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Cui bono?

Who Really Benefits from a Secret War Against the United States of America?

By Col. Donn de Grand Pre (ret.)

. The following contains a key excerpt related to the Sept. 11 attacks from The Serpent's Sting, the first book in my Barbarians Inside the Gates series. As American Free Press goes to press in September 2005, the final act of denouement on this base treachery is yet to be written.
. . .However, the unraveling of the plot
the untying of the knot, if you will actually took place on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the federal government was taken over by a cold coup d'etat executed by the neo-cons, and George W. Bush was handed his head on a platter.
. . .We must ask a highly pertinent question: Have the barbarians inside the gates already pulled off a de facto coup?
. . .The passage from my book continues:

. . .Here is a most pertinent passage from Edward Luttwak's Coup d'Etat:
. . ."If we were revolutionaries, wanting to change the structure of society, our aim would be to destroy the power of some of the political forces, and the long and often bloody process of revolutionary attrition can achieve this. Our purpose, however, is quite different: we want to seize power within the present system, and we shall only stay in power if we embody some new status quo supported by these very forces which a revolution may seek to destroy .... This period of transition, which comes after we have emerged into the open and before we are vested with the authority of the state, is the most critical phase of the coup ....
. . ."Our major point to ponder as we go through Barbarians Inside the Gates is that if a de facto coup has already taken place, then, in order to avoid a bloody revolution for change, a counter-coup may be necessary in order to restore the machinery of state and gain control once more of the critical levers of powers."
. . .Think about it seriously, for time is fast running out.

. . .We must now ask the eternal question, Cui bono? (Who benefits?)
. . .The answer appears to be China. But China is only the proxy. It is Israel which is waging a secret war against the United States-and has been continually since the tragic events on 9-11.
. . .A quick but objective view will reveal that China not only got its atomic weapons technology from Israel, but this tiny but powerful country also provided China with all of its computer technology.
. . .These nefarious activities then led inexorably to the pre-emptive attack on Iraq in March 2003 by the United States, which was planned over the years by the cunning neo-cons this created the untenable situation where the United States and British military forces are faced with yet another military and political defeat.
. . .All of this manufactured chaos and hostility against the "allies" offer clear and unequivocal proof that Israel and its chief backers, the neo-cons, are waging an undeclared and secret war against the United States.

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