Don Buswell, Sergeant First Class, who also has a background in Army intelligence. Captain May and Major Fox, welcome to the show. [Long pause, sound problem]. Bill and Captain May, Eric, are you there?

Capt May: Jim, it is great to be here.

Dr. Fetzer: Great. Great. [Continued sound problem]. Do we have Bill Fox here?

Maj Fox. I am right here.

Dr. Fetzer: OK, terrific, I could not hear you guys before. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I am very impressed that we had a reporter by the name of Haley Edwards who authored an article for the Seattle Times in which he explained that the U.S. 9-11 and UK 7-7 terror attacks were actually false flag operations disguised as terror drills carried out by the U.S. and UK governments and clearly was giving a sympathetic response to our Mayday alert.

Capt May: Yes, that was in the Seattle Times, as you say, in fact I don't know if he was tipping his hat to us or not, but that article appeared on May Day. May First.

Dr. Fetzer: What a nice coincidence.

Capt May: It was on the first day of the Seattle exercises, and in it Haley Edwards actually discusses the views of various 9-11 Truth Movement members in Seattle, but basically he has left us the precise points that were central to our Mayday alert. As you say, the coincidence of terror drills in the U.S. on 9-11 and the UK on 7-7, and the actual event of terror. He also brought up the general geopolitical theory of false flags as a means of creating foreign policy. So considering in the old days, Major Fox will remember, about a year ago we were dealing with Portland. Portland was being targeted for Noble Resolve and TOPOFF, which were two nuclear simulations. And The Oregonian, the paper of record for Portland, basically ridiculed the public. And ridiculed their own representative Peter DeFazio. Congressman DeFazio, who at the time was being stonewalled by the Bush Administration when he was trying to get information on NSPD-51. The dictatorship plan that had just been enacted at the time. So considering what used to happen, where the media stonewalled us or ridiculed us, the fact that this time the Seattle Times covered it objectively the way they are supposed to, it can only mean two things, Jim. One is that they really want to do their jobs all of a sudden. Or two, it is that we are putting so much pressure—the 9-11 Truth Community—I think with our document in the lead—put so much pressure on the local area—that the media had to cover it.

Dr. Fetzer: Well, either way I am very impressed. I mean to get out that far out into the public domain in a major newspaper is quite an achievement.

Maj. William Fox

Maj Fox: Well now our alert had about twice the postings within a week's time compared to the Kennebunkport Warning that had come out [less than] a year earlier. So I think that was certainly something that helped to create a lot of momentum for us. Apparently it posted at about 4,500 sites according to Google and about 22,000 sites according to Yahoo when we came out with a May 1st update.

Dr. Fetzer: That is really quite remarkable.

Maj Fox: Incidentally, every time that we have had an exercise, it seems like there has been something very funny going on. So for example during TOPOFF in October of last year, we had the case as we discussed in our last [talk] show where Vladimir Putin just happened to be in Tehran—the first Russian leader since Stalin had been in Tehran in the 1940's—to be there the first couple of days of the exercise. And then when he returned to Moscow, the prime minister of Israel took a redeye flight to Moscow to visit with him. Very strange. And then in Portland, Oregon police dogs alerted on some alleged bomb residue near Chertoff's—the Homeland Security Czar's—hotel. So that was another interesting coincidence. We have also had an interesting coincidence so far with this exercise.

Dr. Fetzer: You are telling me that Chertoff himself was out in Seattle?

Maj Fox: Back in October during TOPOFF he was in Portland.

Dr. Fetzer: That is quite stunning. I had not realized that.

Maj Fox:
Yes, we took that as another negative indicator regarding the exercise, that he would actually be here. Darth Vader himself on site.

Capt Eric May

Capt May: And the same day, Bill, [Benazir] Bhutto was almost assassinated. That was the first time. And, you will remember, that was the last time the Lone Star Iconoclast and I actually put out a red alert to the southeast Texas oil patch, and within three hours of our putting out that red alert, which we put out because we had insider information that the FBI and Coast Guard were practicing terror alerts on Texas City, BP [the British Petroleum refinery], and the port. Within three hours of us putting out that alert, Dow Chemical of port Texas, within our alert area, had a major explosion. That was the first time that oil went to $90 a barrel. This was October 18th. So on the same day, you had The Lone Star Iconoclast, Leon Smith and I, put out a red alert that was validated within three hours by a world record petrochemical incident. Chertoff is downtown personally directing TOPOFF in Portland and they go semi-live there. Because it wasn't just his hotel. That was the command post headquarters. And on the same day Bhutto almost gets wasted in Pakistan. So it was a real active day. And one of those many times I think we would have to say that we don't know that we stopped anything, because you can't prove a negative. But, there were all kinds of signs that something could have been in the works.

