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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive

Frank Whalen Interview

How the Madrid Bombing of March 11, 2004 Inspired Activist Efforts to Thwart Possible False Flag Nuclear Attacks Near Houston, Texas

Host Frank Whalen
interviews Captain Eric H. May

4th Hour, 23 February 2006

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Capt. Eric H. May

Frank Whalen: Good morning and welcome back, you are listening to Thursday's edition of Frankly Speaking Radio. I am your host, Frank Whalen...(side commentary)...Here we enter the fourth and final hour..welcome back to the show, from Ghost Troop Captain Eric May, please continue sir.

Captain May: OK Frank, thanks a lot. Getting back to where we were. We spent a year on BOBCUP, the Battle of Baghdad Cover-up, then in February of 2004 I was contacted by Marine Captain Jeff Cross who was a witness at WTC. He began to persuade me that WTC --that New York-- was a set-up. It was not until Madrid, though, that it became apparent to me. Madrid was on 3-11-2004, you may remember. And Madrid was clearly positioned about four days before the national elections in Spain. And it was an event that would be inclined to move the populace to the right. Terror always makes people vote for a strong-armed government. And that seemed to be the manifest attempt behind Madrid.
Now the Spaniards said that Madrid was [attacked by] ETA, which was a Basque separatist group. You may remember at first it was Basque separatists. But we came over on the U.S. side out of New York --the New York media-- and said "No! No! No! --Al Qaeda."
And so we had two different stories. And of course you don't have to be an intel officer to get a question mark above your head there.

Whalen: Yes.

Captain May: What happened was that the election backfired. The Spanish people said, "Well look, you screwed up so badly now we are getting attacked." So they voted the left party in.
And exactly at that point the Spanish government changed its story and said, "Yes, you know, come to think of it, now that it doesn't matter for the elections any more, it was Al Qaeda." And then they go out and blow up five guys in an apartment building and say, "You see, it was Al Qaeda. We killed Al Qaeda. No need to ask any more questions. Story done."
When Madrid happened, the U.S. media began to do a pattern that will become familiar and is uniform in all Ghost Troop predictions. They began to speak about the dangers of an Al Qaeda nuke being used against a U.S. target. This was the first time they specifically began to give this information. And they specifically say that Al Qaeda had received a suitcase nuke from a former Soviet republic. I do not remember whether it was Russia or the Ukraine. But they had --Bin Laden had-- a suitcase nuke.
They also started putting out a report that the people who bombed Spain were saying that they were going to do a Black Wind of Death attack on the United States, and they were almost ready to do it. So all these things to me said that the obvious next step in the scenario --the nuclear 9-11-- was pending.
And it was about this point that the media for the first time began to say, "The nuclear 9-11..." --they don't use the term-- but they say "--a nuclear attack-- it is not a case of if, but of when." And you know they have worked that line a million times. Everybody works that line.
Well, when those things stared coming together, Ghost Troop began to do more particular analysis. And then we came up with a radical prediction. I had written a piece at the request of the Houston Chronicle before I started the info war one month before Baghdad. In which I did, at the Chronicle's request, a military analysis of the likelihood of a strike against the Houston metropolitan area petrochemical target by Al Qaeda.
That is what they wanted, and that is what I did. I had been a general staff officer, a war game expert, and I had been a chemical corp member. A nuclear-biological-chemical warfare expert. So I was a qualified person to do the assessment.
What I had done that for was that the Bush people had been releasing through a so-called NSA intercept the story that Bin Laden wanted to hit Pasadena. Now Pasadena is part of the Houston petrochemical complex. It was not until after Madrid that I began to realize that the reason they were floating the story out of the NSA, which we clearly now know is a Bush lap dog, it does whatever Bush wants...

Frank Whalen: Captain May, I am sorry, let me jump in here for another quick break. Folks, stay with us, three minutes and we will be right back (4 min, 52 sec start of ads, break music, Whalen re-intro, then Capt May returns at 9 min 11 sec).

