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Ron Paul's 9/11 Truth and
Glenn Beck's 7-27 Treason

By Captain Eric H. May
Special Military Correspondent
January 9, 2008

Writer’s Note: All quotes below are from Glenn Beck’s CNN interview of Ron Paul on Dec. 18, 2007. I strongly recommend that anyone who takes an interest in Paul view it:

Capt. Eric H. May
Military Analysis

Ron Paul and 9/11

"When you have rabid supporters, some of them believe they can speak to their own agendas using the candidate’s name" Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican libertarian and presidential candidate, faces a classic leader’s dilemma. In front of him are his enemies — championed by the mainstream media — who want to lure him into rash statements. They believe that if they can do this they can label him an extremist and destroy his aspirations.
His 911 Truth friends, on the other hand, are pushing him from behind. They want him to state outright that 9/11 was either committed, permitted or covered up by the Bush administration in order to start a Global War in the Middle East and a dictatorial Homeland in the United States. Their strategy would place Paul exactly where his enemies want him.

Paulestinian Liberation Organization

"Some of these people speak in your name, and they actually say that you will be on this program tonight and you will answer the way you were answering now because you can’t let on. They believe that you are part of another kind of conspiracy to expose the conspiracy of 9/11 and the World Trade Center." — Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

Hostile wags belittle Paul’s supporters as "Paulestinians" whose Internet radicalism makes them homegrown terrorists and hatemongers. For their own part, Paul’s supporters regard the Internet as the printing press of the second American Revolution, and they consider themselves a patriotic parallel to the upstarts who toppled King George in the first American Revolution. Their enthusiasm and efforts have swelled Paul’s ranks and filled his coffers.
In the event that the official 9/11 theory of 19 very lucky Arab hijackers is true, the Paulestinians will pass into oblivion along with pet rocks and mood rings. In the event, though, that the Internet 9/11 theory of an inside government operation is correct, there will be hell to pay if an honest government comes to power to investigate, prosecute and punish those who have perpetrated the 9/11 treason or protected the 9/11 traitors.

Glenn Beck and the Great Betrayal

"My life has been threatened. I’ve had to wear a vest and have security. I’ve had a SWAT team watch my family because of people who say that they support you." — Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

In November, CNN’s Glenn Beck accused Paul supporters of being terrorists. After that ill-advised remark, though, he found that the finger of accusation points both ways. Outraged Paulestinians accused him of being a traitor. On December 18 he tried to smooth things over by interviewing Paul, giving him a chance to put forth his positions on many key topics. Beck showed himself inimical only to those who allege that 9/11 was treason.
All in all, I thought Beck was doing a good job of making himself seem like an innocent and innocuous media mainstreamer, and making Paulestinians seem like irascible and irrational blogger bullies. Too bad for him that he didn’t shut his mouth about how Paul’s supporters were unjustly accusing him of being a traitor before proving that they were right.

Glenn Beck and 7/27

"If we don’t find our way back to the Constitution soon we are in real real trouble. With that being said, we are facing things our founding fathers could have never ever imagined. Even 7/27 I don’t think they could have imagined at the time." — Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

Note in the paragraph above that Beck used the date "7/27" in a place where he probably meant to say "9/11." At the time he was turning the interview to the topic of Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy and trying to rationalize post-9/11 US interventionism. So what on earth is the significance of 7/27, and what did it have to do with 9/11? I invite the objective reader to think long and hard about that question — then to admit that no good answer comes to mind.
My regular readers are by now familiar with my command of the Internet’s Ghost Troop, a cyber intelligence unit comprised of current and former service members and activist civilian researchers. A week before the 7/7/05 London bombings, Ghost Troop and its many Internet associates issued a warning that we expected the "Next 9/11" — which we identify by the operational code 911-2B — to occur in the Houston area on 7/27/05. The next day, on 7/28/05, there was a major explosion at the British Petroleum refinery in the Houston-area petroleum town Texas City. A couple of hours later, just after dark, there was an immense energy eruption in the skies above Texas City that lasted an hour, and was visible for 100 miles in every direction. The spectacle left me and my intelligence contacts, both in the Houston Police Department and at British Petroleum, convinced that it was meant to simulate a nuclear explosion, one that would have occurred with a real nuclear weapon without our intervention. We have always maintained that nuclear terror was scheduled for 7/27, and that it was delayed for a day before being aborted due to our efforts. This explains the significance behind the "7/27" that Beck mistakenly mentioned. The Ron Paul interview must have crossed Beck’s wires, since Paul’s 14th Texas Congressional District includes Texas City. Glenn Beck, who knows about the 7/27 treason, committed a Freudian slip in the presence of the congressman whose district was the target of the 7/27 treason.

Postscript and Prologue

"I am named a traitor, and traitors should be executed... They’re calling for my death... They say that I’m part of a 9/11 conspiracy." — Glenn Beck to Ron Paul

I do not make the accusation of treason lightly, nor do I now make it for the first time. There is proof of the 911-2B attack against British Petroleum in Texas City, which I followed and observed from my home in Houston. My report as a trained military officer was captured in a live international broadcast with Canadian radio:
There are two 15-minute segments of the interview: the first was in the late afternoon after the refinery explosion, and the second was after dark during the nuclear simulation. For a more general overview of the repeated efforts by the Bush administration to stage terror in the Houston area, interested readers can refer to my October article, The Texas Triangle: Terror and Treason.
To those who have not been involved so closely with the Internet efforts to expose and thereby thwart repeated 911-2B attempts, the interview and article above may not be thoroughly convincing. I believe that they are enough, though, to convince the open-minded reader that my claim of a 911-2B attempt against Texas City is worth further investigation. Accordingly, my next column will further explore and explain the 7/27 treason.

Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For his homepage and schedule of upcoming interviews, refer to:

Special Note: Captain May’s most recent interview will be posted Monday, Jan. 7, at: as Podcast 29, and will involve more particulars of the 7/27 false flag attempt against Texas City. W. Leon Smith, publisher of
The Lone Star Iconoclast, will be conducting an interview about Captain May and Ghost Troop on KHEN radio Tuesday, Jan. 8, from 10-11 p.m., Mountain Time:

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