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for Thought Crime

By Captain Eric H. May
Special Military Correspondent
Nov 20, 2007

Capt. Eric H. May
Military Analysis

King George and His Court

"A dictatorship would be a lot easier... so long as I’m the dictator." — George Bush, 1998

Thankfully, America the beautiful isn’t a totalitarian state where expressing forbidden opinions can get us first persecuted, then prosecuted. Thankfully, the land of the free doesn’t use tortured confessions as proof of thought crime. Thankfully, the home of the brave has patriots willing to stand up for her Declaration and Constitution. All of this may be changing, though. In our post-9/11 New American Century, our leaders seem hell-bent on turning our home into their Homeland.
King George Bush would likely be somewhere between impeachment and imprisonment, were it not for a Cowards Congress that bows down to him. When we voted in Democratic legislators a year ago, we expected them to stand up to this newfangled "unitary executive." Our elected representatives have failed utterly to oversee him, though, and those of us who once thought that they would now look and feel like naïve fools.
There is only one party in power nowadays, and you can call it the "Republic-rat" or the "Demo-can" party if you wish, and they aren’t the only critical element of our republic to have sold us out. The dirty dealings of King George, from his ill-named Patriot Act, to his ill-conceived Global War, have consistently been approved by court jesters in the court system and applauded by presstitutes in the press corps.

The Founding Fathers

"They misunderestimate me." — George W. Bush, 2000

Our founding fathers would blush to see this new monarchy endangering the American people. After all, they once waged a great revolution against oppressive government to assure our inalienable rights, while we, their descendants, have allowed oppressive government to alienate our rights, even including the great writ of habeas corpus. Shocked and awed by the surreal collapse of the Twin Towers, we submitted to what the founding fathers would quickly identify as an anti-American counterrevolution, and one led by a new King George at that, another dynastic lunatic who inherited power from his father, as monarchs do.
For those of us patriots who oppose these usurpations, the Internet has become the printing press of a second American Revolution. Through it we are convincing more and more Americans that our nation has not heard the full story of 9/11, which was used to trick us into the Homeland State and the Global War.
To the king and his court in their citadels of power, we Netizens seem to have swept across their Homeland State like light cavalry. They have tried to laugh us into irrelevance as nutty conspiracy theorists, but it hasn’t worked. They have struggled to use their slow-moving newspaper columns and unwieldy broadcast towers against us, to no avail. Now they are trying to legislate thought crime laws against our free speech, and they know that this is their last chance to stop the spread of truth and continue the reign of lies.

The Big Bad Wolf

"Sometimes we must fight terror with tyranny." — George W. Bush, 2007

In Congress, the big bad wolf of thought control is hiding undercover as "Grandma" Jane Harman, a gray-haired neocon representative who occupies key positions in the House Intelligence and Homeland Security committees. She routinely speaks about the need to turn the United States into another apartheid Israel, mobilized for an endless war against Islam. A year ago she was under investigation by the FBI for making cozy deals with the Jewish lobby to make sure that the Israeli/AIPAC agents Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman got off easy for smuggling classified US documents through AIPAC to Israel.
Nowadays Grandma Harman is sponsoring thought crime initiatives like the just-passed House Resolution 1955 on "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism" and the just-held Homeland Security hearing on "Terrorism and the Internet." While her pet projects are nominally aimed against "terrorists," their real target is the Internet, which they conflate with everything from the militia movement, anarchism and anti-Semitism to Islamo-Fascism and terrorism.
I can see a day coming when the big bad wolf of thought control could pounce on any of us for saying or writing the wrong things. We will be forbidden from speculating that a worldwide conspiracy used 9/11 to terrorize America and begin a Global War — unless we make it quite clear that we mean Arabs. In the meanwhile, we should thank God that things aren’t worse than they are in America, and that we still have time to make them better.

Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.

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