Captain May: To continue on, in 2003 right before the war NSA had been releasing information that Al Qaeda wanted to hit Pasadena. They use NSA as a Bush lap dog agency. They have proved that a dozen different ways. The Houston Chronicle --that Bush lap dog paper-- asked me to write a target analysis of the Houston petrochemical area on such a strike, which I did. It is the first Op-Ed posted in the first of the two sites, my site and posted in your site.
So here is the deal. It was not until after Baghdad, and not until after I met Captain Cross, it was not until after Madrid itself that I realized all the indicators that I had picked up and had been encouraged to write about by the Houston Chronicle were false indicators. They were planted indicators. NSA never intercepted Bin Laden talking about nuking Pasadena. NSA knew that the plan was to nuke Pasadena and so started putting out information in support of this plan. They were setting up the premise. They were doing part of the propagandizing. The info war preparation necessary for the attack.
So what we did in Ghost Troop, after Al Qaeda started saying exactly the things that needed to say to actualize this plan that had been set up that I had indeed written on for the major paper of record in the Houston area, we started putting out a specific prediction. We started saying as of 3-12, the day after Madrid, I put out the prediction alarm that there would be a 3-31-2004 attempt to blow up a petrochemical --parts of the Houston metro area -- a petrochemical complex using a nuclear device. And it would be a false flag attempt --a false flag operation conducted by the Bush regime.
I was in contact with the FBI. The FBI low-level folks talked to me four different times and every time was taking information. But the more information they got, and the clearer the scenario became, the higher ranking people I started getting contacted by, the more hostile they became.
So eventually on the 22nd of March, or thereabout, the FBI said "Shut up, or we are going to prosecute you." And of course my reply to them was "Shut up!? I am an MI -- an intelligence officer giving you good intel. If you are trying to shut it up, whose side are you on?"

Whalen: Right.

Captain May: So what I did is I went to KTRH radio. That is the Clear Channel news radio in the Houston area. I called them the 23rd and 24th of March, and they were so alarmed by the information, and by the way it is in the notes I have sent to you, you will get the actual notes that led up to the process, I just don't want to go into it now...

Whalen: Sounds good.

Captain May: They got the information and were so alarmed that they immediately bypassed Houston FBI and called FBI national. The next day on March 24th FBI National issued a Gulf Coast Terror Alert on the strength of the information and the alarm we caused in the Houston media market on the basis of our prediction.
Now FBI changed it and said it was on the basis of unspecified, uncorroborated foreign intelligence. But the scenario was for a strike. And everyone was on alert. In other words, we had blown their scenario. We had taken the information too high, and now they had to cover their butt.
One week later, on the 30th of March, one day before our prediction date, there was an unexplained major explosion in British Petroleum, Texas City, which killed over a dozen people. [Editor's note: Capt May has reviewed this transcript and wishes to make the following correction: Over a dozen people were killed in the second 7-28-2005 explosion, not on 3-30-2004]. People in the area believed it was the terror strike. It was reported around all the blogs on the Internet traffic that this might have been a terrorist strike. The Ghost Troop prediction, mind you. And the world gasoline premiums reached the highest level in history on the next day on the strength of the idea that indeed this had been a correct prediction of a terror strike.
FBI went down there. Now this is coming at me from my inside sources at Houston Police Department CID, Pasadena CID, different police departments that were actually working with me. Understand, because they were worried. No one was blowing this off, man. Everyone was playing this out to the hilt.
It came to me that the FBI went down and shut down the scene for the next week with Homeland Security and would not let anyone close. And FBI and Homeland Security had had secret media and police meetings in the region to tell everyone not to worry about it.
So what we saw was an accurate Ghost Troop prediction based upon media indicators. Please understand me because you use the word indicator earlier.

Whalen: That's right.

Captain May: If you get out of bed and your family sees you with your clothes on, you go to grab your car keys and wallet, and start walking out to the garage, they assume you are going somewhere. There are indicators you are getting ready to go somewhere. And the same way when the media starts talking about Al Qaeda having a nuke and being about to hit us, guess what they are setting up, folks.

Whalen: Right.

Captain May. Every time. Because they have to put the public in a receptive frame of mind to the act they are going to commit. You could call it like seduction. They have to tranquilize. They have to seduce us by putting us in a mind receptive to the idea that we are going to be (Captain May suggestively clears his throat) --ahem, ahem-- hit. (laughter). And that is the whole idea. If you blow that line, if you get into their decision cycle, if you put information out that blows their scenario, they are impotent. They can't do it. They can't do it because now it doesn't look like random Al Qaeda terror, does it? It looks like a government operation.

Whalen: Absolutely.

Capt May: So that was the first one. The second one was on 9-27-2004. You recall that they were saying around the time of the elections there was going to be an Al Qaeda nuclear attack. Remember?

Whalen: Yes I do.

Capt May: They were putting that out. Now the reason they were doing that is to keep the terror card foremost for the election.

