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Dr. Rebecca Carley and her vaccine-damaged son

What Is Ailing

Interview with Major William B. Fox
5 September 2009
Second Hour
Part II of II


Abstract: Why there is a lack of adequate counterpredators in America to keep Zionist neocon warmongor predators in check. Anti-white brainwashing in the U.S. military. Homeopathic approaches to detox vaccine-induced damage. Possible U.S. military push-back against repeat 9/11 false flag attacks. The assassination of former CIA station chief Roland Carnaby by Houston police. How Carnaby very likely tried to thwart Mossad theft of American plutonium through the port of Houston. Hope that Americans can peacefully muddle through problems like Russians following collapse of Soviet Union. How the paleo-conservative approach of Maj. William Fox may complement the anarcho-libertarian approach of former Army intelligence officer Capt. Eric May. Why tribalism per se may not only be normal but healthy, yet paradoxically Zionism constitutes a reprehensible criminal and predatory version of all this. The swine flu false flag pandemic as a catalyst for mass political awakening. The 2005 bird flu hoax. False flag pandemic alerts issued by Capt. May and Maj. Fox in 2009. The strange deaths in Mexico following the April 2009 Obama visit, and how "the Godfather" visited the Venezuelan polo pony team. Swine flu biowar in Switzerland. Videogames that condition Americans to act as stooges of the psychopathic power elite. Mossad-CIA encouragement of torture practices in the U.S. military. How former Minnesota Governor and Navy SEAL Jesse Ventura is making a heroic effort to uncover high level conspiracy. Barrack Hussein Obama II as a longstanding CIA asset.

Dr. Rebecca Carley:
[Following lead-in music "Bombs Over Baghdad" by John Trudell]. And we are back with What's Ailing America?. We are talking with William Fox, and Patrick Jordan is on the line as well. Talking about false flags, and we are starting to get callers, William, but I just wanted to ask you. I didn't get from what you said like an answer to my question. Why isn't the military trying to come together to stop their bioweapon assaults?
Maj. Fox: Well, I think for a very similar reason for why they are not openly coming out and saying Mossad-CIA did 9/11. Why they are not openly coming out and saying, "Wait a second, if we have a continued surge in Afghanistan, there is a real risk that we could get "Stalingraded" where if we get an economic meltdown in America, we could have all kinds of troops as well as allied contractors stranded over here if we get an implosion in American much like the collapse of the former Soviet Union. There are all kinds of issues that the military should deal with openly, but they don't. There are all kinds of issues that retired servicemen and military-related organizations should deal with --and they don't. So now we are back to sociological issues. I agree with what you have said on other shows, that certainly we don't want to --we have to be careful about suggesting any kind of violent or overly militant behavior that would justify repression and a crackdown, but on the other hand we do have to raise consciousness.
Dr. Carley: Yes.
Maj. Fox: It is not a pleasant situation to be in. It is very awkward for people, particularly in an authoritarian environment like the military to try to raise consciousness. This is why I mentioned it is invaluable to have civilian support groups who tend to have more First Amendment protection than people in the military. In fact, LtCol [Karen] Kwiatkoswki, who was a Pentagon insider connected to the Office of the Secretary of Defense during the evolution of the planned invasion of Iraq had a person named Harold Williams [on her American Forum Radio show, 25 Feb 2008] who came out with a book titled Survive Martial Law. He is a former Green Beret. Claims he helped implement martial law in Central America. And Williams said that he has looked around America, and he has not found any really cohesive groups, and one of the problems is because of the melting pot, Americans have become so fragmented. I see that also in terms of a predator vs. counter predator paradigm, where one of the reasons why the Zionists or Jewish power elite is so powerful is one thing a person very quickly discovers when they live in New York as I did is that Jews do a fantastic job of networking and supporting each other. Whereas the closest group that I have got is the Scandinavian American [community] --my mother comes from Norway-- I have tried to network with Norwegian Americans and actually it has blown up in my face a couple of times. I have had people --if I try to play the ethnic card and say "We have problems, we have a low birth rate"--they have been so programmed by the controlled media that they think that maybe you are being a "racist" or if you criticize Mossad-CIA that you are being "anti-Semitic" and all this and that. If you have really done your homework, you see that this is really the product of massive brainwashing. We have a perfect right to survive as a people and engage in ethnic self-defense. We are not trying to behave aggressively towards other people. It is perfectly legitimate to have these concerns. But frankly, the brainwashing has been very, very deep. I might just tack on at my web site I have a quiz. It is 30 questions. It is titled "Have You Been Brainwashed?" And I get into a lot of questions regarding the topics that I have raised, as well as the other issues I talked about earlier about linking parasitism to the religious concept of Satanism or the civil concept of criminality. Plus I have an article that talks about my experience in 1990 where I had an off-duty private conversation with a Norwegian-American officer, and she turned me in, and I was relieved as OIC, and then I was reinstated after a Board of Inquiry. The whole thing was a mess. But you can see a letter to an attorney that I wrote which describes that [incident]. That to me shows brainwashing in the military. [4:42]
Dr. Carley: Oh yes. I am sure there is a lot of brainwashing in the military. OK, we are going to a break. We will be right back, and I will bring on John in Kentucky for his questions and comments. Stay tuned folks, we will be right back.