Dr. Fetzer: Of course we could confirm it if we had inside information according to directives or orders or if participants were to come forward and concede the point, so there are ways we could gather evidence that would be relevant. But it is very difficult to arrange.

Capt May: Right.

Maj Fox: Well now we had an interesting incident that was coincidental with this exercise, and that is the shooting death of Roland Carnaby.

Dr. Fetzer: In Houston.

Maj Fox: Apparently he was a major organizer of the organization of former intelligence officers [Association For Intelligence Officers or AFIO] in the Houston area—

Capt May: —President.

Maj Fox: And of course we hear different things. Hal Turner claims that radiation meters were tripping...[music in background]...I guess we need to get back to this after the break.

Dr. Fetzer: We will pick up there with Maj Fox and Capt May. This is Jim Fetzer, your host, and this is the Dynamic Duo [9:44... exit break at 15:05] This is Jim Fetzer your host, on the Dynamic Duo where you can catch Kevin Barrett on Mondays and Fridays, and I am here the rest of the week. My special guests today are Major Bill Fox, former public affairs and intelligence officer of the Marine Corps Reserve and Captain Eric May, a former Army intelligence officer. We are talking about the sequel to a warning of which I was a coauthor along with Don Buswell, a Sergeant First Class also with a background in Army intelligence. It was called "Mayday Alert!—Terror Drills Could Go Live" talking about the National Level Exercise 2-08, which began on May 1st and will continue through to tomorrow, May 8th. We were very concerned it might be used as a cover for going live, as in 9-11 and 7-7 in the UK. Major Fox, you were making a point here about some concurrent events that were rather odd, including the shooting of a CIA official by the Houston police department. And I might add the suspicious suicide of the D.C. Madam.

Maj Fox: Right. Actually there are two different sources, and all I can do is comment on what is publicly available through them. One is Hal Turner, and the other is Wayne Madsen of the Wayne Madsen Report at Now what Hal Turner reported was really quite sensational. His headline on May 1st was "CIA Agent Chasing Israeli `Suitcase Nuke' in Houston, Killed by Police!" Then he has a subtitle "Radiation Detectors Were Tripping As Chase Reached 122 mph In Houston; Cops Shot CIA Agent, Nuke Got Away." According to Turner, "Federal sources close to this case have told me CIA Agent Roland Carnaby had proof a `suitcase nuke' had arrived inside the U.S. from Israel on Tuesday. He was chasing the device and the Israelis who had it. As local law enforcement was called-in, for some unknown reason cops allegedly began chasing the CIA Agent instead of the Israelis and ultimately shot the CIA Agent dead!" Then, turning to the Wayne Madsen Report, we see for example that on May 5th the title of a story was "Carnaby's CIA Status Confirmed." According to Madsen, "Although two CIA spokesmen have stated that Roland Carnaby, the retired CIA agent who ran a private intelligence firm in Houston contracted to the CIA, was not an employee of the agency, a Middle East source with close connections to the CIA's clandestine service has told the Wayne Madsen Report that Carnaby was, in fact, a long time CIA agent with an extensive network in the Middle East and Europe." Also in the Madsen Report on May 7th the title of another report is "Professional Take on Carnaby Shooting; It was an Assassination." It starts by saying "The shooting death by Houston police on April 29th of retired CIA agent and CIA contractor Roland V. Carnaby is being called an `assassination' by many intelligence professionals who knew him and his past work for the CIA. These include veteran intelligence officers who have seen their fair share of covert operations, including political assassinations. Attention is also being focused on the statement made to the press made by the Houston Police Department Homicide Captain Steve Jett who said that the Houston police officers who stopped Carnaby were told to `find something' on which to hold Carnaby. Investigators wanted to know who issued that order and why. Foreign intelligence elements who wanted Carnaby silenced may have infiltrated the Houston Police Department at a high level and issued an order to `hold' Carnaby on any charge." Then getting back to some details on the actual incident, just a few more comments may be in order here.

Dr. Fetzer: Sure.

