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Texas City British Petroleum Claims No Foul Play In 2005 Explosion Killing 15; BP Sets Aside $1 Billion For Upgrades Amid Rumors Neocons Plan To Nuke Plant In Upcoming Days
Some Texas City citizens taking nuke warning seriously as local law enforcement build-up seen and at least 400 employees moved out of BP to different office building.
28 Jan 2006

By Greg Szymanski


British Petroleum (BP) Products North America Inc. issued its final corporate report last month, saying the March 23, 2005, fatal explosion killing 15 at its Texas City plant was the result of "management system failures and employee mistakes."


The company report, issued from its headquarters in Warrenville, Ill., said management is accepting "total responsibility" for the massive explosion, adding plans are to modernize the plant to the tune of $1 billion over the next five years.


While BP admits liability, federal authorities are threatening civil and criminal lawsuits, as well as levying a record-setting fine that would make the $11 million fine levied by OSHA in 2005 look like chump change.


BP spokesman Ronnie Chappell said today the company is withholding comment about pending federal investigations but is cooperating thoroughly with authorities about BP wrongdoing in the explosion, leading to the 15 deaths and more than 180 injuries.


Chappell also would not comment about the possibility of stiff fines being levied for the massive release of 30,000 pounds of toxic pollution related to the explosions.


The BP plant in Texas City also surfaced in the news recently as a former Army Intel Capt., Eric May, of Houston claims the March 23 explosion may have been a rehearsal for an upcoming terrorist attack at the plant.


Plant officials said they were not aware of any threats or suspicious activity in or around the Texas City plant but several residents noticed a larger than usual law enforcement build-up as well as a relocation of hundreds of employees during the last two months.


As suspicions mount in Texas City, Capt. May said he has collected data indicating the "enemy within our government" - The Bush Cabal -   may be targeting the Texas City plant with a nuclear explosion on or around Jan. 31.


"I think the Bush Boys may be targeting Texas City and I am warning people to be very careful in the upcoming days," said Capt May, a former Army Intel officer, who has now gone on a personal info-war attack on the Bush administration after coming to the conclusion elements within the government orchestrated and caused 911.


Regarding the possibility of an attack at the BP plant, local law enforcement and plant management were unaware of any stepped up security or strange activities going on in or around Texas City.


However, one employee working at the plant who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was aware of at least 400 people being moved out of the plant two months ago and relocated to a new office building.


"I just wanted to let you know what's going on at BP.  When they moved 400+ people out of the plant and into the new office building a couple of months ago, they appointed me and some others as building monitors," said the BP employee.


 "We had our first meeting this afternoon all of a sudden.  We are supposed to be in charge of our appointed groups during an emergency evacuation, fire, explosion, etc.   At our meeting today, they told us that there will be a practice drill for the building next week sometime (our first). 


"Before we left the meeting, they told us to get our ducks in a row before we leave work this week.  It sounded to me like it might take place Monday morning."


After reading Capt. May's warning of a possible nuclear attack, the employee added:

"I'm starting to wonder if this drill and your date of Monday for the attack is a coincidence.  They are supposed to start up some units next week, but I can't get a definite day out of anybody."


Jon Watkins, another Texas City resident, also was taken the attack warning seriously, as he alerted local law enforcement.


"I think I opened up a hornet's nest when I went into the police station," said Watkins from his home in Texas City. "When I walked out in the police parking lot, I noticed at least 10 different cars from 10 different law enforcement agencies and that is strange around here."


Another Houston resident after hearing Capt. May's warning said she noticed Wednesday on the History Channel, the network running a show about the huge explosion that occurred at the BP plant in 1947.


"Could they be psychologically preparing the public for what's going to happen there," added Capt. May after he was alerted about what he called "the more than coincidental programming of the old 1947 blast."


Jim Black of Houston, who is also following the story, had a more practical way and an eight step approach of determining if the people in Houston or Texas City were in harms way in the upcoming days.


"If you want to know what the chances of this attack are, just watch George and Barbara.  If they are home in Houston, no attack will occur.   However, if they're going to be out of town, the chances increase greatly.  Then you have to ask yourself:


1. Where are they going?

2. How long do they plan to be gone?

3. How much did they pack and take with them?

4. Did they put anything in storage or have it moved to Maine before leaving?

5. Were there any large banking transactions before they left?

6. Are there any signs of preparations or unusual activity at the Maine house?

7. Are there any aircraft being chartered to "stand by and be available at a moments notice" in the Houston area?

8. Are there any CEO's who support Bush that have scheduled to be out of town around the 31st?


In the final BP explosion report, the investigation team found no evidence of foul play, but admitted "many areas where procedures, policies and expected behaviors were not met."


Besides accepting responsibility for the March explosion, BP has set aside $700 million to compensate victims of the disaster and has entered into a settlement with OSHA resolving more than 300 safety regulation violations. Officials added that settlements have been worked out with the families of most of the victims who died or were seriously injured.



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