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Dr. Rebecca Carley and her vaccine-damaged son

What Is Ailing

Interview with Major William B. Fox
5 September 2009
First Hour
Part I of II


Abstract: In this first hour, Dr. Carley began by covering national media forewarnings of biowar, establishment moves toward robotic control of humans, and indications of "Climategate" fraud. She and her guests discussed the psychopathic nature of America's ruling power elite. How the sociobiological term "parasitism," the civil term "criminal," and the religious word "Satanic" may be roughly equivalent. The political awakening of former Army intelligence officer Capt. Eric May, who Maj. Fox works with, currently rendered a quadraplegic from the late stages of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and how his condition may have been vaccine-induced. Problems active duty military personnel experience speaking out against mandatory vaccinations and other First Amendment-related issues.


Dr. Rebecca Carley: [Following lead-in music "Bombs Over Baghdad" by John Trudell]. Welcome back to What's Ailing America. One of your most important weapons in fighting the war on truth being waged against the people by the mainstream media. And that song is very apropos for our guest today. On this show you will hear the truth no matter how against the grain it is. The views expressed on this broadcast are not endorsed by the Republic Broadcasting Network, its staff or management, but it represents the views or opinions of the hosts, guests, or callers. Additionally, the information I share with you is not to be construed as medical advice. Rather, I am merely teaching you what I would do if I were you after much research on each subject. To learn about my work, explaining and reversing vaccine-induced diseases, please go to the and listen to the interview of myself by the chiropractic leadership alliance to learn how I transformed from a trauma surgeon to a court-qualified expert in vaccine-induced diseases and how the medical mafia has responded to my stepping out of the box. Make sure you sign up for the updates on my site as I send out important information you need to know to my list. My email is also at my site, but if you want to be sure to reach me, it is much better to call, as I am receiving too many emails to read them all. I do consults for people and pets with autoimmune diseases, seizures, or cancer and teach you how to reverse these conditions with natural therapies. I have clients all over the world and create individual protocols based solely on history alone. You do not need to travel to North Carolina to see me in person. Please call me at 828-294-0662 between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time, any day of the week, to learn how I do consults. My phone number is also on my web site. My Skype user name is drcarley1. This is for international callers only. Please do not use Skype to chat. I ask you to use the information I share with you using your own innate intelligence. Do not believe anything I tell you. Check things out for yourself, for we have been lied to about everything, and each person must develop the ability to discern the truth for themselves if we are to extricate ourselves from the matrix of darkness that has evolved because we have sat by and done nothing. My guests and I love to answer your questions, so feel free to call in. You can use your first name only if you like, and all shows are archived. The number to call in is listed on the web site, it is toll free 800-313-9443. You can also use Skype to IM in questions to this station. RBN Skype user name is kellyrbnlive. Every week I will answer the question, "What is ailing America and humanity?" with a different response as well as share the good news as to what can heal America on many levels. My goal is to assist in the evolution of consciousness on this planet. For awareness of the truth will set us free, and I know that once enough of us have become aware that we have been lied to about everything, especially the fact that vaccines are good when they are actually the true weapons of mass destruction, together we will be able to stop this holocaust on the health of people and pets. That truth, when put on top of the mountain of lies upon which this country is built, will cause the entire mountain of lies to crumble. For my Long Island listeners, remember that I am also on public access TV. My show is also entitled What's Ailing America every Saturday morning at 11:00 AM on channel 115. Please support the station folks. You can get generic RBN business cards for $8.00 per hundred which includes shipping and free bumper stickers by sending a check or money order to RBN at 2251 Double Creek Blvd, number 302, Round Rock, Texas, 78664, or call 800-724-2719 from Mondays to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Standard Time. Today the title of our show is going to be "False Flags," with my guest Bill Fox, and Patrick Jordan will be joining us as well. We will be right back after these messages, stay tuned. [5:32]
