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The Dynamic Duo
Host Dr. James H. Fetzer
interviews Captain Eric H. May
and Major William B. Fox

2nd Hour, 24 April 2008

Abstract: In this second hour of a two hour interview session, Dr. Fetzer speaks with Captain Eric May and Major William Fox about the main features of the 1-8 May 2008 National Level Exercise 2-08, and what aspects present risks that the exercise could be taken "live" as another false flag event on American soil similar to 9-11. They also discuss the disturbing level of secrecy behind parts of the "martial law" Presidential directive NSPD-1 which has been withheld from senior members of Congress. This interview provides additional background to: "MAYDAY ALERT! —Terror Drills Could Go Live!" coauthored by Dr. James Fetzer, Major William Fox, Captain Eric May, and SFC Donald Buswell released to the public 26 April 2008. (Link back to the first hour transcript here).

Dr. James Fetzer

Dr. James H. Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host from the Dynamic Duo with Kevin Barrett where you can catch the boy wonder here on Mondays and Fridays. Today we continue with my special guest Captain Eric May, a former Army intelligence officer, and we are joined by a second guest, Major Bill Fox who is a former Marine Corps reserve public affairs officer, and who had some rather interesting experiences while he was at Central Command around 1985. And he was dealing with comparisons of major media and national media with alternative sources such as CIA-translated Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). It seems to me he is a very knowledgeable fellow. He has a couple of degrees of interest. He graduated from USC, with a degree in psychology in 1977. He earned a Harvard Master of Business Administration in 1984. Bill, welcome to the Dynamic Duo.

Maj. William Fox

Maj Fox: Well it is my pleasure. I have listened to your archived shows and I have always been impressed with the quality of your work, yourself and Dr. Kevin Barrett.

Dr. Fetzer: I have got to mention my parents graduated from UCLA, so there is a little friendly rivalry there.

Maj Fox: Right, Trojans vs. Bruins!

Dr. Fetzer: I was born in Pasadena myself in Dec 1940 and you can see the Rose Bowl from the Huntington Memorial Hospital where I was born.

Maj Fox: Well, actually I spent a fair amount of time hanging out on the UCLA campus [when I stayed at a UCLA fraternity house in the summer between USC college graduation and entering Marine Corps Officer Candidates School]. It was a pretty cool, laid back place to be...

Dr. Fetzer: Checking out the coeds.

Maj Fox: I have some fond memories. But that is the California that is disappearing.

Dr. Fetzer: I know, I know, in the 1940's and 50's it was just a paradise. I mean you had this magnificent desert scenery. You had the mountains, the ocean, it was not very crowded. You could get around easily. It was really a kind of a paradise. But today I am afraid that is no longer the case.

Maj Fox. Azatlan or Mexico City North or whatever.

Dr. Fetzer: Yeah. Montezuma's revenge. It is like the Mexicans really are retaking Southern California. I think about a third of the state probably is dominated by the overall hispanic population.

Maj Fox: And you know the L.A. County Coroner [Thomas Noguchi back in the 1970's] said that you can tell people who have lived in L.A. for over a decade because their lungs look like they have a black tar surface on them, and I don't think that situation has gotten any better.

Dr. Fetzer: For those who have been exposed to smog all that time, you know it is very funny. There were times when the smog situation in L.A. got a whole lot better. I remember when I was in junior high school, this was in south Pasadena, I did a project in, I don't know, 9th grade science or something about how to cope with the smog. It may have been even earlier than that. And I offered the proposal of creating gigantic tunnels in the mountains with enormous fans to suck all the smoke out into the desert.

Maj Fox: Well you know there was talk after filters were installed on cars as anti-pollution devices that some of them might have been called "clean air machines" because what went out the exhaust was actually cleaner than what went in [the engine].

Dr. Fetzer: Isn't that something. That is something. So the coroner actually says when he does an autopsy he can tell whether it is a native of L.A...

Maj Fox: Or somewhere else.

Dr. Fetzer: By the difference in their lungs. Stunning.

