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Texas City British Petroleum Employee Heard "Strange Abort Signal" on Local Radio Station The Morning Army Intel Officer Predicted Nuclear Strike At Plant
BP employee also said "other strange events" occured, leaving her "nervous and on edge." Galveston Daily News follows up with story, finding WMD military support team was conducting a training session at a location near Texas City.
3 Feb 2006

By Greg Szymanski


An employee at the British Petroleum (BP) plant in Texas City, Texas, said she's "nervous and on edge" since reports surfaced last week by a former Army Intelligence officer that the plant was targeted for a nuclear attack by the "enemy within" the U.S. government.


Although the threat never materialized on its anticipated date of Jan. 31, the employee who wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing her job, said other "suspicious and strange events" occurred on the target date and in the days that followed, making her believe the "attack may have been subverted" due to public attention drawn by the initial reports.


"We originally had a plant evacuation scheduled for Monday and Tuesday on the 30th and 31st, but it was strangely cancelled after the first reports surfaced about the possible explosion," said the anonymous BP worker, who also said at least 400 plant workers were recently moved to another office location in Texas City.


"OSHA is now at the plant and there is a sign at the plant saying the evacuation drill has been rescheduled between Feb. 1 and Feb. 8. Yes, I am nervous and no I don't believe recent reports from the government which say not to worry and no threats have been reported."


The employee said another "very strange" occurrence took place at 6:30 am on the morning of Jan. 31 when she was listening to 103.7 FM on her car radio as she drove to work.


"I swear to God this happened," said the worker, whose voice still shaking as she told the story days later. "I was listening to a news report on the FM station and the newscaster was reading a story about the incredible Exxon/Mobil oil profits. While he was reading the numbers, there was a strange sound of a siren coming from the background of the broadcast with a lady saying 'abort, abort, abort.' Now what was that all about? Was it sometime of code to tell other people what was going on?"


 The Galveston radio station where the broadcast emanated was unavailable for comment, regarding the strange sequence of events during the 103.7 FM reported by the BP worker.


However, according to Capt. May, the broadcast may have been a signal to others involved in the nuclear attack that it was being aborted.


"We caught them putting out an abort code by using the media. This is how the Illuminati works," said Capt. May, who is convinced the enemy within our government communicates by using a complex Illuminati number system, the most common being combinations of 1, 3, 9.


"We may very well have stopped a nuclear attack by the Bush Boys by sounding the red alert. And that morning the abort code may have been given out as everything in the broadcast, including the numbers used for the Exxon profits, the radio station call numbers and even the time of the broadcast point to the Illuminati number code."


Regarding the complex number system, Capt. May is referring to 103.7 FM adding up to 11, as well 6:30 am, the time of the broadcast, adding up to nine and the numbers used in the Exxon profits during the newscast suspiciously adding up to nine as well.


"They use the media and if you know what to listen for, they really are telling the world what they plan to do next," said Capt. May, adding he feels he has "pretty well broken their code" giving him a leg up in the info war going on between the Illuminati and the patriots who consider them America's No. 1 enemy.


"Information I have uncovered with my other cyber-warriors called the Ghost Troop has already averted two other attacks at Texas City, the most recent being July 28, 2005. And I think we may have just stopped another one on Jan. 31."


Last week, the Arctic Beacon first reported the Jan. 31 threat of a nuclear explosion, after Capt. May alerted media outlets of the impending threat, a threat ignored or thought by many to be nothing more than wild conspiracy theories.


Capt. May, however strongly disagrees. Pointing the nuclear finger directly at factions within the U.S government, he believes these same factions also were behind 911 and the Oklahoma City bombing.


"People have to wake-up, put their egos aside and realize these guys play for keeps," added Capt. May. "The same people that criticize my methods for predicting dates are the very same people who agree with me about everything else, including the government causing 911 and Oklahoma City as well as 7/7. Just remember,the Madrid bombings occurred exactly 911 days after 911."


In recently targeting Texas City as the next target, Capt May said it's imperative to try and "warn people were the enemy is striking next" instead of passively waiting for the "next shoe to fall."


And Texas City resident, minister Jon Watkins, took Capt. May's warnings seriously from the outset, saying he immediately notified local authorities, the local Texas City branch of Homeland Security and the FBI, taking a "better be safe than sorry" position.


"Last week, I did notice at least 11 different types of law enforcement vehicles in the Texas City police parking lot, something that is very strange here," said Watkins. "I alerted everybody, including the Galveston City Daily News."


And Feb. 2 TJ Aulds of the Galveston paper followed up with a story, citing the initial Arctic Beacon article, as well as checking FBI, Homeland Security and local who all reported the threats were a false alarm.


In the story, Shauna Dunlap, a spokesman for the FBI, said that there are "no credible or corroborated threats to the area."


Although authorities dismissed Capt. May's "red alert," the Galveston paper reported people driving down the Galveston Seawall Boulevard noticed "unmarked black trucks and sport utility vehicles bearing government license plates near crews setting up what appeared to be satellite or radar gear on the beach.


"The crews were wearing shirts," the article continued "embossed with the words, 'Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team,' a branch of the U.S. Defense Department."


Coincidently one day prior to the Galveston article, the New York Times for the first time revealed the use and establishment of the WMD Support Team in an unrelated article, saying the military unit had been recently formed to combat terrorist activity throughout the country.


But the Galveston story was quick to point out Texas City homeland security officials, including local Director Bruce Clawson, said the Arctic Beacon story and the arrival of the Weapons of Mass Destruction team were "little more the coincidental training exercises that may have been blown out of proportion."


"It's more than coincidence," said Capt. May Thursday on Greg Szymanski's radio show called Nightly Edition of the Investigative Journal. "We're trying to alert the American people of the next 911 and my intentions have always been to save and protect innocent lives by trying to head off the Bush Boys before they strike next."


Besides the WMD training exercise taking place on the Galveston beach, members of the military unit said they were participating in a series of seminars at the nearby Galveston San Luis Hotel & Conference Center, located near to where the unit had set up its radar equipment.


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