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. . . Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.): Explosive New 9/11 Revelations and Explanations

The Alex Jones Show
(Link to the MP3 file here)
February 25, 2004

AJ: He put on a symposium a few years ago that made headlines in major newspapers, in Portugal. We had one of those articles posted. And it says,

"Portugal-based investigative journalist has presented The News, with the version of the September 11th attacks that has to-date failed to attract the attention of the international press. The report, compiled by the independent inquiry into the September 11th World Trade Center attack, warns the American public that the government's official version of the events does not stand up to scrutiny."

And the man who put this on was Col. Donn de Grand , who's an American in a 72-hour non-stop symposium, deliberation by a group of military and civilian pilots under the chairmanship of Col. Donn de Grand. After deliberating non-stop for 72-hours, has concluded the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the September 11th tragedy had no control over their aircraft.

They get into how the globalists clearly carried it out. Now, this was two years ago, folks. A very cutting edge... Now the mainstream foreign press has addressed it. And most Europeans believe the U.S. government carried it out. A lot of Americans are now waking up. And talking to this trailblazer, cutting-edge pioneer, Col. Donn de Grand. It's an honor, sir, to have you on the show.

DGP: Hey, Alex, it's good to be aboard.

AJ: We are going to break here in about a minute and a-half. Give folks your bio. Tell us about Col. Donn de Grand.

DGP: Well, you've got part of the name correct. It's a hyphened word, the last name is Grand-Pre.

AJ: Yes, it's Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. That's how I addressed you this morning on the website.

DGP: That's alright.

AJ: The Portugal newspaper just says Col. Don de Grand, so....

DGP: That's okay. I've talked to these guys and they're good and they almost got it correct. I'll give you a quick bio. I entered the military in 1944 as an 18-year-old radio operator, morse code. And I was sent to Burma and China. I was attached to the detachment 101 which was OSS and I operated out of Burma. Then later on in Kunming, China, along with such notable people as a tall, skinny gal by the name of Julia Child. She has since put on a little weight and now she's doing television commercials, I guess. But I came back on active duty in 1950 as a commissioned officer, infantry airborne. And I got involved in the Korean fracas for a year-and-a-half until I was wounded. Then I was shipped home for two-years while I recuperated. And then I came back in.....

AJ: I'll tell you what, Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, let's stay right there. Let's recap when we get back and go through the rest of your bio. And then launch into this amazing symposium that you put on two-years ago and why you did it in Portugal. So stay with us. His first interview in over a year and we are honored to have Col. Donn de Grand-Pre.


AJ: We are talking to Col. Donn de Grand-Pre and we have a news article about an incredible symposium he put on two years ago in Portugal, covered by a front-page newspaper and magazine ' Portugal's other major papers. And a lot of key info came out ' very cutting edge. And this is his first interview since he had a stroke a little over a year ago. It's great to have the Colonel on the show. So, he got into OSS right at the end of World War II, then went into Korea for a year and a half, was wounded, with the airborne. And that's where we left off, Colonel. Please continue with your bio.

DGP: Okay, Alex. Actually I went to work then for Sec. Def. Bob McNamara. He hired me as the chief arms negotiator for the Middle East. And we conducted our business there. We were known as the super salesmen in ISA, International Security Affairs. And over a ten-year period, we sold over a hundred billion dollars worth of military equipment to all comers. And then, you mentioned the interview in Portugal. I didn't actually go to Portugal but on 11 September, actually it was 12 September, I wrote to my friend Gen. Hugh Shelton, who was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at that time. He was transited out. And he was replaced by Gen. Richard, what the heck was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs' The name escapes me. He was a four-star Air Force General. And, Myers, I guess, was the name. At any rate, I called together from 16 to 19 September, in the Pentagon area, not in the Pentagon, a group of military, civilian and general aviation pilots. And for three days, we kicked around what actually happened on 11 September. And then the investigator journalists covered that and it was reported in the Portugal news and very accurate. I have the report in front of me and it is quite involved but if you have some questions, fire away, Alex.

AJ: Well, now you got these military officers together and that's the only place I ever saw it get reported on, was on here in Portugal ' it talked about the symposium. Of course, I read one of your fine books and we'll talk about that as well a little bit later on in the show and take some calls. But, what was laid out, what I saw in the four-page article, two years ago, has turned out to be very accurate. Tell us about the military officers, the pilots, the civilian pilots that were there and the conclusions that you came to in the 72-hour non-stop meeting. Please go over that for us.