Dr. Carley: [8:10] And we are back with What Is Ailing America? Today we are talking about false flags with my special guest William Fox. Patrick Jordan is also on the line. And as I said Patrick, feel free to chime in time if you have any questions or comments. We have caller John in Kentucky, are you there John?
John in Kentucky: This is my first time listening to your show. And I like what Dr. Fox --is it Dr. Fox? Or William Fox?
Maj. Fox: I wish --my father is a professor--but no, I do not have a Phd. I either go by "Mister" or some people even call me "Major."
John: You are a veteran then.
Maj. Fox: That's right.
John: So am I. I was in the first Gulf War. That is the reason I called. Before I get to that point, you were talking about false flags, and the Zionists and stuff behind it, and I totally agree with it. I think that Larry Silverstein should be dragged into a concrete room and drilled pretty hard to find out what he knows, but like I said that is not the point why I called. I was calling to see for somebody who doesn't have a lot of money that was given these shots and pills and stuff before we went over there. I was in the 24th Infantry Division. Is there anything I can do to like detox that stuff out of my system.
Maj. Fox: Dr. Carley, of course, is the expert there.
John: OK.
Dr. Carley: Right. Well, there are two homeopathic remedies that you can take. It is kind of like a general vaccine detox. Although with all the poisons that they have given you, this is just like a drop in the bucket. There are two remedies. One is called thuja and another one is called silicea. Of course I am not giving you medical advice. I am just telling you what I would do if I were you, but you can get those in any health food store. There is also a web site if they don't have it in your local store. And you take about three pellets of each under your tongue three times a day. I would take it for at least six weeks if not two months. That will help to reverse some of what is called vaccinosis. But there are many aspects to this. There is the corruption of the immune system, there is the depleted uranium, there is remedies that can take the radiation out. There is all kinds of things that people have to do to really reverse the situation. You know, if you are going to really do that. But of course none of that is covered by insurance. But at least that is something you can do.
John: And that is fairly inexpensive.
Dr. Carley: Yes. yes.
John: All right, that is what I am looking for.
Dr. Carley: Yes, and of course eating organic food as much as possible. Drinking clean water. All these things are extremely important. Avoiding chloride. Avoiding aspartame. All the poisons that we are being exposed to on a regular basis.
John: I have been doing that. I have got a fluoride filter and all that stuff.
Dr. Carley: OK.
John: I am one step ahead of the game. So Maj. Fox, was it Major?
Maj. Fox: That's fine. It is either that or "Bill" or whatever you are comfortable with. "Major Fox" or whatever.
John: So you think the CIA was behind it? You think the CIA is controlled by Zionists? What is your theory on that?
Maj. Fox: Well, I guess my first response is that I do not think that anybody knows for sure what the story is, and I think there are quite a few people within the CIA who don't know what the story is [as well]. And I think it changes from time to time. But I think there are some dissident parts of the CIA that are engaged in what is called "push back," just like there have been dissident parts of the military. For example, with the B-52 "Loose Nukes" episode" that took place in summer 2007.
John: Yeah, I remember that.