Dr. Carley: [8:17] And we are back with What's Ailing America? Today we are talking about false flags with my special guest William Fox. I was hoping to have Capt. Eric May on, but unfortunately he has Lou Gehrig's Disease and his ability to speak is not always there, and unfortunately today it is not there. So Mr. Fox is going to be discussing this American hero as well, and Patrick Jordan will be joining us as well. I just want to remind all of you if you haven't got Patrick's book yet, ICD999 the Chronic Serum Sickness Postulate, you need to get that book. It is one of the most important books on vaccines ever written with the timeline of this intentional assault on the people of the world. And this is definitely is the reason why Capt. May has Lou Gehrig's disease is from the vaccines that he has received I am sure. And also I want to encourage all of you to go to the bottom of my web site and click on the link for the, colloidal silver generator. The corrupt Congress, as I am sure most of you know, has passed this Codex legislation. We do not know what the effects of this are going to be, and how fast they are going to take away all the natural healing things that we have at our disposal at this time. But they have been going after colloidal silver for some time, so it is really important for all of you to get your own generator while you can so that you can protect yourself from the germs that they are creating in their laboratories. The 1,088 biowarfare laboratories just in this country alone. And also there is a PayPal button on my web site if any of you care to help out in our efforts feel free to do so. I want to send a special shout out from one of my clients by the name of Phil in the UK who sent me a plant this week. I mean it is really appreciated, folks. When people do things to try to tell those of us who are doing the good work that you appreciate what we are doing. OK, before I bring on my guest, just a couple of quick things that I need to tell you. I don't know how many of you are watching this TV series "V" which actually started this year. It is a reenactment of the old [1984] TV series "V" where of course the aliens are coming and they are going to help us. The last show of this season occurred on 11-24, and it is going to start again next year. But much to my amazement NOT, in this episode they discuss how they were, the "V's," are going to poison the citizens of the earth. And what were they going to use to poison the citizens of the earth but a flu vaccine. So it is just another example of them putting it in plain site exactly what they are doing. And that was pretty amazing. Also two very important movies that you all need to see if you have not seen them yet. One is called Food, Incorporated. I strongly suggest all of you watch this very important movie which is available now at Blockbuster, Netflix, etc. and learn about, for example, how Clarence Thomas was actually an attorney for Monsanto. And as a supreme court judge, wrote a majority opinion in the case that allowed Monsanto to prevent farmers from saving their own seeds. Folks, how much of this crap are we going to take? Of course that is the hard question, not that I condone violence, but it is getting a little obvious that it is time for the people to stand up and say NO. And another movie I suggest you all check out is called Gamer. This movie really gave me the creeps, because it is all true, of course, like most of the movies. But in this movie they are actually injecting chips into these individuals who are being used to play video games. But it is not that they are playing the games. They are not pushing the buttons. The buttons that are pushed are controlling THEM. In other words, a video game where real people are killing each other in the game. And this is where they are taking us folks. They have all these different web sites now you can access virtually reality, you can build a house, you can develop fashions, etc. etc. This is where we are going and it is really ugly. OK, as I said our title today is going to be false flags, and I just want to mention two false flags that have occurred just in the last week. First of all, as reported in the Charlotte Observer, on page 11A on Dec 2nd, there is an article titled "Tempers rise in health care debate." And this is talking about the fact that some group came out and said that women under 50 don't need mammograms. This is a perfect example of the Hegelian dialectic. [Editor's Note: That is, the Hegelian dialectic twisted for propaganda purposes as the false dichotomy, bifurcated argument, or some other logical fallacy as opposed to the dialectic process used as an honest analytical tool]. Problem, reaction, solution. Because I have told you many times mammograms cause breast cancer. Not only does the radiation cause breast cancer, and cause the viruses they are creating in the special virus cancer program to mutate, as is explained in the documents that I have in my possession, but when they squish the breast between two plexiglas plates, if you have a tumor, of course it is going to break open the capsule and the tumor is going to spread throughout the breast. Well, as expected, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I am not psychic. This is just knowing how these minions operate. They have added something to the health care debate now and this is what it says in this article. That they have come up with a bipartisan amendment which is going to increase preventive care for women. It is going to give