DGP: Okay, Alex, the group of pilots and they will remain anonymous were a wonderful mix of commercial, military and civilian pilots. At any rate, after three days, the decisions were unanimous. And I wrote my 24-page report up and submitted it to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. And that report ultimately got into the hands of the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on 23 January, 2002. The General was U.S. Marine Corp General by the name Peter Pace. And I got a telephone call, 5 March, from one of his horse holders, who is a Colonel Air Force type. He informed me that Gen. Peter Pace had gotten the twenty-four pages and that he and his Sec. had no comment at this time but he used the old Marine Corp lingo, "Semper Fi" or Always Faithful, and we let it go at that. Later on I continued my correspondence with the Vice Chairman and most recently, I got a letter 8 November, 2003 from Peter Pace, to me, carrying on not only about the investigation but about the three books that I have written since that time.

AJ: Now, Colonel, going over your report and the, I guess the committee meeting that you guys had to play out what you believe really happened. Now as more evidence has come out, it shows that that's clearly exactly what happened. Now, they are using 911 to turn this country into a total police state. I mean how do you see us turning this around?

DGP: The turning around is not going to be that easy. I look at the final paragraph of this report. And here is what the final paragraph said. "So far the mainstream American news media has failed to publish or broadcast any details regarding the independent inquiry. Similarly, the White House whilst having received a copy of the report has remained silent on its findings." While we know that a copy, first of all I have to back up a little. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had 500 copies of this 24-page report made and sent out, including, to the White House. And I have to say it was including Pres. Bush. So they got a copy of the report.

AJ: That was Myers at the time.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: And so, he sent out 500 copies, that would mean that he believed it.

DGP: I'm quite sure that he believed in it. I think that he still believes in it. You can understand the difficulties. The civilian administration, of course, won't recognize it as such.

AJ: How did you find out that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs sent this out?

DGP: I got a telephone call and I think the date was 5 March 2002, stating that at the time, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had no comment but he used the Marine Corp lingo 'Semper Fi', Semper Fidelity 'always faithful'. And that triggered in me further memos and I traded memos with Gen. Peter Pace and Dick Myers and they continued on until November of last year.

AJ: Well that had to be upsetting to Mr. Rumsfeld to have all these, hundreds of your reports flying around the Pentagon.

DGP: (laughs) Yeah, you see there's a definite cleavage between the military of the Pentagon and the civilian hierarchy - and never the twain shall meet.

AJ: Well, there was an article right after 'that you talk about' in mid-2002 in the Washington Times saying the morale in the Pentagon had never been lower. And you would think it would be high right after 911 and getting together to fight the enemy. But it said that the officers didn't believe in the "mission" or in the intelligence.

DGP: That is correct. That came out of the Washington Times and I can verify that from Col. Dick Schultz, who is a friend of mine in the Joint Chiefs. Morale was not only low but he said some of the troops are ready to mutiny. If it wasn't for the fact that the government, the civilian hierarchy, has control over retirements, they would probably be blood in the streets by now.

AJ: There was also an article where they panicked in the Washington Times, it was also in the Washington Post, they panicked and flew the officers on jets to luxury vacations and had these focus groups. It even talked about a possible mutiny. People were just totally distraught. What would make them become distraught overnight in the Pentagon?

DGP: It wasn't an overnight thing. You see, as I outline in book 1, and I carry that on in book 2, as well as book 3, we were on the verge of a military coup d'etat. And this was long in the planning and even after the 78 days of bombing Kosovo, it became critical. And we were close to a coup d'etat at that time. In my survey of the reports and the pilots who worked with that, a coup was a possibility. In fact, a coup d'etat was pulled on the morning of September 11th. Only it was an administrative or what we call a cold coup d'etat.

AJ: Or reverse coup d'etat.

DGP: Yes, in fact....

AJ: A counter revolutionary junta.

DGP: Well that is correct. And as we delved into that, we found that the culprits, including Rumsfeld, were part of a neocon group that had been planning this thing for literally years prior to September 11th.

AJ: Absolutely, Colonel, it's just amazing picking your brain. We are going to break here. In talking to your this morning, I was proud to know that you've been a listener to this show for a while.

DGP: Well, I've had a single side band short wave set for about 4 years and I listened variously to Alex Jones, particularly up until about 2-years ago, and as a result of the events of September 11th, I did have a stoke. I'm fully recovered. As I told Alex, I went riding my favorite quarter horse this morning. So I'm back and ready for anything.

