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"When republican virtue fails, slavery ensues"
Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776

Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

-- Pennsylvania Assembly letter, Nov 11, 1755

"He who will not reason is a bigot;
he who cannot is a fool;
and he who dares not is a slave"

Sir William Drummond


“Who does not know the truth, is simply a fool…
Yet who knows the truth and calls it a lie,
is a criminal.”

-- Galileo by Bertolt Brecht,
translated by Charles Laughton



"...Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed—and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian law-maker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment—the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution—not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"—but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion."

"President and the Press" Speech (April 27, 1961)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Editor's Note: This is an interesting example of an Irish Catholic trying to sound "WASPier" than most WASPs, despite the irony that JFK's father Joseph Kennedy deliberately allied himself with utterly psychopathic Jewish leaders in order to make his son the first Roman Catholic President of the United States, as noted in Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper. These words were probably ghost-written by Theodore Chaikin "Ted" Sorensen, who was Danish on his father's side and Russian-Jewish on his "mother's side," the perfect combo to know how to precisely sound "kosher WASP" and how to "Dress British/Think Yiddish" at the same time. Joe Kennedy made his initial fortune from a combination of Wall Street insider trading and bootlegging in coordination with Jewish, Italian Catholic, and Irish Catholic mobsters who controlled or ran organized crime in America. Organized crime in America was and still is ultimately controlled by the Rothschilds / City of London / Jewish-infiltrated UK Monarchy / Dutch Monarchy (what nuclear radiation expert and global depopulation whisteblower Leuren Moret likes to call "gangsters in tiaras") and other "Black Nobility" or allied or subsidiary nefarious organizations (for example the Bilderberg Group, Tavistock Institute, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, Rockefeller Foundations and Trusts, and various major industry cartels such as Big Oil, Big Banking, Big Pharma, the nuclear industry, and the military-industrial complex) who act through Mossad-CIA-MI6, control the Bank of England and U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world, run "Dope Inc", control very dangerous technologies (HAARP/weather/tectonic warfare, nuclear weapons and power plants, chemtrails, GMO foods, toxic vaccines, biowar agents, MKULTRA-related forms of mind control, etc), and continually utilize false flag operations as part of an ongoing "strategy of tension." They also practice "full spectrum dominance" of major media and most "alternative media" around the world. They are addicted to financial speculation and making quick arbitrage profits for themselves by outsourcing strategic industries rather than benefiting the long term economic interests of their host nations. Like the thugs of India and other highly psychopathic people, rather than spend their time on projects that are genuinely productive for society, these malefactors prefer to mire themselves in intrigues that deceive and take down members of all out groups so that members of their in-groups can snicker with sadistic pleasure at their own cleverness in planting "big lies" or scoring "kills." These globalist parasites prefer forming cutthroat business monopolies to any form of free enterprise and free market competition. They focus upon exploiting the lowest cost labor around the world rather than reinvesting in the manufacturing bases and worker skills of advanced industrialized countries originally developed by WASPs and other Northern European peoples during the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. (Expressed differently, these sociopathic, insatiably greedy, narcissistic, plutocratic, spoiled-brat, "punk wise guys" are psychologically incapable of promoting, creating, or building productive industries within America like a Thomas Jefferson, Robert Fulton, Nikola Tesla or Henry Ford). One branch of this globalist criminal cabal once consisted of elite Jews such as Jacob Schiff, Leon Trotsky, and Armand Hammer (all of whom spent some time living in the USA) who played key roles in financing, leading, or bailing out Bolshevism and Soviet Red Terror (See Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton). Hence, JFK's father was very much intertwined with the very same "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy" that JFK condemned in his famous "President and the Press" speech. JFK's Jewish "allies" proved they are all too willing to practice the exact opposite of the noble, honest, open, and gentlemanly tone of his speech by murdering him in Dallas on 11-22, 1963. Other Jews later viciously mocked JFK's father. As much as I love using certain JFK quotes as stand-alone observations, it pains me to use them without noting important "Caveats to Camelot." Please also see my Oslo-Utoya 7-22 Part VI web page for more discussion of WASP, Catholic, and Jewish-related issues in American and global politics.


"The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.

— Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx,
'La Revue de Paris', p.574, published June 1, 1928


For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive… The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination… The worldwide yearning for human dignity is the central challenge inherent in the phenomenon of global political awakening… That awakening is socially massive and politically radicalizing… The nearly universal access to radio, television and increasingly the Internet is creating a community of shared perceptions and envy that can be galvanized and channeled by demagogic political or religious passions. These energies transcend sovereign borders and pose a challenge both to existing states as well as to the existing global hierarchy, on top of which America still perches

-- Zbigniew Brzezinski, "During a Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal [in 2010], co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission and regular Bilderberg attendee." (Source: "Brzezinski’s Feared `Global Awakening' Has Arrived" by Paul Joseph Watson,, Jan 28, 2011. Boldface added by America First Books Editor).


In his book Pawns in the Game (Third Edition 1956), William Guy Carr, retired Commander, Canadian Royal Navy, reproduced on page 106 a speech that originally appeared in the American publication Common Sense by the renown political researcher Eustace Mullins. Commander Carr noted that “A report from Europe carries the following speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952" [Editor's Note: I have inserted some of my own comments in brackets and have boldfaced certain text for emphasis]:

Rabbi Rabinovich: Greetings, my children : You have been called here to recapitulate the principal steps of our new programme. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now Work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III within five years. [Before the reader laughs at this, check out High Priests of War by Michael Collins Piper or articles such as “The Machiavelian Threefold Game of the Neoconservatives” by Laurent Guyénot, 27 May 2013,, "American Traitors Incite Treason in Iran" by Dr. Kevin Barrett, American Free Press, February 24, 2018, " Provocations Have A History Of Escalating Into War: Can War Be Avoided and the Planet Saved?,"Aug 31, 2018, and also "Washington Reaches New Heights of Insanity with the `Kremlin Report,'” Jan 30, 2018 by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, , "The Path to World War III: Risky Israeli behavior threatens everyone" by former CIA analyst Philip Giraldi, September 25, 2018, Even major elements of the radical Left have also figured out that Zionist goals are hardly defensive, benign, and humanitarian in nature; see for example "The Neocon-Zionist Alliance for War" by Ismael Hossein-Zadeh at or "100 years since the Balfour Declaration, Part 2" at the World Socialist Web Site. Rabbi Rabinovich's time table may have been a bit premature, but the sinister intent of certain fellow members of that segment Judaism which can be rightly considered a self-anointed, self-chosen, master criminal race of Old Yahweh remain very much with us to this very day].

Rabbi Rabinovich: ‘The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts, and our caution, tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king, and every Gentile a slave. (Applause from the gathering). You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930’s, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War. A similar propaganda campaign is now being waged intensively throughout the world. A war fever is being worked up in Russia by an incessant anti-American barrage, while a nationwide anti-Communist scare is sweeping America. This campaign is forcing all of the smaller nations to choose between the partnership of Russia or an alliance with the United States.

‘Our most pressing problem at the moment is to inflame the lagging militaristic spirit of the Americans. The failure of the Universal Military Training Act was a great setback to our plans, but we are assured that a suitable measure will be rushed through congress immediately after the 1952 elections. The Russian, as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control and offer no objections to war, but we must wait to secure the Americans. This we hope to do with the issue of anti-Semitism, which worked so well in uniting the Americans against Germany. We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia to help whip up indignation in the United States and produce a front of solidarity against the Soviet power. Simultaneously, to demonstrate to Americans the reality of anti-Semitism, we will advance through new sources large sums of money to outspokenly anti-Semitic elements in America to increase their effectiveness, and we shall stage anti-Semitic outbreaks in several of their larger cities. This will serve the double purpose of exposing reactionary sectors in America, which can be silenced, and of welding the United States into a devoted anti-Russian unit.

‘Within five years, this programme will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israel, of course will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commission into all wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the Gentiles.

‘We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace, and wiping out inter-racial tensions, forbid the whites to mate with whites. The white women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the white men with black women. Thus the white race will disappear, for mixing the dark with the white means the end of the white man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.’ [Editor's Note: See " The Strange Death of Europe Versus The Strange Decay of America - Pt 1" by Frosty Wooldridg,e Exclusive to 2-12-19, "Trump's Budget Deal A Toxic, Despicable Betrayal" by Devvy Kidd, Exclusive to, 2-20-19, especially the section where she links to the article "WE HAVE GOT TO ELIMINATE THE GRINGOS", and "Caravans, Sex, and Supermurders," March 31, 2018" by Kevin Alfred Strom].

Question from the gathering: ‘Rabbi Rabinovich, what about the various religions after the Third World War ?’

Rabbi Rabinovich: ‘ There will be no more religions. Not only would the existence of a priest class remain a constant danger to our rule, but belief in an after-life would give spiritual strength to irreconcilable elements in many countries, and enable them to resist us. We will, however, retain the rituals, and customs of Judaism, as the mark of our hereditary ruling caste, strengthening our racial laws so that no Jew will be allowed to marry outside our race, nor will any stranger be accepted by us. [Editor's Note: See "Is Crestone/Baca, Colorado, “The Vatican City of the New World Order?:” An Exposé of the Occult “New World Religion” by Dr. Eric Karlstrom and also the Jan 28, 2015 interview of Dr. Karlstrom on Red Ice Radio]

Rabbi Rabinovich: ‘We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the Peace. I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the death of a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay.

‘To convince you of the certainty of that leadership, let me point out to you how we have turned all of the inventions of the white man into weapons against him. His printing presses and radios are the mouthpieces of our desires, and his heavy industry manufactures the instruments which he sends out to arm Asia and Africa against him. Our interest in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four Programme for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority.

‘And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching Light when Israel will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World.’ Illuminati means ‘Holder of the Light’.



"Our victory is coming."

...or so I would like to think. The continuing onslaught of Fukushima radiation and other nuclear-related hazards, the cancerous growth of the police state, the incessant hijacking and perversion of major media and other informers of public opinion, the never-ending drain from foreign wars for Israel in the name of an abstract bogeyman called "Terror," the nonstop illegal Third World immigration and dispossession and impoverishment of the once formidable white middle class, the ever escalating levels of debt across all areas of American society accompanied by outrageous and incessant Wall Street and central bank frauds, and the plethora of other tragic trends that are constantly wrecking this country -- hopefully the sum total of all these horrors will finally wake up enough fellow citizens to motivate the constructive and decisive action necessary to overcome unspeakably evil enemies whose ultimate goal is to enslave or exterminate us all.
-- William B. Fox, Publisher and Editor, America First Books

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America First Books Web Site Essays Links to my "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz, the "Reconciling Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies" series, and other works.
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The First Amendment and U.S. Military. It is tough for active duty military personnel to speak out as our country continues on the hell-bound train towards disaster.
"Thought Crime" Board of Inquiry. How I got relieved and then reinstated as OIC of an intelligence unit in 1990 based upon the nature of certain off duty, private conversations about issues that have not only not gone away, but have become vastly worse, just as I feared.

Addressing Social, Political, and Economic Crises. Please pardon some of my long web pages filled with information that take a while to load. Some talk host shows actually like it this way; they can simply print out long web pages using small print and then use them as bullet point overviews for structuring interviews.
Religious Articles It is interesting how a number of conservatives on the American Right want to go back in time to find "roots." In "Militant Musings: From Nightmare 1995 to My Utopian 2050" William S. Lind writes about "Victorians." Mark Dankof, the Republic Broadcasting Network talk show host who interviewed me on Aug 23, 2009, is an ordained Lutheran minister true to doctrines of the late Renaissance early Reformation. Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, a Slavic studies expert and frequent contributor to the nationalist publication Barnes Review, is an ordained priest in the medieval Ukrainian Orthodox church. All I can say is I think that when it comes to pursuing an "indigenous religious" concept, I am well beyond these folks, and in fact have taken it to the max. Our deepest roots lie in ancient Indo-European religion, to include the Old Norse pagan religion of my own ancestors.