the Health and Human Services Secretary authority to require health plans to cover additional preventive services for women. In other words, mammograms and pap smears. Mammograms which cause breast cancer, and pap smears which I am finding out in more and more cases are actually having these swabs used to do the pap smears infected with HPD and other things, so they are actually giving women these cervical diseases. [14:46]. So that is a perfect example of a medical false flag that they started this controversy over mammograms not being necessary for women under 50. Mammograms cause cancer, no women should get a mammogram, in my opinion. Of course I do not give medical advice, but as expected now, not only are they going to require health plans to cover it, but I can assure you that they will require you as a woman if you have a health plan to get your mammogram. You see, that is one of the ways they are going to control us. And another false flag that I am sure most of you have heard about has been all over even the mainstream media. How various scientists involved in what is now called "Climategate" were actually sending each other emails where they were talking about how they need to hide the decline in the temperature of the earth. In other words we are not going through global warming, we are going through global cooling. And these minions that have all kinds of contracts and connections to various companies that will make big bucks if they go to this cap and trade situation, some wonderful person hacked into their email and has uncovered this scam which is going to cost people of the world who knows how many billions of dollars. Obama himself has said how much that it is going to increase our energy costs. Of course he is still going to the meeting. I believe it is happening this weekend to discuss this global warming problem with all the other minions that are going to be discussing it even though it has been revealed that that whole thing is a scam. So that is another false flag thing. Try to scare us that we have a global warming situation. It is all a scam. Of course they are talking about carbon as a pollutant. What a joke. With all the other chem trails and all the other toxins they just keep on shooting up into the atmosphere it is really amazing how carbon has now become a toxin. But this is what they do. So those are just two relevant false flags in the news that I wanted to bring up. So now let me bring up my guest William Fox. He has a web site On his web site, he talks about Captain Courageous as he calls Capt. Eric May who founded the Ghost Troop in the summer of 2003 in memory of the hundreds of killed in action soldiers and Marines in the Battle of Baghdad who were thrown down the memory hole by the Bush administration. And he has a whole web site for Capt. May that is a web site within his web site. And you can read about Capt. May. And as I said unfortunately they took Capt. May out. It is happening slowly because he now has Lou Gehrig's disease, definitely from vaccine. So welcome to the show, Mr. Fox.
Maj. Fox: Well, it is my pleasure to be on with you. I have listened to many of your --virtually all of your back archived shows and I am really amazed with your depth of understanding, to include false flag operations.
Dr. Carley: Well, as I always say, you know, the name of my show What Is Ailing America, unfortunately I will never run out of answers to that question, but as we have discussed off the air as well, the good news is people are waking up big time. And that is what has to happen, and that is what they have to face is that they have been lied to about everything, and once you take that as a self-evident reality, then you can start also realizing that all the terrible things that are happening are being done on purpose. So what needs to happen is that the people that have caused this destruction and torture and suffering and devastation for the slave work units which are the rest of us, then we can fire them and create a world that is a much better place to be. So please feel free to go forward and let us know what you have.
Maj. Fox: Sure, well for starters, for activist purposes, I think that I would like to recommend Jane Burgermeister as well as Capt. Eric May for next year's Nobel Peace Prize, even though they probably do not have the chance of a snow ball in Hades of getting it, given the current political environment. I think at least in terms of raising consciousness, that should turn heads in the right direction. And if they were to get it, it would be infinitely better than Obama getting the prize, which had to be one of the biggest jokes in the whole world. Any way I think that Jane Burgermeister is definitely a heroine of our activist efforts to try to bring about a better world and avoid mass genocide.
Dr. Carley: OK, well, I agree, and someone actually nominated me for the Nobel Prize a couple of years ago. Of course that little group [that awards the Nobel Peace Prize] is controlled by the Illuminati so I would not hold my breath on that.
Maj. Fox: [Laughter] Well then we should include you too.
Dr. Carley: I have already been nominated. It's never going to happen. OK, I hear the music, we are going to the break. Stay tuned, we will be right back, call in if you have questions. [20:03].