Maj Fox. Exactly.

Dr. Fetzer: Your present efforts are really revolving around America First Books. I just visited your web site, it looks very interesting.

Maj Fox: Well, I am trying to examine a lot of different viewpoints. In fact, I have a quiz I have created called "Have You Been Brainwashed?" in which I reveal a lot of thinking that I have been doing over the last two decades. It involves viewpoints on all ends of the ideological spectrum. I think that folks might find that interesting.

Dr. Fetzer: I was quite struck when I visited your web site because I know quite well a fellow by the name of Bradly Ayers who is a Captain in the Army, Special Forces, and was assigned down to JM Wave in Miami in 1963-64 to oversee and train anti-Castro activities there, and he wanted to write a book about it. He met some of the people who appeared to be principal players in the assassination of JFK. He has a huge amount to say about it. He has a second book about the DEA, and he is right now looking for a publisher. So in fact right now I just took the occasion, as we were about to go on [the air], to send you a little bio sketch, because this might be one of those perfect matches.

Maj Fox: I would be happy to look at it, and of course I am in the middle of getting your article posted on the Internet. That should be up within about thirty minutes after this show is over. Your "9-11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" which looks like a really outstanding overview of the lies and deceptions that have been inflicted on us so far.

Dr. Fetzer: Will that be at the America First web site?

Maj Fox. Right. And Captain Eric May—I maintain an archive for him at Jointly, we are going to come out together—we have been going back and forth on our draft for another alert. We came out with what we call our "7-11 Alert" over the 6-10 April Israeli exercises. [We saw April 7th to April 11th as being a window of heightened risk of another false flag event]. Plus, speaking of another fellow Marine, you know Scott Ritter gave a talk at Middlebury College.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes.

Maj Fox: He said he thought there was an 80% chance of war with Iran. And he talked about his six war cloud indicators. So we cited that in our last alert. In fact, I even sent it as a gesture to the FBI in Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere as well as to local elected government officials. And we hope to come out with another alert involving this 1 to 8 May exercise called "NLE"—National Level Exercise 2-08—that will incidentally involve nine different exercises and Seattle, Washington.

Dr. Fetzer: I have a son who lives in Seattle. I would hate to see Seattle go up in a mushroom cloud.

Maj Fox: Actually this go around the scenario is more like a chemical attack.

Dr. Fetzer: Oh God.

Maj Fox: But [laughter] either way, death is the same [whether by nuke or chemical agent].

Dr. Fetzer: Well you know this thing you guys put out previously is something I have actually quoted from in a previous broadcast where I went through tell-tale signs with regard to the week where Israel was conducting its civil defense operations. I thought that too was a very troubling indication that something serious might be in the air.

Maj Fox: Well, of course there are a lot of wild cards. One is what is really going on behind the scenes with Vladimir Putin I have covered in my discussions with Captain May. In fact, [Putin became a major behind-the-scenes factor] in trying to run defense on TOPOFF ["Top Officials", largest civil defense exercise in U.S. history] which took place last October, where a potential target was Portland, Oregon with a hypothetical scenario involved an "RDD," a "Radiation Dispersal Device" dispersing radioactive materials over a large plume area in downtown Portland. Fortunately that did not go live. But apparently, according to news reports, first off Putin happened to be in Tehran the second day of that exercise which was the first time since Stalin had visited Teheran like around 1944 that a Russian leader visited Iran.

Dr. Fetzer: Isn't that a sensational thing to do. Put himself right there. I mean, talk about upping the ante. I mean, my God, you know, could it be any higher when you have got him there?

Maj Fox: And then another interesting coincidence is that a couple of days later, right after he returned back to Moscow, who would get on the redeye flight to visit with him in person except the prime minister of Israel, who had not been outside the country—a prime minister of Israel had not been outside the country like that for many, many years.

Dr. Fetzer: I think it is fascinating. I do not think they can push Putin around. I think he is really a rock. It is really ironic to think that the leader of Russia could be preserving freedom in the Western World, but I think that it may be that he is playing such a role.

