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Capt. Eric. H. May Archive


Cloak and Dagger
Host Lenny Bloom
interviews Captain Eric H. May

28 July 2005, 1800 hours

The Simulated Nuking
of Texas City, Texas?

Part I

Abstract: This is the first of two live interviews that culminated in Captain May's eyewitness account of an illuminated sky over Texas City, Texas following a refinery fire. Subsequent events have added credence to his suspicion that this may have been an aborted mini-nuke attack that was supposed to be enhanced with atmospheric effects. For example, see the 7 May 2008 interview with Dr. James Fetzer and Major William Fox that discusses the assassination of CIA Operative Roland Carnaby in Houston on April 30, 2008. An alternative media source, Hal Turner, reported that Carnaby was trying to prevent importation of a mini-nuke by the Mossad. See also the 3 March 2008 editorial "Time To Investigate Houston is Now" by Leon Smith, publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, and the article "Captain Courageous" by Maj William B. Fox.

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Capt Eric May: This is an emergency alert from Ghost Troop Capt May. As Lenny has said, we broke up a nuclear conspiracy to bomb, in a 911 2B [or "9-11 to be"] caper, which they had us believe not if, but when. They have been setting it up in the media in Houston, they have set it up in the national media, with talk about small nukes, and chemical poisoning, and wouldn't you know they were running a South Carolina exercise simulating a 10 kiloton in a U.S. port. The Bush boys have been caught red handed. They have just reported that the Texas City factory of British Petroleum is for the third time in 15 months up in flames. Can anyone spell abort code? That is a-b-o-r-t-c-o-d-e for those of you who are not cryptologically inclined. Lenny?

Lenny Bloom: Exactly, you were talking about in your earlier briefing today. Certainly we have odd ways of sending messages from spy to spy today.

Capt May: Well, the original Texas City incident is something Ghost Troop predicted less than 24 hours and 24 miles would be Houston Pasadena on 3-3-1 2004, it actually happened in Texas City 3-3-0-2004, but I can tell you why. I happened on 3-3-0 because they are running Occult, Illuminati/Cabalistic code and the 3-3 represents the supreme Masonic number, so you have 3-3-0 being the only day in 365 that will give you a 33 number. The next Texas City incident was a follow up to make sure you had the plan right. On 3-2-3 with a 2 in the middle. The second of the 33 sequence. Today's incident was clearly an abort code, but it was not supposed to be this way. Texas City yesterday was supposed to go up in a nuclear flash planted by Al Qaeda and would involve thermonuclear war with Iran who would be the patsy.

Lenny: Wow, just awesome that you are doing awesome work down there. And what is next Captain May? What else can you theme us in on? I know it is all very exciting and this is happening as we speak.

Captain May: The Presidency is in free fall. There is no way of telling what will happen by the end of the night. Right now there is a side conversation going on in the embedded media. We all know it is embedded, but none of us dare to think it is embedded with code, but it is. The media is talking about the shuttle event. They are using that as a pretext to discuss the mass homicide that was being planned by agents of Israel and the Bush boys under George W. Bush. Right now if you watch Fox TV, you will see them talking about the shuttle, but they are not talking about the shuttle, they are talking about the attempt to destroy the space city area, Texas City, NASA.

Lenny: The space shuttle is part of the military arsenal, and it is not a benign vehicle. It is certainly armed, is there any indication that it is also being used in some way, not only for distraction, but is it being used in this warfare right now with Iran?

Capt May: Lenny, this is not something I can tell you about, we do not go in that direction. We simply take it in its characteristic as a signal flare. By the way, lets go back. You have been hearing all day long and yesterday and the day before that it has been two and a half years since the last launch.

Lenny: Exactly.

Capt May: Break the code down into months.

Lenny: Yeah, 2 and a half is 24 plus 12 is 36.

Capt May: It is 24 plus 6 is 30. They were saying 3-3-3. It is one of their symbolic numbers. Texas City has been cordoned off, just like the movie close encounters. The Feds are moving in there and are removing all the evidence of the crime. They are muddying up the crime scene just like what they did after 9-11. Another thing, you remember all the media that came down here to NASA to be ready for the shuttle flight?

Lenny: Yes.

Capt May: Think how much they were going to cry with puppy red eyes when my brothers and sisters and parents and children in Houston, Texas choke to death on a chemical cloud which is going to send this country into a homicidal rage. So we genocide the Arabs for Israel. That is what this is about, Lenny. Diabolical. The petrochemical industry, the Bush boy oil barons, the complicit government in the state of Texas which Bush erected, the city of Houston in which his family engrafted itself upon and claims as a mother, and don't you know like the worst thing that could be said about Bush what he tried to do to his Mom, his own adopted town, after they took him in, because that was the easiest move in the park, wasn't it?

