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Erskine Overnight

The False Flag
Pandemic Threat
Against America

Interview with Captain Eric H. May
and Major William B. Fox

12 September 2009


Abstract: Leading up to his discussion of swine flu as a deliberate bioweapon, Erskine and his guests addressed the occult numerological pattens behind false flag attacks. Was there an abortive assassination attempt against Obama on 9-11-2009? The strange circumstances behind the renaming of the Chicago Sears Tower, "the most dangerous building in the world," controlled by World Trade Center landlord and arch-Zionist Larry Silverstein. The occultic significance of the World Health Organization declaration of a global pandemic on 11 June, which has turned out to be bogus. Lastly, they discussed why one should avoid flu shots and other vaccinations.

Erskine: It is an honor to have the two gentlemen with us tonight. Two freedom fighters. Two people who are indeed profiles in courage. One is William B. Fox, publisher of America First Books. He is an experienced business and military person and addresses a wide range of topics, from technological innovation, economic analysis to national media brainwashing, loss of liberties, and our political crisis. We are going to be talking about false flag --the pandemic threat of the H1N1. And Capt. Eric May, who has been with us before, will join us from his hospital in Houston. He is a founding member of Patriots Question 9/11, Intelligence Officers for 9/11 Truth, and Ghost Troop. A lot of his writings can be found at Capt. May, first, how are you my friend? And it is just so good, it is just good to hear your voice. How are you?
Capt. May: It has been too long, man.
Erskine: It certainly has. And you give a lot of people a lot of hope just knowing that you are still here. You are still fighting with your last breaths. You are going to be fighting for America, and God bless you for what you have done and what you are doing.
Capt. May: Well thank you Erskine. I could not have done any of it without good assistance like Maj. Fox, Ghost Troop, or cooperative radio show hosts like you.
Erskine: Now one of the things you have been talking about throughout your time from when you were working with NBC right up to the present have been false flag attacks. One has been the 9/11. Look who benefited from 9/11. Why are they keeping Qadar down there in Guantanamo, because he can tell the people that Osama Bin Laden in effect knew nothing about 9/11 and was just as surprised as anyone. This has been slowly, slowly coming out. But we have got other false flag attacks with many that you have prevented, Capt. May.
Capt. May: Yes, that is one of the claims of Ghost Troop that gets the most derision until people actually begin to research our claims. They are all reinforced by actual events and mainstream media.
Erskine: And a lot of the events, the way that you find out about it is because they use a lot of numerology. And as an intelligence officer you were able to look through this. You were looking at the numbers of Madrid. The numbers on London. The number of 9/11. The proposed numbers for the Texas City events, which did not come off because you blew the lid off of what they were trying to do. Numerology is very important to these people because it is basically a Satanic movement. Any question on that?
Capt. May: Not at all. And it is so deeply ingrained in their traditions. These are centuries, millennia-old codes that they really can't avoid it, and they can't resist it. The most conspicuous examples being 9-9-9, which was Wednesday, and 9-11-9, which was yesterday. You may notice Erskine that on 9-9-9 there was a terror event. We put out an alert, which was a hijacking in Mexico City. So you have 9-9-9, which is inverted to 6-6-6. You have a terror incident in the North American free trade area. One of the purported hijackers themselves says the date is part of why they did it. The city, that is another pattern we have taught, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New York City, NY, Texas City, Texas, and now what do we get? Mexico City, Mexico. Incidentally, about a month ago Maj. Fox and I and Dr. Jim Fetzer were part of a strong movement to expose 10 Kiloton nuclear drills being run out of Ft. Leavenworth. Maj. Fox did some excellent research and got an admission that that was what was going on. However, the military was hiding all of this. So we pretty much blew the lid off that exercise. And many people involved in the exercise said the target was Kansas City, Kansas. So there is another occult pattern.
Erskine: It is entirely too much to be coincidence. I mean, you can strike up some things to coincidence, and some things, that hey, you are making it fit like an astrology column. It fits me perfect--well it fits about three fourths of the people perfect, but on this it is way beyond coincidence, isn't it?