Maj Fox: OK, on April 30th, the Madsen Report says "Fred Platt, the Vice President of the Houston AFIO Chapter," that is the Association For Intelligence Officers, "said Carnaby's job was so classified, Houston police homicide detectives will come up blank when they run his name. Platt said Carnaby's job involved homeland security and it involved Houston's airports and the port of Houston. It was said that, "Carnaby was said to travel frequently for his job. Carnaby used two different UPS Store mailboxes as addresses for his driver's license and his Jeep registration. Houston police reported that Carnaby was shot by two Houston police officers Tuesday morning around 11:30 AM after a high speed chase by the Houston police. The Chronicle reported that Carnaby sped off after being stopped for a routine traffic stop and after officers learned that Carnaby has a concealed weapons permit. The Houston police said they fired after they saw Carnaby reach under his seat. They said they feared for their lives. Platt said Carnaby was engaged to be married and had no reason to run from the police. Police said they initially found no weapons in Carnaby's Jeep but said later they found two pistols and a shot gun and one was within reach of the subject. Wayne Madsen Report has learned from US intelligence sources in Houston that the weapons were planted in Carnaby's Jeep after the vehicle was impounded by Houston police."

Dr. Fetzer: That is so easy to do. I mean, I don't think that death is the usual fine for speeding or even for evading an arrest. That is rather stunning that they would have gone out of their way to kill him. It is certainly suspicious.

Maj Fox: Well now there are other news reports from other sources that he was shot twice, and the police dragged him out of his vehicle and handcuffed him, had him down on the pavement, and it took about twelve minutes before the ambulance to arrive, and apparently they did not do anything to stop the bleeding.—I am saying apparently because I don't know for sure what is fact or not, I am just reporting to you what is in media.

Dr. Fetzer. Sure, sure.

Maj Fox. Just speculation.

Dr. Fetzer: Sure. Captain May, do you have some comments on this case?

Capt May: Well yes. The most sensational aspect of it. Everything that Maj Fox just said about the background, the nature of the shooting, and what not is coming out through local media, including my old paper the Houston Chronicle, for which I was the military analyst. The most extreme part of the story, though, is coming out through alternative media is what Hal Turner has passed along. Where he says that basically this may refer back to—and Major Fox you may remember—he actually mentions Texas City and BP. Texas City being a petro-suburb south of Houston. That scenario—the greater Houston nuke scenario—Jim you know that for years I have been working on that as the single greatest false flag possibility in America. And in fact, in our most recent co-authored piece, our "Mayday Alert!—Texas Update," for those who want to see it, I actually bring it into that.

Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, our special guests Captain Eric May and Major Bill Fox, this is Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo... [23:00 start of break, 28:10 end]. ...This is Jim Fetzer your host on the Dynamic Duo...our special guests today are Captain Eric May, a former Army intelligence officer, and Major William Fox, a former Marine Corps Reserve public affairs and intelligence officer. We are discussing events in relation to the Mayday alert which I coauthored with Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell and my two guests who warned about the possibility of a national level exercise going on principally in the Northwest going live, as occurred in the case of 9-11 here in the U.S. and 7-7 in the U.K. Captain May, you were making a point in relation to the shooting of the CIA officer in Houston.

Capt May: Right. According to Hal Turner, inside Federal sources are all telling him that it all looks like it might have been related to an attempt to nuke a Houston area petro-chemical target, specifically the BP refinery in Texas City, Texas. That is about 25 miles south of Houston. In our update published Saturday, "Mayday Alert!—Texas Update" we of course incorporate that Carnaby shooting and the Internet jitters about there being possibly a nuclear component. The reason that is relevant is that on January 31st, 2006, I was part of an effort that had been going on for about two weeks to get out the word to Texas City, just as we are now trying to alert Seattle, there were nuclear 10 kiloton exercises—command post exercises—being carried on out of Fort Monroe, Virginia. Scheduled for January 31, 2006 for three days until Feb 2nd. The scenario called for a simulated nuke at Charleston Harbor. But that time we went against that scenario. We knew Texas City was a set-up. BP is a one billion dollar white elephant. Kind of like the World Trade Center. It is also one of the most toxic sites in America. So we knew they wanted to get rid of it. We had been following what they have been doing with it for two years. We put out a red alert and a hard prediction. Not just an alert, but an actual prediction nationwide saying that there would be an attempt on Texas City, best estimate: January 31st. But the window was January 31st through February 2nd. Jim, as the Texas update to the Mayday alert points out, on February 1st, the day after our target date, a "day after" Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team showed up on the beach south of Texas City, and was seen widely by the public setting up specialized equipment. The team designation "WMD CST" was there to make "day after" measurements. That is their doctrinal function. Their doctrinal function is to measure the result of a WMD strike. So the day after we said Texas City would be hit, during the time that Virginia, Ft. Monroe was running a command post exercise simulating hitting a city, they shift their scenario and they are playing Texas City. So that story—that is the only other time I can think of beside the recent Seattle Times story, when a 911 Truth Movement activity actually made the paper, the local paper of record. The Galveston County Daily News, wrote a story published February 2nd which told all about it. And it turns out that the team was there without any exercise scenario. They were not part of a larger operational plan. They were there by surprise. No explanation given. It turned out that they were part of a larger element that was holed up in a local hotel in Galveston, ten miles away, under cover of being a seminar. What we had was a nuclear response team with a larger command post set up in Galveston that was there to check out Texas City the day after it was going to be hit. Coincidentally, but never of course coincidentally, Jim that is the day that across Europe the cartoon of the prophet Mohammed depicted as a bomb was [re] published [in seven publications in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain]. The reason that bomb cartoon was published across Europe on February 1st—it makes no sense at all out of context—the context in which it has to be understood is that it was supposed to come out the day after Texas City got blown off the map. So we don't think there is a nuclear conspiracy in the Houston area. We know it. That is a given. That is the one confirmed target area ever found, because everything about the mainstream article, which is by the way quoted in our update, again the name of which is "Mayday Alert! Texas City Update" that is the one event to which we have a mainstream confirmation that everything that was supposed to be there for a false flag was there. Now mind you that article contains all the ugly facts surrounded by quotes from FBI and Homeland Security spokespeople who have nothing to say except, "Oh, this must be a misunderstanding. It is just coincidence. Don't worry your pretty little heads." So those statements are always there. But minus those statements, you pretty much have a mainstream confirmation of the premise.

