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Supplement to:
—Terror Drills Could Go Live!"

The Timing of a
Possible False Flag Attack

During NLE 2-08

by Captain Eric H. May
Special Military Correspondent
The Lone Star Iconoclast
April 27, 2008

Capt. Eric H. May
Military Analysis

Is There A Terror Date Code?

My latest article titled, "MAYDAY ALERT! —Terror Drills Could Go Live!" coauthored with Dr. James H. Fetzer, Major William B. Fox, and SFC Donald Buswell, has rapidly gained postings across the Internet.
In a very recent email, a reader asked: "I see that you are pointing to a pattern with numbers and the dates of `terrorist'/`false-flag' attacks. But why would "terrorists" leave a prognosticating indicator to when such attacks are likely happen next? It seems so illogical, unless coordinating such an effort requires risking this questionable date-occurrence relation."
My response:
I believe that "The Powers That Be" used the terror date code in advance as a planning convenience—it is a hidden schedule that most people don't see. After the fact, I believe the date code `signs' them as the responsible parties. I believe that "The Powers That Be" join secret societies through which they regularly enrich themselves by breaking the law. In this respect the Anglo-Judeo ruling elite are no different from minority groups—such as Hispanics, Blacks, Orientals or Russians—who belong to gangs, and also use codes.
Quite frequently our mainstream media discusses street gangs, but they seldom discuss Freemasonry, Illuminatism or the Skull and Bones. The reason is that the lower order gangs do not own them, whereas the upper order gangs do.

May 2008 Date Code Analysis

At Liberty Forum, a reader asked: "Captain, It seems like we were talking about this date period last fall or winter as being an opportune time for this type of event. I am not recalling why the 5th or 15th, but it seems like it was the 5th that was the date that was being spoken about."
My response:
Dates of interest are Mayday itself, which has occult significance—and which the Bush league has already used, back in 2003, with the "mission accomplished" appearance onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.
Other dates of interest have the "11" embedded:
5/5 —since 55 is 11 x 5; the pattern has been used before, with London 7/7 and the Texas City attempt of 3/30, 2004. 3/30 is the same thing as 3/3.
5/11 —this would be an interesting inclusion among the other major terror dates. We have Madrid on 3/11, 2004; we have Mumbai on 7/11, 2006. Finally, we have the date code for Congress giving Bush the Iraq war resolution: 10/11, 2002 —with a date code 1/11.
Two other dates of interest come to mind: 5/22 and 5/25.
5/22 is a variant of 5/11.
5/25 can be interpreted as 5(2)5 —the "2nd" 55. This pattern was used with the 3/23, 2005 BP explosion in Texas City, the next BP explosion after the 3/30 (33) 2004 event.
I have always maintained that the 7/28, 2005 BP explosion in Texas City was originally scheduled for our prediction date of 7/27, but Internet efforts delay it. 7/27 was a follow-up to the London 7/7 attack of three weeks earlier.
To learn more about the Texas City angle, refer to my article "The Texas Triangle—Terror and Treason"
To learn more about cryptanalysis of false flag terror dates, refer to my article "The Terror Date Code"

Link to: "Additional Commentary Regarding NLE 2-08:
  Is the primary WMD terror target Seattle, or Portland, Oregon once again?" by Major William B. Fox
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Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, please refer to his home site:
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