Maj. Fox: According to Col Donn de Grand Pre, whose books I carry as ebooks, there was a bomber run that was launched by Cheney's part of the chain of command --Vice President Cheney-- that was actually strafed and grounded while making an attack run on Iran. Of course you have the other situations involving Seymour Hersh, with The New Yorker, who claims that Cheney was seriously discussing using U.S. Navy SEALS to run a false flag attack. But anyway there are strong indications that there are mysterious deaths associated with the airmen, you may recall the flight from North Dakota to Barksdale, Louisiana with the "Loose Nukes," the armed, unaccounted for nuclear weapons supposedly headed towards Iran, and apparently there were members of the U.S. military who pushed back on that. You may remember the following spring, Admiral Fallon who opposed an attack on Iran, got relieved. So there is evidence more recently, for example here in the Houston area, earlier this year, around April, there was the assassination of Roland Carnaby. Originally the CIA denied it, but it turned out that he was monitoring Mossad activity in Houston, which is one of the largest ports in America for incoming shipments of goods. According to former Naval Intelligence officer Wayne Madsen, Carnaby was monitoring Israeli attempts to steal American plutonium and ship it out of the port of Houston. Because apparently the Israelis have problems with their nuclear reactor capacity. They are having problems refining their plutonium in order to make up the difference. They are concerned that if Iran were to get the bomb, plus considering Pakistan, that both countries could get ahead of them given their current limited capacity at the Dimona plant. To supplement that capacity and make up for it, they need to steal American plutonium. And apparently they have been stealing it, and shipping it through the port of Houston. Carnaby was involved in monitoring that. He got gunned down by Houston police in broad daylight. On top of that, there are indications from Wayne Madsen when he visited Houston that the first George Bush, senior, was a close friend of Carnaby. He maintained an office in the same office building that has a lot of CIA offices, even though he is theoretically retired. Carnaby had been a former major station chief in Lebanon and in fact was monitoring intrigues in Italy and around the world as well as in Houston. You can almost read between the lines that maybe George Bush Sr., who according to many news sources was never really happy with his son's decision to go ahead and invade Iraq, that apparently he and Carnaby were engaged in some kind of CIA --of course you know George Bush Sr. was former Director of the CIA-- some form of "push back." So I think there are parts of the FBI, CIA, and U.S. military that really feel the way I do deep down inside. They are outraged about the way Israel and the Mossad have hijacked this country. They are trapped inside giant bureaucracies. They are doing the best they can. So that is another reason why it may not be smart to get violent or get really antagonistic at this point. You know it is like having some kind of wound where you are waiting for the core, like in a boil, to naturally come out of the wound without having to go in with a scalpel and dig it out. It is sort of like a natural process where we are trying to get these alien parasites to come to the surface in our society without using more extreme measures, and hopefully, you know, it could be a relatively peaceful process, like the collapse of the former Soviet Union. You know East Germany and Russia were able to kind of work their way through those situations, and maybe we can do the same thing in America.
John: And Putin ended up getting rid of a lot of those Zionist Jews that were, I guess, they called them the oligarchs over there.
Maj. Fox: That's right. Putin has been a major pro-nationalist figure. There is a Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, his web site is, and he writes for The Barnes Review, the American Free Press, a major nationalist publication, and he believes that Putin has really put things along the track towards nationalism. And he has been praised for playing a weak hand well, but apparently he has done a good job. First off playing off one Zionist group against another. And then ratcheting up his power base even more in a very clever, incremental way. So yes, it is quite possible that a guy who will help us solve our problems, becoming President of the United States, could be someone who comes out of the FBI, CIA, or U.S. military just like Putin. So I do not think it is smart to get really antagonistic towards the CIA, FBI, or military. I think we have to try to help things along as patiently as we can. [17:11]
John: I agree. I have been a subscriber to the Barnes Review for about five years now, and I really like that magazine. And I also wanted to say I like your idea that, you know, you say you are Scandinavian and you think that we should have rights too. I am Scottish and Swedish, but if you try to stand up for that you are a racist, blah, blah, blah, we have all heard it a million times.
Maj. Fox: I tell you what. You have just prompted an important thought. Can I answer to that for a second here?
John: Sure.
Maj. Fox: There is an ideological issue here. In fact, I have at my web site, I have articles --it is called Reconciling Opposing Ideological Viewpoints. And I talk about the environmental vs. genetic and top down vs. bottom up [tradeoff dualities], and Capt. May has what I call an anarcho libertarian viewpoint. That is what I call environmental bottom up, which is cool. That is great. That is the way Ron Paul is. Capt May likes to call black people his brothers, and he likes to reach out to people of all racial backgrounds like with Ghost Troop. Frankly, a lot of my talk about the pro-Norwegian or Nordic agenda makes him a little bit uncomfortable, but I am a hardcore --I am a genetic bottom up paleo conservative, he is an anarcho libertarian. I think we are more effective working together than if it was all one or the other. But you know we have to use different approaches. One reason why I am more of the paleoconservative is that I think that in the long run that tribalism counts for a lot. For example, in Afghanistan one reason why no foreign conqueror has ever been able to really hold down Afghanistan is you have these tribal units that are fiercely loyal. And I think in the long run, it does come down to tribalism. That is one reason why the Jews are so powerful. When I lived in New York, they are the most incredibly ethnocentric, tribalistic people in this world. I don't fault them for being tribalistic per se.
John: I wish we could be like that!
Maj. Fox: What?
John: I wish we could be like that to get away with it.
Maj. Fox: I don't have any problems with Jews being loyal to their own people. I don't have any problems with them having ethnic pride.
John: Sure.