Lenny: Of course the Bush boys are from Kennebunkport, CT. They are blue bloods. They are knights of the round table taking orders from Queen Elizabeth her majesty the queen and the English crown.

Capt May: That is right. That is absolutely right, Lenny. The Bush boys are half British and half Yiddish. That is the whole team line up right there. There is no America in it. Bush is a blue blood. They set up Houston and the Texas City area. By the way, I can tell you now why it was Texas City. With Oklahoma City, what state?

Lenny: Oklahoma

Capt May: New York City, what state?

Lenny: New York.

Capt May: You have a parallel going there. What number does a parallel look like, Lenny?

Lenny: 22 or 33

Capt May: Texas City was going to be another parallel. 33, Texas City, Texas. New York City, New York, Texas City, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, three parallels operating that go back to diabolical links with the U.S. government under the patrons of the Bush family and their Zionist friends. It goes all the way back, and when you add the parallels up, you get three sets of parallels, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York City, NY, and Texas City, TX. And that gives you 33, the supreme Illuminatist number.

Lenny: Oh boy.

Capt May: They are playing codes Lenny, and they did not think we would catch them, but we caught them.

Lenny: Captain May, you are amazing.

Capt May: Fox TV is a fascist mouthpiece. Fox is grilling NASA, saying how could you have botched it, and NASA, which means the conspiracy to bomb Texas City and Houston can say is, "Oh we messed up, we don't know how it happened. And then you have Fox, the news anchor, right in the middle of Bill O'Reilly's show, saying "Maybe we should turn this over to civilian contractors" and that means there may be another coup, another attempt, another strike, I think private means Israel. I think that Israel is willing to do this if the U.S. will not go along. Bush is out of move now. This was his big delivery. He would stab his mother city in the back, isn't that their method?

Lenny: He is a traitor all right. It will be exciting overnight. You do not know what is going to happen.

Capt May: I do not know if I will be alive in an hour much less tomorrow morning. This is like an Agatha Christi book going down in real time. And the body count can get higher as it winds up.

Lenny: Well we certainly want to stay close to the action. I guess it will be a late night, and guess we should stay very very close to our studio here and certainly our prayers go out to you Captain May. There is one brave man in the ghost troop in the United States of America who are trying to save their country from this terrible gang of traitors and conspiratorial kings, as the French anthem says.

Capt May: Lenny, I want to give you a confirmation code for anyone who wants to know whether we are valid or not. Right now Ghost Troop is organized to honor the fallen of the Battle of Baghdad which was covered up by the distraction of Jessica Lynch. Anyone who wants to, should Google-search a book called Thunder Run. That is, as in Thunder from the sky, and Run. That is the book about the four day battle in Baghdad fought by the Third Infantry Division which is known in America, or at least the United States part of America, that it happened. There is a book about it. That is how much chutzpah they have. Thunder Run proves that they covered up Baghdad. Once you get that, you can infer the rest. I never would have inferred any of this if I had not seen them cover up Baghdad, and if I had not talked to officers who helped them do it. You have to catch the first lie to catch them all. It is like infidelity of any type, and it includes treason by a King. King George the 43rd.

Lenny: Now is that "Thunder Run" all one word, t-h-u..

Capt May: Two words. Thunder Run, written by David Zucchino embed with the 2nd Brigade of the Third Infantry Division. He talks about how there is a sudden change in plan on the 5th of April morning. That is because Baghdad Bob was telling the truth about what happened on the 5th of April in the early morning at the air port. There really were hundreds of dead U.S. soldiers. There was an all-night long fight at Baghdad airport and they covered it up, the dogs, because they did not want to give credit to fallen Americans and they didn't want people to realize what they were getting us into. And what they have been getting us into is the 4th Reich and the Third World War, based upon the Reichstag Fire of 911, and enabled by the enabling act which we call the Patriot Act, and continued through the HomeSecA (Homeland Security Agency) which is our version at Ghost Troop of the Gestapo. Lenny, it is great talking to you, and we will stay in touch through the night. Say a prayer for Ghost Troop, my girls and boys, and they are the best soldiers anyone could ever command.

Lenny: We will be on all night.

Capt May: Garry Owen! Bye bye Lenny.

The audio file closes with a terrific rendition of La Marseillaise by a highly impassioned Mireille Mathieu (one can also hear her in a YouTube version by the Eiffel Tower). This is every bit as spirited and appropriate in our struggle against evil Zionazi leaders who promote a corrupt and oppressive government in America as the version sung in the Humphrey Bogart classic Casablanca against WWII occupation Nazis (watch the famous 1:55 Casablanca cafe scene on YouTube).

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. . ..Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.



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