Dr. Carley [23:16] And we are back with What's Ailing America? where our answer today is false flags. My special guest is William Fox. His web site is And we also have Patrick Jordan on the line. So Patrick, feel free to pipe in if you have any comments or questions for Mr. Fox. But one of the things I wanted to ask you about that is mentioned on your web site is in regards to the fact that you have asked the question "Will we get hit with another 9-11 attack, please see why the first six to nine months of the Obama presidency are likely to be the most dangerous." Could you tell our listeners why you think this is something brewing in the background right at this time?
Maj. Fox: Well, interestingly enough Dr. Kevin Barrett wrote an article "New False Flags Likely" in the Idaho Observer, and he felt that the Ft. Hood massacre was a likely false flag attack which was timed to coincide with the decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, supposedly the 9/11 master mind, but really the patsy-in-chief. He claims "All of this was orchestrated to evoke memories of 9/11 and reinforce the official story -- a necessary preliminary to any 911-2B." Incidentally, Dr. Barrett has interviewed Capt. May quite a few times. I believe that t is an ongoing threat. We felt that it was most likely within the first nine months, but that doesn't mean we think the threat went away. We just think that was kind of a surge in intensity.
Dr. Carley: Yes.
Maj. Fox: Historically sometimes things quiet down just a little bit in the winter, but the threat never goes away. We had the repeat Mumbai bombings, you may recall, in November of last year which was in all likelihood a Mossad-related false flag attack as well as involving many other efforts --the CIA, and a top Indian crime lord. And supposedly one purpose was to help pin down the flanks of Pakistan. That is a whole other discussion. Incidentally, I have online Book I and Book II of the Mission of Conscience series that explains the modus operandi of Capt. May and Ghost Troop as well as the involvement of myself since I came on board in summer 2007. Capt. May got started out in ernest --actually I can go into that a little bit-- but to briefly answer your first question, I believe that we have a psychopathic power elite where their primary modus operandi not only in regard to biowar, or military-related operations, or terrorist operations, but everything --to include business and cultural matters -- is to play off one group against another and to use various, what we call various negative tactics. I think that this psychopathic power elite is used to employing gangster tactics and cutting corners. They have a high degree of innate criminality. They are not capable of being productive like a Henry Ford, or to a lessor extent an Andrew Carnegie, or like many famous American inventors of the early 19th century in creating real and useful products. They do not have the skills to create a corporation like the old Hewlett Packard, or the old IBM, or the old Walt Disney Corporation that were created by the original founders. Instead they like to operate in rat packs. I think, for example, of some of these elite Rothschild-related families and their various confederates like the Rockefellers. And so I think a lot of this is semi-conscious as well as conscious. We know from the study of psychology that human behavior has a genetic as well as environmental side. In fact, this is one reason why I wrote an article that is posted on other web sites that is actually financially related, but I used the title "Id Monsters," and you can go to my author archive --you can also go to, all spelled out as well as, go to my author archive. I was referring to the movie The Forbidden Planet, where we have a Dr. Morbius, who wants to subconsciously wipe out everyone on the visiting earth crew --and he is able to mobilize these tremendous forces of the universe to do that. But he is not really conscious of it. It is a creature of his Id, his subconscious. And I think that is part of the dynamics of the power elite. In a subconscious and instinctive level, they behave in a certain way. On the other hand on a conscious level they appear to be much more civilized than they really are. But getting back to --I know I have digressed a bit-- but I think this is why the false flag threat is always going to remain real as long as this power elite is in power because their id force is not going to go away, which I think is fundamentally destructive, to answer your part of the question. The other thing that I could get into, but I need to pause a moment ---

False flag attacks, like the "Id Monster" in The Forbidden Planet, reflect powerful, sinister, often subconscious tendencies by a parasitic power elite in control of "Planet USA."

