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Iraqi Commanders `Re-evaluating' Strategy

by Col. Donn de Grand Pre, USA (Ret)
May 23, 2007

Memo for:   Chris Petherick, Editor, AFP
    Gen Peter Pace, Chmn, JCS
    Tommy Grant, Houston
From:   Col Donn de GP
Subject:   Iraqi Cdrs "Re-evaluating" Strategy
Date:   23 May 2007


Just picked up a blurb on CNN that Gen David Patraeus, Cdr of all US forces in Iraq, together with US ambassador Craddock, are "re-evaluating" the military/diplomatic situation there and will issue a full report by the end of the month.

The generally upbeat Gen Patraeus had earlier forecast the month of September as a crucial date to determine whether or not the so-called "Surge" was showing signs of progress.

It is my view that the surge was working negatively, to the detriment of the US forces on the ground. Gen Patraeus has tacitly recognized that fact by calling for a re-evaluation of a failed program, moving the day of decision from 30 September to the here and now, namely, 31 May.

The number of KIA has now advanced to 91 for the month of May, which, in my mind as an old combat commander, is unacceptable.

{Repeat of earlier FAX sent 21 May}

Situation absolutely dire for US Forces in Iraq, with troops of the 10th Mt Div in open rebellion.

The 10th has been holed up in a protective status in one of ten FOBs where the soldiers have been out of harms way, while living "the good life" with movie theaters, PXs, gyms and air conditioned barracks.

About ten days ago, 4 members of the 10th were killed and three captured by "enemy" insurgents. The commanders ordered an immediate search of the countryside in an attempt to locate the missing grunts. The troops refused orders to "take to the field", so the commanders ordered 4,000 GIs to search every square inch of the terrain.

The commanders, in an attempt to regain control over the rebellious troops, have now ordered 6,000 members of the 10th Mt Div (roughly half the division strength) to the field to continue the fruitless search.

This is a punishment and disciplinary measure which is bound to fail miserably. Current daytime temp is over 100 degrees, with troops in full field uniforms and flack jackets. This is the tenth day of the fruitless search, with no end in site.

Bottom Line: This represents an abject failure in leadership and a major failure of the so-called "troop surge". Meanwhile, 18 of our troops have been killed since Friday, with many more wounded.


Col. Donn de Grand Pre is author of The Serpent's Sting, The Viper's Venom, and The Rattler's Revenge, which comprise volumes I, II, and II of the highly acclaimed Barbarians Inside the Gates series. These works provide historical background leading up to a coup against America. A former senior Pentagon official, he is also author of historical novels which draw upon his background as a North Dakota farmer and rancher and decorated combat veteran of WWII and Korea.


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