Whalen: Right. But there was a Bin Laden video also around that time. Bin Laden's video as well.

Captain May: In October. Plus we had two Skull and Bone members John Kerry and George Bush. Both of whom were War Party members. There was only one party during the election: The War Party.

Whalen: That is right.

Captain May: And they said that there was going to be a nuclear attack. We actually did an analysis of that three weeks in advance and came up with a prediction from the 6th of September that it would be 9-27.
On 9-27 there was a pillar of fire twenty five miles from Houston. Newcanny, Texas, twenty five miles out of Houston. Because somebody had used heavy equipment to unearth and blow up a major petroleum pipeline.
Every time they do one of these explosions, what they are doing is an abort sign. They are showing yes, we are doing a signal to show it is over, but we are not going to do the thing.
Now that was spot on. We said 9-27, it happened on 9-27. The next one was 7-27-2005. That was last summer. When once again, they were particularly working the idea that the Arabs -- Al Qaeda was going to put one on a ship and bring it into a port, remember that?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: We specifically on the first of July said 7-27. Within a week, London had happened, meaning they were warming up the world-wide terror card, right?
The next day the FBI is trying to get in touch with me to shut me up again, because now they are not even content for me not to call them, since they knew I was doing work, they tried to get in touch with me to intimidate me and threaten me some more. And they wound up dealing with my lawyer. But on the 28th of July, one day after our prediction, again, British Petroleum, Texas City, Texas explodes. This time no fatalities. And that night there is an atmospheric explosion 40 miles high and about 80 miles wide over the city of Houston. Probably caused by -- the shuttle had just gone up -- we don't know what it was caused by, but it was intended to replicate or simulate a nuclear explosion.
So these are all journalistic facts in the Houston area. So that was the third attempt. Now this brings us up to the last -- well, OK, the first three attempts all involved explosive events occurring two times within a day of the Ghost Troop prediction. One time spot on. You may have seen that I have done the odds on this, and replied to a request from my best friend and best man Ambassador Chase Untermeyer in Qatar. He asked me could this be a matter of random chance for this to happen on your prediction day.
We took the average of one explosion per month in the Houston metro area of gasoline or oil pipeline. A major petrochemical explosion. One per month is probably way higher than the reality. The reality is probably one in every quarter. One every three months.
If there is one explosion per month, the odds against having two predictions within one day, and one prediction spot on, is one in three thousand. If one a quarter, the odds are one in 81,000.
Now this leads us up to the last and most recent Texas City matter, which is what you heard about to bring me on. Shall we go directly into that?

Whalen: Yeah. Yes, we have a break coming up in about two minutes, but yes, let's definitely get started on it.

Capt May: This winter, December 24th, when the Patriot Act was voted down --the extension-- I put out a piece out through San Francisco, The Scribe, which was a specific warning that Bush's war abroad was failing badly. Much worse than you are hearing, folks. There aren't two thousand dead boys, there are ten thousand dead boys. And that is just the beginning of the bad news you are not hearing. His domestic abuses have gone so far that what we said on the 24th, Christmas Eve, and published an article to the effect of what Bush needed his nuclear 9-11 before the State of the Union address of 1-31 and before the renewal of the Patriot Act, on 2-02. That article got knocked down about the 3rd week in January. NSA? Who knows. They got knocked off the Internet. You and I were talking about how this happened yesterday.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: At the same time, on January 19th, Bin Laden in the box again. Out comes Bin Laden, the Bush bogey man. And he said, "We are going to do another 9-11. We are going to hit you. We are going to get even."
That happens on the 19th. A couple of days later, I get word via press release that the United States military is planning to have nuclear exercises from January 31st to February 2nd. The two days we said to look out for. [Music in the background.] Shall I come back after this?

Whalen: Absolutely, Sir. Folks, stay with us, we will be back in about three minutes...

Whalen: (after the ads and reentry music, around 23:30)...We are back, chatting with the leader of Ghost Troop, Captain Eric May, cyber intelligence unit that has made four warnings public. And all four of those warnings, to some degree, have proven valid. I don't want to say that they have come to fruition because Captain May, the dates are what you were concerned with predominately of saying, "Hey look something is planned for these times," but also of course there was a little concern that it could escalate to a nuclear level event. In which case it did not happen. So already some success I would say in sounding the alarm. And you know, making things...I guess, a little too hot for them to pursue. And that has been validated with the most recent situation. Which...please continue...