Maj Fox: Well, it is quite possible. One rule of thumb is that our controlled national media really seems to hate him. The Council on Foreign Relations really hates him. So that is actually a good sign.

Dr. Fetzer: It is a good sign! [Laughter]. You are defined by your enemies. [9:40 rising background music signaling going into the break] Stand by, we will be right back with our special guests Captain Eric May and Major Bill Fox, this is Jim Fetzer your host, on the Dynamic Duo. [Back from the break, 15:14] two special guests are two former military officers, Captain Eric May, a former intelligence officer with the Army, and Major Bill Fox, a former public affairs officer with the USMCR. I know that the two of you are very concerned about the possibility that we may be hit with another attack. Especially during the interval of the 1st through the 8th of May when there is going to be a joint FEMA/Department of Homeland Security Exercise. So why don't you give us some of the low down on how you are piecing this together, and why you think there is a real possibility something might happen.

Maj Fox: Actually I did quite a bit of research phone calling different commands in the early part of this week. And I assembled an exercise scenario. So let me go through that. This has a play of May 1st to May 8th where on May 1st—now of course this is hypothetical—and actually most of the war-gaming will take place at Ft. Lewis which is just about a couple of hours south of Seattle [when I got caught in rush hour traffic, but less than an hour when Interstate 5 is wide open]. Although there are expected to be some troops—a Marine unit—will be sent up to the Bellingham- Fernwood [Ferndale] area, which is north of Seattle, [very roughly] a couple of hours drive. On Day One of the scenario, the Alaska Way Viaduct in downtown Seattle, Washington collapses.

Dr. Fetzer: So there are explosives involved in this stage.

Maj Fox: Right. This damages surrounding buildings. And then twenty minutes later the terrorists explode a high-jacked tanker filled with highly toxic chemicals at the Seattle Ferry Terminal. And deadly gas permeates the downtown area.

Dr. Fetzer: You know Bill, already the scenario is of such sophistication and complexity that the entities are going to try to pin the tail on as being responsible—I mean it is like the high-jacking on 9-11—it was such a sophisticated operation, the idea that these 19 Islamic fundamentalists could have pulled it off is really preposterous if you understand the complexity of what is going on.

Maj Fox: Well in this case they are going to make it real simple. You just substitute the "q" with Iraq with an "n," right? "Q" for "n," and next thing we know the massive air strikes and [bunker buster] nuking of hardened facilities start for Iran.

Dr. Fetzer: I know, I know. But how are they going to make it appear this is supposed to be done by Iran?

Maj Fox: [Laugher] Well, hey you know they can find radioactive yellow cake from strange African countries...

Dr. Fetzer: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Maj Fox: ...and Al Qaeda behind every bush in Iraq, I mean, why not?

Dr. Fetzer: But they are playing the American people for suckers! It is just unbelievable how much they depend on our gullibility.

Maj Fox: All the more reason why we need for people to react to this alert and to your show by calling their Congressmen and by taking other measures to create enough noise so that maybe we can deter the bad guys and cause them to back down from going through with an actual false flag operation. Because once the spotlight is shined on these cockroaches—I mean what they are doing is extremely illegal—they do have some fear out there—there are some honest people out there who might actually place them under arrest. I mean the FBI, as much as it has been compromised in certain areas, it is still arresting Israeli spies. You have the Larry Franklin case and some other more recent cases. So justice does happen once in a while, and we are trying to tilt things in that direction.

Dr. Fetzer: Tell me a little bit about this exercise about background as we work our way through this scenario. How many entities are going to be involved in this thing.

Maj Fox: Well, that is part of the emergency responder waves. So presenting that in sequence, of course your first responders are your policemen, firemen, and medical personnel, who are quickly overwhelmed. Through state authorities, they request a national level response. So then the second level of response comes from the Washington National Guard 10th Civil Support Team based at Camp Murray, Tacoma, Washington. It has approximately 22 soldiers. Their mission is to provide expert technical advice and coordinate follow on support. Now the third response wave consists of a collection of about 100 soldiers from the 420th chemical battalion based in Yakima, Washington. They help rescue and decontaminate casualties and perform medical triage. I don't necessarily want to get into acronyms, because they are incredibly long...

