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August 15, 1994, p. 15

Extreme Weather Patterns
May Not Be Acts of God

. . .Told Ike that technology existed to change weather patterns.

Is someone
— or a group of someones — fooling around with the weather?


. . ."The extreme weather of the last two years in North America is part of a worldwide pattern, scientists say, and they are searching hard for an explanation."
. . .That was the lead on an article by William K Stevens (New York Times Service, June 23) concerning the devastating onslaught of "a global pattern of sharper climatic swings over about the last decade."
. . .Stevens tells us that the average winter course of the North American jet stream, along which storms develop, has recently shifted from a relatively straight west-to-east path across the continent to a more curved one that dips south from the Pacific Northwest into the central part of the country and then turns upward through the Middle Atlantic states.
. . ."This curvier pattern allows colder, wetter weather to plunge down into the Northeast and warmer, drier weather to thrust upward into the West," says Stevens.
. . ."The jet stream broke sharply from a flatter pattern in the late 1950s and the curvy pattern has predominated ever since."


. . .Following the devastating floods of 1993, George Will (July 18, 1993) referred to a meeting in 1957 between President Dwight Eisenhower and physicist Edward Teller.
. . ."[Teller] suggested the possible use of atomic devices for altering the flow of rivers and even to modify the weather by changing the dust content of the air."
. . .Here at Grand Pre Farms in Madison County, Virginia, we frequently have ex-aviators as guests. While we don't agree on the cause of the unusually foul weather over the past several summers, we feel that something is not right with the winds aloft. We see an unnatural pattern over the past few years of prolonged occluded or "stalled" fronts (inversions) lasting for weeks on end during the summer months. We do know the business of flying airplanes in all kinds of weather, and have spent a lifetime, in fact, studying weather conditions, which partially explains why we are still around after 50 years of boring holes in the sky. This gives us a clue that something is unnatural about the weather.
. . .The New American magazine (January, 1991) quotes staff climatologist Cliff Harris, who said that he expected wide extremes in weather patterns during the first half of the 1990s.


. . ."In the next four to six years, 80 percent of the existing records at both ends of the meteorological scale will be broken. Most areas of the U.S. and elsewhere around the world will see new all-time record highs ... new all-time record low temperatures, record droughts, record snows, record winds, increasing tornadoes and severe hurricanes ... "
. . .Ward Sinclair, writing in The Washington Post (July 3, 1988) said: "In only the second week of summer, it has become the drought of 1988 ... this year is threatening to be one of the driest of the last half-century."
. . .Sinclair went on to say that the immediate problem "is a massive dry high pressure system locked in place in the middle of the country." Sinclair asks some cogent questions: "How long will this powerful system remain in place? And how much more damage will it cause?"
. . .John McCaslin, writing in The Washington Times (July 13, 1988) said: "The cause of this year's drought is a massive ridge of high pressure that has stalled over the central United States and split the jet stream in half, forcing a major flow of air north into Canada."
. . .Is this natural, or could it be that somebody is, in fact, messing with the weather?
. . .The fact is that scientists in the U.S. as well as in the late USSR have been experimenting with changing, redirecting and altering winds aloft for at least 40 years. That program is referred to as Weather Modification.
. . .Much of the work in weather modification was a spinoff from development of nuclear weapons, resulting from experiments in atom splitting, fission and fusion. Simplistically, the process of modifying weather is to alter the flow of winds aloft.


. . .The process involves ionization of atoms through the use of gigantic magnetrons controlling a magnetic field perpendicular to an electric field. An ion is an electrically charged atom or group of atoms whose charge results from a neutral atom or group of atoms losing or gaining one or more electrons by the action of radiant energy or by impact of alpha and beta particles and protons on atoms and molecules causing dissociation into ions. This occurs naturally, but can also be artificially induced.
. . .What we are talking about is a powerful technique for controlled and directed energy within the Earth's atmosphere which combines extremely high powered microwave technology with the electromagnetic effect.
. . .Basically, just as nuclear energy can be used as a weapon, so can weather modification, which probably evolved as a catalytic force in the development and perfection of chemical and biological agents as weapons of warfare.


. .An article in American Opinion magazine (September, 1977) by Alan Stang, titled "Making War With Weather," emphasized:
. .•Testimony before a Congressional Committee on International Environment in 1974 by Pierre St. Amand of the Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, California, to wit:
. . ."Assume for the minute that a large country exists in which a non-irrigable crop must be planted and matured so that the country has adequate food and foreign exchange. It might, to take a negative viewpoint, be advantageous to cause heavy rain during planting season to preclude sprouting and growth and then to cause severe and protracted drought during the growing season."
. . .• Profesor Gordon MacDonald of Dartmouth:
. . ."Operations producing such conditions [disturbed environment for its competitors] might be carried out covertly since nature's great irregularities permit storms, floods, droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes and tidal waves to be viewed as unusual but not unexpected. Such a secret war need never be declared or known by the affected populations. It could go on for years with only the security forces involved being aware of it. The years of drought and storm could be attributed to unkindly nature and only after a nation was thoroughly drained would an armed takeover be attempted."
. . .Professor MacDonald also spoke of modifying atmospheric electricity, resulting in changes in man's alpha brain wave activity and behavior.
. . .• The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (January, 1975) reported that in 1973 alone the Soviets spent more than $100 million for weather modification — more than four times the amount spent by the U.S.
. . "Such weather modification could be accomplished by regulating the movement of electrically charged particles in the upper atmosphere, resulting in changes in the jet stream."
. . .• Stang reports that on May 18, 1976, Cyrus Vance signed a United Nations Convention in which the United States promises not to use the weather to make war, "which leaves the lying Soviets free to do so," according to Stang.
. . .Why would anyone do this?
. . .The answer is simple, perhaps simplistic — to create starvation conditions for selected segments of the world's peoples on demand, and to eliminate many if not most of the world's food producers, mainly U.S. farmers and ranchers, by destroying their livelihood and forcing them into bankruptcy. This same amorphous group has sought the ideal "population control device" for decades. Now, through a controlled program of weather modification on an international scale, they may have the ultimate weapon ... an adjunct to what Bernard Baruch called "the absolute weapon" (the atomic bomb). It was that pundit's stated intent to place control of that all-powerful force under what he called (in 1944) an "atomic energy commission" as part of a "United Nations."
. . .Never forget that this amorphous group of internationalists never sleeps. Their goal is to establish a one-world despotic government over all of us through the medium of the UN. It is now time to banish that organization from our shores and return to the sanity of a Constitutional government we once knew as a Republic.•

. . .Col. Donn Grand Pre is a former military pilot and senior parachutist. He is a much-decorated veteran of combat in Burma during World War II and Korea, where he was wounded in 1953. Currently he is a farmer and businessman living in Reva, Virginia.



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