Capt May: Fine, getting into what happened on the days we predicted, we predicted these dates, 3-31-2004, which happened a day earlier, on 3-30, 9-27-2004 which happened spot on. And 7-27-2005 which happened a day late, 7-28. We predicted that these were target days for the nuclear 9-11 if the Bush boys were going to go through with it.
Our analysis is that every time there is a freak, inexplicable petrochemical explosion, that is an abort code. That is a way of having a focused event in the area of the targeted zone, that says, OK, instead of the real thing, we did the false signal. Instead of doing the artillery round, we did a firecracker to simulate an artillery round. So instead of getting a nuke, we get two British Petroleum Texas City, Texas blowups and one Newcaney Pipeline sabotage. I mean an outright criminal felonious sabotage. Which was apparently was done by someone who wanted to send out the abort.
So every time we do a prediction, what we are saying is, this is like the classic thing you get from all the movies, folks. This is not the future that is going to be. This is the future that is likely if we do nothing. That is always the scenario.

Whalen: Right. Exactly.

Capt May: The fact that we have got signals of abort, what we interpret as an abort signals every time, to us means they either were going through the actual operation or they were running through a rehearsal. But every time an explosion occurs, consistent with a Ghost Troop scenario. Which brings us up to the last one, again the day before Christmas, I published a widely read article that said the next five weeks are Red Alert.
Three weeks into that, Bin Laden comes out and says we are going to do another 9-11, and my article gets crashed. And then a couple of days after that an announcement comes out that NorthCom, the northern command, which of course is set up after 9-11, certainly intended to impose domestic tyranny, NorthCom puts out a report that they are going to be running a three day exercise out of Fort Monroe, Virginia using Charleston, South Carolina as a target city where they are going to simulate at ten kiloton nuclear device being exploded by Al Qaeda or Arab terrorists against Charleston, against a U.S. port city.
Now, given that I have warned that the two dates to look out for are 1-31, the Presidential State of the Union address, and 2-02, the renewal of the Patriot Act debate beginnings, the fact that this exercise extended from 1-31 to 2-02 looked a bit dubious to us.
So we put out a red alert, for Texas City specifically. This was the first time we specifically warned Texas City. The previous three warnings had been for the Houston metro area. And all three events had happened twenty five miles from the center of the Houston metro area, which was our prediction.
This last time we specifically said Texas City, and for a very simple reason. It had become apparent to us that Texas City is a designated target. It is the primary target.
Bush is not going to nuke the center of Houston because you lose too much in the way of life --not that life matters that much to him, but you lose too much property. You shut down too much of the petrochemical apparatus.
Texas City is considered a bump on the butt of Houston. That is how Houston looks at it. Who cares? There are 25,000 poor white folks in a stinky town. That is the way it is looked at. So we put Texas City as a specific target. We got an alert out, coast to coast, and international. The alert showed up in Pravda. Zircola Mira (spelling?). I mean it was all over the world.
Then the 31st of January came, and the 31st went. And oula! (spelling?), Texas City didn't blow up. So the two interpretations possible are a) That the Ghost Troop prediction and the warning worked and they backed off again or b) it was a bogus prediction.
Now of course everyone quickly, you know how sympathetic folks are in the info war. They immediately jump on and say gosh, "Ghost Troop missed it totally." There went their credibility.
The next day on the first of February, people in the Galveston area, though, don't agree with that assessment, because suddenly out of nowhere black tactical vehicles, black vans, and black uniformed people with shirts labeled "WMD CST" which is Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team showed up on the Galveston Beach about 15 miles from Texas City, setting up what I can only infer to be radiological measuring equipment in the area so that they can take ambient radiation levels. The WMD CST team is a Department of Defense level asset. In other words, it is staffed by people who are way up the chain of command. Above Army. Above Marines. They are Department of Defense common assets. They only have one function: That is to show up the day after a nuclear strike to measure radiation. The fact that they showed up near Texas City the day after a nuclear strike had been predicted was really a bigger indicator to us than the people who follow our work. [Bigger] even than the explosion.

Whalen: Yes. And just a one word answer, since we have to go to a break. Captain May, do you believe in coincidence?

Capt May: Oh, I do believe in coincidence.

Whalen: You do.

Capt May: I just think it is over-rated greatly as an explanation for what happened.

