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The Serpent's Sting
Book One of the Barbarians Inside the Gates Series (PDF)
There is a lot more behind World War I, World War II, the founding of Israel, and the Cold War than we have been told by Establisment history books. America did not eliminate ultimate Evil from the planet at Nuremberg. In fact, it is very much alive and well today inside our own gates. This volume is also included in Book Three, The Rattler's Revenge, listed below.

  The Viper's Venom
Book Two of the Barbarians Inside the Gates Series (PDF)
9-11 was an inside job. Worse yet, it was a part of a stealth rolling coup against the Constitution and the American people that has been going on for quite some time. This is an excellent overview of the malevolent forces shaping our current national crisis by a former top Pentagon insider.
  The Rattler's Revenge
Book Three of the Barbarians Inside the Gates Series (PDF)
This book includes Volume I, plus it contains several new chapters and revised interpretations. How close is the clock ticking towards midnight? Do we require a counter coup? If we fail to act, will we brought to utter ruin in the not so distant future?


Articles written by Col Donn de Grand Pré
20070523   Iraqi Commanders `Reevaluating' Strategy. This short
    memo reports an indicator that the Bush spring 2007 "surge" in Iraq was a joke.
  Debunking 9-11: Includes 100 Unanswered Questions
    About Sept. 11 by The American Free Press (2005):
  9-11: A Neo-Con Coup de Etat But Is a Counter
    Coup Coming From the U.S. Military?
  Cui bono? Who Really Benefits from a Secret War
  Against the United States of America?
  Are the Neo-Cons Pushing for WWIII? Is Israel
    going for the entire Middle East? Ad page for the Barbarians Inside the Gates series. For other ads run in The American Free Press, please see this link.
  Former Pentagon Man Has Doubts About 9-11
20030807   The Enemy Is Inside the Gates. Reproduced from Also posted on August 7, 2003.
2003   Preface to Rattler's Revenge, Volume III of the
    Barbarians Inside the Gates series. "...As Patrick J. Buchanan so boldly stated: `A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest'..."
20020123   A Letter Edged In Black: A Summary Report to
    the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "There were no hijackers; there were no box cutters; there were no cell phone calls to “hijacked” passengers; in fact, all personnel on board were rendered instantly unconscious (within 18 minutes at most) by controlled decompression. All commercial planes were controlled remotely by aircraft with EMP and/or other radio frequency weapons. The actual plot of the of 9-11 events was exceptionally well-planned in advance and was executed under the guise of `terrorism'. The President seems to be absolutely terrified of the results and the Israelis are dangerously desperate..."
2000   Open Letter to Our Military (Time to Define the True
    Enemy), from Serpent's Sting. "...Our supplications you have disregarded; and you – our supposed military leaders – all of who took a solemn oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, have spurned us with contempt as you grovel..."
2000   Prologue: On the Eve of World War III, Serpent's
    Sting, "...The cunning tactics and terror techniques of Lenin and Stalin and their Zionist (say Bolshevist) Comrades, headed by such historically significant thugs as “Iron Felix” Dzerzinsky and Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein), are today being implemented with a vengeance right here in our own country – the United States of America – once the citadel of liberty and freedom; now, fast becoming the premier fascist police state."
19940912   Shift of U.S. Sovereignty to U.N. Planned 50 Years
    Ago, The SPOTLIGHT, September 12, 1994
19940815   "Extreme Weather Patterns May Not Be Acts of
    God", The SPOTLIGHT, August 15, 1994
198003   "Requiem For an Arms Peddler" adapted from
    Confessions of an Arms Peddler. "...[the production of] arms has become such an over-shadowing part of our life that one-quarter of our nation's work force is now either directly involved in or closely allied in building the machinery of death . . . Gangsterism? . . . payoffs flourish in international arms sales, just as they do in organized crime and corrupted unions..." Implied in this article, and explained explicitly in the Barbarians Inside the Gates series, is the reality that much of today's international arms business is run by criminal elites for criminal purposes.
19720618   Tad: How a Rubella Child Made a Good Family

Articles written by others
about Col Donn de Grand Pré

2005 p72   Shocking Claims Rock Conference: Insider

  Reveals Disgruntled U.S. Military on Verge of Revolt; Pilots, Pentagon Man Have Different View on What Happened, from Debunking 9-11 by The American Free Press, pages 72-73, by John Kaminski
20021021   Author Has Antidote for Anti-U.S. Agenda by Michael
    Collins Piper. "There is hardly a page in The Vipers Venom that does not make the reader pause to think. In many respects, Grand Pre's work is a valuable counter-point to the overload of misinformation and deliberate disinformation that circulates as `news' in the modern-day media and as "history" in the world of academia." (For a web page view of the original article, see this link).
19800316   Ex-Arms Merchant Settling Into More Satisfying
    Life by Will Marshall, Richmond Times-Dispatch State Staff
19791209   North Dakotan returns home to write, background
    novel by Sylvia Paine, Staff Writer, The Sunday Forum, FARGO-MOOREHEAD, December 9, 1979

Interview Transcripts
20040225   Col Donn de Grand Pre interviewed by Alex Jones, of
    Prison, February 25, 2004
200103   "Former Pentagon Official Says `No-Win Wars' Part
    of Global Government Plan." Interview of Col Donn de Grand Pre by Tom Valentine. March 2001. This is an excerpt from pages 14-30 of Viper's Venom of the full interview that goes to page 46.

MP3 Interviews
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  Alfon's interview with Col Grand Pre following the March 2006 Walt and Mearsheimer Harvard Study about Jewish Lobby dominance. Alfons is with 9-11 Veterans for Truth; 20:08.
MP3 download interview by Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani with Col Grand Pre. 4 Feb 2005, 26:43.
MP3 download

  Alex Jones interview with Col. Donn de Grand Pre, U.S. Army (ret.) 25 Feb 2004. (Right click to download, double click for streaming sound).

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