Dr. Fetzer. Right, right.

Maj Fox: Like there is a "CERFP" and "CBRNE" and all that stuff... ["C" in "CERFP" stands for "Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, or High-Yield Explosive" and the "ERFP" stands for "Enhanced Response Force Package" in military acronymal nomenclature]

Dr. Fetzer: So there is a ship filled with toxic materials in the harbor area of Seattle.

Maj Fox: Right, I mean the scenario is this stuff is just spewed all over the place.

Dr. Fetzer: Will this overwhelm fisherman's wharf?

Maj Fox: Well, actually I talked to different people [and got different stories]. One guy said that he saw a map—and a lot of these people I spoke with were somewhat cagey—one said, "Oh, it will blow out to sea." And another said they saw a plume enveloping metropolitan Seattle which back in 2006 had an estimated population of 582,000. So it is whatever scenario somebody wants it to be at the moment. But the main thing that we will get to later in terms of false flag capabilities is there are obviously a lot of opportunities for this to get high-jacked [as a WMD attack]. Incidentally, the 4th response wave consists of a unit—and this gets very deeply into active and regular U.S. military forces—it could be as much as 4-5,000 highly trained U.S. military specialists from over the country, to include a Marine detachment with some chemical warfare background, about 125 people. But that is not how many are going to show up. For the actual exercise they are expecting about 1,220 to 1,550 military personnel drawn from around the country to actually be at Ft. Lewis where they are going to use a combat village called Leschi Town—that is going to simulate Seattle when it has been hit with a chemical attack.

Dr. Fetzer: I am just doing a Google look at Seattle, and greater Seattle has a population of 2.8 million people.

Maj Fox: That is the greater metropolitan area. But the downtown area I think is half a million. That is what I meant, the downtown area.

Dr. Fetzer: I knew what you meant. I just wanted to get a fix on the total pop in that area.

Maj Fox: With the Portland area for TOPOFF, originally they were originally talking about a 10 kiloton nuke. That can do some damage going out in a radius as much as five to eight miles, if you look at the radiation maps [showing how far a hazardous plume can travel before it dissipates]. But anyway, on May 5th the scenario calls for a gas plume erupting at the Umatilla Army Depot in northeastern Oregon, that stores VX, which is the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized.

Dr. Fetzer: Stand by, we will be back with my special guests, Captain Eric May and Major Bill Fox, this is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo...[22:50 into the break...28:00 coming out of the break] Eric, let me draw you back in here. What is the official pretext for conducting this operation according to the government?

Capt Eric May

Capt May: These are ongoing terror and catastrophe drills that have been going on under the aegis of NORTHCOM [Northern Command] and Homeland Security. Now NORTHCOM was set up as you know, Jim, shortly after 9-11 with the militarization of North America. To protect us, don't you know. And Homeland Security, is about everything that NORTHCOM wasn't. All the civilian agencies, border patrols and FEMA. So these are the two agencies—commands—that are sponsoring it. Two of the chilling goals of this exercise are continuity of operations, and continuity of government. And continuity of government means insuring that the United States continues to function despite a catastrophic event. Jim, you will remember that is very much what they were talking about last summer with the continuity of government law that Bush put into force NSPD-51. National Security Presidential Directive 51, which is the blue print for U.S. martial law declaration. It is the so-called continuity of government executive order.

Dr. Fetzer: When did Bush find that one, Eric? Do you recall?

Capt May: Just about one year exactly. May 9th, 2007.

Dr. Fetzer: So if they were kicking around any continuity of government plans back on the occasion of 9-11, it would have been an earlier version.

Capt May: It would have been Rex 84.