Whalen: Fair enough. Stay with us folks. (29:52) ...(end of ad break 33:45) I tell you what sir, I do not believe in coincidence. Especially because, you know, looking at a weapons of mass destruction response team, I do not imagine there are too many of those. And I don't think that they would just turn up in the exact place that you had predicted the day after. Just for the heck of it.

Capt May: You and I are lost on a semantic thing there. You and I are exactly on the same track. Let me go ahead and quantify it.

Whalen: OK.

Capt May: In other words, I am willing to grant, when you say you don't believe in coincidence. Do I believe things can happen randomly? Of course. The last time I broke a bone or fell down, you know, on the floor it was coincidence. It was not a pre-planned thing. So I think those things happen. But what we have to do is quantify the coincidence. And you remember that I said. I had written my best friend and best man, the U.S. ambassador to Qatar, asking specifically that kind of question. What are the odds that this just could have been coincidence?
So I said that the first three predictions, two within day and one spot on, was at the lowest level of probability, one in three thousand. Probably more like one in 81,000. OK, that is the first three. This represents, rather than getting in an explosion this time in response to the ghost troop scenario, what we got was a day after nuclear weapons of mass destruction team on the beach setting up equipment intended to measure nuclear blast outside of Texas City. There are ten such teams in the entire national inventory. These teams were set up beginning two months before 9-11 and ending two months after 9-11. In other words, they were planning the nuclear 9-11 before 9-11, boys and girls, it was that straight up. If there are ten teams, the odds --and of course I have been involved in military training at every level -- if there were ten teams they were probably doing two major training missions a month each. That means 20 missions for the entire national inventory of such teams. So the question becomes very simple. What are the odds that you take all the small cities and towns in the United States, that your town is going to have a weapons of mass destruction civil support team within 15 miles any given day?

Whalen: Right.

Capt May: The odds are, I think, very conservatively one in a thousand. Probably more like one in ten thousand. But let us say one in a thousand. You remember the one in three thousand low estimate for the probability for making all three guesses correctly before this instance?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: Well that now becomes one in three million, because you just added three zeros to it. So I agree with the idea there is coincidence. Coincidence exists in God's universe. I just think that the coincidence --the possibility of coincidence here is infinitesimally small and the odds against this being anything but good intelligence work are astronomically high. What we have here is another good prediction.

Whalen: Yeah, well, I'll tell you what, when you are looking at -- you are not making hundreds of predictions --

Captain May: I have made four.

Whalen: Yeah, and you are not making vague predictions, such as, you know, like a psychic hotline. Where they say you have some pain in your life, "Well no kidding --everybody has got pain in their life -- you couldn't be more vague." Your stuff is very specific and only for all four have, you know, indications that they are exactly as planned, you know, change at the last minute, but still they are all on target. This is a dangerous, dangerous scenario. Because now you are calling for I believe a public inquest.

Capt May: I have already begun it.

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: In response to a letter from a top official at the State Department, that being Ambassador Chase Untermeyer, remember, he is from Qatar, man, that is where the headquarters of CentCom is. That is where Al Jazeera is. That is not a small place. If he is going to be serious enough about it as a Houston resident, as I am by the way, we are life long Houston residents, Chase and I, if he is serious enough about it to take time out from his busy schedule from ten thousand miles away to ask me why I believe this is not coincidence, that I am going to go forward with it.
And what I have done is institute a formal inquiry. The inquiry is an attempt to establish what has happened in the overall pattern of the four predictions, specifically the three relating to Texas City. One of which the first, 3-30-2004 involved mass murder, there were over a dozen people killed in that one [Editor's note: Capt May meant over a dozen people were killed in the second 7-28-2005 explosion, not on 3-30-2004], and our purpose is to arrive at a conclusion as to what happened, and to determine whether or not there are individuals who should be charged with treason.
Look, are here is where I want to make an important point.
Look guys, we are not just on defense. If there is anything that makes me sick in the info war, are the number of people I hear running to the hills, and hiding their heads thinking that we are going to lose. If we are going to lose, we should have already lost. Because they are not getting in any better position as this war continues to sink the Army into quicksand, and as they commit more and more domestic abuses, economic failures, and missteps of every kind at home. The Bush regime position is getting weaker and weaker, and they still have to convince us that we are supposed to get nuked before they can do it.
And they continue to fail. Have you noticed, Frank, the last two or three weeks there has been no more talk about needing to nuke Iran? The warning alarms have been muffled.

Whalen: You know, we have been looking at the whole Iran thing, it is still out there, but it certainly is not the fierceness that we saw...