Biography: An overview of background and work experience, and some personal photo highlights. No longer active as a securities broker. My Col. Frederick H. Fox memorial page outlines two very influential individuals in my life on a deeper sociological level, namely my paternal grandfather (Col. Fox) and my paternal great uncle, Col. Creed F. Bates.
Preventing Another 9-11 By Fighting Evil Cabals: The Mission of Conscience Trilogy. In Books I and II, I explain analysis and interdiction efforts by Capt. Eric H. May, former U.S. Army intelligence officer, against attempted repeat false flag attacks in America. In Book III I take intelligence analysis to the highest level --with the gloves off.
Interviews on MP3 link below .
Other links: My twitter page documents my effort to put various public officials, media sources, and celebrities on notice regarding certain gravely serious issues that that threaten not only themselves, but also the entire country -- if not the entire world.
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I, Robot Entrepreneur by William Fox
Although the title is derived from the science fiction story I, Robot, the subject matter is real. The mobile robotics revolution promises to become the most significant phase of the continuing industrial revolution and a key driver behind real economic progress. This donation ebook explores many perspectives ranging from entrepreneurial opportunities to the social implications of artificial intelligence in motion.


Preventing Another 9-11 By Fighting Evil Cabals

Did Capt. Eric H. May and his associates help save America from World War III? Read the following two online ebooks in the Mission of Conscience series and decide for yourself. Lone Star Iconoclast publisher W. Leon Smith even went so far as to recommend Capt.May for the Congressional Medal of Honor
Book I starts with a biographical sketch of Captain May, and the last chapter of Book II covers the October 2007 TOPOFF mission. Book III covers Nov 2007 to Dec 2009 and addresses major social and political events.
The summary table of contents for all three online books of the Trilogy may be found on an exclusive web page as well as below.

Mission of Conscience:
Capt. Eric May, the Info War,
And Amazing Predictions Come True

by Maj. William B. Fox

Book I:
Waking Up To the Ultimate Mission

Preface Too Uncanny to Be Ignored
Chronology   Key Dates and Suspicious Events
Chapter   1 Gestation inside the Propaganda Matrix
Chapter   2: The Battle of Baghdad Cover-up
Chapter   3: The Ft. Stewart Confirmation and the First
  Death Threat
Chapter   4: The July Jumble and Going Underground for the
  First Time
Chapter   5:   Profiling the Opposing Forces Commander, “Circle B,”
  and His Kosher Handlers, “Circle Z”
Chapter   6 The First Crawford, TX Protest, the Angry Letter
  Campaign, and “Why We Fight”
Chapter   7: How September 11th Became the False Flag
  Rosetta Stone
Chapter   8 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators
Chapter   9: How the Madrid Bombings Became the “9-11 To Be”
  Wake Up Call
Chapter 10 The First Ghost Troop Mission and the Terrifying
  BP Refinery Explosion
Chapter 11:   The Sears Tower Alert, Going Underground Again,
  and the New Caney Pipeline Explosion
Chapter 12:  The Bush Cabal Resurgence, Bin Laden-Hussein
  Fakery, and Making the Next Terror Prediction
Chapter 13:  The London Subway Bombings and the Texas City
  Simulated Nuclear Explosion

Book II:
Defending Freedom,
One False Flag Threat At A Time

Chapter 14 Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, and Info War Martyrs
Chapter 15 The Katrina Strike Against New Orleans as the
  “Weather 9/11”
Chapter 16 False Flag Terror By Other Means; Weather War,
  Biological Attack, and Arson
Chapter 17 The Bombing Beat Goes On and On: The JFK
  Assassination Subplot,  the McVeigh Subterfuge, Bali and Amman Explosions
Chapter 18  The Fourth Houston Area  Prediction,  the Surprise
  WMD Team, and Resurrected Mohammed the Bomber Cartoons
Chapter 19 The Samarra Golden Mosque Bombing and Saving
  the Sears Tower Once Again
Chapter 20 SFC Buswell, Exxon-Mobil Explosion, COINTELPRO,
  and Military “Freedom of Speech” in the Info War
Chapter 21  The 2006 Mumbai Bombing, Another Israeli-Lebanon
  War, Operation Orient Queen, and Confronting Christian Zionist Fanaticism
Chapter 22 Iran Sitzkrieg, Chicago Once Again, Military Push-Back,
  and Time’s Limited Hangout
 Chapter 23 NAU, NSPD-51 and the Creation of the
  Perfect Police State Mouse Trap
Chapter 24  Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash; Portland
  and Phoenix Join the Terror Target Club
 Chapter 25  The Kennebunkport Warning and the B-52 “Loose
  Nukes” Push-Back
Chapter 26   TOPOFF, Vladimir Putin, and Yet Another Highly
  Coincidental Texas Terror Triangle Explosion


Book III:
Changing the Mask,
And the Continuing Cyber Battle Against
False Flag "Predator" and "Alien"


Preface Coming to Grips with "Predator" and "Alien"
  To Conduct Ultimate Analysis
Chapter 27 More Arson, More Private Army,
  More Russian, French, and Pakistani Gyrations
Chapter 28 “Internet Radicalization,” False Flag
  Ideological Warfare (PSYOPs), and Internal Debate
Chapter 29 Candidate Klock, The Spook Nuke Threat and
  the Ron Paul Libertarian Revolution
Chapter 30 The Mayday Alert and the
  Assassination of Roland Carnaby
Chapter 31 Marine Corps Martial Law and
  Synthetic Domestic Enemies
Chapter 32 Neo-Con Bloodying of the Russian Bear and
  Putin vs. the New World Order
Chapter 33 Wall Street Coup de Etat and
  Banker False Flags Against America
Chapter 34  Saving Dr. Toben, Handling Real Nazis, and
Countering the Holocaustianity Intellectual Blackjack
Chapter 35 The Election of “Bush in Blackface”
and Another Mumbai False Flag
Chapter 36  Swine Flu Bio War
Chapter 37 "Operation Blackjack," the Kansas City, KS Nuke,
and the Zombie March Towards "Stalingrad II"
 Chapter 38  Pittsburgh False Flag "Anarchists," Cyber Militia,
and the Principles of Info War
Chapter 39   Year-End Domestic Terror, Captain May Fading Away
  -- Who Will Replace Him?



The publisher of America First Books featured in "Fukushima Radiation Present In America," by W. Leon Smith, owner, The Lone Star Iconoclast, Oct 14, 2012.


Addressing Social, Political, and Economic Crises

2024-01-08 "Dr. James Fetzer: Why Does Sandy Hook Still Matter?"
2023-05-27 "Prigozhin, Wagner And Nuclear War"
Jeff Rense interview of Mitchell Henderson, transcript by William Fox
2020-05-16 "Ed McCabe and Other Heroes of the Activated Oxygen Alternative Medicine Resistance"
This web page not only has extracts from Ed McCabe's classic work Flood Your Body With Oxygen, but also lists leading ozone doctors in America and around the world and profiles several of America's leading M.D.s in this field. This web page also links to strong scientific evidence that activated oxygen therapies currently comprise the most cost-effective method for handling pandemics, more so than even the current state of the art of vaccinations or certain drugs such as hydroxychloroquine touted as a "game changer" by Donald Trump.
2020-04-26 "A Closer Look at the Malevolent Deep State Influence Behind the Dysfunctional Medical- Pharmaceutical Complex in America: A Story About How A Sick Society Deals With Sickness" A look at some very powerful, evil, and self-serving influences behind the scenes that in many instances cause the U.S. medical-pharmaceutical complex to act like it is waging a war not only against natural remedies in particular, but against the American public in general. This work provides an important perspective to help understand why certain establishment leaders are pushing mandatory toxic vaccines while at the same time suppressing activated oxygen and other promising relatively cheap and effective therapeutic approaches.
2020-03-02 "The Coronavirus Disease 2019-2020 (COVID-19) Global Pandemic Threat"
an open source intelligence and news article aggregation summary page. This web page is subject to updates as I continue to try to identify key issues and resolve conflicting information.
"Miscelleanous health protection strategies for dealing with radiation and cancer." Dr. Doug Rokke interviewed William Fox on his show "The Warrior Connection" on Gary Null's Progressive Radio Network (as of 13 Feb 2020 show postings were backlogged several months and the show had not been posted yet). The following downloadable MP3 file of the show is William Fox's personal backup recording. (56:28) 29.7 MB. Download here.
2015-07-30 The Real Deal Ep #84 William Fox on the death of Michael Collins Piper, Plus Live JFK Group Talk (YouTube). (1:55:47) Transcript here. In the first hour of this video I was interviewed by Dr. James Fetzer and discussed substantial evidence that former American Free Press ace journalist Michael Collins Piper was murdered by a directed energy weapon in his motel room in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on May 29th or 30th. Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, voiced similar suspicions in "Did Israel Assassinate Michael Collins Piper?," posted 3 June 2015. I created the web site and carry most of Piper's books as ebooks at, to include Final Judgment, The New Babylon, The Judas Goats, and The New Jerusalem. Needless to say, I have more than a casual interest in Mike Piper's passing. America First Institute MP3 download link here (105 MB).
2015-08-29 Fukushima: The End of Mankind?
(Transcript prepared by William Fox). Dr. James Fetzer interviewed Dennis Cimino, a former top U.S. Navy top electronics troubleshooter and a leading 9-11 false flag expert on The Real Deal talk show about his personal experiences dealing with the effects of Fukushima radiation in his civilian business and also where he lives near Seattle, Washington. Mr. Cimino also discussed the malevolent deep state that has permitted Fukushima to get out of control and the possible very grim long term consequences of the greatest radiation catastrophe in human history. MP3 download: "The Real Deal Episode No. 91: Dr. Fetzer interview with Dennis Cimino, "Fukushima: The End of Mankind?" download link HERE.
2015-06-05 Salute to Michael Collins Piper (1960-2015)
(Transcript prepared by Willliam Fox) Carolyn Yeager interviewed professor Ray Goodwin on the Heretics Hour about the life and work of Michael Collins Piper, who was found dead in a motel room in Boise, Idaho on Saturday, May 30, 2015.
2014-12-02 A Tribute to Captain Eric H. May (1960-2014)
(Transcript prepared by William Fox). Dr. James Fetzer interviewed W. Leon Smith, Publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, and Major William Fox on his talk show The Real Deal regarding the effectiveness Capt. Eric May and his activist group Ghost Troop in trying to thwart repeat 9-11-type false flag attacks by Mossad-CIA-MI6 and their "deep state" handlers in the U.S. and UK. A funeral home obituary web page notes that "Eric Holmes May died October 14, 2014 after a courageous 9-year fight against service-connected ALS, with Gretchen holding his hand.  He gave his life for his country." Captain May stated publicly that he felt it was likely that he was "neurotoxined" as a consequence of his whistleblower efforts against the Bush administration. Please see my
Mission of Conscience series about his life and work. This show was recorded on Nov 12, 2014. The Real Deal MP3 download page here.
The Norwegian American Weekly Continues to Censor Fukushima Bad News -- and hence aids and abets a long term human health and mutation catastrophe -- but why does its most recent editor have to smear the publisher of America First Books as well as censor his radiation alerts? After submitting eight letters to the editor that got ignored, at long last a cover letter that I sent (not intended for publication) got published but not my main letter (which I did intend for publication). The cover letter was then used for a personal attack. This is not the kind of behavior I would expect from some "nice Norwegian-American girl" serving as the editor. I not only reproduce the rejected letters and comment on them, but also the editor's smear against me. I also look deeply into social and political factors that might help to explain why both the Norwegian government and Norwegian American Weekly are sweeping Fukushima under the rug.
Ingunn Sigurdsdatter; Norway Happiest Country on Earth Myth and Awakening the Norsemen (Transcript), Henrik Palmgren interviews a Norwegian activist on Red Ice Radio, broadcast April 14, 2014. Red Ice show description and 1st hr MP3 download page here, the complete show on YouTube here. This provides some excellent insights into what is currently "rotten in Norway" and why Scandinavians have done a very poor job to date of acting as counterpredators to New World Order predators.
2013-10-24 Fukushima Update and Discussion of "28 Indications That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation"
(transcript prepared by William Fox, who also organized this interview). A round table discussion hosted by Dr. James Fetzer with Lawrence Livermore whistleblower and geoscientist Leuren Moret and activist Christina Consolo ("The RadChick") of Nuked Radio. The Real Deal MP3 download page here.
2013-10-18 Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk with Majia Nadesan, Ph.D. (transcript prepared by William Fox, who also organized this interview). Dr. James Fetzer interview with Dr. Majia Nadesan, professor at Arizona State University and the author of Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk (2013), on The Real Deal talk show. The Veterans Today's version of this transcript may be found here. The Real Deal MP3 download page here.

