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Kosher Swastikas

By Captain Eric H. May
Special Military Correspondent
Nov 12, 2007

Capt. Eric H. May
Military Analysis

Junior Journalist

"I wasn’t looking to create this sort of insanity. I wasn’t looking to become a media darling." — Sarah Marshak, 11/5/07

When neocon leader David Horowitz marched into George Washington University Thursday night, Oct. 25, he was a man on a mission. He was in the final phase of his Oct. 22-26 pro-Israel anti-Arab "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week," and his troopers in the student community were more than ready for his angry rhetoric about antiwar America and inhuman Islam.
The 30% of GWU students who are Jewish were especially supportive of his take on things. After all, their Hatchet newspaper had just run its first of 11 articles about swastikas drawn by hate criminals on the dorm room door of Sarah Marshak, a Jewish journalism student and former Hatchet reporter.
Hatchet editor Jake Sherman and reporter Robert Lee believed that they were on top of an important story with national interest as the victimized Marshak was abused again and again with five more swastikas in the next week. They carried stories in which she complained about the university’s lack of action, reached out for support to Jewish organizations and called upon the FBI to investigate the haters who had gone after her and, she explained, all Jews through her. Finally she demanded that police install a camera to observe her door — but she didn’t know that they had already done so.
On Nov. 5, Guy Fawkes Day, two weeks after the hate crimes against Marshak had begun, the Hatchet published its most explosive story yet. University officials had confronted the culprit, who had been caught on camera and who had confessed. It was Sarah Marshak herself. The forces whom she had rallied to pursue and punish the bad guys now rallied behind her as a good guy.
"This is a definite cry for help on her part," said Hillel director Robert Fishman. "I feel very sad for her. At the same time, I am upset that she had to resort to the actions she took."
Sherman and Lee of the Hatchet have not returned phone messages asking for an explanation of how a one-source story could have dominated their coverage for so long. Their mis-reportage was inexplicable and inexcusable. Marshak hopes to remain at the school studying journalism — of the Judith Miller variety, apparently. Across the Internet some are saying that Sherman, Lee and Marshak were collaborating to create a "holy hoax."

Jerry-rigged Judge

While busted Sarah Marshak was earning her nom de guerre of "Swastika Girl," I was being tarred as a thought criminal. The cause was the widespread publication on the Internet of my article about the two crucial Nov. 2 Democratic defections made to guarantee that the nomination of pro-torture neocon Judge Michael Mukasey make it past the Senate Judiciary Committee.
In my article, I made the unforgivable observation that the two senators who forced the nomination through, New York’s Chuck Schumer and California’s Dianne Feinstein, were both Jewish — as was Michael Mukasey. I also mentioned Jewish Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, widely reputed to have Mossad connections, and I mentioned Joe Lieberman, the indefatigable Jewish senator who can boast of having been the Senate sponsor of the Iraq war resolution in 2002 and the recent Lieberman-Kyl Amendment, which gave the Bush League a green light for Iran as our next Iraq. Worst of all was my no-nonsense title: "Jews for Torture," which was factual but, my critics claimed, anti-Semitic when mentioned.
Thursday night, Nov. 8, the Senate played the American people a low-down trick by rushing an unannounced call for the confirmation of Judge Mukasey, the man who wouldn’t renounce torture, as our next attorney general. Caught unawares — or pretending to be — mainstream media kept mum about the Senate sneak attack all Friday, focusing on the distraction story of the Senate overriding a Bush water bill veto rather than on its endorsing Bush water board torture.
I expect that most will be interested to read how Democratic senators pursuing the presidential nomination voted in the 50-43 vote, especially in light of their strong statements against Judge Mukasey:

"I am deeply troubled by Judge Mukasey’s unwillingness to clearly state his views on torture and unchecked executive power." — Senator Hillary Clinton (D, NY)

"No nominee for attorney general should need a second chance to oppose torture and the unnecessary violation of civil liberties." — Senator Barack Obama (D, IL)

"Judge Mukasey was asked a direct question on waterboarding and he refused to state that this practice is torture. I shall oppose his nomination." — Senator Joe Biden (D, DE)

"Mr. Mukasey’s position that the President does not have to heed the law disqualifies him from being the chief attorney for the United States." — Senator Chris Dodd (D, CT)

After those four examples of sound and fury signifying nothing, as all four senators voted the same way: with their feet. None of them showed up for Judge Mukasey’s confirmation vote, none of them let on that he or she knew the vote was coming, and none of them made a fuss about the way things were done.