Capt May: ...Leading up to 1-31.

Whalen: Yes, absolutely. Because what we saw on those occasions was, you know, the Sunday morning talk shows. You are seeing every single politician who has a name, that is recognizable, on these talk shows saying Iran is the biggest threat we have ever faced in the entire history of the universe.

Capt May: Right.

Whalen: This is Democrats and Republicans.

Capt May: There were polls coming out with the number of people favored a pre-emptive attack against Iran. The word was being distributed that Israel wanted to attack Iran during March. People were openly talking about the nuclear option and it wasn't sounding like they were talking about the judiciary. We were getting all revved up for it, and then all of a sudden, since the beginning of February, the talk had backed off. Before Feb 1st all you could hear was Iranian nuke, Iranian nuke, Iranian nuke, which of course is to prepare the public for the thing "Nuke Iran, nuke Iran, nuke Iran." Now all of a sudden that is muted, and the reason is that what you are seeing --although no one on TV, no one anywhere in the info war on the alternative media is going to tell you that what happened is that there was another abort. There was an abort of the event they need to set up a war with Iran. The U.S. people ain't just going to go along with launching a unilateral attack on Iran. We have to get hit first. They were going to supply that. And now that they have failed to supply that, they are having to readjust the scenario.

Well, I wonder what your thought is about a preemptive strike solely by Israel, wink wink, nudge nudge, because of course we would not assist them in any capacity. But looking ahead to March here, I have a couple of dates where I look at some things that are occurring. Israel in several news accounts, and I do not recall who it was, what official of some sort, had laid out the date of March 1st as the deadline that they would give Iran to deal with the situation diplomatically. That is Wednesday March 1st. Now Monday, March 6th is the officially scheduled IAEA meeting in which Dr. El Baradai will be providing factual accounts of his research on Iran's nuclear program. Monday March 20th the Iranian oil bourse is scheduled to kick off, and of course the idea that they could denominate their oil solely in Euros which could decimate our economy, especially because they just signed that economic deal with China, and then Tuesday March 28th is the Israeli elections which also could be very traumatic given the state of things with the Palestinians right now. So I wonder, what do you think the odds are right now of a preemptive strike solely by Israel?

Capt May: I don't think they are good. Or let me put it another way. I think it is good that they are not long. And the reason is that I think the entire U.S./Israel --look folks, the info war is being fought for two things -- oil and Israel. If you don't got that, you are not ready to talk info war. Go study up and get past the hang-ups that keep you from talking about reality. This war is about oil and Israel and about people who own stocks in big companies making money off wars. There is always money to be made off of any war, whatever you fight for. But it is about controlling the world's geopolitical key resource, oil, and about eliminating the geopolitical threat to the nation of Israel.
Even if Iran had a nuke, it would not be a threat to the U.S. You know, let us be clear on that. But the deal is, this whole war plan was predicated upon the idea of the U.S. being able to enter it at someone defending itself.

Whalen: I see.

Capt May: That is the key. It is a 9-11 trick all over again. They come back to the same trick. I do not think Israel is going to unilaterally do this thing. I really don't. I think that this thing was predicated upon a strike.
Now having said that, I told you that we are doing an inquest, and those who want to doubt my official status to handle such an inquest, here is the issue. I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. I proclaimed a mission of conscience. I have interacted with every level of the Federal government and the military in pursuit of that mission of conscience. Right now, if the people in the Federal Government and the military are in cahoots with high treason, it sure sounds like I am a lot more official than they are.

Whalen: Yeah, absolutely.

Capt May: So right now, our great fear is that we have proclaimed this inquest, which is ongoing now, and I have a command archive of documents that we are doing, we have sent evidence out, Frank you will be getting yours today or tomorrow...

Whalen: Thank you.

Capt May: We are having that inquest in March. But we are having that inquest under the threat of Red Alert. We believe that if this scenario that you are discussing, you know all the factors you bring in, the Iranian oil bourse, the election in Israel, all kinds of different situations, political and economic, if all of these are going to lead to war, it is going to require that the Bush regime go ahead and go through a Texas City strike.
So we have extended the Red Alert for Texas City through the month of March. Now Frank, that is in large part on the strength of the Galveston Daily News own news story. This is published by someone named T. J. Aulds. [Editor's Note: See Aulds story at the end of this page]. In his news story he states that the weapons of mass destruction teams were down there set up, headquartered and set up, ready to go through doing exercises. And he says that they specifically said that they were calibrating equipment for future exercises. What that means, man, is that they are keeping the scenario alive of coming back. That is their only move.
Now let us think about this for a minute. You and I are a bunch of teenage juvenile delinquents. We are going to break into someone's house and steal the money and make it look like someone else did it, a false flag attack. OK?