2013-06-25 Real Time U.S. Radiation Monitoring:
Updated With Real Time EPA RadNet Japan Nuclear Radiation Monitoring For Every Major City In The Entire US On A Single Page.
Hat tip to Alexander Higgins at who originally created this web page format. Unfortunately his version of this web page has been down ever since Hurricane Sandy destroyed his house in Oct 2012 where the server for his web site was located. I was able to reconstruct and adapt its HTML code from an archived web page. Please donate to Mr. Higgins to help him and his family get back on their feet.
2013-06-22 Nuked Radio No 117 PLUMEGATE: Hatrick Penry Hosts Nuked Radio 6.13.13
(Transcript prepared by William B. Fox). This show provides a good overview of Hatrick Penry's (aka Tony Muga's) research into "smoking gun" evidence contained within documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act regarding the criminal cover-up of the Fukushima radiation threat.
2013-06-09 Countering the Plume-Gate Cover-up.
(Transcript prepared by William B. Fox). Christina "The RadChick" Consolo, host of Nuked Radio, interviews Hatrick Penry on 14 Nov 2012 for Wide Awake Radio. Christina describes how she suffered horribly from the impact of the first waves of Fukushima radiation that reached America, and Hatrick Penry (pen name of Tony Muga) of Hatrick Penry Unbound on Blogtalk Radio and describes strong evidence of a deliberate, continuing, high level "Plume-Gate" cover-up, as revealed by Nuclear Regulatory Commission documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.
2013-05-03 to 06
( Twitter outreach campaign). Here is another approach I have used to fight the ongoing major media blackout and the shockingly high levels of government ineptitude and sociopathic behavior regarding the continuing Fukushima radiation threat, which remains an extremely serious CIVIL DEFENSE EMERGENCY. I have tweeted various celebrities and government officials or affiliated agencies with verbiage such as "For your protection please see NUKED IN SKIES interview --celebrity air travelers sickened by Fukushima radiation." Having read about "Twitter Revolutions" I thought it was appropriate to use Twitter to broadcast an important civil defense message, but apparently some folks at Twitter felt otherwise after I made 556 tweets and demanded that I either give it a rest or else have my account suspended. It looks like I need to have some dialog and arrive at some understandings with these folks before moving forward again with a similar approach.
It is worth emphasizing that there is strong evidence that radiation-related illnesses are afflicting air travelers not only over Japan and North America, but also elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere as Fukushima radiation continues to rise from the melted-down reactors and circle around and around and around the planet. Whereas normal pre-Fukushima radiation levels in airplanes were about 200 counts per minute at cruising altitude, various sources have been routinely measuring rates of over 1,000 counts per minute ever since the Fukushima meltdowns began on 11 March 2011. (Normal background radiation on the ground in most parts of America prior to Fukushima was less than 10 counts per minute, and according to Michael Collins in his 9 March 2012 article "Highest Radiation in L.A. Air Yet" at "The California Highway patrol considers anything over three times background, 300% of background and above, a trigger level to a hazardous material situation." 100 counts per minute is usually automatically considered "HAZMAT.") On top of this, we continue to get the kinds of radioactive "hot rains" across America that are documented in my "Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" series. Radioactive fallout continues to concentrate in our soil and water and bioaccumulate within our food chain. The experience of Chernobyl shows that this kind of crisis tends to get worse rather than better in the decades that follow meltdowns. According certain reputable sources, in the 25 years since the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986, over one million people died prematurely and eight million were crippled for life -- and Fukushima could wind up being more than 300 times worse! This could imply more than 300 million dead and 2.4 billion crippled over the next 25 years in the greatest catastrophe in human history -- an extinction-level event. Meanwhile, humans are incapable of seeing, feeling, tasting, or smelling these radioactive poisons that are slowly but surely "soft killing" them by exacerbating every disease known to man, to include cancer and heart disease. Since I view the global radiation threat as first and foremost a humanitarian crisis, I have decided to approach people from a wide variety of social and political backgrounds with my twitter campaign, since I view this as an "all hands on deck" type of national emergency where we require grass roots populist measures -- to include word-of-mouth -- to overcome establishment censorship.
Whether one agrees or disagrees with my own personal political views should be a minor consideration in regard to this particular issue; the key issue here is that Americans of all backgrounds are now being "soft killed" in a very slow but deadly manner by this invisible enemy. All Americans, as well as other peoples around the world, have a basic human right to learn enough to protect themselves. Please read the "Nuked in the Skies" interview listed immediately below for important background, and please assist me in spreading the word!
2013-04-18 NUKED IN THE SKIES: Celebrity Sickness and Flying
(transcript, illiustrations, and captions prepared by William B. Fox). Christina Consolo, host of Nuked Radio, interview with Leuren Moret on March 25, 2013 about the likely radiation-related misfortunes of Kim Kardashian, Lil Wayne, Kelly Osbourne, and other contemporary celebrities, as well as evidence that historic figures such as John Wayne and Michael Landon were also radiation victims.
2013-04-17 NUKED RADIO SPECIAL: Two Years of Fukushima (transcript prepared by William Fox). Christina Consolo, host of Nuked Radio, interview with Leuren Moret on March 11, 2013, about a catastrophe that is getting ever worse over time amidst the continuing major media blackout.
The Fukushima Cover-Up (transcript). Nuked Radio Episode No. 84, Christina Consolo (the "RadChick") interviews Maj. William B. Fox. Listed on YouTube as "Nuked #84 Military/MSM Insider talks Fukushima Coverup". Also listed in MP3 section below.
2012-10-14 Fukushima Radiation Present In America
," by W. Leon Smith, owner, The Lone Star Iconoclast, Oct 14, 2012. I am quoted numerous times throughout this article and the subject of several photos while wearing a respirator.
2012-09-23 Alex Jones interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik, 16 Sept 2012, transcribed by William B. Fox. A good companion piece is “Steve Pieczenik: World War III starts 25 September 2012” by Dr. James Fetzer at Veterans Today. I got active in researching Dr. Pieczenik and his most recent commentary the moment Dr. Fetzer notified me that he posted his article on Thursday, 20 Sept. (Dr. Pieczenik has had a long career as a "black ops" guru for both the Pentagon and CIA.) Even if Dr. Pieczenik is playing "bad cop" and Gen. Dempsey, Gen. Petraeus, Obama, and others have already put enough pressure as "good cops" on "King Bibi" to prevent a unilateral Israeli false flag attack on 25 September, Dr. Pieczenik's charge that Israel arranged the assassination of J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. ambassador to Libya, in order to provoke war is very serious. Even more serious was Dr. Pieczenik's comment, “…In a couple of weeks they will try to initiate another war unless their ex-Mossad operatives and ex-Shin Bet will take out Netanyahu, and do to Netanyahu what happened to Rabin. They know what I am talking about. Otherwise he will bring down Israel, the world, and there will be a Third World War…” Alex Jones responded to these and other remarks with comments like: "... This is pretty hard core stuff ... It is above my pay grade . . . I am just absolutely flabbergasted right now, and I am speechless . . . I am in way over my head, and I study this stuff 24/7 . . ."
2012-09-12 Fukushima Plumes, Norway Update: Fukushima Radiation and Oslo-Utoya 7/22 False Flag More Ominous Than Ever (Transcript) Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Major William B. Fox on The Real Deal talk show. Transcription by myself.
2012-07-15 Extended Commentary to "Profile of an Educator". Some added commentary based upon a New Orleans Times-Picayune article dated June 10, 1951 about my paternal grandfather, Col. Frederick H. Fox, who enjoyed a close working relationship during WWII with LtGen. George Patton and during WWI with MajGen Smedley Butler, U.S. Marine Corps. I provide some background on his values as well as the social and political attitudes of those closest to him, to include his wife and his "Tennessee Colonel" brother-in-law, and how all of this relates to crises we face today.
2012-07-04 Anti-WASP/Anti-Nordic Genocide. This web page is a compilation of material I have previously created on other web pages, to include Oslo-Utoya 7-22.
2012-06-23 How Racial Realities in Europe and Theories of Entrepreneurial Business Competition Provide Important Perspectives to Help Diagnose "What Is Ailing America". This is an extended essay that I have added to my Articles Archive web page.
2012-05-31 Government and Major Media Denial and Cover-ups Regarding Chernobyl and Fukushima Radiation: How Americans Have Been Brainwashed Into Thinking They Still Live in a Free Society and How `Deep' or `Mobile Defense' Tactical Concepts Have Been Used to Control Them. This is the most recent update of my special essay provided on my Chernobyl Catastrophe web page.
2012-05-25 The Chernobyl Catastrophe: The Horrific Dress Rehearsal for the Even More Horrific Fukusima Disaster. An open source intelligence summary page. It has been over 26 years since Chernobyl Reactor 4 exploded on 26 April 1986. The continuing Chernobyl tragedy provides the best "case study" available to help us predict the long term consequences of Fukushima fallout, demonstrating that even chronic low level radiation can be very destructive for human health and even underlying gene pools. This page provides highlights of several major scientific studies on health impacts. It also delves into the very real possibility that Chernobyl Reactor 4 was deliberately sabotaged in a false flag operation by Mossad-CIA-MI6.
2012-03-30 "Fukushima, Radiation, Politics, and Public Relations (Transcript)" Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Dr. Majia Nadesan on his Real Deal talk show. Please also see the Part I and Part II versions at Veterans Today. I organized this interview and transcribed it.
2012-03-16 Individual and Group Radiation Protection and Contamination Avoidance. An open source intelligence / alternative media reconnaissance page by William B. Fox to help us deal with the very serious personal radiation threat that now confronts virtually all Americans. It will be with us for decades to come. Most people had better pay heed to the issues addressed on this web page or else suffer significantly shortened life spans and vastly greater chances of miscarried, stillborn, or genetically mutilated progeny.
2012-02-03 "Fallujah, Fukushima, and the Global Radiation Catastrophe" Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Dr. Chris Busby on
The Real Deal talks show. Also posted at Veterans Today under the same title, divided into Part I and Part II. Transcripts prepared by William B. Fox, who also helped to organize this interview.
2011-12-17 Emergency Civil Defense Alert! The Continuing “Fukushima 3-11” Radiation Catastrophe and Its Relevance to “Oslo-Utøya 7-22" coauthored by William B. Fox, President of America First Institute/America First Books, Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and W. Leon Smith, Publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast
2011-11-22 Oslo/Utøya 7/22 False Flag Terror: It now appears extremely likely that the real "usual suspects," that is, Mossad-CIA-MI6 "Wise Guys" with the New York 9/11, Madrid 3/22, and London 7/7 "resume," decided it was time to punish Norwegian "heretics." Another open source intelligence summary page with social commentary by William B. Fox.
2011-10-28 "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update." Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret (1st and 2nd hour) and Dr. Chris Busby (2nd hr), from the The Real Deal talk show. Transcripts also posted at Veterans Today under the title for hour one: Catastrophic Effects of Radiation Contamination and hour two: New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah. Transcripts prepared by William B. Fox, who also helped to organize this interview.