Maj. Fox: The problem is Zionism is a criminal form--it is a predatory form of tribalism. If they practiced defensive tribalism, I would say, "God bless the Jews." But the problem is that Zionism --you know, they were not being defensive when they pulled 9/11 on us. Larry Silverstein is not a defensive Jewish traditionalist. He is an aggressor --he and his Mossad buddies --and they are wrecking this country.
John: Have you ever seen that movie Missing Links?

Missing Links (2:07)

Dr. Carley: OK John, we are going to a break. We will be right back after these messages. [19:52]
Dr. Carley: [23:08]. And we are back with What Is Ailing America? Today we are talking about false flags. My guest is Maj. William Fox, and we have John from Kentucky on the line. We are getting other callers lining up, John, but I just wanted to comment on the video Missing Links. If anybody has not seen it, they really do need to see that. You can watch it on the Internet. It is all over the place. It is very excellent. But I also just want to comment that the way I look at things, it is more of a good versus evil situation. There are many good Jewish people that I know. The Zionists are the parasitic version as far as I am concerned. There are lots of other people of every kind of nationality that you can imagine, especially the ones at the high levels of the Masons, which are pure evil. And the high level Mormons, etc. etc. So I just want to put that out there that in my opinion this is not just a Zionist problem. There are many people who are enabling these evil Zionists to carry on with their agenda. Many of the Christian churches are backing them up, so this is a very big problem. But as far as I am concerned, we have to start at home first. Parents have to start protecting their children. I have had mothers tell me that vaccines cause all auto immune diseases, seizures, and cancer, but yet they are going to vaccinate them because that is the law. Well, if you are willing to sacrifice your own child to these criminal entities for their population reduction or enslavement agenda, you know, that's pretty sick. So this is a very huge problem, and of course everything they are doing with their mind control, their fluoride, their psych drugs, causing chemical lobotomies and everything else, the vaccine damage, it is a very huge problem. So the first thing we have to do is educate people as to what the truth is, what is going on so that they can protect themselves in whatever way they can so that they can get their brains thinking again, where they can use reason and common sense and hopefully figure out whatever they think they need to do in their own individual situation to enlarge this awakening, which is happening for sure.
Maj. Fox: Actually I think that this false flag pandemic situation is probably doing a lot to help us awaken the public because now it is getting really personal. I mean it used to be it was abstract. Like the dancing Israelis, Larry Silverstein knowing in advance about pulling building 7, etc., but that was off in New York. Now it is a situation where the higher forces of the establishment want to come and stick something toxic into your very own body. It is getting very direct and very personal right now for everybody in this country. They should awaken.
Dr. Carley: Yes, and they are awakening. And what we are seeing now is proof of that. They keep on pushing this H1N1 vaccine, and most people are saying there is no way I am going to inject that into myself or my children. And so you know they keep on trying to push it. It has gotten down to about once a week now in my local paper where they will say "Oh, we have got more vaccine now. Here is where you can go to get it." But most people aren't buying it. And that is why their pandemic is not happening to the degree that they wanted it to. So that is a very good sign as far as I am concerned.
Maj. Fox: Actually there are two things I wanted to briefly go over before the end of this show, and that is just quickly go over the alerts that Capt. May and myself have put out regarding biowar. And then secondly discuss some of the commonalities between false flag biowar and false flag attacks in general, like 9/11 or the Madrid bombing. Can I briefly just go through some of our biowar alerts?
Dr. Carley: OK, well we have some of our other callers waiting to come on, so yes, if you could do that quickly, because I like the callers to also interact. Go ahead.
Maj. Fox: OK, sure. Just some bullet points here --back in Sept 2005, CBS put out an alert by Michael Osterholm out of the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease, and he warned that this bird flu pandemic at that time could claim about 1.7 million Americans the first year, and it turned out that that was a hoax. There was barely scores [of victims]. But the timing of that was amazing, because it came between the [disaster] situation with [Hurricane] Katrina and then arson attacks, which according to former Naval Intelligence Officer Wayne Madsen, he has information where the Bush crime cartel set the fires in Texas and Oklahoma and also California. [Editor's note: More accurately, Madsen explicitly accused the Bush crime cartel of deliberately setting fires in California in one of his alerts, however, I need to check with him to verify Texas and Oklahoma. Capt. May explicitly accused Bush in regard to all three states]. Then as Capt. May predicted, once that [biowar] threat became dormant as a headline grabber, it would be reinvoked later on, and sure enough Capt. May, to his credit, was early in 2009 in putting out alerts. He called me up and coauthor an alert that came out May 7, 2009 called "The Swine Flu Mask for the Pig Power Elite" that is archived at our web site. And he pointed out, first off, that on the Amerithrax attack, amazing how according to an American Free Press writer, at that time, Mark Glenn talked about how "A security firm caught LtCol Phillip Zach entering the Ft. Detrick facility after hours at a time he no longer worked there, and more importantly, caught him on tape entering a secure section of the facility where the very same strain of anthrax used in the attacks later turned up missing." Then Mark Glenn wrote: "Zack was allowed to walk without any charges. He said the FBI and controlled national media pinned the blame on Bruce Edward Ivins..." And one of the reasons is that Zack is a Zionist, and we know how they have special treatment. And then Capt. May came out with, we talked about the situation in Mexico City with Obama, I need to talk about that, where Obama shook hands with Felipe Solas, who then dropped dead the next day from a possible swine flu attack. [Rising music in the background]. And amazingly enough --shall I wait here?