Dr. Fetzer: Would it be your presumption that the nuke team to measure radiation was simply conducting a compartmentalized operation independent of its knowledge as to whether a nuke had actually been set off. Just as I presume the cartoon was a compartmentalized independent matter that went forward on a time schedule independently without knowing whether anything had actually happened that would be reflected by the cartoon?

Capt May: My friend, you are quick as lightening. That is exactly what I think. I think that the Virginia CPX—Command Post Exercise—run out of Ft Monroe was set up with them not knowing what was going to happen. I think the nuke team that showed up in Texas City showed up as part of an exercise. I think they were just back there as part of a command post element that was running out of a hotel which also was just doing the exercise. And I think the editors across Europe thought that their publishers just had a hair up their butt, and decided that they wanted to run that cartoon. But when you look at it all from back a step, the big picture is the exercise was being run to nuke Texas City, the "day after" team was there on site already with orders to measure Texas City, and the cartoon the day after was already running in Europe because there was supposed to be a worldwide outcry against "Mohammed the bomber." The only thing that did not happen is the nuke didn't go off.

Dr. Fetzer: And it is possible a CIA operative had something to do with interfering with it.

Capt May: Well, this was two and a half years ago. We think that what happened was that [it was] our Internet efforts which were assisted by police insiders.

Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, stand by, we will be right back with out special guests. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo. [break from 36:53 to 41:53] special guest today Captain Eric May and Major Bill Fox are coauthors of the Mayday alert concerned with the largest national level exercise to take place this year between May 1st and tomorrow, May 8th, mostly in the Northwest. But you know Captain May I am really struck by reflecting on your observations that Texas City and BP in particular seems to be a target they really do want to hit. It seems to me there are multiple reasons for that. One is that it is a contaminated site. If you blow it up with a nuke, presumably that would turn it into some kind of Federal responsibility so that BP would not have to pay the hundreds of billions to say clean it up. Also, of course, you take out a refinery, which means that the supply [of refining capacity] is reduced so that they can justify further increases in the [price of the now more limited refined] oil supply. And of course you can do all the things you want to do ideologically with an alleged terrorist attack against the United States, possibly even including suspending the Constitution and placing the country under military control.

Capt May: And you get to go nuclear in the Middle East.

Dr. Fetzer: And use it to justify an attack on Iran, which of course seems to be an enduring project of the neocons. Major Fox—

Maj Fox: Yes, I think that actually when we came out with the alert on Saturday the 26th, we had discussions about when between the first and the eighth if something were to go live what the most likely day might be. And of course we were thinking that any day could be potentially dangerous, but there is some interesting information allied with this Carnaby shooting that I think is worth bringing out.

Dr. Fetzer: Please

Maj Fox: According to the Wayne Madsen Report, in his May 6th report, he said that, "The Middle East firestorm was to start on April 25th." Of course maybe this could have been preparation for May 1st, or any time between May 1st and May 8th, but the report has "learned from its Middle East intelligence sources that a leak from the office of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's office resulted in a last minute scuttling of an Israeli intelligence operation in Beirut that would have started a series of events that would have likely resulted in the outbreak of warfare between Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and possibly between Iran and the United States." He says that "Israel's Mossad planned an April 25th assassination; likely by its favorite method, a massive car bomb, of Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Because this assassination would have triggered the `perfect storm' for the outbreak of war in Lebanon, with the involvement of Israel, the United States, Syria, and Iran, an official in Olmert's office leaked the assassination plan. When it became apparent that there was a leak, Mossad scuttled the entire operation." Incidentally, that is part of our mission, is to help leak stuff so that we can scuttle a future war.