AJ: Well that's wonderful Colonel. Okay, we'll break and come back with the Colonel and get into all of this ' and later get to your calls, too. So please, stay with us.


AJ: We'll take some of your calls for Col. Donn de Grand-Pre coming up in the next segment. He's done a lot of great work. I've only read one of his books. Donn, tell us about some of your books, what they cover and how folks can get a copy.

DGP: Okay, I've got three books out, Alex, under the title, "Barbarians Inside the Gates." Book 1 was "The Serpent's Sting," Book 2 is "The Viper's Venom," Book 3 which just came out is "The Rattler's Revenge." And I'd like to quote from Book 2, which came out October of 2002. There is a very important paragraph there. It says, "The trigger for the 911 activity was the imminent and unstoppable world-wide financial collapse which can only be prevented temporarily by a major war, perhaps to become known as World War III. To bring it off one more time, martial law will probably be imposed in the United States."

AJ: And now we've seen Gen. Eberhart say that that's the next step. Tommy Franks said that's the next step. Are those now chilling statements?

DGP: Yes, they are. This next step will be preceded by what I write up in book 1 ' "The Serpent's Sting." I wrote of a coming coup d'etat. And this was written in the year 2000. And sure as blazes, it's coming. And it will be preceded by these kinds of things as enunciated by Tommy Franks, among others. So we are in a world of hurt, Alex.

AJ: Now, by a coup d'etat, you mean another intensification of a reverse coup d'etat to keep the people from fighting against the New World Order or do you mean the type that Bill Clinton successfully stopped in his administration?

DGP: Well, I'm talking about the administrative coup d'etat that came off September 11th.

AJ: You're talking about an intensification of the elite in a coup d'etat against America.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: Well, I mean, it's ongoing. They are federalizing everything, they are militarizing everything, they're engaging in the classic takeover, are they not?

DGP: Yes, there are. And from this, Alex, and I bring this out very clearly in book 3, the only way we can stop it is with the classic counter-coup d'etat where the military steps in. And under the aegis of the military itself, disengaging or disemboweling the civilian hierarchy and taking over and re-running or re-organizing the federal government.

AJ: Now the problem is they've got so many CFR minions in the Pentagon. We know that Clinton had some officers terminated and, in their office, shot multiple times and the rest of it. We know that that happened but the question is how many of the high level officers are on the globalist team?

DGP: I can only say several of the highest level are members now of the Council on Foreign Relations. The important thing to consider is how many of them are sincere in their beliefs as enunciated by the CFR. I believe there are several sleepers and I believe I know some of them personally who are three and four-star generals. They are members of the CFR but "their heart belongs to Jesus," if I can use that expression because they are true Semper Fidelity people. Some of them happen to be Marines. And I'm counting on them to do the right thing. And I bring this out in book 3.

AJ: Absolutely and we'll tell people how they can get those books. I mean I want to carry them but Colonel, your experience in the military, your experience in the intelligence agencies, there's also the danger though obviously in any military movement of that nature that it could be self-serving as well, and set up its own form of wickedness.

DGP: Yes, that's plausible, that's correct. I don't believe it will happen in exactly that fashion. And the thing about a coup d'etat and a counter-coup d'etat is you never know when it's going to happen. You never know exactly who is involved. This is a plus for any planners of a counter-coup d'etat.

AJ: Well, this is certainly dividing the wheat from the chaff. How many people, and we'll get the answer to the question when we get back from your feelers in the Pentagon, how many people in there now know that an element of the global system, a crime syndicate, carried out 91, I mean, only an idiot would know, would think they didn't but the point is, this has got to be accelerating the division. And I want to get your take on the pulse of that and we'll take calls when we get back. Stay with us.


AJ: We are talking to Col. Donn de Grand-Pre and he worked in many of the levels of the U.S. military and has put out some really important information. Two years ago, he put out a report in a meeting in a 72-hour deliberation, a group of military and civilian U.S. pilots under the chairmanship of Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. After deliberating non-stop for 72-hours has concluded that the flight crews of the four passenger airliners involved in the September 11th tragedy had no control over the aircraft. And they get into how the military industrial complex clearly, that is elements of it, were in control of this. Colonel, we are going to go to some calls here in a minutes after you cover some other issues with us. But, understand this, my question of what percentage of the officers, period, in the military do you think have finally woken up to the true magnitude of what's going on?

DGP: Well, I'm in personal contact at least on a weekly basis with the Joint Chiefs and other select people. My computation is that 70% of us are with us. That's the higher ranking military, field grade officers, etc. and even the first three grades of the enlisted ' 70% are with us.