Dr. Carley: But first let me respond to this ridiculous situation where that they are going to bring the alleged perpetrators to New York City to try them. As soon as I heard that was their plan, it was very obvious to me that they have something up their sleeve. Because I do not see any way how that could be done safely. I am sure there is going to be some false flag event, or there could be actual people who are actually pissed off, knowing what is going on, that try to pull something off again and in New York City. So the whole idea is insane, and it makes perfect sense what you are saying, that this Ft Hood situation occurred just at the same time that they were discussing that they were going to do this. Of course this guy who is a Muslim, and who allegedly had made all these crazy remarks, and they just let it go. I mean, if nothing else, the people that are running the show are brain-dead. Of course we know that they actually have other agendas, but yes, something is definitely up and of course I heard about this psychiatrist that went postal. He also was studying at Virginia Tech, so apparently there is some Virginia Tech situation going on here with these people. Maybe that is where they are chipped. OK, we are going to a break, we will be right back. [29:49]
Dr. Carley: [33:17] And we are back with What's Ailing America. Today we are talking about false flags with my guest, William Fox. And we also have Patrick Jordan on the line. Patrick, do you have any questions or comments on what you have heard so far.
Patrick Jordan: Not yet. I just like to sit back and listen.
Dr. Carley: Okidoke. All right, go ahead William. What else would you like to share with us?
Maj. Fox: Oh, lots of things.
Dr. Carley: OK.
Maj. Fox: But first off, I would like to review Capt. May's activities, because he was very early on in terms of first off, putting out alerts. One of the goals of Ghost Troop is to come out with alerts that help interdict false flag attempts to try to prevent them from taking place. So for example, after 9/11, or actually after Capt. May became aware in Jan 2004 that 9/11 was an inside job --
Dr. Carley: Wait, let me ask you about that, because he was an intelligence officer, correct?
Maj. Fox: That is correct.
Dr. Carley: So I am surprised that it took him that long to figure out what was going on. When did he leave the service?
Maj. Fox: Well actually after 15 years, a combination of active duty and reserve service, he became inactive in the mid-1990's.
Dr. Carley: Oh, OK.
Maj. Fox: He had written an article [about the wisdom of not invading Iraq in the early 1990's as an example of independent analysis], and as a Capt. he had prior enlisted time. I similarly had about 15 years of a combination of active duty and reserve [time] in the Marine Corps, so I became inactive in the rank of Major. And I served a brief period [of two years] in an intelligence-related position as Officer in Charge of an Interrogation-Translation Team. He, like so many individuals in the establishment, wanted to believe that the government he served was fundamentally good government. It might have a few misguided people here and there. He had written an article in the early 1990's about how it was wise for George Bush Sr not to push on to Baghdad to avoid getting into a quicksand war. [Editor's Note: "Success of Desert Storm Being Judged Unfairly" for the Aug 12, 1992 Houston Chronicle]. What helped awaken him was after the initial invasion in 2003, he became aware that the casualties of Marines and soldiers were being vastly understated as a handful, when in fact hundreds if not thousands, probably when you include the depleted uranium other types of casualties, it was in the thousands were casualties to take Baghdad. On top of that, there is very strong evidence that the U.S. used one or more neutron bombs to take out the Republican Guard and other counter attackers at the Baghdad Airport. And in fact the 7th cavalry regiment --a portion of that, which is also the same unit that Custer commanded, got wiped out --got mostly wiped out at the Baghdad air port and thrown off. [See "3/7 Cavalry, Tragedy and Travesty" 13 April 2003 by Capt. May]. So therefore Bush made a decision that rather than allow the Iraqis the glory of annihilating an American unit and recapturing territory, he would just go ahead and nuke them, and then cover it up. So later on in Al Jazeera a former Iraqi general confirmed that Bush had used a neutron bomb. And of course we are all aware of the massive deaths, hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iraqis who are suffering from the effects of depleted uranium. You have probably covered that on other shows, but it has a half life of what, around 4.5 billion years. It is very nasty stuff. So that was the beginning of Capt. May's wake up. Interestingly enough, in that summer of 2003, when Dr. Ivins, or actually first off you had the situation with the Anthrax, and later on Dr. Ivins was made the boogeyman, we will get to that later, but that came right after 9/11, but then you had another situation that took place where you had Dr. Kelly who disappeared in the summer of 2003. The British biowar expert. And of course that segues with the topic that Patrick Jordan has discussed about the strange deaths, I think he put the number at over 90 microbiologists. There was an article in the American Free Press on August 25, 2008 by Victor Thorn "[Concern Raised Over] Suspicious Deaths of 24 Bio-Scientists" --certainly the real number is vastly greater. Anyway when that happened many people in the Houston area advised Capt. May to go underground. So basically he stayed holed up in his house and put curtains over his windows and remained that way for a couple of months, concerned that because of his activism, in opposing the Bush administration, he could also be on the target list. Then, in January 2004, a former Marine Corps officer [Capt. Jeff Cross] got in touch with Capt. May and told him that he had