Whalen: OK.

Capt May: False flag attack. And we start off saying that we are going to break into my Mom's house. And we try four different times to break in, and every time we wind up almost caught, in fact we wind up with people saying we did it and we barely get out of it, right?

Whalen: OK.

Capt May: If we have got a secondary target lined up, and that is your house, man you are going to be real hesitant to say "Let's go to that secondary target" because we screwed up the primary target four times.

Whalen: True.

Capt May: So right now if the Bush people want to shift to a secondary target, that means going to some mayor, some governor, some chief of police, some chief of the fire department --these key people, some editor of the paper, they have got to go to these guys and get them to go along with the plan. Now if you are an editor, a fire chief, a police captain, a mayor, a governor of a city and a state that is a secondary target, given that they have already screwed up the first target four times and they are now being inquested on treason charges on the Internet, would you really be confident that you could nuke your city and not hang for it?

Whalen: Right, exactly, and absolutely not is the answer. And the only thing that could happen would be like you said, it is more likely they would go and continue on with that first primary target, and secondly of course, stop you from doing interviews.

Capt May: That is the first thing. If I get whacked, all you guys know what happened. And that is the reason, you know, I said ghost troop is cyber intelligence?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: I have two officer specialties. My enlisted specialty was nuclear, biological, chemical. My officer specialties were intelligence and public affairs. Ghost troop goes through a three part process. First we do analysis, like good little intel people. Then we do prediction. And prediction is the highest art of intelligence. If you can do that, you are good. But it can be done.
And the last thing we do is switch out of my intelligence background into public affairs and we wind up doing this for a month or two. So all the work that goes into the intelligence process and the predictions cannot mean anything if we do not do the last step to become a public affairs unit. With me no longer the intel unit headquarters, but the public affairs unit commander. Ghost Troop goes from cyber intel to cyber public affairs. But it is all info war. So now the word is going out, and let us look at it from their position.
You see, don't think of them on the offense, right now. Think of them on the defense.

Whalen: Right.

Capt May: Bush is falling down in three different directions on TV right now and they are no longer talking about oil --or rather war with Iran. We have got to get it through our heads that they screwed it up, and now is the time to counterattack.
So what do they do, I mean kill the loudest captain in America? Well sure, they can do that, but it is pretty clearly murder, assassination, and now there is stupidity. What do you do, pop Texas City when it has been published all the way to Pravda that you are going to? You know, beg someone to do a secondary target? Like Arnold Schwarznegger who they set up in California? Maybe that is why Bush mentioned the Library Tower two weeks ago.

Whalen: Sure.

Capt May: But then again, there are a lot of people right then who are having questions about whether or not Bush can come up. Remember, he has been counted on to do something. He has been counted on to do mass murder, and he failed.

Whalen: Let me ask this. Do you see this situation with the Dubai Port World Corporation, United Arab Emirates, having any bearing whatsoever on being responsible in retrospect. Hillary Clinton for example stepping up and saying "Oh, look at what Bush has done?" He has allowed this foreign corporation to be involved in our shipping and in our industry and in this vital area. And subsequently, even though they promised that they would not smuggle any weapons of mass destruction in, they did, and now we have this death and destruction taking place in Texas City, or somewhere else for example. Do you think that fits in?

Capt May: Rather than thinking it fits into my scenario, I think my scenario fit into it. Quite a difference.

Whalen: Yeah.

Capt May: Everything that is happening now, the second week of February, the third week of February, was supposed to happen in the aftermath of a nuclear attack by who? Al Qaeda, supplied by who? Iran. Against whom? Texas City. George Bush's favorite people. George Bush's background. Back yard. In other words, they were going to set up the arson and destruction of their own town and then of course be the last people who would ever be suspected. That being the case, I would imagine that the UAE, the United Arab Emirates, had already made some kind of deal with the Bush people involving such things as setting up military bases or geopolitical assistance or alliances or who knows what all in exchange for this port deal. This port deal was never supposed to come into the public domain, man, because right now all we were supposed to be talking about was killing Arabs. In other words what you are hearing now is happening and making the media was already agreed upon, oh, how long ago? Weeks, months, I mean come on, right?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: So this deal was already set up, and this deal was set up predicated on the idea that we would have our nuclear 9-11 by now, so that Bush could do anything that he wanted. This was payoff for something, man. And now the premise fell through.
Let us take another that we talked about yesterday that would be much more immediate and easier to understand.