AJ: Well, they've had questionnaires, you know, a decade ago, will you fire on U.S. citizens under UN control if the president says so ' and, you know, 74% say no to that. Okay, then how are the globalists getting away with this?

DGP: Sheer [Garbled] bluff and we can thank many of the neocons who are now in power in the Defense Dept. particularly. They get away with it because they try it out and see if anybody will salute the flag and that's the way it goes.

AJ: So basically, they wrap their un-American agenda in a flag and the general public buys it so the military has to sit there and take it.

DGP: They do, yes, and I think those days are coming to an end. The military ain't going to take it any longer.

AJ: How did the military ever get convinced to use depleted uranium in areas where there is going to be troops?

DGP: To put what Alex?

AJ: Well, yeah, the military gets treated like dog meat. You've got the depleted uranium, Colonel, where they spray the depleted uranium everywhere where the troops breathe it at 1900 times safe levels. How can the Pentagon put up with that?

DGP: Well, the DU rounds are over-played, first of all. They aren't that potent and secondarily, we must consider that weapons of mass destruction have already been used by some of the opposition in the period February of 1991. Weapons of mass destruction, including low-yield nuclear weapons.

AJ: Okay, can you break that down for us?

DGP: Well, I break it down in the time frame that we had satellite images of rounds or missiles being fired from the Negev desert toward Baghdad. That's 600 miles distance. And six or eight of the rounds came in. That was February of 1991.

AJ: Are you saying that the Israelis used miniaturized nuclear weapons?

DGP: Yes sir. That's what I'm saying, in plain English.

AJ: Well I remember, I know they bragged that they had a lot of really sophisticated miniaturized nuclear weapons, of the little mini-frogs, or whatever. But and I know there were these giant mushroom clouds on the news. They'd say, "Oh, that's not a nuke. That's just a weapons depot." But you are saying that it is common knowledge at the Pentagon that Israel was firing nuclear weapons at Iraq?

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: Oh, so that's where all this high-level radiation is emanating from?

DGP: That is correct. And I have verification of that. I think it's in book 2. And I think it will stand up in most scrutiny.

AJ: Well, I know your work on September 11th certainly has. Do you think the globalists are going to have the will to carry out another massive attack here in the U.S. to try to get control back over the population and get their agenda back on track? Or do you think they've calculated, computed as you said, that that will blow up in their face because so many people now know who the real terrorists are?

DGP: That's a two-prong question, Alex. I think it deserves a studied answer. The only thing I can say is I'm not sure how it will turn out. But it is very dangerous.

AJ: From watching the globalists, I think they had a plan, they are still following a plan but I think they are shook-up. I think, from the evidence, in fact I know from the evidence, that a lot of things they planned haven't gone according to schedule and so they don't know what to do right now.

DGP: This is correct. I think it's personified in the persona of the Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. They almost got him in Baghdad when they fired the salvo, one night, of weaponry and they scared Paul Wolfowitz off. He's ready to resign or get the hell out.

AJ: You think that was U.S. forces doing that?

DGP: I believe it. It was very well planned again and ..

AJ: Yeah, only U.S. forces would know that he would be there. Yeah.

DGP: That is correct. And the precision of those weapons that came into the hotel. There were eleven rounds in all and I can speak from authenticity that they scared the hell out of Paul Wolfowitz. And probably, C. Paul Bremer, or whatever his name is.

AJ: Why does the Pentagon hate Wolfowitz?

DGP: Wolfowitz has been in this game since 1974. I was still on active duty when I met him in 1974 and he was coming on strong even then. And along with him, Richard Perle and a couple of the others who are now known as neoconservatives.

AJ: Now Perle had the nickname as the crazy and the prince of darkness. Is that correct?

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: Why was he known as the prince of darkness?

DGP: I can't answer that directly. He was a snake to begin with but nothing was ever straight forward as far as Richard Perle was concerned. I introduced book 3 two quotes stating that Richard Perle is a madman. And it goes on from there.

AJ: Well he is a madman. He was at a press dinner last year and, again, giggling and laughing about how we are going to have World War III, we are going to nuke everyone, ha, ha, ha. And then he goes, "Isn't that impressive" and started grabbing on some women. I mean, he's a complete lunatic.

DGP: That is correct. Richard Perle's days are numbered. I don't know if he realizes it but so many of these so-called neocons, you'll notice now, that they are very quiet indeed. They are not really surfacing anymore, including Dick Cheney.