Dr. Carley: Yes, we will pick it up on the other side. [29:31]
Dr. Carley: [33:07] And we are back with What's Ailing America? Today we are talking about false flags with my special guest, Maj. William Fox, and yes, please continue to talk about what you were talking about before the break. That was such an amazing situation where our esteemed President not shook the hands of that individual and then he dropped dead the next day. What was behind that, as far as you are concerned?
Maj. Fox: Well, I wrote this up and published it under what we call an Intelligence Summary. It is posted at my web site with Capt. May in our author archives. But I wrote: "Capt. May pointed out that Obama's trip to Mexico and Venezuela in April witnessed a strange sequence of events. Obama went to Mexico on his way to a meeting of the Organization of the Americas. After meeting Obama on Thursday, 16 April, the archeologist Felipe Solas dropped dead from possible swine flu the next day, three days after the first cases were detected. Obama left for Venezuela on the 17th. This was same day that President Chavez gave him the soul brother power shake (which are the thumbs hooked together when shaking hands). The next day, Saturday the 18th, Chavez presented Obama with the book The Open Veins of Latin America by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano. The next day, Sunday the 19th, during the U.S. polo opening, 21 Venezuelan horses dropped dead. Three days after this, on 4-22 (which notice that is the divisible-by-11 occult “signature”), the bio warfare center at Ft. Detrick declared that it lost samples of Venezuelan equine flu. The next day, Mexico declared a swine flu epidemic. So I just wrote [in the Intelligence Summary] “`So in other words,' I said to Capt. May, `Instead of chopping off 21 horses’ heads and putting them at the foot of Chavez’s bed [like in the movie The Godfather], somebody knocked off the Venezuelan horses with horse flu to let him know that he is getting too chubby with Rahmbo’s house boy.'”
Dr. Carley: [Laughter]
Maj. Fox: And Capt. May responded: “Exactly.”
So also, Capt. May noted, speaking of occultic numerology, he came out with some subsequent alerts. He came out with "H1N1 Biowar" dated July 7th where he said "--Key Journalist Fired--" he identified early on the significance of Jane Burgermeister when she got fired from her job. And of course she talked about the events where you had the production facility not far from Mexico City where Baxter shipped the biowarfare samples to Switzerland. Instead of sending them directly to Geneva, they shipped them via Zurich, where there was an "accident" on a train where people got contaminated. One Swiss citizen died who had never been outside the country, among many other very suspicious things that she has uncovered in filing her law suits. Getting back to, remember I mentioned the Bird Flu scare, which ended up being a hoax back in 2005. Capt. May noticed that the original press conference for that was scheduled for Nov 1st at 1010 AM [in 2009 where 2+9 in the date field yields "11"], so if you decode that, typically you knock out the zeroes, that would have been 11-1-11-11 [or "1111111"]. The would be "11" for November, and then 10:10 AM [another "11"], so if you know what to look for, there are suspicious things going on in the background. [Editor's Note: Another very suspicious "11" pattern took place when WHO announced the global level 6 pandemic on 6-11]. You also notice "Back in 2005, freshman senator Barack Obama played a big role in preparing a master plan for how to handle the flu." Also, let's see here---
Patrick Jordan: Could you back up on that one. I was taking notes, Maj. Fox.
Maj. Fox: Actually that is Capt. May's alert at his author archive at, dated July 7, 2009, it is titled "H1N1 Biowar" and he said that "Obama played a big role in preparing a master plan for how to handle the flu --and then us, who will doubtless require paternal direction to get through the crisis. I guess we really are lucky to have this key pandemic player in the White House now, and note with amazement that the swine flu, H1N1, broke out in Mexico just as he visited Mexico City. The odds against all that happening are a zillion to one." I am quoting Capt. May. "All of this gives us much to think about, doesn't it?"