Dr. Fetzer: Absolutely, absolutely. It is in many ways a thankless task. You can be attacked for being some kind of scaremonger or hysteric or who knows what, when in fact this is the result of patient analysis and a lot of synthesis, putting together disparate pieces of information within a broader framework of understanding of the role of false flag attacks in the United States, where I think that one of the great benefits of the Mayday alert, among others, was to help educate American citizens to the aspects or what is entailed by a false flag attack, so that the concept becomes firmly embedded in their consciousness.

Maj Fox. Right. Incidentally, this report goes on and links to Carnaby. It says that, "The plan was immediately known by the CIA and Hezbollah. It is known that retired CIA officer and contractor Roland Carnaby, a Lebanese-American, had close contact with all of Lebanon's various factions. On April 29th, four days after the planned assassination of [Hezbollah leader] Nasrallah by Mossad, Carnaby was killed in broad daylight by Houston police. The Madsen report previously reported that Carnaby had successfully penetrated a Mossad ring active in the Houston area."

Dr. Fetzer: I take it Captain May was implying that maybe a high level Houston police official may have directed that he be killed?

Capt May: There is no way, Jim, that what we know has been going on with, particularly with the BP setup, there is no way that could be possible were it not for high level infiltration of the regional police forces.

Dr. Fetzer: I think you have got to be right about that. It is just very disturbing. I mean these murders right in broad daylight of a guy who has got CIA credentials. And I heard one official say, "Well, you can't be sure they are authentic because you can do lots of things with computers these days." But that is absurd. If he has got these credentials you have got to investigate to determine if he is the man he claims to be.

Maj Fox: Incidentally, the Madsen Report claims that it, "Has learned from a reliable source that Houston has become a major station for Mossad activities, especially in warehousing, retail sales, aviation, and shipping. Carnaby was looking at the security for the Port of Houston and the area's airports. Local Houston news reports indicate Carnaby was trying to call the Houston FBI on a cell phone to have them verify his identity with the police when the police shot him to death."

Dr. Fetzer: Yes, so I realize he was reaching for his cell phone, not for any weapon, and indeed it is so easy to plant weapons. He even had a concealed carry permit, for God's sake.

Capt May: Yes, Jim, Houston I would say has been the designated target for the next 9-11 even before 9-11. You know this globalist, Zionist New World Order had already—let's just think about it—they had already set up Zionist central, which is New York City, for the initial attack. This war is about two things: Zionism and oil. So the oil capitol is set up for the follow up. Now that does not mean it can only be Houston, because I think that we have consistently muddied the waters for people wanting to hit Houston. But I think Houston has been on the target list since George Bush senior came and moved here after he left office in 1993. Further, I think when I wrote an editorial at the time I was writing for the Houston NBC affiliate, KPRC as the editorial writer. And I remember writing an editorial about the opening up of the Holocaust museum in Houston. And I think that nationwide probably one of the most dangerous things you can have in your city is a Holocaust museum. Because I think it is a big time Mossad front. Big time. I will give you one funny little story. Well, it is a significant story. We started doing editorials at NBC, which was a Washington Post/Newsweek affiliate. The day the Houston Post closed, which was around April 20th, 1995, OK, here is the kicker. We were set up to start doing editorials. The Houston Post was already closing its doors and all these things happened. What do you think the odds are? The day after came Oklahoma City?

Dr. Fetzer: Really.

Capt May: Yes, I believe it was a region-wise project. I think that Oklahoma City was hit at about the time it was hit and that there was an informational warfare annex where they did things like close down the Post, consolidate media behind the Houston Chronicle, and brought in new management at Channel 2, KPRC. In other words, there are always multiple components. And I remember at the time in the NBC news room the story going around about Oklahoma City was "Arab terrorists." You know, before they wound up sticking it on McVeigh.

Dr. Fetzer: Arab terrorists in Oklahoma City.

Capt May: That was the original story. That is what everyone started out with. That was the suspicion.

Maj Fox: Later they tried to implicate the American militia movement. That was the second target.

Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, this is your host Jim Fetzer on the Dynamic Duo with my special guests Captain Eric May and Major Bill Fox. [51:09 end of first hour interview].

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