Dr. Fetzer: Yeah. How drastic was that. Did it cut off our Congress completely, even the judiciary so that it was a direct executive control of the nation?

Capt May: Right. And we have got to figure that NSPD-51 was set up to take control of Federal, State, local and tribal governments along with just about any sector of the economy that they want. It basically creates utter martial law. Dictatorship. Remember that when Maj Fox and I met, it was because the people of Oregon, his home state [from 1994 to 2003], were going crazy because they knew that there were upcoming exercises, Noble Resolve in August of 2007 and Top Officials from TOPOFF in October. People of Oregon were very much frightened that these nuclear scenario exercises, which were going to be put on a few months after NSPD-51 came into force, were going to be used to go live and create a dictatorship to implement NSPD-51. Well, their representative Peter DeFazio, Democrat, 4th District of Oregon, wrote a letter to the Bush people. Saying, "Look, for twenty years I have been a Congressman, I'm a member of the Homeland Security Committee in the House, my people are going crazy about this NSPD-51. Go ahead and let me take a look at it. Let me take a look at what you have signed into force." And the Bush Administration refused him access. This is the first time in twenty years he had ever been refused access.

Dr. Fetzer: That was access to the actual provisions of continuity of government. How the country would be governed after such a catastrophe.

Capt May: Right. Which has—.

Dr. Fetzer: —How could a member of Congress be denied access to that information!?

Capt May: They refused him access to the classified annexes despite his access clearance. Now it gets better. After this, this is when DeFazio made a famous statement. Which is, maybe the people who think there is a conspiracy out there are right. So he came back through Bennie Thompson, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. He and Bennie Thompson and another committee sub-chair wrote a formal request as the guidance of the House Homeland Security Committee asking for access. Once again, they were refused. So the Bush administration has by executive fiat put into effect NSPD-51. These exercises that are coming up here May 1st through 8th, have as one of their stated goals continuity of government, which means NSPD-51, and to date, for ten months, the Bush administration has been stonewalling his own Homeland Security Committee and the House wanting to know what the hell NSPD-51 says.

Dr. Fetzer: That should bring a cold chill [down the spine] of everyone who cares about this country. I mean this is very scary. The arrogance that this reflects. Obviously they have something terribly serious to hide or they would never show this reluctance to share it.

Capt May: Right. There has been so much "Don't ask, don't tell" government. In this case it is really kind of off their game that DeFazio ever asked to see it. Let us remember something. DeFazio from Oregon never would have asked had it not been for exactly the kind of direct pressure that you and I and Major Fox try to create. We get information out there the mainstream media won't put out. Enough people get ahold of this information, they start breaking down the doors of their representatives. They force their representatives to do their jobs. I talked to DeFazio's chief of staff, Penny Dodge, while all of this was going down. And you could tell that they were very uncomfortable being put in a position that they had to do their job. Bill Fox and I talked to all kinds of people when Noble Resolve and TOPOFF were going on in Portland last summer and fall. And we found different echelons of the military telling us conflicting stories. Civic authorities stonewalling us. The Portland Oregonian newspaper trying to do a lap dog, lap dance for the Bush people, and not cover the story, and I am going to tell you, were it not for the kind of thing that honest American citizens do on the Internet, and do through shows like this, this country would not have protection.

Maj Fox: Can I interject?

Dr. Fetzer: Go ahead, Bill.

Maj Fox: When I took a trip down to the Oregon National Guard headquarters on the first day of the Noble Resolve exercise, they told me I was the only person—at that point I had been immediately deputized by the Lone Star Iconoclast as a Special Correspondent—and so the public affairs officer there as well as two additional briefing officers told me I was the only person connected to media who even bothered to call them up and ask questions.

Dr. Fetzer: The great thing Bill about your background is that you knew who to deal with. You knew the organization. You knew who to go to if you wanted to learn what was going on. Or at least raise the questions.