Dr. Carley: I also want to say that he also wrote a law that he tried to push through the Senate. Obama did in regard to pandemic prevention planning, type thing, and I don't have that in front of me. I talked about that on a previous show. I also want to say that as far as the bird flu goes, that was their plan was to mutate the bird flu so that it would cause the pandemic. The CDC has been talking about a bird flu pandemic for years. And I am convinced that the outbreak of the news media that covered the fact that live bird flu virus had been sent to Europe is what stopped that plan from going forward. Otherwise I am sure that bird flu would have been much more involved. They had to go to plan B after that got into the mainstream media, and not in this country of course, but in other places. Well we have so many callers lined up, I would just like to get to a few of these callers. Chris in Iowa, are you there, Chris? Chris, are you there?
Chris: Yes I am.
Dr. Carley: OK, go ahead. [38:19]
Chris: I just wanted to mention, I don't know if you guys have heard of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, the video game that just came out. There is a level on there where you are not forced to, but given the option to either carry out a false flag where the mission is actually called "No Russian," and at the beginning of the mission you are briefed on what you are going to do and then you find yourself in an elevator with the bad guys you are supposedly entrenched with. And you hear one guy say, "Remember, `No Russian.'" When you go through the whole thing, you just mow everybody down. And at the level where you guys are getting in the back of a van, everybody is saying, "Oh yeah, that will send a message." The guy that says, "No Russian at the beginning" says "No, this is the message" and he shoots you. You will see down at the bottom of the screen it will tell you what he says as he drives away. "Now when they find that American, all of Russia will be up in arms for war." It is exactly what we did to Mossadeq in Iran in the '50's, well, us and the British, or if you want to say it was our Delta Force or SAS. Who really cares. At the beginning of this game they actually sit there and say this is the new battle field where uniforms are relics. Nobody has sides. Everything is --do things like the Machiavellian idea. Do things for whatever you think is the better thing to do at the time, no matter what happened before. Or the possibility thereafter or whatever you can assess right now.
Dr. Carley: Right. Well, isn't that special, just like in the movies they are telling us what is going on. What is the name of that game again?
Chris: It is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. You go to YouTube, and just type that in, and add "No Russian," like high quality is what you get, you find the whole thing. [Editor's Note: See "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - No Russian - Airport Mission Uncut - Veteran - High Quality"] The opening to it, so you don't get to see the mission briefing, which really explains how they make it seem like they are not a part of the orchestration of this, but if you sit there and listen to them, and they are saying "Yeah, no matter what we are doing, this is for the greater good," even though they go into an airport. It looks like you get at least a couple of thousand people.
Maj. Fox: I would like to jump in here, just now.
Dr. Carley: Go ahead.
Maj. Fox: OK. This is one of the characteristics of false flag operations that I have covered in my chapter 8 "9/11 Patterns as Future False Flag Indicators." They usually always like to use national media or some other media to pre-condition the audience for the nature of the event before it happens. And they love to drop clues in advance. In fact, Dr. Carley in a recent interview talked about how in Independence Day the aliens say, "We are here to kill you." Independence Day, incidentally, is part of the [Chapter 8] analysis of Book I in my Mission of Conscience series. It is loaded with indicators, for example the destruction of large tall buildings, trophy buildings, just like 9/11.
Chris: Oh, wow.
Maj. Fox: To kind of give people a premonition, to condition them psychologically. In fact, there are a number of cases of major news journalists during 9/11 who when they saw the World Trade Center towers come down, they said, "This is just like Independence Day."
Chris: I remember that.