Capt. May: Oh sure. You know we put out an article two days later basically warning everyone that 9-11-09 --that's a perfect number-- 9-11 from left to right, and from right to left. Do you know when the last time such a number was used?
Erskine: No sir.
Capt. May: 3-20-2003, which is, take out the zeroes, 3-2-2-3. That was the day we invaded Iraq. And it is also the Skull and Bones number 322 from left to right, and right to left. There is no coincidence. Between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, exactly 555 days. Between the U.S.S. Cole and 9/11, exactly 333 days. This is put together like a clock. There are gears, and they all work in proportion. They are scales. Measurements. That is how they think. And it is very effective.
Erskine: That 3223, let me explain to the audience. That is the number above the doorway of the Skull and Bones, and nobody has really quite understood what that number means, but if that is the invasion of Iraq, apparently they have some type of knowledge of what that means because Mr. Bush certainly was a Skull and Bones member, as was Mr. Kerry and others. So the ultimate goal of these people is what?
Capt May: To apply a bigger, better 9/11, which we call 9/11-2B ("to be"). Since they always tell us it is going "to be" we kind of make a joke out of it ["2B"]. And through that, do what [General] Tommy Franks talked about in his biography when he said a WMD-style terror attack would just about kill the Constitution. Well, that is their aim.
Erskine: It absolutely is, to kill the Constitution. And people waving the flag and waiving their rights is exactly what has happened after 9/11. That is one thing that we need to remember about 9/11. People waiving the flag and waiving their rights, and look at the government story. See if it makes any sense to you. More when we get back with Capt. Eric May and Mr. William B. Fox, publisher of America First Books will be joining us. [9:23 music start...return from break 9:31.]
Erskine: An excellent site is There are going to be some books up there that you are going to want to get, because get them while you can, while we still have the freedom to. And we are going to talk to Mr. William Fox. Mr. Fox, welcome to Erskine Overnight. This is the first time to have you on, and certainly hopefully won't be the last. You have some incredible articles up at, Sir, welcome.
Maj. Fox: Well it is my pleasure. One thing I have gone to quite a lot of recent effort to create is an overview web page regarding the nature of the false flag pandemic threat. And on this page I list a couple of the biowar alerts that Capt. May and myself have published. Also at the web site you can find a special archive for Capt. Eric May and see all the alerts he has put out regarding 9/11 "to be" threats. Also, I have my own author archive as well. By the way, I think that members of your audience should appreciate the fact that Capt. May has been over three years into Lou Gehrig's Disease, also known as ALS. And, you know, he has been rendered a complete quadriplegic. He has assisted mechanical breathing, and it is just incredibly heroic the way he continues to function. Everything he does, for example, on a computer, [such as ]sending emails he does by voice command with special software that responds to that on his computer. And it is just incredible how he is holding up still fighting the good fight despite his dealing with a neurologically fatal disease.
Erskine: Capt. May, you sound great. If you don't mind me saying so, you sound terrific.
Capt. May: Well, I am in good company, and I am in good spirits. Thank you, Maj. Fox. Thank you, Erskine.
Erskine: I know this has been very difficult to do, and if you want to stay on, you are more than welcome. If you want to leave, you are more than welcome to do [that too], either one, Capt. May. But as far as I am concerned, America owes you a debt of appreciation for all that you have done. And as long as you are there talking, as long as you are there fighting, they haven't won. They aren't going to win, as long as you are able to stand up for America, which you have always done your entire life. God bless you for doing that.
Capt. May: Thank you, Erskine. I am honored. If I may --
Erskine: Yes.
