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Coming to Grips with
"Predator" and "Alien"
To Conduct Ultimate Analysis

In Books I and II we explored the nuts and bolts of real false flag attacks, such as 9/11 and the London 7-7-2005 bombings, and indicators for possible future attacks against places like the Houston petrochemical "Terror Triangle," the Chicago Sears Tower, and Portland, Oregon.  The primary focus was generally on monitoring breaking news events and major exercise schedules to look for indicators that point towards a particular time and place, and then developing an appropriate news alert interdiction strategy.
In this last Book Three of the Mission of Conscience trilogy, both the nature of our alerts and the character of the threat become much bigger, more ideological, and even more deeply "sociological" in nature.
In Chapter 28 I describe how we recognized a major "false flag" version of national legislation aimed at ultimately locking down the Internet, ending freedom of speech, and curbing all real dissent in America.
In Chapter 29, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a major libertarian leader and Presidential candidate, fails to publicly address our warnings about false flag attack threats in his own Congressional back yard near Houston. Paradoxically, another Congressional candidate named Brian Klock specifically made a nuclear explosion in Houston the topic of his billboard campaign.
We were left with a disturbing question, was Candidate Klock engaged in "consciousness raising" for "our side," or instead engaging in "predictive programming" for "their side"? Furthermore, how can we assess the "libertarianism" of someone like Congressman Ron Paul when we got the cold shoulder for our alerts?
In Chapter 30 I explain how a major CIA operative named Roland Carnaby was likely assassinated by Houston police in broad daylight. Former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen believes this was a likely Mossad-orchestrated hit. Madsen also believes that Carnaby was trying to interdict Mossad plutonium smuggling operations through the Port of Houston as well as thwart a repeat 9-11 attack in the area.
In Chapter 31 I discuss my contact with U.S. Marines Public Affairs officers regarding a major urban warfare exercise scheduled for the Indianapolis, Indiana area. This raised important questions about the need to crack down on "synthetic" enemies in urban America at a time when the primary perpetrators of the 9/11 inside job are still on the loose in top offices of Washington, D.C., New York City, London, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.
In Chapter 32, a client state of Israel and the U.S. attacked Russian troops in South Ossetia. This invoked the broader topic of Russia vs. the New World Order. It also highlighted Israeli geopolitical designs to gain control of major oil fields throughout the Mideast and central Asia through its exploitation of American assets.
In Chapter 33 we see leaders of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve threaten members of Congress with martial law while demanding a blank-check bailout to the tune of $700 billion. At long last, we get a glimpse at the ultimate domestic terrorists. In fact, behind the scenes over the last two hundred years, bankers have waged various forms of subtle and not-so-subtle false flag terrorism through their manipulation of the financial system in America.
In Chapter 34 we see a leading historical researcher and Australian citizen get arrested in a London airport on a German warrant for daring to question establishment accounts of a historical event that took place over fifty years ago, in essence challenging a "false flag" PSYOP that distorts public opinion on many important social and political issues. In addition, Capt. May came to the conclusion that suspected Holocaust Museum terrorist James von Brunn, with whom he had corresponded, may have been set up as a patsy in a false flag operation. An eye witness account of the shooting incident suggested a "friendly fire" incident and contradicted the mainstream media story that von Brunn shot a museum guard himself.
Obviously a shooting incident at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. appears on one level to be a very different animal than, say, setting off a mini-nuke at an oil refinery near Houston in a false flag attempt to start a war with Iran. And yet on another level both types of incidents serve the interests of the same power elite, and intellectually challenge us to reexamine and expand our understanding of the underlying nature of "false flag" operations.
This is where I try to take the level of "intelligence analysis" to a higher level. This includes the use of PSYOPs in virtually everything, ranging from not only editorial decisions made in news reporting, but also the philosophical assumptions embedded in historical analysis and political and religious thought systems. The "Holocaust" itself has become a new religion.
I have have been criticized for my willingness to take intelligence analysis up to the highest levels. However, if I am going to be intellectually honest, I feel that I have no choice but to address the big picture on all levels. In fact, a failure to do so could open me up to charges that I am wittingly or unwittingly participating in some form of fear-mongoring, "limited hangout," "predictive programming," or some other form of PSYOP on a lower level designed to keep Americans distracted and constrained within a particular intellectual sand box.
In Chapter 35 we behold a political candidate with a mysterious past get elected President of the United States. This probable Mossad-CIA asset quickly fulfilled our worst fears about breaking all his campaign promises and slavishly following the worst special interests --to include those who ran the New York 9/11 and London 7-7 false flag attacks. This raises the topic of a "Manchurian Candidate" type of "false flag" operation.
In Chapter 36 we got threatened with a United Nations WHO Level-6 global pandemic (the highest level alert) and the prospect of global depopulation genocide. This raises the issue of massive corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and medical establishment, as well as longstanding vaccination practices that have in themselves possessed "false flag" characteristics.
In Chapter 37 we encounter a scary "Operation Blackjack" scenario about a ten kiloton false flag nuke going off in a major American city. Meanwhile, the U.S. military establishment continues to act "false flagged" on both an ideological and institutional level in its "Zombie March" towards "Stalingrad II."
In Chapter 38, we examine the "Info War" perversion of the Nobel Peace Prize, and principles of "Info War" that might apply to a citizen vigilance cyber militia. Clearly, we need to expand our conceptualizations of "false flag" operations to incorporate various types of PSYOPs as well as the threat of physical attacks.
If we define a false flag attack as an effort by a power elite to fake an enemy attack in order to stampede the public into policies that typically benefit the power elite at their expense, then we can understand a "false flag" attack as simply one particular permutation of a "decoy" or "deception" operation. We need to understand how power elites utilize deception on many different levels before we can place false flag attacks in their proper context.
We are also led to deep sociological questions. How are malevolent power elites able to arrive in their position and stay in power in the first place?
What other methods besides physical attack can an evil elite use to manipulate their subjects? Is it possible to decoy people in other ways --to include making things appear artificially "too wonderful" as well as "too threatening" -- that are still "the moral equivalent of war?"
The answer is yes, and I call a "too wonderful" deception a "sugar false flag." This, too, is a major threat we have to communicate to the public, even though it may be more subtle and difficult to explain to many people.