Maj. Fox: Yes, so what they do is help set us up psychologically. But there is another aspect to all this. This is the idea of conditioning Americans to be joined at the hip with Israeli practices. For example, let's take torture. I went through two phases of interrogation of [prisoner of] warfare training school in the early 1990's as OIC of an interrogation translation team. Back then, we were told that America does not approve of torture, and to use a person named Hanns Joachem Scharff, profiled in a book by Toliver, a former Air Force senior officer --[Col] Raymond Toliver-- called The Interrogator, where Scharff got everything he wanted as a Luftwaffe Interrogator out of 510 Americans and [other] Allied pilots he interrogated --except for 10--and he never used torture. He was meticulous in his intelligence preparation and planning and the cleverness of the preparation of his questions. We were told that was the way to go. So that raises the big question, why the big turn-on to torture in Iraq? For example, BGen Janis Karpinski testified that there were people who appear to be Israelis who were egging Americans on to use torture at Abu Ghraib. And I think one explanation is torture is standard policy in Israel. It is part of their strategy of what is called reductionism, to basically tear down the Palestinians because they basically want to dispossess, oust, and genocide them. So they want to terrorize them. But more to the point, they want to condition Americans, so that we are joined at the hip, so that they seem less alien by comparison. The Mossad has a saying that is in By Way of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky, who is talking about situations in Lebanon where people get kidnapped, get wrapped up in body tape, get thrown in the back trunk of a car, and then they get executed, and he says the Mossad has a saying when they do all these horrendous things: "It is only bad if it happens to you." And I think that what they are trying to do through national media is condition us to think the way they do, in a very psychopathic way. And that is, that there is nothing wrong with false flag operations morally, just like you have Jews who lead most of the hard core pornography in America, they want to condition us to feel that there is nothing wrong with hard core pornography. Jews have a higher rate in my mutualism vs. parasitism section in my web site, in my reconciling opposing ideological viewpoints [series], I give documentation about how the Jewish population has a vastly higher percentage of homosexuals than most other ethnic populations in America. And like I said, part of it is subconscious. It is like a tropism, like an id force. One of the rules of Right Wing 101 is that as a particular people rises in power towards the top they try to rearrange and restructure the world around them to have their characteristics. So given that they have a high rate of homosexuality, given that the Mossad is the most admired organization in Israel --in fact, according to Victor Ostrovsky it is the Mossad that runs Israel-- they are trying to condition us here in America to feel the way they do, that intelligence operations --of which false flag operations are an integral part --and homosexuality--that these things are cool. Or at least not to be scorned at. So we are being reprogrammed and reconditioned.
Dr. Carley: Yes, and Patrick and I have done shows before about this situation before where it is very obvious that things are being done to humans, to force them to kind of adopt that kind of mentality. I just had someone the other day tell me I was explaining that I don't know how much longer I can do consults once this CODEX thing kicks in. There may not be the ability to even obtain the different things that people need to reverse their conditions. Now this is a person whose child had autism, and is almost totally reversed at this point. And he responded to me; "Oh, I don't care about anyone but my daughter." So this is the kind of mentality. It is not even just with ignoring false flag operations. It is this lack of concern for other people. It's like a really viral thing at this point. And I know there are many ways that they are doing that. The television is very important in that as well. But I want to thank you very much for that call, Chris. We have Meryl in New York on the line. Are you there, Meryl?
Meryl: Good program. Hello?
Dr. Carley: Go ahead.
Meryl: I just wanted to inform your listeners that there is a new television program that just premiered. It is called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. As you know, Jesse Ventura was a former wrestler. He was a former Navy SEAL. And he was also the governor of Minnesota. And the program that premiered Wednesday night, this past Wednesday on TruTV. And the web site is He covered the HAARP project in Alaska, and apparently this is a star wars based military facility, and they have the power to control the weather. It is a giant radio antennae that shoots beams straight up, and they are charging up the upper atmosphere, the ionosphere. And they can make clouds move around. So this is a bioweapon for weather control. They can knock out countries, causing tsunamis, hurricanes, and so forth. They can also use it for mind control. Because our brains pulse at a certain frequency and if they can tune into that frequency, they can control the emotions, make people hostile or passive or lose sleep. And if they take it to another level they can actually implant voices in your head. So I feel this is very important for people to know about this and get on board and possibly contact Mr. Ventura. I need to contact him, so if any of your listeners can get through. As you know, I produce a television program. My dad was a disabled World War II veteran who was assaulted, abused, and tortured to death right here in America. I witnessed it. If people want to Google me, my name is Meryl, just like Meryl Streep. My last name is Fischer. If they Google that name, the first heading that should come up should be If they click on that, at the top of that, is medical errors number 32. If they click there, we syndicated the television program that you did with me, so you are my guest. And we are talking about how my dad was tortured to death for his insurance money. And we have gotten no accountability, no criminal prosecution, no satisfaction, no justice on that. So I really am trying to go worldwide, and I want to know how many Americans are being killed every year in the supposed health care system. I want to know where the criminal prosecution is. I want to know where the compensation is. And just listening to this conversation that we are having tonight, I believe that this is all about money, power, and control. I think underneath you have the mega, mega, mega wealthy that control what, maybe half the world's wealth. And they are just trying to take over the whole world and eliminate the population and just enslave the rest of us.
Dr. Carley: Yes.
Meryl: So this is my message for today. If your listeners can help out, I would like to see you network with Jesse Ventura, and I need to network with him. So if your listeners can help out, the program that is going to come up this coming Wednesday is "9/11: The World Trade Center Collapse."
Dr. Carley: Yes. I actually saw him interviewed on the Joy Behar show and he started talking about the Bilderbergers and she got so nervous she actually tried to cut him right off. And to me this is a very good sign. I am shocked this is being allowed on to mainstream television. I immediately upgraded my dish network so that I could access that channel which I did not even know existed. So yes, I think everybody should definitely watch that show. It is on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM in the eastern time zone. OK. Thank you.
