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Emergency Civil Defense Alert!
The Continuing “Fukushima 3-11” Radiation Catastrophe
and Its Relevance to “Oslo-Ut
øya 7-22”

Major William B. Fox
W. Leon Smith
Dr. James H. Fetzer

December 17, 2011

William B. Fox

"Dr. Janette Sherman, a highly respected physician and acknowledged expert in radiation exposure who has reported a north-east United States 35% baby death spike since Fukushima fall-out reached the nation, concurs with estimates that world wide, the Chernobyl Kill is one million people killed to date reported NOVA News. Extrapolating, worldwide deaths by Fukushima radiation could eventually be hundreds of millions of people, becoming the most significant depopulation event to date..." 1
Experts: Fukushima 'off-scale' lethal radiation level infers millions dying by Deborah Dupre,, August 5, 2011.

Despite silence and coverups in U.S. mainstream media and the recent Japanese government talk about "cold shutdowns," the Fukushima crisis has actually been growing steadily worse. Radiation levels are spiking higher across the United States, and plumes circling the northern hemisphere are still raining out in Europe and Asia as well as in North America. Please see for example:

According to the aforementioned article by Deborah Dupre, “…the famous physicist, Dr. Chris Busby told the Japanese people this week [in late July 2011] that radioactive air contamination there is now 300 times that of Chernobyl and 1000 times the atomic bomb peak in 1963, inferring that hundreds of millions of people are now dying from Fukushima radiation, including people in the United States.”
When Dr. Busby visited the Fukushima Prefecture in July he also observed:

“It’s all invisible. The trees are still trees, people are shopping, the birds are singing and dogs are walking in the street . . .When you bring out the (Geiger) machines, you can see everything is sparkling and everybody is being bitten by invisible snakes that will eventually kill them.” 7
"Fukushima Teacher Muzzled on Radiation Risks for School Children" by Takahiko Hyuga,, July 28, 2011

W. Leon Smith

No amount of internalized radiation is good for you, particularly when it involves radioactive nanoparticles from fallout that can get inhaled, ingested, or otherwise absorbed into the body. These particles have the capability to get inside every kind of cell in the body, where they disrupt cellular function and encourage every kind of disease and dysfunction known to man. Examples range from increased rates of cancer, cardiovascular ailments, and diabetes to premature aging, birth defects, and lowered IQ’s. We must continue to stay out of the rain (when most fallout comes down), and watch what we eat and drink as radionuclides continue to accumulate in our food and water supplies.
The unspeakably evil effects of radioactive contamination can persist for decades or even centuries. According to the 2003 documentary film Chernobyl Heart,8 winner of the 2004 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject, only 15-20% of babies are born healthy in major areas of Belarus.
For important background on the effects of Fukushima radiation, to include spikes in infant morality and “excess deaths” across America, please see the transcript of the 28 Oct 2011 interview "Fukushima Radiation and Uranium Weapon Update" 9 by Dr. James Fetzer with radiation expert Leuren Moret and Dr. Chris Busby.
According to Ms. Moret, one can reasonably estimate that every month that goes by, an additional 500,000 to a million Americans are getting tagged with early deaths, and the total excess death toll over the next 25 years in the United States alone could easily range from 20 to 50 million people. In fact, all told, the long term reality we currently face could be even worse than this.

“Denial” Remains a Critical Issue

Many individuals fail to protect themselves because they simply cannot believe that such an extremely serious crisis could actually be in progress without strenuous civil defense warnings by their government, national media, and other alleged guardians of society. Many more fellow citizens find it even harder to accept the idea that extremely evil people have risen to the highest levels and are deliberately causing horrific events while deliberately obstructing the efforts of honest citizens to save their fellow citizens.
There is strong evidence that the ultimate cause of the Fukushima reactor melt-downs was sabotage by the Stuxnet virus, developed by the CIA for Israel’s Mossad. It is well documented that Mossad has already sabotaged Iranian nuclear facilities with this virus. Israeli security firms were in charge of the Fukushima facilities in fall 2010. At that time, the Stuxnet virus was detected on Japanese computer systems. For more background on what really coincided with the massive 3-11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, please see our Fukushima crisis overview page. 10
We have extensively documented major “black operations” (or “false flag” attacks) conducted since 9/11 by a completely psychopathic power elite at war with common citizens around the world. Please refer to the following online works, and give web pages time to load – they are often very long and filled with information:

a) The Mission of Conscience series 11 by Major William B. Fox.
b) The BP Gulf Catastrophe overview web page.12 This was a “dress rehearsal in high treason” where globalists prepared the Obama administration and its Department of Energy for a new magnitude of evil called Fukushima.
c) Fukushima 3-11 overview page.13 This is the horrific tale about the deliberate radiation genocide of a great people;
d) “Aerial Dance of Death” radiation charts and news items. 14 This helps individuals visualize the “invisible” forces of mass “soft kill” destruction circling the northern hemisphere.
e) Oslo-Utoya 7-22 overview web page.15 This involves another false flag “rat attack” directed against another noteworthy people. It was very likely orchestrated by the same criminal cabal as Fukushima.

Dr. James Fetzer

On the Oslo-Utøya 7-22 web page, we provide extensive evidence that the alleged “lone nut” gunman Anders Breivik did not act alone, but instead has ultimately served as a patsy for intelligence agencies. Major William Fox, a coauthor of this alert, believes strongly that the Oslo-Utøya 7-22 tragedy is relevant to Fukushima 3-11. In both cases Mossad-CIA-MI6 is the most likely culprit. Significantly, both 3-11 and 7-22 took place on occult dates with the same “divisible by 11” false flag attack numerological pattern as New York 9-11, Madrid 3-11, and London 7/7.
Oslo-Utøya also has a likely “nuclear connection.” In the aforementioned interview with Dr. James Fetzer, Dr. Chris Busby described a “Red Mercury”-type mini-nuke manufactured in Dimona, Israel that was very likely used in New York City to help bring down the World Trade Towers on 9/11. Major Fox believes it was probably also used in the 2002 Bali bombing 16 as well as in the Oslo 7-22 attack.
On the Oslo-Utøya 7-22 web page, Major Fox applies his own sociological analysis to explain how an international criminal power elite could rise to power and perpetrate such evils as Oslo-Utøya 7-22 and Fukushima 3-11. Understanding the false flag nature of one event helps to gain a deeper understanding of the other, and vice versa. In regard to Oslo-Utoya 7-22, Major Fox also provides a unique personal perspective as a Norwegian-American.
The ultimate issue in this case is not whether others happen to agree with Major Fox’s social and political analysis, but rather if fellow citizens can acquire enough insights to break free of the “deer in the headlights” denial syndrome. Responsible citizens around the world must rigorously conduct their own independent analysis. They must directly confront what is becoming the greatest crisis ever to face mankind -- a possible major extinction event for much of humanity.
We, the people, must overcome our fears and develop the insights and conviction necessary to do whatever is necessary to protect ourselves on a grass roots level. We must identify and support honest leaders capable of developing effective strategies that can minimize Fukushima radiation damage as soon as possible. Last, but not least, we must also overcome sinister power elites, governments, and national media whose evil acts and deceptions are literally destroying us.

Please post this alert online
and pass it on to as many people as possible


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W. Leon Smith, publisher of The Lone Star Iconoclast, comes from a long line of champions of liberty who extend directly back to Deaf Smith and other heroes of the Texas War of Independence. Dr. James H. Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and host of The Real Deal talk show, is professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth and a former U.S. Marine Corps officer. Major William B. Fox, president of the America First Institute and America First Books, is a former Marine officer who once ran a reserve intelligence unit. He is also an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School with extensive experience in media, Wall Street, and real estate.



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