AJ: Yeah, why is Dick Cheney been literally hiding under a bunker?

DGP: He's been hiding under a bunker most of the time since September 11th.

AJ: And, by the way, it has come out that he took control of NORAD and was saying something in the U.S. ultra-secret bunkers, that he was on loud-speakers ordering people to follow his orders. He had to physically take control of something, from my sources, it was the fact that they were going to go ahead and shoot the aircraft down. That's what I've got from lawyers who represent military officers. We know he was in control through even during the hijackings, the supposed hijackings. What do you know about that?

DGP: Well, not too much really. I can't speak to that because it's hypothetical and what I try to stick to are the cold hard facts.

AJ: Well, Colonel, we know he did take control of the bunkers. I just don't know what he said, according to ABC News but according to my sources which have been very accurate, he was ordering a stand down.

DGP: Yes, I can believe it but again, it's supposition and I still haven't been able to figure out what makes Dick Cheney tick.

AJ: So, well then why is he hiding in a bunker? Why is he at the Naval Observatory in a bunker most of the time?

DGP: I think that that is what he considers to be the safest place at the moment. He's basically a coward and this too will come out. I feel that Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, both of them, their days are numbered.

AJ: Okay, so politically more and more corruption coming out, more and more of their criminal activities coming out, serious issues. Colonel, how do folks get your books, the three-part series?

DGP: Okay, the book is easy to come by. My incomparable daughter Doneva is the publisher of these books and they are turning out top-grade, library quality books. Books 1, 2, and 3 ' "Barbarians Inside the Gates." They can be obtained by writing to post office box 1124, Madison, Virginia 22727. And send it in care of Grand-Pre Publishing, Ltd. And for the price of $30, you can get book 1. $30 again is book 2. And then for book 3 that just came out and it's a big book, 608 pages, we've had to up the price to $45.

AJ: Alright, these are thick books, jam-packed and the address is PO 1124, Madison, Virginia. And that zip code again'

DGP: 22727.

AJ: Alright and does that $30 include the shipping?

DGP: No, it really doesn't. For the books and we send them all out priority special handling, that's runs $3.85 a book.

AJ: Okay, got you. Alright we'll give that out again a little bit later. So let's go ahead and take some calls.


AJ: All right, 8 minutes, 30 seconds into this third hour. Again I'm Alex Jones, your host. We'll have our guest with us for another twenty-five minutes or so, then I'm going to get into this big stack of news that we have not detailed yet. Believe me it's all very important. Our guest is Col. Donn de Grand-Pre. Honored to have him on the show. He's the author of a three-part series of books, "Barbarians Inside the Gates." And real quick, John in New York, you had a question about 9/11.

John: It's not a question. I want to make a comment. I was in the Air Force. My career field was radar operations and I was assigned to the Air Defense Command. The airliners turned around at Erie, Pennsylvania and were off-course for approximately one-hour, at the wrong altitude, at the wrong speed, without radio contact and it is absolutely insane for anybody to believe that could have happened unless people were told to stand down.

AJ: Well, Payne Stewart, in 18 minutes had five F-16s around him in the middle of no where. In the most sensitive air corridor in the world, the eastern coast there, D.C./ New York, with these four planes all over the map. And they know there's been hijackings and Dick Cheney's in control. Everything's standing down and ....

John: The fighters that were stationed in Virginia, just across the border from Washington, D.C., could have been flying at bust speed, which is max speed, they could have intercepted those planes in 15 minutes and saved all that tragedy. And the second airplane was 15 minutes behind the first airplane. So to think they didn't do anything about the second one makes it even more ludicrous. So, terrific guest; terrific show. Thanks for taking my call.

AJ: All right, and again, we don't even do this justice to focus on one area. I mean we've got all the public officials being told not to go to New York, the insider trading by the CIA, the Bushes protecting the bin Ladens. Colonel, do you want to comment on that?

DGP: Well, what I was trying to get through here, John has done a beautiful job of laying it all out here on 911. What I want to carry away is that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs himself has agreed, there were no hijackers. There were no cell phone calls. Everybody aboard that aircraft, pilots and crew, were unconscious within 8 to 18 minutes after take-off. And you can take it from there. I've got it covered in books 2 and 3, what actually happened.

AJ: So, they're knocked out and then the remote control takes place and the rest is history.

DGP: Yeah, there was remote control and .. yes.