Maj. Fox: Can I jump in?
Dr. Carley: Yes. Thanks for the call Meryl, go ahead.
Maj. Fox: Yes, first off I comment on weather war in chapter 15 and 16 on my online Mission of Conscience series. Also, I have a YouTube video with Jesse Ventura talking about how when he was governor of Minnesota he got visits from the CIA. The CIA has penetrated not only state governments, but different areas of the media with Operation Mockingbird.
Dr. Carley: Hmmm.
Maj. Fox: Yes.
Dr. Carley: OK wait, I hear the music. I want you to comment more on that after the break. That is very important. [50:47] OK, we will be right back folks, stay tuned.
Dr. Carley: [54:06] And we are back, for the last segment of What's Ailing America? Today our answer to that question is false flags. My special guest Major William Fox. If you could just repeat what you were saying before the break about Jesse Ventura being visited by the CIA. I definitely remember hearing him talk about that on some interview that he had. If you could just go into that a little bit more.
Maj. Fox: Right, well when he was Governor of Minnesota, he visited Cuba, and he had the option of being escorted by --well, he was approached by CIA agents. And the way they did it, as he describes it in the interview was so offensive, combined with the fact that he discovered that there was an employee at a high level of the Minnesota State government that was there to monitor everything that was going on, that he basically told the CIA to go shove it. And of course being a former Navy SEAL, that gave him a little more clout, I suppose, but he claimed that the CIA has actively penetrated most state governments in America. Actually it goes beyond that. In regard to Obama, there have been a number of articles about how it appears that Obama himself is probably a CIA asset. For example, he went to Pakistan at a time when it was off limits to U.S. citizens, meaning he either had a Kenyan passport or an Indonesian passport. You have an account by an American businessman Tom Fife who was at a party in Moscow in the early 1990's, and he said that a woman who was probably in the capacity of running Russian businesses --but he thinks that was a front for a KGB agent-- bragged that there was a person with exactly Obama's description who would some day become President of the United States, as if she was being briefed by some kind of higher power. So, in fact, I posted at my web site if you go to the Capt. Eric May archive and have a look for Victor Thorn you will see an article he wrote for the American Free Press about the strange background of Obama and the strong likelihood that he himself is a CIA asset, just like many people believe Bill Clinton was a CIA asset. [Editor's note: see "19 Oct 2009 AFP article "Frank Davis and the Obama Paternity Controversy"]. I mean you can go on and on about Obama. For a man of supposedly such humble background. First off he was not at Columbia, which is on his resume, and he becomes mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is one of the co-founders of the Trilateral Commission along with David Rockefeller. Somehow Obama gets the money to really go places in life. It is believed that his father, his real father, was not Obama Sr. in Kenya, but was in fact a person named Frank Davis who was a communist porno writer who many believe was actually working undercover as an informant for the FBI. So anyway getting back to Operation Mockingbird, if you go to the site map at my web site and scroll the page to Operation Mockingbird, I have a link to the Wikipedia article --there was one former chief of the CIA who said that they controlled American media on all major tiers. Of course the CIA is heavily infiltrated by the Mossad. You may recall the famous quote by Admiral Thomas Moorer, when he was one of the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, when he said [words to the effect] that "I am not writing anything down any more, because the Israelis know what is going on everywhere." [Editor's note: The exact quote is: ""I've never seen a President -- I don't care who he is -- stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms. Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes on."] So you have heavy Jewish control of the media, so that combined with Mossad control of the CIA, I think it is plausible to think that the CIA had its fingers everywhere. We are talking about the Mossad and Jewish influence everywhere, particularly through what is called the sayanim program. [Editor's Note: The web site media watch offers the following quote: "You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." - CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine The Great, by Deborah Davis (New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991). Also, the Wikipedia article on former CIA Director William Colby quotes him as saying ""The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." from McGowan, David (in English). Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don't Want You to See. Common Courage Press. p. 13.]
Dr. Carley: Yes, well, we are out of time. It is amazing how fast the time goes. I want to thank you for a very interesting show. I am getting a message from the board. We have lots of listeners today. So I am sorry we didn't get to the other callers. Please tune in every week folks. Tell all your friends. This is a conspiracy people, and all we have to do is wake up enough people so that the reality of what is actually going on. We can change it in a heart beat. Thank you again, Major. Thank you Patrick. And thank you callers. And we will be back next week, same time, same station, bye bye. [58:35]

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William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California. He is publisher of America First Books.



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