Capt. May: I want to, for just a moment, to exploit your kindness. I want Maj. Fox to talk at length. But I wanted to finish up one thing on the numbers. On the date code. And that was what happened yesterday. 9-11-09. A perfect number, 9-11 both ways. We put out an alert, and we had great concerns about Texas City. Now there was some activity at Texas City that was irregular. I am going to do an article about it [Editor's Note: Please see "9/11 Anniversary Attack on Texas City, Texas?"], but I will not focus on it at the moment. What I will focus on, is that we put out our article at 6:00 AM. By 10:00 AM central time, Barack Obama looks like he came about one hair away from being an ex-President because of those Coast Guard so-called exercises. Have you looked at that?
Erskine: Definitely I have seen it where they were firing shots on the Potomac on the whole thing and they dismissed it as just an exercise, but it could not have been any more ill-timed in my opinion.
Capt. May: This was the most egregious example probably since 9/11 itself. Of government claiming to hear, see, and say no evil. All of his protective agencies, FBI, Secret Service, Homeland Security, basically said they didn't have a clue. The Coast Guard said it did not have a clue. CNN said it was an all-out attack. Now they tried to cover their tail ends by saying, "Well, we got it wrong from the Coast Guard." But you know what it all reminds me of?
Erskine: What?
Capt. May: Building Seven. Building 7, when everybody knew it was going to come down, and they were reading their scripts too prematurely. I think there was a very, very good chance that that was an aborted assassination. A very good chance. Maj. Fox and I have written about this. Remember the Dead Monkey cartoon of February 17th?
Erskine: Right.
Capt. May: That came directly after we interdicted a likely false flag on Sears Tower. And this summer--
Erskine: Which, let me interrupt. That is 666 [zip 60606, knock out zeroes] is the address at the Sears Tower. That was one of the purposes on that one.
Capt. May: Exactly, exactly. It is the most dangerous building in America. By the way, that is not just us. The FBI says that. It is just that we know the FBI is setting it up. But they say, essentially what we say. At about the time that you and I did our last interview, you may remember that I had just led a false flag interdiction with Sears Tower. Within about a week of our finishing, the FBI arrested, what, seven black kids. The Liberty Seven, and said that they had taken an oath to Bin Laden to blow up Sears Tower. Now this is after we have run our mission. So they are following our lead, and incidentally, that arrest made was on, get ready, 6-22-2006. 62226. Another perfect number. So these guys are freaks for these patterns . What happened yesterday was no mistake. It was either an aborted assassination or it was an attempt to scare the hell out of Obama or it was part of a wider operation that somehow was aborted. [17:38]
Erskine: Wow. 9-11-09 a day which could have certainly lived in infamy if it had not been aborted, and CNN reported an all-out attack. Very interesting. More when we get back. And the others laugh it off. It was just a routine, routine exercise. Routine exercise on 9/11? I don't think so. More when we get back on Erskine Overnight. Capt. Eric May and Mr. William B. Fox [18:09].
Erskine: Talk about errors and mistakes, Larry Silverstein made perhaps the biggest mistake on 9/11 when he said, "Well, on Building 7, they said `Pull it.'" He said, "Pull it." Now that is telling you that explosives had already been in Building 7. Building 7 contained the Enron files, contained a lot of information. It was to have been their command headquarters. And Silverstein said the command was given to "Pull it." Do you need any more evidence than that, Capt. May?
Capt. May: No. Were there sufficient --were there any integrity in our government, on the evidence that is out there, there is enough to indict and arraign for treason on the basis of the Ghost Troop history which Mr. Fox is writing right now, there is plenty of evidence for treason charges. It is not that they say it has not been proven. It is that the entire Federal apparatus is complicit. So we know for instance that on 3-11-2004, the day of the Madrid bombings, between which and 9-11 there were 911 days, on that very day, Larry Silverstein partners by the Sears Tower. Right now, Sears Tower has been renamed Willis Tower after the insurance company that worked with Silverstein on the World Trade Center. So any cop with any investigative capacity could follow the foot prints. The foot prints look like they were made by a Tyrannosaurus. They are gigantic. The footprints. This ain't tracking a coon. This is a brontosaurus. So there is more than enough evidence. I would like to defer to Bill, but I want to give one cautionary word to you and your listeners. The next perfect date will be September 22nd, 9-22-29. The last time there was a day like that day, was 6-22-26, the day the FBI busted this bogus terror group for trying to hit Sears Tower. A similar date was 6-22-29, three months ago. We put out an article warning that something could be coming down that day. That was when the national -- NORTHCOM was running Ardent Sentry involving train catastrophes and terror. Well, wouldn't you know, four hours after we issued our alert, there was a massive train wreck in D.C. Do you remember earlier this summer?