AJ: By the way, people don't believe they have that. Kennedy's oldest son, JFK's big brother, died in a chase plane with remote controlling in a bomber loaded with explosives as a drone in 1944.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: So this very old technology, folks. And for people that are in total denial, it's ridiculous. Let's go ahead and talk to Wayne in Virginia. Wayne, thanks for holding, go ahead.

Wayne: Yes sir, thank you. I have a two-part question. The first part is Colonel..ah.

AJ: Donn de Grand-Pre

Wayne: de Grand-Pre. I'm sorry sir, I stumbled over your name. Could you play the instructor with us ground-pounders for a little while and tell us why, from an airmanship point of view, the maneuvers the aircraft performed were just inexplicable and bordering on the impossible from a pilot's point of view?

DGP: Yes, let me get that real quick for Wayne from Virginia. These planes were being piloted by remote control, probably an AWACs aircraft taking over that airplane or airplanes or drones, unmanned drones. And flying them at 5 and 8 G-force that no pilot could withstand. So, in short, and if you read books 2 and 3, you will discover how and why this came about.

Wayne: The second part of my question is after 911, our Congressman from down here, Randy Forbes spoke at a Veterans' Foreign Wars Hall about how close he was to the Bush and Rumsfeld cabal and how before 911 he had a briefing at the White House where they were told they were expecting something big from Afghanistan. And he also in his discussion, there were about 200 or 300 people there, it is recorded on film. And my notes are very clear on this. He also said they were following other aircraft out over the ocean. Do you have any knowledge of that? That is something that I have not heard discussed at all about 911.

DGP: No, but this comes under speculation now. And I'm telling you that we are knowledgeably speculating. Those aircraft carrying crew and passengers went over the Atlantic and that was all she wrote.


AJ: Yeah, you remote control the original planes out, then your loaded up drones attack. And the biggest and oldest newspaper in Spain just came out, three weeks ago, and they looked at the bottom of one of those jets and there's some type of giant belly attachment. It's clearly a modified aircraft.

Wayne: Can I ask one final question?

AJ: Yes.

Wayne: That your line of discussion here, the Colonel in the past few minutes, has just opened up. You said earlier that you expected when push comes to shove that this 70% of general and field grade officers are going to say that's it. Well the enterprise that we are discussing here of taking regularly scheduled civilian airlines out and ditching them in the ocean and putting in their places aerial bombs....

AJ: Yeah, that is push coming to shove.

Wayne: That is it. Why aren't these people coming forward now'

AJ: Let me say this. We know because, folks I don't want to give too much detail out. I've talked to lawyers. I've talked to them. We know hundreds of high level officers have leaked everything we are now learning about today. So, I think that this caught a lot of people unawares. Colonel, do you want to comment on that?

DGP: Well, the only thing I can say is that let's consider that second aircraft that hit the World Trade Center. It did have a control device on the belly of the 757. That aircraft was unmanned and went in and blew up as a diversion. And something else happened. This was a sideshow.

AJ: I understand but going back to, we know they had bombs in the buildings, it's now admitted, but going back to what the caller said, your saying these elements in the military when push came to shove are going to stand up. Well, I would say that 911 was the globalists pushing. So, where's the shove? That's his question.

DGP: Well this will come. It's going to be in the form of a counter-coup d'tat. You understand that a coup d'tat was pulled on September 11th by the civilian hierarchy. [crosstalk] Say again?

Wayne: God grant that it would come soon.

DGP: Well, we, we, yes it probably will.

Wayne: They are talking about going into Syria now.

DGP: Don't believe it. There is a new ballgame there and I can't go into it right now. But Syria is going to be something else entirely involving NATO forces. And I can't go into that much right now.

AJ: Okay, thanks for the call, Wayne. Let's talk to Diane in South Carolina. Diane, go ahead.

Diane: Hi, before I asked my question. Please ask Don de Grand-Pre, Sir, to give us a phone number so we can contact him. And I have read the first book. It is awesome. It's like reading history and just watching everything unfold.

AJ: Yeah, he wrote about it in 2000 and then it happens a year later.

Diane: So, here's my question. On Thursday of last week in the Courier in South Carolina, they had a small article on the Russians who are now doing this World War III practice.

AJ: Yeah, the Russians are doing nuclear attack drills on us ' our little buddies, you know.

Diane: Okay, they had in there about a maneuverable nuclear-tipped weapon for offensive purposes.....

AJ: Yeah, they say they've got a missile that nothing can stop...

Diane: It's an airplane that goes five times the speed of sound. This was in the paper.

AJ: Well, they've had that for a while. You want to comment on that?