2011-09-26 Professor Chris Busby archive at the America First Institute. Dr. Busby explains how we are getting bitten by invisible radiation "snakes" that cause heart attacks, premature aging, and myriad other ailments besides cancer.
2011-09-11 "Aerial Dance of Mass Death and Genetic Destruction" week-by-week Fukushima radiation and fallout projections and companion articles. The plume charts, animations, and radiation readings provided on these pages should be enough to convince anyone that the tasteless, colorless, "invisible" radiation threat circling the northern hemisphere is extremely real. It threatens the total ruin and genocide of the Japanese people -- and much of America as well. Unfortunately NILU (the Norwegian Institute for Air Research) suspended the publication of their forecast charts on the occult date of May 11th, and other European services also discontinued their services within the following two months. Despite this, EPA radiation charts which I have posted for ensuing months portray a grim story of radiation levels continually spiking above HAZMAT levels in cities across America. Each web page in this series also links to articles that provide deep background behind the radiation releases portrayed in the charts.
2011-08-16 Alert! Please Stay Out of the Rain and Help Us Push for Global Nuclear Catastrophe Resolution and American Nuclear Safety by William Fox.
2011-08-07 The Great 2011 American Nuclear Facility Crises: Ft. Calhoun, Los Alamos, Ft. Cooper, Vermont Yankee..."Fukushima In America" False Flag Attack Waiting to Happen? by William Fox. This open source intelligence and alternative media summary page explains not only why the U.S. nuclear industry provides the most dangerous and expensive form of energy, but also how extremely dangerous fifth columnists are able to exploit it to keep a knife blade against the throat of America. Nuclear power plants perform a covert role as pre-positioned dirty nuclear weapons.
2011-06-29 Leuren Moret author archive. A world class whistle blower against global radiation depopulation.
2011-05-19 The Environmental Aspects of the Fukushima Crisis From the Viewpoint of Both Norwegian and U.S. National Interests, an open letter to the Counselor (Environment) at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington, D.C. by William B. Fox
2011-05-18 The Fukushima Crisis: Its Military Implications, and the Need for More International Conferencing and Technological Solutions, an open letter to Norway's Defense Attache in Washington, D.C. by William B. Fox
2011-05-03 Chicago Delenda Est! Rahm the Bomb Takes Aim! by Capt. May with additional comments by William B. Fox.
2011-04-15 Alert! Cumulative Fallout Threatens Europe as Well as North America
What You Don't Know Is Hurting You NOW —by William B. Fox
2011-04-06 Alert! The Fukushima Radiation Crisis: From Japan to the USA to Europe
What You Don't Know Will Hurt You — by William B. Fox.
2011-03-25 The 3-11 2011 Tohoku Quake-Tsunami-Nuclear Catastrophe: LIHOP or MIHOP "False Flags" or Something Else? This open source intelligence and alternative media summary page provides compelling evidence that the same ultra high level criminal cabal that brought us the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, America's (in all probability) unconstitutional illegal alien Mossad-CIA-asset President, and the 9/11 "inside job" is at it again, only this time around helping to precipitate a runaway nuclear melt-down situation in Japan that is now blanketing America with "low level radiation" fallout. As bad as things are now, they could get even worse if malefactors decide to precipitate major earthquakes and nuclear power plant meltdowns along the West Coast or near the New Madrid Fault in the Mid-West roughly paralleling the Mississippi River. (Additional note: This is a long web page, so please give it time to load.) As in the case of the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, we cannot trust the highest level authorities (or criminal-gangster leadership) in Washington, D.C., New York City, Tokyo, the City of London, and Tel Aviv to successfully handle this crisis. We absolutely require grass roots activism around the world to demand that honest, competent, and decisive individuals take charge immediately.
2011-03-18 Detoxification Essential Knowledge with Mark Sircus Ac., OMD & Gabriela Segura, MD (video), (1:56:57) Transcript prepared by William Fox here. This is interview originally appeared on the March 17, 2011 edition of the Gulf Blue Plague Update show about the highly toxic environmental aftermath of the BP-Gulf oil spill. Michael Edward, the host, interviewed Dr. Mark Sircus and Dr. Gabriela Segura (Gulf Blue Plague Update, MP3 download here; 28.1 MB; 2:00:00). Among other things, Dr. Segura strongly recommended the use of DMSO for detoxification and radiation protection purposes.
NASA's Deadly Discovery (False Flag Space Shuttle) by Capt. Eric May. I have appended a commentary at the end of this article which talks about the Moon Hoax controversy, a likely Mossad-CIA astronaut on a suspected spy mission killed in the Feb 1, 2003 Space Shuttle Columbia explosion, and other issues.
2011-01-14 Alert Update; Effective Activism To Overcome the Continuing BP-Gulf Catastrophe by William Fox. (First posted 12 Jan, revised 14 Jan).
2011-01-08 Else Christensen and The Odinist archive. An interesting approach for addressing the moral and cultural disorientation that permeates Western societies from top to bottom today. This includes the inability of too many ordinarily law-abiding and decent Westerners to act as effective counter-predators against Mossad-CIA predators, Zionist-controlled national media and other corporate Robber Barons (such as British Petroleum, Goldman Sachs, or even globalist Bill Gates' Microsoft --which has been strong supported and protected by NSA and Mossad-CIA), or phony "wars on terror" (see the Mission of Conscience series), or privately-owned central banking monopolies (such as the U.S.-based Federal Reserve or the Bank of England), or other forms of high level organized crime, economic rent-seeking, cultural perversion, and political hijacking.
2010-12-24 Dear Norwegian American Weekly; The BP-Gulf Catastrophe Continuing Threat and Avenues for Effective Activism by William Fox. These avenues includes promoting the aggressive development of sea-swimming robots that can determine the degree of hydrocarbon pollution in ocean water down to extreme depths, and also exploit new nanofiber technologies to clean hydrocarbons out of ocean and fresh water.
2010-11-10 Developing the Seaswarm Concept by William Fox. MIT has initiated a great concept that can be expanded and modified to effectively clean up the BP Gulf crisis. Of course, while such technological approaches appear both timely and feasible, globalist political agendas remain one of the biggest constraints against effective action. BP, and its City of London overlords, comprise the proverbial 800 pound gorilla in the living room that is sitting on truly effective long term political and technological solutions to the ongoing crisis.
2010-10-03 Why Extraordinary Vigilance Remains Necessary Regarding the BP-Gulf Catastrophe. An open letter to Norway's Ambassador to the United States and members of his staff. As an "international nationalist" who encourages international networking by traditional American conservatives as a necessary first step towards defeating the international banking cartel parasites who control Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and most of America's "mainstream media" and other strategic bases of American society (you know, the kinds of folks that Henry Ford, Charles Lindburgh, Father Charles Coughlin, and more recently former Congressman Paul Findley have talked about), I encourage Scottish Americans, Dutch Americans, Russian Americans, and other Americans who have not been brainwashed out of their roots to engage in similar consciousness-raising with their counterparts in the Old Country.
2010-09-24 Regarding the BP-Gulf Catastrophe, We Must Clarify Our Real Enemies; A Letter to Erika Steinbach, Member of the German Parliament--- a rebuttal to an unauthorized ghostwritten letter -- . In authoring a cover letter in German to Erika Steinbach, political activist John de Nugent got a bit carried away by forging my signature and attributing to myself (without my review and authorization) comments about alleged post-WWII anti-German "Polish murder gangs" and a possible need for Russian military "elbow tactics" in the Gulf of Mexico in regard to the BP disaster that I did not make or approve. The Russian-related military comments have since been removed from de Nugent's web site, but his original email nevertheless went out to Frau Steinbach and 800 other individuals. This had the potential to create some very serious misperceptions that I felt I had to publicly respond to for the record.
2010-09-03 Red Alert! Attack (or Grave Threat) on the Coast, Climate, People, and Fishing Industry of Iceland by William B. Fox. There is strong evidence that hydrocarbon pollution has broken the Loop Current in the Gulf Mexico, once the "heat pump" that added an estimated 10 degrees Centigrade to the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream has now been re-routed along the northern coast of Cuba without looping into the Gulf before moving northward along the east coast of Florida. Hence, winter 2010-2011 was one of the coldest in European history. Storm activity once generated by the former heat differential between the Gulf Stream and Atlantic has greatly diminished, significantly altering global jet stream and climatic patterns. According to geohazards expert B. K. Lim and other sources, the "oil and gas" volcano is still pouring significant pollution into the Gulf of Mexico, although the cooling of the Gulf Stream seems to have significantly weakened the ability of the North Atlantic current to bring this pollution into northern European waters. The long term pollution effects are still unknown.
2010-08-27 Dear Norwegian American Weekly; BP-Gulf Catastrophe Threatens Norway by William B. Fox.
2010-08-20 Red Alert! Attack (or Grave Threat) on the Coasts and Fisheries of Norway! by William B. Fox.
2010-08-08 False Flag Alert! Pieces Falling Into Place for Israeli-U.S. Attack on Iran Co-authored with Dr. James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Also published in The Lone Star Iconoclast.
2010-08-06 The BP-Gulf Catastrophe As a False Flag Operation. This open source intelligence and alternative media summary page has been continually updated with article links that reinforce my case that neither British Petroleum nor the Obama Administration can be trusted to honestly diagnose or successfully resolve this crisis. According to many experts, the "runaway oil and gas volcano" is actually getting progressively worse despite claims to the contrary by mass media black outs, cover-ups, and sugary spin-doctor tactics. Despite mass media stories about how BP has "capped the well" (as of early Aug 2010), other sources such as the Alexander Higgins' blog report that at least 11 locations within miles of the original well are still gushing oil and gas out of the sea floor. All responsible citizens need to focus attention on this continuing crisis and demand honest investigations and a rational and effective response by individuals capable of taking control of this situation. This is not just an issue that involves states and countries which border the Gulf of Mexico, but it also involves European countries, to include Iceland, the UK, Norway, France, and the Netherlands who stand in the way of pollution that is currently spreading by way of the Gulf Stream. If worst case projections by experts prove correct, this could even turn into a global crisis. Hence, we have an urgent need for grass roots activism around the world that demands sane, rational, honest, and effective leadership. (Additional note: This is another long web page, so please give it time to load.)
2010-06-21 Black Ops Alert -- The BP Oil Spill, the Subversion of Iceland, and the Resolution of Ideological Conflicts
2010-06-16 The BP Disaster Viewed At a Minimum As a LIHOP False Flag Operation. An email sent to Dr. James Fetzer, Capt. Eric May, and the editors of the American Free Press and Lone Star Iconoclast. This article has many valuable update links and references.
2010-06-10 Reconciling Libertarianism and Nationalism To include thorny issues involved in reconciling anarcho-libertarianism with racial nationalism. A political issues overview web page.
2010-05-30 Iceland Gets `ENRONed,' Then Goes for `1776' A paleoconservative country analysis.
Part I: Introduction and Overview
Part II:
Act I: The "Bagel Western:" The "Good" Go Astray, and the Ideological Degradation of Iceland's "Immune System"
Act II: Enter "The Bad" and "The Ugly;" Alien "Pathogens"
Infiltrate and Inflame Iceland