Erskine: Absolutely.
Capt May: In which, among the nine victims happened to be the general in charge of D.C. air defense on 9/11 and his wife. Now, what are the odds on that?
Erskine: Wow. They just don't quit, do they?
Capt. May: Well take, Bill's about to talk about H1N1, so I will let him segue by saying-- [22:20]
Erskine: We are going to have to --as a matter of fact on the H1N1 we have got so much to say that hopefully we can do it on another week. Come back and really get into depth on this. But Bill Fox, tell us a little bit about why the false flag alert on the H1N1. The World Health Organization says it is going to affect two billion people worldwide. It is a Class Six Pandemic. It just doesn't happen. They are stockpiling plastic coffins and preparing for quarentines. Evacuation deaths. Are going to possibly deploy troops across the U.S. Forced vaccinations. Why is this considered a false flag? The rest of the world is telling us "Get prepared or die."
Maj. Fox. Yes, by the way, Capt. May has been talking about these occultic dates. Guess what day the World Health Organization announced Pandemic Level 6? It was on 6-11. So we know that they love 11's, like 9-11, or the World Trade Center Towers forming a perfect 11 up in the sky, and also part of their occultic numerology is they like to knock out zeroes and add digits, so you take 2009, knock out the zeros, add the 2 and the 9 to get 11. So on 6-11-11 they announced Pandemic 6. Now your listeners need to be aware that something like 36,000 Americans die of normal flu every year [Editor's late note: This is according to a figure published in an AFP article; Dr. Lorraine Day disputes this number as too high]. There are a lot of people who die of the flu around the world, and the actual cases of swine flu are maybe a couple of thousand, or whatever. They are really miniscule compared to the extremely bleak nature of the warning, in fact we have been put through hysterical warnings before. For example, it just so happened back in 2005, when they had the Bird Flu scare, on Sept 21st 2005 CBS Denver News quoted a man named Michael Osterholm, head of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy who said "It is not if it [avian flu] is going to happen, it is when, and where, and how bad,". In the CBS report, "So far, avian flu has killed about 60 humans in Asia, while being mostly restricted to birds. But experts expect the virus to change enough to spread from human to human. Osterholm said it would likely claim around 1.7 million Americans in the first year, as vaccine was slowly produced." Now that was the big scare in 2005. Did 1.7 million Americans get claimed? No, I don't think so. That was a flash in the pan. And of course that is what we believe is happening right now with the Swine Flu.
Erskine: I think back Mr. Fox to 1976 when they had the swine flu, that everybody was going to have to get vaccinated because this swine flu is coming in. And they had more people die from the vaccine than died from the swine flu. With the new flu they have got, they are claiming thousands of people on college campuses, University of Washington, all the way across the country, college campuses, it has been seen in 45 states. How can they determine this without doing tests as to what these people have actually contracted, what type of a virus, if any, they have contracted. They are just saying this, aren't they? They don't even know the type of virus they have contracted.
Maj. Fox: Well, as a matter of fact, that is right. And what is even more disturbing is around the world, various governmental organizations have not run adequate tests on vaccination subjects before announcing intentions to try to do mandatory vaccinations of entire populations. And it gets even worse as one starts looking at particulars going back to February on how this whole most recent swine flu episode came about, including the deaths in Mexico City. [26:32]
Erskine: Let us talk about that when we get back. What happened in February with William B. Fox, publisher of America First Books, Maj. Fox, we are talking about what happened in February, and you were going to tell us about that including the flu, this swine flu which they changed to H1N1 because it certainly is evolving into different things. We will get into that on another date. But what happened in February?