Diane: And my question is how is the foreign military in the United States vs. our military going to respond? And it looks like Russia is making some moves now. What do you think about Russia?

AJ: Yeah Colonel, that's a good question. I have all the articles, I have the documents they really are trying to integrate foreign and East German, Czech Republic, others into our military. How is that going?

DGP: It's probably going. I can't give you detail. You are bordering on certain elements that I can't talk about. But we have to consider the Russian aspect of these weapons as being in essence propaganda. We have the same type of unmanned aircraft drones, etc. that will fly 5 times the speed of sound.

AJ: They will do a lot more than that.

DGP: Yeah, but Diane let's not worry too much about the Russians.

Diane: Well, is there a non-gravitational type airplane or something?

AJ: No, they've got regular propulsion air. .. look, look Ma'am, they claim the SR 71 Blackbird in flight in '55, in service in '59, was the fastest jet in the world. It is not and it cruises at mach 3. Okay, I mean they got jets that will just.....

Diane: I know we are way behind what they are telling us. What I'm thinking....

AJ: Do you want to comment on that?

Diane: And ask him to give out his number for us, too.

DGP: Let me give you a home phone where you can contact me at Grand Pre Publishing Ltd. at 540-547-2996. And that's my home phone. It's a private phone and you can call me anytime.

AJ: Okay, now we know that you had a stroke a few years ago worrying about this so much. So folks, don't bug him too much. Hey, I feel like I'm going to have one everyday worrying about this.

DGP: I can handle just about anything including this 15-year old gelding that I was riding this morning.

AJ: Okay, well that's good sir. We'll be right back. We'll take more calls.


AJ: All right folks. Here's the deal, we are going to take 5 more calls for our guest. Then let our guest go. I really appreciate him coming on. Then I'm going to cover a bunch of news that we haven't really detailed yet. It's very, very important and recap some top stories as well. Diane had asked your phone number and if you want to give it out, that's fine. Folks, if you want to talk to the Colonel, it's 540-547-2996. And before he leaves us in the next segment, we'll give you the mailing address again to get the books. Let's talk to John in Tennessee. John, you are on the air, go ahead.

John: Colonel, did a cruise missile hit the Pentagon or a Global Hawk or a drone business jet?

DGP: You are talking about what hit the Pentagon, right John? It was a cruise missile. It could have been a Global Hawk. It was not a commercial aircraft.

AJ: That's what the eye-witnesses said and the evidence shows. And do people realize that this was staged at the Pentagon? I mean obviously it's in an area that's under renovation and then all this happens. Do people at the Pentagon? are they still buying the official story, Colonel?

DGP: Well, I can't speak for the rest of them but I'm certainly not buying that. And I think I've got the full story in book 3. And that's it. It was a diversionary hit for strategic reasons and it didn't matter whether it was a pilotless drone or a Global Hawk missile. It wasn't a commercial aircraft.

AJ: It's the most surveilled area in the world but no video of it. Witnesses said they saw a small aircraft.

DGP: No, they did not. We have [garbled] a video that purports to show a firing of a launch probably from a Global Hawk or an unmanned aircraft missile but it certainly wasn't a commercial aircraft.

John: And was United Airlines Flight 93 shot down in Pennsylvania by a U.S. or NATO pilot and was that what was supposed to hit the Pentagon?

DGP: No, that was hit at 10:00 hours. It was taken out by the North Dakota Air Guard. I know the pilot who fired those two missiles to take down 93.

John: Was it shot down because the airline pilots actually regained control of the hijacked auto-pilot or was that to replace the unmanned drone that was shot down?

DGP: No, it was the aircraft, you see, had totally unconscious people on board. There were no hijackers. At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans, the Air Guard flying the F-16s were ordered to take that plane out. And they took it out from 9:35 to 10:00.

John: Were there any refueling jets involved in that operation?

AJ: Hold on a second, John. The question is why would they deviate from the plan of flying it into the Capitol? Why did the globalists decide to go ahead and shoot the plane down?

DGP: There had been an adjustment to the controls, probably by an AWACs aircraft flying overhead, again, remote control. And it was on a course for either the Capitol or the White House. And at this stage, you don't know. The Happy Hooligans came in and took care of it.

AJ: Do you think they were not following orders?

DGP: Who, the Happy Hooligans?

AJ: Well, yeah, you've got Cheney running around, we've got the stand down taking place.

DGP: Well, this is correct, but you see the Adj. General of the State of North Dakota gave the command to take it out. And, by God, they took it out. And I've got the full story in the book.