been within a few blocks of the World Trade Center Towers when they were coming down, and he felt the ground shake, and it had to be due to explosions and controlled demolitions and not just the pancake effect, which is the official government story. So Capt. May very quickly woke up and in fact it occurred to him because we were being told by national media that it was not a question of if, but when [we would have a repeat 9/11 attack] --when the Madrid subway bombings took place on March 11th, he tried to figure out with his Army intelligence background if there was some kind of code. In fact, he determined that in fact there are elements of Kaballistic and other numerology [systems] that appear to explain the dates when a lot of terror strikes have taken place. Not only 9/11, but the Madrid 3/11 bombing, and then later on there was a Mumbai 7/11 bombing. And there have been many others as well. So using that --as well as using an overall analysis of the geostrategic situation and behavior of the psychopathic power elite, he started to issue predictions. And he predicted that the next likely target would be the Houston petrochemical complex, and later on it turned out that there was a massive explosion in Texas City, Texas, at the British Petroleum site. In fact, it appears that there have been repeated attempts. That site is owned by, well British Petroleum is largely owned by the British Royal Family and the Rothschilds. It has been involved in intrigues like the coup [Editor's Note: the 1953 coup against Mohammed Mossadeq], against the elected leader of Iran, the idea was, first off, you have some similarities where Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, according to Michael Collins Piper of the American Free Press was more likely a Mossad-CIA inside job to discredit American militia. A false flag operation. You have New York City, New York for 9/11. You have Pentagon City, Pentagon obviously at the same time as 9/11. So they seem to like not only using dates that are multiples of 11 and have other numerological patterns, but also they like to repeat names. So for example later on we issued alerts when an exercise I got involved in the summer of 2007, first off Operations Noble Resolve and then TOPOFF, next to Portland, Oregon you have Oregon City, Oregon. Later they extended for NLE [National Level Exercise] 2008, when we put out a Mayday alert, they were threatening Seattle where they have Lake Washington, Washington, of course right there inside Seattle. And then of course another prime target is the Sears Tower, that has been renamed the Willis Tower, which is very close to Chicago River, Chicago. And that is Obama's home town. That is part of the pattern. Also, false flag operators tend to like to run false flag operations in their own back yard, just like insurance companies have found the most likely suspects for arson are people who like to burn down their own homes. Most crimes that take place in households between people who know each other. Like when husbands kill their wives, or whatever. So that pattern also seems to hold. So we felt that one of the most dangerous buildings in America has been the Chicago Sears Tower, renamed the Willis Tower. Of course Chicago is one of the most corrupt places in America. It is Obama's home town. Mayor Daley, during one period in which Capt. May put out an alert was actually in Israel hobnobbing. But anyway getting back to Texas City, Texas, there would be a huge advantage for British Petroleum to set off a nuke. First off, they could blame it on Iran, and help justify an attack on Iran, which the Zionist neocons have been wanting. Secondly, if they set off a nuke, then the U.S. government can step in and finance rebuilding a new refinery, because as perhaps you are aware, most of the refineries in America today are functionally obsolescent. They would not have to worry about Environmental Protection Agency clean up costs. So Capt. May has been playing defensive ball in what he calls the Houston Texas Terror Triangle. And there have been all kinds of suspicious explosions and other events, to include pipelines, which seem to confirm his predictions. Now another question I would like to ask for your listeners is why would an explosion of something like a bomb going off in a refinery, or a exploded pipeline, seem to confirm a prediction as opposed to a nuke going off? And the answer to that is we believe in false flag operations typically you have what are called the basement or ground-level operators who are usually members of regular organized crime. In fact, there is a former German chief of intelligence who has used that term repeatedly to characterize intelligence operations. [Editor's Note: Andreas Von Bulow in "9-11, Mossad, the CIA and "False Flag Operations" who talks about the "working level."] So there are many intelligence professionals who have accented and confirmed that. So what they like to do is ordinarily common criminals will set off bombs to blow up pipelines and refineries to cause spikes in gasoline futures prices to make profits off of that. And then what Mossad-CIA would like to do is just on one of those operations swap a nuke for a conventional explosive, but then they can use the common criminals as patsies. For example in the JFK assassination, there were tie-ins between Lee Harvey Oswald who knew Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was a Jewish hood involved in the Meyer Lansky crime operation. Meyer Lansky was a Jewish crime boss, the biggest crime boss of organized crime in America. Michael Collins Piper goes into the rule of Mossad-CIA in his book Final Judgment. I carry an ebook version of that at my web site. So we would expect that if they want to set up Iran, set off a nuke, they would have a ground-level Iranian patsy with organized crime elements that would be part of the cover story so that the Mossad-CIA [agent] that sets it up would be one step removed. So that is something of an overview there.