Whalen: OK.

Capt May: The Mohammed bomb cartoon. Remember that one?

Whalen: Yes.

Capt May: That cartoon came out the first or the second of February. That cartoon was set up by a Danish neo-con friend of Feith, Perleman, and Wolfowitz who was trying to incite tension between the religious groups. That cartoon was originally going to be published the day after Texas City was supposed to be hit. In that case, the cartoon would have made tremendous sense instead of being merely provocative.

Whalen: Yes. Instead of angering the Muslims, it would have pissed off all the Americans, because they would say, "Look at this guy -- this is their prophet, he has a bomb on his head, we are not going to take that anymore."

Capt May: Our friends in Europe already knew the U.S. would going to have an attack -- (rising music in the background).

Whalen: Hang on Captain May. (51:00) ...(after ads, return music 54:27) You know, I think my guest today would tell you the same thing that you would probably tell others, which is that we do not want to be right about these things. This is not something that is like "Ha Ha!" I get to do the "I told you so!" dance. Nobody wants this to happen. And this is why I have always said that for those out there who hear this show, and record-breaking listenership from what I understand according to Ken today, it is vital that you all who hear this to understand that if you can help out with this, you need to, because if Captain Eric May and Ghost Troop is incorrect, then that is it. Then they are wrong. No harm, no foul. But if they are right, people die. And this is why this issue is so important. And this is why we must always pay attention to these things. And if it doesn't happen, then take a breath of fresh air, exhale --phewww! and be glad. OK, but if something does happen, and you heard about it and did nothing, can you live with yourself? That is a question that we all have to answer for ourselves. Welcome back to the program Captain May. Please continue, Sir.

Capt May: Well maybe we ought to put a macro wrap on things.

Whalen: OK.

Capt May: Let us go back to the macro, and I can talk about the extent of my involvement in the info war and that is pretty much the info war as far as I know, as far as I am going to go. After Desert Storm, I wrote a piece saying that Bush I did the right thing by staying out of Iraq. At that time the neo cons, the hardliners, the Israel-first crowd, the get-all-the-oil crowd, decided to start working via an info war towards a world war. Take control of the oil and knock out the political enemies of Israel in the region. That preparation went through to 9-11. 9-11 it went active. The whole scenario went active. We set up a New Right. Something based on the idea there are evil terrorists out there [against] whom we had to give up our Constitutional protection, and against whom we had to go on a geopolitically aggressive stance. That scenario goes on. The ultimate culmination of that scenario is World War III to control the world's most valuable resource and to destroy Israel's political enemy. That world war has been scheduled from the beginning to go nuclear. These weapons of mass destruction teams we saw down in Texas the city were all formed within two months before 9-11 to two months after 9-11. That is an extremely interesting coincidence. Granted that there are such things as coincidences.
So right now we are in a criminal war, a Fourth Reich, Third World War scenario, which has been fostered by remnants of Bush I, has been brought on entirely by the second Bush regime, has been winked at every point by the media, Congress, the courts, and all forces of the Executive Branch up to and including national police and the military. People have been paid not to know what has been happening. To close their eyes and turn their heads.

Whalen: Right. But see, once these people start getting maybe nervous that their loved ones, their family, their friends could get sacrificed, they can always be hopefully counted on as an asset for us. Let us just quickly --two things: number one, is what should people look for in the coming month of March, and I am sure I will have you back before then, and number two: how could people help Ghost Troop?

Capt May: Let us take the first one. Any time, here are the indicators. When they start talking up the nuclear prospects and start making sounds like we are going to have an expansion of the war because the other side is going to do it, what they are doing is setting you up for our side to do it against us. It is a false flag alert. That is an indicator. The next thing is anytime they announce exercises, Homeland Security and the Department of Defense are practicing exercises all the time now that we never practiced during my previous three and four decades with the military. Every one of the scenarios we are practicing involving emergency scenarios in the U.S. is going to be set up by the U.S. Government. Everything from terror strikes to disaster drills. So if there is a drill going down around your place, be looking. Last thing, please follow our inquest, you can find Ghost Troop group [at].

Whalen. Thank you Captain May, we appreciate it.

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