I like to use the title of a science fiction film "Alien vs. Predator" as a short hand to denote the members of the power elite who are likely to be our most dangerous false flag adversaries.

"Predator" symbolizes unlimited federal government. "Alien" means unlimited Zionism.
The continuing false flag attack threat reflects an unholy alliance of both of these entities. I believe that the threat will remain perpetual until both of these monsters are finally brought under control.
Significantly, as one performs a historical analysis of the evolution of unlimited Federal government in America, it becomes clear that an underhanded ploy like a false flag attack is far from an aberration, but rather a logical culmination of a trend towards increasing government arrogance and disconnection from the very people it purports to serve.
A false flag attack may be viewed as a particularly ruthless form of bureaucratic "rent-seeking" where government creates phony reasons to justify soaking the tax payer to justify its bloated budgets. Just from using a libertarian form of analysis alone, where we trace the historical evolution from limited government in America to "ponzi" and "pork barrel" government and then from there into ruthlessly rent-seeking "evil government." We can see how the false flag attack stratagem is not a surprise, but rather an inevitability.
We can also look at this issue from a balance of power perspective. "Predator" is out of control because the natural "counter predators" required to keep this monster in check, such as the doctrine of "States Rights" and various forms of local government, have shrunk enormously in comparison over the past 150 years.
One can argue that the basic underlying political principle behind the 9/11 inside job was established when the U.S. Government escalated to total war during the 1861-1865 War Against Southern Independence, and 600,000 Americans died. Through total war, the U.S. Government fought to "save the union" at all costs. Anything that is done "at all costs" is essentially totalitarian in nature. If the U.S. Government found it "acceptable" to expend 600,000 lives during that war, and replace the limited republic of the Founding Fathers with a neo-Jacobin empire, why wouldn't it also go ahead and collude in a Mossad plan to kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11 in order to "false flag" the masses and justify invasions in the Middle East? After all, it has already proven that it feels entitled to safeguard its unitary existance and further its own interests at all costs. Such an orientation could also "justify" a total national martial law clamp down and the installation of the perfect Orwellian police state, complete with RFID-chipping and computer tracking of the 24-7 activities all citizens.
In regard to "Alien," or unlimited Zionism, we see continuing patterns of Mossad false flag activity throughout its history. We can also see similar deceptions conducted by elite banking interests much further back in time. The Mossad also enjoys profound sociological support through the sayanim or "helper" program among the global Jewish community, as well as philosophical support through the Talmudic doctrines described by Michael Collins Piper in his landmark work The New Babylon. Piper shows how Zionists also feel entitled to further their interests at all costs.
When we also view the "Alien" issue through the predator vs. counter predator balance of power model, again we see that organized opponents of Zionism have shriveled enormously in America over the last 150 years as well.
I make the case that as a consequence of the "melting pot" and other "neo-Jacobin" ideologies, most white Americans have become "psychologically ethnically cleansed" and dependent upon institutions that betray rather than support their true ethnic-genetic interests and ultimate survival. They have to start re-organizing themselves on an ethnic level, much as they naturally were back in the mid 19th century.