Act III: Icelanders Leap Into Global Financial "Berserkerdom-Chutzpah"and "Zombie March" into an Icelandic Financial Version of "Stalingrad II"
Act IV: The City of London "Pulls the Trigger" On Iceland, While the U.S. Financiers Ignore Iceland and Rescue the "Better Connected"
Act V: Developing a Viable "Work Out" Strategy: As the City of London, IMF, EU, and Other Sharks Circle Closer
Act VI: Thinking Outside the Box: Populist Revolt, Female Prime Minister, Referendum, Modern Media Initiative...Global Activism?
Part III: Are Icelanders victims of high level subversion? A "False Flag" Analysis
Part IV: What nationalist principles might have defended Icelanders?
Part V: What can we do?
Part VI: References and Appendices
Book III of the Mission of Conscience Trilogy published. Did the activist activities of Captain Eric H. May and his "Ghost Troop" help make a difference in the "Info War"?
Say NO to Mass Swine Flu Vaccinations Until Vaccines Are PROVEN SAFE and NECESSARY! also archived in the Lone Star Iconoclast.
2009-08-06 Vibrant Response Update coauthored by Maj. William Fox with Capt. Eric May and Dr. James Fetzer
2009-08-03 Nuclear Obama's "Vibrant Response" coauthored by Maj. Fox with Capt. Eric May, W. Leon Smith, and Dr. James Fetzer.
2009-07-29 Request for Submission of Suspicious Indicators by Maj Fox. Suspicious regarding possible strange behavior by the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, and other Federal agencies, that is. (It probably helps to be a libertarian to see the humor here).
2009-06-30 Hal Turner and Capt. May: Comparable "Hate Criminals"?
2009-06-19 Pending Terror Exercises — 9/11 Truth Keeps Tabs by Capt. May, Maj. Fox, and Patti Woodard
2009-06-19 Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been In Communication With James Von Brunn? --The 21 Most Recent Mass eMails of the Suspected Holocaust Museum Attacker-- by William B. Fox. An Associated Press writer engages in misleading innuendo regarding unsolicited mass emails I forwarded to him.
2009-06-12 Braving the Guilt By Association Gambit--In Order to Conduct Real Research. There are quite a few anomalies not reported by national media, for example, an eyewitness statement reported by CNN that the security guard allegedly killed by von Brunn was in fact killed by the "friendly fire" of a fellow security guard.
2009-06-11 James von Brunn vs. Capt. Eric H. May on Race and the Jews. We are not afraid to explore a possible "sane" state of mind of a man totally demonized by national media in the Holocaust Museum shooting affair, who may in fact be the subject of a "soft false flag" operation. See Capt. May's article: James von Brunn -- Is He a Patsy? Holocaust Museum Shooting May Be a False Flag
2009-06-04 `Socialism' Muddies The Waters. Also archived at LSI.
2009-05-20 Confronting Government Terror: A Free Speech Defense Gain for Finland and the Iconoclast, an Immigrant Loss for America. Also archived at LSI.
2009-05-15 Intelligence Summary, Week Ending 15 May 2009 coauthored with Capt. Eric May.
2009-05-07 The Swine Flu Mask for the Pig Power Elite coauthored with Capt. Eric H. May. Also archived at LSI.
2009-04-10 Chicago's Nuclear Obama — False Flag Unfurled coauthored with Capt Eric May, Dr. James Fetzer, and SFC Donald Buswell.
2009-04-06 Federal Goons Hate Henrik; Go After Him American Free Press
2009-03-22 Alert! Dangerous Deterioration in U.S. and Finnish Civil Liberties and Serious National Security Threat to Both Countries
2009-03-11 Asylum-Seeker Jailed for His Opinions In America! Also archived at the Lone Star Iconoclast.
2009-03-10 Facing a Thought Crime Tribunal North of the Border! Also archived at the Lone Star Iconoclast.
2009-03-09 In Defense of The Radical Press. In support of Arthur Topham, a brave thinker and gallant defender of free speech traditions of Western Civilization by William B. Fox. A letter to the Registry Officer of the Canadian "Thought Police" Human Rights Tribunal that is hauling the Vancouver, B.C.-based independent publisher before a show trial.
2009-02-26 Alert to Congress Regarding Hate Bills and the False Flag Attack Threat by William B. Fox. The hate bill threat is very serious. If we do not stop bills like H.R. 256 and H.R. 262 NOW at the House Judiciary Committee level, the consequences could be horrible. Of course the false flag attack threat is also horrible. Citizens awake!
2009-02-14 Chicago False Flag? — Analysis and Hypothesis — coauthored with Capt. Eric May
2008-12-23 Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation by William Fox
2008-12-11 `Black Bush' Barack? False Flag Frankenstein? coauthored with Capt. Eric May and Dr. James Fetzer. Also archived at LSI.
2008-11-22 Did the U.S. Army Issue Full Mobilization Orders for All U.S. Army Retirees in Mid-November 2008? by William Fox
2008-11-09 Bush's False Flag Finale? (A Vigilant Shield Update) coauthored with Captain Eric H. May.
2008-10-24 Orwellian Alert! British Crackdown Threatens Us All coauthored with Dr. James Fetzer and Capt. Eric H. May.
2008-10-09 Vigilant Shield and Jokers Gone Wild coauthored with Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, Capt. Eric H. May, Dr. James Fetzer, and SFC Donald Buswell. Also archived at LSI.
2008-08-21 Mid-Summer Alert Update coauthored with Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, Capt. Eric H. May, Dr. James Fetzer, and SFC Donald Buswell. Also archived at LSI.
2008-07-28 Prank, Error, or Set-Up? Responding to either an error or an impersonator. A matter somewhere between inconsequential and deadly serious.
2008-07-20 Supplement to "Midsummer Alert!" additional commentary by Maj William B. Fox
2008-07-18 MIDSUMMER ALERT!Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo Coauthored with Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, Capt. Eric H. May, Dr. James Fetzer, and SFC Donald Buswell. Also archived at LSI.
2008-07-02 Urgent Request for A Congressional Investigation. The assassination of CIA operative Roland Carnaby in Houston, the renewed clamoring by the Bush neo-con cabal to provoke a war with Iran, and the outstanding request by Lone Star Iconoclast editor W. Leon Smith for a congressional investigation all combine to take on a new sense of urgency.
2008-06-07 Marine Corps Martial Law? An Indy Alert Update. By Maj William Fox, Capt Eric May, Dr. James Fetzer, and SFC Donald Buswell. Also archived at LSI.
2008-06-01 INDY ALERT! Terror Drills June 4-19 By Capt Eric May, Dr. James Fetzer, Maj William Fox, and SFC Donald Buswell.
2008-05-07 MAYDAY ALERT!Follow-up. Part I and Part II. Dr. James Fetzer interviews Maj William Fox and Capt Eric May on the Dynamic Duo show. The Mayday alert was vindicated by many events, to include reports about Israel's abortive assassination mission against a Hezbollah leader intended to start a broader Middle Eastern war and the assassination of CIA Agent Roland Carnaby in Houston, Texas on April 30th because of his apparent effort to thwart Mossad importation of a mini-nuke.
2008-05-07 Miscellaneous Alerts to Key Individuals
2008-05-04 MAYDAY ALERTTexas Update The Seattle Times helps us raise awareness
2008-04-27 Additional Commentary Regarding NLE 2-08; Is the Primary Target Seattle or Portland Once Again by Major William Fox
2008-04-26 MAYDAY ALERT!Terror Drills Could Go Live! Coauthored with Capt. Eric H. May, Dr. James H. Fetzer, and SFC Donald Buswell. This time Seattle is the primary exercise target, although Portland, Oregon remains within the operational radius of chemical warfare troops deployed to Ft. Lewis, WA. According to Capt May, this achieved 5,000 postings on Google within a week, about twice the rate of the Kennebunkport Warning of August 26, 2007.
2008-04-24 Dynamic Duo show interview transcript, second hour. Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of 9-11 Scholars for Truth, interviewed Captain Eric May and Maj William Fox.
2008-04-11 False Flag Advisory Bush and Israel coauthored with Capt Eric H. May
2008-04-07 Email Alert to the FBI Special Advisory Regarding Possible Imminent War with Iran and False Flag Attack on a Major U.S. City. A later draft titled False Flag Alert April 7-11 achieved wider distribution on alternative media postings, such as at the Daily Kos, and here
2008-03-26 Captain Courageous and the Shockingly Awful Quicksand War. `First In' Honors: The Infowar of Capt. Eric H. May, also appeared in March 26, 2008 Lone Star Iconoclast
2007-12-18 Bush Fumbles Another Natural Disaster And Radicalizes More Local Citizens Yet Again; Also appeared in Dec 18, 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast
2007-10-24 The Real Drill Also appeared in Oct 24, 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast.
2007-10-15 Nation on Edge: Operation TOPOFF Largest Civil Defense Exercise in American History Begins This Week. Also appeared in the Oct 15, 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast. This is a short version of "The Dark Side of TOPOFF" below.
2007-10-15 Email Alert to the FBI Trying to deter a possible false flag attack in the Portland area by getting the word out.
2007-10-14 The Dark Side of TOPOFF The true nature of the most dangerous terrorist threat may surprise most fellow Americans.
2007-10-08 Thwarting Nuclear Terror in Texas: Investigation. Did "Ghost Troop"
Prevent a Nuclear Scheme on Its First Mission?
Also appeared in the Oct 8, 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast.
2007-09-30 Thomas Jefferson and the "Incredible Truth" about Bush Cabal Wise Guys and False Flag Nukes
2007-08-29 Noble Resolve and the Ignoble Whitewash Also appeared in the August 29, 2007 Lone Star Iconoclast.
2005-04-05 Inspiration. Revisiting early American themes such as scientific skepticism, free inquiry, republican virtue, and pioneer culture.


eBook Introductions

2007-01 Publisher's Preface to Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum
2007-01 About the cover of this edition (Jan 2007) of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum
2007-01 Guest Editorial: Inside Job, Take Two to Sgt Skull's Field Manual for the Practical Modern Warrior by Thomas W. Chittum
2006 Foreword by the Publisher to My Life and Work by Henry Ford
2006-02-19 Preface to Ways That Are Dark: The Truth About China by Ralph Townsend

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Critical Issues (continuously being updated)

Resolving Opposing Political and Economic Ideologies:
Part I: Introduction
Part II: Centralized vs. Decentralized Duality
Part III:Environmental vs. Genetic Duality
Part IV: Mutualism vs. Parasitism Duality

Have You Been Brainwashed? Take the Quiz!
Extended commentary regarding each question: Each question below links to a page with extended discussion of both sides of the issue as well as extended background commentary. This commentary tends to be slanted in a very frank traditional American conservative direction the opposite philosophical direction of most of today's liberal national media. Although I cannot personally claim to have dominion on the truth, I can very legitimately claim to provide logical tools and alternative viewpoints that can significantly improve the ability of others to find truth on their own. I recommend that each reader first take the quiz on a naive, first-impression response basis to take an inventory of their current political position. Skipping ahead to the commentary before taking the quiz might spoil part of the fun.
1. Should a country or large business err on the side of centralization or decentralization?
2. How strong is the genetic influence in shaping human behavior compared to environmental influences (or learning factors)?
3. As people rise in power how are they entitled to change the character of the morality that they practice?
4. What is the ultimate long term score card for measuring the worth of a society?
5. How much power should we give strong and charismatic political leaders?
6. How should we justify an increased use of deception in high-level business and political affairs?
7. What does it mean when a dominant ethnic group begins to decline as a percentage of the overall population?
8. If you feel that your place of work or even the government has become intolerably corrupt and oppressive, how should you handle this situation?
9. What is the proper role of the Federal Government (Feds) and central bank (the Federal Reserve or "the Fed") in managing the economy?
10. How have the core concepts behind republican government tended to evolve in history?
11. How well does the average person tend to grasp political realities and complex social phenomenon?