Maj. Fox: All right, first before I launch into that, I would like to give the punch line, and that is that a major heroine --sort of a counterpart on the civilian side to Capt. May is a person named Jane Burgermeister. She is a medical journalist. She has been a major whistle-blower on this whole event, and you can find her web site at We don't have much time. We need for citizens to become activists. Please look at her web site. Of course I have also mentioned the web page I have put together and do your own research. We need for citizens to be spreading the word among everybody they know and calling up their county sheriffs and [other] people in law enforcement and elsewhere to alert them that there are a lot of things that don't pass the smell test. We have got everybody from Congressman Ron Paul who feels this whole thing is totally overblown, you have got Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., nephew of President Kennedy, who has written about how mercury inside vaccines has helped lead to autism, and you have got all kinds of people, eminent professionals, including in some cases in Britain, I think a survey of nurses showed that a third of nurses don't want to get vaccinated. So there is growing resistance.
Erskine: I'll tell you what I did. I downloaded and copied "The False Flag Pandemic Threat," and this is incredible. It is 46 pages. It will tell you what is going on. It is absolutely incredible, from You will learn all sorts of things, including the fact, Mr. Fox, that I found to be absolutely amazing, that the Swine Flu vaccine was patented a year before the outbreak. They patented the vaccine before they even had the flu!
Maj. Fox: Oh, this whole thing is totally incredible. The more you dig, the more it smells. And not only that, but Wayne Madsen, who is a former Naval Intelligence Officer, has brought forth strong evidence that much of this has been put together, bioengineered from gene-splicing in laboratories.
Erskine: The European press has come up with that too, about the gene-splicing and the laboratories. But what happened in February?
Maj. Fox: Well, it started out with a local news story that Jane Burgermeister picked up. It was published in Austria. What happened is that Baxter's Austrian subsidiary in Orth an der Donau apparently manufactured and distributed 72 kilos of vaccine material that was contaminated with H1N1 virus. This was discovered by a Czech lab, and it received only local press. Since Jane Burgermeister was a medical researcher and a medical journalist, she thought, first off, this violated all normal bio-safety procedures, so she started to dig into it. Then, it got worse, where you may recollect that Obama --remember Mexico City, Mexico fulfills the occultic double name pattern. He shook hands with an archeologist, Felipe Solas, and he died the day after meeting Obama on April 16th from symptoms similar to the flu. She felt that was so suspicious that she has filed a charge against Obama thinking that maybe he [Solas] got toxic-shocked, but she first and foremost filed criminal charges with the prosecutor in Vienna against Baxter and also she has filed it against the World Health Organization, which believe it or not holds patents on these virus strains.
Erskine: [laughter] Oh man!
Maj. Fox: But it gets even worse. Did you know that Baxter shipped --they have a facility about 50 kilometers from Mexico City, Mexico. They shipped actual virus agent to --you see the World Health Organization is in Geneva, Switzerland, but rather than send it directly to Geneva, they sent it to Zurich, which is on the other side of Switzerland --to be sent how? --On a passenger train which violates all proper handling procedures. And it was kept in dry ice and packed in such a way that when the dry ice melted, it actually exploded and contaminated everybody on the train. One Swiss citizen who had never been outside of Switzerland died of this swine flu. And she has filed charges over that. Now that took place in February as well. At where she talks about the Baxter/WHO case --the World Health Organization --by the way, she calls it "the WHO flu" which I think is kind of cute-- but she says that the contaminated vaccine materials, the 72 kilos that Baxter was trying to distribute, "consisted of a mixture of a seasonal H3N2 human influenza virus." And if I can interject, that is very transmissible. That is like the common seasonal flu, OK? And the deadly H5N1 virus--
Erskine: That is like Avian.