I hope that this book will inspire not only a more realistic appraisal of the crises that threaten the very existence of Western civilization today, but also inspire more effective citizen activist action to finally bring the Predator and Alien monsters under control so that we can experience a genuinely hopeful future once again.

In order to ultimately achieve and sustain this objective, cyber militia interdiction is only a first step. We must also permanently strengthen the "counter predators" that I have just mentioned on a deeper social and ideological level.
It is worth emphasizing that this subject matter is more than just academic. People are getting killed, such as the 3,000 who died on 9/11, the CIA operative Roland Carnaby who got shot dead in Houston, and tens of thousands of American servicemen who are getting killed outright in unnecessary military adventures overseas, not to mention hundreds of thousands of indirect deaths involving both Americans and foreign civilians from depleted uranium and other contaminants.
The false flag pandemic threat of 2009 illustrated how the threat is potentially graver than even all of this. I make the case in Chapter 36 that if it were not for vigorous activist action against suspected malevolent pharmaceutical companies and governments against compulsory vaccinations, Americans could be on track to suffer more deaths than the tens of millions who died from the Spanish flu in 1918.
Already tens of millions of Americans have permanent health-robbing time bombs within them from toxic ingredients inside vaccines. Both Capt. May and I fully agree with Dr. Rebecca Carley, host of "What's Ailing America" on Republic Broadcasting Network, and Jane Burgermeister, who filed criminal charges against Baxter International, the World Health Organization, and Obama, that we are dealing with high level psychopaths capable of unlimited evil.

When America experiences a hyperinflationary meltdown, and food supplies run out in certain urban centers from logistical dislocations, there is no end to the way that this same evil elite can continue to run false flag operations to pit one group of desperate Americans against each other, just like they have already played off foreign factions against each other in Iraq and Afghanistan.
We are not going to stop Predator and Alien until we stop them. Conditions will only continue to deteriorate until we act decisively to bring them under control.
As the author, I have been caught in an interesting dilemma. Some individuals will no doubt criticize me because I supply a lot of my own views in Book III. However, I think this is appropriate for two reasons.
First, I became a significant player alongside Capt. May during the period covered in this book, therefore coverage of the Ghost Troop history does indeed become as much my story as his.
Second, if we simply react in a limited way to false flag threats, we risk becoming terminally enshrouded in a fatalistic "predictive programming" environment where our activism becomes part of the "controlled opposition" and "problem-reaction-solution" paradigm created by our enemies. I discuss this issue in greater depth in Chapter 37 regarding "Operation Blackjack" and Chapter 38 regarding principles of Info War.
In other words, when Mossad-CIA spooks decide to paw at us, if one wants to make them cut it out, one has to give them full "blowback." One has to come back at them with a full investigation, like Michael Collins Piper did in his book Final Judgment which identifies the central Mossad role in the JFK assassination.
One also has to mount a full social and political response. One example of an attempt to do this kind of thing within the African American community involved protests by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney discussed in Chapter 15 in Book II regarding the blacks she believes were summarily executed during Katrina disaster, or my mention in Chapter 34 about how the black community in Los Angeles demanded a public explanation by a CIA representative regarding the CIA role (actually Mossad-CIA) in supplying crack-cocaine to the African American community to help fund Contras in Nicaragua.
Perhaps certain readers may not agree with my own traditional American conservative political perspective, but at least I want them to understand my desire to make strong social and political statements and try to think outside the box. In addition, I have felt a public duty to document our experiences and concerns to bring them to the attention of elected government officials and the general public as soon as possible. Simply issuing alerts, and doing that alone --while challenging some very powerful state-sponsored entities -- is too fraught with potential hazards to be considered some kind of "life style hobby." We need to be building public support and going places with our activism.
My desire to nominate Jane Burgermeister, Dr. Rebecca Carley, and Capt. Eric May for the Nobel Peace Prize is more than symbolic. I think they have engaged in important trail blazing to show how cyber intelligence analysis and interdiction through public education and the filing of criminal charges can play a potent role in thwarting high level criminality. All of this can play a key role in supporting the cause of genuine world peace and true progress of civilizations.
Significantly, W. Leon Smith, publisher of the Lone Star Iconoclast, wrote the 2 Feb 2010 article "Captain Eric H. May Deserves Congressional Medal of Honor" for the work Capt. May has already performed so far, as documented in Books I-III, to interdict likely repeat false flag attacks designed to drag American into a war with Iran. This interdiction work also merits Nobel Peace Prize consideration.
I invite your serious consideration of the global crises addressed in this work, and the successful methods that we have uncovered in dealing with them. I also ask for your support as we continue to weather difficult circumstances in furtherance of a higher cause.

William B. Fox
Houston, Texas
February 2010




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