Patrick Jordan: Can I break in here a second.
Maj. Fox: Yes.
Patrick: Is it Major Fox?
Maj. Fox: Yes.
Patrick Jordan: Maj. Fox, can you tell us uneducated people, is there any protection from a neutron device? [45:49]
Maj. Fox: Well, I do not have any kind of extensive background [in nuclear weapons], it would appear to me obviously you have a tremendous intensity of electromagnetic radiation, so some kind of shielding with earth or massive lead would probably be helpful. Actually that does pertain to the portion of the 7th cavalry at Baghdad Airport. Apparently the troops were told to button down [inside armored vehicles] before the neutron bomb that went off --actually there may have been more than one. That may have given them more shielding. However, we also know that the U.S. Government has had a callous attitude towards servicemen. There is a famous comment in the Pentagon about "throwaway soldiers." [Editor's Note: See "US Troops Ordered To Commit War Crimes" by Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, 12-11-2004"] Dr. Doug Rokke, who was an expert on depleted uranium cleanup, talks about how there are several hundred thousand servicemen who have claimed permanent disability. One of the problems with depleted uranium is that it has multiple symptoms. It gets inside cells of the body. And he believes the bulk of that is due to a combination --depleted uranium plus vaccinations. It is well-known that servicemen who got the anthrax vaccination before Persian Gulf War I in 1990 have more than twice the rate of ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, which is probably a major contributing factor to what has caused ALS with Capt. May. So I would say with a neutron weapon -- well with any atomic blast-- the whole idea of a neutron weapon is it creates massive electromagnetic radiation to irradiate people, but it does not leave much in the way of permanent fallout, although there were intelligence reports of dump trucks going to and from the Baghdad Airport for a couple of months following the neutron bomb attacks and carting off topsoil. So there was in fact some radiation. But the bombs are not quite as dirty as a conventional atomic bomb. If that helps answer the question.
Patrick Jordan: Yes, my understanding from way back when, I hate to say how old I am, but the late 60's, was that devices like this could basically sterilize a city, and if you waited an appropriate amount of time, you could come in and claim the city and all its possessions but only the people would be dead.
Maj. Fox: Right, in fact Capt May, he became fluent in Russian as part of his intelligence officer duties, and he said that the Russians had a joke that the neutron bomb was a perfect capitalist weapon because it kills the people but leaves the property in tact [laughter]. While you are on the line here, I wanted to briefly touch upon some of the things you have discussed in your past interviews with Dr. Carley.
Jordan: Sure.
