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The 1/31 Nuke:
Proof for Ron Paul

By Captain Eric H. May
Military Correspondent
January 29, 2008


Capt. Eric H. May

Dr. Paul's Prologue

In mid-January of 2006, my Houston-area intelligence associates and I, many of us serving or veteran military or police officers, became convinced that the Bush administration intended to destroy the BP refinery in nearby Texas City with a false flag nuclear attack. We arrived at the prediction date of 1/31 primarily because it was the first day of a national Joint Task Force nuclear terror exercise scheduled from Jan. 31 - Feb. 2.
Although the designated "simulation target" of the exercise was Charleston, South Carolina — while Texas City wasn’t even part of the exercise — we were firm on our target and time. Half the local Internet thought we were informed and half thought we were insane. It only remained for events to prove whose thinking was correct.
Below are quotes extracted from mainstream journalists, all written within two days of the terrifying arrival of the Bush administration’s nuke team. I have provided links to the original articles from which the quotes are taken.

Fragments of Truth

Galveston County Daily News reporter TJ Aulds had long been suspicious of the repeated explosions at the BP refinery, the nation’s most toxic industrial site. He admitted the undeniable facts into his Feb. 2 article.

"If you are reading this, you survived a predicted nuclear attack on Texas City."
"Recent weeks have seen the city mentioned as the subject of rampant Internet and e-mail claims suggesting that emergency management officials were preparing for some form of attack."
"That attack was to have taken place Tuesday, based on those reports. A report filed on the Arctic Beacon website as well as the site owner’s Internet radio show had warned of a pending nuclear attack on the city — not from terrorists, but the federal government."
"Basing his information on a report from a man claiming to be a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, show host Greg Szymanski reported that the area was likely the target for a government-led nuclear attack."
"The report quickly made the rounds via e-mail and blog sites."
"On Wednesday, people driving along Galveston’s Seawall Boulevard could see unmarked black trucks and sport utility vehicles bearing government license plates near crews setting up what appeared to be satellite or radar gear on the beach."
"The crews were wearing shirts embossed with the words, "Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team," a branch of the U.S. Defense Department."
"It was enough to get even the most timid conspiracy theorist thinking something was up."

"Nuclear attack warning story dismissed"
by T.J. Aulds, The Daily News, Galveston County, 2 Feb 2006
(also reproduced as Appendix I below)

The Whole Truth

Investigative journalist Greg Szymanski was willing to follow the facts wherever they led, and wrote a gripping series of articles for The Arctic Beacon. The articles began the week before the predicted 1/31 federal false flag attempt. Rather than rely on Bush administration officials, he turned to reputable Texas City insiders, particularly a BP employee and a local minister.

Jan. 25, 2006: "All Signposts Lead To Imminent Nuclear Attack In America: Intel Army Capt. Eric May Issues ‘Red Alert’ For Next 9 Days For Texas City-Houston Area." Capt. May claims to have broken the Illuminati and Bush Cabal’s "embedded code" in an effort to beat the neocons at their own nasty game. Capt. May may have thwarted one attempted nuclear attack last July, but says the Bush Cabal is coming back again for a second try.

Jan. 26, 2006: "Houston PD Running Nuclear Disaster Drills As Build-Up Of Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Seen In Nearby Texas City." Army Intel Capt. Eric May warns Bush cabal days away from a nuclear strike. Texas City resident "opens up a hornet’s nest" as he warns local law enforcement about the possibility of nuclear strike.

Jan. 28, 2006: "Texas City British Petroleum Claims No Foul Play In 2005 Explosion Killing 15; BP Sets Aside $1 Billion For Upgrades Amid Rumors Neocons Plan To Nuke Plant In Upcoming Days." Some Texas City citizens taking nuke warning seriously as local law enforcement build-up seen and at least 400 employees moved out of BP to different office building.

Feb. 3, 2006: "Texas City British Petroleum Employee Heard `Strange Abort Signal' on Local Radio Station The Morning Army Intel Officer Predicted Nuclear Strike At Plant." BP employee also said "other strange events" occurred, leaving her "nervous and on edge." Galveston Daily News follows up with story, finding WMD military support team was conducting a training session at a location near Texas City.

Dr. Paul’s Postscript

Many citizens who have read my recent columns about false flag attempts in the East Texas oil patch have urged me to contact Congressman Paul with details. A fair number of them believe that it was the Bush administration’s design on his own Texas Congressional District 14 that prompted his presidential bid.
While many of the participants in our Internet intelligence alert to Texas City have been in touch with Dr. Paul’s office, they report no feedback. Accordingly, I invite my pubishers, editors and readers to join me in presenting my collected Texas City columns as a report to Dr. Paul.
In future columns, I will report the results of our efforts to present this most alarming information to the single person in America most concerned with it: Congressman Ron Paul, who represents Texas City and the surrounding area.

Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For more information on Ghost Troop and their 911-2B missions, refer to the unit home page:

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Appendix I


Flag carried by the 3rd Maryland Regiment at the Battle of Cowpens, S. Carolina, 1781

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