AJ: That's a good thing they did that. You said you talked to the pilot. Think about this folks. Imagine what Bush would have gotten if he would have had that plane fly into the Capitol? Imagine the police state we would be in right now.

DGP: Yes, yes, yes, indeed.

AJ: And so you had to have the diversionary blast at the Pentagon so no one would get suspicious and think it was a military coup.

DGP: Perhaps, perhaps.

AJ: John, does that answer your question?

John: Was there any refueling tankers used by the North Dakota Air Guard and what tanker wing was used?

DGP: I don't know about the aircraft itself. I don't know about refueling. They came off base in Langley and it was just a few minutes out from Langley to the intercept over Pennsylvania. It was just a matter of minutes.

AJ: Colonel, how did you get in touch with the pilot who shot the plane down?

DGP: It turned out to be an old friend of mine from the Air National Guard and this is my home state of North Dakota. And I attended the ceremony in North Dakota and watched the Adj. General [garbled] the pilot being decorated a year later for this activity that happened on 911 with Flight 93.


AJ: Welcome back. We are about to go back to the Colonel and his amazing revelation of the North Dakota National Guard that had been moved to Langley Virginia a few months before 911. And then went in there and shot down that Flight 93 over Pennsylvania. He says he's talked to the pilot. His info checks out. I've been researching what he's been doing for years. Before we go back to our guest and 4 final calls from Scott and June and Warren and Greg, and we'll go to you quick too, because we've got a bunch of news we need to get to.

[Skipped segment]

Colonel, before we take these four final calls, go over that a little bit slower for folks. That's a big deal. You talked to the pilot, a friend of yours, who shot down Flight 93 that was going for the Capitol or the White House. And go over that for folks.

DGP: Okay, quick rundown. They were out of Hector Field, Fargo, North Dakota. A bunch, this 119 Fighter Group and they are called the Happy Hooligans. They are probably the best interceptors that we have in the country. They were moved to Langley Air Force Base from Hector Field down to Southern Virginia. And when the klaxon horn went off at 9:35, those two pilots put down their coffee and shot into their aircraft and took off. They didn't know where they were going initially but by 10:00 hours, they had rendezvoused over Southern Pennsylvania. That's about 250 miles in just a matter of minutes and engaged 93 with two side-winder missiles. And they accomplished their objective. Now Hector Field, I use to fly out of Hector Field some time ago. I know most of those pilots. I could name names. I know the National Guard Adj. General. And they were decorated about a year later and I have the full write up of that story in my book.

AJ: Yeah and it's just ignored by the media. I have that article, too. And later, well okay, it was a missile, well there wasn't "Let's Roll." It's all made-up theatre for the public and we buy it like a bunch of saps.

DGP: That is correct.

AJ: It's incredible. Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in Florida. Scott, go ahead.

Scott: Hi, how you doing?

AJ: Fine.

Scott: Earlier in the show, you mentioned that both Cheney and Wolfowitz might be in some trouble. I was wondering if they'd been serving the real rulers of the world, the thirteen families or whatever they are, and been dutifully pushing the agenda for world government....

AJ: Yeah, obviously they are just minions, [crosstalk] policy wonk puppets, so you're saying.....

Scott: If they've been doing a good job for them, why are they in danger vs. a Powell or Rice or Bush, or all they all in danger?

AJ: Or in danger of Rockefeller?

Scott: Right.

DGP: Cheney is closest to the action. He was probably most involved in all of the details of September 11th and he'll be one of the first to fall. So I predict, I predict that Cheney will be out of here inside of, well prior to the election.

Scott: Is that because he knows exactly what happened or because ...

DGP: Yes, he knows exactly what happened.

Scott: You have to eliminate all those people.

DGP: Several, yes.

AJ: Now, again...

Scott: Wouldn't that serve as a warning to anybody who would serve them in the future?

DGP: Perhaps but these guys can only understand one ingredient and that is force. And that's why it has to emanate from the military. And military force in the persona of military tribunals will takeover. And Cheney, as I reiterate, is toast.

AJ: But they are the ones who are creating the tribunals. I will say this. Gen. Rick Bacchus, over a year ago, Rhode Island native, the head of Gitmo, Guantanamo Bay, he resigned and said, "I'm not going to torture innocent people." Now that hardly got any press. We have two-star generals quitting. We have a lot of people not going along with this already.

DGP: And there will be a lot more, Alex.

AJ: Pardon me?

DGP: There will be a lot more people either resigning or retiring. And yet it's going to come out and there will be military tribunals.

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