Maj. Fox: Yes, and she says that "By adding a virus of the type H5N1 to an ordinary flu virus of the type H3N2, Baxter produced a highly dangerous bioweapon. WHO supplied Baxter with the live bird flu virus. A staff member of a subcontracted laboratory in the Czech Republic discovered this lethal contamination, when all animals they tested died from this vaccine." Incidentally, there was also a story about a group that went to Alaska to dig up bodies from a very severe 1918 flu pandemic.
Erskine: That was an Inuit woman who died and they took the 1918 Spanish flu and shipped that around to various universities to study, among other things. We will have to talk more about this next week. We will be right back on Erskine Overnight with William B. Fox and Capt. Eric May. [33:19]
Erskine: We are going to talk about the H1N1 flu with Mr. Fox next week, because it is going to take at least a full hour to talk about this. Too much information, too fast. It is absolutely overwhelming. We are going to talk about this. Meanwhile, between now and next week, don't get a flu shot! We can tell you that right now. DON'T GET A FLU SHOT! I will tell you honestly, I am not getting one. My wife is a nurse, she is not getting one. We have had lots and lots of people who are not getting one. If they require you to have one, understand that you can have allergies, you can have religious objections to it, there are lots and lots of things that you can do. Is it going to be required? We will talk about all that next week. Now Capt. May, let me go back to you because it is such an honor having you with us. You believe that this H1N1 is a major, major false flag. But is it a false flag if they actually bring in the pandemic? It is an actual event that they are bringing in. Now that does not qualify, does that qualify as what you call a false flag event?
Capt May: Yes. It strains the definition. Basically what you are doing is you are saying the agent --well, there have been leaked reports about Al Qaeda experimenting with bioagents, we have heard those over the years.
Erskine: Where are they doing that, Capt. May, in the caves? How are they working out of caves?
Capt. May: Right. They are not washing their underwear.
Erskine: [Laughter]
Capt. May: Remember, anthrax fresh from Ft. Detrick, was one of the key elements of the 9/11 attack series, as a post script intended to coerce Congress and intimidate media. So biowar has already been used. The only thing that distinguishes this form is that instead of being homicidal, it is genocidal, and instead of blaming Al Qaeda, you blame God. In fact, one of the advantages of this kind of Apocalyptic scenario is about a quarter of the nation will automatically say it is true. They will go with the government line because they have been taught in Sunday School about the Four Horsemen. I wrote an article in 2006 accessible through my archive at America First Books called "Operation Apocalypse" which premised that things like HAARP-induced weather patterns, hurricanes and whatnot, seismic eruptions, again HAARP-induced, biological warfare, would all be used as a means of convincing the public that they are in a millennial, Apocalyptic condition.
Erskine: Did you write that Capt. May? But so did Henry Kissinger , wrote the same thing, didn't he?
Capt. May: Doggonit.
Erskine: [Laughter]. But the difference was Henry was doing it, and you were telling about what they were doing. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Go to, Mr. Fox, we will see you next week, and Capt. May, God bless you. You are in our prayers. You are a hero to America. You are an American hero, make no mistake about that. Thanks for listening. Sweet dreams, catch you next week. This is Erskine Overnight, and thank you Oatman for the wonderful job you are doing, and thank you Dave for the web site. Go to Most of the programs are up there. If you missed anything it is on, you can download them, until next week, sweet dreams.
Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen, Erskine has left the building. [37:54].


2009-09-12 MP3 Download links. Erskine Overnight Show. In the first segment Maj.William Fox and Capt. Eric May discuss the false flag dimension behind the current swine flu scare, to include why citizens should become activists and resist vaccinations.
1st Segment: 38 min, 6.5 MB, Download Here (also archived at Erskine Radio Here).
2nd Segment: 37 min, 6.5 MB, Download Here (also archived at Erskine Radio, dated 2009-10-03). Maj. Fox and Erskine continue the discussion about swine flu biowar from the first segment.

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine. For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his America First Books author archive web page.

William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California. He is publisher of America First Books.


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