Maj Fox: Well, I certainly do not hide my Marine Corps background. [chuckle]. I found something similar when I picked up the phone to start calling around different commands to investigate this upcoming evolution. I might add, if we try to think kinky, in other words, how would corrupt insiders want to develop one of these exercises so that it is maximally favorable for them to turn it into a false flag operation? We see a number of indicators, and I wanted to briefly go through those.

Dr. Fetzer: We will come back to that right after the break. This is Jim Fetzer, your host with Captain Eric May and Major William Fox... [36:37 start of break music... 42:12 return] ... I am concluding a conversation with two former military officers, Captain Eric May, former Intelligence officer with the United States Army, and Major Bill Fox, a former Public Affairs Official with the USMCR. Bill, before we go to your characterization of some of the signs we want to consider, I want to mention that you are the publisher of America First Books. And it is an interesting enterprise you are putting together. I encourage everyone to visit on the web site, just enter and you will come right to the first page of the web site and you will see some very interesting stuff. Bill, let us turn to what we should look for here in terms of this forthcoming operation, and what might happen.

Maj Fox: Well, in terms of false flag indicators, it is worth mentioning that first off this exercise is one of the two largest exercises to be conducted by the Bush Administration in this coming year. Naturally we want to focus on the largest exercises because...

Dr. Fetzer: When will the other one be conducted?

Maj Fox: Well, that will be basically a renamed version of what TOPOFF was that we have already discussed.

Dr. Fetzer: Back in Portland?

Maj Fox: That may involve Portland again. They tend to revisit these target sites over and over again. Just like Texas City that Captain May has been covering.

Dr. Fetzer: This is very, very worrisome. Very worrisome.

Capt May: They redo target zones.

Maj Fox: You see, once they prep an area in order to control the politicians and local media, they like to opportunistically revisit them, just like a thief that keeps checking door knobs in the night.

Dr. Fetzer: OK now you were talking about signs of a false flag operation. Tell us.

Maj Fox: Sheer size, that was the first criteria, I was describing. There will be nine major exercises of different armed forces linked together in this exercise. And you know Webster Tarpley, author of 9-11 Synthetic Terror, counted 25 different military exercises during 9-11. That is a bad indicator with all these exercises going on at one time. The point is that insiders to a false flag event like military exercises because they are at the top looking down and they can control the military reaction. And incidentally, part of the scenario for this exercise is a class 4 hurricane sweeping through the National Capitol region. Now that is ominous, because that gives top Bush administration officials an alibi to bunker down under the continuity of ops, continuity of government program. You might recollect during 9-11 Dick Cheney was reputed to be down in a bunker telling people beneath him to ignore those radar blips heading towards the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon.

Capt May: Jim, Major. Let me cut in here for a second.

Dr. Fetzer: Yes

Capt May: Jim, I want to make sure we don't understate that. While all of this is going on, the Washington, Oregon area, with all these chemical terrorist scenarios...

Dr. Fetzer: Yes.

Capt May: Concurrently there will be a major catastrophe exercise going on in the nation's capitol.

Dr. Fetzer: It is an exercise. There is no actual hurricane that is being predicted. It is just an exercise.

Capt May: It is an exercise.

Dr. Fetzer: But they can control it completely. That is very troubling. That could be going on concurrently. I think that multiplies the probability that something is going to happen.

Capt May: Because you have always got to cover DC if you are going to do any kind of little coup de etat action like 9-11 or like this Mayday exercise. The fact that there is a national level component covering DC, you are right, that amplifies the hazard.

Dr. Fetzer: That is extremely disturbing.