12. How desirable is decentralization in a military environment?
13. Does ethnic solidarity matter in the defense of liberty?
14. Why is it so important to address criminality at the highest levels of America's power structure?
15. What is the relationship between greatly increasing resources devoted towards a standing military and supporting the cause of individual liberty?
16. How is real wealth created in American society?
17. What is the proper role of legal institutions in American society?
18. Why is anti-Semitism a major problem that just never seems to go away?
19. Have different geographic evolutionary environments influenced the capacity of different races to develop civilizations?
20. Why should a society have the right to determine it's own destiny?
21. Should we incentivize public servants with the perquisites of expanded government, or be more concerned that they will abuse these things?
22. Why must Americans insist on completely honest public disclosure of everything that is counterproductive in their society?
23. What is the preferable function of religion in a society?
24. Can we justify secessionism?
25. Why should we prefer forms of protectionism to borderless free trade?
26. Why do civilizations tend to go through long historic boom-bust life cycles rather than steadily grow in wisdom and effectiveness?
27. Why have white conservatives been so ineffective in America?
28. Where should we locate "system risk" in the creation of money and credit?
29. Should covert operations require more rather than less civilian oversight?
30. Should we treat the U.S. Constitution like a secular state religion?

Business and Technology-Related Articles

The Cortez Story: Right Trend, Right State, Right Country, Right Time?
A look at what might become one of the world's top three gold fields right in America's own back yard.
Part 1: .Overview
Part 2:.. The Fundamentals
.Part 3
:...Overview of Players and Two Majors
Part 4....Profiles of Sample Junior Players
Part 5:...Cortez Trend Maps and Pictorial Overview

I, Robot Entrepreneur .
About an industry virtually guaranteed to become a Next New Thing. Originally posted Feb 2005, DARPA race update 9 Oct 2005.
Part 1:.. Futuristic Glimpse/Expected Growth Trend
Part 2:.. An Industry at an Inflection Point?
Part 3:.. Modular Frontiers
Part 4: . Where and How Do We Make Money?
Part 5 . ..Robo Political Economy
Part 6 . ..Robo Supremacism, Integration, or Something Else?

"Mining and Robotics: An Introduction" dated Dec 10, 2004. Background article for the presentation made at the Northwest Mining Association's 110th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Spokane, Washington.

"Mining and Robotics: A Next New Thing Joins the Commodities Bull Market" (PowerPoint file). Presentation made December 10, 2004 during the New Technologies in Exploration & Operations Technical Session of the Northwest Mining Association Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Id Monsters, Self-Deceptions, and $1,000 Gold: ..A baseline overview and a psychological, political, and historical approach regarding the emerging gold bull market. Currently three parts to the series.

Part I: Series Overview, The Dual Nature of Gold, and a Mystery. Posted February 21, 2004.
Part II: General Market Characteristics of Gold. Posted Feb 21, 2004.
Part III: Back of the Envelope Analysis for $1,000 Gold in Five Years. Posted March 21, 2004.
[Editor's Note: This article, which was widely reproduced in 2004 at major financial sites on the Internet while gold hovered around $400 an ounce, wound up being amazingly accurate. It proved correct in terms of direction, magnitude, and timing. Gold passed $1,000 an ounce five years later in 2009. I hate to brag on myself, but that is not too bad considering a Wall Street Journal study which showed that most professional forecasters for bond interest rates and similar things tend to get it wrong more often than right in terms of such criteria as magitude, timing, and even direction].

"Templeton Trepidations, Buffett Battle Stations" (1,007 words) original version posted October 28, 2003.

"Why I Like Australian Treasuries" (2,634 words) original version, posted in the "Instruments" section of the old web site Oct 18, 2003. [Ed. Note: This article also correctly predicted the general trend of treasuries over the following years]

"Fed Intervention 'Wizardry' Signals Desperation" (1,069 words) short version of "Amidst Bullish Hoopla" article published exclusively in the October 20, 2003 issue of The American Free Press.

"Amidst Bullish Hoopla: A `Behind the Curtain' Look at Fed Desperation and Intervention Wizardry" (8,293 words, excluding footnotes)

"Don't Get Bullish On Market Yet; Grin & Bear It" (1,534 words),short version of A Bear Case Overview," published exclusively in the June 23, 2003 issue of The American Free Press. This article explained a fundamental view of the general stock market. In the long run I still believe that its bearish viewpoint will ultimately prove correct. However, what I did not foresee when this article was first published in June 2003 is the amount of extreme market manipulation later described by writers such as ace Canadian fund manager John Embry in his landmark 2005 article "Move Over Adam Smith: The Visible Hand of Uncle Sam." In fact, the Fed, Plunge Protection Team, controlled national media, and other manipulators were able to move the overall stock market higher in the four plus years since this article was written. However, I still believe that the market will eventually come crashing down once these manipulators run out of gold reserves and their fiat money machine starts running on empty. I might add that since 2003 my other articles which forecast the decline of the dollar and the sustained bull market in gold and silver and other commodities have all proven completely correct. In fact, gold, silver, and other commodities have more than tripled. As of Nov 2007 the dollar had lost 36% of its value since 2001, and it has lost more since then. Hence, two out of three is not too bad, with much bigger money-making opportunities in the areas where I have been proven correct. Better yet, in the not too distant future I may wind up with with three out of three correct for a long term trend forecast once we get a major market crash. Don't forget that I am also proven correct if the market continues to go sideways, and investors continue to experience a "silent crash" from the massive erosion of purchasing power from continuous real double-digit inflation. I might also add that in the years since this article was first published, there has been vastly more risk underlying the market than most investors realize. With such fragile fundamentals, some unexpected and uncontainable economic shock could have brought the market crashing down any time in the past few years. America has a high fraud, high greed economy based more on national media illusion and financial manipulation rather than real productivity increases and domestic manufacturing output growth, and this simply cannot go on forever. For starters, just a serious look at Michael Hodges' Grandfather Economic Report alone is practically enough for me to rest my case.

The Idaho-based activist attorney Edgar Steele made an interesting observation in his 22 Jan 2008 update: "All of my financial education, training and experience (except the most recent stuff) is useless in the face of a massively-manipulated market. I used to understand this stuff, but that was when it was a relatively free market. All I can see clearly now is the trend and how it all must end, the one thing that the morons running things seem incapable of perceiving!"

"A Bear Case Overview," (6,509 words) long version of "Don't Get Bullish On Market Yet" article above.


Shinto shrine still standing after the atomic blast at Nagasaki, symbolic of the religious, cultural, and ethnic strength and cohesion that will enable Japan to rise from the ashes and resume its position as a leading technological and industrial power in the world. Japanese leaders were very wise to retain and modernize their indigenous tribal religion rather than jettison it in favor of alien, univeralistic Jewish Christianity, and thereby avoid the tragedy that befell their European counterparts beginning in the Middle Ages.


This photograph by Martin Fackler for his March 19, 2007 New York Times article "Renewed Interest in Japanese Who Died in Epic Battle" had the caption: "Yoshitaka Shindo, grandson of the Japanese commander on Iwo Jima, during the March 14 commemoration of the battle." This event included the Japanese practice of pouring water over the memorial stone to cleanse it, which has Shinto roots. Other news reports have described Shinto priests returning to the island to perform ceremonies. Iwo Jima has been returned to Japan and now supports a Japanese Air Base. Below photo: An American approach to commemorating the battle where, in the words of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, "uncommon valor was a common virtue." Ceremonial Marchers and Silent Drill Platoon of Marine Barracks Washington, Sunset Parade at the Marine Corps War Memorial, 8 July 2008. Check out the USMC Silent Drill Team on YouTube. Also, U.S. Army Tomb of the Unknown Soldier changing of the guard, and some interesting foreign examples, such as HMKG Edinburgh military tattoo 2005, and Changing of the Guard, Kremlin:


Religious Articles

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to have a truly effective nationalist movement without the preservation of ones very own indigenous tribal religion. After all, nationalism is ultimately based on the ethic that "charity begins at home" (as in "America First"get it?). If you do not have enough respect for the ancestors of your own people to preserve the most fundamental cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic components of their "folk soul," what is there to build on? Why would you feel particularly motivated to help build their economy and industrial base, safeguard their political rights, maintain national defense, and otherwise promote their popular sovereignty and long term prosperity?
This conclusion has come from a longstanding search for truth on many different levels, ranging from the theological to the political levels. (See, for example, our William Simpson home page, which links to his classic works One Man's Striving and Which Way Western Man? for an in-depth comparison of Christian theology with a naturalistic viewpoint). However, as an important political aggravation, many conservatives such as myself are extremely unhappy with the extreme leftism and anti-rationality of most Christian Churches. They have seriously undermined Western societies. For example, in the early 1990's the Dutch Reform Church supported Black Marxists against White South Africans, and helped convert South Africa from the most prosperous country in Africa into the wretched social, political, and economic basket case we see today. The early phases of the same deplorable long term trend seem to be taking place here in America. Most Christian churches in America support out of control Third World immigration into this country. This is literally displacing and replacing the white population, yet most Christian leaders never publicly defend dispossessed whites, despite the potentially very dangerous consequences. (See Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Tom Chittum). Deluded Christians attack American white nationalist leaders, while conversely supporting nonwhite leaders and Jewish supremacists in control of national media. The aforementioned Jewish supremacists, incidentally, support the continued Israeli genocide of West Bank and Gaza Palestinians, the neo-Marxist cultural war continually being waged against white Americans, and the escalation of American military interventionism in the Middle East even if it leads to global Armageddon.
While I doubt that practitioners of an indigenous religion such as Asatru (described below) will ever become more than a minority within Christian American, I do believe that even as a minority they can eventually provide an effective counter weight to left wing, self-debasing, deluded Christians and megalomaniacal, subversive Zionist gangsters.
That having been said, I have found that rediscovering the indigenous ancestral faith of my own ancestors has been spiritually satisfying regardless of macro-political considerations. I would do it anyway even if I lived in a majority Asatru country without any serious social or political problems.
Admittedly, it takes some psychological adjustment to convert from Christianity (or related leftist philosophies such as secular humanism) to Asatru. I would compare it to reorienting ones shopping preferences in a grocery store. That is, switching from highly processed packaged foods high in fat and sugar and loaded with chemical preservatives to totally unpackaged and unprocessed fruits and vegetables without preservatives. Or to use a music analogy, trying to convert ones listening preferences from rap and punk rock to classical music. It takes a while to reorient ones taste buds and listening sensibilities. However, after one goes cold turkey and accomplishes the conversion, one wonders how one could get so habituated to such cheap junk in the first place.
Taking the junk food analogy a step further, Christianity promises to be everything to everybody up front. It claims to be the only road to personal "salvation," the sole guardian of civilization and morality, etc. However, the more one digs and analyzes, as former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson did in Which Way Western Man? the less one finds in fact, the contradictions and aftertastes becomes increasingly negative.
Conversely, reconstructing an indigenous Indo-European religion at first seems bland, almost like there is "nothing there." This is analogous to munching on a raw vegetable after you have become habituated to packaged, processed foods with lots of salt, fat, and artificial flavors. Nobody promises to "save" you or give you a free ride outside the natural order of things. For many people, it initially seems silly, if not pointless, to study ancient Norse, Celtic, Greco-Roman, and ancient Aryan early Hindu mythology if one takes it non-literally as "poetry to inform the soul." Yet amazingly enough, as one digs deeper and deeper into the inherited wisdom and "religious common law" of ones own ancestors from a rational, naturalistic viewpoint, everything begins to get increasingly weightier, more profound, and more meaningful.
Please see also my discussion of the natural religion concept in my commentary to question 23 "What is the preferable function of religion in a society?" in my "Have You Been Brainwashed?" quiz.