Judas du Jour

"You will be cursed by the rest of the races and you will rule over them. In the last days they will condemn your turning upward to the holy race." — The Gospel of Judas

It will come as a surprise to many to learn that French President Nicholas Sarkozy is Jewish, but it is common knowledge among the country’s 5 million Muslims, who have been quite strident in their denunciations of the former French Interior Minister who labeled them "scum." By way of reply, Muslims sometimes refer to him as "Sarkozy, sale juif (dirty Jew)." France’s Radio Islam speaks for many of them when it says, "France is not run by Frenchmen, but by lackeys of the Zionist International."
All this could be taken as intra-Semitic testiness between Semitic Jewish and Semitic Arab blood brothers — if there were not substantiated reports that the French president is a Mossad agent. According to an investigation recently published by the popular Parisian daily newspaper, Le Figaro, Sarkozy was one of a handful of up-and-coming Jewish French politicians recruited by Mossad handlers in 1983 to subvert French political affairs in a pro-Israel direction.
In an attempt to outpace his critics, last week Sarkozy came to America to kiss the hand that feeds him. He hobnobbed with the White House, the Congress and the American Jewish Committee. He gave assurances all around that France could be counted on in the Bush League’s global war for Israel and against Islam. This was everything he needed to say to keep his handlers happy and the handouts coming, and the AJC presented him with its Light Unto the Nations award.

Jewish Jihad

"Jihad is a good thing when it is properly used. So, let’s start a Jewish jihad. It will be good for us." — Steven Shamrak,, 8/3/07

A few days after 9/11 ushered in the dubious New American Century, I had a couple of interesting phone conversations with two of my more connected Texas friends. Frank Michel was my long-time editor at The Houston Chronicle. Chase Untermeyer, the best man at my wedding, had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan. As we three discussed the recent terror attacks and the ensuing anti-Muslim feeling, I put a rather stark question to each of them: What are the odds that worldwide Jewish influence will use 9/11 as a means of bringing us into a general Middle Eastern war?
Frank, a self-described philo-Semite, rated the chances at one in four. Chase, half Jewish, rated the chances at one in five. Both men expected me to be more radical in my assessment, and I didn’t disappoint them: I put the chances at 50-50. What was most significant in this candid conversation was that all of us were highly experienced in our respective areas of the media, the government and the military, and we were discussing an all-important power block — Jews — whom we had spent a lifetime hiding from the American people, even though it was never out of our minds.
Today we stand on the brink of a catastrophic conflict with Iran. If war comes, it could double the current staggering price of oil, pull Russia and China into the Middle East quicksand as our opponents, and justify an American economic mobilization and military draft. There is precious little real conversation going on about it, though, and this makes me think that I was more astute than Frank and Chase with my geostrategic oddsmaking.
There is some hope for much-needed American glasnost on the issue of Jewish power, though. American professors Mearsheimer and Walt have published a book-length version of their paper on the Israel lobby, with its thesis that Jewish interests have taken over our foreign policy and are leading us to ruin. Former CIA officer and Middle Eastern geopolitical authority Michael Scheuer has just published an admirable article, "The Anti-Americanism of the Israel-Firsters," in which he takes to task the absurd notion that our own foreign policy interests are identical with Israel’s — a notion fostered by a pro-Israel US media and the AIPAC-dominated U.S. Congress, he writes. Finally, Jewish journalist Seymour Hersh recently broke the taboo against discussing the J-word in an interview with Amy Goodman, Jewish host of Democracy Now, on Oct. 3. When Goodman asked him why it is that Democratic presidential candidates feel compelled to join Republican presidential candidates in threatening an expanded Middle Eastern war against Iran, he explained that American Jews — and Jewish money — were pushing us toward war for Israel.
The truth trickles out little by little as America wanders, parched and imperiled, in a desert of deceit.


Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.


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