Maj Fox: There are some other factors here. Just the weapons of mass destruction involving major Federal troops, like the 1,550 troops that will be at Ft Lewis simulating the Seattle chemical catastrophe—again a big negative indicator with boots on the ground in an actual exercise. Another factor, is Federal control. According to a Whatcom County chief deputy, he said, "The point of the exercise is for Federal personnel to work shoulder to shoulder with local first responders." Well, normally that is a good thing in a major emergency, but you can twist that around and say here are cases where the Federal government is conditioning local personnel to be subservient to them and maybe become a little less likely to become whistle blowers if they see something going wrong. Because we do have theme in America of increasing militarization of police and increasing Federal control of local police. And then another factor is what you call "surprise injects." According to a NORTHCOM source, this exercise will see terms used like "robust play," "surprise injects of unanticipated events in which participants are stretched to the limit and have everything thrown at them except the kitchen sink." Well, OK, normally that is good if you have an honest exercise, because it forces people to have a more flexible and analytical frame of mind. But from a twisted aspect of a false flag operator, surprise inserts give more of an opportunity to take an exercise live. Then lastly, on Day Six a Marine Corps element stationed at Ft. Lewis will travel to Ferndale. Now considering that Ft. Lewis is roughly the same distance to Ferndale to the north as it is to Portland, Oregon in the south, in other words we draw a concentric circle, we see that Portland is inside what we might call the "terror radius" of this exercise. And we know from TOPOFF that Portland has already been prepped for a possible false flag terror strike. So if something does go down, it could possibly happen in Portland just as easily as Seattle.

Dr. Fetzer: Wow.

Capt May: Jim...

Dr. Fetzer: Yeah, great flexibility.

Capt May: It is the Northwest United States scenario.

Dr. Fetzer: I cannot imagine any area of the United States that would be a less probable target for terrorism since we are on the legit.

Capt May: Right.

Dr. Fetzer: Why attack Seattle or Portland, for God's sake? Because Portland votes Democratic? I mean, this is ridiculous!

Capt May: I have seen some of the scenarios from these major exercises. They all have a chilling annex now. They all have some verbiage to the effect of, "If the conditions of this exercise happen to occur in real life." In other words, all of them are written up with actual—as part of their operation order—they actually prepare for the contingency of the exercise going live.

Dr. Fetzer: Listen, before I forget, I do not know if either of you has come across this book, but there is something out there called The Shell Game, by a guy named [Steve] Alten, that does a wonderful job of getting inside the mind-set of an administration that would perpetrate a false flag operation on the United States itself. It does a really good job of getting inside that mind-set.

Capt May: I hope it made it to the New York Times top ten list.

Dr. Fetzer: Well, we have been doing our best. You know, there has actually been a concerted effort to drive up its sales. I know that it has gone up as high as a hundred. But whether it has gone up closer, I do not know. I think Eric in all candor it is easy to defeat these efforts electronically. Even if we have a legitimate push up in the top ten, they can intercept and manipulate those numbers, I think, fairly effortlessly.

Capt May: Having said that, the great problem with all their efforts to suppress the 9-11 Truth Movement or general patriot movement is that it really only makes us stronger. Because it becomes more and more conspicuous to the majority of Americans that the real news is what doesn't get reported.

Dr. Fetzer: Yeah, we'll have to see how The Shell Game does. But it seems to me that there is enough support base for this effort that it ought to have kicked it into the top ten. It is really surprising that just a small number of sales per week can considerably affect the standing of books when you are dealing with millions of books.

Capt May: Let us hope that Major Fox and I will continue to work [together]. Major Fox, will we be posting our joint alert to your front page at America First Books?

Maj Fox: Certainly, we'll highlight that every way we can. .

Dr. Fetzer: Bill, what else would you like to add in the last minute or two we have left here. Are there any further thoughts you would like to contribute?

Capt May: I would like to say...

Maj Fox: Go ahead.

Capt May: For people in the affected areas, Washington state and Oregon, is to stay in touch with your representatives and use video-cams and email to document what happens through these exercises.

Dr. Fetzer: Document what is going on. Use your video-cams, use your cameras on your cell phones, use whatever you can to keep records. I want to invite everyone to visit America First Books. I want to thank Major Bill Fox and Captain Eric May for being my special guests today. Gentlemen, keep up the good work.

Capt May: My pleasure.

Maj Fox: Thank you, it has been a pleasure.

Dr. Fetzer: I want to thank everyone out there in the audience. This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Dynamic Duo. Thank you all for listening.

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