1995-03-01 Asatru and Ethics Part 2 Wrapping up the analysis about how three major ethical approaches moralistic, contractual, and utilitarian relate to each other, and their respective strengths and weaknesses.
1995-01-01 Asatru and Ethics Part 1 Why Asatruar have greater flexibility to make wise decisions compared to Semitic slave god religionists.
1994-03-01 Allsherjargodi Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Remembered. Two interviews conducted shortly before the death of the hero who played a major role in the resurrection of Asatru in Iceland after a thousand year hiatus. Interestingly enough, within the context of a homogeneous Icelandic society, Asatruar are often more leftist than rightist and are concerned with ecological themes. Also, Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson maintained friendly relations with Lutheran ministers, who reciprocated by allowing him to be buried with a Norse pagan ceremony in a Christian cemetery beside his deceased kinfolk. (Being buried among kinfolk is a strong custom in Iceland, regardless of the place of burial or differing religious views between them). In other words, many Asatruar and Christians in Iceland typically maintain a symbiotic and mutually respectful relationship rather than a hostile one, which I think is probably the wisest approach in the long run.
1993-06-01 Interview with Else Christensen, late publisher of The Odinist, just prior to the onset of tragedy. Dismissing the social, political, and religious ideas that she has dealt with because of her run-in with the law commits the fallacy of "poisoning the well," also known as ad hominem. In fact, one could go a step further. Whereas the leadership of Japan has been very wise by retaining their tribal, ancestral faith of Shinto, the leaders of most northern European countries in the Middle Ages were very unwise to try to viciously purge their own tribal, ancestral faiths in favor of Jewish Christianity rather than to seek to modernize and adapt their own native religions to maintain national cohesion, identity, and solidarity.
1993-03-01 Interview with Freya Aswynn, author of Leaves of Yggdrasil. A psychic self-mobilized priestess of Odin with a strong background in occult symbology, this fascinating Dutch lady based in the UK has been in a class of her own.
1993-01-01 Asatru; Questions and Answers A comparison between Asatru and the outstanding analysis provided by Dr. Hans Gunther in his must-read classic work The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans. "Asatru" is a "northern window" into an earlier proto-Indo-European religion, as evolved among ancient Nordic peoples. There are other sibling religions that evolved from the same proto-Indo-European ancestor and hence have strong philosophical similarities, such as the ancient Druidism of the Celts (the "western window"), the Greco-Roman religion of the heroic and classical Greek and Roman Republican eras (the "southern window"), and the very early Hinduism of the ancient Aryan invaders of the Indus Valley (the "eastern window").
1992-06-01 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 2. Tying important aspects of "Judeo-Christian" subversion together. Much like a foreign virus entering and taking over the nucleus of a healthy cell, "Judeo-Christianity" seeks to penetrate and displace healthy white tribal religions with alien Jewish tribal religious history and perverse leftist/universalistic values.
1992-03-01 Eternal Asatru and Counterfeit Christianity Part 1. Why "Judeo-Christianity" has often done more harm than good to our people and Western civilization. If this is not enough to convince you, please read Which Way Western Man? (now online) by former Christian minister William Gayley Simpson for the full-blown theological and sociological analysis,. (Please also consider Beyondism: Religion From Science by Dr. Raymond Cattell or the strong criticisms of Christianity made by Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine, and other Enlightenment notables, which I will link to later, to include some condensations and interpretative articles that make this material more understandable to the layman).
All of this criticism is particularly relevant for today, when America suffers from over 40 million deluded Christian Zionist fanatics plus a few million hard core neo-con Zionist crazies (not the least of whom are the High Priests of War who dragged us into the Iraq and Afghanistan disasters) who are now trying to drag America even further towards global Armageddon. Please scroll down to my discussion of the "The un-American, Naive, Zombie World of Christian Zionism" in my Rev Ted Pike archive.
By the way, if as a Christian you happen to think that I am "way too far out there" and "over the top," please consider as an alternative the criticisms of Christian Zionism made by Rev Ted Pike and his niece Harmony Grant, who unquestionably retain a firmly conservative Christian viewpoint.
1992-01-01 Asatru and Christianity; Similarities and Differences. A talk by William B. Fox and Oak Thorgeir before the Leif Erikson Society of New York.
1991-09-01 `Vinland Revisited' Revisits the Aesir ...Among many other things, I describe how I almost had an opportunity to "witness" for a revitalized and modernized version of the Old Norse religion to Norway's female Prime Minister when three replica Viking ships sent by Scandinavians arrived in Manhattan, and I showed up at a party as an Old Norse "re-enactor." Given the far left wing, pro-open borders, pro-New World Order policies of Gro Harlem Brundtland (the UN "Bundtland Commission" pushed "sustainable development" and "Agenda 21" -- please read "Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, and Prince Charles" by activist researcher Joan Veon and related articles listed by Dr. Eric Karlstrom at his web site "9/11 New World Order"), not to mention Bruntland's subsequent tenure as Director General from 1998 to 2003 of the highly sinister World Health Organization (WHO) -- please see my discussion of the suspected "Poison Dragon Lady" Director of WHO, Dr. Margaret Chan, in Chapter 36: "Swine Flu Biowar" of my Mission of Conscience Trilogy) -- Brundtland appeared to be in clear need of some "special spiritual ministration." Too bad she boarded the Viking ship and quickly departed before I was able to get through to this woman who is now strongly suspected of being a tragically misguided front woman for evil Rothschild and Rockefeller globalist schemes.

Military articles

The First Amendment and the U.S. Military

1992-01-06 The First Amendment and the U.S. Military. This provides an analysis of tactics military personnel can use to more effectively speak "truth to power," inspired by my "thought crime" Board of Inquiry held in Nov 1990 (see below). I also relate the First Amendment to cases involving such dissident military leaders as MajGen.William "Billy" Mitchell, MajGen. Smedley Butler USMC, Gen. George S. Patton, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, and MajGen. Edwin "Ted" Walker.
1991-12-31 Why Do We Need the First Amendment to Defend the Marine Corps? Although I received an indication that this article would be published in the Marine Corps Gazette, it never was. This is a very short version of "The First Amendment and the U.S. Military" above.

"Thought Crime" Board of Inquiry

1991-02-01 Capt Charles W. Tucker, USN letter. After the Board of Inquiry held in Nov. 1990 dismissed the case and I was reinstated as OIC of my unit, Capt. Tucker complained to the convening authority that almost all the charges were proven false by witness testimony. But even if they were all true, the government still did not have a case under the First Amendment, and that is the real point. Further more, as far as I am concerned every topic I expressed concerns about has been validated by ensuing events.
1990-11-26 Letter from my Mother to the Board of Inquiry. She explains that my pattern of interests is fairly normal for Scandinavian-Americans, to include reinterpretation of the old Norse religion, and there was really nothing wrong going on here for anyone to get hysterical about.
1990-11-12 Letter to Donald W. MacPherson, Esq. I explain to this attorney (and former U.S. Army Major, Vietnam vet, and author of Tax Fraud & Evasion The War Stories) how I was getting railroaded through a "thought crime" Board of Inquiry based upon the nature of some off-duty private conversations as a Marine Officer. The relevance of this witch hunt to today is that it documents precisely the kind of political correctness mentality that has enabled the Mossad to thoroughly infiltrate America's Armed Forces and work with corrupt politicos and CIA counterparts in order to very likely run 9-11 and other acts of treason as inside jobs, as explained in Chapter 7 of my Mission of Conscience series. Furthermore, this is exactly the kind of thing that civilians will be subjected to if more hate crime legislation gets signed into law, as noted in the Rev. Ted Pike archive. We have already seen draconian curtailments of civil liberties in the UK, Canada, and Australia as a consequence of similar legislation. Some supporting documents regarding the Board of Inquiry are as follows:
1990-10-18 Capt Charles W. Tucker, USN letter. A U.S. Navy Captain who served as my defense counsel sent this letter to the convening authority prior to the Board of Inquiry, suggesting that even if all the charges were true, the government still did not have a case under the First Amendment.
1990-06-27 Report of Alleged Officer Misconduct in the Case of Captain William B. Fox, USMCR. Certain political correctness individuals up the chain of command did not appreciate my independent-minded examination of critical issues and off duty, private conversations as a "working conservative."


Interviews on MP3


2015-07-30 The Real Deal Ep #84 William Fox on the death of Michael Collins Piper, Plus Live JFK Group Talk (1:55:47) Dr. James Fetzer and Maj. William Fox discussed substantial evidence that former American Free Press ace journalist Michael Collins Piper, author of Final Judgment and other notable works carried by America First Books, was murdered by a directed energy weapon in his motel room in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on May 29th or 30th, 2015. America First Institute MP3 download link here (105 MB). MP3 download page here (105 MB). Transcript here.

The Real Deal Talk Show "Captain Eric May, RIP." Dr. James Fetzer interviews W. Leon Smith, Publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, and Major William B. Fox about the effectiveness Capt. Eric Holmes May and his activist group Ghost Troop in trying to thwart repeat 9-11-type false flag attacks by Mossad-CIA-MI6 and their globalist "deep state" handlers primarily in the U.S., UK, and Israel. This show was recorded on Nov 12, 2014, posted on the "Captain Eric May, RIP" download page on 24 Nov., Real Deal MP3 download here, (54 MB, 2:00 hrs), transcript at America First Books here, transcript at Veterans Today consists of Part I and Part II.

2013-01-10 Nuked Radio No. 84, Christina Consolo (the "RadChick") interviews Maj. William B. Fox, (MP3 download Here, 81.5 MB, 1:55:55; listed on YouTube as "Nuked #84 Military/MSM Insider talks Fukushima Coverup". Transcript here.
YouTube caption:
"Major William B. Fox explains from his unique perspective having been a Harvard Business School graduate, Major in US Military, and former employee of the coverup of Fukushima happened and continues today, and what that means from a health perspective for everyone downwind of Japan.
This was only intended to be an hour-long broadcast but Major Fox was so fascinating my producer Jules made an exception and extended it to a second hour.
What the government doesn't want you to know WILL hurt you.
His website: and
(all Fukushima open-sourced intelligence at the above links)"

2012-09-12 "The Real Deal" Talk Show. Dr. James Fetzer interviews Leuren Moret and Maj. William Fox (Real Deal download page titled Fukushima plumes; Norway update, MP3 download here, 41.9 MB, 1:59:23). Transcript here.

2011-02-14 Spingola Speaks. Deanna Spingola interviews William Fox on her Republic Broadcasting Network show about the underlying nature of false flag operations addressed in the Mission of Conscience Trilogy. These decoy operations generally benefit a power elite at the general public's expense, and can be propagandistic as well as violent in nature. They can also mislead public perceptions in the direction of making things appear much better than reality as well as artificially worse. Topics touched upon included 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Tea Party movement, the Federal Reserve Banking System, and the Edgar Steele frame-up case. William Fox mentioned how he has made a personal donation to the Edgar Steele Defense Fund, and Deanna Spingola wrapped up the interview by giving the web address for donation information at
Hour 1, 13.8 MB, Download Here.
Hour 2, 13.8 MB, Download Here.

