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Mission of Conscience Book I Contents






Book I

Mission of Conscience:
Capt. Eric H. May, The Info War,
and Amazing Predictions Come True

by Maj. William B. Fox

Waking Up to
the Ultimate Mission



Preface Too Uncanny to Be Ignored
Chronology   Key Dates and Suspicious Events
Chapter   1 Gestation inside the Propaganda Matrix
Chapter   2: The Battle of Baghdad Cover-up
Chapter   3: The Ft. Stewart Confirmation and the First
  Death Threat
Chapter   4: The July Jumble and Going Underground for the
First Time
Chapter   5:   Profiling the Opposing Forces Commander, “Circle B,”
and His Kosher Handlers, “Circle Z”
Chapter   6 The First Crawford, TX Protest, the Angry Letter
Campaign, and “Why We Fight”
Chapter   7: How September 11th Became the False Flag
Rosetta Stone
Chapter   8 9/11 Patterns As Future False Flag Indicators
Chapter   9: How the Madrid Bombings Became the “9-11 To Be”
Wake Up Call
Chapter 10 The First Ghost Troop Mission and the Terrifying
BP Refinery Explosion
Chapter 11:   The Sears Tower Alert, Going Underground Again,
and the New Caney Pipeline Explosion
Chapter 12:  The Bush Cabal Resurgence, Bin Laden-Hussein
Fakery, and Making the Next Terror Prediction
Chapter 13:  The London Subway Bombings and the Texas City
Simulated Nuclear Explosion









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