Maj. Fox: I do not think it is appropriate to go into real depth, but I just wanted to give your audience a heads up--basically I am on the same page conceptually with you and Dr. Carley. But I just have a slightly different interpretation of certain things. For example, you have talked about religion --a Satanic, Luciferian elite. And I equate --I have a more secular viewpoint, although conceptually I think we are in the same ballpark. I use the word "parasite," as in "parasitism" which is a well-established phenomenon in sociobiology that understood very well by scientists. And so I equate "parasitism" in sociobiology with what we informally call "crime" in local parlance, and I equate that with "Satanism." So in other words, "Satanic" practices tend to help people focus on executing behavior that ordinarily we would call "criminal" which tend to have an impact on human society analogous to what a sociobiologist would call "parasitism" when he studies parasite ants on ant beds or parasite moths who might infiltrate, corrupt, and screw up a bee hive like the gypsy moth, and so on. So that is --another point I wanted to make was on "conspiracy." Often I have heard some folks on your show say there is an overall conspiracy. I would make the point I think that --yes, conspiracy is real, but I think that there is a subconscious element. As I was mentioning the Id concept, which is Freudian, and obviously I have some problems with Freud [Jewish supremacist psychiatrist], but the idea is that people have sort of a tropism, or semiconscious or instinctive aspects of their behavior that maybe they are not really conscious aware of. So their tropism towards speculative behavior may move society in a direction where later on they may engage in conspiracy because they have painted themselves in a corner, and they are in trouble and are trying to get out of a jam. See what I am saying? So anyway, those were some important points [50:48]
Dr. Carley: OK, I hear the music, we are going to a break, we will be right back after these messages. Stay tuned folks.
Dr. Carley: [54:17] And we are back with What's Ailing America? Today we are discussing false flags with my guest William Fox. And Patrick Jordan is on the line as well. And one thing I wish Capt. May would find a way to do in regards to the military is to get the word out to these individuals that they have to look upon these vaccinations as a bioweapon assault on their person. I just got a call yesterday from some Army sergeant. We have not connected yet. I tried to call him back before the show, he was not available. He left me a message yesterday, but he told me his entire troop was forced to get the H1N1 vaccine, and he was referred to me calling me to ask me what he can now do. And of course the danger of this vaccine especially is not just the RFID chip that is in a powder form from what my research has shown me, but also the fact that this vaccine as well in most cases has squaline in it, which is the reason that the anthrax vaccines were so mutagenic and caused such a huge percentage of autoimmune diseases. And it is just amazing to me that these brave men and women, you know, that are willing to give their lives for their country know that they are being assaulted with bioweapons. That is why they are calling me, because they know this is not something they should do, yet they are not standing up and saying no to this. I don't understand that.
Maj. Fox: Well, I can comment on that, in a lot of different ways. For starters, I became very concerned, when I graduated from the Harvard Business School in 1984 my first job was with CBS in New York, in what is known as Black Rock [at 51 West 52nd Street, Midtown, Manhattan]. And little did I know at the time that that was one of the nerve centers of the New World Order. I mean, having been in the Marine Corps, and grown up originally in Florida in a university town, the son of a college professor, having lived on the West Coast, having been stationed in Hawaii, I thought I had gotten around, I thought I knew a lot, and once I arrived in New York City, I discovered it is like the famous dictum of Socrates, "If I know anything, it is that I know nothing." [Laughter]. And living in New York City for ten years, first working at CBS as a financial analyst, discovering how it is essentially controlled by the Zionist neocon power elite --I guess that is the polite way of putting it-- and then later I worked in New York real estate as a broker and dealt with people of all different ethnic backgrounds, particularly Jewish people, and then later on I became a stockbroker for ten years, so I have had a lot of experience in business as well as the military. One of the points I would make is a sociological issue. That most white Americans are so fragmented and atomized that they are incapable --when you are in the military, typically you need to be able to operate by proxy. It is safer to have civilians go to bat for you. But Americans are so fragmented that most of them in the military don't have effective civilian organizations to help them out. I wrote an article that is in my author archive. It is titled "The First Amendment and the U.S. Military." I talk about famous cases of people like Douglas MacArthur and George Patton and the problems they had. Regarding the Marine Corps, Smedley Butler. All these people who had some real First Amendment problems. And I would advise people to look at that in my author archive for speaking out. It looks like we have the music here.[57:57]
Dr. Carley: Yes, OK. We will be back for the second hour after these messages. Stay tuned folks, and feel free to call in if you have any questions. We will be right back.


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