2009-12-05 What's Ailing America. Dr. Rebecca Carley interviews Maj. William Fox on her Republic Broadcasting Network show about false flag pandemics. The discussion includes pandemic alerts issued by Capt. May and Maj. Fox, and how Capt. May recognized early in 2009 the heroic work of whistle-blower Jane Burgermeister (see her web site Maj. Fox suggested that both Capt. May and Jane Burgermeister are infinitely more qualified to win the Nobel Peace Prize (as is Dr. Carley) next year than Obama was this year.
Hour 1, 13.7 MB, Download Here. Transcript Here.
Hour 2, 13.7 MB Download Here. Transcript Here.

2009-09-12 Erskine Overnight Show. In the first segment Maj.William Fox and Capt. Eric May discuss the false flag dimension behind the current swine flu scare, to include why citizens should become activists and resist vaccinations. (Please also see our false flag pandemic dossier page). The discussion includes how former Naval Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen and medical writer/activist Jane Burgermeister separately uncovered strong evidence of foul play behind this World Health Organization Level 6 (highest level) pandemic. Capt. May also discusses the most recent terror date code indicators behind swine flu biowar and other events. In the second segment, Maj. Fox appears on his own with Erskine to conclude the discussion about swine flu biowar.
1st Segment: 38 min, 6.5 MB, Download Here (also archived at Erskine Radio Here).
Transcript Here.
2nd Segment: 37 min, 6.5 MB, Download Here (also archived at Erskine Radio, dated 2009-10-03). Maj. Fox and Erskine continue the discussion about swine flu biowar from the first segment.

2009-08-23 Mark Dankof's America on Republic Broadcasting Network. Mark Dankof interviews Maj. Fox about the nature of the false flag threat, and how it ties in with the JFK assassination. In the show's opening minutes, Mark Dankof read his letter to Christian News editor, Herman Otten, entitled, "Queers in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA): Subversion and Incrementalism Lead to Open Apostasy." That letter may be accessed at
Hour 1 Download Here. Hour 2 Download Here.

2009-07-30 Media Monarchy. James Pilato, based in Portland, Oregon, interviewed Maj. Fox about the danger of a false flag attack during National Level Exercise '09 (27-31 July) and Vibrant Response (31 July -14 Aug 2009). The latter exercise features a 10 KT nuclear explosion scenario in the Kansas City area that seems to fit previous false flag attack profiles. Also, a discussion about how terror drills serve as a backdrop for the bigger picture: the US has been hijacked by foreign interests & globalist elites who are pulling the rug out from under US.
1 hr 30 min, 37.2 MB Download Here

2009-07-22 The Real Deal. Dr. James Fetzer interviewed Maj. Fox during the first hour of a two hour interview regarding the possibility that the upcoming July 27-31, 2009 National Level Exercise (NLE) 2009 could get hijacked as a false flag operation. Dr. Fetzer subsequently interviewed SFC Donald Buswell the second hour regarding a Staff NCO's view of 9-11 and Ghost Troop. The audio file was posted to YouTube, and all parts can be found on a single web page Here. Transcript Here.

The Real Deal. Interview by Dr. Fetzer with Capt. May, Maj. Fox, and SFC Buswell. Capt May thinks it was very strange that Obama and Biden flew separately to Denver on Feb 17th to sign the stimulus bill. Normally this kind of signing is done in the Rose Garden or somewhere else at the White House. Did Obama want to be close to the USNORTHCOM HQ in case it was time for him and Biden to pull another “Cheney in the bunker?” Also, very peculiar, the next day the New York Post ran the “Dead Monkey” cartoon. Did Obama draw ire for failing to give the go ahead to administer a false flag stimulus as expected? Capt. May, Maj. Fox, SFC Buswell, and Dr. Fetzer still think that the Chicago Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) remains in the cross hairs, as reflected in their recent alert.
2 hrs 5 min, 44.1 MB Download Here Transcript Here.

2009-03-11. ENationalist Radio with John De Nugent. De Nugent discusses background to my Lone Star Iconoclast article "Asylum-Seeker Jailed for His Opinions In America!" Author Margaret Huffstickler describes how many Scandinavians are so brainwashed that they cannot adequately defend their own women from gang rape by aliens, and William Fox discusses the broader social implications of Holappa's arrest.
1 hr, 25 min, 20.1 MB file. Download Here.

2009-02-12 The Real Deal. Jim Fetzer interviews Maj. William Fox, who along with Capt May are strenuously trying to second-guess possible future false flag operations, since the most dangerous period of the Obama administration, like the Bush administration, is likely to be within its first nine months through Sept 2009. The interview starts with outline of a possible false flag scenario involving three explosions (two in Israel, a nuke in a U.S. city) addressed in the 14 Feb 2009 Alert Chicago False Flag? — Analysis and Hypothesis — coauthored with Capt. Eric May. Maj Fox and Dr. Fetzer also address dysfunctional macro economic, political, and social policies in America and how they might get fixed. Unfortunately a Revere Radio blurb cuts out where Maj Fox explains the motive for blowing up the Dome of the Rock. The idea is that it would be deliberately designed by the Mossad to appear to be a Muslim false flag operation. This convoluted intrigue would be designed to clear the way towards rebuilding the Temple of Solomon a major Zionist objective, while blaming the attack on Muslim intriguers out to discredit Zionists. Incidentally, if this were such a far-fetched scenario, why would the Muslim false flag scenario be advocated in an Israeli publication by a Middle East analyst? Also, the 16 Feb 2009 American Free Press article which Maj Fox cites by Mark Glenn originally had the confusing title where it called the burial site of Jesus at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre the birthplace. Maj Fox has since cleared up this confusion by correcting the title in his online posting of this article. This article is significant because Benjamin Netanyahu threatened an attack on this site. This show is also on YouTube in five parts, part one beginning here. Unfortunately Capt. May, who suffers from the late stages of ALS, started suffering from breathing problems and had to bow out of this show before he could speak.
2 hours, 28.2 MB Download Here.


Jeff and Mike interview Capt Eric May and Maj William Fox 12 Dec '08 about the false flag attack potential under Obama (3 min excerpt)

2008-12-14 The Jeff and Mike Show. Jeff & Mike welcome back Capt. Eric H. May, along with Maj. William Fox as they discuss the chances Obama will be a worse President than Bush, and the possibility of a false flag attack in Obama's hometown of Chicago. Why an attack would be most likely in the first 6-9 months of the Obama presidency.
First 1 hr, 12 min of a 3 hr 3 min, 75.4 MB file Download Here. Transcript Here.

2008-11-21 The National Intel Report, first hour. Host John Stadtmiller ran a round table discussion with William B. Fox and John Moore regarding a report made 17 November that the U.S. Army was sending out mobilization letters to all retirees. The discussion focused on the need to balance the requirement to immediately alert the public regarding "indicators" of possible false flag operations and tyrannical power grabs with the need to minimize the risk of misinforming the public with overly speculative information. Please also see the article: "Did the U.S. Army Issue Full Mobilization Orders for All U.S. Army Retirees in Mid-November 2008?"
1 hour, 13.8 MB Download Here.

2008-05-29 NIGHTSEARCH co-host Pat Ress interviews Capt May and Maj Bill Fox about the history of Ghost Troop's successful predictions beginning in March 2004 regarding Bush administration false flag operations. Topics also include the neutron bomb used on the Baghdad airport, the extreme toxicity of aerosolized depleted uranium, out of control Federal government, the Chicago Sears Tower as a possible terror target, and occult numerology used by Bush cabal Skull & Bonesmen and their Kabbalistic Mossad partners.
1 hour, 14.1 MB Download Here.

2008-05-07 Dynamic Duo Show, Genesis Communications Network. Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, interviews Captain Eric May and Maj William Fox in both the first and second hours. Topics: The joint May Day alert which within a week had already achieved more than twice the Internet saturation compared to the Kennebunkport Warning of summer 2007; the mysterious killing of Roland V. Carnaby in Houston, Texas right before NLE 2-08, who many sources believe was a CIA operative trying to thwart Mossad importation of a suitcase nuke; and Federal conditioning of the general population for a possible attack on Iran and martial law clamp down under NSPD-51 (which has an operational order annex too secret for even Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio to look at).
1st Segment, 52:51, 6.2 MB Download Here. Transcript Here.
2nd Segment; 52:51, 6.2 MB Download Here. Transcript Here.

2008-04-30 Voice of Reason Radio Network. John De Nugent interviews both Captain Eric May and Major William Fox. De Nugent outlines thirty character traits of psychopaths. The interview covers the origins of Captain May's mission of conscience, the likelihood of a future false flag terror attack on American soil, and how the Bush-Mossad cabal mentality fits psychopathic traits. Lastly, the interview covers many effective avenues for patriotic activism to forestall another false flag event and 1) mass death of American civilians, 2) martial law under Caligula Bush, and 3) an attack on Iran which could spread into WWIII. There are a few technical problems in isolated parts of this recording, but otherwise it is a satisfactory interview. It includes some musical interludes and diversions. (De Nugent starts at the very beginning by observing how many scientists believe that the overall net effect of declining sunspot activity is pointing Earth towards an Ice Age despite man-made contributes towards global warming.)
2 hours, 10 min. 61 MB file. Download Here

Ghost Troop
Skull & Bones
and its
New World Order

2008-04-24 Dynamic Duo Show, Genesis Communications Network. Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, interviews Ghost Troop's Captain Eric May in the first hour, and both Capt May and Maj William Fox in the second hour. They discuss how the Bush administration and Israel are maneuvering America towards war with Iran, and the background behind their alert regarding the 1-8 May National Level Exercise (NLE) 2-08 exercise that "war games" a WMD attack against Seattle. This includes an analysis of ways that this exercise could get hijacked like 9-11.
1st Segment, 52:51, 6.2 MB Download Here. Transcript Here
2nd Segment; 52:51, 6.2 MB Download Here. Transcript Here

2008-04-16 Voice of Reason Broadcast Network. John de Nugent, Assoc Editor of The Barnes Review, interviews in the first hour Byron Yost who created the hard-hitting documentary The Line in the Sand. (Unfortunately the first fifth of the 2:23 file was marred by technical difficulties; the rest is OK). In the second hour de Nugent interviews William Fox about miscellaneous topics, to include the specter of another false flag attack, the Marine Corps, the nativistic movement concept, the Harvard Business School, Hollywood, America First Books, and Kennewick Man. This last interview is punctuated midway by a lengthy musical interlude.
2 hours, 23 min. 100 MB file. Download Here.

2008-01-22 Melodee Hallett and Dr. Eric Karlstrom of KHEN-FM, Colorado chat with William Fox about Captain Eric May, false flag operations, America's "inside job" enemies, the vital characteristics of Western Civilization, various approaches to help individuals de-brainwash themselves, some core axioms of Right Wing 101, and many other topics.
2 hours, 14.1 MB. Download Here.

2005-01-23 Al Korelin and Paul Warren of the Korelin Economics Report interview William Fox at the Jan 2005 Vancouver, British Columbia Gold Show about some dark economic implications behind the precious metals bull market and the strategic importance of the mobile robotics revolution as the latest and greatest phase of the industrial revolution.
9 min 52 sec, 2.9 MB, Download Here.

2004-04-14 Lance Roberts of Street Talk Live Business Radio 650, Texas, interviews William Fox about how the best part of the continuing bull market in gold (then around $400 an ounce), silver, and other commodities is yet to come, and the underlying social, political, and economic forces behind all of this. Everything prophesied in this April 2004 interview has turned out to be true.
1st Segment, 18:42, 3.3 MB Download Here. 2nd ; 24:53, 4.4 MB Download Here.

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